"For Allah, the Islamic Ummah and the people of Shaam" 


Testimony of Sheikh Abdullah al Muhaysini regarding the attack by the "Islamic State" group against the Mujahideen in North Aleppo 


 O Ummah of Islam, O people of Shaam. What is going on in Shaam does not leave anyone excused. By Allah it is treachery!

Everyone witnessed the recent victories and how the strongholds of the Regime were siezed by the Mujahideen to such an extent that Bashar begun seeking reinforcements from his masters but they would not answer to his requests and until he begun to look for a way out but couldn't find any. 

So the Mujahideen prepared to strike the Regime with a heavy blow after they freed Idlib. Preparation was made for two massive battles to strike two heavily fortified strongholds of the Regime. I swear by Allah! When I was in the operations command room and I heard (one of the commanders) saying "We have used all our fighters for this operation, I fear that Da'esh (IS) will take advantage of us being busy fighting the regime (and attack us from behind)" Some in the room said that this was far-fetched because if they had done so it would be clear to everyone that they are helping the regime and it is not possible that they would do that. 

We are now suddenly surprised by a huge offensive (by IS) against the Mujahideen to stop their victories and extend the lifespan of Bashar al Assad! Glad tidings O Bashar! Help has arrived!! 

Allah is sufficient for us and he is a good protector!

Allah is sufficient for us and he is a good protector!


Apologies O people of Shaam! 

The lions of Jihad had a firm intention to break their fasts of Ramadan this year in Qardaha (hometown of Bashar al Assad) but we did not expect this treacherous backstabbing so forgive us O our people

 We said before that they have split the ranks of the Mujahideen in Yemen and Afghanistan but some didn't believe and we had said that they have transgressed and some ignored this. 

What do those who support them and are unaware of their reality say today? 

As for those who consider us as apostates they  undoubtedly consider attacking us as Jihad however I am addressing those who support them because of their victories and media. So here are your people, whoever helps them or supports them will be the adversaries of the Mujahideen on the day of Judgement in front of Allah (swt) 

Say to your "Caliphate", don't stand in between us and Bashar! Then Allah will grant us victory.

Oh Mujahideen in the path of Allah! FEAR ALLAH! It is not permissible for a Mujahid to leave the land of Islam which was liberated by the blood of the Mujahideen to fall into their hands unjustly. Regardless of what you consider them, Khawarij, transgressors (Bughat) or a group that refuses the law of Allah (At Taaifah al Mumtaniah), the scholars are unanimous that repelling an aggressor is necessary (waajib) whatever the pretext they attack us they use, today they have transgressed against us, killed our Mujahideen and distorted our Jihad. Allah is sufficient for us and he is a good protector from them and what they are doing.

 O Allah! We seek help from you from their plans and we seek protection from their evil and to you we complain. 

O Allah! They have attacked us while we were busy waging Jihad against the Nusayria. O Allah! Deal with them however you wish. O Allah! O Ever-living Subsistent grant us victory over them with truth and indeed you are the best of those who grant victory.


This is a testimony to Allah, then to the Islamic Ummah then to you O people of Shaam. There is no power or ability except by Allah's will.

Despite of all of this, I say to the people of Shaam, rejoice! Do not give up hope because Allah has sufficed for you. 

The Mujahideen will repel the transgression of the Baghdadists (IS) by the permission of Allah and complete the conquests at the same time.