Printing Process Stuck in Print Queue with HP Printer

HP brand is no need to introduce any more. It has set the trademark for every product it has released. But HP printer has bestowed immense popularity to the HP Company. It has no match features and best quality hardware that stands out among the competitors.

However, we can’t deny the fact that HP printer is also more or less associated with the errors. “Printing job stuck in Print Queue” is the most common issue that users face on daily basis.

But every problem has its solution and here is step by step solution

When your printer is associated with the hardware problem which includes paper jam, cartridges issue, and low ink then the printer is more likely to generate print job get stuck in the print queue.

How to Resolve:

  • Check your printer and your computer display
  • If you can see the lights blinking or any error exist, try to clear them and print again.
  • You need to delete job files and restart Window. Sometimes these job file gets corrupted and generates errors, so deleting job files manually can help you reset the printing environment.
  • If you are printing something from software and it is open then save your work and close the software.
  • Go to search box on Window and type services. MSC and press the enter key
  • Choose Print Spooler out of service list
  • Click restart the service and then start printing again
  • Check if the power is properly supplied to your printer and reset your printer.

Well, after performing all-above given instruction if your problem is not resolved, you must contact HP printer support number. Tech experts are well-trained to resolve any HP printer issues whether it is related to software or hardware. You don’t need to worry about timing, you can call HP support even in the midnight or early morning. They are offering 24*7 support services.

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