Classification of luxury Dress Shoes - Tan & Taw


Before we move on to the finer details of fashion, it is essential to understand the technique of dress shoe components, taking the luxury leather shoe brand Tan & Taw as an example.


The dress shoe comprises four distinct sections: head down toe, vamp facing, quarter, and toe. It's the placement and construction of these four components that establish the style of the dress shoe.




Type of Dress Shoes


The Oxford Shoes

Oxfords are the most simple traditional and elegant dress shoes that make a perfect starting point. They are versatile. Oxford shoes can be outfitted with a dress or a casual look for formal or informal occasions.


The most well-known characteristic of the Oxford shoe is the "closed lacing system"; it signifies that the shoe's side is joined under its vamp. This style provides an elegant silhouette that accentuates the shape of the foot.


The single-piece Oxford or whole cut shoe is a different version of the traditional Oxford. It is constructed from a single leather piece instead of several stitched pieces and has a sole seam. This stitching gives an elegant and stylish appearance that enhances the simple design of the shoe.


How to Wear


  • Oxfords are popular due to their minimalist design and ability to go with almost any outfit.
  • Tan & Taw provides a diverse range of colours suitable for wear every day with genuine leather. They range from red to brown up to the dark green. Combine it with a bright, colourful sock for extra fashion points.

  • Tan and Taw's dark brown-black and tan leathers are the best choices for formal clothes. Maintain this classic look with dark socks.

  • Tan and Taw's most luxurious style is oxford shoes that are cut in whole, and if you'll be wearing the whole cut with a tuxedo or other formal attire, wooden hand-painted leather is your ideal option.


The Monk Strap Shoes

A shoe without lace is more formal than Slip-Ons but not as formal and elegant as an Oxford shoe.


The name for this footwear comes from the monks wearing them since the simple closed-toe style provided greater security than traditional slippers.


A monk Strap Shoes is similar in design and shape identical to the Oxford shoe, but instead, it has an eyelet closure and has a wide strip of leather that is secured over the upper side of the footwear. The double or single-buckle kind connects the strap's wide width.


How to Wear


  • The classic choice of dress shoes with lace adds the perfect touch to any dress. Let's look at the design by examining the premium shoe label Tan & Taw.

  • Tan & Taw's unique single monk strap is considered a versatile shoe that can be worn with jeans that are cuffed or with the latest suits.

  • Tan and Taw's Double Monk straps draw attention and could at times be the main focal point of an outfit.

  • Tan & Taw's exclusive grey and black double monk straps are believed to be the top-selling product. The distinctive colour is a challenge to the top international brands and is sold reasonably.

The Loafer Shoes or Mens Penny

The loafer is a style of moccasin shoe that is famous for its slip-on look. Gucci launched the Bit slip-on style with a metallic strap running across the instep. Gucci's new style further elevated the loafer's status as a formal shoe or at least established that this was solely casual.


A raised seam that runs across the toe is a signature feature of loafers' shoes. A straightforward modification of loafer shoes is the moccasin for driving or driving shoes.


How to Wear


Tan and Taw's penny loafers are an essential part of every gentleman's wardrobe; their shades are very trendy. Slip-on a pair of clean penny loafers to formal occasions with suits. It is also possible to wear casual looks with rolled jeans and a couple of watermelon socks or socks with no socks.