Manage Finance, HR, SCM to Marketing & CRM Through VCA ERP Software

On one hand, where innovations in business technology do not seem to stop, what is it, on the other side, that is boggling the mind of business leaders all over the world?

  • Increasing operational costs
  • High employee turnover
  • Unskilled human workforce or
  • Inefficiency of processes
  • Continuously changing customer behavior
  • Perpetually rising competition

In fact, there are many such problems that leave business Owners and Directors with a scratching head.

In organized businesses lead to reduced productivity and waste of company resources. Despite best efforts of the management, employees remain unsatisfied and it also becomes difficult to build brand credibility among customers.

Moreover, with people, processes and other business functions spread all over, it becomes really complicated to have complete operational control. Additionally, lack of transparency within processes and the inability to scrutinize and solve problems in the real-time ultimately results in complete failure of businesses.

In the present business scenario, the advanced Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is proving out to be a perfect solution to diverse business problems. And, Value Creation Automation (VCA) is one such world’s leading business process automation software.

From supporting in optimum resource utilization, to reducing operational costs and to enhancing the efficiency of processes — advanced VCA ERP software is designed to streamline entire business tasks and activities, which can further result in constant development.

ERP Software Applicability & VCA

Evolving technologies have brought both SMEs as well as Large Enterprises on the same platform. In other words, technologies are now not limited to be used only by Large Enterprises. Even SMEs can harness complete gains of technology and realize the dream of running business operations overseas, with utmost efficiency and accuracy.

ERP software is helping all different types of industries in a way or the other.

  • Real-estate
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Banking and other various business sectors as well.

Accept it or not, ERP software has turned to be the need of the hour and businesses, no matter what size, cannot ignore to implement such disruptive technologies. Some businesses implement ERP software to get a robust accounting solution, whereas some others implement it to manage CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and so on.

But, with the development of advanced business process management software such as Value Creation Automation (VCA), businesses, be its SMEs or be it Large Enterprises, can find an end-to-end business solution at one place.

Unlike many of the advanced ERP software, VCA is equally suitable for Small and Medium as well as Large Enterprises. Being an end-to-end solution, VCA has multiples roles to play. Following is some of the important business processes

  • HR Automation Software
  • Sales and Marketing Automation Software
  • Supply Chain Automation Software
  • Accounting Software

Similarly, VCA automates all other processes, resulting in healthy business performance. This ERP software, developed by experts at Cordis Technology LLC, Dubai, the UAE, also consists of an inbuilt CRM, which allows companies in reaping entire benefits of a healthy business-customer relationship.

VCA-CRM is not about only the efficient management of company’s customer database. Rather, it helps in establishing a transparent and flawless communication channel, which helps in offering complete satisfaction to customers. VCA’s inbuilt CRM keeps a proper record of every individual customer, their queries, messages, complains and all other communication details consolidated at one place. Thus, it helps in instant resolution of customer queries. Such factors, not only impact customer buying decision but also play an essential role in improving loyalty and retention rate.

SaaS-Enabled VCA Gives Equal Growth Opportunities to Small Businesses

Incorporating advanced technologies such as cloud-computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation make VCA one of the world’s leading process automation software. But, VCA is also based on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model, which allows businesses to start with almost zero capital.

  • No need to buy license fees
  • No servers required
  • No need to install hardware and software
  • No need to keep dedicated IT team

All such cost is borne by the ERP vendor. With these factors, ERP software such as Value Creation Automation (VCA) encourages new entrepreneurs and also supports them in expanding their business lines in the long run.

How VCA adds to the ease of running business operations?

Designed to combine the power of human intelligence with the advanced technological business model, VCA helps in successful identification and elimination of performance bottlenecks. With a smooth workflow and streamlined processes, VCA plays a significant role in aiding to the ease of running diverse business operations.

Following is some of the points, which will further clarify - How VCA adds to the flexibility, reliability, and agility of businesses.

  • VCA offers cloud-computing solutions, which saves entire business data in the cloud. This means Owners, Directors and authorized employees can have instant access to business data, statements, and other various reports anytime and anywhere.
  • VCA comes with a visual dashboard, which is powered by SaaS. Business leaders and all other stakeholders can have real-time access to entire transaction details, even though their mobile phones and tablets. The SaaS-enabled visual display enables better scrutinization of entire business operation 24 x 7. With this, VCA gives better business control anytime and anywhere.
  • The third important feature of VCA, which aids to the efficiency and the accuracy of processes is the ability to update and report every single transaction in the real-time. This keeps company ledger books updated and business leaders can always check details through the visual dashboard. With ready reports, data and statements, VCA boost the decision-making ability of business leaders.
  • VCA Pushcord is another important feature, which improves productivity and the overall business performance. With VCA Pushcord, businesses can significantly reduce the cycle time. It means n0 last our mess. All the stakeholders, I.e. manufacturers, suppliers, inventory team, customer support and customers are notified at the time when an order is received. With the order notification, all stakeholders perform their course of action at the same time. This helps in delivering customer’s order in comparatively less time and without any fail.
  • VCA incorporates other advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation. Since tasks are completely automated, VCA leaves no room for gaps. Everything is organized and placed in proper sequence. Having automated entire day-to-day business tasks, VCA reduces the workload on the human workforce. In the other way, it also means reduced error-rate, enhanced efficiency and more accuracy in.

Along with all these aspects, VCA adds a robust approach to business functioning. ERP software such as VCA is designed to enhance transparency within and outside the business firm.

  • VCA integrates entire tasks and activities pertaining to the business. This helps business leaders in keeping everything at their fingertips. Reports are readily available for reference and with integrated business performance, Owners and Directors can have better control of finance and other important decisions can be made with utmost confidence.
  • Another important aspect that makes VCA transparent is flawless communication. This advanced BPM software by Cords Technology LLC, Dubai, the UAE, supports both horizontal and vertical communication flow. It means employees can directly communicate with Owners and Directors and departments can communicate with other various departments without any hassles. VCA’s visual dashboard puts advanced communication channels such as video/voice calling, SMS, emails, telephone and tax at one place. With this, businesses can eliminate all sorts of communication bottlenecks and provide an instant solution to queries.

VCA & Other ERP Software

There are many ERP software such as Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, Oracle, SAP, Value Creation Automation (VCA), which are helping businesses in gaining the confidence and support required for a consistent growth and success.

But all the advanced ERP software is not a suitable option for every genre of businesses. This is the technology-driven age where the one time hit, On-Premises ERP software constitutes only 17% of the total market share and the rest is taken over by advanced cloud-based business process management software.

But being only cloud-based does not make an ERP software equally suitable for small and medium businesses. Although cloud-based business solutions, unlike On-Premises ERP software, save businesses from investing in license fees, installation of hardware and software, servers and its upgrade, maintenance of an IT team and training and many more, but it does need some investments in infrastructure.

But, things have rapidly changed now. With advanced ERP software, Value Creation Automation (VCA) for instance, businesses no more have to but different ERP software for every different process. Be it back office tasks or processes such as sales and marketing, Value Creation Automation (VCA) is designed to automate entire business processes.

SaaS-enabled VCA consists of a flexible structure, which allows businesses to customize it according to new process requirements. Moreover, incorporating business models such as Six-Sigma and Lean Management, VCA ensures optimum resource utilization. With robust approaches, VCA helps businesses in overcoming diverse modern-business challenges and helps in gaining competitive advantages, business stability and the confidence of customers, employees, suppliers, investors, and creditors.

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