A summary of the individual one-shots in the Josou Shounen Anthology Comic series scanlated by Hachimitsu Scans.

Ai-chan Ganbarimasu!
Ai-chan Ganbarimasu! is by Yuu Eichi. Ai enjoys cross-dressing and loves all things cute, so when asked by his friend Takako to help out at her family's daycare center, he gladly accepts. However, he soon discovers that it's not as easy as he thought it would be.

Anata ni Ai ni / Anata to Issho ni
Anata ni Ai ni is by Takemaru Yokoshima. Sanaka Kawamata impersonates his older sister while she's sick at home so he can go to her school to talk to Minami Hanyuu, the girl he likes. A sequel was released titled Anata to Issho ni.

Ano Ko no Risou
Ano Ko no Risou is by Nariyuki Hazumi. Keito has a crush on Miharu, a regular customer of his hairdresser older sister. Keito wants to change his image to better suit Miharu's tastes, something his sister is more than happy to help him with.

Baito de Maid

Baito de Maid is by Kazuma Yamazaki. Kikunosuke Inui dressed up as a maid and served customers during his school's cultural festival, but afterwards, he's tied up and is at the mercy of some guys from his school.

Batsu Game Mission!
Batsu Game Mission! is by Shimesaba. Natsu loses a card game with three of his friends and ends up having to cross-dress in public. However, when Natsu's sisters Haru and Aki find out about this, Haru decides to turn the tables on Natsu's friends.

Binbou Kyoudai (!?) Monogatari
Binbou Kyoudai (!?) Monogatari is by Shimesaba. Tarou, the eldest of 10 brothers, cross-dresses to his advantagewhen out shopping to provide for his family.

Binbou Tamanashi!
Binbou Tamanashi! is by Tsun. Hajime borrows some money from a girl he knows named Kimura. In order to pay her back, Hajime agrees to do a part-time job for a hero show she found for him where he must dress up as a girl.

Boku to Okihanabi.
Boku to Okihanabi. is by Seishirou Mori. Kotegawa confides in his friend Mikajiri that he wants to try going out dressed as a girl instead of just doing it at home. Mikajiri decides to give his friend an incentive to do it.

Boku to Senpai no Manken Katsudou Roku
Boku to Senpai no Manken Katsudou Roku is by Sakuya Yuuki. Tachibana is a member of the manga club, and he joined because he likes the club president, Nagisa Shirakaba. One day, curiosity gets the better of him and he takes a look at Shirakaba's manga draft only to find out that she's been drawing an adult trap manga.

Boy Ghost Girl
Boy Ghost Girl is by Wasabi. Kyouya Takasaki moves to Tokyo and encounters a ghost in his apartment named Akira Amamiya. Kyouya helps him fulfill his wish of dressing up like a girl.

Boy's be ambitious Girl! / Boy's be a proud Girl!
Boy's be ambitious Girl! is by Koroha Kiritomo. Yuuki is forced to play a girl for his school drama club by his cousin Yayoi, and he continues with the club after his performance proves popular. A sequel was released titled Boy's be a proud Girl!.

Decoration is by Nariyuki Hazumi. Tsugutaka Masato has to suddenly take over as the manager of his grandma's popular pastry shop alongside the pastry chef, Ichirin Kabaki. Tsugutaka's grandma leaves with him a certain outfit to overcome any problems.

Doppel! is by Nariyuki Hazumi. Souta goes to Azusa, a fortune-teller he knows for help, and she gives him a mysterious mirror. From the mirror comes a copy of himself, his doppelganger, that wants to cross-dress.

Dousei Chuu!
Dousei Chuu! is by Benny's. Shinya goes to live and take care of with his two younger cousins, Tsubasa Fujisaki and his younger brother Subaru, after their parents go overseas. However, Shinya is surprised to find both cross-dressing upon his arrival.

Doushite Kou Natta
Doushite Kou Natta is by Hiro Haraya. A boy is asked by his sister to cross-dress and come to a mixer she organized.

