The Endless Benefits of Installing a Thermostatic Mixing Valve

Dealing with sudden cold as well as hot streams of water can be an uncomfortable experience since in worst case scenarios, you may have burned skin that may take days to heal. In the past, this was common among individuals who used bathtubs. The good news is that this problem is fixed thanks to thermostatic mixing valve equipment and other accessories.


At present, it’s common in many bathrooms, not only in Singapore but other parts of the world. That said, if you’re thinking of renovating or remodeling your bathroom, you should consider including a thermostatic mixing valve and urinal flush valve. Read on why. 


Prevent inconsistent water temperature

With the installation of a thermostatic mixing valve, the days of not knowing what temperature of the water that’s going to be released by a faucet is going to come to an end. 


It’s not a pleasant experience to anticipate washing your face with cool water but instead find that the water suddenly becomes uncomfortably hot or to anticipate a nice shower but instead find that you are splashed with ice cold water. Installing a thermostatic mixing valve will stop all of these events from happening and more.


Prevent thermal shock

The body's response to a sudden–hot or cold–change in water temperature is known as thermal shock. For instance, a quick rush of cold water can cause someone who’s taking a hot shower to experience shock. A thermostatic mixing valve, however, will stop such an occurrence from happening.


Easy to install

A thermostatic mixing valve is easy to install. In line with this, the aesthetics of your property won't be harmed during the installation. Also, the piping won't need to be dug out from behind tiles and walls. 


After installation, you’re going to be shielded from scalding and other annoyances thanks to these cutting-edge devices, which are simple to install and finished in a few hours. Which brings us to our next point: impede scalding.


Impede scalding

Everyone has a distinct threshold for comfort. That said, what is bearable for one person may be intolerable for another. Therefore, everyone should be able to choose the temperature they want for their sink and shower. Individuals will be able to select the various temperatures to prevent scalding thanks to a thermostatic mixing valve.


Enhance safety

No matter what changes in the home's environment occur, a thermostatic mixing valve can be programmed to give accurate water temperature control. The thermostatic mixing valve will turn off the water supply if the water temperature rises above a set temperature. 


The said function serves as a practical safeguard against scorching and a safety element for young children and the elderly who might find it difficult to swiftly change the water's temperature. Every home should have a thermostatic mixing valve fitted as a crucial safety feature.


Summing up

In the end, it can be said that a thermostatic mixing valve, especially if used together with a urinal flush valve, is a welcome addition to your bathroom. They are safe, convenient, economical, and so forth. 


Bear in mind, however, that the thermostatic mixing valves and urinal flush valves that are out on the market are not created equal. That said, it’s best to obtain them from an entity that is backed by a long history of durable fixtures and customer satisfaction.