iPad Changes the Learning Process

The iTablet materializes the vision of using PCs in schools and classrooms, an expectation that was first set for laptops.


The utilization of iPad in schools is said to be transforming the learning process of using the iPad in the classroom, a vision that was first expected to be fulfilled by then popular laptops. Schools and learning institutions are currently exploring options to take another leap on how lessons and curriculums are taught in schools. The Apple tablet is found to be very helpful with augmenting the teaching ways and standards of teachers.


Studies show that the iTablet enhances learning since the students had to learn on their own using the apps installed in it. The learning process is said to be heightened with the use of the iPad in the classroom, due to the devices’ friendly interface and easy to use highly sensitive touch screen. Using the said device also promotes independency since students can conveniently browse and study their lessons on their own. Some developers are creating learning iPad apps that are making the Apple tablet more classroom-friendly.


Schools that are piloting of using the iPad in the classroom are increasing each month due to the program’s positive feedback and outcome. Students who are not really familiar with PCs and laptops are able to learn on their own using the iTablet, an acceptance that is undeniably growing in percentage every single day.


Students were trained to use laptops before the birth of the Apple tablet, but the device is said to be difficult to use and manipulate, sluggish, and has the tendency to slow down in times of pressure. This is not the case with the iPad.


Jennifer Kohn, who is a grade three school teacher at Millstone Elementary School in Millstone, New Jersey, said her class manipulized and mastered the iPad with very little training. “The iPad’s one-button interface makes a big difference when working with kids. It’s better for most things,” the teacher said.


Schools are also cutting cost on textbooks and paper materials with the using the iPad in the classroom. College students considered the iDevice very helpful with their studies since textbooks are too costly these days, and it also save them from pirating books from BitTorent. One bright example is Marianne Petit, a staff member at New York University, who is using the iPad in the classroom as a replacement to textbooks. Petit is currently pursuing her master’s degree.


Specials students are adapting to the interface of the iPad and are found to be learning on their own. They easily found the option to swipe from left to right, and the dramatic improvement would be very impossible a few years back. And they can rip dvd to ipad mac. Jennifer Lowton, director of GMPDC, gives credit to the Cupertino Company for the dramatic change the iTablet brings to the students with less motor skills, with the availability of Assistive Touch. Moreover, educational apps for teenagers are readily available in the App Store which a big factor for the learning process of the students. The apps also bring convenience on the end of the teachers and educators. With the increase the number of iPads in schools, learning process of students is expected to prosper, a fact that is not achieved with the era of laptops and PCs.