Panty liners: Benefits & Usage

To take care of your intimate hygiene during non-period days, it is important that you make panty liners a part of your daily life. They are super thin in nature and help in keeping you clean and fresh all day long. Read on to know all about panty liners and their usage.


The importance and maintenance of intimate hygiene is one of the most hushed topics that nobody likes to talk about, at least not in the open. But, it is one of the most integral parts of a woman’s health that needs to be given proper care and attention on an everyday basis. There are some women who put in the effort to nurture their intimate hygiene only during periods. Although periods do need special attention in terms of hygiene but, your lady parts have to be kept clean all through the month. You must know that the vagina releases white discharge during non-period days which also needs to be given the required hygiene measures. For those of you who do not know, the market also offers products which can take care of your non-period day hygiene. These products help in keeping you fresh and clear of germs even during non-period days.


When it comes to non-period day products, there is nothing better than panty liners. Over the last few years, there are many women who have adopted these liners for regular use during non-period days and are found to have benefitted from them a lot. Whereas, there are still women who do not know much about this product. If you are one of them then, panty liners look just like sanitary pads but are completely different from them and serve totally different purposes. They are much tinier than sanitary pads and are created to keep you clean and dry during your non-period days.


Here are some other qualities and usage -


To use the panty liner, you need to wear it just like an ultra thin sanitary napkin. Peel off the back sticker and stick it to the center of your panty. You can use this product for up to three to four hours or less depending on how you are feeling down there. If you have a heavy discharge going on then you should change it as often as you need. Do not wait for it to completely get soiled before you change it. These are very handy and can be carried inside your wallet as well. Hence, keep multiple sheets with you wherever you go and you will never be stranded. You can use them even if you do not have any discharge going on. They will also save your favourite panties and prevent them from getting stained.


Unlike napkins which come in different sizes such as extra thin or extra large sanitary pads, panty liners come in one single size which fits everyone. They only cover the center of the panty and stay put till you change into a fresh one. 


Qualities -


Quick Absorb Pores

These panty liners are created with tiny quick absorb pores which help in absorbing the discharge efficiently. This also ensures that your panty stays clean and clear of stains.


Super Thin

Another great quality of these panty liners is that they are super thin in nature which gives you maximum comfort as you do not even feel you are wearing an extra product. It feels just like a part of your panty.


Has fragrance

They also come with a fresh and subtle fragrance in them which is best for when you are out of home either to work, party or any other event. This fragrance eliminates the vaginal odour and gives you freshness all through the day. All you have to do is to keep changing them frequently.


The panty liner brands have introduced such affordable products which will fit every budget. Hence, if you need protection from odour or discharge during non-period days then start using these as soon as possible.