Increase Orgasm By Consuming Vigrx Plus - 7 Types of Male Orgasm

So far, we only know that orgasm that occurs in men is only one type. This orgasm is usually followed by ejaculation during sex to the top. In addition to this type of orgasm, some men do not know if there are other types of orgasms that can be tried to get.

Oh yes, orgasm that occurs in men can make them feel a great sensation of pleasure or simply a mild sensation of pleasure that is not followed by ejaculation. Each orgasm has its own advantages so that men can try to reach it one by one.

Vigrx Review and Result:

1. Standard orgasm
Standard orgasm must be experienced by all men who have sex with a partner or masturbate. This type of orgasm gives a great sense of pleasure and ends with ejaculation that is quite intense. Men will excrete semen in which there is sperm. This standard type of orgasm is often regarded as the only male orgasm. However, there are many types of orgasms that can be obtained and not all of them must end with sperm removal.

2. Pelvic orgasm
Pelvic orgasm is a type of orgasm that gives a pleasant sensation in the pelvis or lower abdomen. This orgasm can happen to men if they do exercises that are intense enough like doing Kegel exercises. Pelvic orgasm can be obtained by controlling the muscles that work during orgasm. The technique of edging or stopping temporarily when a man will orgasm then repeating it over and over again can provide great pleasure.

3. Orgasm without ejaculation
This type of orgasm can usually be obtained by men with exercise. They must be able to distinguish between orgasms that produce ejaculation and not. These two things are separated so that men can produce pleasure without having to ejaculate. This condition also occurs in men who experience retrograde ejaculation. Men will get a great orgasm, but semen will radiate to the bladder and not be released directly.

4. Prostate orgasm
Prostate orgasm is considered as an orgasm that is only felt by homosexual men. Though all men can get this orgasm by stimulating the prostate area. Men can massage gently into the prostate by inserting a finger through the anus. Currently there are also tools that can provide stimulus to the prostate easily. Even this tool is similar to a vibrator that women often use.

5. Combined orgasm
Prostate orgasm usually does not end with ejaculation like a normal orgasm. However, in some men, this orgasm also triggers the body to produce seminal fluid and remove it in large quantities. This type of orgasm is a type of combination and rarely occurs in men. Enjoyment is certainly different from normal orgasms.

6. Energy orgasm
This type of orgasm is quite difficult to obtain because men must do exercises that are intense enough for breathing or body movements. This orgasm is not done by touching the body, especially sensitive areas.

7. Orgasm many times
Men can experience orgasm many times easily in one sex session. Like women who experience multiple orgasms, men can also experience it with intense exercise especially training how to separate orgasm and ejaculate easily. This orgasm that many times will make men feel sex that is far more powerful. They can orgasm continuously without having to remove sperm.

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