Jabhat an-Nusra statement regarding what happened in the city of ad-Dana.

On Tuesday, 10th of Dhul Hijjah 1436 Hijri an armed group affiliated to Ahrar ash-Sham arrested a civilian on the premise of defying construction laws in the city of ad-Dana, West of Aleppo.

 During his arrest the owner of the building was assaulted and beaten along with some of the construction workers. Consequently, his son sought help from the leader of Jabhat an-Nusrah in the city of ad-Dana. They both then headed to the Sharia'ah court to ask about the situation, however, the court refused to have anything to do with the case.

 They were then informed that Ahrar ash-Sham were the ones who arrested him. The brothers then proceeded to Ahrar ash-Sham to inquire about the case and the specifics and reasons for the arrest. The brothers were then surprised as they were insulted and kicked out of the base. After some harsh words one of the members of Ahrar ash-Sham loaded his weapon and began to shoot randomly.

 Consequently, the brother Abu Ahmad Qasim was wounded in his foot along with another brother who was also wounded. The bodyguard of Abu Ahmad Qasim then returned fire on the initiator. A van carrying armed combatants then arrived who then began to shoot at the brothers from the rear, wounding the brother Abu Ahmad Qasim a second time via two bullets to his back along with two other brothers who were also wounded. The brother Abu Ahmad was then left bleeding for over fifteen minutes until reinforcements from Jabhat an-Nusra arrived at the base of Ahrar ash-Sham and rescued him, however he died on the way to the hospital.  

May Allah bestow vast mercy upon him.

 Subsequently, three of the killers were taken to a Sharia'ah court of Jaish al-Fatih. We request from our brothers from the leaders of Ahrar ash-Sham to cooperate with the court and to hand over those still with them of those accused in this case of murder, and to adhere to the promises that they made to us on the night of the crime.

 We would like to point out now that those responsible were members of Harakat Hazm previously, and we request from our brothers from the leaders of Ahrar ash-Sham to dismiss those who fled to them from Harakat Hazm and Jamal Ma'arouf due to the enmity between us and them, and so that they do not exploit the name of Ahrar ash-Sham as a means to take revenge against Jabhat an-Nusra.

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.

Published: Thursday 17/12/1436 Hijri equivalent to 01/10/2015

Translated by: Abu Saeed Al-Halabi  (@Saeed_Alhalabi6)
Original statement can be found at @JN__Halab