00000426: I am a yes response
00000427: I am a no response
00000428: Yes Response
00000429: No Response
0000042A: Hello, this is a test line.  You should try responding to me!
0000042B: Excellent
0000042C: Nice
00000434: I will now loop until you leave the conversation!
00000435: This conversation will now offer a branch out
00000436: I am branching out
00000437: I am branching in now hurray for everything.
000009DB: Paraphrase
000009DC: My icons should have been overridden
000009DD: Override
000009DF: Now how about a dialogue line with many more response options!
000009E0: NOrtheast
000009E1: NorthEast
00001D51: I'm falling back!
00001D57: Damn it, Sera!
00001D69: Save Dorian!
00001D6C: Back me up!
00001D73: Inquisitor!
00001D77: One down!
00001D78: Certainly.
00001D7C: Of course.
00001D7D: Maker take you!
00001D85: I'm injured!
00001D88: Dead!
00001D96: Very well.
00001DA0: No!
00001E11: Sera!
00001E1B: I'm too pretty to die!
00001E1D: Another blighter falls!
00001E20: I'm getting slaughtered over here!
00001E24: Cassandra is hurt!
00001E27: It shall be done.
00001E28: As you wish.
00001E2C: I suppose so.
00001E31: Help for the mage, please!
00001E33: The Inquisitor is down!
00001E3C: Help the Inquisitor!
00001E44: I could do this all day!
00001E4A: We need to retreat!
00001E4B: Take that, you filth!
00001E89: Like to live, thanks!
00001E94: Hup-shuh!
00001E98: Not fun, need help now!
00001EA2: Snuffed it!
00001EAC: Stop dying, you!
00001EAE: Hurting over here!
00001EB2: All right!
00001EBF: Bits up, face down!
00001EC0: Inquisitor's down!
00001EC2: The Seeker's down!
00001ED0: Right, then!
00001ED6: Dorian down!
00001EDF: Eat it, ate it!
00002056: The righteous shall carry the Maker's word to every corner of His house.
00002067: The nations that deny the Maker are as a child that denies a mother.
0000206C: You have found we.
0000206E: Rest at the Maker's right hand, and be forgiven.
00002071: All men are the work of our Maker's hands, from the lowest slaves to the highest kings.
000020EE: So the blessing lets you walk faster? Could be useful.
00002114: Still, I think... I need to finish this out.
0000211B: Oh, it's been great. Murderous Wardens, Archdemon attacks, plenty of blood mages, and crazy templars. Just like home.
0000211D: If it weren't for me and Bartrand, none of this would have happened. So much for changing our lives.
0000211E: I know how much you hated leaving Kirkwall.
0000211F: You did well, Varric. The Inquisitor is... just who we need.
00002120: He knows nothing. Of you, of any of it.
00002122: And when will you tell him?
00002124: As we all were, once.
00002127: That's him? I thought he'd look, I don't know, more <i>demonic</i>. Tentacles and fiery breath.
00002128: That is the child?
0000212B: He is an innocent.
00002130: Blessed are those that walk in the sight of the Maker.
00002314: Uh-huh. And what does he know of... how he was made?
00002315: He is a normal boy, Alistair.
00002316: He knows his father was a good man. I—I thought you deserved that much.
00002317: He's changed you.
00002318: Don't be absurd.
000025E6: No merchant comes through here anymore, and with the mule dead, I can't take the cart to market.
000025E9: What does it matter? There's no one to sell to.
00002605: Don't I know you from somewhere?
00002606: We heard her screams, but there was nothing we could do from inside the house.
00002607: Dead? What happened?
00002609: Good day. As good as it gets these days, anyway.
0000260A: Best be on your way. It's not safe here.
0000260B: What do you think? Those things broke into our barn and ripped poor Marigold apart.
0000260C: Don't go near the lake. There's monsters in there.
0000260E: Harvest will be poor. It's not safe to work the fields.
00002625: We used to get merchants aplenty. I can count on one hand the number we've gotten since the trouble started.
00002627: You're not a merchant, are you? We haven't seen one in months.
00002643: Crestwood is finished. The sooner I get away, the better off I'll be.
00002684: And what are you standing there for? Don't you have somewhere better to be?
00002685: Unnatural things walking the night. It's the Maker punishing a sinful world, that's what I say.
00002689: I don't know. The road's not much safer by day.
0000268C: Do you think Nadia made it out?
0000268E: Five more dead last night. We'll not be able to hold out much longer.
00002744: Didn't Redcliffe have an undead attack ten years ago? It was a mage who did it, right?
00002745: Why's it always mages?
00002746: Do you have a place to stay tonight? Best to be indoors.
00002748: Hello, stranger.
00002749: Board up the windows, bring the animals into the barn... what else?
00002756: The dead are walking the night.
00002757: You picked a fine time to visit, friend.
0000275B: Should've moved away like Benton and his folk. They were the smart ones.
0000275E: They say the dead don't walk in daylight, but that's not true. I've seen them.
0000275F: That woman is a shrew. Sometimes I wonder if I should take my chances with the dead.
00002760: You got a place to stay the night? I'd offer a bed, but the wife would screech my ear off for that.
00002E9F: But that was ten years ago. "What have you done for us lately, Alistair?" New times, new problems.
00002EA0: Oh, it's wonderful! You get fresh peaches delivered every morning, first choice of local village girls, and bunnies, too!
00002EA7: Why were the Wardens trying to kill you?
00002EAC: When Clarel started talking blood magic and demons to deal with the Calling, I said it wasn't a good idea.
00002EAD: Was the Hero of Ferelden involved in all this?
00002EAE: You were there, weren't you? You helped fight the Archdemon?
00002EB1: First it was awkward silences, some coughing... but when I mentioned Corypheus, things really went wild.
00002EB7: Yes, I was there. It was big. The Hero of Ferelden was brave.
00002EB9: Well maybe it's not that. Not even close to that.
00002EBB: Why were they after you?
00002EBC: What's it like, being a Warden?
00002EBF: The Warden mages said I was interfering, called me a traitor. Funny how often that happens to me.
00002EC2: Where is the Hero of Ferelden?
00002EC4: I can't stand this. How many Grey Wardens died here? And for what?
00002EC5: You fought in the Blight?
00002EC6: <i>(Sighs.)</i> I watched my brothers die at Ostagar soon after I joined. Never thought I'd see Wardens kill themselves.
00002EC7: Tell me about the Wardens.
00002EC8: I'm going to be answering that question for the rest of my life.
00002ED3: Goodbye.
00002ED4: The rest of my life will be my penance.
00002ED5: I heard something of what happened in Ferelden. How is it you weren't executed?
00002ED6: Of course.
00002ED7: How did you join the Wardens?
00002ED8: How did you end up an enemy of the Wardens again?
00002EDA: Yes?
00002EDB: I'll talk to you later.
00002EDC: Why are the Wardens after you?
00002EDD: The Warden mages branded me a traitor and attacked. When I defended myself, Clarel ordered my death.
00002EDE: When your mistakes are public, everyone feels they have the right to a personal apology.
00002EE0: When the Calling began, I searched as much as anyone for an answer.
00002EE2: I protested the rituals, but faced little resistance until I began to investigate the death of Corypheus.
00002EE3: In the final hours of the Blight, the Wardens were shorthanded. They needed every soldier they could get.
00002EE6: Clarel said we were making the hard decisions necessary to fight future Blights.
00002EE7: It's a burden few can imagine. Although, with that mark on your hand, perhaps you can.
00002EE8: Wardens do what is necessary to stop the darkspawn. We're the only ones who truly can.
00002EF3: Clarel's the Warden-Commander, right? What's she like?
00002EF4: We'll talk later.
00002EF9: When the Calling came, Clarel stopped listening to the rest of us. Only magic could solve this problem, she said.
00002EFA: She always resented missing the chance to help.
00002EFD: She was a good Warden once... among those King Cailan reached out to before the Blight.
00002EFE: We should get to the ritual tower in the Western Approach as soon as possible, Your Worship.
00002EFF: Tell me about Clarel.
00002F00: Goodbye.
0000331B: So Varric knew where the Champion was all along. <i>(Chuckles.)</i> That's the last time we send Cassandra to interrogate.
00003364: Carry on.
00003369: Inquisitor?
0000336E: I'm listening.
00003370: At your service, my lady.
00003371: I'll leave you to your work.
00003378: At your service, my lord.
0000337B: Let's talk about you.
0000337D: Did you need something?
0000337E: Tell me about yourself.
00003506: Bards tell tales. I bet you tell some good ones.
00003507: Got any stories?
00003543: You are well-connected.
00003547: You seem to know a great many people.
000035D5: She's the one who summoned me and the other Wardens to Orlais when we started hearing the Calling.
000035D7: Need something else?
000035D8: Who's leading the Wardens?
000035D9: Goodbye.
000035DA: I don't know her well. She's a mage—smart, careful, determined.
000035DB: Or, at least, I would have thought so. Maybe the templars aren't wrong about <i>everything</i>.
000035DC: We'll talk later.
000035DD: You mentioned Warden-Commander Clarel. Is she behind this?
000035DE: The sort of mage the templars told me to keep a close watch over. Makes her the best kind of Warden.
000035E7: If we wish to stop my fellow Wardens, we should get to their ritual tower in the Western Approach.
000035E9: I have served under her since coming to Orlais. She seemed fair before, dedicated.
000035EA: Perhaps that was the problem. I, more than anyone, know the cost of too much dedication.
000035EB: Tell me about Clarel.
000035EC: I'd like to know more about Warden-Commander Clarel.
00003659: How may I serve?
00003675: Yes?
00003677: Need something?
0000367A: What can I do for you, Inquisitor?
000038E2: Can I ask you something, Varric?
000038E3: What are your thoughts on the Inquisition?
000038E4: Let's discuss the Inquisition.
000038E5: I have a personal question.
00003A0C: That's what happens when you try to change things. Things change.
00003A0D: You can't always control how.
00003C1E: Our agent stationed near Adamant reports strange sounds, curious lights around the fortress.
00003C20: Anything I should know?
00003C21: Any updates?
00003E03: He wasn't just a monster or a martyr. Or maybe he was both.
00003E05: My sister's a Grey Warden. I had my friend Aveline take her as far from Orlais as possible.
00003E06: Why are you alone?
00003E07: My uncle Gamlen's still in Kirkwall, but everyone else I used to know, they've pretty much scattered to the winds.
00003E08: We'll see each other again. Until then, she'll be having fun.
00003E09: I never wanted to leave him like this. If it was anyone after me but the Wardens...
00003E0A: The Grey Wardens had him imprisoned. They used my father's blood in a ritual to seal Corypheus inside.
00003E0B: I hoped that leaving would save lives and force the Divine to divide her forces to come after me.
00003E0C: When the Wardens began acting strangely, I had my friend Aveline take my sister out of the Free Marches.
00003E0D: When the Wardens began acting strangely, I had my friend Aveline take my brother out of the Free Marches.
00003E0E: You said you thought you killed Corypheus?
00003E12: Merrill's spent enough time fighting for her life with me.
00003E13: Tell me about Anders.
00003E17: But all the Circles were rising up by then. We helped a lot of them take that final step.
00003E18: Why did you step down as viscountess?
00003E19: Isabela and I never believed in being tied down. When I had to go into hiding, she understood.
00003E1A: I'd like to know more about Anders. What was he like?
00003E1C: I assume Varric's been feeding you information about the Inquisition? What did he say about me?
00003E1D: And I didn't just <i>think</i> I killed him. When the fight was done, he was dead on the ground.
00003E1E: I heard the Chantry might be sending an Exalted March to Kirkwall to put down the rebellion.
00003E1F: He was imprisoned by the Grey Wardens. He needed my blood to break the seals and free himself.
00003E23: He was crazy. By the end, there was nothing left in him except this insane need to start a war no one could win.
00003E25: We thought that leaving would save lives and force the Divine to divide her forces to hunt for us.
00003E26: Maybe his tie to the blight somehow brought him back, or maybe it's old Tevinter magic... but he was dead. I swear it.
00003E27: They've both seen enough trouble because of me.
00003E28: You fought Corypheus?
00003E29: Inquisitor.
00003E2A: I heard you had family and friends in Kirkwall. Where are they now?
00003E2B: Nothing now.
00003E2C: Where did you go after the mages rebelled?
00003E2D: Complicated. It's not like the minstrels make it out to be.
00003E2E: We'll talk later.
00003E31: I've seen Corypheus affect Anders' mind before. If he was involved, I couldn't risk it happening again.
00003E35: He was trying to change the world. He knew it couldn't happen peacefully.
00003E36: You're no longer viscountess?
00003E38: When someone betrays you like that... it takes a long time to get past it. I don't know if we ever have.
00003E39: Where have you been?
00003E3A: My brother's a Grey Warden. I had my friend Aveline take him as far from Orlais as possible
00003E3D: Merrill is helping elven refugees who were displaced by the war.
00003E3E: Only good things, I promise.
00003E41: Were you in love?
00003E44: I was a little surprised, actually. Varric isn't one for religion in general, but he thinks highly of the Inquisition.
00003E45: I didn't want to give him that chance.
00003E46: Even me.
00003E47: Anders used to be a Grey Warden. Whatever is going on with them, I couldn't risk exposing him to it.
00003E48: I heard that you two were... close.
00003E49: That went... poorly the first time we met Corypheus.
00003E4A: There was a voice in him, driving him toward justice for the mages, so loud that it drowned everything out.
00003E4C: I'm never really happy leaving Anders alone, but once I realized Wardens were acting strangely, I had no choice.
00003E50: I don't know if there ever was just an "Anders."
00003E52: But I can't just give up on him. He'd be here now if it was anyone after me but the Wardens.
00003E53: But hopefully not too much fun.
00003E55: Fenris would have killed himself to protect me.
00003E57: There's hardly anyone left, really.
00003E58: Right
00003E59: I think the exact phrase was "has a good shot at fixing Blondie's mess."
00003E5A: But he could still reach out and influence the Wardens' thoughts. He sent them after me.
00003E5B: When all the Wardens started acting strangely, I had to keep my family safe.
00003E5C: What has Varric told you?
00003E5D: He's not just a monster or a hero. Or maybe he's both.
00003E5E: I didn't want to take her away from that.
00003E60: As it turned out, I needn't have bothered. All the Circles started rising up, and the Exalted March never came.
00003E62: He'd have dropped everything to come with me, but he'd have hated himself for doing it.
00003E63: Sebastian is the Chantry advisor in Starkhaven.
00003E64: The throne is still in contention there. Without him, it would be open war among the noble families.
000041BE: Never mind.
000041BF: Carry on.
000041DA: What's going on here?
000041DC: Why are you doing this? You of all people?
000041DE: Bring forth the sacrifice.
000041E2: Run while you can! Warn them!
0000446D: If you've got questions, I'm your dwarf.
000044DE: Something you wanted to talk about?
000044DF: What can I do for you, your Inquisitorialness?
000045EF: I can spare some time. What do you need?
000045F2: Need something, or are you just here to admire the dwarf?
000045F4: I've got a minute if you need something.
000045F6: Looking for someone to talk your ear off? I think I can oblige.
0000465A: S
0000465B: SW
0000465C: N
0000465D: SE
0000465E: NE
0000465F: W
00004660: E
00004661: NW
00004662: Codex
00004663: Quest Map
00004664: Character Record
00004665: Journal
00004666: Close Hero Menu
00004667: Inventory
00004668: Hero Menu
0000467E: Ser Lordybloomers.
0000467F: I'll be back if I need you.
00004680: Any opinions about our allies?
00004681: Your wish is something something.
00004682: Are things playing out the way you expected?
00004686: Carry on.
00004687: Tell me about your background.
00004688: Tell me about your "friends."
0000468A: So we're attacking Wardens now. That's... pissing great.
0000468B: Tell me about yourself.
0000468C: Sitting and waiting. Great, yeah?
00004690: Thoughts on our progress?
00004691: Demon armies and Wardens, and Varric has exactly who we need? The big talker just knows everything.
00004692: Her Gracious Ladybits.
00004693: What do you think about the people who have gathered?
00004694: Hey, it's you again.
00004695: You apparently have a lot of "friends." Tell me about your network.
00004699: Hello, you.
0000469A: 'Teetness!
0000469B: Tadwinks!
0000469C: Yes, luv?
0000469F: Buckles!
000046A1: Shiny!
000046A7: Inky!
00004734: Description = "But I must explain to you how all this mistaken idea of" +
     "\n\r denouncing pleasure and praising pain was born and I will give you a complete account  " +
     "\n\r of the system, and expound the actual teachings of the great explorer of the truth,    " +
     "\n\r the master-builder of human happiness. No one rejects, dislikes, or avoids pleasure    " +
     "\n\r itself, because it is pleasure, but because those                                      " +
     "\n\r who do not know how to pursue pleasure rationally encounter consequences that are      " +
     "\n\r extremely painful. Nor again is there anyone who loves or pursues or desires to obtain " +
     "\n\r pain of itself, because it is pain, but because occasionally circumstances occur in    " +
     "\n\r which toil and pain can pro                                                            ",
    Gender = CharacterGender.Male,
00004735: Testlike Codex
0000473B: What may I do for you?
00004740: Greetings.
00004742: Tell me about yourself.
00004744: Let's speak later.
00004745: Any visiting dignitaries I should watch out for?
00004746: What do the people make of us?
00004749: Good day to you.
0000474A: How are our guests?
000049FE: You did well, Varric. The Inquisitor is... just who we need.
00004A09: That's what happens when you try to change things. Things change.
00004A0A: I know how much you hated leaving Kirkwall.
00004A0B: You can't always control how.
00004A0C: Farewell.
00004A0E: We'll speak later, then.
00004A0F: Another time.
00004A10: Goodbye.
00004BC4: Here Lies the Abyss
00004BC8: As the ledge collapsed under the dragon's weight, the mark opened a rift, transporting the party into the Fade. The real Fade. This is no place for non-spirits. Escape as soon as possible.
00004BE4: Half the templars are corrupted. Fight to the Lord Seeker and find out what's going on.
00004BE5: The templars have left Val Royeaux and refuse to negotiate with anyone. Gather enough Power, then work with the advisors to make contact with the templars.
00004BE6: The templars can break through the demon's magic barrier, but they need lyrium and their fellow veterans back at the Great Hall to do it. Hold the Great Hall and help the templars.
00004BE7: Champions of the Just
00004BF1: Head to the Inquisition's war room.
00004BF3: Return to the Great Hall.
00004BF6: Find a way out.
00004BFB: The fate of the Templar Order is in the hands of the Herald.
00004C02: The Wrath of Heaven
00004C18: In Hushed Whispers
00004C24: Travel to Redcliffe and make contact with the mages.
00004C25: Grand Enchanter Fiona, leader of the mage rebellion, has offered an alliance with the rebel mages at Redcliffe.
00004C2A: Perform the Ambient Test.
00004C2B: Test Ambient Behaviour
00004C2C: At the Ambient Test Area, hit the left Placeable to start the behaviours.  NPCs should wander around and animate, occasionally sitting, with no popping (immediately jumping from one post to another) or other behaviours like that.

Once they are behaving like this, hitting the second Placeable will cause the NPCs to leave to the huts.  They should all walk there without any teleporting or gliding.
00004C2D: Test Light Conversation
00004C2E: Light Conversation test completed
00004C2F: Proceed to the light conversation area and follow the conversations given
00004C30: Test Plot System
00004C31: Test the plot system by running into the plot area and following the conversation instructions.

