Warrior jokes

Random Jokes I came up with (to make anybody's day) 


1. Carrot


LongTail: hey, TigerClaw, did you see that kittypet earlier?

TigerClaw: yeah, they looked like a carrot

LongTail: what's a carrot? Is it a kittypet thing?


2. Twolegs


SquirrelStar: IvyPool, report

IvyPool: alright well... we saw TwoPaw messing with a young TwoLeg earlier...

SquirrelStar: what? You know what, let's make TwoPaw a warrior

IvyPool: what?! Why?!

SquirrelStar: hey, so TwoPaw, your TwoLeg now, so you can be with your Twoleg friend now, because your both Twolegs


3. Cookies!!!


TallTail: uh, so, Jake, what's your favorite food here?

Jake: oh, you know, the usual... Cookies


4. MonkeyStar


GrayStripe: Hey MonkeyStar!!

MonkeyStar: yeah?

GrayStripe: uh, is your Twoleg racist?

MonkeyStar: .... My Life was a lie!!!


5. Big police


AshFur: and now.... SquirrelFlight, you will be mine!

SquirrelFlight: oh yeah? well, too late! I've already called the big police!

BristleFrost: wee-woo, wee-woo! Hey, your under arrest for being too emotional!

AshFur: not on your life! 

BristleFrost: then your going with me!


6. Squirrelly


AshFur: SquirrelFlight, I love you!

SquirrelFlight: yeah? Well too bad, I want to be with Brambie instead

AshFur: Ah mousedung!

BrambleStar: yeah? Well, taste my toxicity!

SquirrelFlight: nevermind, I don't want to be with you

AshFur: so will you take me?

SquirrelFlight: ... You know what, I just take Brambie's toxicity


7. Waffles


GrayStripe: do you like waffles, FireStar?

FireStar: nah, I like pancakes better!

GrayStripe: that's a crime!!


8. Tiny


Ruby: haha, Tiny! Your so tiny!

Tiny: I may be tiny, but I'm still 10x smarter and stronger than you and Socks

Socks: huh? How come? Why aren't we smarter and stronger?

Tiny: maybe it's because you have skill issues


9. IvyPool


TigerStar 1: IvyPaw, we promise great power

IvyPaw: ok, how?

HawkFrost: oh, you know, just go against the warrior code, and kill a bunch of cats for us, that's totally not suspicious!

IvyPaw:  hmmm... A bit suspicious, but I'm so jealous of DovePaw, I'll just do what you tell me to do!


10. Pain

StarClan: hey, so, we sent you a power where you feel others pain, YellowFang!

YellowFang: what? that's a horrible power!

SageWhisker: what? YellowFang, you should be honored!

YellowFang: what? Why?!

SageWhisker: BeCaUsE yOuR sPeCiAl 


11. Minions


TigerClaw: will any of my minions follow me into evil?

DarkStripe: Ka'll go! ka'm la evil! ka ern to!

TigerClaw: Huh, what did you say?

DarkStripe: I said I'll go! I'm so evil! I love you!

FireStar: he was speaking minionese, mousebrain! I guess that's because he's a minion.


12. Chocolate


RavenPaw: guys! It's a emergency!

BlueStar: what, what?

RavenPaw: RedTail... He's dead!

BlueStar: what?! How did he die?

RavenPaw: um, well...

TigerClaw: OakHeart fed him chocolate to death, but don't worry, I killed OakHeart as revenge.


13. WafflePaw


GrayStripe: WafflePaw, can you come with me?

WafflePaw: why?

GrayStripem : so yo can produce a waffle for FireStar to eat


14. AhHhHh


RavenPaw: Help! Help!

GrayPaw: what is it?!

RavenPaw: today was so awful, I just have to AHhHhHhHhHhHhHhHhhHHhhHHHhHHhHhHh

GrayPaw: Are you finished?

RavenPaw: nope. AhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhHhhhhhhh!