Pneumonia is an aggravation of the lung parenchyma, related with alveolar edema and clog that debilitate gas trade. The anticipation is commonly useful for individuals who have ordinary lungs and sufficient host resistances before the beginning of pneumonia. It is the 6th driving reason for death in the United States.


The principle side effects of pneumonia are hacking, sputum generation, pleuritic chest torment, shaking chills, quick shallow breathing, fever, and shortness of breath. Whenever left untreated, pneumonia could confound to hypoxemia, respiratory disappointment, pleural emission, empyema, lung ulcer, and bacteremia.

Nursing Care Plans For Pneumonia

Nursing care arranging (NCP) objectives for patients with pneumonia incorporates steady estimates like humidified oxygen treatment for hypoxemia, mechanical ventilation for respiratory disappointment, an unhealthy eating regimen and satisfactory liquid admission. Mediations ought to incorporate bed rest and pain relieving to diminish pleuritic chest torment.

Here are eight (8) pneumonia nursing care designs (NCP):

  • Ineffectual Airway Clearance
  • Debilitated Gas Exchange
  • Hazard for Deficient Fluid Volume
  • Hazard for Imbalanced Nutrition: Less Than Body Requirements
  • Intense Pain
  • Action Intolerance
  • Hazard for Infection
  • Lacking Knowledge

Ineffectual Breathing Pattern


Other Nursing Care Plans


Ineffectual Airway Clearance

Ineffectual Airway Clearance: Inability to clear emissions or impediments from the respiratory tract to keep up an unmistakable aviation route.

Nursing Diagnosis

  • Incapable Airway Clearance
  • May be identified with
  • Tracheal bronchial aggravation, edema development, expanded sputum generation
  • Pleuritic torment
  • Diminished vitality, exhaustion
  • Potentially prove by
  • Changes in rate, profundity of breaths
  • Irregular breath sounds, utilization of embellishment muscles
  • Dyspnea, cyanosis
  • Hack, successful or inadequate; with/without sputum creation
  • Wanted Outcomes
  • Recognize/exhibit practices to accomplish aviation route leeway.
  • Show patent aviation route with breath sounds clearing; nonappearance of dyspnea, cyanosis.