Once the conversation is over, you should get an assert after a few seconds stating that a plot had multiple pins fire on True.  This is expected and it is a part of the test.
00004C32: Enter the Plot Test Area
00004C33: Test Staged Conversation
00004C34: Enter the Staged Conversation Test.  The lines of dialogue will correspond to the various tests, and debug text will also appear.
00004C35: Do the staged conversation
00004C36: Test Timeline
00004C37: Entered the timeline section
00004C38: This is the timeline test.  Walk into the Timeline sector.  One of the party members should do an attack animation, and then a short walk forward animation.
00004C3A: What Pride Had Wrought
00004C4B: Testing Task
00004C4C: Test Journal Update
00004C4D: Testing Task 2
00004C4E: Testing Heading
00004CC1: Can't talk, Inquisitor! Too much to do!
00004E7B: Inquisitor. I was just inspecting our new headquarters.
00004E7C: Inquisitor. I wish we could have spoken earlier, under better circumstances.
00004E8C: Foundation cracks. Nesting animals. And miles from any centers of civilization.
00004E92: After that battle with Corypheus, how could anyone not feel perfectly safe?
00004F16: You fought Corypheus?
00004F17: Tell me about Anders.
00004F18: We thought that leaving would save lives and force the Divine to divide her forces to hunt for us.
00004F19: When the Wardens began acting strangely, I had my friend Aveline take my brother out of the Free Marches.
00004F1A: He was crazy. By the end, there was nothing left in him except this insane need to start a war no one could win.
00004F1E: What has Varric told you?
00004F23: Were you in love?
00004F25: Only good things, I promise.
00004F26: I hoped that leaving would save lives and force the Divine to divide her forces to come after me.
00004F27: Even me.
00004F28: When the Wardens began acting strangely, I had my friend Aveline take my sister out of the Free Marches.
00004F29: As it turned out, I needn't have bothered. All the Circles started rising up, and the Exalted March never came.
00004F2A: We'll see each other again. Until then, she'll be having fun.
00004F2B: But hopefully not too much fun.
00004F2C: I don't know if there ever was just an "Anders."
00004F2D: The Grey Wardens had him imprisoned. They used my father's blood in a ritual to seal Corypheus inside.
00004F2E: Nothing now.
00004F31: And I didn't just <i>think</i> I killed him. When the fight was done, he was dead on the ground.
00004F32: But I can't just give up on him. He'd be here now if it was anyone after me but the Wardens.
00004F33: I heard that you two were... close.
00004F34: He wasn't just a monster or a martyr. Or maybe he was both.
00004F35: It went... poorly the first time we met Corypheus.
00004F36: Isabela and I never believed in being tied down. When I had to go into hiding, she understood.
00004F38: Why are you alone?
00004F3E: There's hardly anyone left, really.
00004F43: I'm never really happy leaving Anders alone, but once I realized Wardens were acting strangely, I had no choice.
00004F46: Fenris would have killed himself to protect me.
00004F47: I think the exact phrase was "has a good shot at fixing Blondie's mess."
00004F48: Complicated. It's not like the minstrels make it out to be.
00004F49: When someone betrays you like that... it takes a long time to get past it. I don't know if we ever have.
00004F4A: Maybe his tie to the blight somehow brought him back, or maybe it's old Tevinter magic... but he was dead. I swear it.
00004F4B: Merrill's spent enough time fighting for her life with me.
00004F4C: You said you thought you killed Corypheus?
00004F4D: But all the Circles were rising up by then. We helped a lot of them take that final step.
00004F51: He was imprisoned by the Grey Wardens. He needed my blood to break the seals and free himself.
00004F54: Merrill is helping elven refugees who were displaced by the war.
00004F55: I'd like to know more about Anders. What was he like?
00004F56: I never wanted to leave him like this. If it was anyone after me but the Wardens...
00004F58: You're no longer viscount?
00004F59: I didn't want to take her away from that.
00004F5B: My uncle Gamlen's still in Kirkwall, but everyone else I used to know? They've pretty much scattered to the winds.
00004F5E: I heard the Chantry might be sending an Exalted March to Kirkwall to put down the rebellion.
00004F5F: Where have you been?
00004F60: When all the Wardens started acting strangely, I had to keep my family safe.
00004F61: I was a little surprised, actually. Varric isn't one for religion in general, but he thinks highly of the Inquisition.
00004F63: We'll talk later.
00004F64: My sister's a Grey Warden. I had my friend Aveline take her as far from Orlais as possible.
00004F65: I didn't want to give him that chance.
00004F66: Where did you go after the mages rebelled?
00004F67: I heard you had family and friends in Kirkwall. Where are they now?
00004F69: Anders used to be a Grey Warden. I couldn't risk exposing him to whatever they're going through.
00004F6A: Why did you step down as viscount?
00004F6C: But he could still reach out and influence the Wardens' thoughts. He sent them after me.
00004F6D: I've seen Corypheus affect Anders' mind before. If he was involved, I couldn't risk it happening again.
00004F6E: Right.
00004F71: My brother's a Grey Warden. I had my friend Aveline take him as far from Orlais as possible.
00004F73: There was a voice in him, driving him toward justice for the mages, so loud that it drowned everything out.
00004F74: I assume Varric's been feeding you information about the Inquisition? What did he say about me?
00004F75: He's not just a monster or a hero. Or maybe he's both.
00004F76: He was trying to change the world. He knew it couldn't happen peacefully.
000050C1: Corypheus simply cut them down. So much screaming after that first blast of fire. So many people turned to ash.
000050C2: I've had... difficulty forgetting his assault on Haven.
000050DB: They'll have to cope.
000050DC: There is a difference between luxury and a building with no holes in the walls.
000050DD: Our allies shouldn't expect luxuries when they sign on to fight the first darkspawn.
00005181: I want to know about Wardens.
00005182: What's it like being a Warden? I can't even imagine.
00005183: It becomes your life: searching out darkspawn, killing them, ensuring no one ever knows how close they are.
00005185: It's been a long time since I was anything else.
00005312: It certainly wouldn't do for the Inquisition to appear overly shabby.
00005313: Yes, let's keep up appearances.
00005314: The people coming know we just survived Corypheus and a dragon.
0000534D: We've only just now convinced everyone we are precisely what Thedas requires.
0000534E: And they must be confident we are able to do so again.
000057AE: I've just finished a tour of our new locale.
0000585A: There is not much time, Inquisitor.
0000585C: The mages are showing great trust in you. They need to feel safe here.
00005860: The templars came far to fight with us. They need to feel secure here.
00005893: We lost far too many good people to that monster.
00005894: I won't let it haunt me.
00005895: I wish we'd saved more lives.
00005896: I can't permit bad memories to influence the job we must do.
00005897: I keep feeling that fire's heat on the back of my neck, too.
00005898: I'm troubled by it as well.
00005899: Corypheus will pay when I face him again.
0000589A: We'll have revenge.
0000589C: I'm more concerned about reinforcing Skyhold in case Corypheus attacks again.
0000589D: Our own safety comes first.
000058A4: Do you not feel safe here?
000058A5: And you don't?
000058A9: I dearly hope that happens soon.
000058AA: Our allies will be forgiving.
000058B1: You believe in your purpose, and that is good. That is your power.
000058B2: I don't see a Maker anywhere, do you?
000058B3: Tread carefully, Inquisitor. This ground is more treacherous than you know.
000058B4: We cannot tarry long.
000058B7: Seems like I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
000058BA: You must know what really happened at the Temple of Sacred Ashes.
000058C0: But is He real? Is His will made manifest? Of this, none can be certain.
000058C1: Do you remember what happened?
000058C2: Why me?
000058C4: So all of this is just a dream? Part of the Fade?
000058C5: And it is the key that locks or unlocks a door to the Fade.
000058C7: The minds of mankind are made real here. Their hopes, their loves, and their fears.
000058C9: Perhaps.
000058CB: It is the needle that passes through the Veil, as little else can. You are the thread.
000058CE: Tell me why you're here. Why take part in this?
000058D1: Why are you helping us?
000058D2: Odd thing for the Divine to say.
000058D4: We should keep moving.
000058D5: Just as the Maker intended, I suppose?
000058D6: I think this was an accident.
000058D9: As must you. The answer lies in your memories, lost to the Nightmare when you last walked the Fade.
000058DB: Or you could just tell me.
000058DE: It is not "just" a dream.
000058DF: Is anything here real?
000058E0: We only have a short time. Ask what you must.
000058E1: It lets you walk in the Fade physically and survive. Without it, Corypheus must find another way to the Black City.
000058E2: Goodbye.
000058E3: Would you trust my words? Trust what you have seen.
000058E4: Or perhaps you were precisely where you were meant to be.
000058E7: What can you tell me about this mark on my hand?
000058E8: But what is the Inquisitor? And how will she change the world?
000058E9: If I was chosen, I just don't understand why. Why me? Why this?
000058EA: In fact, I see Him all around us.
000058EC: What changes their world also changes this one. And yours are footsteps that move mountains in both.
000058ED: But what is the Inquisitor? And how will he change the world?
000058EE: I'm right where I should be.
000058F0: You still haven't answered my question. What <i>are</i> you?
000058F1: If we have no doubt, our faith has no value.
000058F2: It is the needle that pulls the thread, as well as the key.
000058F4: Tell me about this "Anchor."
000058F9: I was meant to become the Inquisitor.
000058FA: I don't believe in the Maker.
000058FB: I am what you see. All other answers rest in you.
000058FC: I can't stop dwelling on the day he attacked our camp.
0000590F: A proper example to set for those still alive.
00005911: I will now bring diplomatic issues to your attention, and I'm more than happy to help with any situations that arise.
00005913: Indeed. But <i>you're</i> the one who lead us to safety.
00005914: I'd be delighted if you could conjure up a marble bath within the next hour.
00005915: Well. Before I return to my duties, allow me to congratulate you on your appointment as Inquisitor, my lady.
00005917: You don't have to be so formal just because I'm Inquisitor now, Josephine.
00005918: I'm sure they'll find rest with the Maker.
0000591B: I will. Thank you, ambassador.
0000591E: Carry on.
0000591F: No need to be all business.
00005923: Move swiftly, Inquisitor. The light will not last.
00005924: The Nightmare is closer now. It knows you seek escape. With each moment, it grows stronger.
00005925: What is this, then? Another memory?
0000592F: Such as a week's worth of bathing?
00005931: My pleasure, Inquisitor.
00005933: I'll attempt to add that to the list.
0000597C: Done.
0000597D: Die!
0000597F: Dorian!
0000598F: One down!
00005992: Blackwall!
0000599E: Sera!
000059A3: I'm falling back!
000059A8: Very well.
000059A9: Goodbye!
000059AD: Someone help!
000059B4: Right.
000059B6: Back me up!
000059CC: I told that girl to stay out of the way!
000059CF: You're not giving up this fight!
000059D9: This isn't going well.
000059E0: I might need some help here!
000059E2: My pleasure.
000059E5: One less to worry about!
000059E7: Done and done!
000059E8: As you wish.
000059EE: You'd better not be dead, mage!
000059EF: Right away!
000059FA: No!
000059FF: Down you go!
00005A0A: I'm not backing down!
00005A0E: My lady.
00005A0F: Inquisitor?
00005A12: Something on your mind?
00005A23: At your service.
00005A24: Let's talk about the Grey Wardens. You must know a lot about them.
00005A36: I want to hear more about you.
00005A37: Let's talk about you.
00005A39: We've finally caught up to the Grey Wardens. I suppose it was inevitable.
00005A3B: Tell me about the Wardens.
00005A49: We'll talk later.
00005A4A: Nothing right now. Perhaps in a bit.
00005BA3: So now I'm a hero?
00005BA4: Her questions did not lessen her heroism.
00005BA5: Not yet. Perhaps not ever. The choice will be yours.
00005BA6: You are not the first to ask such questions.
00005BA7: Did Andraste not question when the Maker charged her with an impossible task? Did she not feel unworthy?
00005DF1: We lost our Warden!
00005DF2: Blackwall down!
00005E40: What's on your mind?
00005E41: I'd like to ask you about Tevinter.
00005E42: Tell me about yourself.
00005E43: I do rather like watching you leave.
00005E44: Try not to kill anyone without me.
00005E45: You seem very interested in my opinions.
00005E46: Here we are again.
00005E47: Could I adore you more? Probably not.
00005E49: You know where I'll be.
00005E4A: Here I thought we were just getting to the good part.
00005E4C: I do love how you're always on the go. It's tiring to watch you.
00005E4D: I should go.
00005E4F: Come back tonight, then.
00005E50: So long as you promise to return.
00005E51: Always with the questions. Tsk, tsk—what will people say?
00005E52: Naturally.
00005E54: Tell me about the Imperium.
00005E55: Try not to die. I would notice you were gone.
00005E56: As you wish.
00005E58: The Inquisitor's work is never done, I see.
00005E5A: Tell me about Alexius.
00005E5B: Fancy meeting you here.
00005E5C: That's enough.
00005E5E: You said Alexius was a mentor of yours?
00005E5F: Questions, questions.
00005E60: Always a sight for sore eyes.
00005E61: It occurs to me that I barely know anything about you.
00005E65: Something you need?
00005F25: Is the Inquisition what you thought it would be?
00005F26: Thoughts on the Inquisition?
00006089: Good day. Would you care to trade?
00006138: Until later, then.
00006160: This line tests the conversation character proxy
00006245: Another time, then.
00006246: Later, then.
00006247: Later, then.
00006248: Later, then.
00006249: Later, then.
0000629D: This is the ass end of Thedas. You know they eat <i>snails</i> here?
0000637F: Cancel
00006380: Exit
00006381: Back
00006382: OK
00006383: Yes
00006384: No
0000650F: I was not the one who left.
00006510: We needed only the one. We were happy there.
00006511: Has he... have they ever met?
00006512: It did not have to end as it did.
00006514: So have I.
00006515: His name is Kieran.
00006516: Until you left him.
00006517: So that's his little boy?
00006518: You've tried to find him?
00006519: <i>This</i> world? How many worlds are there?
0000651A: Don't you think the boy deserves that much?
0000651B: At least you have Kieran.
0000651E: I would have preferred to ask his opinion on the matter.
0000651F: Kieran? Nice name. I think he would have approved.
00006520: I could have had them both.
00006521: Kieran knows who his father is. I made an attempt at contact, but...
00006522: Yes.
00006523: We lived together, for a time. Somewhere safe, far from this world.
00006524: They have not.
00006525: Do you know where he is? I went to Ferelden, but...
00006648: Properties persist for this line
00006CDD: At least we aren't dead. Thank the Maker for that.
00006CDE: The dead are gone, but there's still this mess to clean up.
00006CE0: Lots of work to be done before harvest.
00006CE1: Things are looking up around here, thanks to you.
0000717F: The crown, or her head?
00007181: Tell me about the peace talks.
00007182: They gave the crown to her. And while it looks fetching on her, I intend to take it back.
00007183: A straightforward goal.
00007184: You're here to negotiate.
00007185: The heart of it is simple: I am the rightful heir to the throne of Orlais.
00007187: All of Orlais knows my story. But you, my friend, are far too sensible to be Orlesian.
00007188: Fair enough.
00007189: Just what are you claiming? Her crown, or her head?
0000718A: What will be going on in these negotiations?
0000718B: But my cousin Celene is a politician, while I am a man of action. She charmed the Council of Heralds.
0000718C: What do you get out of this?
0000718D: You didn't extend this invitation out of the goodness of your heart, Grand Duke.
0000718E: So you intend to out-negotiate your cousin.
0000718F: We are straightforward people, you and I. But at court, twists and turns are in fashion.
00007190: I want my empire. I do not wish harm on my cousin, but I would not weep at her demise.
00007191: The talks will take most of the evening. Maker willing, we will emerge triumphant.
00007192: It will take heroic effort on my part, Inquisitor. And a lot of brandy.
00007193: We must navigate a maze of vipers, my friend. Maker willing, there will be enough port.
00007194: If Celene loses her head, it will not be my doing.
000071B8: I get the distinct impression that you don't enjoy politics, Duke Gaspard.
000071B9: What a waste of time.
000071BA: And if the drinks run out?
000071BB: What calamities befall us if they stop serving drinks early?
000071BC: We will whittle one another down with words until we are bored into agreement.
000071BD: We have a giant hole in the sky. None of this matters.
000071BE: You sound less than pleased.
000071BF: Celene will talk circles around us, that elf will glower and cast suspicion everywhere, and I will get very drunk.
000071C0: Somehow, by the time they stop serving drinks, a war will be ended. Politics, my friend. <i>(Sighs.)</i>
000071CB: But there are no winners. Like dogs playing Wicked Grace, it is a mockery of action.
000071CC: In Orlais, they call it "the Great Game." They believe it is something you can play and win.
000071CD: Give me a battlefield, Inquisitor. I will show you who the victors are.
00007207: If we're lucky? Another war will break out.
00009E83: I cannot abide "the Game," my friend. I prefer my enemies armed and facing me. I like clear winners and losers.
00009E84: You and I are in complete agreement, my friend. The court sees this as the Game, but it is nothing of the sort.
00009E92: As you might have guessed, I am not the most political man.
00009E93: If the nobles believe the Inquisition supports me, it will help in negotiations.
00009F88: This guy writes better fiction than I do.
00009F8C: Champion of the Blessed Andraste herself!
00009F90: Vanquisher of the rebel mages of Ferelden, crusher of the vile apostates of the Mage Underground!
00009F99: Shepherd and leash of the wayward Order of Templars, purger of the heretics from the ranks of the faithful!
00009F9B: Remember to smile. This is all for show, my dear.
00009F9F: He is so full of it! That's not how it went.
0000A044: Her Ladyship Mai Bhalsych of Korse.
0000A046: The Iron Bull, leader of the famed mercenary company Bull's Chargers. As the name might imply.
0000A047: Lady Leliana, Nightingale of the Imperial Court.
0000A048: Madame Vivienne, First Enchanter of the Circle of Magi, Enchanter of the Imperial Court, mistress of the Duke of Ghislain.
0000A04A: ...Pentaghast. Fourteenth cousin to the King of Nevarra, nine times removed. Hero of Orlais, Right Hand of the Divine.
0000A04B: Did you see their faces? Priceless.
0000A04C: Veteran of the Fifth Blight.
0000A04D: Get on with it!
0000A04F: Commander of the forces of the Inquisition. Former Knight-Commander of Kirkwall.
0000A050: Seeker Cassandra Allegra Portia Calogera Filomena—
0000A051: Warden Blackwall of Val Chevin, constable of the Grey. Bearer of the Silverite Wings of Valor.
0000A052: Renowned author Varric Tethras.
0000A053: Accompanying the Inquisitor:
0000A054: Lord Dorian Pavus, member of the Circle of Vyrantium, son of Lord Magister Halward Pavus of Asariel.
0000A055: Ser Cullen Stanton Rutherford of Honnleath.
0000A056: [SFX: Applause from the crowd.]
0000A057: Head of noble House Tethras, deshyr of Kirkwall to the Dwarven Merchants Guild.
0000A05E: <i>(Snickers.)</i>
0000A05F: The Lady Inquisitor's elven serving man, Solas.
0000A060: Seneschal of the Inquisition and Left Hand of the Divine.
0000A061: Mistress to the Queen of Ferelden.
0000A062: Mistress to the Prince Consort of Ferelden.
0000A063: The Lord Inquisitor's elven servant, Solas.
0000A065: And Lady Josephine Cherette Montilyet of Antiva City. Ambassador of the Inquisition.
0000A0C1: Another investigate
0000A0C2: So many investigate lines!
0000A15A: Why are the templars suffering losses in the capital? Isn't this a stronghold?
0000A15D: The war is felt even here. Order must be restored to end it.
0000A1BE: And I take joy in watching the scandalized expressions when they see us together.
0000A46C: Charming. My countrymen don't make friends easily, do they?
0000A48E: Anything good on them?
0000A48F: They hurt themselves for years to get stronger, but they still die so easily.
0000A53B: These customs must have been as familiar to ancient elves as bowing to a queen is to you or I.
0000A53C: To those who knew it, perhaps this ritual was little more than a polite knock at the gate.
0000A571: I find it difficult to picture you curtsying to anyone.
0000A573: You? Bow?
0000A57C: Nothing is lost by indulging in the occasional civilized conduct... particularly when unexpected.
0000A57D: Have we become so familiar you can predict my manners and customs now?
0000A583: Why our dear empress tolerated that is one of the mysteries of our age.
0000A597: Why, Madame Vivienne, I expected sweeter barbs from a tongue as subtle as yours!
0000A5E6: You unnerve me as would a cockroach crossing the floor, making me think new accommodations might be required.
0000A5E7: Does this place unnerve you so? Or is it I?
0000A5EB: There.
0000A5EF: Well done. Let us see what awaits.
0000A5F0: After you. I insist.
0000A8C5: It <i>is</i> a maze. This Well of Sorrows was clearly not for the common man.
0000A8CD: Elfy-elves didn't want normal people near their precious Well.
0000A8D0: Be ready. These elven Sentinels will know every turn.
0000A8D2: Can you hear that ahead? People whispering?
0000A8D3: You surprised? This temple doesn't exactly roll out welcome mats.
0000A8D4: There better be something good at the end of this.
0000A8D5: Let's follow the sound of the fighting. That usually works for us.
0000A9F3: Who are you ladies?
0000A9F5: We haven't been properly introduced.
0000AA3C: How did Celene take power?
0000AA3D: If you're the rightful heir, how did Celene become empress?
0000AA3E: What's your claim to the throne?
0000AA3F: The Hundred Days Cough swept Val Royeaux in 8:77. It killed thousands of children—royalty and commoner alike.
0000AA40: And I am the eldest. By rights, the crown should have passed to me.
0000AA41: You're the true heir?
0000AA42: There are only three living grandchildren of Emperor Judicael the First: myself, my sister Florianne, and Celene.
0000AA44: I will now test a timeout response.  Do NOT respond to this line
0000AA45: Don't!
0000AA46: NOOOO
0000AA47: Do NOT touch!
0000AA48: This is a timeout response!
0000AA49: I said no!
0000AA4B: Hello
0000AA4C: Another line!
0000AA90: Celene is a Valmont. Her honored father was my mother's brother. But she is the youngest.
0000AA91: Celene outplayed me, forming alliances on the council for support. So they passed over me in her favor.
0000AA95: When there is any doubt surrounding the line of succession, the matter falls to the Council of Heralds.
0000AA96: I am the oldest, but I lack the Valmont name. My mother was the late emperor's sister.
0000AAB6: How rude of us to forget!
0000AB4A: And Lady Colombe.
0000AB4D: Milady Inquisitor, may I present Lady Couteau?
0000AB4F: And of course, Lady Fleur. We are the empress's ladies-in-waiting.
0000AB50: My lord Inquisitor, allow me to present Lady Couteau.
0000AC7C: Lord Severin Doucy, baron of Jader. Accompanying the baron...
0000AC7D: Lady Yvonne Blanchard, Duchess of Val Montaigne, Chevalier of the Empire, hero of the Battle of White River...
0000AC7E: Revered Mother Lucille of the chantry of Arlesans, third cousin of Duke Gratien of Arlesans.
0000AC81: Lady Solange Levesque, Marquise of Montvert, ambassador to the Court of Nevarra.
0000AC82: Ser Honorine Chastain, Chevalier of the Empire...
0000AC83: Khalida Zuri Siavash, eldest daughter of the Gana of Dairsmuid and Rivaini ambassador to the Imperial Court.
0000AC84: Lord Marcellin, Comte de Travert, and his wife Lady Elodie, patroness of the artist Chantal of Val Royeaux...
0000AC85: Prince Ezio Valisti of the House of Valisti in Antiva, and Third Talon of the Antivan Crows.
0000AC86: And Ser Bastien Voclain, Chevalier of the Empire and paramour of the comte.
0000AC8C: Accompanying the ambassador, her daughter, Lady Madeline, renowned poet and author.
0000AD6C: Champion of the Grand Tourney of Tantervale, bearer of the Veridium Signet of Bravery and the Golden Star of Orlais...
0000AD6D: Lady Arlette and their son, Lord Edmond, student of the composer Emeline of Montsimmard.
0000AD6E: Patroness of the painter Ambrose Poirier, and second cousin of Princess Elettra of the House of Alberici in Antiva.
0000AD6F: And patroness of the great artisan Baldassare of Antiva City.
0000AD76: Accompanying the duchess: Anselmo, Undergardener of Val Montaigne and paramour to the duchess.
0000AE3F: They say Andraste sent you to save the world.
0000AE59: If it'll help save lives and bring peace, I'll be the first to believe.
0000AE5D: Your beliefs mean nothing to me.
0000AE5E: You sound doubtful.
0000AE5F: I don't have to worry about you falling at my feet in worship, then? That has been tiresome...
0000AE60: I don't care what you believe.
0000AE61: I believe we must each attend to our own lives to find salvation.
0000AE62: I'm trying. I hope I don't disappoint.
0000AE63: I'll do my best.
0000AE64: I hope so, too.
0000AE65: Good, perhaps the adulation of thousands won't go to your head,.
0000AEA7: I will leave you to your duties.
0000AEA9: I don't see any other priests in the village. Where is everybody?
0000AEAB: What are your feelings on the mages working with Tevinter?
0000AEAC: Are you alone here?
0000AEAD: Goodbye.
0000AEAF: Good day to you, my child.
0000AEB0: Do you support this alliance?
0000B3F4: Keep your guard up. More of them on their way from the lake.
0000B42C: Investigate
0000B647: Have they overreached?
0000B648: Isn't that what they're doing?
0000B649: Their war is costing them. Maybe it'll open their eyes.
0000B64C: I bet they're thinking the same thing about us.
0000B6D8: How are people responding to all of this?
0000B6DD: Where is the Lord Seeker taking the templars?
0000B6E0: How many templars turned on the Chantry, exactly?
0000B6E2: That's not enough.
0000B6E4: Perhaps you are correct. We are only trying to find our way, with little guidance now but our faith.
0000B6EC: You're obviously skeptical. What do <i>you</i> believe I am?
0000B6ED: So what happens now? Will the Chantry continue to denounce me?
0000B6F5: It's not too late: the Chantry could still help us and come out on top.
0000B6F6: How are people reacting?
0000B6F7: The Chantry made a mistake.
0000B6F8: What will the Chantry do now?
0000B6F9: There's got to be a way to calm everything down and clean up this mess.
0000B6FA: The Chantry made a big mistake, and now it's paying the price.
0000B6FB: Where have the templars gone?
0000B6FC: I'll stop this somehow.
0000B6FD: You could still help us.
0000B6FE: How many templars rebelled?
0000B6FF: What do you believe about me?
0000B702: For you to be true, a great many things must be false. And if you are false, a great many things must have failed.
0000B704: There is chaos ahead, whatever your intentions.
0000B705: That doesn't answer my question.
0000B706: Is crafting the templars into a new power really any worse than declaring a rival to the Chantry itself?
0000B70A: Our Divine, Her Holiness, is dead. I have seen evidence for everything <i>except</i> what would comfort me.
0000B710: The White Spire here in the capital was the largest garrison, but it now stands empty.
0000B712: <i>(Chuckles.)</i> They rebelled across Thedas. Some remained loyal, but not enough to call them "the Order."
0000B713: Despair. Fear. We mourn Her Holiness. The people look to the sky and wonder how long before terror comes for us all.
0000B714: There must be a way through this. Is it you? The templars? The Maker's will?
0000B715: We abandoned our duties, we servants of the faith. Now we can only pray.
0000B716: I hope against hope that may be the case.
0000B718: Leave me be, survivor. Your presence here is not comforting.
0000B7F9: Look at these poncy gits. How many vaults are sitting unguarded <i>right now</i>?
0000B7FC: I'd invite this lot out for drinks later, but I'm afraid they'd annex the tavern.
0000B7FE: The Inquisition's reach is increasing. Impressive.
0000B7FF: Good thing the nobles are here. Maybe the templars are attracted to shiny objects.
0000B800: These lords are useful, but none of this should be necessary.
0000B928: Show me what you are!
0000B929: Prepare them! Guide them to me!
0000B92E: I would know you!
0000B93A: They are monstrous!
0000B93B: I know!
0000B93C: Templars!
0000B93D: That's shite!
0000B93E: These things—traitors to their kin!
0000B93F: What are these things?
0000B96A: I heard nothing.
0000B96B: Where? I do not hear anything.
0000B96C: What the what? All I hear is fighting.
0000B96D: I didn't hear him.
0000B96E: You will be so much more!
0000B972: I didn't hear anything.
0000BA0E: We haven't had visitors since the trouble started.
0000BA13: Good day to you.
0000BA17: You just move along. We don't need any trouble.
0000BA18: More ruffians? As if we don't get enough from the fort. Bastards with swords lording it over us poor folk.
0000BA1C: Hmph. Maybe you aren't so bad after all.
0000BA1D: We don't have anything you want, so just keep on walking.
0000BA1E: What are you looking at?
0000BA26: Glad you came along when you did.
0000BA6D: Welcome to Crestwood, for what it's worth.
0000BA6F: Be safe, friend.
0000BA70: Good day.
0000BEE8: Thanks for your help, but I fear we haven't seen the end of these creatures.
0000BF10: More of them approaching!
0000BF87: Let's see what the Venatori are after.
0000BFCF: Craft Item
0000BFEE: If the Venatori sought something here, it may be worth finding.
0000BFF1: Did they honestly think that would keep us out?
0000C196: You Have Crafted:
0000C1E6: The fire couldn't destroy these entirely. Whatever they are.
0000C1E7: It looks like tools, and part of a forge.
0000C1E9: Lyrium bottles. Licked clean.
0000C1ED: How much red lyrium is Samson taking? His resistance must be extraordinary.
0000C1EF: Tranquil often design their own tools. Dagna should be able to make sense of them.
0000C1F4: If Maddox used these to make Samson's armor, she could use them to unmake it.
0000C1FC: Does he think I'll understand? What does he know?
0000C1FD: What does it say?
0000C1FE: "The Chantry used us. You're fighting the wrong battle."
0000C200: "Drink enough lyrium, and its song reveals the truth."
0000C201: Samson left a message. For me.
0000C202: "Corypheus chose me as his general, and his vessel of power." And other such nonsense.
0000C38C: We have him.
0000C38E: Yes, Inquisitor?
0000C38F: I'll keep looking around.
0000C390: Yes, we should get back to it.
0000C391: What else do you remember about Samson? The man he used to be?
0000C392: Is there anything in the camp that could help? Or point us to Samson?
0000C394: Do you see anything useful?
0000C395: Goodbye.
0000C396: A dismal place to die.
0000C397: Tell me about Samson.
0000C398: It can't have been much of a place to live, either, under Samson's command.
0000C399: Does it matter? "He used to be kind" only carries so far.
0000C39A: Yet Maddox died to help him escape. Samson does command loyalty.
0000C3DD: They are implements for working lyrium safely. The craftsmanship is remarkable.
0000C3DE: Those are lyrium-forging implements. Of <i>remarkable</i> design. Intact, they'd be worth a fortune.
0000C3E0: I've seen similar implements for forging with lyrium. None this advanced.
0000C3E8: This must have been Maddox's room.
0000C3E9: Revolting.
0000C3EA: Drinking it, wearing it, growing it—you can't say Samson isn't committed.
0000C3EB: Desperate, digging, it doesn't sing as loudly, so he needs more.
0000C41D: It's hard to tell. All I see is smoke and ash.
0000C424: We can't leave Maddox here. He should be properly laid to rest.
0000C425: Maddox deserves a funeral.
0000C426: I'll have someone take care of it.
0000C42B: If this is Samson's idea of remaking the world, I prefer yours.
0000C42C: If even Samson did his best for Maddox, we can do no less.
0000C6E9: I'm still here, Inquisitor.
0000C6ED: Fair enough, I'm not going anywhere.
0000C6F0: Tell me about Corypheus.
0000C6F2: Goodbye, Samson.
0000C6F3: I have an Inquisition to run.
0000C6F6: You were Corypheus's general. I want to know everything.
0000C6F9: He's not like any mage I've ever met. It's like being near a storm, or an avalanche.
0000C6FE: What he lost, long ago, it still burns—you can see it.
0000C6FF: Having divinity snatched away. Can't even imagine it, can you?
0000C71F: You must have realized what Corypheus is. Why would you fight for him?
0000C720: He wanted a leader for the red templars who couldn't be destroyed by the lyrium.
0000C721: Why did you serve Corypheus?
0000C72A: I wasn't just some figurehead. He trusted me with <i>command</i>.
0000C72B: Twice now I've sworn the templars' oath, but Corypheus had more faith in me than the knight-commander ever did.
0000C72C: I was a Kirkwall guttersnipe crawling after lyrium, and Corypheus gave me back my sword.
0000C72F: I'd have been a fool to say no. I was a greater fool for saying yes.
0000C8C0: Challenge me if you dare, dragon!
0000C8C2: As you wish!
0000C8C3: You dare to touch an avatar of divinity!
0000C8C4: I will crush you—I swear it!
0000C8C5: I will not stand for this outrage!
0000C8C6: If you desire death, you shall have it!
0000C8C8: Enough! I will destroy you where you stand!
0000C8CB: A dragon. How clever of you.
0000C8CD: I shall sear you from the very heavens!
0000C8D0: I shall not stand here and endure such insult!
0000C8D2: It will avail you nothing.
0000C8D5: Feel my wrath, little wretch!
0000C8D7: Very well—I shall deal with <i>you</i> instead!
0000C8D8: Your dragon is persistent. I will tear it from the skies!
0000C8D9: Away with you!
0000C8DA: The dragon must perish—I command it!
0000CA0C: The dragon's dead!
0000CA0D: Yes, and Morrigan is the only one who can stop it!
0000CA0E: The dragon has fallen!
0000CA0F: The dragon is dead! What do we do?
0000CA10: Thank you, Cole! Very helpful!
0000CA11: What now? Any more dragons to pull out of your ass?
0000CA12: Ah, crap. So much for <i>our</i> dragon!
0000CA14: I can see that!
0000CA15: Morrigan could still be alive! We have to help her!
0000CA16: Morrigan! Is she dead?
0000CA17: The witch lives! Inquisitor, we must get to her!
0000CA18: It killed the dragon!
0000CA19: Not today!
0000CA1A: Dragon-lady might still be alive! We should help her!
0000CA1B: Then we need to revive our own!
0000CA1C: The dragon! It's dead!
0000CA1D: Then let's get Morrigan to kill it back!
0000CA1E: No! You?
0000CA1F: Did Morrigan go tits-up? We should check!
0000CA20: Yes! So let's wake up ours!
0000CA21: Our dragon is dead!
0000CA22: Yes. But don't we have a dragon, too?
0000CA23: Morrigan lives! We must go to her aid!
0000CA24: Yeah, which is why we want our own dragon up and fighting!
0000CA25: There's a dragon trying to kill us!
0000CA27: All the better to revive our own!
0000CA28: The witch could be alive! We have to help her!
0000CA29: She's hurt, but not dead! We have to help her!
0000CA2A: I didn't say it would be easy!
0000CA2B: Morrigan must be alive! We must reach her!
0000CA2C: The Archdemon's coming! We must fight!
0000CA2D: It killed the dragon! We're dragon-less!
0000CA2E: Morrigan might still be alive! We should check!
0000CA2F: And one there who will help us, if she lives!
0000CA30: Pissballs! Your dragon!
0000CBF1: Perhaps we can help.
0000CBF2: If they're suffering, maybe they'll be open to working with the Inquisition.
0000CC03: Cullen said you were templars together in Kirkwall.
0000CC04: You knew Cullen?
0000CC13: That's right. He arrived after the trouble at Ferelden's Circle.
0000CC16: He did right by the mages, though. Never played rough with them. Not like Meredith.
0000CC17: Cullen jumped at his shadow in those days. Always on the watch for abominations and demons...
0000CEE8: So it is—kill him before he destroys the Veil!
0000CEEA: He's really doing it! We have to stop him!
0000CEED: And then the Fade swallows the world, right?
0000CEF3: It will endanger the world! We must stop this!
0000CEF4: We should do something about that!
0000CEFC: Not on our watch!
0000CEFF: Had enough of him frigging with my sky!
0000CF02: The Breach is getting bigger!
0000CF3C: I will not yet fall!
0000CF3E: No! I will not allow you this victory!
0000CF40: The last strike shall be mine!
0000CF43: Grant me power to finish this last rite!
0000CF44: You and all the heathen barbarians shall burn!
0000CF45: <i>(Screams.)</i> I will not allow it!
0000CF47: I need only moments more!
0000D201: The nobles may not like it, but after a few lose their heads, they'll fall in line.
0000D203: When I am emperor, there will be changes. No more of this courtier's nonsense.
0000D288: Are you working for the mage rebellion?
0000D289: Do you support the mages?
0000D28A: Mages are children of the Maker, no less than the rest of us.
0000D28B: They struggle no less with questions of faith.
0000D69A: Just give the word. We're ready to move.
0000D69B: What's on your mind?
0000D69E: Having fun, boss? I always enjoy canapés while surrounded by people who want to kill me.
0000D6C4: I'll let you know.
0000D6C6: While I have a moment: is there anyone here I should question?
0000D6C7: I'm ready for anything. Just give the word.
0000D6C9: Have you seen anything?
0000D6CA: So... Silverite Wings of Valor? What did you get that for?
0000D6CB: What's the word? Seen anything yet?
0000D6CC: Any suggestions?
0000D6CE: I have to go. Keep your eyes open.
0000D6CF: Silverite Wings of Valor?
0000D6D0: Are we ready to make our move?
0000D6D1: Wait for my signal.
0000D6F9: Care to elaborate?
0000D6FA: It was a long time ago. Back when we didn't stop to boast about past victories when there was an assassin on the loose.
0000D6FD: For... valor.
0000D708: There aren't enough guards. That seems odd.
0000D709: I just witnessed the start of blood feud between three noble families. But anything useful? No.
0000D70A: Either the empress disguised them for appearances, or something has gone wrong.
0000D70C: Nothing. Wherever our enemy is, he's keeping out of sight.
0000D70D: Nine different ladies and six gentlemen have asked Cullen to dance. I think he's received two offers of marriage.
0000D73C: He might need a bodyguard.
0000D742: I'm not well acquainted with Orlesian nobility.
0000D743: They rarely welcome Grey Wardens coming in with the Right of Conscription.
0000D746: They won't miss just a few...
0000D748: The faces talk even when they aren't moving.
0000D749: So many faces...
0000D74A: Are you all right, Cole? You seem distracted. More than usual.
0000D74C: What are you doing, Cole?
0000D74D: Have you seen anything?
0000D74E: Stay out of trouble, Cole.
0000D74F: Carry on.
0000D750: Silk on satin on skin, always wanting, chaste but chased. Too many.
0000D751: Have you observed anything happening yet?
0000D753: Everything all right?
0000D754: What are you up to?
0000D766: Don't worry so much, my dear. I'll be ready when the time comes to strike.
0000D767: And here we are.
0000D768: Watch your back, Inquisitor. Remember: everyone here wants you dead.
0000D784: You've done well so far. Keep it up. Remember, my dear, this is war.
0000D785: You haven't embarrassed yourself as much as I feared. Well done, my dear.
0000D786: If you can, refrain from speaking to anyone for the rest of the evening, darling. You don't want to hurt yourself.
0000D787: Anything happening I should know?
0000D788: Just be ready for trouble.
0000D789: Any words of wisdom for navigating the ballroom?
0000D78A: Any advice about the court?
0000D78B: You're having fun, aren't you?
0000D78C: It seems like you enjoy this, Vivienne.
0000D78D: Have you seen anything?
0000D78F: Be ready to act when I give the signal.
0000D79C: Socks get wet when the tide rises.
0000D79D: They have faces inside their faces, lying with a layer that tells the truth. I don't know how to help them.
0000D79E: Cullen is afraid. They're hunting him, following fear. He shouldn't be here.
0000D79F: A woman tripped on purpose. The man who caught her left the room. They didn't want my help.
0000D7A0: Leliana has many faces. When she puts on a new one, she changes all the way down.
0000D7A2: A fallen fan can cut like a kiss. Hot breath from the wrong boy on the naked nape of the neck.
0000D7A7: Strange that I haven't seen much of Grand Duchess Florianne.
0000D7A8: Cole is behaving even more oddly than usual. Someone should keep an eye on him.
0000D7AA: Keep an eye out for Celene's pet apostate. I've no doubt she's involved in this.
0000D7AB: Make sure you save at least one dance for me.
0000D7AC: Save me a dance.
0000D7AD: All of them.
0000D7AF: One could always find her clinging desperately to the empress's skirts before.
0000D7B4: This is the Game, Inquisitor. Of course I enjoy it. If I didn't, I'd be dead by now.
0000D7B5: The seventh member of the council is... indisposed.
0000D7B6: Always, my dear.
0000D7B7: The council are the highest ranking players of the Game. They see everything. They might know something we can use.
0000D7B8: Speak to the Council of Heralds.
0000D7B9: Six of them are here tonight.
0000D7BA: His absence will complicate the negotiations.
0000D7BD: I'll be here. Or possibly closer to the wine.
0000D7C0: This is all so familiar. I half expect my mother to materialize from the crowd and criticize my manners.
0000D7C1: I'll be ready for your signal. Provided this spicy punch isn't as strong as it seems.
0000D7C4: Try not to get too drunk while I'm gone.
0000D7C6: Carry on.
0000D7C7: We should dance.
0000D7C8: Don't wear yourself out mingling. I expect a dance before this is over.
0000D7C9: Is this how the elite of Tevinter carry on?
0000D7CA: Anything to report?
0000D7CB: Have you seen anything I should know about?
0000D7CC: Is this like a Tevinter party?
0000D7F2: Other than an overabundance of lavender perfume? No, nothing extraordinary.
0000D7F3: So far, this seems like harmless political intrigue. A few murders arranged, some scandals contrived from nothing.
0000D7F4: Did you see what that marquis is wearing? That suit is a greater crime than anything we're looking for.
0000D7F5: You could almost mistake this for a soiree in the Imperium.
0000D7F6: The same double-dealing, elegant poison, canapés... it's lacking only a few sacrificial slaves and some blood magic.
0000D7F7: I'm trying to keep watch for magic. You know Tevinters. We can't cross a room without casting a spell.
0000D7F8: If there are Tevinter agents here, we'll find them.
0000D7F9: <i>(Sighs.)</i> Like a homecoming, honestly.
0000D7FC: You ask so much of me.
0000E337: Weapon Modification
0000E33A: Armor Modification
0000E33C: Select
0000E33D: Remove Upgrade
0000E342: Select Base Weapon
0000E343: Select Base Armor
0000E8BE: Another time, Inquisitor.
0000E9DD: Inquisitor Adaar. The stories claimed you were barely capable of speech.
0000E9E7: You must be Inquisitor Cadash. I've heard stories.
0000E9ED: Inquisitor Lavellan. How many of the guests have mistaken you for a kitchen servant?
0000E9F4: Inquisitor Trevelyan. Slumming even more than usual, I see.
0000E9FD: We'll speak more later, ambassador.
0000EA00: What brings you to me?
0000EA09: We'll talk later.
0000EA0C: What can you tell me about Celene and Gaspard?
0000EA0D: Tell me about the leaders.
0000EA4D: Gaspard is a warmonger. He served in the war against Ferelden and fought a dozen skirmishes on the Nevarran border.
0000EA6F: But reason is cautious. Reason looks for compromise. Reason doesn't choose radical change.
0000EA70: Celene is the voice of reason in the empire.
0000EA71: However sorely it may be needed.
0000EA72: He's a simple man. Simple men aren't hard to manipulate.
0000EA77: Until next time, Inquisitor.
0000EA7A: Another time, friend.
0000EA7E: Inquisitor, to what do we owe this honor?
0000EA80: Is there something we may do for you?
0000EA81: I'm an elf, Inquisitor. That should tell you everything you need to know about my life.
0000EA82: I'm good at what I do. That's all that matters. I will help my people no matter the cost.
0000EA83: What's happening with the peace talks now?
0000EA85: What are Celene's goals?
0000EA87: What is the empress trying to accomplish with the negotiations?
0000EA8B: How are the talks going?
0000EA91: Goodbye.
0000EA92: Good evening.
0000EAD7: Gaspard and Briala are driven by personal ambitions, but those desires threaten the safety of all Orlesians.
0000EAD8: Peace is her only objective, Inquisitor.
0000EAD9: The war must end tonight. We must conclude this to deal with the larger crisis.
0000EAF7: My friend! Come in! Have a drink! What can I do for you?
0000EAF8: It is always good to see you, my friend.
0000EAFE: What can you tell me about Celene and Briala?
0000EB00: What are you hoping to achieve at the negotiations?
0000EB01: We'll speak later, Duke Gaspard.
0000EB06: Tell me about your politics.
0000EB08: Goodbye.
0000EB0B: Tell me about the others.
0000EB81: I intend to take back what is rightfully mine.
0000EB82: Celene stole the crown through politicking, but I am the rightful Emperor of Orlais.
0000EB88: The empire has been mired in intrigue for too long. We need a clear course of action.
0000EB89: That makes sense.
0000EB8A: I can understand that.
0000EB8C: You want to fight more wars.
0000EB8D: You say you hate politics, but you're here to negotiate.
0000EB8F: You intend to return to expansionism.
0000EB90: What course of action?
0000EB91: What action did you have in mind?
0000EB92: But you're here for politics.
0000EB93: Briala may be called "ambassador," but she is purely a spy.
0000EB94: But the Game is a farce. I will prove that a few hundred chevaliers are better than diplomacy.
0000EB96: She works toward some hidden agenda. Elves have no place in politics. Her presence here is suspicious.
0000EB98: Celene is a skilled player in the Game. She knows how to get her way with a few words and a smile.
0000EB99: I will see Orlais return to glory as the strongest nation in Thedas.
0000EB9B: The empire is declining. We cannot allow Nevarra and Ferelden to chip away our borders.
0000EB9C: I can play the Game when I must. If I couldn't, I'd be dead by now, Inquisitor.
0000EB9D: But it is not my choice. Celene has my sister involved in this mess.
0000EB9E: I would prefer to settle this on the battlefield, but for Florianne... I will sit and talk.
0000EB9F: I knew we were both called to action, my friend.
0000EBA0: I like to solve problems in the simplest manner, my friend.
0000EC58: How's your lyrium withdrawal?
0000EC59: How are you coping without lyrium?
0000EDE6: The damage is done. I can feel it, like something uncoiling in my gut.
0000F0EB: What was that?
0000F0EC: What was that?
0000F0ED: You hear that?
0000F0EE: The temple's guardians, perhaps.
0000F0F0: You hear that?
0000F0F1: What was that?
0000F0F2: Worried, wary, watchful, and we are unwanted.
0000F115: This place is magnificent. How many ages passed, and yet it still stands.
0000F11D: Makes you wonder what the elves could have accomplished if the Imperium <i>hadn't</i> wiped them out.
0000F129: I wish I could tell you. I'm sorry you won't have the chance.
0000F12A: Perhaps we'd live in a world of marvels.
0000F12B: Perhaps astonishing.
0000F12C: Well, there'd be far fewer ruins for us to get lost in.
0000F12D: I think we could stand to be a mite less successful, judging by our bloody history.
0000F12E: No room in that assessment for two empires just to get along, I suppose?
0000F12F: Someone else would have.
0000F130: Humanity might not be here.
0000F131: Would humans have been so successful if the ancient elves had kept their empire?
0000F132: Sometimes I try to.
0000F133: If not Tevinter, someone else would have. Clearly they were weak enough to be destroyed.
0000F134: I've wondered what it would be like to have lived when my people were a power.
0000F150: Fancy place. Bet it was all shiny when it was new.
0000F151: We closer to that Well yet?
0000F15C: The ancient elves erected some marvelous architecture.
0000F15F: I can't deny this place is fascinating.
0000F168: What were these "gods" of the elves, I wonder? A strange business.
0000F169: We must mind our step. Everything here is crumbling.
0000F16F: I'm no historian, but I think we've outdone ourselves with this place.
0000F170: How long did it take the forest to grow over all this stuff?
0000F178: Fancy place.
0000F184: Think those elves will come out of hiding?
0000F18C: This place is full of old pain, so familiar that they would miss it if it healed.
0000F192: This place stretches on for miles.
0000F1A0: What's the plan, Ser Barris?
0000F1A5: Those elves lay an impressive ambush. Where are they?
0000F1A8: The room we stand in is a vestibule, not the temple proper.
0000F1D4: You're not mages. You need lyrium for this?
0000F1D5: Anything new on the Elder One?
0000F1D7: I'll be back.
0000F1D9: It's the only plan we've got.
0000F1DA: I hope you're right. I'll return.
0000F1DB: This better work.
0000F1DD: How will lyrium help?
0000F1DE: With them and enough normal lyrium, we can punch a hole in that barrier.
0000F1DF: Envy's rare. Rank and file aren't trained for that. That's why it took us top down.
0000F1E0: But there's a few left who can handle it: veterans. Bring them here.
0000F1E1: When did the Lord Seeker start taking over?
0000F1E2: Envy claimed to serve the "Elder One." Just like your knight-captain.
0000F1E3: When did the takeover start?
0000F1EF: If he was fake at the start, we let a demon walk in. If he was genuine, Envy took the Lord Seeker from under our noses.
0000F1F0: I'm shamed whatever I say.
0000F1F1: Arrogant fools, all of us.
0000F203: Bring the veterans. That and lyrium will break this demon.
0000F204: The veterans can show us how to push. The lyrium will help, so when we break, we break the enemy.
0000F209: Templars deny magic, but envy demons are tough. Especially when they've had time to entrench themselves.
0000F245: "Break"? You mean you could die?
0000F248: A demon holds the honor of the Order. There isn't a man or woman here who will let that stand.
0000F2FE: Almost there. We get the last of our veterans here with that lyrium, we have a shot.
0000F3DB: We still here? Let's just hop into the tunnel those mages left and give them a surprise.
0000F3DE: We won't gain anything by rushing.
0000F3DF: Sera, relax. Why are you so afraid?
0000F3E0: Maybe you're right. It would be faster.
0000F3E2: Let's take our time.
0000F3E3:  I just... I can't <i>think</i> here. Everything's too bright <i>and</i> too old.
0000F3E4: Don't be afraid.
0000F3E6: You aren't?
0000F3E7: Doesn't make sense, yeah? But my head hurts.
0000F3E8: It's tempting.
0000F3EB: Well, I'll just piss about like a tit, then.
0000F3EC: Right? Let's go.
0000F3EE: I make the decisions.
0000F3EF: Like we'll gain anything praying to made-up gods?
0000F3F0: We go when I say we go.
0000F43D: Have you heard of the Temple of Mythal or the Well of Sorrows, Solas?
0000F440: Any insight into this place?
0000F441: Ever a concern of yours.
0000F442: Yes?
0000F443: So much of what was passed down is muddled in fiction and hearsay.
0000F444: "History" versus "legend" seems to prey on you.
0000F445: I have never dreamed of this place, and the Dalish speak of it only in half-remembered stories.
0000F448: Obviously, he has other plans. With the knights-vigilant slain at the Conclave, there is nothing more we can do.
0000F449: Perhaps more shall flock to the Lord Seeker's banner now. How far has faith waned, I wonder?
0000F44B: Let's keep moving.
0000F450: Let's figure out how to get past this.
0000F459: Should it not, in a world where the two are somehow indistinguishable?
0000F45F: We have the door! Barris will tell you what we know.
0000F460: Free to pass. I hope you're what they say.
0000F461: They're in place! On your order!
0000F462: We'll make sure this side stays clear. The others need you.
0000F469: Then you understand more than most.
0000F46A: What they sing of me when I'm dead isn't my concern.
0000F46B: It's too soon to tell.
0000F46C: If that is all you hope for, may scholars be kind.
0000F46D: That I brought order.
0000F46E: What will history say of your conquests, Inquisitor?
0000F470: History will know I stood with Andraste.
0000F471: <i>(Laughs.)</i>
0000F472: Perhaps. Faith alone cannot promise an exalted legacy.
0000F473: I don't care.
0000F475: Not now, perhaps. You may find questions of legacy more pressing in years to come.
0000F476: People will know the Inquisition stood against chaos.
0000F477: That I fought for the Maker.
0000F479: Take me several ages into the future, and I'll tell you.
0000F52C: Ready on your order.
0000F52F: Sealed for now! I hope Barris can help you make sense of this.
0000F531: Your people have the gate, but it's a mess out there. Reach that demon, we can scatter them like they scattered us.
0000F54A: You bless us. I feared you were dead.
0000F54B: A pleasure.
0000F54C: There's more coming. Help us.
0000F54D: I believe it represents a petition, a declaration of will to the priests who resided here.
0000F553: Regroup with Barris. We'll handle them.
0000F554: With me!
0000F556: Back to the great hall!
0000F557: Fight well!
0000F559: Over here.
0000F55D: Perhaps that is what led to the wistful Dalish legends of lost elven immortality.
0000F55E: Strange, is it not? So much time and effort.
0000F55F: What sort of ceremony takes decades?
0000F560: Some ancient elven ceremonies were said to take decades to complete. Hopefully this is not such a one.
0000F561: Decades?
0000F562: You bless us. I feared you were dead.
0000F603: We'll hold it. On your lead.
0000F64C: It's good to see you alive, Herald.
0000F64E: Of course.
0000F650: Head back to the main hall. We'll meet you there.
0000F651: Regroup in the great hall.
0000F655: Come with me.
0000F656: I need your help. There's more coming.
0000F658: Right!
0000F659: Herald! You live!
0000F65D: Maker. What happened to them?
0000F65E: Good luck.
0000F660: Back to the great hall.
0000F661: Stand with me.
0000F662: We can take them, but I'll need your help.
0000F667: Regroup with Barris. He'll explain the plan.
0000F668: Lead the way.
0000F685: We need you in the hall right away.
0000F693: We're too busy to die.
0000F694: Get to the hall.
0000F695: Just get to the hall. Barris will explain.
0000F696: We need your help.
0000F697: There's no time for dying. Go to the hall—Ser Barris will explain.
0000F699: At once.
0000F6AF: We'll need a bit more than hope. Find Ser Barris in the main hall.
0000F6B1: There's more to do. Trust me.
0000F6B2: Get to the main hall. Barris will explain there.
0000F6B3: Thank you. I cannot convey my hope right now.
0000F6B5: Get to the hall.
0000F6B6: Trust that I can stop this. Ser Barris will explain in the main hall.
0000F6B7: A good start to a long night.
0000F6B8: Right away!
0000F6B9: Get to the hall.
0000F6BB: Get to the main hall. Barris will explain.
0000F6BC: We're not done yet. Ser Barris will explain in the main hall.
0000F6BE: We need you in the hall.
0000F6BF: By your order.
0000F6C0: You have my thanks.
0000F6C1: We're not done yet. Head to the main hall and find Barris.
0000F6C2: Don't thank me yet.
0000F6C3: Maker!
0000F6FD: The Elder One has targeted the Empress of Orlais.
0000F6FE: This "Elder One" thinks highly of himself if he believes he can strike at the empress.
0000F701: An assassination plot against the empress?
0000F703: This "Elder One" picked quite a target. That's the Empress of Orlais.
0000F704: So, a plot against the empress. These guys don't think small, do they?
0000F705: We're ready to follow! On your order.
0000F706: Good work on this side. The others await an order.
0000F709: We'll keep the hall, Herald of Andraste. Show them the light.
0000F70A: We're holding. Barris will give you the details.
0000F723: Here—the untainted lyrium Barris told us about.
0000F724: Wherever they got it, that crap is messed up.
0000F725: We saw more at the Breach. Where is it coming from?
0000F726: They're either mad or fools even to be touching this.
0000F728: Just like Haven and the Breach. Where are they getting it from?
0000F72A: The same kind we saw by the Breach. Where did it come from, I wonder?
0000F72B: Right. Because we don't go there.
0000F72C: Just as we found at the Temple of Sacred Ashes.
0000F72D: Idiot templars.
0000F8A5: Careful. Whoever did this is waiting.
0000F8A7: Finally. Let's find this stupid Well.
0000F8A8: I suggest we step carefully, Inquisitor.
0000F8A9: I can hear it. It's closer down here.
0000F8AA: Shall we step more lightly now?
0000F8AB: Eyes peeled. I hear something.
0000F8AC: At last. Let's find this Well and go.
0000F8F4: Look—a bunch of normal templars are still fighting the red ones.
0000FA61: The beast! End it!
000100AF: Templars! Sort of!
000100B0: Make them feel it!
000100B1: Indeed. There are few crimes worse.
000100B2: We all noticed!
000100B4: You think?
000100B5: I'm more worried about them trying to kill us!
000100B6: It's horrible!
000100B7: I'll let them know!
000100BB: If it's weird and I haven't seen it, that's worrying!
000100BC: Does that matter right now?
000100BD: Not what I want to think about!
000100BE: Like no templars I've ever seen.
000100BF: And yet there seems no shortage here.
0001017E: Mistress Nightingale! What a pleasure to see you again! You look radiant!
000101BA: Excellent! Now, I must dance with the dowager. It was lovely to see you, my dear.
000101BB: I have missed them very much. Little Sylvie must be ten now, no?
000101BC: No complaints, my dear. No complaints. You must come to the chateau to see the girls! They will be overjoyed.
000101BE: Marquis! It's been far too long! How is your family in Val Chevin?
000101BF: <i>(Sighs.)</i>
000106B4: Do take care!
000106BC: Her Imperial Majesty is unfortunately occupied at present.
000106BD: Enjoy the masquerade.
000106C4: Things do not look promising.
000106C5: But the night is young, and Her Majesty will do everything she can to persuade him.
000106C7: The grand duke is as stubborn as always. He will not accept anything but victory in battle.
00010929: What does the magister have against you?
00010939: Why does Alexius disapprove?
0001093C: Have you reconsidered? I can be of use to your organization.
00010941: He says all Tranquil must leave Redcliffe, but who would take us in?
00010942: He does not like to be reminded of what mages can become.
00010947: I should go.
0001094D: How long have Tevinters been here?
00010955: Farewell, then.
0001095F: The Inquisition. Back again. Perhaps I can be of use?
00010A9E: Those now in Redcliffe prefer not to see us.
00010AA0: I am an alchemist. You must require potions. If the magister will not have me here, perhaps I can offer my services.
00010AA3: It would reflect poorly on any alliance with the free mages to have someone like me around.
00010AA4: We are sufficiently supplied without you.
00010AA5: Please join us.
00010AA6: Thank you.
00010AA7: Yes. My talent for magic was... insufficient to protect me from demons.
00010AAA: We don't need you.
00010AAB: My magic is gone, along with my dreams and desires.
00010AAC: Farewell.
00010AAF: Rather than risk me becoming possessed, the Circle removed my connection to the Fade.
00010AB0: Of course.
00010AB1: We would be delighted to have you working for the Inquisition.
00010AB2: One moment. You are a member of the Inquisition, are you not?
00010AB3: While one lives, it is good to believe there is still a use for one's talents.
00010AB4: Magister Alexius arrived at nightfall, two days after we retreated from the Temple of Sacred Ashes.
00010AB7: He forced anyone without magic out of the castle, save those he required to serve him.
00010AB8: Even the arl was sent away.
00010C23: This is a private conversation.
00010C29: Did you need something?
00010CDF: Leave us.
00010CE3: ...The package is in the guest wing. Upper room.
00010CE4: We're not serving drinks. Bother someone else.
00010CE5: Yes.
00010DA3: So far, you're the only one who's insisted we can't work together.
00010DA5: That won't help restore order in the here and now.
00010DAD: I don't know, the Inquisition seems about as functional as any young family.
00010DB1: If the "proper" authority hadn't completely failed, the Conclave wouldn't have been needed.
00010E11: Order will never be restored so long as this rebellion is allowed to fester.
0001137C: This is the first ambient conversation
0001137D: This line successfully passed the conditional check.
0001137E: I am now leaving the conversation.  Wait a few seconds for a second ambient conversation to fire.
00011380: But it will have a conditional check
00011381: This conversation will not have any player responses
000113A5: Indeed
000113A6: It's true!
000113A7: Hey it totally does
000113A8: This is a different ambient conversation.
000113A9: It should have a player response line
000113AA: Uh huh
000113AB: This concludes the test!
000113AC: (But optin can happen at any time!)
000113AD: Player movement should be restored immediately after the player speaks
00011444: It seems this Temple of Mythal is not deserted after all.
00011642: Whoever they are, they don't like red templars any better than we do.
00011648: Least the bastards killed those red templars.
000116B0: And you.
000116B1: And you.
00011929: A just death for these mages. But where are their killers?
0001192A: You know what? These elves are starting to scare me.
0001192B: Looks like an ambush. Impressive work.
00011AE7: Without Celene, the Imperial Court can be steel again, instead of silk.
00011AE9: Celene was a fool. Once the Inquisition came to our side, she didn't stand a chance.
00011B27: Everything is thin here. The walls between are easy to slip through.
00011B32: The old inhabitants used this place like our chantries?
00011B33: Wonder what their priests would make of us.
00011F12: It is part of you now, and cannot be removed without your death.
00011F54: Katara bas! They fight like a hurricane!
00011F55: These elves want us dead!
