JFS comes up with a statement that says blames a few groups and calls it an obvious move to sell the Jihad and the sacrifices and surrender to the evil regime

furthermore they remind of the groups who pulled back their funds on Halab and this made them to betray Halab, making the frontlines weak,

the statement reads further-

so inorder to avoid the same scenario of Halab we've taken
some actions and humbled ourselves (by splitting away from AQ) even after all the sacrifice of JFS for the sake of the ummah and the current affairs and jihad except that some were unaware of what's happening and they extended their pens and fatwas against unity and going to extremes by accusing and implying on dismantling the group as a whole

and it's aware to everyone that JFS has used all it's resources and it's all using it to fend off all the hot points of ribaat against the enemy

and it's known to all that after the failure to unite,the Coalition airstrikes begain to target the gamechangers and the players who would bring bout a change (betterment) in this field, a clear message to isolate us and fight us, and some went to extremes of holding hands with US the criminals,

and during these events the Astana conference appeared which was supported and nurtured by the occupier Russia, and they forced some groups to attend and they became a humiliation in the field of Jihad & revolution,
so from overthrowing the murderous regime to talks and agreements to a ceasefire & to supply humanitarian aid, along with a statement to implement a democratic state, and an joint agreement to isolate JFS and fight them,

the issue escalated firstly from political scenario of overthrowing JFS to fighting them along with exposing our backs to the Coalition forces.

so according to the above mentioned points we had to defend ourselves before the events happened, and we took care that no Muslim blood was shed and there was no extremism with regards to takfeer and our aim was no to shed blood but preserve Muslim blood and we haven't gone to extremes of takfeer in calling the leaders or the soldiers or individuals as murtadeen

and we deliver a clear message to those abroad - to those who wish to buy the sacrifices of people of Shaam can't proceed as it's not in the hands of those abroad

and we say to our brothers who shared the same trenches in jihad and ribaat that these aggressions to fight as discussed in Astana conference and others is not just talk, it's the beginning of the phase to destruction of this stage (of Jihad)

beware of being tools to be controlled in the hands of enemies of Jihad

as for the leaders of the groups we advice you to beware of these fatwas issued on extreme thinking, deviation & it's likes, be patient for the sake of your religion and get back to Jihad and fighting, and fend off Satan of Politics and it's evil whispers, and you would not find us but your brothers, we will make you victorious and defend you as we promised

finally: we ask the groups to take strict and honest measures against the wicked agreements, and to come up with a serious statement to help this stage, and to agree on a single entity that's based on fundamentals of Sharia, that has the command of peace and war, defends our people and protects their religion and sanctities

and we urge the importance of rushing to unite and to implement this goal, and we are fully ready to implement this and to adhere to this