Kill your Boredom and Find a Travelling Partner

One way to go about it is to try alternate carpooling. This works by two drivers coming to an agreement to drive every alternate day.

Our lives are very much mundane – the usual routine to going to work, returning back, weekend shopping, the odd holiday and life goes on. The travel to these places is either by car or public transport such as trains and buses. So if you are tired of the daily solo driving everywhere, or paying exorbitant train fares to see your relatives in Nice, then the perfect social and cost-saving method are here for you site covoiturage Europe.


Travelling solo is not good for anyone. It is tiresome and boring. Driving on your own can be taxing and monotonous for the driver. By driving solo, you are also contributing to air pollution. It is, therefore, a good idea to try to solve these issues by changing our commuting habits.

One way to go about it is to try alternate carpooling. This works by two drivers coming to an agreement to drive every alternate day. This works well between two friends or neighbours. This way, both cars are used alternately.
Each passenger who is part of the carpool will contribute towards to the travel cost, which has already been predefined to them by the driver, which he would have done by taking into account his total expense and dividing it between the pool members.


The economic factor is the biggest advantage of carpooling. Fuel prices are soaring by the day and the costs automatically are divided by all the carpool members, thus providing relief to your pocket. Of course, the wear and tear costs of the car should also be factored into the final fare for each rider.

From an ecological point of view, four passengers in a car means three fewer cars on the road, which in turns means less pollution. If we all started using the services of Site de Covoiturage, the number of cars on the road will be reduced significantly, which in turn would mean fewer greenhouse emissions as well as less fuel consumption. It is also fair to the say that as a result of the reduction in vehicles on the road, there will be fewer accidents. The drivers of carpools are extra cautious when driving because they have the safety and responsibility of the passengers in their car.

Carpooling also provides a commuting solution on the days when there is a strike on the public transport system.
Carpooling is also a fun way of meeting new people and has a good time whilst driving. Carpooling definitely makes the journey interesting and shorter, whether we travel with friends or with total strangers who we would never have met had it not been for carpooling.


For a simple carpool, all you need is an insured vehicle, a driver’s license and people who are willing to carpool with you. However, you do not need to be a driver or have a vehicle to be part of a carpool. Remember carpooling is all about sharing travel costs.

One can always ask around if anyone wants to carpool with you. If not, it is easy to find carpooling companions by registering on site covoiturage France. There will always be people on such sites looking for you – both drivers looking for passengers and passengers looking for rides.


1. If you are a driver then it is important to inform your passengers of the date, time, pick up point and drop off point, route and any detours or stops to pick up or drop off passengers.

2. Your vehicle model and colour for easy identification

3. Any special requests like a no smoking policy or luggage capacity per passenger

4. The all-important fare per person so that each passenger is fully aware of what he will be paying for the ride.

5. Both parties, the driver and passenger have to adhere to punctuality and have respect for each other


The internet has opened a completely new world to everyone and if you are looking for a carpool then the internet is the place to find one. Many sites have been set up just for that purpose. These sites are very efficient and user-friendly and whether you are a driver or a passenger, you will be able to find a perfect carpool for your needs.