00011F56: Who are these elves!
00011F57: Who <i>are</i> these guys?
00011F58: These elves are damned fast!
00011F59: Are those <i>elves</i>? Where did they come from?
00011F5A: Elves! But where did they come from?
00011F5D: We noticed!
000122E5: I see Calpernia sent Venatori to deal with him.
000122F1: It seems the Venatori tired of following him.
000122F6: Unfortunately for him.
0001231F: Let's look around.
00012355: This is the merchant? I guess he asked Calpernia for a down payment.
000123B2: Don't waste your time, Seeker. Nobody ever answers that.
000123B3: What's that?
000123B4: Is it the elves watching us, or the Venatori?
000123B5: Gotta be elves. The Vints aren't this quiet.
000123B7: Who goes there? Show yourself!
000123B8: Wonder if we're being followed by elves or Venatori.
000123B9: Our movements have not gone unnoticed.
000123BA: If we're being stalked, I'd rather they get it over with.
000123BB: Someone's watching us.
000123BC: Who's there?
00012414: Falon'Din. Overseer of funerals and guide to the elven dead.
00012417: Who is this meant to be?
00012418: I have heard the Dalish invoke him on their deathbed, or before quests from which they expect no return.
0001241E: That seems ill-omened.
0001241F: Perhaps it was meant to frighten the elves' enemies.
00012420: I'm not sure how a "God of the Dead" inspires good fortune.
00012421: Facing death's never easy.
00012423: It is said Falon'Din's appetite for adulation was so great, he began wars to amass more worshippers.
00012425: He's less than cheery.
00012426: Let us be off then.
00012427: The blood of those who wouldn't bow low filled lakes as wide as oceans.
00012428: People cling to whatever gives them hope when their time comes.
0001242A: I do not believe they sing songs about Falon'Din's vanity.
0001242B: Perhaps that's why the Dalish sometimes refer to Falon'Din as "the merciful one."
0001242C: That's <i>not</i> the last thing I want to think of on my deathbed.
0001242D: Do you know any legends?
0001242E: It was almost too late. Falon'Din only surrendered when his brethren bloodied him in his own temple.
0001242F: Mythal rallied the gods, once the shadow of Falon'Din's hunger stretched across her own people.
00012430: My clan never told a story like that about Falon'Din.
00012431: Sounds like he deserved it.
00012432: No story is dramatic if the people in it act sensibly.
00012433: The further the Dalish spread, the further their stories branch and grow.
00012434: That was... grim.
00012435: Yes, I believe they did.
00012436: Never mistake them for arbiters of "true" elvhen culture.
00012437: Did ancient elves believe all their gods so terrifying?
00012438: He sounds mad.
00012439: Yes. Most tales paint Falon'Din's stubbornness second only to his self-regard.
0001243A: I'm surprised they let such a monster live.
0001243B: I've never heard that before.
0001243C: One does not lightly kill a god, Inquisitor. Even in legend.
0001243D: What's this?
0001243F: I believe we are in the presence of the elven goddess Andruil, Lady of the Hunt.
00012440: Very well, let us continue.
00012442: Or a goddess of sacrifice, according to some.
00012443: Truly? I wonder if that is why Andruil's patron animal is the hare.
0001244B: Humans clash with elves all the time. There's blood on both sides.
0001244C: No, we don't.
0001244D: That's unsettling.
0001244E: We're lucky civilization as we know it is intact.
0001244F: Or defending against them?
00012450: 'Tis said the Dalish invoke her before a chase. Especially if they happen to be stalking humans.
00012451: The Dalish aren't known for being so bloodthirsty, are they?
00012452: I do not favor either. One hears things in an Orlesian court.
00012453: Some admire the Dalish for avoiding the "gifts" of progress for so long.
00012454: Many Orlesian commanders consider skirmishes against the Dalish excellent sport.
00012455: Other Dalish clans do not keep so scrupulously hidden.
00012456: I hardly feel unsafe.
00012457: My clan avoided human settlements, never mind raiding them.
00012458: A sound tactic. If one has room to maneuver out of harm's way.
00012459: 'Tis only what I overheard in the empress's court.
0001245E: More importantly, I suspect none were permitted beyond this area without a priest.
0001245F: I believe they signify an intent to lay one's self bare, to champion a cause without pity, regret, or shame.
00012465: The latter may hold some truth. Ancient elves were said to be gifted wanderers of the Fade.
00012466: Some insisted gods sent fantastic beasts to prophesize in their temples.
00012469: Perhaps this place has a more gruesome history than we know.
00012471: Why did the ancient elves insist on so many rites?
00012472: Legend... does not say.
00012473: What happened to the unsure?
00012474: Why all the rituals?
00012477: What happened to those who were less sure of themselves?
0001247C: We may safely assume one did not petition high priests for Mythal's justice by strolling up and knocking.
00012482: Mythal's cult was not fond of vacillation. One approached them with nothing less than complete confidence.
00012483: It may have served as a chamber of reflection, perhaps to contemplate the righteousness of one's cause.
00012484: Ancient texts claim Mythal passed judgment in the flesh, but 'twas surely the priests who proclaimed rulings here.
00012487: I see no more insufferable ceremony here than in a chantry.
0001248C: Others said they whispered wisdom to those who slept there a year and a day without pause.
00012534: Setting Fen'Harel in Mythal's greatest sanctum is as blasphemous as painting Andraste naked in the Chantry.
00012536: There must be reason behind the mysteries. I refuse to believe we cannot tease them out.
00012538: You're not the final expert on these ancient things. No one can be.
00012539: There's a lot we don't know.
0001253B: Perhaps someone added Fen'Harel on a whim. Who can say?
0001253C: You can't know everything.
0001253D: Human or elven, priests are jealous of their authority. It is difficult to imagine one would allow it.
0001253F: I'm afraid ancient elven heresy isn't exactly my specialty.
00012540: For all your "knowledge," Lady Morrigan, you cannot resist giving legend the weight of history.
00012541: The wise do not mistake one for the other.
00012543: Nor mine. 'Tis baffling.
00012544: Sorry, I'm stumped.
00012632: An interesting inscription: "Submit to law unyielding."
00012633: "Law unyielding"?
00012635: To call it "justice" is simplistic. Mythal was properly invoked by those seeking vengeance.
00012636: Perhaps this was some manner of courtroom? I cannot say.
00012637: The ancient elves considered Mythal a god of justice.
00012638: Oh? Are they truly so different?
00012752: There!
000128B3: Can. You. Talk. Like. Us!
000128B5: I'll try. <i>(Clears her throat.)</i>
000128B7: Awell!
000128B8: Vir sumeil.
000128BA: Can anyone translate?
000128BB: "We are close."
000128BD: Delltash!
000128E6: The Breach! It's...
000128F6: The Elder One and his Venatori. They are the ones who opened the Breach.
000128FA: Enjoy the view, my dears. This is the Elder One's power.
000128FB: The Veil is shattered. There is no boundary now between the world and the Fade.
000128FC: Everywhere.
0001294B: It is to protect from these sorts of excesses that the Rite of Tranquility exists.
0001294C: Oh, well, this is much better! Frigging brilliant!
0001294D: He called it the worst thing that could be done to anyone.
0001294E: Alexius found a way to top it.
0001294F: I agree with him. But this is hardly an improvement.
00012950: Alexius always hated the Rite of Tranquility. He thought it was proof of the South's barbarity.
00012951: Alexius is a monster. He deserves to die. Painfully.
00012953: Those gifted with magic, so feared that the mundanes destroyed their minds.
00012954: He must have known this man was a mage once.
00012A89: Pray tell, what meaning does our elven "expert" sense lurking behind this?
00012A8B: The inhabitants of this temple may not appreciate guests.
00012A8C: You two look like you're about to kiss when you argue.
00012A8D: We can send for historians once peace is brought to this forest.
00012A90: None we can discern by staring at it.
00012A91: We can study this later.
00012A92: You'd make such a cute couple.
00012A94: Agreed.
00012A95: 'Tis time we pressed forward.
00012A9A: My clan set statues of the Dread Wolf outside our camp. They're meant to frighten harmful spirits.
00012A9B: Maybe it tells a story.
00012A9C: Some chantries display statues of Andraste's betrayer Maferath as part of the Chant.
00012A9E: My clan had Fen'Harel statues.
00012AE2: It might fulfill a similar function. A reminder of vigilance for the faithful.
00012AE3: Perhaps. I thought the ancient elves above quaint superstitions.
00012AE4: Still, so long as the wolf's jaws cannot close around us, we may pass safely on.
00012D2A: Let us take the path already open, Inquisitor. Do not sully your hands.
00012D2B: Maker, guide us past this place.
00012D2C: Never mind.
00012DD6: My research uncovered many strange claims about elven ruins.
00012DD7: Such as?
00012DD8: Tell me some.
00012E68: This is all above me. But bring me the tools, and I'll stand to the last.
00012F1E: Someone should. Mock me as you wish.
00012F22: How kind of you to lend your thoughts to those your people slaughtered.
00013161: Of course, that appears to be the climate of the day.
00013162: What were you hoping the Lord Seeker would do, exactly?
00013163: Must there? Rebellion seems popular in certain quarters, doesn't it, Seeker?
00013164: There must be sense to it that we can't see.
00013165: What did you want him to do?
00013166: I can't begin to guess the Lord Seeker's mind. He could not have abandoned his intended role more completely.
0001326C: Combo Points
0001326D: Belt Slots
0001326E: Movement Speed
0001326F: Class ID
00013270: Armor
00013271: Health
00013273: Fire Resistance
00013274: Physical Resistance
00013275: Cold Damage Bonus
00013276: Spirit Resistance
00013277: Physical Damage Bonus
00013278: Nature Resistance
00013279: Electric Damage Bonus
0001327A: Cold Resistance
0001327B: Fire Damage Bonus
0001327C: Damage Bonus (All)
0001327D: Creature Health
0001327E: Level
0001327F: Guard
00013280: Creature Armor
00013281: Attack Percentage
00013282: Damage Resistance (All)
00013283: Electrical Resistance
00013284: Defense Percentage
00013285: Maximum Health
00013286: Maximum Level
00013287: Minimum Level
00013288: Level Offset
00013289: Scale
0001328A: Focus
0001328B: Maximum Focus
0001328C: Mana/Stamina
0001328D: Maximum Mana/Stamina
00013292: Creature Counter 3 Regeneration
00013293: Skill Points
00013294: Attribute Points
00013295: Ability Points
000132EC: Put aside his war against the mages and find common purpose against something much more dire.
000132FC: Main-Hand Damage
000132FD: Off-Hand Damage
000132FE: Combat Experience Points
000132FF: Barrier
00013300: Guard (2)
00013301: Guard (3)
00013302: Guard (4)
00013303: Creature Counter 3
00013304: Super Armor
00013305: Nature Damage Bonus
00013306: Spirit Damage Bonus
00013307: Cunning
00013308: Attack
00013309: Consumable Regeneration
0001330A: Critical Damage Bonus
0001330B: Defense
0001330C: Magic
0001330D: Strength
0001330E: Dexterity
0001330F: Barrier Regeneration
00013310: Barrier Max
00013311: Guard Max
00013312: Guard (2) Max
00013313: Armor (3) Max
00013314: Armor (4) Max
00013315: Attack Abstract
00013316: Constitution
00013317: Creature Counter 1
00013318: Creature Counter 2
00013319: Creature Counter 3 Maximum
0001331A: Critical Chance
0001331B: Magic Damage Bonus
0001331C: Melee Damage Bonus
0001331D: Ranged Damage Bonus
0001331E: Defense Abstract
0001331F: Defense Displacement
00013320: Effect Modifier
00013321: Willpower
00013322: Effect Resistance
00013323: Force Modifier
00013324: Force Resistance
00013325: Health Regeneration
00013326: Noisiness
00013327: Player Counter 1
00013328: Speed Modifier
00013329: Threat Modifier
00013330: Offense
00013331: Leather
00013332: Metal
00013333: Wood
00013335: Defense
00013336: Core
00013337: Crafting
00013338: Cloth
00013339: Utility
0001333A: Two-Handed Weapon Upgrades
0001333B: Staff Upgrades
0001333D: Dagger Upgrades
0001333E: Armor Upgrades
0001333F: One-Handed Weapon Upgrades
00013342: Shields
00013343: Armor
00013344: Accessories
00013345: Two-Handed Weapons
00013346: Staves
00013347: Upgrades
00013348: Helmets
0001334A: One-Handed Weapons
0001334C: Daggers
0001335D: That's the knight-vigilant. The Lord Seeker told us he died at the Conclave!
0001335F: Then the Lord Seeker is either a fool or a liar.
00013360: The Lord Seeker lied. Maker help us.
00013361: I'm beginning to understand why I've never met an old templar.
00013364: Anyone here <i>not</i> a murderous bag of spit?
00013367: I've got some bad news for him.
0001336C: The old cut away to make way for the new.
0001336D: This man died of a sword thrust.
000133A1: [This choice is irreversible.]
000133C8: Select
000133C9: Restart
000133CD: Upgrades
000133D0: MAGE
000133D1: SKYHOLD
000133D2: A cosmetic upgrade that shows commitment to the utility of vigilance. The tower becomes a templar hold to rival any in southern Thedas.
00013519: Gather your party and venture forth?
0001351A: Return to the Ball
0001351B: Split up and return to the Ball?
00013647: Chest
00013648: <i>(Whimpers.)</i>
0001364A: What in the shuddering shit is going on?
0001364B: What in the living piss is happening!
0001364C: Andraste, Maker, anyone! Just get me out alive!
0001364D: How many of us have changed?
0001364F: What's the Lord Seeker done to us?
00013650: How far does this betrayal go?
00013651: I will undo my captain's lies!
00013660: Who knows how long the knight-vigilant has been dead? The knight-captain "relayed" his orders.
00013946: Damage
00013ADC: All Weapons
00013ADD: Bows
00013ADE: Mage Armor
00013ADF: Warrior Armor
00013AE0: Rogue Armor
00013B94: Inquisition, huh? I wish to Holy Andraste you'd gotten here sooner.
00013B95: These Tevinters make my shoulder blades itch.
00013B96: Tell me about yourself.
00013B97: Yes?
00013B98: Who are you?
00013BA0: Creature Barrier
00013BA1: Barrier Type
00013BC1: You don't like Tevinter?
00013BC2: Aren't you with the rebellion?
00013BC3: Name's Talwyn, formerly of the Circle of Magi in Hossberg.
00013BC4: We're all rebels now. The vote saw to that.
00013BC5: Be careful. The Tevinters likely aren't happy you're asking questions.
00013BC6: If you're not summoning demons, a mage tower's a fine place to be.
00013BC7: There are still some of us who are loyal in the empress's court.
00013BC8: How did the grand enchanter end up working with Tevinter?
00013BC9: The majority wanted to dissolve the Circles. The rest of us went with them or were cut loose.
00013BCA: If you were happy in the Circle, why are you here with the rebels?
00013BCB: I figured I'm better off with my fellow mages than on my own.
00013BCC: You're not happy with this new alliance?
00013BCD: Tell me about the alliance.
00013BCE: Lived my whole life there, since I was ten years old and came into my magic. Three meals a day, quality education, a roof over my head.
00013BCF: I should go.
00013BD0: I'd leave while you can.
00013BD1: Goodbye.
00013BD3: Magic or no, I'd rather count myself among decent folk than stand with magisters.
00013BD4: It was a stroke of luck that's given us an edge... in a way. Out of the frying pan...
00013BD5: Something's not right about that lot. They're not like us.
00013BD7: One minute, we were bracing for the templars to attack. The next, we had a magister ally.
00013C07: Don't they use blood magic?
00013C08: But don't magisters summon demons and practice human sacrifice?
00013C09: You were just too good to be true. Loyal to the Divine, willing to forgive and forget with the templars.
00013C0A: We're with Tevinter now. People respect <i>every</i> mage.
00013C0B: I'm here because I believe mages deserve their freedom.
00013C0C: People don't like the idea of us controlling their thoughts, but they have no problem with us throwing fireballs in <i>their</i> wars.
00013C0D: Don't ask what Circle tower I'm from, because we're done with that. We're all free mages now.
00013C0E: We don't need your kind here. Your Inquisition's just templars by another name.
00013C0F: Linnea. I'm not surprised you don't remember me. You were the perfect apprentice, and I barely passed my Harrowing.
00013C10: I never meant to make you feel bad.
00013C11: No one wants us to look at them and say, "Their mages are free, and the world hasn't ended."
00013C12: I don't remember you.
00013C13: Who are you?
00013C14: And you are...?
00013C15: I want to help the mages.
00013C16: Go back to your templars. We don't need you.
00013C17: Right. And I'm the Empress of Orlais.
00013C18: Don't tell me you bought the Chantry's lies about how evil Tevinter is.
00013C19: You need me.
00013C1A: You're the "Chosen of Andraste." And I'm just me.
00013C1B: Forget it. The magister's not going to fall for you.
00013C1C: The Chantry says whatever they think will scare us. What's wrong with blood magic?
00013C1D: You'd rather bow to Tevinter than join the Inquisition?
00013C1E: Why does everyone think we're part of the Chantry? We <i>left</i> the Chantry. They hate us.
00013C1F: Tevinter's as big a threat as the templars. You're better off with the Inquisition.
00013C20: You were the one the first enchanter chose to send to stop the Conclave. I was the one he left here.
00013C21: I'm sorry I upset you.
00013C22: Really come up in the world, right? Marked by Andraste, ordering templars about. Must be nice.
00013C23: The Inquisition's different.
00013C24: I remember you. You were a few years ahead of me in the Ostwick Circle.
00013C25: Linnea. Just Linnea.
00013C26: And the Tevinters are better?
00013C29: All you Chantry types think the same way. "The Imperium is a great evil that must be avoided."
00013C2A: Tell me about yourself.
00013C2B: In Tevinter, the mages police themselves. It works.
00013C2C: I want to make sure we're never locked away in Circle towers again.
00013C2D: It's just because they're ruled by mages.
00013C31: There is no Maker. There is only Him.
00013C33: The magister needs more power for his rituals.
00013C35: Ahhh! Maker, no!
00013C36: No! Don't hurt me, Linnea. You know me!
00013C37: <i>(Screams.)</i>
00013C3F: We all have to learn to live with that.
00013C40: It's not your fault. It could've happened to any of us.
00013C41: That's terrible.
00013C46: That doesn't help! That's why people hate us.
00013C47: You know this, and still you demand freedom?
00013C48: It's a difficult thing, being hated for what you are. I know how it feels.
00013C49: That's the way the world is. We accept it or we fight it, but we can't change it.
00013C4A: Even calling yourselves Tevinter won't change that.
00013C4C: Why should we be caged for something that <i>might</i> happen? It's not fair!
00013C4D: Life isn't fair, darling. Grow up.
00013C4E: It's horrible to be hated. I'm sorry you have to live with that.
00013C4F: That will never change.
00013C50: Just stop. You don't know what you're talking about.
00013C51: In Tevinter, they would never take that away just because you're a mage.
00013C52: But—
00013C53: Exactly! Mages are dangerous!
00013C54: After what I did... I'm not even sure I should be here.
00013C55: You should talk to the magister. You're the rightful heir to Redcliffe.
00013CE1: Those bastards!
00013CE2: How can those bastards want a world like this?
00013CE3: No!
00013CE4: They want it to be just like the world of old Tevinter. Comforting, isn't it?
00013CE9: I am you.
00013CEB: Connor, no!
00013CEC: I am not a child! I can resist you!
00013CED: It was an act of courage. He knew there was no other way to resist.
00013CEE: Connor!
00013CFD: Should there be Circles?
00013CFE: Does that mean you support their freedom?
00013D08: The magister had the others "escorted" out, "for their own safety," but I refused. He can throw me out if he wants.
00013D09: Now I speak of Him, and the magisters laugh. Something has happened, and I dread to learn what.
00013D0A: Yet in all those Marches, they still acknowledged the Maker.
00013D0B: But the pendulum swings, and now it seems any restraint is too much.
00013D0C: Given a choice between the Circle and death, most mages willingly gave up some small freedoms for safety.
00013D0D: Until then, I tend to my flock.
00013D0E: I think they should have a chance to prove they deserve freedom.
00013D0F: The Imperium burned Andraste. Since then, we have led four Exalted Marches against them.
00013D10: Maker speed you, my child.
00013D45: I thought this was the stronghold of the rebellion. Why do you want the Circles back?
00013D46: I followed my first enchanter's lead, as I always have. She brought us here.
00013D47: It's been an honor.
00013D49: Let's talk about Tevinter.
00013D4A: I must be going.
00013D4B: The templars rebelling, the murder of the Most Holy. I can scarce live with the guilt.
00013D4C: I never supported this rebellion. I'm a loyal Andrastian, and I deplore the chaos this war has wrought.
00013D4D: I take it you don't support the Tevinters?
00013D4E: Who are you?
00013D4F: I'm sorry, I didn't get your name.
00013D51: Tell me you're here to reinstate the Circles and end this madness?
00013D52: Thank you for your time.
00013D53: Then what are you doing in Redcliffe?
00013D54: Then why are you here?
00013D56: Andraste's ashes! Never. They don't even sing the right Chant! And they sacrifice children. Don't they?
00013D57: I don't know how the grand enchanter could think of accepting their offer.
00013D58: I heard of your miraculous survival at the Temple of Sacred Ashes, and I am so honored to meet you.
00013D59: Hanley D'Urvain of the Cumberland Circle of Magi.
00013D5A: How can I help you?
00013D5B: Why do you want Circles?
00013D5C: The Inquisition! Thank the Maker you came.
00013D5D: The Circles voted. Rebellion won out. What was I to do, launch a counter-rebellion on my own?
00013E53: Templars came into the alienage and took me to the Circle. They didn't even let me say goodbye.
00013E54: You seem young to be part of this.
00013E55: Be careful.
00013E56: I was there when we voted to leave the Circle. She really seemed to care what we wanted.
00013E57: Everyone blames us. The templars left the Chantry, too. That's worse, isn't it? They took an oath.
00013E59: There was no other way! Do you think any of us wanted this? On the run, everyone hating us...
00013E5B: There has to be a way, right? We're not what they think: all blood mages and abominations.
00013E5C: When did the magister come?
00013E5D: It's hard to believe she'd go behind our backs and sell us to the magisters.
00013E5E: How long has Magister Alexius been here?
00013E5F: We just want to be normal. Have families. Use our magic to... to help grow crops or something.
00013E60: Take care of yourself. There's something strange going on.
00013E62: I want this war to end without sending you back to the Circle.
00013E63: I'm Lysas. I came into my magic when I was nine years old.
00013E64: You sound doubtful.
00013E65: Sometimes to achieve the world one desires, one must take regrettable measures.
00013E67: Hello again.
00013E68: I never thought the grand enchanter would swear to a magister.
00013E69: It's not right. I studied hard, I passed my Harrowing, I sing the Chant. But I'll be locked up for the rest of my life.
00013E6A: I... I hope you can do something. Tying ourselves to Tevinter...? That can't be the right way to end this.
00013E6B: Take care.
00013E6C: We never wanted war.
00013E6E: Yes. Mages should be free.
00013E6F: A day or two after... after the Conclave, he arrived. Come to save us from the wrath of the templars, they said.
00013E70: She was ready to rebel, but she wasn't going to unless it was the will of all mages.
00013E72: You don't approve of the grand enchanter's decision?
00013E73: No. You should be contained.
00013E74: Tell me about yourself.
00013E75: You don't like Tevinter?
00013E76: There are better ways than war to effect change.
00013E77: What choice did we have? Stay and be slaves?
00013E78: Is that so hard to believe?
00013E79: This rebellion is doomed. I offered your leaders a way to end it peacefully.
00013E7A: Were you really looking to <i>ally</i> with us?
00013E7B: Yet everyone calls it the "mage rebellion." We're the ones they hate.
00013E7C: You're from the Inquisition. I didn't think you'd still be here.
00013E7F: Lysas? Hello? Do you remember me?
00013E80: Poor lad. That's all he ever does, sing that song. I don't know what they did to him.
00013E81: He's been singing that same song for two weeks now. Alexius has a lot to answer for.
00013E83: His mind has been shattered. He says nothing else.
00013E84: Andraste blessed me, Andraste blessed me...
00013E85: He sings to feel better, but he's just gone. Ruddy nightmare if you're next door.
00013E86: His mind is gone. He can say nothing else.
00013E87: I know you.
00013E88: My tears are my sins, my sins, my sins...
00013E89: The magister would have done better to kill him. He is worse than Tranquil now.
00013E8D: Andraste blessed me, Andraste blessed me...
00013E90: There is no Maker. The Elder One has taken all that is His and will soon rule from His city.
00013E91: That still doesn't make him a god.
00013E92: There is no god but the Elder One. The Maker is dead! Say it.
00013E93: Never! I'll die a good Andrastian before living a second as one of you!
00013E96: <i>(Screams.)</i>
00013EC0: Of course, we called Tevinter. Who else would help us?
00013EC1: I voted for freedom, not to be annexed by Tevinter.
00013EC2: We're never going back. I'll die first.
00013EC3: I've been saying for years, mages gotta stick with mages.
00013EC5: We never should have left the Circles.
00013EC6: What was the grand enchanter thinking, inviting Tevinter here?
00013EE2: Ooh, very mysterious.
00013EE5: The note is unsigned. The boy feared his father might retrieve it.
00013EE7: The magister's son dropped that? Be cautious, Inquisitor. Family name is everything in Tevinter.
00013EEA: That from the magister's son? You really think he wants to help you?
00013EEC: Well, aren't we secrety.
00013EF0: Did the magister's son give you that? Why would he help you?
00013F01: We had to come to stop Corypheus. You <i>followed</i> me here!
00013F02: <i>(Sighs.)</i> Yes. So I did.
00013F03: <i>(Sighs.)</i> I should have known.
00013F04: This was their fault.
00013F06: They left someone behind. A handy guide, maybe?
00013F07: I didn't make them attack, Solas. They're the ones clinging to their pointless duty.
00013F08: How many centuries have they guarded this place? Only to be gutted for no good reason.
00013F09: She's worried about this Well, not Corypheus.
00013F0A: He's a guardian, trying to eliminate one group of invaders before the next.
00013F0B: Why not? Did he not seem honorable?
00013F0C: She seeks to protect the Well of Sorrows.
00013F0D: This would be our guide?
00013F0E: That's helpful, since Morrigan chased off on her own.
00013F0F: I thought ancient beings were supposed to be wise.
00013F12: You don't know that.
00013F13: Apparently humans aren't the only stubborn fools on this continent.
00013F14: That was unnecessary. A pointless waste of life.
00013F17: She turned into a bird!
00013F18: Mythal'enaste.
00013F19: Dear Morrigan left to use the Well herself, undoubtedly.
00013F1A: Such a waste. To live through eternity, only to end up like that...
00013F1B: Sleep, protect, serve. So little of them left, but still they were afraid to lose it.
00013F1E: He said the elves destroyed themselves, before my countrymen came along.
00013F1F: What else could we do?
00013F20: One stayed behind. Our guide, I suppose?
00013F21: Then perhaps you should have done the rituals, instead of blundering after the magisters.
00013F22: Pfft! How old could they be if they died so stupid? Right?
00013F23: I agree.
00013F24: Pointless, is it? This is their land, not yours.
00013F26: Then perhaps you should have agreed to his deal.
00013F28: Could that be true? I can hardly believe it.
00013F30: Target Health 0
00013F31: Target Health 5
00013F33: Target Health 3
00013F34: Target Health 8
00013F38: Target Health 1
00013F39: Target Health 4
00013F3D: Target Health 7
00013F3E: Target Health 2
00013F3F: Target Health 6
00013F43: Target Health 9
00014055: Recent, but was it the Warden? There aren't any darkspawn around here.
00014057: He's hiding...
0001405B: Recent. The Warden?
000140C0: Hooray, nothing. Warden-quest continues.
000140E8: We need to find Alexius. I'm sure he'll be in the nicer part of the castle. If there is one.
0001410C: One-Handed Handle
0001410E: Dagger Handle
00014110: Staff Blade
00014111: Greatsword Blade
00014112: Arms
00014114: Axe Head
00014115: Sword Blade
00014116: Two-Handed Handle
00014118: Bow Grip
00014119: Two-Handed Pommel
0001411A: Helmet
0001411B: Greataxe Head
0001411C: Legs
0001411D: Dagger Blade
0001411E: Bow Shaft
0001411F: Shield
00014120: Staff Element
00014121: Maul Head
00014122: Sword Handle
00014123: Armor
00014124: Staff Grip
000141AD: Have you heard from your nephew?
000141BA: What were they doing in the Western Approach? It's a wasteland.
000141BB: You just know that will end badly.
000141BC: Can you believe the Inquisition filled its ranks with apostates?
000141BD: It's true! The templars have returned to the faith!
000141BE: Why would the empress invite that elf woman?
000141BF: We can hope this is a sign of things to come.
000141C0: Not since his regiment joined the fighting.
000141C1: Is that him?
000141C2: Is that her?
000141C3: The only one to survive the Temple of Sacred Ashes, yes.
000141C6: It doesn't look like negotiations are going well.
000141C7: The Game, of course. Celene has something up her sleeve.
000141CA: Did you see Gaspard dance?
000141D4: So that was Andraste's Herald?
000141D6: I didn't expect the Inquisitor to be so delightful.
000141D8: He must have other endowments to make up for being such a dullard.
000141D9: The Maker certainly didn't choose her for her wit.
000141DF: If he prays very hard, perhaps Andraste will send him a better ally.
000141E9: Perhaps he thought the Inquisitor would make him look clever by comparison.
000141EF: Duke Gaspard has made a fortunate alliance.
000141F2: I wonder if the Lady Inquisitor agrees?
000141F3: He is fortunate. I wonder if the Lord Inquisitor feels the same.
000142CA: Light Armor
000142CB: Mace
000142CC: Staff
000142CD: Bow
000142CE: Amulet
000142CF: Greatsword
000142D0: Sword
000142D1: Ring
000142D2: Axe
000142D3: Maul
000142D4: Dagger
000142D5: Shield
000142D6: Medium Armor
000142D7: Belt
000142D8: Helmet
000142D9: Heavy Armor
000142DA: Greataxe
000142DB: Dual-Dagger Grip
000142DC: Greataxe Handle Upgrade
000142DD: Grip
000142DE: Bow Grip
000142DF: Mace Handle Upgrade
000142E0: Pommel
000142E1: Upgrade Bow Arrow
000142E2: Arms
000142E3: Longsword Grip
000142E4: Blade
000142E5: Grip
000142E6: Heavy Legs
000142E7: Staff Grip
000142E8: Greatsword Grip
000142F8: Help Dorian!
000142FB: Cole's in trouble!
000142FE: Blackwall's hurt!
00014301: Sera needs help!
00014303: Save Varric!
00014307: Help Blackwall!
00014308: Help Vivienne!
0001430B: Solas needs help!
0001430C: Help the Qunari!
0001430F: No! Varric!
00014310: Vivienne!
00014311: Bull!
00014312: Cole is down!
00014315: Solas is down!
0001431A: Bull's hurt!