Drag Rock Queen
Drag Rock Queen is by Tsubomi Fuwano. Ijuuin, the vocalist of the popular rock back INz, secretly likes to cross-dress, and he gets the idea to use his band as an excuse to cross-dress in public.

Full Soubi
Full Soubi is by Emiri. Kuranosuke, a "cross-dressing idol" who works under the name Clara, realizes that the further enhance his status as a cross-dressing idol, he needs to go all the way and wear women's underwear, too.

Futari no Ichiban Nagai Hi / Itsuka to Kyou no Kaerimichi
Futari no Ichiban Nagai Hi is by Hiroyoshi Koutake. Ryuuji deals with his clingy trap childhood friend Mizuki. A sequel was released titled Itsuka to Kyou no Kaerimichi.

Fuwafuwa no Boku Dake ni Kirameku Hikari
Fuwafuwa no Boku Dake ni Kirameku Hikari is by Dangan. Daijirou Umehara enjoys dressing up as his alter ego "Umeko" and going to a local arcade to be fawned over by the boys there, but what he enjoys most is playing games with Mario, a boy who's about the same age as him.

Ganbare! Danshi Daihyou
Ganbare! Danshi Daihyou is by Nariyuki Hazumi. Shuuto wanted to play soccer in high school, but he ends up as the manager of the girl's soccer team when he discovers his new school doesn't have a boy's soccer team. When no one's looking, he puts on one of the team uniforms.

Girl Friend
Girl Friend is by Akio Nanae. Haruki Fujino is a member of his school disciplinary committee and dresses up like a girl to confront guys that hassle girls.

Hajimari wa Itsumo Totsuzen...
Hajimari wa Itsumo Totsuzen... is by Madoka Hoshino. A boy is asked by his sister to take her place at a mixer.

He is my wife
He is my wife is by Kamaboko Red. Per his ailing grandfather's request, Takahiko cross-dresses and the two go out into town, much to Takahiko's embarrassment.

Hebiichigo to Watashi.
Hebiichigo to Watashi. is by Seishirou Mori. Noriko Nikaidou creates her own doujinshi, and she often gets help from her childhood friend Harunosuke Tsubaki who enjoys wearing traditional Japanese clothing for women.

Henai! is by Shuusai Rikudou. Natsuki reveals to his friend Yousuke that he likes Hiiragi, an attractive guy from a neighboring class. Natsuki asks for his help, and Yousuke suggests he dress as a girl to attract Hiiragi.

Henshin! is by Mari Manishi. Jun Amano is a very shy boy who is skilled in playing the guitar. His classmate Yuuko Azuma wants him to play in her all-girl band for the school festival.

Himegoto extras
Extra chapters of Norio Tsukudani's Himegoto series have been published in the Josou Shounen anthologies. Mao Itou asks Hime Arikawa to make him his apprentice so he can learn how to cross-dress like him.

Hitomeboressu!! is by Benny's. Kei poses as his older sister to get back at his classmate Kyousuke  for hogging the local park.

Homestay Boy
Homestay Boy is by Alex. Akemi has to deal with the fact that Celia, a foreigner who has come to homestay at her house, is a cross-dressing boy.

Hybrid Boy
Hybrid Boy is by Mizunomoto. It features Keisuke and his cross-dressing childhood friend Nao with BL themes.

Hypnotism Trick
Hypnotism Trick is by Mitohi Matusmoto. When Touri Hirahara is hanging out with his two friends Kashiwagi and Kunieda, Kashiwagi says he can use hypnosis, so Touri decides to fake being hypnotized. However, things get out of hand when Kashiwagi "hypnotizes" him into believing he's a girl.

Ichijin Koukou Engekibu
Ichijin Koukou Engekibu no Kaijin is by Tsubomi Fuwano. The president of Ichijin High School's drama club fully embraces a mistake on a new script for an upcoming competition which lists him playing the lead girl.

