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  1. CORVID 19
    1. Generally Children and Teens are not at risk. Older who have underlying illness or Insulin Resistance have higher risk of more severe symptoms, most of whom can be treated at home. A relatively small percentage of infected with co-morbid illnesses will need hospitalization. 
    2. Home Management of Mild Infection by Dr Sandhya Ramanathan 
      1. Suggested basic home items: Vit D,C & Zinc,Thermometer, Oxymeter, Anti-Inflammatories, Asprin
    3. Corvid-19 risk to health increases with Insulin Resistance explained by Prof Noakes
    4. BMJ Editorial exposing link between Diet induced Insulin Resistance and raised Corvid-19 Risk
  2. Type 2 Diabetes and Over-Weight
    1. How Type 2 Diabetes and Over-Weight is caused over time through Insulin Resistance by Dr Benjamin Bikman
  3. Low Carb Healthy Fat Lifestyle to reverse Type 2 Diabetes and Over-Weight
    1. Recommended Book: The Pioppi Diet by Cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra and his YouTube videos