Cheap Cat Declawing Alternatives

Declawing can be simply defined as an amputation and is just like the elimination of the fingers of the human hand at the last knuckle. Cat declawing is definitely a thorny problem and determining whether to do it or not is one of the essential choices a cat proprietor has to create.

Here are various alternatives of cheap cat declawing which are explained below:

Provide a scratching post

The scratching post should be tall enough and strong enough. For the service of the scratching post, you can use sisal and corrugated cardboard. The use of carpet is not suggested as it tears up very simple and the cat may be puzzled with the carpet on the floor and the scratch there instead on the post.

Cats should be good remarks when they use the post. You can try to make it a fun place by putting the toy on it or around it. The post should be readily available. If you want to make your cat stop scratching a piece of furniture, you can then place the post at the front side of it and progressively move it way when the cat starts using it consistently.

Train your cat

You should train your cat to scratch on the right things. Compliment the cat whenever she scratches on the post. If the cat scratches on a place where she should be doing so, you can then call her by her name, tell her no and move her by the scratching post. You can put the cat's front feets on the post and begin to make scratching movements to demonstrate her what she is expected to do. There are also a number of funny cat comics strips in The Catniptimes which have a lot of fun. Moreover, you can also dangle a toy on the post and the cat will touch the post as she goes for the toy.

Trim the claws of your cat

You should trim the claw of your cat consistently because it is essential for maintenance of the cat's cleanliness. This will also decrease the scratches you and your furniture are affected. If you clip the claws of your cat once a week, the devastation of furniture due to scratching will be decreased to a lowest. It is suggested that the clipping is conducted by two individuals - one that holds the cat and the other that clip the claws. Do not use frequent scissors. You should use only special and best cat clippers. You can also make sure to clip only the tip of the claw. Be cautious about the veins that are near the base of the claw.

Nail Caps

A new item that decreases the destruction on furniture has been provided on the market some years ago. Soft Claws provides plastic nail caps. They are glued to the cheap cat Declawing or simply the claws of your cat after the claws have been trimmed. The outcomes of using the item are great and there is almost no scratch loss on the furniture. The caps should be changed each and every month.