No More Wire Hangers

Joan Crawford was right. Wire hangers just won?t do.

Our Toyota mini motor home has a clothes closet equipped with the standard flat metal bar with the small triangular opening for the clothes hangers. This arrangement works well for keeping the clothes hangers from sliding about while under way. It also makes it impossible to use any of the more popular styles of clothes hangers.

We soon were frustrated at trying to stuff enough clothes into the limited hanging space of our small wardrobe. Each hanger had two to three items of clothing on it. Many of the tops that Shirley liked to wear had a large ?boat? neckline and would simply slide off the wire hangers.

After some thought, it became clear that I could put the metal hanging bar to good use by using it to suspend another rod. I went to Walmart and purchased a package of the wire shower curtain hanger rings. They are available in a package of twelve for a little over a dollar. I then stopped at the home improvement store and purchased a piece of one inch pvc pipe and some end caps.

Back at home, I measured the length of the metal hanging bar in the wardrobe and cut the pvc pipe to match. The end caps were installed on each end of this piece but not glued. The normal tight fit of the caps will do just fine. Six of the shower curtain rings were slipped over the piece of pvc pipe.

The small end of each of the shower curtain ring is placed through the metal hanging bar in the wardrobe starting at the end and spacing them out every six to eight inches. Our metal bar was only three feet long so six of the rings was plenty.

This installed the pvc closet rod about one to two inches below the metal bar in the wardrobe.

Now any type of hanger, plastic, wooden, or yes even wire will work in our wardrobe.

We also can store a lot more clothes as each hanger does not have to fit in one of the little holes in the metal bar.

Lee McPherron

Happily Rving in ?Dolly? our 1985 Toyota Dolphin Mini Motorhome.

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Author: Lee McPherron