In the name of Allah the Merciful and Compassionate


“The Followers of “The Caliphate” in Yemen … Facts and Questions”


Less than 8 months have passed since the announcement of Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, the Emir of the group “The Islamic State,” from the Masjid al Kabir in the Iraqi city of Mosul, of “The Caliphate” calling on Muslims in the entire world for their allegiance to him as the Caliph for them.

In nearly half of that period there has been the announcement of a number of members and mujahid groups in some of the Muslim countries of their allegiance to the new Caliphate, who accepted their allegiance on the differences and included in conditions, these members and those groups in terms of weakness and strength in reality which they announced themselves, and thus what followed was the erosion or the real presence for them in which they could translate it on the ground through military work which is the goal and gain of establishing mujahid groups for the sake of the deen and fighting His enemies.

And the stark truth which two of the wise do not differ is that all of those entities – whether new among them or seeking to improve like you say – its reality remains very far from the reality and meaning of the large name which presented itself through the world and is not “The Caliphate.” And that the military strategy for the group did not differ from the other strategies from the mujahid groups old and new, which lived and lives the same reality; whether in the Iraqi and Shami ocean characterized by the same in open paramilitary war, as was the case and still is in all of Khurasan and Somalia, and before in less than the 3 past years in Yemen, or among the ‘states’ of the Caliphate in North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula and the Caucasus and Khurasan, which pursues mostly a guerilla style of war. And both strategies, the paramilitary war and the guerilla style war, determines the choosing of one of them without the other with taking into account multiple considerations, among them like the military power and the spite and the nature of the land and so forth, as it is known in the military science.

The purpose of this article is not to comprehend the reality show of those groups which are active in raising the banner of jihad in a number of countries around the world under the title of ‘the Caliphate,’ but rather the aim is to highlight a number of facts about the state of the group ‘Wilayat al Yemen’ belonging to the Caliphate in the land of faith and wisdom (Yemen) from where the followed strategy since the beginning of its announcement until now. And the author of the discussion article chose “Wilayat al Yemen” with his consideration of the livelihood of the jihadist reality in Yemen unlike other regions which announced “The Caliph al Baghdadi” accepted its pledge of allegiance for it, and it is reality maybe one person knows about him some aspects and absent of other aspects, most of it as a result of a lack of presence in this arena or that.

And it is my right to question – as it also asks others – about a number of facts not logically explained and the followers of the “Islamic State” in Yemen see it as the eye of reality, and what I lay out for example but not limited to the following questions:

  • Why do the followers of the Islamic State in Yemen demand from the mujahidin especially without Muslims, allegiance to their Caliphate despite he does not have any power in this country? And is the request for allegiance to the Islamic State and the Caliphate not because it is not in reality present originally? Or is the request for allegiance to establish an Islamic State and Caliphate its followers claim that it is already established!? What it is like is selling a cord of the pregnant and the fruit on the tree before the goodness of the Bedouin and the fish in the water and they are all religiously forbidden sales perhaps deceiving the Muslims?


  • Why do the followers of the Islamic State in Yemen evade fighting the Houthis and eradicating them – as what happened in al Jawf and Rada’a and so forth – despite an order from their Caliphate for them to do that? Did their orders change or did they become disobedient to their Emir?


  • Why are the followers of the Islamic State in Yemen keen on slandering the Emirs of the jihad and its leadership and defaming lies upon them and promote that and then some of them make takfir; as what happened in the false story about the woman who asked Sheikh Abu Basir al Wahishi, may Allah protect him, in the presence of Sheikh Harith al Nithari, may Allah have mercy on him, about a secret “sadness,” the first from the Islamic State group because the swearing of allegiance of a number of al Qa’ida mujahidin to the Islamic State. And he said to her “how and not and they took my sons from me,” and it is a false story denied by Sheikh Harith al Nithari, may Allah have mercy on him, who was labeled a kafir by Sharia Emir al Adani in the Islamic State in Yemen- before his martyrdom, may Allah have mercy on him?


  • Why does the Islamic State in Yemen prevent its followers from military work at the specific time when jihad is appointed in this country, in which the crusaders and apostates and the Houthis are fighting the Muslims? Did the ruling on the jihad not reach you? Or are you prevented under the pretext of preparation? And where is it from the distress of the Muslims who moan from the taghut tyrant East and West but Baghdad itself where it rapes the silks of the Sunnah and the Caliphate doesn’t have to restrain them from fracturing?


