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April 25, 2015-America-Phosphate is the necessary nutrient for plant growth and this function already spawned the phosphate mining booming worldwide. As the data from the famous China Sodium Hexametaphosphate supplier phosphatelq.com, there are about 62 billion tons of phosphate stored underground of which there are 15 billion tons mineable and other phosphate mines are mainly in the far shore or have been associated with cadmium and other toxic substances.

According to the new data, our humane has already mined 161 million tons of phosphate. In the next five years, the demand for fertilizers will be in the increased rate for about 2.5% to 3% annual. If this rate has such sustained development trend, the phosphate ore production all over the world could only last about 125 years which is the relatively optimistic timeframe for this.

In addition, the technician from Sodium Tripolyphosphate supplier phosphatelq.com also said that the global demand for fertilizers will meet with a relatively slow pace during the middle of this century. This trend will help keep the phosphate ore reserves for at least another 100 years. However, other scientists believe that the demand for fertilizer has rapid growth which will make phosphate ore reserves depleted among very short period of time.

Now, many scientists think that people should not only rely on these difficult mining phosphate ore. If the growth rate for the phosphate remained at 3% per year, the remaining mineable phosphate ore will be depleted within 50 years.

But all these projections are the lack of reliable data to support. Most of the world's phosphate mining and fertilizer companies join into together and majority of those companies have been controlled by several companies or countries. So, it is difficult to obtain information about phosphate reserves accurate and independent data.

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