Men and sexual hygiene

One of the keystones of modern civilization is good hygiene. Unfortunately, many civilized people living in this modern era are taking good hygiene for granted. Overall hygiene is very important. But you should also pay attention to your intimate hygiene as well. If you have “rituals” for your everyday hygiene, you must do the same for your intimate parts too. 77a758e56195675f405aa98907271130.jpg

Sex organs are very sensitive. And it is just essential that you keep it clean since it is usually engaged in more intimate contacts compared to the other parts of the body. Surely, you don’t want to lay a beautiful lady on your bed knowing that she is not much of a hygiene fan.

So how should the men maintain proper intimate hygiene? Cleaning the penis should start from the tip. Start exposing the glands by grabbing the foreskin and pull that part back as much as you can. Wash the inner area of your foreskin and do the same with the glands as well. It would be better if you use lukewarm water rather than the tap water temperature. This process is not painful at all unless you don’t know how to handle your own part. See to it that the foreskin and the glands are clean. These parts are very sensitive and this is also where a white substance called the smegma is usually seen.

What is smegma? It is a substance which is a combination of moisture, skin oils, dead skin cells, and bacteria. The space between the glands and the foreskin can be an ideal breeding ground for bacteria since it usually has moisture and it is not exposed to different elements such as air and sunlight. That is why it is very important for men to wash all the smegma away to prevent bacteria accumulation. You would definitely not want your partner to smell a stinky penis, wouldn’t you? At the same time, if you would disregard washing the smegma away, it is possible that you will get infection eventually.

When using penis enlargement tools or other ways to increase the size of the penis, it is also very crucial that you keep your sensitive organ very clean as well. Bacteria have the tendency to spread faster if you are using penis pumps or traction devices. Moreover, those who are doing penis enlargement exercises are also more prone to infections as well. Usually, they are the ones who can’t maintain good intimate hygiene. That is why experts agree that hitting the shot shower first so that you can prep up for the penis enlargement session and have a chance to maintain a clean penile area to prevent infection.

Believe it or not, there are still some men who are left uncircumcised. And those who already went through this painful procedure are more hygienic and more conscious about their intimate health. One of the main reasons is that they no longer have enough foreskins that would prevent the dust, sweat, and other contaminants from making contact with the sensitive glands. There are some men who opt to be circumcised because they thought that once they lose the foreskin, they can have an easier time keeping their penis sanitary. However, the foreskin actually has a big role in maintaining a healthy penis contrary to what others believe.

Until today, there is still a big debate if a man should really be circumcised or not. Doctors said that it is more hygienic if the foreskin stays. It will be less exposed to bacteria which may result to urinary tract infections. On the other hand, some experts said that there will be bigger chances of smegma build-up since there will be more foreskin that would trap the dirt, oil, and dead cell from the tissue of the penis.

But whether you agree on circumcision or not, it is very clear that intimate hygiene is very essential and this must be one of your priorities when cleaning your body. Aside from the fact that it will prevent you from getting bacteria, you will also have a thriving sex life as well if you would keep you penis clean.

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