Ichinichi dake no Kanojo
Ichinichi dake no Kanojo is by Yuzuhi. Kaoru Asano wants to give his childhood friend Daisuke Segawa what he wants for his birthday, which is a date with a girl. So, Kaoru dresses up like a girl and goes on a date with him.

Itsumo no Futari
Itsumo no Futari is by Yoshiko Tabuchi. Yuuka is a tall and boyish girl who's in love with her cross-dressing childhood friend Jun.

Josei Kyoufushou Taisaku Doumei
Josei Kyoufushou Taisaku Doumei is by Shimesaba. Kaoru and Yuusuke are roommates and are trying to get over their mutual fear of women by cross-dressing.

Josou Debut
Josou Debut is by Emiri. It's about Natsukawa and his childhood friend Haruno. On their first day of high school, Haruno decides to have a coming out and goes to school in a girl's uniform.

Josou Gumo
Josou Gumo is by Shimesaba. A guy often sees a pretty girl in town, but one day he discovers this girl is in fact a cross-dressing guy. The cross-dresser brings him back to his house to make sure he keeps his secret.

Josou Kyouiku!
Josou Kyouiku! is by Kamaboko Red. Sakuraba goes to a school with a dormitory, and one morning wakes up to discover he's apparently turned into a girl.

Josou no Hajimari
Josou no Hajimari is by Tokumaro. Mata is in the art club and he asks his friend Kondou to model for him because he heard he has some experience modeling. However, when Kondou shows up cross-dressing, he reveals that he has experience modeling as a crossplayer.

Josou Yamemasu
Josou Yamemasu is by Nariyuki Hazumi. Ren has a stalker who discovers one day that Ren enjoys cross-dressing. Luckily for his stalker, Ren has decided to stop cross-dressing, something his stalker wants to help him with.

Junan Boy
Junan Boy is by Takeshi Moriki. Yuuki Asaba is a boy who wants to be manlier so as to catch the eye of the girl he likes, Saeko Miyashita. Asaba discovers that Miyashita wants to dress him up like a girl because of his feminine features.

Kakeru-kun wa Toraretai
Kakeru-kun wa Toraretai is by Sorahiko Mizushima. Ricchan's childhood friend Kakeru enjoys cross-dressing and getting his picture taken, which causes him to get turned on. Ricchan tries to help him fix this.

Kanojo na Senpai
Kanojo na Senpai is by Madoka Hoshino. Nishizawa is free for Christmas Eve, so he agrees to go shopping with an upperclassman from his school. However, Nishizawa is surprised to find him cross-dressing when they meet up in town.

Kanojo ni Naritai!?
Kanojo ni Narita!? is by Koyomi Fuji. Keitarou Suzumoto cross-dresses to get closer to an older girl, Kiritachi, who is rumored to be a lesbian.

Kasukabe Koukou Josou-bu
Kasukabe Koukou Josou-bu is by Sakuya Yuuki. Akira Komukai is a member of his high school's cross-dressing club, along with his childhood friend Minato Kasukabe and a third member, Hikaru Ayase.

Kawaii Ano Ko
Kawaii Ano Ko is by Rikako Inomoto. Takuya is troubled because he finds his classmate Naoki cute.

Kawaii Ano Ko no Himitsu wa ne
Kawaii Ano Ko no Himitsu wa ne is by Seisuke Akari. Susumu and his cross-dressing friend Yuuya Kiyose enjoy going to card shops and playing a trading card game. Susumu is starting to feel uneasy about all the attention Yuuya is getting from other guys.

Kawaii Iinchou
Kawaii Iinchou is by Masayu. Suzuki, the chairman of the public morals committee, tells Satou that she has to abide by the school dress code. However, Satou doesn't see her accessories as such a big deal compared to Suzuki, who has started cross-dressing.

Kawaii Mune no Uchi
Kawaii Mune no Uchi is by Akio Nanae. Yuu learns how to act like a girl from his childhood friend Momo.