00014320: Sera!
00014324: Blackwall, hang on!
00014329: Back me up!
0001432B: That had to hurt!
0001432F: Fall back!
00014332: Seeker!
00014335: Bull!
00014337: You all right, Dorian?
00014339: On our way, Solas!
0001433C: Solas!
0001433E: Hang on, boss!
0001433F: One more for me!
00014341: Cole!
00014343: Sure.
0001434A: Vivienne!
00014351: Inquisitor!
00014354: Blackwall!
00014355: Dorian!
00014356: Not good.
00014359: Eat dirt!
00014360: Right!
00014361: On it.
00014362: Help Cole!
00014365: They got Vivienne!
00014368: Hang on, Sera!
0001436E: Seeker!
00014376: Harlequin's Key
00014377: Torn Page
00014378: Hastily Written Note
00014379: How did a demon come out of this?
0001437A: Shattered Black Vial
000143C3: Solas! No!
000143C4: Wait, stop!
000143C5: You can't hurt me.
000143C8: Die.
000143CC: Dorian is hurt!
000143CF: Sera!
000143D0: I will.
000143D9: Solas!
000143DC: No!
000143DD: Vivienne is hurt!
000143E3: Blackwall is hurt!
000143E9: Dorian!
000143EB: Yes.
000143EC: Varric!
000143F1: Ow!
000143F3: Cassandra is hurt!
000143F4: Sera needs me!
000143F5: Help!
00014407: The Iron Bull!
00014408: It hurts!
00014409: Varric is hurt!
0001440E: Cassandra!
00014417: Blackwall!
00014418: Vivienne!
0001441A: The Iron Bull, no!
0001441E: All right.
0001441F: Goodbye.
00014420: Ah, Vivienne!
00014422: Cole is hurt!
0001442A: Of course!
0001442E: The Iron Bull is in danger!
00014437: Dorian!
00014438: Varric requires help!
0001443C: Away with you!
0001443F: Sera's in danger!
00014444: As you will.
00014445: I'm hurt!
00014447: So falls Vivienne.
0001444A: Blackwall has fallen!
0001444F: Fenedhis!
00014450: Varric is hurt!
00014451: Cole needs us!
00014454: Help Cassandra!
00014457: Fall!
00014458: Cassandra!
0001445D: Sera is wounded!
0001445E: I need help!
00014464: I must retreat!
0001446D: Dorian's in danger!
00014471: We must help Blackwall!
00014472: Certainly.
00014479: Iron Bull is down!
0001447A: Enough!
0001447E: No! Hold on!
00014484: Say goodnight!
00014485: Bull!
00014486: Sera!
00014488: Certainly.
0001448B: Dorian, no!
00014493: I can't do this alone!
00014495: Cole!
00014499: It's dead.
000144A0: That's not good!
000144A6: As you wish.
000144AC: The Bull's down!
000144AD: Blackwall!
000144AE: Wake, Sera!
000144B7: Get up, Varric!
000144BD: I'm overwhelmed!
000144C4: Varric!
000144C6: Poor thing!
000144C7: Cassandra!
000144C9: Blackwall's fallen!
000144CB: Solas!
000144CE: Inquisitor!
000144D5: Cole is down!
000144D6: Save Solas!
000144D7: Seeker!
000144D8: Falling back!
000144D9: Dorian!
000144DC: Done.
000144E4: Help Dorian!
000144E7: Help Cassandra!
000144E8: Help Vivienne!
000144EB: Hold on, Cole!
000144EE: Hold on, Bull!
000144F0: Someone help Sera!
000144F1: Blackwall needs help!
000144F4: Solas needs help!
000144F6: Varric!
000144F7: Vivienne!
000144F8: Cole!
000144FA: Cassandra!
000144FB: Solas!
0001451E: Bull!
00014526: Cassandra!
00014528: Varric!
00014529: Bull!
0001452E: Solas! Damn it!
00014530: Cole!
00014531: Sera!
00014532: Dorian!
00014533: Madame Vivienne!
00014536: Solas! I told you to stand back!
00014537: The Bull's been hurt!
00014538: Foolish lad doesn't know what's good for him!
00014539: Seeker! Don't move! Help is coming!
0001453B: I knew all those laces were going to get her into trouble!
0001453C: Varric! Why'd you have to taunt them like that?
0001456E: Blackwall! Oh, shit!
00014570: She's got Elfy!
00014572: Madam fancy pants is down!
00014574: Big guy fell!
00014575: Seeker!
00014576: Dwarf hit the dirt!
00014578: Creepy is down!
00014579: Creepy's in trouble!
0001457C: How's she got Bull?
00014581: Piss! Vivvie's up a creek!
00014582: Dorian!
00014584: It's got Varric!
00014586: Elfy! Get up!
000145B7: Varric!
000145B9: Sera! That looks like it hurt!
000145BC: Cassandra!
000145BF: Vivienne!
000145C0: Solas!
000145C2: Cole! Oh, not good!
000145C4: Bull!
000145C5: Warden!
000145C8: Varric! This is bad!
000145C9: Someone help Cole!
000145CB: Vivienne!
000145CD: The Bull is down!
000145CF: Damn it, Solas! Hold on!
000146A6: He and Celene aren't getting anywhere. It's obvious.
000146BF: Is it true the Inquisitor was handed out of the Fade by Andraste?
000146C3: Where has that servant gone? Elves. Always shirking their duties.
000146C4: Are all the De Launcets here?
000146DB: Were we just attacked by elves?
000146DC: Who <i>were</i> those elves? They didn't look Dalish.
000146DE: They do not look like Dalish or city elves.
000146DF: Uh-huh. But they don't look like any elves I've ever seen.
000146E0: No, not at all.
000146E1: They're no friends to the templars, that's for sure.
000146E2: Strange-looking ones, too. At least they hate red templars.
000146E3: Pfft. Not for long, we weren't!
000146E4: Elves wielding strange magic, at that. Could you feel it?
000146E5: Weird-looking, though.
000146E7: They fought unlike any Dalish I have ever seen.
000146E8: Yeah. Dalish are a lot more chatty.
000146E9: Did you feel that aura? Everything they wore dripped with magic.
0001471A: Lady Fifi and Lady Babette de Launcet, daughters of the Comte de Launcet.
00014731: This is a sad place, filled with old pain.
00014735: It is far, <i>far</i> too quiet.
00014737: There are similar places in Tevinter. Notice how you feel it in the back of your mind.
0001473B: There's power here—or was.
0001473E: People spoke here, and something listened, until it didn't.
0001474A: I shall leave the color to you.
0001474B: Blackwall. You look very... dignified.
0001474D: What, is there something—oh, ha ha. Eat it.
0001474E: Consider a scarf next time, a bit of color.
0001474F: Thank you.
00014750: Sera, what are you wearing? Are you sure it's dead?
0001493A: To those who followed her, yes.
00014977: It depicts the Dread Wolf, Fen'Harel.
00014978: Why would <i>this</i> be here?
00014979: Something wrong?
0001497A: In elven tales, he tricks their gods into sealing themselves away in the Beyond for all time.
00014AB6: Venatori agents!
00014AB8: The Venatori were watching this approach. They're organized.
00014B28: That must be the Venatori leader.
00014B3E: You know something.
00014B3F: Let's go.
00014B40: Tell me more.
00014B41: Go ahead. You must have a legend for us.
00014B42: We should move on.
00014B43: I did not expect to find a pilgrim here. A chanter, even less.
00014B44: A chanter? What's she doing here?
00014B45: Greetings.
00014B4E: How unusual. A chanter away from the Grand Cathedral.
00014B52: That's the bell. I should get back to the ballroom.
00014B53: Tricked by the Dread Wolf, as all the elven gods were said to be, trapped in a land beyond the Fade.
00014B54: Where are we in the temple?
00014B55: You admit lack of knowledge, and yet dismiss her so readily?
00014B56: About using the Well...
00014B57: If you know more about this, Solas, speak.
00014B58: Let's continue.
00014B59: You know more, Solas?
00014B5A: "Exiled to the Beyond"?
00014B5B: More Dalish tales, I assume?
00014B5C: You said this Mythal was worshipped as a goddess.
00014B5D: Tell me about Mythal.
00014B5E: I want to discuss the Well again.
00014B5F: Whatever the truth, all accounts of Mythal end the same: exiled to the Beyond with her brethren.
00014B60: So one assumes. What is a god but a being of immense power?
00014B61: The oldest accounts say Mythal was both of these, and neither. She was the Mother, protective and fierce.
00014B62: I do not dismiss her. I question her supposed divinity. One need not be a god to have value.
00014B63: That's all.
00014B65: Yes?
00014B67: Many Dalish believe this is why the elves fell from grace and their gods did not save them.
00014B68: Other paint her as dark, vengeful. Pray to Mythal, and she would smite your enemies, leaving them in agony.
00014B69: The dread Old Gods were nothing more than dragons, after all. They rise as Archdemons, and they die.
00014B6A: Or perhaps they were simply rulers slain by Tevinter. Who can say?
00014B6B: There are varied accounts of Mythal?
00014B6D: That is all I will say. This is not a place to stir up old stories.
00014B6E: Perhaps Mythal was a powerful elf, a ruler among her kind. History often plays storyteller with facts.
00014B6F: As you wish.
00014B70: More rituals? What are they for, do you know?
00014B71: What accounts?
00014B72: Do you know what this part of the temple was used for?
00014B73: Truthfully, I am uncertain Mythal was even a single entity. The accounts are... varied.
00014B74: What do you mean, "exiled"?
00014B75: Tell me about this ritual.
00014B77: In most stories, Mythal rights wrongs while exercising motherly kindness.
00014B78: "Let fly your voice to Mythal, deliverer of justice, protector of sun and earth alike."
00014B79: This altar... what kind of ritual is this meant to be?
00014B7A: What are these rituals?
00014B7C: This place seems less a simple temple and more... a complex, or a fortress. Like Skyhold.
00014B7D: You can always rectify that upon return, Inquisitor.
00014B7E: <i>(Chuckles.)</i> Much better.
00014B7F: But with more ambushes.
00014B80: 'Tis difficult to say. Corypheus's people clearly accessed some manner of tunnel.
00014B81: You've seen the elves here. They seem... odd.
00014B82: Who are these temple elves?
00014B91: I am sure of precious little these days.
00014B92: Indeed. Two things are possible.
00014B93: A more sensible question might be "why."
00014B95: With magic, anything is possible.
00014B96: History haunts us, Inquisitor. It seeks to resurface. Corypheus is but the first to arise.
00014B98: All I meant to suggest is that, if it does, I be the one to do so. I am willing to accept the consequences.
00014B9B: You? The champion of good?
00014B9C: You would not be the first, I assure you.
00014B9E: A fair point. We cannot know for certain... yet.
00014B9F: You said you want to preserve old powers. To what end? What will you do with them?
00014BA0: Is that even possible? How?
00014BA2: Let us turn our attention to hunting your enemies, shall we? Discussion of the Well can wait.
00014BA3: There is a struggle to control the world's future path. Can you not see it?
00014BA4: Why do you want this power?
00014BA5: How can you not care what the consequences are? Even Corypheus seems to.
00014BA6: Kieran is... a strong lad. He will thrive, with or without me.
00014BA7: You'll accept any consequence?
00014BA8: How do you know the Well of Sorrows isn't a source of evil? After all, Corypheus seeks it.
00014BA9: What if this power is evil?
00014BAC: Don't be overconfident.
00014BAD: You're not telling me the whole truth.
00014BAE: For all the evil that was, there is also good. I will fight for it. I must.
00014BAF: You seem awfully certain of yourself.
00014BB0: An opportunity to use the Well may not even arise. I understand this.
00014BB1: I don't want you to be so eager for this unknown power you ignore its dangers, Morrigan.
00014BB2: What if something happens to you? What about your son?
00014BB3: Could it be true?
00014BB4: The second appears unlikely, but if true, the implications are astounding.
00014BB5: I'm worried about you.
00014BB6: I'm having trouble picturing you as the champion of all that is good in ancient magic.
00014BB8: <i>(Sighs.)</i> I see.
00014BB9: Any consequences?
00014BBB: I am not a child grasping after a toy. I understand the risk of what I seek.
00014BBC: What about your son?
00014BBD: Are you sure of that?
00014BBF: You'll accept any consequence?
00014BC0: You'll accept any consequence?
00014BC1: Then you are looking for something I cannot provide.
00014BC2: Whatever the truth, the guardians successfully kept the temple a secret. They must kill all who enter, even the Dalish.
00014BC5: I don't believe you.
00014BC8: One, this is a group of Dalish separated from their brethren. Cultists. Fanatic in their desire to keep humans away.
00014BC9: Two, these are elves descended from the ancients, having resided here since before the fall of Arlathan.
00014BD5: A whole age ago?
00014BD7: Great-Aunt Lucille always did love a party.
00014BDB: What brightened the minister's spirits?
00014BDE: Our name carries a great deal of trust in Antiva. I spent weeks arranging a string of favors as suitable recompense.
00014BDF: Are you still friends?
00014BE3: You talk often then?
00014BEF: To parties? How many am I getting?
00014BF4: Only seventeen this month, I'm afraid.
00014BF8: I enjoyed my freedom.
00014BFC: I don't recall seeing you at any of them.
00014BFD: There's scarcely a noble house that hasn't openly pledged its support to us.
00014BFE: A common peril among nobility no matter where one goes.
00014C00: It was a nightmare.
00014C01: Considering I've never seen him smile before, we should consider it a coup.
00014C03: His wife informs me the bann still sleeps rather... poorly.
00014C04: Do you remain close?
00014C05: I'd swear our families have met before.
00014C06: He's more impressed by a dragon than the ancient darkspawn controlling it?
00014C09: Heraldry is a passion of mine.
00014C0B: Are you doing this for Antiva?
00014C0E: Apparently satisfied, the merchant extended me an invitation to her estate.
00014C12: Leliana greeted me in place of the merchant.
00014C18: Despite our fame, we're low on steadfast allies. We must aim for more.
00014C1C: If anything, the alliances I forged there may help our current cause.
00014C1E: It seems terrifyingly long ago now.
00014C22: The Nevarran minister was greatly impressed during his visit.
00014C24: Attend one ball, and you'll fend off invites for a dozen more.
00014C25: What prompted the reunion?
00014C2B: We've gathered many favors among the nobility. They will be gently reminded of this.
00014C2C: She enjoys revisiting our more disastrous adventures. Leliana used to concoct the most ridiculous plans.
00014C2F: He might take you up on it.
00014C31: What exactly happened?
00014C32: An affair with a minor lord. Perhaps. Most other details are lost.
00014C34: I accepted, once she finally explained what it was.
00014C3A: That reminds me. The "Herald of Andraste" has received several invitations from the curious.
00014C3E: None in particular. Our guests are well pleased with what they've seen.
00014C40: How strong are your past loyalties?
00014C42: Will we have other causes?
00014C44: Bann Vigard of Ferelden is visiting. An honor, to be sure.
00014C46: The Montilyets were forbidden from trading with Orlais. Our personal fortunes never quite rebounded.
00014C4B: Agreed. But I would prefer we did not relieve the Nevarrans of the notion just yet.
00014C4C: I doubt it, but the injunction persists.
00014C4D: I'm also first in line to become the head of House Montilyet, though my siblings attend to our mercantile affairs.
00014C4E: I believe he finds something... romantic about our attempt to slay Corypheus's dragon.
00014C54: Perhaps. Everyone of distinction in the Free Marches attends Lady Trevelyan's summer balls.
00014C59: I hated the scheming.
00014C5B: His lordship spent half a year with his lands under siege by darkspawn during the Fereldan Blight.
00014C5F: Do you think the Inquisition will continue after we seal the Breach?
00014C60: Ah... no. These days, our vessels are a touch more modest.
00014C64: I discovered my family had been overcharging a merchant we traded with for months.
00014C66: I was too awkward.
00014C6C: Shouting?
00014C6D: There was a scandal in Val Royeaux, more than an age ago.
00014C71: We met... let me think... we met the last few years of my schooling, but we became friends after I became ambassador to Orlais.
00014C72: Essentially. Orlesian politics are full of these unhappy little missteps, Inquisitor.
00014C79: Now she collects secrets and takes risks that would make empires tremble. I worry, but she will not hear it.
00014C7C: "Modest in temper, bold in deed."
00014C80: Please, don't.
00014C82: I had the great honor of serving Antiva's Crown as an ambassador to Orlais.
00014C86: Once?
00014C8A: We once sent entire fleets across the Waking Sea.
00014C8F: Please show no alarm if you hear shouting in his quarters at night.
00014C90: What does your family do?
00014C92: I would never have given up my position if I did not intend to fully commit to the Inquisition.
00014C93: Cassandra's family features heavily in them.
00014C96: Are you saying your family's livelihood was ruined because of a love affair no one even remembers?
00014C98: But not Corypheus?
00014C9A: We began as merchants. My ancestors founded the first trade routes to Rivain.
00014C9D: How exactly did you and Leliana reconnect in the Inquisition?
00014C9F: Leliana used to wander the Orlesian courts singing the sweetest songs, charming the greatest wits.
00014CA0: You know the Trevelyan family motto?
00014CA5: We cannot fall back on borders. Antiva is as threatened as any country by the rebellions.
00014CA6: Run if you ever see her with a twine ball, a measuring stick, and a handkerchief.
00014CAA: What business are the Montilyets in, exactly?
00014CAB: Does Leliana confide in you?
00014CAE: There was nothing romantic about what that dragon did to our camp.
00014CAF: Does anyone in Orlais even remember what that scandal was?
00014CB1: He should join in, then.
00014CB3: It holds a certain cachet for Nevarrans. Their legends are full of heroic dragonslayers.
00014CB7: I was less than sterling company when I was younger.
00014CB9: Wait, you don't even know?
00014CBE: What did you do before coming here?
00014CC2: It was a test, of sorts.
00014CC6: The food was peppered with too many attempts at matchmaking for my tastes.
00014CC8: We could extend the minister an invitation the next time we root around for a high dragon.
00014CCA: But not anymore?
00014CD6: Yes, but she's grown so much more distant than the outgoing woman I met in Val Royeaux.
00014CD9: You said the Montilyets used to run an entire trading fleet. What happened?
00014D58: Look, it's not the killing blow that's the problem.
00014D59: There are still darkspawn. Just because we killed so many in Ferelden doesn't mean they're gone.
00014D5A: We can speak later.
00014D5B: Why were you traveling alone?
00014D5C: How do you kill an Archdemon?
00014D5D: And the world is not so peaceful that there's no use for good men with swords.
00014D5E: I know what Corypheus is. He has no sway over me.
00014D5F: For the last thousand years or so, it's been just "Find darkspawn. Kill them. Repeat as necessary."
00014D63: Wardens are in all the stories. If it was that easy, anyone could do it.
00014D64: Besides, I've always been a loner. Works best for everyone that way.
00014D65: No, it really is that simple. Just because the Archdemon is magic doesn't mean it can't be killed with swords.
00014D66: You haven't had contact with other Wardens for a while. Why were you on your own?
00014D67: It's getting the dragon to the point where it's vulnerable, where it actually <i>can</i> be killed.
00014D68: Do you find that odd? The Blight is over. We don't need an organized force.
00014D6A: As you wish. I'll be here if you need me.
00014D6B: This is something you can't tell me. I get it.
00014D6C: The Blight's been over for ten years. What do Wardens do when the world's not ending?
00014D6D: Where have the Wardens gone?
00014D6E: So you have no idea where the rest of the Wardens are?
00014D6F: Sometimes you have to figure out for yourself what the pledge to protect others really means.
00014D70: What do Wardens do?
00014D71: It can't be that simple.
00014D72: Fine, keep your secrets.
00014D73: Ah, the Wardens? I'm afraid we're less exciting than we seem.
00014D74: It just... has to be a Grey Warden sword.
00014D75: Have you been hearing the Calling, too?
00014D76: How do the Wardens deal with Archdemons?
00014D77: Short answer? Stick it with swords until it stops moving.
00014D78: Let's continue this at another time.
00014D7A: Tell me about the Calling.
00014D7B: And orders don't change much from day to day.
00014D7F: It's what I've always done. Recruitment only requires one man.
00014D81: It's not always about just Archdemons and Blights.
00014D82: There's no short answer for that, I'm afraid.
00014D83: That was a long time ago. Another life.
00014D84: I grew weary of fighting other men's wars.
00014D85: What did you do before you became a Warden?
00014D86: More or less. Becoming a Grey Warden... it was the first time I felt like I mattered.
00014D87: So you have a past.
00014D88: We can continue this discussion at another time.
00014D8B: Where are you from?
00014D8D: There are other things on my mind.
00014D8E: It doesn't matter anyway.
00014D8F: You weren't always a Warden.
00014D90: We all need to believe there are such men in the world. I needed to believe I could be one of them.
00014D91: I hear that many Wardens were once criminals.
00014D93: Let's discuss something else.
00014D94: So you became a Warden.
00014D95: Your name, "Blackwall," doesn't sound Orlesian. Marcher, then? Fereldan?
00014D97: Very well.
00014D99: Because they lay down their lives for those they have sworn to protect.
00014D9A: Why'd you become a Warden?
00014D9B: Compared to yours, my life will seem dull indeed.
00014D9D: Because they remember honor and sacrifice, words that have little meaning to the rest of us.
00014D9E: Let's leave the past where it is.
00014DA0: I was from the Free Marches, originally. Markham.
00014DA2: Never mind.
00014DA4: You're right. And when you join, your past is forgotten, so let's leave it that way.
00014DA5: The life I led before seems hollow in comparison. Perhaps one day it will fade away.
00014DA6: Why did you join the Wardens?
00014DA7: I was... a soldier, a nobody trained to wield a sword and follow orders.
00014DAA: Know much about Corypheus?
00014DAB: I still can't believe what they're doing. I thought I understood the Order. <i>(Sighs.)</i>
00014DAC: What's in Adamant?
00014DAD: Nothing good. Hearing the Wardens' plan was bad enough. Now we'll see it firsthand.
00014DAE: And the world would be better off if people focused on defeating evil—rather than explaining how it came to be.
00014DAF: Are there more like Corypheus?
00014DB0: Looking at it from where we stand, it seemed inevitable, but that could be hindsight.
00014DB1: Best case? We find a nightmare. Worst? We'll find a nightmare, then die painfully.
00014DB4: What do you think about all this trouble between the mages and templars?
00014DB5: That's enough talk.
00014DB7: Either way, I don't think the Chantry will ever recover.
00014DB8: It's been thousands of years.
00014DB9: You'd think the Wardens would have managed to kill the first darkspawn by now.
00014DBA: Not much. I always thought the stories of magisters corrupting the Golden City were just that: stories.
00014DBB: We should return to our duties.
00014DBC: No, I suppose they don't. They're unnatural and sustained by... evil.
00014DBD: As you wish. You are, after all, in charge.
00014DBE: Do you know if there are more darkspawn like Corypheus?
00014DBF: Why didn't you know?
00014DC0: How many of us actually saw it coming?
00014DC1: Let's discuss something else.
00014DC2: Enough about this.
00014DC3: It's odd that Corypheus lives?
00014DC4: I don't know. I'm not sure any Warden knows.
00014DC5: How much do you know about Corypheus?
00014DC7: Your thoughts on the war?
00014DC8: Corypheus stopped being human a long time ago. Darkspawn don't have human lifespans, do they?
00014DCA: I didn't expect them to be true, and I certainly didn't expect to find one of them still alive.
00014DCB: You don't have to know how a darkspawn came to be in order to kill it. We're soldiers, not historians.
00014DCC: Don't the Grey Wardens know everything about darkspawn?
00014DCD: What do you think we'll uncover in Adamant?
00014E7D: But, yes, we do have the Chantry. Or a version of it. Night and day, comparing it to yours.
00014E7E: If it's a fiction, that means mages do rule, then.
00014E80: Do mages truly rule there?
00014E81: Being a quaestor isn't a good thing?
00014E82: If you're a second-class citizen among a pack of piranha, however, your outlook changes.
00014E83: The Magisterium?
00014E84: Of course.
00014E85: <i>Can</i> anyone be a mage?
00014E86: Counting numbers and shuffling papers all day is better than many occupations, after all.
00014E87: Let me ask you something else.
00014E88: Thus the Archon gets invited to <i>all</i> the parties. The truest path to Tevinter influence, let me tell you.
00014E89: I find it strange that your mages don't rule anything at all.
00014E8A: Poor sods don't realize that means he'll be a quaestor at the ass end of the Hundred Pillars. At best.
00014E8B: Those seats are split among the Circles of Magi, the Chantry, and the major families—all mages now.
00014E8C: So they hold out hope. "Someday, my son or my son's son will be a mage. Someday."
00014E8D: It seems strange that an entire empire would be ruled by mages.
00014E8E: I want to ask something else.
00014E90: I digress. Anything in particular you wanted to know?
00014E91: More importantly, commoners believe it can. Tevinter legend is chock-full of mage heroes from humble origins.
00014E92: What are you, then?
00014E94: Is that true?
00014E95: If you're not a mage at all, you're soporati. That's "everyone else." We do love our fancy words.
00014E96: If you're not a magister, then what are you called? No special title?
00014E97: I want to ask something else.
00014E98: Let me ask you something else.
00014E9A: What is the Magisterium, exactly?
00014E9B: Strange? Why are you less qualified to rule than some tart with a fancy crown?
00014E9C: So many questions.
00014E9D: All right, that one's actually true, but the cows didn't have wings.
00014E9E: What about the Archon?
00014EA0: Yes and no.
00014EA1: I'm an altus, which is almost as good as a magister, depending on who you ask.
00014EA2: Ah. Yes, everyone outside the Imperium always seems quite fascinated by it.
00014EA3: The upper house of the Imperial Senate, and the only part worth having a seat on.
00014EA4: If you're not from the right family, chances are you don't rule anything. Maybe you're even a slave.
00014EA5: Even so, he gets to appoint new magisters, which means all the families vie madly for his favor.
00014EA6: The Black Divine?
00014EA7: Is blood magic common?
00014EA8: You people aren't supposed to talk about the Black Divine, are you?
00014EA9: Upper class. Those families who trace descent from the Dreamers, the first prophets of the Old Gods.
00014EAA: Could Tevinter be an ally?
00014EAB: It's odd that outside the Imperium, you use "magister" like it applies to every Tevinter mage.
00014EAC: Do you really call him the "Black Divine"?
00014EAD: If you're a mage and you're not altus, then you're laetan. Lower class.
00014EAE: There's an Imperial Chantry, isn't there? With its own Divine?
00014EAF: The Imperium has a Chantry?
00014EB0: Popular topic. Anything specific?
00014EB1: Fair enough.
00014EB2: Let me put it this way: mages do rule, but not all mages are equal.
00014EB3: Is it really that different?
00014EB4: Just how often is blood magic used there?
00014EB5: Probably why they come up with so many ridiculous tales. Flying cows over Minrathous? Madness!
00014EB6: I imagine the average non-mage likes to think so.
00014EB7: That's all I wanted to know.
00014EB8: And an altus is...
00014EBA: I've never heard of an "altus."
00014EBB: I'm wondering if the Imperium would be a useful ally.
00014EBC: The idea that anyone <i>could</i> be a mage, however, keeps the masses placated.
00014EBE: Well, yes... technically he can overrule laws passed by the Magisterium, but that never happens.
00014EBF: If you mention him outside the Imperium, people make that face. Like you're urinating in public.
00014EC0: Is the Imperial Chantry so different from ours?
00014EC1: <i>(Chuckles.)</i> Actually, the fiction in the Imperium is that mages <i>don't</i> rule.
00014EC2: Is that bad?
00014EC3: I thought the Archon ruled over the Imperium.
00014EC4: Technically. The potential runs mostly in bloodlines, but it's been known to happen.
00014EC5: That's it.
00014EC6: But mages do rule.
00014EC7: The Magisterium rules. That magisters are all mages is considered a... convenient technicality.
00014ECA: Tell me about your past.
00014ECB: That's it for now.
00014ECD: I was a bard—an Orlesian spy—for many years.
00014ECE: I trained to be a spy from a young age, learned from the best.
00014ED6: After the Blight, the Divine called on me to oversee her personal network.
00014ED8: Can you teach me to be a bard?
00014ED9: The bard's is an intricate dance where a smile can be sharper than any dagger.
00014EDC: We can always talk later.
00014EE2: For a while, I was wildly happy. I loved the thrill of that life, the danger, but nothing lasts forever.
00014EE3: I should leave you to your work.
00014EE5: What did you do before you worked for the Divine?
00014EE9: I'd like to be a bard.
00014EF0: She presented me with my own network of spies and said I was the only one she could trust.
00014EF2: It involves a keen understanding of politics, the ebb and flow of influence. The Great Game.
00014EF4: Being a bard is so much more than being a spy.
00014EFB: I went into hiding, and when I emerged, the Divine called on me.
00014F00: Me?
00014F12: You have a history with the Warden who ended the Blight, don't you?
00014F17: We can continue this conversation later.
00014F1C: It made her human. I think her followers responded to that.
00014F1F: She saved you?
00014F23: That's a bit shady.
00014F25: You met the Hero of Ferelden?
00014F2B: It sounds like you did some unscrupulous things as the Left Hand.
00014F33: Morrigan can be a powerful ally. Just never forget that she's here because she wants something.
00014F36: I've made friends and, on occasion, enemies. It's unavoidable.
00014F3A: We were in love. Even in the midst of all the chaos, I was happy. Truly happy.
00014F3B: I'd like to hear about Justinia. What was she like?
00014F3E: No, no, wait. <i>(Laughs.)</i> She hates it when I say that. I saved myself. She just showed me it was possible.
00014F40: I had the privilege of calling her "friend" before she died.
00014F42: We'll talk later.
00014F47: I may never know her intentions, but I'll always be grateful.
00014F4C: What do you know of Morrigan?
00014F4D: I count him among my closest friends. I still write to him for advice when I can.
00014F54: And then she...
00014F55: She's changed. She used to be so... disagreeable. Cruel. She said things just to hurt people.
00014F57: She would spend time in meditation at the chantry, and she seemed to like my stories.
00014F58: I haven't heard from her in some time. She just... disappeared. I try not to think about what might have happened.
00014F59: I first met her when we were traveling with the Hero of Ferelden. We never really got along.
00014F5C: He saved us, did you know? I would have lost my love without Morrigan's child.
00014F5D: The "Hero of Ferelden." <i>(Laughs.)</i>
00014F5E: Like striking me down, for example. It's hard not to bear a grudge.
00014F5F: We never got along. I was young and had silly ideas.
00014F63: Tell me about Morrigan.
00014F6A: We traveled together in the early days of the Blight, but joining was a mistake.
00014F6E: The other one, the young man? He was a little surly.
00014F6F: I was beaten and imprisoned, but flesh heals. It was the memory of the betrayal that nearly defeated me.
00014F74: I had the privilege of calling him "friend" before he died.
00014F75: You know where I am.
