Men's Fashion Tips: Choosing Two-button or Three-button Suits?

Answering the choice between two button suits and three button suits for men.



My question is, what do you personally think I'll look best in a 2 or 3 button suit, or do you think I should go double breasted and with what button type there? I'm 5' 9" average weight, I have broad shoulders, my jacket size is a 40 regular, with waist size 32 and my length is 29. Sorry for asking again, I just was wondering since I left out some info. Thank you very much for your time.


Based on your height and waist size, you should look pretty good in either a 2-button or 3-button suit. 3-button suit will end up having the V-point of your lapels to be higher part of your chest. Is that your preference? 3-button on the hand can allow you to just button only the first 2 buttons leaving the last free. 2-button suit adds length for your torso since the V-point is much lower. So any man with a short torso would benefit from 2-button suit. Seriously it is everyone's choice. It would be good for you to try it out and see the difference it makes to your overall look.

Double breasted creates a more formal look. So you must know the purpose of your suit. For work wise, single breasted and double breasted works fine. If you want versatility where you can wear your shirt without tie, then the single breasted would be a nicer choice. I personally never find it as tasteful wearing without a tie with a double breasted suit.

Your choice of button should depend on the style you want to create. Military look would be using the brass or metal buttons. I never liked this style at all. Generally the best choice natural horn buttons or higher quality ones are mother-of-pearl. For the most formal style, it would be clothed buttons where it matches exactly against your suit.

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