  • Why does the Islamic State in Yemen aim for deviation and deception when it demands, while it demands its participation in military operations, as what happened more than once, and I will not declare when and where and the detail doesn’t matter and the issue is known to the mujahidin in Yemen?


  • Also, why does the Islamic State in Yemen aim for deviation and deception then it demands participation in looting without fighting as what happened after conquest of the 19th Infantry Brigade in Bayhan in Shabwah recently? Then when one of the al Qa’ida Emirs refused their demands, they became angry with him?


  • Why is the Islamic State in Yemen keen on tempting the al Qa’ida mujahidin with an Emirate and wealth when exposed to the pledge of allegiance to them; as what happened in more than one location, but was the reason the trustworthy mujahidin refused the pledge of allegiance in exchange for what this world has to offer and putting down the deen?


  • Why do the followers of the Islamic State, who were in al Qa’ida before they left it, procrastinate in handing over guardianship of al Qa’ida’s work from cars and weapons and ammunition belonging to it? Do you do this based on the al Thafar fatwa with consideration that it is the Muslims wealth which the Caliphate and its followers settle it even without consent of the owner of the wealth?


  • Why did the Islamic State refuse a public Shari’ah debate between its Shar’iah officials and al Qa’ida’s Sharia officials? And simpler than that it refuses even merely visits, in Allah, which the al Qa’ida mujahidin requested them into their homes? Does the owner of the truth not fear a debate who sees them as deviants? And is it deserving and keen on their guidance from others?


  • Why did the Islamic State in Yemen not be candid to its followers about the truth of the spy Jamil al Thahri who coordinates for them from al Sham and who was revealed in information and the picture a few days ago in an article #Allah_then_for the Muslims?


  • Why did the Islamic State in Yemen not defend itself in what Shari’ah official al Marzuqi in al Sham who was appointed by the Caliphate in Yemen accused that he is following in the footsteps of the betrayer and one who breaks his word and even more and “the apostate” al Jawlani the Emir of al Qa’ida in al Sham so he claimed?


  • Why did the Islamic State in Yemen suspend the legitimacy of the defensive jihad – which Islam’s Ulama’ agreed on not putting a condition on it– on the allegiance of its Caliphate al Baghdadi completely as the state of the Ulama’ of the Sultan who decrees the sanctity of jihad against the kuffar describing it as misguided and deviant and corruptive it being did not get permission of those their orders from the tyrants who give orders? Like the Imami Shia who require a return of the Imam to lead them in Juma’a prayer?


  • What is the secret behind “The traveling shuttle” of the followers of the Islamic State in Yemen during the past 6 months from Northern Yemen to its middle and its South and its East and its West searching for a land to accept them to no avail except rarely and timidly? And is that what forced some of them in hurrying in leaving Yemen to al Sham or Libya and his fate between escape or capture or killing?


  • Does the Islamic State in Yemen still view that cooperating with the Muslim tribes which does not pledge allegiance to it but being a policy of “smashing the faces” as it was explained by one of their Emirs nicknamed Abu Bilal al Harbi?


  • What was the goal behind the Islamic State in Yemen’s targeting the “Yellow” checkpoint on Saturday 9th of Jamadi al Awwal 1436 H which the Houthis controlled it in al Jawf with mortars despite the checkpoint being tens of kilometers away from the launch site; which means the impossibility of reaching its target? And how will they proceed in compensating the Muslim from the ‘Bani Nawf’ tribe which the shells fell on his house without his guilt or his fault? And is the reason behind that weakness of military experience or an intentional order and who is behind it, another Ma’rib?


  • Why did the Islamic State in Yemen not announce the person loyal (under his command) to the Caliphate so that the people know him and pledge allegiance to him for knowledge and imitators of him as is the case with al Qa’ida emirs who the people know in form and in name and matter?


  • Why did you not leave an organization which says its Emir is the Caliphate of all the Muslims with a Shariah response in a statement from al Qa’ida in the Arabian Peninsula which announced in it several months ago the annulment of the Islamic State Caliphate? Is it weakness of a Sharia argument? Or is it merely its answers which they were cited on the tongue of one of its members with the nickname of Abu Masirah al Shami in the 6th issue of its English magazine ‘Dabiq’ despite that he did not include a Sharia response for what he cited in the statement?


Some may disagree and others agree with the above posed facts and questions; although the certain truth is that all of it puts the Islamic State in Yemen at a level far from what its followers claim that it is on the truth of the “Possible Caliphate” or even the “Phenomenon State” at the very least.


Muhannad Ghallab


Soldier in al Qa’ida in the Arabian Peninsula