00014F78: We spoke a few times. I seldom left the chantry, and we never became more than casual acquaintances.
00014F79: She is always in my thoughts, even when we're far apart.
00014F7D: He seems so normal, like any other little boy. And so polite.
00014F7F: Now the sharp edges have worn away. Perhaps it was Kieran.
00014F83: She's playing a long game. I've no doubt of it.
00014F84: What, exactly, does the Left Hand of the Divine do?
00014F85: The world seemed much duller after that. It still does.
00014F86: Did you know Hawke?
00014F8D: What is the Left Hand?
00014F8F: I suppose becoming a mother could change anyone.
00014F93: Tell me more about Justinia.
00014F94: Why do you say you were "broken"?
00014F97: I count her among my closest friends. She's probably the only person I trust completely.
00014F98: Not that I was expecting anything else. I mean... never mind.
00014F99: I saw more of the Hawke twins. Bethany in particular.
00014F9A: They say you spent some time in Lothering. Did you know the Champion?
00014F9B: Work with her, learn from her, trust her if you must, but never underestimate her.
00014F9C: I was used and betrayed by someone dear to me.
00014F9D: And then he...
00014FA1: He is always in my thoughts, even when we're far apart.
00014FA4: I met her at court a few years ago. We never got along. She inserted herself into the empress's confidences.
00014FA7: He hasn't replied to my letters in some time. I try not to worry about it. He can take care of himself.
00014FAC: Be wary of her. Morrigan can be a powerful ally, but only when it benefits her.
00014FAD: A friend. A mentor. Like me, she had secrets, made mistakes.
00014FB2: So it's strength in numbers.
00014FB3: Seems like there's no way the people who contribute could even know what they're helping with.
00014FB4: Are you serious?
00014FB5: Doesn't this mean people think you're guilty of more than you actually do?
00014FB6: It's nice knowing other elves.
00014FB7: Anything else go bad? Like another Red Jenny turning on you?
00014FB8: So, do you take turns leading or something like that?
00014FB9: Well, as long as it works.
00014FBA: Nope.
00014FBB: Nope, still not making sense.
00014FBC: All over? Okay fine. Denerim for a bit. South. North. Wherever I want.
00014FBD: Where are you from?
00014FBE: So you're vandals, thieves, <i>and</i> murderers?
00014FBF: There are no connections you want to mention at all?
00014FC0: We'll talk later.
00014FC1: But if you're digging it up so you can wear it, that's just weird.
00014FC2: Don't keep secrets.
00014FC3: Everyone who wants to shove it to nobles who hide behind gold and silk. And hats, I guess.
00014FC4: But it's... fuzzy. I want to see if it's all <i>really</i> real. I just don't know if I want to <i>really</i> know.
00014FC5: "Important" people kill over imagined insults. I've made more than enough real ones, so no, I don't suppose it does.
00014FC6: That's why you'd be bad at it, and why I'm here.
00014FC7: Usually it takes considerable discipline. Hence my question.
00014FC8: Only when I'm boasting.
00014FC9: It's starting to sound like you're looking for something more.
00014FCA: Hey, someone wants to be angry about old debts, be angry. Be a terror that never lets an enemy forget.
00014FCB: Are you really sure of that?
00014FCC: It's complicated. I don't like complicated. Let's leave it at that. Maybe.
00014FCE: So, feel free to complain every time I point you to a hand up, because you'll still take it, right?
00014FCF: So, I'm selfish. It's all for me. Count yourself lucky, I guess.
00014FD0: I don't know! I just... I've got all this Chantry stuff in my head, and it makes sense, right?
00014FD1: I can play along if it works for you.
00014FD2: Well, it's not like that. It takes work. A bit.
00014FD3: Yeah, I know. Wipers, right? You better believe the ones with wipers deserve it right in the...
00014FD4: You have a choice? Hail the Inquisition. <i>(Laughs.)</i>
00014FD5: Shouldn't it?
00014FD6: So, where'd you hate cookies?
00014FD7: You're skilled. Who taught you how to use a bow?
00014FD8: Pish, pish, pish. A lot of people eventually get help or a laugh. Or maybe someone dead, if they deserve it.
00014FDA: That makes sense to you?
00014FDB: Embarrassed's the same as dead for some of them. Besides, assassin's a bard's job.
00014FDC: Free payday. And free blame, right? But whatever.
00014FDD: Right, maybe I just make it look easy in shite company. Fact still is, no teacher.
00014FDE: Yes, what about it?
00014FDF: No one.
00014FE0: So lots of little contributions add up in the background, like snowflakes that snap a branch.
00014FE1: Anyway, assassin's a bard's job, innit?
00014FE2: You don't want to play, don't play. That's simple too.
00014FE3: What? "We" lost so bad, there was nothing left.
00014FE4: I'm just interested in talking to an elf like me.
00014FE5: Well, it's a weave, right?
00014FE6: I think there's more to it than that. A few thousand years more.
00014FE7: Look, unless your baddies are rocks or trees, they have people they use. Cooks, squires... wipers.
00014FE8: You seem to find that satisfying enough.
00014FE9: Do you share the blame, too?
00014FEA: You're not like most of the elves I've met.
00014FEB: Good to know.
00014FEC: That seems too casual.
00014FED: So who decides who deserves it? You? By what authority?
00014FEE: I think the whole thing sounds like a scam.
00014FEF: You're mostly a criminal. Helping is only a side effect.
00014FF0: Not like Cullen and his pets. I mean, you miss, then you don't. Is it that hard to see when it's wrong?
00014FF1: See what?
00014FF2: Has a Red Jenny ever gone bad?
00014FF3: It never occurred to you that doing what you do should require some effort?
00014FF4: You pretend that's moral?
00014FF5: Never mind.
00014FF6: Probably best. Some are right arses.
00014FF7: Thanks, right? Or was that an insult? Suppose I could go barefoot and whine more.
00014FF8: Someone must be in charge.
00014FF9: You're no hateful arse. So far. I'd just get you with a pie or something.
00014FFA: I'm glad I met you before someone decided what I deserved.
00014FFB: No fun, that lot. They might plonk a noble, right, but only to raise another.
00014FFC: I suppose. Does it matter?
00014FFD: Well, anyway, the little people will be there when you need them, in a million little ways.
00014FFE: Was there ever a "Red Jenny"?
00014FFF: There's nothing to learn from any of that history?
00015000: I grease a ballroom, so a wyvern-chasing git has to hunt sprained. Strangely, handmaids leave his vault open.
00015001: How do you get anything done?
00015002: Which of this lot gave you straight answers? Not as many as you bloody well think, I guarantee.
00015003: His heirlooms pay off someone else. Maybe clean streets in Kirkwall, so someone else gets something else.
00015004: Anyway, sometimes I don't even do anything, and people think I did, because something happened anyway. That's good, too.
00015005: Good, right?
00015006: Most times, it's just fun. And embarrassed's the same as dead for some.
00015007: I expected people from you.
00015008: It's not mine, right? I mean, it is, but it's also everyone.
00015009: Where would I find one in alleyways anyway? Pfft.
0001500A: Is Red Jenny real or was she always just you and your "friends"?
0001500B: Who trained you?
0001500C: So you're also killers.
0001500D: Plus, I'm shite at singing.
0001500E: Oh, certainly, not a day's effort for the naturally gifted like us.
0001500F: Risky, yeah, but you like a bit of a tease.
00015010: To be clear, I'm not into that.
00015011: It's all good, innit?
00015012: I still don't get it.
00015013: We both know that'd be easier to believe if you were a totally different person.
00015014: There's a lot of tradition there. Should it just be thrown away?
00015015: That's all.
00015016: Seems like that should make it weirder.
00015017: Yes. "Don't do that."
00015018: What? Uh, sure. Like snow. I guess.
00015019: That seems unlikely.
0001501A: Sounds like a con.
0001501B: Mind you, you still have to be smart. Don't bet your life unless you're into that.
0001501C: You figure out what they wore on their deathbed, <i>you</i> wear it. Waste of time.
0001501D: Not if it works. I mean, "red" is scary because... blood. And Jenny is... look, nobody fears the "bunch of people who do random stuff."
0001501E: We annoyed some nobles. Does that really help all that much?
0001501F: How about the basics. Where are you from?
00015020: What?
00015021: There's no value in tradition?
00015022: How very Qunari of you.
00015023: Are you just about pranks and revenge, or is there more to it?
00015024: What?
00015025: North Wherever. Oh, we had fun on Street and/or in Local Tavern.
00015026: Well, it's not like that for other elves, I know that.
00015027: Not everything is easy to believe!
00015028: Where are the people you promised?
00015029: Again? It hasn't changed.
0001502A: If the mark's a right arse, yeah. But maybe pantsing and clearing his vault do the trick.
0001502B: I don't believe you.
0001502C: Numbers, yeah? An even spread is all it takes.
0001502D: Doesn't have to. Take it or don't. Imagine you're looting random crates if you like.
0001502E: You're saying "get over it"?
0001502F: Oh yeah? Interested, are you?
00015030: This doesn't seem like it would produce much in the way of results.
00015032: <i>(Laughs.)</i> Most I know couldn't find an arrow sitting on it.
00015034: After Lord Arsehole in Verchiel? Of course. He may have killed people, but that just means there's more who hate him.
00015035: Goodbye.
00015036: You're different for an elf.
00015037: I can make evasive jokes, too.
00015038: It's all fancy dress, not history.
00015039: I got that from the accent. Where in Ferelden?
0001503A: Do your pranks achieve much?
0001503B: What do you mean? To help people.
0001503C: No ties worth mentioning?
0001503D: If you say so.
0001503E: What does your group do?
0001503F: I expect more direct answers than that.
00015040: Just throw it all away?
00015041: There's nothing to lead. Put a few favors in, take a few out. Stop, and you cut yourself out.
00015042: I mean, the Dalish don't really know. They have stories, but that's all they are.
00015043: Not your team of doers. I mean the people gathering. Is that normal because it's religious?
00015044: None of it does in the city. That's why I'm not "like an elf."
00015045: Anything more to say about where you came from, aside from hating cookies there?
00015046: Is it an elf thing?
00015047: So? Some people don't even help by accident.
00015048: If I knew, they wouldn't be much use. That's sort of the point.
00015049: Do they even know what you do?
0001504A: It is. Mostly. Okay, fine, there's talk, and... I want to see.
0001504B: Oh, har-dee-har. All funny, you.
0001504C: Numbers, right? It don't have to be so complicated.
0001504D: Look, "dukey" cuts a stableboy's finger off for snagging a biscuit, he's eating an arrow for tea. <i>Deserves it.</i>
0001504E: Anyway, it just works. Most of the time. Friend of a friend and little hints.
0001504F: It's working for <i>you</i>. What, is every follower of yours a giant, who does all things and knows your every move?
00015050: Look, I'm not from anywhere. No home, no castle, a few friends.
00015051: It seems like it should be more complicated than that.
00015052: What? I picked it up here and there. Mostly it just makes sense. It's not like that for you?
00015053: Right, you will.
00015054: We'll talk another time.
00015055: Seems like there's more to it.
00015056: Hence? Look, I work at it. Practice. A little.
00015057: Well, yeah. I practice. Some.
00015058: Probably not Heralds.
00015059: Ferelden?
0001505A: "I did something, and something happened." That's a wish for some people.
0001505B: And maybe that's it. There's all this Andraste stuff going on and seeing it should help, right?
0001505C: Don't need to. Maybe some ask for a target, a note like. But maybe they plant something just to help mess with things.
0001505D: Not typically.
0001505E: Oh, you're from Wherever? I'm from North Wherever!
0001505F: Other than that, we stay out of each other's way.
00015060: Like that Solas, right? "Never be as good as we were." Well, who's <i>we</i>? I'm just fine.
00015061: I've got questions, right? And all this stuff is going on with the Chantry. Andraste.
00015062: Your great-grandfather's dead, why aren't you dead? You're throwing away tradition.
00015063: What about me?
0001506A: The truly great ones can keep their distance. They don't get attached to their people.
00015071: And the reason for that is...
00015072: I'm a businessman. My family has a seat in the Dwarven Merchants Guild.
00015079: In my spare time, I manage a spy network. And occasionally, I write books.
0001508A: Where are you from?
0001508C: That's all for now.
0001508F: I'm not clear on your line of work. You're a merchant?
0001509D: Bianca? She's one of a kind.
000150A0: Free Marches. Born and raised in Kirkwall.
000150A5: I got her off a guy in Darktown. Took me a week to pry his dead fingers off the stock.
000150AA: Why "Bianca"?
000150AB: You want to talk about me? I'm flattered. Also, inclined toward extravagant lies.
000150BE: If you've run a spy network, why is Leliana our spymaster?
000150C1: Complicated.
000150C2: Thanks, Varric.
000150C7: I found her in a barrel labeled "swag." The owner sold her to me for a ham sandwich and a pair of yellow ruffled pants.
000150CD: Are you from Ferelden? Orlais?
000150D5: Who is she named for?
000150DC: Where did you get that crossbow? I've never seen one like it.
000150DD: Me? I always wind up babysitting my informants and worrying about their families. We're in better hands with her.
000150E1: There was a girl, and I made a promise. Bianca is the only story I don't tell. Sorry.
000150F3: Merchants buy and sell goods. Businessmen buy and sell stores.
000150F4: She was such a sore loser. Ran off to the Deep Roads in a huff, and that was the last anyone saw of her.
000150F5: It's the one story I'll never tell. We'll just have to leave it at that.
000150FA: There was—or is—a girl. And I was sworn to secrecy. If the Carta or her husband finds out, it'll be bad.
00015101: I can't tell you.
00015105: Why not?
00015113: To be honest with you, she's just a better spymaster.
00015114: Could you do Leliana's job?
00015118: What do you do?
0001511B: I broke three dozen lockpicks and blunted nine saws opening that trunk, but it was worth it.
00015120: I won her from Paragon Smith Branka in a game of Wicked Grace.
00015121: Tell me about the crossbow.
00015126: There's a hidden shop in Kirkwall called the Black Emporium.
00015131: Funny story. I bought a salvaged ship and found her locked in a dragonbone-reinforced chest in the hold.
00015137: We know everyone there is to know.
00015138: If we want to be taken seriously, we'll need... well, everything.
00015139: What do you think of Leliana's work?
0001513A: I have no idea what Leliana is up to. That's a good sign, actually.
0001513B: Good to know.
0001513C: Do you want to know what the Arishok had for breakfast this morning? I think she can tell you.
0001513D: Josephine is ordering more Inquisition stationary. I think the new batch is covered in gold leaf and smug superiority.
0001513E: Let's discuss Josephine.
0001513F: She's a brilliant planner. Lots of potential. I don't know how experienced she is, but she'll go far.
00015140: We've got a pretty well-balanced organization.
00015141: He seems to be doing a decent job. He's starting to remind me of my friend Aveline, actually.
00015142: What do you think of our general?
00015143: She's pretty bored right now, and that's dangerous. Never leave your spies idle.
00015144: She scares me... mostly in a good way. At least I'm reasonably sure she's on our side.
00015145: She's good at what she does. If she quits the Chantry, she could make a killing for the Carta.
00015146: Cullen is acting like a doting parent. I think he might carry portraits of all the soldiers in his pocket.
00015147: Did you want to take over Ferelden? I think we might be able to conquer it just by looking east.
00015148: Tell me about Cullen.
00015149: You might want to keep an eye on Leliana. At this point, I think her secrets have secrets.
0001514B: How do you think Josephine is handling the job of ambassador?
0001514C: She'd fit in perfectly with the Merchants Guild. Too bad she's so tall.
0001514D: If there's anybody out there who hasn't joined the Inquisition, they're hiding under a rock.
0001514E: Whatever you do, don't ask Cullen to tell you about the troops. You'll be there all day.
0001514F: Someone needs to get her out of the fortress for a while. Take a walk or something. She's starting to twitch.
00015150: We've got a lot of work to do.
00015151: If you see Josephine running around in a panic, she's fine. I think she enjoys it, actually.
00015152: We've got a military that rivals some city-states.
00015153: I met Cullen back in Kirkwall. He's the only sane templar to come out of there.
00015154: I'm starting to get the feeling that this is all a warm-up before she takes over Antiva in a bloodless coup.
00015155: How is Leliana doing?
00015156: Back to work, then.
00015157: I'm a fan of diversification and all, but do we have the strength to handle major issues when they come up?
00015158: Find him a war or something. If he spends any more time in the yard drilling, Josephine will have him killed.
00015159: Understood.
0001515A: If this Inquisition thing doesn't work out, I may hire her to deal with the Merchants Guild. She'd own them before breakfast.
0001515B: You might want to find some tasks for her before she rearranges the war room again.
0001515C: He's been insufferably smug lately. You might want to tell him to watch his back. I think Leliana might shiv him.
0001515D: He needs more to do, honestly. Right now, he spends all day cleaning his armor with a lost-puppy look on his face.
0001515E: Meanwhile, Josephine has an entire team writing your polite refusals to dinner parties.
0001515F: If you find out, don't tell me. I think she'd have to kill us both.
00015160: She was a bard. Intrigue comes naturally to her. That should tell you pretty much everything you need to know.
00015161: Leliana is sending out so many message birds, we're starting to attract large cats.
00015162: Cullen's been working overtime getting the troops into shape. Reminds me of an old friend of mine.
0001529D: Please call Stella. Ask her to bring these things with her from the store: Six spoons of fresh snow peas, five thick slabs of blue cheese, and maybe a snack for her brother Bob. We also need a small plastic snake and a big toy frog for the kids. She can scoop these things into three red bags, and we will go meet her Wednesday at the train station
0001529E: Please call Stella. Ask her to bring these things with her from the store: Six spoons of fresh snow peas, five thick slabs of blue cheese, and maybe a snack for her brother Bob. We also need a small plastic snake and a big toy frog for the kids. She can scoop these things into three red bags, and we will go meet her Wednesday at the train station
000153B0: Butcher's Axe
000153B1: Dagger of Pain
000153B2: The Fledgling's Ring
000153B3: Serrated Blade
000153B4: Cassandra's Longsword
000153B6: Heavy Armor 1
000153B7: Sera's Armor
000153B8: Shield of the Ox
000153B9: Sera's Other Armor
000153BA: Helmet 1
000153BB: Lovely Ornament
000153BC: Blackwall's Greatsword
000153BD: Blackwall Armor 3
000153BE: Staff of Electricity
000153BF: Sera Legs 1
000153C0: Dagger of Agony
000153C1: Sera Legs 2
000153C2: Sharp Butter Knife
000153C3: Tree Trunk
000153C4: The Elder's Bow
000153C5: The Quickening
000153C6: Skull Crusher
000153C7: Helmet 2
000153C8: Amulet of Grounding
000153C9: Blackwall Armor 1
000153CA: Winter's Axe
000153CB: Striker's Grip
000153CC: Pathfinder
000153CD: Ornate Grip
000153CE: Summer Sword
000153CF: Blackwall Armor 2
000153D0: Poison Ward
000153D1: Anointed Mace
000153D2: Judgment
000153D3: Bannerman's Shield
000153D4: Staff of Accuracy (Cold)
000153D5: Firm Grip
000153D6: Staff of Cold
000153D7: Staff of Fire
000153D8: Blackwall Armor 1a
000153D9: Avvar Bow
000153DA: Sera's Bow
000153DB: Templar Shield
000153DC: Enchanter's Staff (Electricity)
000153DD: Decapitator
000153F2: Felandaris
000153F3: Iron
000153F5: Blightcap
000153F6: Deathroot
000153F7: Ambrosia
000153F8: Spindleweed
000153F9: Deep Mushroom
000153FA: Royal Elfroot
000153FB: Elfroot
000153FC: Embrium
000154AA: Sera Arms 2
000154AB: Sera Arms 1
000154AC: Heavy Arms 2
000154AD: Heavy Arms 1
000154AE: Heavy Arms 3
000155B8: I've never heard that phrase. Can anyone translate?
000155BA: This place is like a maze.
00015A07: Despite what's happened, my loyalty to the Inquisition has not wavered. My place is and always will be here.
00015A08: When will you leave us?
00015A0C: Are you still my spymaster? When will you need to leave?
00015A11: A Divine mage! The people of Thedas will welcome her with open arms, I have no doubt.
00015A12: Cassandra is still trying to... adjust to her new title. In time, I am sure she will settle in.
00015A76: But there is so much unfinished here. A new spymaster to appoint. And perhaps I'm not quite ready yet.
00015A7A: The grand clerics would love to bury me in ceremony while they prepare for my coronation.
00015A7F: When the time is right, I shall go to the Grand Cathedral for good. They can't know what they're in for.
00015AD2: The Conclave made an interesting choice in Leliana. Inspired by something, no doubt.
00015AD6: I could use your help again dealing with some Inquisition matters.
00015AD7: I need your help.
00015ADB: Cassandra is not settling into her new role with any grace, but that's hardly a surprise.
00015AFB: Having Cassandra on the throne will go a long way to calming things down.
00015AFC: I have to say, I wasn't surprised the spymaster was chosen.
00015B02: I didn't think it was even possible for a mage to be chosen. This'll anger plenty.
00015B35: It will be interesting, a Divine likely to punch heretics in the face.
00015B39: Frightening thought, a Divine with enough spies to know how often you piss.
00015B41: You can hear the collective gasps. A mage as Divine? It's like home, but with less blood magic.
00015BAA: Yes, Inquisitor?
00015BAD: Here if you need me.
00015BBB: Well met.
00015BC4: Still here. You need me for something?
00015C67: Still Waters
00015CCE: You were acquainted with my darling Hervé, weren't you? I still cannot believe he was allergic to bees...
00015D0C: My dear Maximillian... it took four chevaliers to hunt down the bear that killed him.
00015D0D: Maximillian swept me off my feet. It was such a scandal! A fourth marriage to a man almost half my age!
00015D0E: When my third husband, Pierre, lost his life to rossalia, I swore off marriage forever!
00015D0F: Laurent was the love of my life. You remember my husband? Poor darling, killed in the war with Ferelden.
00015D10: I still remember the day they came to tell me that my second husband, Philippe, was thrown from his horse...
00015D11: Poor, sweet Gerard! My fifth husband fell to his death from the bell tower of the Grand Cathedral.
00015E90: Then my eighth husband, Nazaire, tragically crushed by a cartload of fine handbags...
00015E91: I am still in mourning for my beloved Etienne. No one has ever seen such a violent tailoring accident...
00015E92: To this day, no one knows why he was up there.
00015E93: I told my seventh husband, Renard, "Never drink aquae lucidius on an empty stomach!"
00015E96: We should never have put in that rose garden. They are such drab flowers.
00015EA5: Three glasses poisoned him. But at least he died at Chateau Haine!
00015EA6: But enough talk of the past. Shall we dance?
00015EA9: Maker, I hope not!
00015EB1: Lady Nightingale makes me nervous...
00015EB2: We can only hope Celene prevails tonight. Gaspard will ruin us all.
00015EB4: What is Lady Pentaghast wearing?
00015EB6: Does anyone have a report on the casualties in the Dales?
00015EB7: It's been too long since I've had any word from Val Royeaux.
00015F21: Of course.
00015FA9: I told you, Philippe.
00015FAA: You should talk to Cullen.
00015FAD: Really? But... I shouldn't leave my post...
00015FAF: Philippe. The world is coming to an end. If we don't hear this story now, we'll never have a chance.
00015FB0: Is it true what they say? You're the Inquisitor, are you not?
00015FB3: Some of those might have gone a bit far.
00015FB7: The stories I could tell!
00015FBB: Good evening.
00015FBC: If you'd like, Commander Cullen could give you all the details of that battle. He's in the ballroom.
00015FBE: What about them?
00015FC1: Yes. And?
00015FC2: I'd wager I have better tales than anything you've heard.
00015FC4: Enjoy the party.
00015FC5: You're right. Thank you, Inquisitor. Let's go.
00015FC6: People exaggerate.
00015FC7: Of course.
00015FDC: Something you need, Inquisitor?
00015FE4: Good evening, Inquisitor.
00015FE5: Enjoy the party.
00015FE7: Inquisitor.
0001601E: Destination
0001601F: Difficulty
00016038: This place was something marvelous once. Now it is a shell, the shattered wreck of a fallen colossus.
0001603A: The Veil is thin here. Imagine the dreams if we stopped to rest.
00016051: Characters
00016067: Gold
00016068: Platinum
00016079: Obtained Trophy Bronto Head
000160E3: Did you see that knife-eared servant girl in the kitchen? The ginger?
00016196: Never mind.
00016197: My lord.
00016198: I need a distraction.
00016199: Think you can help out a fellow elf?
0001619A: Carry on.
0001619C: My lady Inquisitor.
0001619D: Milady.
0001619F: My lord Inquisitor.
000161A2: I think we can help with that.
000161A3: Could I get you to entertain the grand duke's men over there? Take them anywhere else.
000161BC: Does anyone really think the war will end tonight?
000161BD: Was that really the Herald of Andraste?
000161BE: I don't like that grand duke. Nobody should own as many hunting dogs as he does.
000161BF: I heard the Inquisition was here.
000161C0: Get these pastries out to the diplomats!
000161C1: The empress does.
000161C2: Maker! If I have to clean up another puddle...
000161C4: The duchess has asked for too many! I can't carry them all!
000161C5: You're too gullible.
000161C6: I thought she'd be glowing.
00016246: The "proper" authority failed.
00016247: Why can't we work together?
00016248: We're not so terrible.
0001627B: Maker's breath!
000162B9: Heavy Armor Set 15
000162BA: Heavy Armor Set 17
000162BB: Heavy Armor Set 5
000162BC: Heavy Armor Set 10
000162BD: Heavy Armor Set 7
000162BE: Heavy Armor Set 1
000162BF: Heavy Armor Set 3
000162C0: Heavy Armor Set 4
000162C1: Heavy Armor Set 6
000162C2: Heavy Armor Set 18
000162C3: Heavy Armor Set 12
000162C4: Heavy Armor Set 14
000162C5: Heavy Armor Set 13
000162C6: Heavy Armor Set 9
000162C7: Heavy Armor Set 11
000162C8: Heavy Armor Set 2
000162C9: Heavy Armor Set 8
000162CA: Heavy Armor Set 16
00016368: Is that the Inquisitor?
00016369: Ugh! There's the dowager! Don't make eye contact!
0001636A: Who was that Inquisition officer over there?
0001636B: Where are Alban and Colette?
0001636C: I'm so glad Maman did not want to attend! She always ruins everything.
0001636E: Who cares? Is that Marquis Etienne? He's fiendishly handsome!
00016371: He's not very good-looking, is he? Poor man.
0001637C: She wouldn't want to speak with a nobody like you anyway. Cow.
000163E2: Not as much as you do.
000163F4: Standards have fallen, considering most elves rarely achieve the lofty heights of a hovel.
00016429: Excellent. Let us proceed.
00016481: This could be worth checking out.
00016979: This place is unpleasant.
0001697A: Everything about this place feels wrong.
0001697C: Do you feel that chill in the air?
0001697D: Creepy.
00016981: It's full of fear.
00016982: Not lovin' this place.
00016983: A forbidding place.
00016984: Not the most pleasant spot, is it?
00016985: Ugh. Let's not stay here too long.
00016988: Right. Adventure. All part of the package.
00016989: This place is creepy.
0001698A: Let's not stay here too long, shall we?
0001698B: Creepy here, yeah?
0001698C: This place is creepy.
0001698F: This place? No fun.
00016991: Let's not linger here.
00016992: The sooner we're done here, the better.
00016993: Weird here. Bad weird.
00016994: Let's not linger here too long.
00016995: I don't like it here.
00016996: Anybody else feel something wrong?
00016997: This place makes my skin crawl.
00016998: What an unpleasant place.
0001699A: An unsettling place.
0001699B: Something is wrong. Pain or fear or sadness.
0001699C: This place is horrid.
0001699D: I wouldn't linger here.
00016A13: That might be useful.
00016A14: Will that help?
00016A15: That could be useful.
00016A16: Ooh, that's a thing.
00016A17: Hmm, will you look at that?
00016A18: Look there.
00016A19: That might be useful.
00016A1C: I think I see something.
00016A1D: Hmm, interesting.
00016A1E: What do you think of that?
00016A1F: Spotted, right?
00016A22: Could that help?
00016A24: Now <i>that's</i> interesting.
00016A25: Take a look.
00016A26: Why not try that?
00016A29: It's there for us.
00016A2A: That might be useful.
00016A2C: Fascinating.
00016A2E: What have we here?
00016A2F: Interesting.
00016A30: That looks interesting.
00016A31: How curious.
00016A32: This may prove useful.
00016A33: You after things like that?
00016A34: Interesting.
00016A36: Think that will help?
00016A37: We could use that.
00016C7A: Well that didn't do the trick.
00016C7C: It didn't work.
00016C7E: Ah. Nothing.
00016C7F: Didn't work, did it?
00016C80: That didn't work.
00016C81: No good.
00016C83: No good.
00016C84: No good, yeah?
00016C85: Hm. Didn't work.
00016C87: That didn't work.
00016C89: Have to try something else, I suspect.
00016C8B: Nope.
00016C8C: No, that isn't right.
00016C8D: No good.
00016C8E: Didn't work.
00016C8F: No. That's not it.
00016C90: Hmm, nothing.
00016C91: That didn't help.
00016C93: That isn't right.
00016C94: It's no good.
00016C95: Hm. Nothing.
00016C97: That didn't work.
00016C9A: That didn't work.
00016C9B: That didn't work.
00016C9C: Nuh-uh. Not happening.
00016C9D: We need to try something else.
00016C9E: That wasn't it.
00016CB7: Nugskin
00016D03: Primary
00016D48: The one off the garden? Statuette?
00016DCD: Codex Updated: {CUSTOM0}
00016DCE: Codex Unlocked: {CUSTOM0}
00016DCF: New Quest: {CUSTOM0}
00016DD0: {CUSTOM0} Operation Available
00016DD1: New Task: {CUSTOM0}
00016DD2:  - {CUSTOM0}
00016DD3: +{CUSTOM0} Gold
00016DD9: Quest Updated: {CUSTOM0}
00016E46: Uh-huh. Something funny about this.
00016E88: Well then.
00016E92: Leave. Now.
00016EF5: We'll be careful, but we need to figure out what's going on here.
00016EF6: It's worth investigating.
00016F07: I'll be watching for trouble. The sooner we leave this place, the better.
00016F08: This ball is a waste of time, like all Orlesian foolishness.
00016F09: Are we ready to move out?
00016F0B: What do you think of this?
00016F0C: Have you witnessed anything noteworthy?
00016F0D: Stay alert. We don't know where the enemy is hiding.
00016F0E: You don't seem to care much for the ball.
00016F0F: I don't suppose you'd like to dance, Lady Cassandra?
00016F10: Have you seen anything yet?
00016F11: Keep your eyes open.
00016F12: Care to dance?
00016F13: Let's find the Venatori collaborator and get out of here.
00016F34: Crumpled Letter
00016F35: {i}A letter written by a quick hand:{/i}

