Make a Guy Attracted to You - 4 Effective Ways That Work

Dating a guy whom you adore is great but the moment you have this feeling that you might have a relationship.


Dating a guy whom you adore is great but the moment you have this feeling that you might have a relationship with him in the future and if this interest does not stay for long then what will happen? Therefore, you should do something to attract the guy. Never does anything extra to get him but make sure that the attraction part of the whole story does not move out. Below are 4 very effective ways you can take into consideration to help you attract a guy whom you adore.

1. Unpredictability
Unpredictability is the best way to make your man move behind you always. Guys always prefer a woman with wit. Make sure that you are not easily accessible to your guy. Let him search for you a while. Keep him guessing always your future steps as this will make him busy to think about you and will make him curious. Curiosity turns men on. Men are curious to know what his girl is doing all the time.

2. Personal space
Make sure that you do not hurt the feelings of your guy. If you see that, your guy is happy being with his friends, then do not nag him to be with you. Allow him to free roam. You are important for him but his friends are equally important. Showing him, the fact that you are important to him will not make him yours. This will worsen the relationship more. Do not call him often to make your presence feel all the time. Being dependent is good but not to the extent of making yourself so down in front of him. You should first know your value and then work on it rather than being needy.

3. Mysterious ways
Try to be mysterious at times, because these attitudes of girls help a guy to get attracted to her and want to know her more. One should not blabber everything in detail to a guy. Take your own sweet time and wait for the right time to come. Each kind of conversation has a particular time. Do not try to make things happen within a minute.

4. Try to speak of what your mind says
Do not hide anything from your guy. Speak what your mind says. It is better to be an open book other than being a closed box. If you have any other opinion about a thing then do not hesitate to go for it as asking questions will start up a conversation and will allow your guy to understand you as well. It is true that men hate those women who often without understanding a thing node to whatever her mate say. Each one should have their personal opinion.

These are 4 simple and effective ways in which how you can make a guy stay attracted to you. Try to make the problems simple and subtle.