My Story Of My Hunt For An Indian Head Massage In Auckland And How I stumbled Upon The Best

A head massage in Auckland isn’t to be found easily!


Hey guys!


I am here right now writing the story of how I was saved. Well, of course, I’m being dramatic but that is just how desperate I was. 


A month back I was promoted at my firm! 


Yes, yes, it was probably the happiest day of my life. The scale was great, the perks were great, everything was starting to look good. 


But with these perks, came an added set of responsibilities. 

Does anyone know of a head massage in Auckland?


With my added responsibilities there was added stress and pressure and well, in about a couple of weeks since the promotion I desperately needed an escape. 




A breath of fresh air. 


The stress had started to translate into headaches for me and these would hurt the centre of my head, the neck and spread all the way to my shoulders. 


I would sleep and the headaches would go. 


The next morning they were back. I knew what needed to be done. I needed to find myself a therapy centre in Auckland that offered Indian head massages


My colleague recommended HealthCure Massage in Auckland for its Indian massage


Being the boss now, of course, my seniors would take up any opportunity they got to show their concern and offer me help and advice, and in turn pitch their holiday schedule. 


One particular colleague of mine, in the course of this advice-giving, told me about HealthCure Massage. Apparently, this Auckland therapy place for Indian massages had relieved him of his headaches when he was experiencing them. 


I decided to give it a try and a week later, I was in the HealthCure therapy spot. 


The therapist told me that what I was experiencing were in fact tension headaches. 

The characteristics of these headaches are:


  • Dull head pain
  • The sensation of pressure across the forehead
  • Tenderness on the scalp and shoulder muscles


The therapist at HealthCure Massage told me that an Indian head massage would work wonders for me. This because:


  • Auckland’s head massage is borrowed from Indian culture. 
  • The massage comprises circular movements that work well to drain the stress that has accumulated in the joints.
  • An Indian head massage in Auckland is not unheard of, and in fact, many go in for this miraculous therapy. It works well to re-energise the person. 

A sports massage too can be found at Auckland’s massage centre


No. I did not go in for one, but I’ve heard that this therapy centre has also begun to offer something for the athletic guys! 


Just putting it out there so you can give it a try.  


As far as I know, there are not many places in Auckland that offer trained experienced professionals services to sportsmen. Due to their strenuous routines, they do require additional care and precision in the therapy. 


A sports massage in Auckland is now just a drive away! 


So what’s your excuse? 

Go over and get a massage. Let the stress drain out and you will feel rejuvenated.