Leather Wallets: What's Not to Love

A wallet is just a wallet. You buy a wallet, you put it in your pocket or purse, and then you forget it. Unfortunately, this dream does not really exist. You have to buy a good wallet, and even then, that wallet needs proper maintenance or it will not lost for long. So what should you look for when you are buying a wallet? Leather wallets usually last the longest and they come in all shapes and sizes.

When you buy leather wallets, you get durability and style. However, not just any leather will do because not all leather is created equal. Genuine leather does not necessarily mean that it is "real" leather. It means it is a genuine leather product. All-natural leather means that it is indeed made from the hide of an animal. Rawhide is an all-natural leather. However, there are even various types of rawhide: bovine, ostrich, alligator, lamb, goat, and even more exotic types such as deer and moose. As you can see, choosing a leather is not always easy. There are so many options that an uneducated shopper could get confused.

One important part of buying leather wallets is deciding what type of fold you want. There are two popular folds, but there are many folds to choose from. A bi-fold means that the wallet is folded into two equal parts. This is similar to reading a book. A single crease is in the wallet. A tri-fold means that the wallet is folded into three equal parts. This is similar to reading a brochure. There are two equal creases that give the wallet three surfaces. The type of fold a person chooses is completely preference. Usually, people prefer one that best suits them. For instance, my husband likes a tri-fold wallet. When I asked him why, he stated that since I take all of the money before he can add much to the wallet, a tri-fold wallet is easily foldable. Besides being an amusing answer, it proves that a bi-fold wallet may be better for people that carry a lot of cash. Obviously, my husband is not one of those lucky people.

When you buy an all-natural leather product, you are buying quality. However, that quality means nothing if you buy it and just forget it. A leather product can dry out over time. Special oils can be purchased to add luster to leather wallets. Of course, there are many types of polishing methods that are preferred. One of the easiest for my husband is to just run a cloth with olive oil over the surface. Then polish with a soft cloth.

Owning leather wallets is a fine example of class and style without being overtly loud. With proper maintenance, leather wallets can last a long time. Of course, when you choose your next wallet, consider how much money your spouse is going to let you have in it and you can choose a wallet that is perfect for you and your needs.


Short note about the author

Jaclyn Stickney has taken many classes and workshops on wallet making which covers the latest fashion trends and styles. She has a collection of wallets that is a tribute to her hobby of collecting unique and trendy wallets that have come and gone over the years. At http://www.aboutwallets.com, Jaclyn will give you insider information on the latest designs and trends from industry reps.


Author: Jaclyn Stickney