Kimi no Tame Nara!
Kimi no Tame Nara is by Eihi. Kanade's family runs a shrine, and his older sister makes him cross-dress as a shrine maidenwhen he loses at rock-paper-scissors. Kanade saves a girl he likes named Hiyori who often comes to the shrine, but she's afraid of guys.

Kirapara! is by Risumai. It follows Kensei Homura, who serves his childhood friend Sakira Ootori as her bodyguard and servant. When Sakira is about to enter a girl's high school, she forces Kensei to accompany her.

Kisekae Sensei
Kisekae Sensei is by Masayu. A cram school teacher enjoys cross-dressing, and one of his students named Imoto discovers his secret when he goes outside while cross-dressing one day. In exchange for not telling anyone his secret, he agrees to be her dress-up doll.

Kokuhaku is by Anri Sakano. It's about a guy named Arai who gets roped into cross-dressing so he can talk to and ultimately confess to his first love, Ono.

*Little Big Sister*
*Little Big Sister* is by Haruka Ogataya. Mizuna is constantly annoyed by his older sister Natsume who often gets in the way of his studying. When he's stuck on a math problem, Natsume suggests he take a break, leading to her dressing him up in one of her old outfits.

Made in Otome
Made in Otome is by Kinu Arikawa. Kazuya Otomein's mother has decided that he'll be the next president of her lingerie company Made in Otome, so he transfers into a girl's school to better understand girls and lingerie.

Maid Tsuki
Maid Tsuki is by Emiri. Miyajima goes back to his dorm room to find his roommate Suzuki dressed in a main uniform. Suzuki explains that the uniform's spirit has possessed him so it can satisfy its regret and rest in peace.

Makeup no Kokoroe
Makeup no Kokoroe is by Kaisanbutsu. Tsubaki Takamine wants to be a makeup artist like his parents, but to gain his father's approval, he has to attend an all-girl high school and hide his male identity for three years.

Manou Senshi Lovely Berry
Manou Senshi Lovely Berry is by Shioji Urase. When Kaoru's childhood friend Yuri comes to him looking for a stand-in to play the villain in an upcoming hero show, Kaoru gladly accepts, until he discovers that the villain's costume is for a girl.

Marmalade Boy
Marmalade Boy is by Bau. An older brother wants to move out of his house to get away from his trap younger brother.

Meguru Complex
Meguru Complex is by Ondi. Meguru is a delinquent who would do anything for his twin sister Megumi. When Megumi gets a cold, Meguru impersonates her and goes to her school to see if her boyfriend Ooizumi is worthy of her.

Mezame no Ippo?
Mezame no Ippo? is by Miyuki Nakayama. Yuki gets roped into working at his girlfriend's maid cafe.

Misaki-chan to Azami-kun
Misaki-chan to Azami-kun is by Anri Sakano. Mitsuki Mima is forced by his older sister Misaki to take her place at her school while she works on a doujinshi for Comiket. At the school, Mitsuki encounters the school idol, Azami Akatsuki.

Mizugi datte Daijoubu!
Mizugi datte Daijoubu! is by Akio Nanae. Hikaru cross-dresses as one-half of an idol unit with his female partner Nozomi.

Moribito is by Alex. Hiriji Hakuou decides to cross-dress for his childhood friend Shizune who has developed androphobia due to bullying.

Muteikou Heroine
Muteikou Heroine is by Shuusai Rikudou. Amane Nakatatsu, a first-year in junior high who enjoys cross-dressing, is constantly approached by the intimidating Kyouya Samejima from another class, leading to them to fight on the school roof.

Naisho no Omajinai
Naisho no Omajinai is by Touko Mizuki. Tsukasa is constantly forced by his five-year-older cousin Momoka to dress as a girl. Disgrunted, Tsukasa wants Momoka to see him as a boy.

Narikiri Game
Narikiri Game is by Mari Manishi.  When Mao inadvertently suggests to her friend Shinichi that he play a dating sim for girls, Shinichi cross-dresses to better get into the game's mood.

