Important Reasons To Build A Landing Page

Lead capture pages are very easy to promote. Your goal with a lead capture page is to get the name and email address of your visitor.


If you have a blog or website there are many ways to promote it.
One of those is to promote a lead capture page before sending traffic directly to them. This is also known as a landing page. In this article we are going to look at a few important reasons why you might want to build a landing page.

1. Regardless of the home business that you are in, you have to understand that the visitors who come to your website are all going to leave. On the first visit most of them will never purchase a product from you.
This right here should give you the biggest reason to build a lead capture page. You need to be able to get back in touch with these visitors and you have no way to do that once they leave your website.

2. You may be surprised by the fact that most people need to see an offer up to 12 times before they will buy. By having a lead capture page will be able to follow up and pre-sell your prospects on your products.
Over a period of time you will increase the chances of making a sale to them because of this follow up. The lead capture page gives you the name and email address to do this follow up.

3. Before you can make sales you will need to establish credibility, this is caused by the fact that the internet is an extremely competitive place. By using the lead capture page, you can follow up over and over which will allow you to build a relationship with your customers and increase your credibility as an expert on the products that you sell.

4. Lead capture pages are very easy to promote. You do not have to worry about promoting a website, your blog or any inner pages because the lead capture page is very short and specific on what you want your visitor to do.

5. Your goal with a lead capture page is to get the name and email address of your visitor. You do not need anything more than that therefore creating long form is irrelevant. By building a lead capture page that is short, you can develop a tremendous mailing list for future follow up.

These are five major reasons why you should build a landing page. If you are in the online marketing business for the long haul having an opt-in list will be extremely important for your future success. The landing page that you build will help you do that.

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