Make a Choice between ICSE and International Schools in Bangalore

When it comes to providing the best education to your children, selecting the right school is highly important. While choosing the school, every parent is in dilemma to make a choice between ICSE, CBSE or International schools in Bangalore.


All the boards are different from each other and provide quality education to students. Among all the boards, many parents want their children to study in ICSE schools. The syllabus followed by ICSE board is more comprehensive, providing equal importance to all fields.

Especially, the students who are interested in pursuing a career in the fields of humanities or management would find the curriculum more challenging and fruitful. Moreover, the emphasis laid on English language also helps the students who are interested in preparing for IELTS and TOEFL examinations.

Globally Recognized

A number of ICSE schools are present across the country. The certificate issued on passing high school or intermediate is recognized by other boards at national as well as international level. All the foreign universities and schools recognize the degree which makes it possible for students to pursue higher studies from abroad.

Rich and Balanced Curriculum

ICSE schools follow a wide curriculum and focuses on languages and humanities in addition to mathematics and science. Besides this, schools encourage students to improve their skills. Making the best use of their knowledge and skills, students can gain the best knowledge.

Strong Foundation

With in-depth curriculum, students are provided in-depth knowledge of basics of all subjects. With curious questioning, students can know the details of all subjects. Using an analytical approach, students can understand and learn subjects in depth. With clear understanding of basics, students would love to explore subjects at advanced levels.

Experienced Staff

Teachers play a great role in providing best education to students. With their profound and updated knowledge, they provide best knowledge to students. Besides providing them with latest knowledge, teachers help them in other activities too.

The ICSE schools aim at providing in-depth knowledge to students. They ensure that besides being active in other activities, students should have detailed knowledge of all the topics. The wide knowledge of subjects helps them to outshine among others, especially during competitive examinations.

If you are also among the parents who are looking for the best schools can take help from Google. By typing best international schools near me on Google, you would get a list of schools in your area. Besides international schools, parents can also search for ICSE schools.

ICSE schools are globally recognized and provide an updated curriculum. Studying in an ICSE school would help students to learn a wide curriculum that broadens their horizon of knowledge. This gives them a strong foundation which helps them to do better in their lives. In ICSE schools, students are provided a practical learning approach which makes it easy for them to retain topics for a long time.