Nayameru Otoko no Ko
Nayameru Otoko no Ko is by Shuusai Rikudou. Subaru worries about his relationship with Seiya, who often teases and embarrasses him.

Ojou-sama wa Otoko no Ko
Ojou-sama wa Otoko no Ko is by Ryuki. The son of an affluent family identifies as a girl, and one of the family's maids is tasked with discouraging this behavior.

Okaken!! is by Nariyuki Hazumi. Kurono joins a club called Okaken, thinking it's a club for people who like the occult, only to later find out how wrong he was.

Onna no Ko Keikaku
Onna no Ko Keikaku is by Hayato Hyuuga. Himeno is a boy who's treated like a girl and forced to look the part. He wants to become manly, so he asks the intimidating Hachiouji to be her apprentice, as she is often seen helping the weak.

Ookami-san no Iinari
Ookami-san no Iinari is by Tama Tamasaki. Tsukine joins the drama club upon entering into high school, but is shocked when the president of the club hands him the lead role to the play they'll be performing at the upcoming cultural festival: Little Red Riding Hood.

Ore to Josou to Yuurei to!?
Ore to Josou to Yuurei to!? is by Shimesaba. Tooru finds a ghost of a boy who wanted to cross-dress before he died. Trying to figure out a way for him to rest in peace, Tooru goes to his trap friend for advice.

Osananajimi Rival
Osananajimi Rival is by Mari Manishi. Kento Hiiragi is rivals with his childhood friend Nao Fujikawa, a girl his age. After they enter high school, Nao starts to become more feminine, and Kento takes this as a challenge to find out how girly he can become.

Oto Kon
Oto Kon is by Nariyuki Hazumi. Ayato is short and unpopular, but he has one thing most others his age don't: a fiance. However, it turns out his fiance is Minase Kiryuu, a popular guy at his school who has started cross-dressing for him.

Otoko Michi / Otoko no Ko Crisis / Yuri Joou to Josou Shounen
Otoko Michi is by Tsubomi Fuwano. Tsubomi Fuwano gets an offer from his editor Aso to draw a cross-dressing manga. However, Aso is sorely disappointed at Tsubomi's lack of understanding when it comes to cross-dressing. In the second installment, Hizumi Uwano decides to enter a cross-dressing contest for manga authors in an attempt to beat out another manga author, Jakiko Daigouin. In a sequel titled Otoko no Ko Crisis, Hizumi Uwano offers to help out Marilyn, one half of the popular idol unit Crysis, when she comes by Ichijinsha with a problem. In another sequel titled Yuri Joou to Josou Shounen, Hizumi Uwano offers to fill in for one of Elizabeth Yuriko's assistants to finish up a chapter in time by disguising himself as a girl.

Otouto Jiman Sasete Kudasai
Otouto Jiman Sasete Kudasai is by Reiichi. Anri Iwasaki is obsessed with taking pictures of her cute little brother Tomo. To help him get over his shyness for an upcoming school presentation, she suggests he work at a local maid cafe.

Pretty Swimmer
Pretty Swimmer is by Yuu Eichi. Akane recently joined the swim club at his school, but since there aren't enough boys or girls in the club, it's about to be abolished. In hoping to save the swim club, the club's other two members Saya and Rika make Akane participate in the club as a girl.

Restaurendezvous / Boku no Koto Suki ni Natte
Restaurendezvous is by Naya Minadori. Hirokazu is a guy who walks into a local family restaurant one day to discover his trap friend Tsubasa is working there as a waitress. The next five installments were titled Boku no Koto Suki ni Natte.

Sakuragi-sou e Youkoso
Sakuragi-sou e Youkoso is by Ichigo Suzunari. Keita Mori gets into the high school of his choice and starts living on his own at the Sakuragi Apartments with three tenants: two traps and a reverse trap.