From everything you've told me, you must get out of Crestwood as soon as you can. I know it's dangerous, but I fear you'll have no chance at all if you don't attempt the trip.

My father said that taking Dead Man's Pass will guide you safely past those filthy highwaymen. If you come at dusk, you should be able to avoid the wolves too.

Hurry, my love.

00016F67: Nothing yet. I will let you know.
00016F6B: This is... hardly the time. We're here to find a killer, not... dance.
00016F6C: Now?
00016F82: Anything I should hear?
00016F83: What's happening? Anything I should know about?
00016F84: Having fun, Varric?
00016F85: I didn't realize you were famous. You have plenty of admirers.
00016F86: How's the party?
00016F87: You have a fan club.
00016F88: We can chat later. Just wait for the signal.
00016F89: We'll talk later.
00016FD8: Follow the Divine.
00016FDC: Get to the rift to escape the Fade.
00016FDD: Get to the Divine.
00016FE2: Protect the Divine from spiderlings.
00016FEB: Find a way to escape the Fade.
00017012: Alexius wields powerful magic. It seems to have altered reality. Something is very wrong.
00017013: Find a way back to Alexius's throne room.
00017015: Meet Felix in the chantry.
00017016: Help the strange mage close the Fade rift.
00017018: Go to Haven's chantry.
00017019: A Tevinter magister named Alexius has extended an invitation to Castle Redcliffe, but first his son Felix wants to meet in the village chantry.
0001701A: Find Leliana.
0001701B: Return to the war room.
0001701C: Approaching the mages at Redcliffe will require enough Power to make a proper impression.
0001702A: What exactly happened in the long-abandoned Chateau d'Onterre is a bit of a mystery. Perhaps exploring its darkest corners will uncover some truth—or treasures.
0001702B: Gain access to the Grand Balcony.
0001702D: Chateau d'Onterre
00017068: It is time to prepare for the final confrontation with Corypheus.
00017069: Doom Upon All the World
0001706B: Speak with the advisors in the war room.
00017076: Return to Haven.
00017078: Raise the flags in order of importance.
00017079: Gain access to Therinfal Redoubt with connections, then make an impression.
0001707B: Meet with the templar contact.
0001707E: Talk to Knight-Templar Barris.
00017080: The Breach is calmed, but the trouble is only beginning.
00017083: Travel to the Hinterlands to speak with Mother Giselle.
00017086: The Threat Remains
00017089: Search for Blackwall in the Hinterlands.
0001708A: One of Leliana's agents reported a man, calling himself Blackwall, dressed in full Grey Warden regalia and last seen travelling through the Fereldan Hinterlands. With so many Wardens disappearing in the wake of the Divine's death, this Blackwall should be questioned.
0001708B: The Lone Warden
00017097: Interact with the area pin
00017098: AreaPin
00017099: Interact with the Location Pin
0001709A: Find the Searchable Item
0001709B: SearchZonePin
0001709C: Location Pin
0001709D: LocationPin Journal Task
0001709E: To test Depth of Field, go to the Depth of field section of the test.  When you enter the trigger volume, the screen should become blurry.  When you leave the trigger volume, the DOF should be disabled and everything should be crisp and in focus again.
0001709F: Enter the Depth of Field area and then leave
000170A0: Depth of Field Test
000170B3: Trophy

