Why I left Dawlah ‘Islamic State' Part 1

I start in the name of Allah, the most merciful and may peace and blessings be upon the messenger Muhammad.

First of all I want to say that I swear by Allah that what I say is the truth and I will face Allah with this testimony.

Many ex JN members write about the faults they saw in JN especially in atmeh where we all know no action happens, its just full of internet cafes and brothers wasting time. It’s more like run down turkey then Syria.

Let me say that because of some bad experiences you have with an amir or you see a mistake from a group that does not show the policy of the group. But many dawlah fans take it as that. We can also list the errors of the group dawlah and maybe the brothers and sisters can see who really are the extremists.

I have seen how many brothers and sisters especially in the west who are made to think that salivation is in making hijra to the Islamic state.

I will make my points and it is up to the sincere to take heed insha allah.

Firstly the taakfir, By Allah most of them call most other mujahid groups Murtads. I used to speak to a shari who I was close to and I used to say what about groups like jabha and he used to say “They are murtadeen”

The brothers in dawlah know very well what the stance is on groups like Jabha and Ahrar. A few brothers who came to dawlah from a group called Junud ash Shaam were put in prison and made to make tauba. They were told that you were apostates before and now you have become Musilm again, they had to renew their shahada. This can be verified by contacting some member of the group.

A brother who has now left used to tell me “By Allah I don’t know how much muslim blood I have on my hands”

Once my amir had caught a so called spy, and he brought him to us and said interrogate him, so a we took him to the prison and a brother started to beat him up very badly and no one could say anything. After a while the amir came back and was shocked, he said “what have you done to him, I didn’t say he was murtad I said he was half murtad”

Subhan Allah, Wallahi lives don’t matter to these people.

The same amir was known to have taken bribes from the families of ‘murtads we caught’

They lack knowledge, By Allah there is members amongst them who make takfir on the Syrians for smoking, and there are also members amongst them who have just started practicing islam and don’t even know the basic actions of prayer and they are so laid back with it that sometimes they miss salah intentionally. But when it comes to takfir they call everyone murtadeen.

There is a Amir by the name of Abu Qaqa Jazrawi and he was the head of the muhajirah makar, I don’t know if he still is. Subhan Allah when sisters used to come and say they had brothers they had met online that they wanted to marry he used to lie and say that the specific bro had become shaheed. He then used to go to his friends and say for example I have a morrocan sister ready for marriage, and he used to take money off his friends and sell them the sister. By Allah this is the truth. I even heard from a brother who is still amongst dawlah that he got $3000 for one sister.

They claim to implement sharia but wallahi they don’t implement it on themselves. The fighters lack knowledge. By Allah I have seen with my own eyes after battle some brothers take off the heads of dead regime soldiers and kick them about like a football.

The prophet said about the khwarij that they would be young and foolish in thinking. The majority of dawlah fighters and fans are all young.

They Slander the ulema and people of knowledge that dont agree with them. They have separated themselves from the ummah just like the original khwarij.

I don’t say they are khwarij but defiantly as we have seen there are many khwarij within them.

Allah is my witness many brothers and sisters message me and beg me to help them leave. They say they have been fooled by the videos. But we all know that if you try to leave you will either be put into prison or even killed. And By Allah this is why I don’t reveal who I am because there are still brothers in them that wish to leave and I don’t want them to be connected with me and the brothers that left with me for their own safety.

Wallahi this is not a khilafa but more like a dictatorship. The brothers and sisters are so oppressed. Wallahi I only wrote this because I don’t want muslims making the mistake of going and getting trapped. We all love to have a islaimic state, we all love khilafa but listen to the people of knowledge, don’t base your deen on the HD videos you watch.

Some things I cant say because it may expose certain brothers who are still inside them trying to leave.

I have quickly written this short draft to show that its not like what you see in the videos. The way Dawlah members make claims we can also make claims and more. 

Insha Allah in my next writing I will explain in detail about some of the amirs and how they are.

By Allah what I have said is the truth and Allah is a witness.