Make your shopping experience unforgettable at the Red Sea Mall

Jeddah was also known as a fishing hamlet before, but today it is the largest commercial hub of Saudi Arabia. Climatic conditions make it hot during summers with little humidity.


Jeddah is known as the gateway to the holiest pilgrimage or Hajj place for Muslims that is  Mecca. However this city has a lot more to offer to the tourists. It has a unique cultural heritage in the country and is the base for scientific and engineering people. Jeddah was also known as a fishing hamlet before, but today it is the largest commercial hub of Saudi Arabia. Climatic conditions make it hot during summers with little humidity other times. With the economy now developing, Jeddah has now turned into a money-makers paradise. The reason for the increasing economy is the huge malls that have been developed for shopping just similar to the ones in Dubai. One of the best Arabia mall is the Red Sea mall which is also known as the Best Entertainment Venue in Jeddah.

Red Sea Mall – The best entertainment venue in Jeddah

This mall is considered to be one of the largest mixed-use retail developments in Saudi Arabia with a built area of 242,200 square metres. This venue consists of a huge shopping mall along with the five star Elaf hotel and SEDCO’s headquarters here. You will find this mall in the north of Jeddah which is very close to the city’s beautiful corniche. Many other places like the international airport, commercial malls and hospitality venues are also close by. It has just been 8 years since the mall has opened and has quickly positioned itself as the premiere lifestyle destination in Jeddah. It is also the best Arabia mall with many family oriented attractions, entertainment games, rides and thrills for children. The mall also has bazaars and small craft shops along with places to dine too. There are external and undercover parking areas that are linked to the 18 entrances that provide easy access to the walkways. The Elaf hotel is integrated to the mall and has nearly 156 rooms and suites that get to see the scenic beauty of the Red Sea.

What you can purchase here?

The best part about this shopping mall is that it gives the shoppers a chance to bargain their way into excellent purchase of items. You get to shop items like local art, textile products and electronics. So before you buy make sure that the item is feasible and profitable after the purchase. If you are interested in buying designer jewellery then this is the best place to get it. There are plenty of jewellery shops here where you can find top quality gold and diamond jewellery at an affordable price. What’s more is that it has a wide array of shops, café, restaurants and health clubs. All this makes your whole exercise of shopping a memorable one. Being famous, it has around 370 shopping stores comprising of small and big brands like Gap, Nike, Calvin Klein, Zara, New Look and many more. You will also get to see huge food courts with separate play areas for children. Thus, all I can say that this mall is the finest place for a day’s entertainment.

This mall is not only massive in size but also pretty impressive when we talk about its structure. It has a multicultural environment where it has items of every nation in it. You will also find goods and spices of each of the countries there. The mall also has more sophisticated brands to sell apart from normal ones. You will find high street fashion brands too like Dior, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Just Cavalli and many other interesting ones too.

With so much to see and do in this fascinating place, one can never get bored and for shopaholics, this is a paradise for them as they get many options at every corner. Some shopping malls have been designed for serious shopping where as some are built for fun and getting entertained throughout the day. The Red Sea Mall is one such place for entertainment and fun. Travel to Jeddah and enjoy this city with shopping at the Red Sea Mall in the Middle East. So when you plan to come here, pack your bags and come prepared with extra baggage space to carry home your shopping experience. Shopping is a must activity for any one visiting Jeddah where this city holds some of the most wonderful markets and shopping malls in the globe. Book your tickets soon and be a part of this wonderful shopping experience.