How to Access Your Norton Antivirus Login Account?

Accessing your Norton Antivirus Login Account is a really easy and fast process. However, it is necessary to make sure that the process must be followed exactly. Therefore, consider the given set of instructions for soft and hassle free access to your Account.


  1. In the very first position, you will must an Internet Browser that you normally use. Therefore launch the same. For example, you might have Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Mozilla, Google Chrome etc. 
  2. Now, find access to the official website for Norton Antivirus Login. In other words, go through “norton.com/nu16” in the Browser’s Address Bar as the URL. Then, hit the “Enter” key. 
  3. Next, you should move to this window’s top right-hand side. Here, you will see the “Sign In” tab. Such, hover the cursor above this tab to extend it.
  4. After that, click on the “Sign In” button from the extended Menu Box.
  5. The following window look for the credentials required for Norton Antivirus Login. 
  6. Thus, start by providing the correct Email Address associated with your Norton Login Account. 
  7. After that, enter in the “Password” linked with this Account. Ensure that Password is entered properly as Passwords are case-sensitive.
  8. Alongside with that, you will get the “Remember Me” choice on this window. By selecting this option, you can save your Norton Antivirus Login Credentials for simple access in future. 
  9. Further that, this window displays the link to access its “Privacy Policy”. As such, connect on this link. Then, closely read the terms of this document.
  10. Lastly, go for the Norton Antivirus Login by clicking on the “Norton Sign In” button. 
  11. Though, in case you don’t have an existing Account. Then, you will unable to access this Account. In that case, you have to establish a new account. You can do it on this same webpage. 
  12. Apart from that, this trouble can happen in case of using incorrect Passwords. In this situation, it needs you to reset the Password.

Create Account for Norton Antivirus Login

  1. Bring up the “Sign In” window of Norton’s official website as give details above.
  2. Here, you will get the “Create an Account” tab beside the “Sign In” tab. For this, you should appear at the upper section of this window. Now, tap on it.
  3. The following window seeks your Profile details for Account Creation. This includes your Email Address, Password, First and Last Name, Mobile Number, and Country. 
  4. As such, give the information accurately.
  5. Next, you may choose the option to “Email me product updates, offers, and security newsletters”.
  6. Further that, tap on the “Privacy Policy” link. Then, read the terms attentively. 
  7. Finally, tap on “Create Account”. 
  8. Following that, get up your Email Account as given above. Here, you will get a “Verification Email” sent by Norton. As such, open this Email. Then, tap on the “Verify” tab.

Reset Password for Norton Antivirus Login

  1. Get up the “Sign In” window of Norton’s official website as explained above.
  2. Here, you should go to the very bottom of this window. Below the “login” button, you will acquire the “Having problem Signing In?” link. Therefore, click on it. 
  3. On the following window, provide the Email Address meant for Norton Antivirus Login. Then, tap “Continue”.
  4. With this, a Password Reset Email will be sent to your Email Account.
  5. As such, go to the Email Account. Now, open this Email. 
  6. After that, follow the on-screen prompts to set a new Password.