iGoogle gadgets are very much missed, but why?


Google offers free tools for its users; one of the most popular is the igoogle page. Back in 2005, Google launched the premiere service that came to be known as Google Personalized Homepage. The feature enabled users to create their own personalized start page consisting of an efficient Google search at the horizontal and top bar. Add any number of gadgets including email, news feeds, games, calendar, social media apps and more. Access the customized home page from anywhere when logged in with your Google account.


In fact, users can not only view Gmail messages without opening inbox, but get Google news right at the home page. Watch YouTube videos or even get directions via Google maps. There are hundreds of gadgets available for the user base including Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Facebook, Twitter, eBay and webmail igoogle gadgets. igoogle works with any system – Windows, Linux, or MacOSX. The system also works on many mobiles and integrates with major platforms that simply let you get updates.


Everyone can get to manage their gadget list according to their requirements. Some gadgets are powered by Google, others are provided by other sources. Choose from a myriad of widgets that includes news headlines, weather forecasts, currency converters, hotel reservations, movie show timing, calculators, photos, and games. It is also possible to create a to-do list with birthday or event reminders, groceries or milk gadget, language tools etc. These can be moved on the custom start page, making it easier to organize them. Users not just get a complete personalized experience but also ensure that their desktop is clutter free and they can access just the right amount of information at the start page.


Click on the topics that you find interesting. It is easy to add or delete them, so preferences can be changed any time. Also, customize the home page with themes, changing the header palette to your liking. Match the theme to your personality, mood and style. These themes are created by professional designers while you can also custom the theme as well. Perform unlimited activities on igoogle and get to organize your start page according to your preference. As long as the start page is not excessively crowded, it loads fast depending on the custom added gadgets. For instance, the RSS feed speed can differ from your internet speed.


There is not much complexity involved with the service providing quick access to variety of igoogle gadgets and unlimited information from all over the web. With so many benefits out there, it becomes hard to not like the service. But, did all users find it enthralling? Not really, since the service from Google did not last for long and perished in 2013. Following the apocalypse, many loyal users of the service are finding it hard to organize their stuffs on their computer’s home page.


There have been several service providers that came up with a replacement, but not all can be stated to be as effective as the premiere facility. Many have struggled to find the most prominent start page gadget organizer with little or no resemblance to the smoothness that could be gained from igoogle search.

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