Why Should you choose Leather Furniture Singapore over Other Fabrics?

Everyone wants to make their house an appealing one by replacing their home decor with the new one. Furniture comes in many shapes, sizes, and materials, it’s easy to find yourself overwhelmed by finding the perfect couch for your living room or a recliner to add a cozy space to your basement. Leather is one of the most popular fabrics to date. So if you want to consider leather furniture Singapore as your choice, then let's boost your choice by knowing the advantages of leather furniture. There’s no such thing as “correct” furniture choice since there are so many alternatives for every style and budget, but some materials are more advantageous than others. Even though there are various kinds of fabrics and synthetic materials, leather remains a top choice as a furniture material. Leather furniture is so durable that it may last a lifetime, as long as you condition it properly. And no compromisation with the design, just the way Locus Habitat does it, Timeless design. you will find every leather furniture you need to shape your living space. Let's take a look at the advantages,




Advantages of Leather Furniture

  • Look better with time:  It’s hard to beat the aesthetic value of leather; it has a gentle sheen that makes it look pristine because it’s less subject to wear and tear over time. Leather Furniture usually has a more consistent look than other material furniture of a similar nature. The more it's getting older, the more it's looking better.

  • Ongoing care: Leather furniture never asks too much care, it's just asked for a leather conditioning agent every 6 to 12 months—a process that only takes a few minutes. Besides that, you need to wipe down the leather with a damp cloth every couple of weeks or so, and if you want to give it a bit of extra shine, apply a polishing agent to it. That's it.

  • Durability: As long as you take care of the leather properly, it can last a lifetime and the leather won’t wear down like fabric tends to. The surface of the furniture is more resistant to dents and other forms of wear. Leather is vulnerable to cutting and tearing, but only under deliberate and rare conditions. Overall, leather is much more durable than other materials.

  • Liquid resistance: Spilling a glass of wine is the most common affairs at the party time. No matter how quickly you respond to the problem, or which cleaning methods you use, it's almost guaranteed that you will be unable to wipe it out. but  By contrast, leather is extremely resistant to liquids; the surface of the furniture would repel the wine (or any other liquid), allowing you to wipe it up easily with no long-term damage to the piece.

  • Hypoallergenic nature: Leather can create a better hypoallergenic environment, compare to other fabrics. Leather allergies aren’t a problem, and because leather is so resistant to things like dirt, dust, and animal dander, you’ll find it’s much less prohibitive to people with allergies. By contrast, fabric couches and chairs tend to “lock-in” allergenic materials, making it difficult, if not impossible to create a comfortable environment for those who suffer allergies.



But to get all of these advantages, you need to find the genuine leather furniture Singapore, and the best quality leather you can find at Locus habitat. Where We only use American Hides. American cattle are much larger and better fed and cared for. Therefore, the hides are thicker and have much higher quality and all of our furniture is inspired by timeless design. To know more about our furniture visit us online at http://www.locushabitat.com/, or you can also visit our store 18 Sin Ming Ln, #01-06, Singapore 573960.