Male balding and causes

Many people and men especially, begins to notice male balding as they reach adulthood during natural aging process.


While hair fall may not be a special medical condition in most cases, it can leads to self esteem disturbance and some discomfort with your physical looks and appearance as it getting worse.  All forms of balding are not necessarily permanent, but the most common form of male balding pattern, can be if they are not cared properly. Figuring out what causes this process is the first step in figuring out how to treat it in the next time the hair loss turning to permanent.

 Main causes for male balding

This type of balding can have a few various causes and though hereditary pattern baldness is the most often occurs. If your hair begin to thinning in a pattern that includes a horseshoe shape at your brow and thinning on top area, you most likely suffer from male balding pattern. If your short hair is falling out very quickly and enough that you observe shedding or in obvious clumps. Also you may have balding caused by many stress factors or a medication or drug side effect. In this case .. should probably consult with your therapist to make sure and know what causes male balding in you isn’t anything serious.

This male pattern is caused by hair follicles that have grown too small to provide normal growth process. Male hormones components like testosterone conect with other normal key elements in a man’s body to create the hormone such as dihydrotestosterone .
Just as most men have no problems with DHT level, men may experiencing hereditary type of male balding pattern. And have numerous hair follicles that start to shrink and become passive when they are exposed to the hormone component. Hereditary form of this balding pattern is what leads to male balding for the majority of men who observes hair thinning.

The real reason and cause of male balding is not known, though it is clear that our genetic makeup is a big part of it. The first and most required way of seeing if you are at some risk for male pattern is to see at photo of your father and your grandfather. One of the identified genes iengaged in male balding pattern is located inside the x chromosome.
Which is inherited mostly from the maternal side, but this one gene does not show all the cases of this difficult situation.

Traditional treatment

Some medication and supplements distributed to fight what causes male balding work mostly when they target either the testosterone element that produces dihydrotestosterone or sometimes the DHT itself. Through inhibiting the amount of DHT a man produces the hair fall process can be slowed down or stopped. In some special cases normal hair growth rate can be restored. Prescription medications aimed at treating pattern of male balding and periodically reduce testosterone level production. It's enough that men taking them have trouble with sexual disorder.
But nonprescription materials and supplements aimed at DHT directly either orally or through the skin surface don't have these forms of sexual side effects.