Know Men Secrets: What to Do When Men Don't Return Calls

What to do when men don't return calls? Wait and let him call back! If you think that your relationship is somewhat declining, then you should know why. It is true that at times it is very difficult for you to manage and maintain a relationship. Some men take advantage of their partners and they do not consider them as their partners at all but just sex dolls. In this situation, you have to be strong and in a smart way, you have to deal with the situation and come out of it.

Time is an enigma and you never know when and how it passes. Some men do not call their women and women think that they have forgotten them and they do not care for them anymore. Women are sensitive and they get depressed if they do not get any phone calls from their men. In this situation, what do you think you have to do? Well, first of everything, you should stay cool and be patient. If you think what to Do when men don't return calls? Follow some of the following things:

• Be patient: When he does not call you, do not be impulsive. Do not call him and start a fight by blaming him for not calling you. This is absolutely wrong.

• Take info indirectly: You can call his friends or anyone close to him and take info about him without letting him know or the person knows as to why you called him or her.

• Avoid calling him or leaving voice messages. This will show how restless you are. This is the time when you have to throw real attitude. If he does not call you, then you do not have to beg or plead by calling him or starting a fight. Keep your cool and be cool!

• If you are obsessed with what to do when men don't return calls then you got to understand the other side of your man. Maybe he is too busy that he did not get time to call you or to keep in touch with you. There might be positive side too that you should understand. Many women do not understand this and they think that they are being ignored, which might not be the reason. Therefore, you have to move very smartly by understanding your man and his current situation. If you find something is not right, then be with him and make him feel that you are everything for him. Give him some space and support him!