Large Planters and Artificial Hedges As Privacy Screens

There are some instances when we need to put outdoor privacy screens because of unsightly views, to put a division, or simply making an area more secluded. Putting a plain solid wall seems unfashionable and not so refreshing especially for commercial establishments. Customers might not feel comfortable about it. The most stylish way to put a privacy screen in your outdoor area is by placing large commercial planters, artificial or faux hedges, or both.

1. Large Commercial Planters. There are large planters that look very well-polished and classy. They don't need to be that tall to cover the area. Just put shrubs or tall plants in a medium-height outdoor planter and it can already give privacy to your outdoor area without blocking the air and covering the whole scene.

2. Artificial Hedges. The decorative outdoor artificial hedges are mostly used by commercial establishments such as cafes and restaurants to cover their outdoor dining areas. There are faux hedges made of high quality polyurethane that look very real. They also have UV protection to ensure that they don't fade easily under the sun.

3. Artificial Hedges in Contemporary Planters. For a more chic and classy outdoor privacy screens, place an artificial hedge in a contemporary planter to make your outdoor area more stunning. You just have to choose a good combination of faux hedges and commercial planters that are high quality to ensure that they will last longer.

4. Customization. Customized artificial hedges and custom planters are also available if you have a certain concept in mind that complements your exterior design. Manufacturers would certainly assist you with all your needs.

Private residences have already applied the idea of putting artificial hedges and commercial planters in their outdoor places. This will give them seclusion from their neighbors and other unwanted views in their surroundings.

Plain solid walls are out of fashion already. Putting plants or artificial hedges can be more comforting while the commercial planters can add elegance or style to your outdoor settings. They will look just like an outdoor decoration when in fact, they serve as privacy screens or walls.