Saraba Heibon no Hibi yo
Saraba Heibon no Hibi yo is by Kamaboko Red. Hajime Mutou is suddenly abducted by aliens and forced to cross-dress for the aliens' delight.

Seitokai Satellite!
Seitokai Satellite! is by Kazusa Yoneda. Nobuyuki's childhood friend Yuu Takahama is the student council president at their school, and Yuu asks Nobuyuki to stay with him at school when he has to finish up some paperwork for the student council.

Sensei to Boku to.
Sensei to Boku to. is by Kira Nakamura. Sora likes his cram school teacher and he cross-dresses to get closer to him.

Shinin Gakudan Otohime
Shinin Gakudan Otohime is by Kousuke Kurose. Second lieutenant Ren Narumi is transferred to a new military unit where he is to be the vocalist for the girls band Sound Princess, whose mission is to combat supernatural creatures known as "banshees".

Sis+Love is by Haruka Ogataya. Hanatarou Yamada applies for a job at the Yusuhara daycare center to get closer to Itsuki, a boy who works there who Hanatarou believes is a girl due to a chance encounter a few months before.

Sora o Kakeru Josou Danshi
Sora o Kakeru Josou Danshi is by Maitake. Kakeru Momoyama has been forced to cross-dress from a young age by his parents. Now attending an all-girl high school, he is also going out with Yuuki, a popular girl from another school.

Sugar Trap
Sugar Trap is by Shimesaba. Satou wants a girlfriend, but all the girls at his school seem to be enamored by a popular guy named Suzuki. Satou decides to cross-dress so he can get close to Suzuki and get a hold of some dirt on him to lessen his popularity with the girls.

Takagi-kun to Nishiura-san
Takagi-kun to Nishiura-san is by Dennou Ouwadan. For the cultural festival, Takagi's class has decided to go with Aki Nishiura's suggestion of a little sister cafe, but Takagi gets roped into being one of the little sisters. The second installment is set some time after the cultural festival, and has more to do with Takagi's and Nishiura's relationship.

The Remedy (I Won't Worry)
The Remedy (I Won't Worry) is by Kabocha. Hanzou accidentally damages his sister's teddy bear, much to her rage. To pay her back, she forces him to work as a waitress at a local cafe led by her friend, the cafe's manager.

Toaru P-tachi no Nichijou
Toaru P-tachi no Nichijou is by Kazusa Yoneda. Yuki enjoys writing girly pop songs and posting them online with the added help of his two older siblings–his sister Natsu and brother Haru. Yuki cross-dresses to better understand how a girl feels when writing the songs, but although Haru has no problems with this, Natsu would rather Yuki stopped cross-dressing.

Toshiue Kanojo wa Hokenshitsu
Toshiue Kanojo wa Hokenshitsu is by Akio Nanae. Kaname is a boy attending a girls school to protect a spacey school nurse named Ruri from any male teachers. Both Ruri and her sister Akane already know he's a boy. After learning there is going to be a body measurement at school, Kaname is fearful that anyone other than Ruri or Akane will find out he's a boy.

Tsuiteru Ko to no Tsukiaikata
Tsuiteru Ko to no Tsukiaikata is by Hoppege. Chihiro is suddenly confessed to by her schoolmate Kaoru, only to later discover that Kaoru is actually a cross-dressing guy.

Twin's Game
Twin's Game is by Wataru Murayama. Twin brother and sister Akira and Meika often enjoy switching places. This time, they switch at school with unforeseen consequences.

Welcome Back
Welcome Back is by Saa. Torajirou is overjoyed when the girl he liked as a kid, Tatsuki Hayama, transfers into his class. However, he soon discovers that Tatsuki is actually a guy.

xx Maid Kissa
xx Maid Kissa is by Emiri. Shou Kawai is looking for a job and he comes across the manager of the Trap Maid Cafe, who wants him as an employee.

Zenryoku "Otome"
Zenryoku "Otome" is by Cuteg. Nozomu goes out cross-dressing for the first time and is saved from a molester on a train by Shuuji, a college student.