Out Of Body and Near Death Experiences - OBE Exercise

Many people, without even knowing, have had out of body experiences or a near death experience. This can change you forever in many ways! Here's an exercise for OBEs.

Many people, without even knowing, have had out of body experiences or a near death experience. This can change you forever in many ways! Here's an exercise for OBEs.


7fa97888c2a1ee4979958a34c8f475dc.jpgHaving my first OBE is what got me on the path of being a professional psychic counselor.

Back in 1989 I had an out of body experience that turned into a near death experience.  It was a few weeks after giving birth to my fourth daughter.  I was at home lying in bed asleep, but woke up and saw the ceiling right at my nose!  I looked down and saw myself there asleep.  The next thing I knew I felt a pulling sensation and I went hurtling out into space.  At least, that’s how it looked to me.  I was going so fast that the stars around me looked like comets with long, fiery tales.

There was a bright light ahead of me and I felt so at peace, so relaxed and happy that I never wanted to go back!  My thoughts were highly acute.  I knew I had “died” and was “going back” to my true home.  I could clearly see my family finding my body the next morning.  They were crying, but I knew they’d be okay.  I then saw my two oldest daughters about twenty years in the future with their children.

As I got closer to the ball of light I felt such an enormous sense of lightness and joy.  I then became aware of other thoughts.  Like the fact that the soul knows an incredible amount of information but we can’t retain it all when in our human form since it takes so much energy to keep our bodies going.  I could hear colors and feel sounds.  If I were on any drugs I would really start to think I was having some sort of hallucinations from it!

I then heard a voice coming from the light.  Actually, it felt more like the words were impressed in my mind without ever hearing them.  Yes, telepathy!  The voice told me that it wasn’t my time yet.  I was really disappointed.  I wanted to reach the light, to feel it, to keep experiencing these wonderful sensations.  The voice said I had a mission to fulfill.  Of course, I got no information as to what this was.  I just knew I was supposed to help people.  Well, that’s a pretty broad area!

A moment later I felt myself being pulled back to my body, felt the wide range of clear thoughts and immense wisdom fading.  I asked to at least have some knowledge of why we’re here in human form on this earth, and I was told, “Learn and love all you can.”

I then awoke with a start in my body again.  I have to say that after experiencing such joy and elation I was very, very depressed for about two years afterward.  Life seemed so sad.  People seemed so materialistic and uncaring.  I was a mess!  But I was also touched forever in a way that changed the course of my life.

As time passed, I became increasingly interested in the paranormal, spiritual, and psychic fields.  I read many books on the subject.  One of the first was Many Lives Many Masters by Brian Weiss.  That’s when I realized my session of hypnosis at 12 years old had brought forth a past life memory.  Just to be sure, I did some research at the library on the type of clothing, medical supplies, and the era to see if they matched up—and they did!

There was no stopping me after that awakening.  I became an ordained reverend and counselor, a natural health consultant, and more.  I felt like a sponge trying to absorb every ounce of information I could.  I began exploring my past lives and uncovered 18 of them.  I tried automatic writing and got a binder filled with information I received from my highest spirit guide.  I also started reading the tarot professionally for a psychic hotline.  Things just snowballed until I ultimately created my own website.  And here I am today.

And these are some of the exercises I have developed and used over the years to tap into my own psychic and spiritual self.  The same exercises I’ve shared with my clients with great success.  I hope you enjoy them and get as many incredible results from them as we have.

Have You Noticed This?

Although near-death experiences aren’t as common, out-of-body experiences are.  In fact, many people believe that when we sleep at night, our soul exits our body and travels to the astral plane where we meet with deceased loved ones and higher angel guides.  

When falling asleep do you ever feel very light, almost like you’re floating?  Perhaps you doze off and awake with a jolt.  Maybe you’ve even had a lucid dream where you’re walking around your house or other place you know.  It feels as if you’re awake, but your physical body is still asleep in bed.  These are strong indicators that you’ve had an out-of-body experience.  

That jolt you feel when you suddenly wake up?  That’s your soul literally jumping back into your body.  Usually we have time to wake up slowly and our soul has time to gently realign with our physical self.  There are times though when the process happens too quickly and we jump, instantly awake.


As you lay in bed tonight, you can try to create an out-of-body experience.  This works even better if you can get a friend or family member to join in.  Ask them to set an item on their dresser or nightstand, but not tell you what it is.  While relaxing in bed, tell yourself that when you fall asleep you’ll leave your body and visit this person’s home and will see what they have put there for you.