Statement of Condolences regarding the demise of Mulla Umar


Allah says:

"From among the believers are men who were truthful to the covenant they made with Allah. From them are those who have passed on and from them are those who are waiting. Whilst they have not changed (deviated) in the least"


With hearts filled with satisfaction with the decree of Allah and his destination and with hearts filled with hope to see the dawn of a near victory, we send our condolences to the patient people of Afghanistan over the death of the leader of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan 'Mulla Muhammad Umar Mujahid'-may Allah have mercy on him and accept him in the high stages of Paradise. 


Mulla Umar left this world leaving behind him an example of a believer who has trust in the Almighty Allah. He left this world after having reminded us of the true meanings of Jihad and Sincerity and he left us after having taught us how an Emirate is built in the hearts of the people before it becomes a reality on the ground. He left this world after the Taliban were prepared to return and it became an integral part of it's people which became a live spring to this great nation. He gave up his rulership seeking the pleasure of Allah. The true man of the Ummah left us.


The blessed Commander (Mulla Umar) and his blessed movement had [displayed wise decisions] in the Islamic Effort some of which must be noted:


-Steadfastness upon the foundational principles. The Emirate stood steadfast for 14 years not being shaken by storms nor tornados. The armies of Invasion and the armies of betrayal did not frighten them. Nor did chasing after positions or rest (from Jihad) find any place amongst them.

-Collaboration with the Afghani people and the Islamic Nation in general to the extent that it represents (the Afghani People) and became an embodiment of their wants and demands. 

-Continuing Military victories along with guided political efforts, focusing their gaze on the principles of the pure Shariah (laws) and the suffering of their patient nation, trying best to avoid disunity to reach their known goals. Their role model in doing so is the Chosen one (Muhammad peace be upon him).

-And importantly, their gathering to fight extremism of both types (excess as well as negligence) at the same time. The reactions of this movement (to oppression) was not reactions of excess (and likewise oppress) which would lead to deviation from the correct Manhaj & way. 


We also Ask Almighty Allah to enable the Mujahid Brother Mulla Akhtar Mansoor to follow in the footsteps of his predecessors to return Afghanistan to its noble ones completely and to secure a free noble future for the Afghani People under the Shariah (laws) of Allah.


Ahrar al Sham Islamic Movement - Political Wing

15 Shawwal 1436 

1 August 2015