Make Those Special Nights Last Longer

So you're wanting to spice things up, show your woman that you aren't like other men? Stamina is one of the big players that you're going to have to get to know then. Women don't want men that are selfish, they like their men to generally be pleasers not teasers. For if you had a girl-friend who climaxed really easily and didn't want to have anymore fun for the night, you would be upset to for you would be left stranded half the time.


Every man should want to help his partner enjoy the moment as much as they are. If you are not one of those men then don't bother reading this, for this article is not for you.

Main problem with stamina is that the man or woman isn't self confident, confidence does play a role believe it or not. If you are confident you won't be thinking about how long you last, for you last as long as you need to, to help your partner climax. Now confidence isn't the only thing that you will need to last longer, it is also something that is physical and you can't really help physical problems. But you can help prolong your stamina troubles.


Breathing in steady paces is what helps, if you hold your breath in a lot or not taking breaths in frequently you will find that you feel a heightened stimulation. You don't have to take deep breaths but you do have to breathe in frequent intervals.
Breath steadily
Breath steadily


Visual/Mental Stimulation

Try to not think so much of the experience you're having, just think of the situation blankly, IE. don't think about how hot your partner is and how you like the position your in and how she's working you. Close your eyes; what your brain doesn't see, it doesn't necessarily feel. A lot of stimulation is visual and mental.

Physical stimulation

When reaching climax, think of what makes you feel good, initially you want to feel the climax out. See what physical attributes make you feel the best. Being able to debug your climax and what gets you there is a crucial step. For some people it may be that while having sex they notice that their hips play a big role, which in fact hip movement does play a big role and also the way you sit and how far apart you have your legs spread. Watch to see if your hips are pushed outwards more than confined during your heights of pleasure. Are your legs spread more or closed? Maybe you need to quit putting your hips out as frequently as you are during sex and maybe your legs need to be more closed? Maybe your partner likes to touch your pelvic area allot, the pelvic area has a lot of nerves itself, your pubic hair area can create stimulation when caressed. Try to cut back on things that stimulate you greater. If you really are trying to please your partner and you want to greaten your stamina you will have to cut back on your personal stimulation.


Having Fun

Now you're thinking, "this guide seems to just tell me to not have fun during sex if I want to please my partner more" well you're right, you will have to cut back on your personal stimulation, your partner is who you're trying to help out more than yourself initially. But it doesn't mean you can't still have fun, you just start out by not indulging yourself, near the end you can give in and take in all the pleasures your partner has to offer.


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