Jiofi.Local.Html - Reset Jio Wifi Dongle

hey, are you want to login on the jiofi.local.html? here we will provide you the legit way or working link of jiofi.local.html to login and change the setting of jioFi.


Jiofi Login – It is a website of jio reliance that Helps the users of jio wifi dongle to access all the data or change the Wifi password of jio wifi easily by logging its administrator user Id or password on the login button.


Many Of the Users are facing the problem for jio wifi that how they will log in in the admin panel of the device and how will they change the passwords of the jiofi dongle so here id the total or all in one solution given below, we have solved all of your problems by the given step by step process.


I will hope that by reading all the information that is given below your all problems will solve regarding the login issues and many more and if you want to Log in to the Admin Panel Directly the please visit the below-given button.


How To Reset Jiofi.Local.Html

Hey if you lost the password of the jio wifi device and want to reset the devices fully then please read and follow the step by step process to reset the jiofi device and gain the password of that without any error.

  • First, Take the jio wifi device to your hand and remove the back cover of the device and battery also.
  • Make sure you remove the cover and battery of the device softly without making any damage.
  • Then after You will see a small hole at the backside of the device and there is the button in that.
  • Thirdly, take a very thin wire, Pin, and needle, and slowly press the button (For 15 to 20 seconds) which is under the hole.
  • Then Remove the Needle, wire, and whatever you use for resetting the jiofi softly.
  • Insert the battery and the cover of the jiofi and press the power button to Turn on the device.
  • And then Enter The Default Username and password of the device that is also given just backside of the Jio Dongle to connect the mobile devices with the internet.
  • And Now Your Device is successfully connected to the Jio hotspot and you are now able to access the internet.


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