MAP Resources Backups

Use the MAP Resources backup files to download the site for offline viewing without tracking or censorship and to make mirrors of the site to ensure others can always find support.
A backup of https://www.mapresources.info is created every 2 months. A link to these backups can be found at the bottom of this message. The MAP Resources Blog is not included in backups at this time.


How to View MAP Resources Offline

We recommend using a laptop or desktop.

  1. Visit the link at the bottom of this message
  2. Right-click the folder with the most recent date in the title
  3. Click "Download" in the menu that pops up
  4. Open your file manager and select the zipped folder
  5. Extract the files from the zipped folder into a new folder
  6. Open the new folder and double-click the file titled "index.html"
  7. You can now navigate the site normally
  8. If other people have access to the computer, remember to delete both folders


No data is shared with MAP Resources when you view our website using the backup files. Links in the backups may go through Google redirects. This isn't a risk for most users, but we recommend right-clicking and copying link addresses to Tor if you need additional protection.



We provide PGP-signed messages to verify the contents of backups. These can be found in the file titled "Signature.txt" in each backup. Our public PGP key can be found here. We use randomized passwords and two-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized changes.



Read this if you plan to publicly post anything that uses the backup files. Otherwise, you can skip this section.

You may not use the backup files to create publicly-available derivative or modified works except as described in this section. You may repost the unmodified backup files elsewhere for others to download.


You may create public mirrors (exact copies at different URLs) of the MAP Resources website (or a selection of pages) using these files. Mirrors must use noindex tags to avoid competing with the official website. Mirrors may be translated into other languages as long as the content remains the same. You may make changes to increase speed, improve accessibility, reduce storage size, or adjust links to bypass Google redirects, so long as user-facing behavior and content remain the same. Mirrors may not collect identifying information about users, sell user data, or hold usage data for longer than a year.


You must be in compliance with the latest version of these restrictions before using any version of the backup files. Assume that this file was last updated on the "edited" date at the top of this message.


You can access the backups here.