Know More About SAP Product Costing in Depth Training Online

There are few institutions across the world that offering online classes of SAP PP training. The training program helps an absolute beginner to be an expert in the module. An SAP Product Costing in-depth Training Online course usually consists of a series of tutorials that cover all topics of the SAP Product Planning with new updates. The online training provides you with comprehensive live training from SAP instructor without the need to travel using seamless over the Web connectivity. You have exclusive access to live SAP PP Online Training systems and study materials throughout the training program. The online approach to e-course materials eliminates the requirement to pack and haul bulky manuals. You also get the facilities to interact with classmates from around the world.

You can plan, here, the costs for products without considering the order under Product Cost Planning. You can set prices for materials and other cost influencing objects or services. SAP Product Costing involves Plan Costing plus Actual Costing of finally Finish products or services.  SAP Product Cost includes Material cost, Labor cost, and Overhead cost.

The course includes

  1. Introduction

Product Cost Controlling, Product Cost Planning, and Cost Object Controlling

  1. Master Data Review

Cost Elements, Cost Center, Activity types, purchasing info Record, Master Recipe, and Resources in Process Manufacturing.

  1. Primary Cost Estimate

Production order control for product cost by order, Sales Order Costing for product cost by sales order, Product Cost Collector Control.

  1. Product Cost Planning

It includes Cost Center Planning, Activity Planning, Maintain Distribution and Assessment cycles and Execute plan, Costing variant, Activity rate, Analyze costing, Mixed costing, and Price update.

  1. Reporting in Product Cost planning

It embraces summarized Analysis and Detailed Reports

  1. PP-PI Make to Stock Cost Object Controlling

It includes the training on topics such as Product Cost By Order, Process Order, Settlement, ME Close Activities, Overhead Calculation, Variance Calculation,

  1. Costing sheets

It contains Overhead, Calculation Base, Credit Key, Overhead Rate, Cost component terms, attributes, views, and Organizational units of Cost component groups.

  1. Costing Variant Components

It includes topics like Define Costing Variant, Costing Type, Date Control. Quality Structure Control, Valuation Variant.

The SAP Product Costing in-depth Training Online enables students to learn each module, sub-modules, and all attributes theoretically as well as practically. It includes the updates that brought into it through a new version of SAP Product Planning to enhance productivity.