Live Chat Solutions Beyond E-Commerce

While the utility of Live Chat services outside of the IT sector is immense. It still requires a dedicated infrastructure and experienced agents to operate smoothly in any sector.


Live Chat Support

Quite generally, Live Chat support is provided by E-commerce companies only to their customers to resolve any product issues or queries. While this sector has immensely gained from 24/7 live chat support, there is a very little known application of Live Chat support in other sectors and branches of the economy.

In today’s article, we present you the application of Live Chat technology in different sectors which are not indulged in direct online retail. This will expand your view about the application of Live Chat services beyond the online retail market.


Banking is a vast sector, and undoubtedly the main structure around which every country’s economy is based. Induction of Live Chat services in the banking sector is a very fresh concept. Though it is already induced by some banks from different parts of the world. Still, it is in a preliminary stage and majority of the banks also lack proper infrastructure to provide a dedicated Live Chat support to their customers.

On the other hand, considering its potential we can claim that through this technology consumers and bank account holders can directly avail their banking facilities without visiting any bank physically. From resolving discrepancies related to transactions, getting information about exchange rates, loans and deposit policies, customers can interact with Live Chat Service Providers in a matter of seconds.

Public Services

Public service departments such as – Hospitals, Fire Brigade, Police Station, Electricity Department etc. can be revolutionized through the use of Live Chat services. Even though, in some countries this service is already incorporated in the public services sector but a lot needs to be done to make it a foolproof mechanism. As public services departments often lag behind in terms of technology and optimum infrastructure to cope up with the growing requirements of the society.

Besides that, its utility is great. It would streamline the process of informing Fire Brigade, Hospital or Police about any emergency situation or accident. Further, through Live Chat people can lodge complaints regarding any problems related to electricity, telephone and water supply as well.


Induction of Live Chat services in the transport sphere can also become a very novel solution to the impeding requirements of this sector. Moreover, people can converse with chat operators to inquire about timings of airlines, trains and road transport. Additionally, changing tariffs, discount offers or extra surcharges can be easily conveyed to the people. On the other hand, it would also speed-up the process of booking air, train and bus tickets as well.

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