Unknown monstrous beast taken in a hunt in Serault by Duke Emeric, 9:27 Dragon.

000170B4: Bear Trophy

Taken in a hunt in the Hunterhorn Mountains by Judicael II, 8:65 Blessed.

000170B5: Kordillus Drakon

Painted 1:27 Divine by Emilia de Rouvelle.

000170B6: Werewolf Trophy

Originally found in the Denerim Palace. Allegedly dated 4:37 Black.

000170B7: Bronto Trophy

A gift to Emperor Etienne I from Queen Valda Aeducan of Orzammar to commemorate the trade agreement of 7:80 Storm.

000170B8: The Art of the Winter Palace
000170BA: Deepstalker Trophy

Commemorating the expedition to the Deep Roads of Grand Duke Gratien and King Barran Aeducan, 8:31 Blessed. May the friendship of our two nations endure forever.

000170BB: Nug Trophy

From the Battle of Squealing Plains, 5:20 Exalted.

000170BC: The Lady of Regrets

For the wisest lady in all the land
The criers called, "Come one and all! To hear
Words like jewels, bright with meaning and grand

When all had come and gathered near,
The lady spoke, "Beyond us is a field
Empty of rightness and wrong. There you may
Find me, my soul unarmored, and my shield
Shrouded by my tears for those who yet say,
'No regrets.' Let sorrow water what's dear.
Wisdom cannot grow in the barren sand."

000170BE: Drake Trophy

Slain in a hunt in the Vimmark Mountains at Chateau Haine by Princess Leontine, 8:47 Blessed.

000170C2: Emperor Kordillus Drakon the Great

Carved by Juliette Coreau to commemorate the 800th anniversary of the foundation of the Orlesian Empire.

000170C8: Winter Palace
000170C9: The Servants' Wing

During her reign's fifth year, Empress Celene substantially expanded the palace servants' living quarters. They now encompass a large stretch of garden which the landscape architect Trenou designed; it is considered one of the finest examples of his style in Orlais.

—Excerpt from {i}Architectural History of Orlais, Volume 1{/i} by Elodie Ferrneau
000170CA: The Grand Apartments

This wing once served as a home-away-from-home for members of House Valmont's four cadet branches, but it has fallen into disuse since Emperor Florian's reign. The late emperor would not allow relatives more distant than his siblings into the Winter Palace; for years the entirety of the Grand Apartments was closed off.

—Excerpt from {i}Architectural History of Orlais, Volume 1{/i} by Elodie Ferrneau
000170CB: The Grand Library of Halamshiral

The Winter Palace's collection of book is one of the world's largest; only the library of the University of Orlais and the Imperial Palace library compare. Famed cabinet maker Gustav of Val Fontaine designed and built the shelves, the finest examples of his marquetry technique still in existence.

—Excerpt from {i}Architectural History of Orlais, Volume 1{/i} by Elodie Ferrneau
000170D1: Gaspard has issued threats of war and violence against members of the Council of Heralds.

000170D2: Halamshiral Investigation
000170D3: Gaspard has been secretly moving his troops into the Winter Palace during the ball.

000170D4: Briala has agents infiltrating the servants to investigate the disappearance of elves in the servants' quarters.

000170D5: Briala's agents appear to have murdered some of Gaspard's ambassadors and left the bodies in a closet.

000170DB: Lady M,

I need you at my side tonight. The unpleasantness in the royal wing has convinced me there is no safety within the palace. I do not expect my cousin to employ magic, but I would hardly be surprised if he provoked another infestation; since my court enchanter is not here to assist me, I must rely entirely upon you. There is no one else I can trust.


000170DC: Phillipe,

Move in on the western wing of the palace when I send you three shots of brandy. Not taking any chances.


000170DD: Grandchildren of Emperor Judicael Valmont I and Duchess Catrin of Hossberg

By Emperor Judicael II and Baronessa Emilia Campana
Crown Prince Etienne III 8:75 - 8:77
Crown Prince Leopold 8:75 - 8:77

By Emperor Florian and Margravine Justinia of Hunter Fell
Princess Evangeline 8:77 - 8:77

By Prince Reynaud and Duchess Clarisse de Montfort
Celene 9:04 - ?

By Princess Melisande and Duke Theodore de Chalons
Grand Duke Gaspard de Chalons 8:74 - ?
Grand Duchess Florianne de Chalons 8:87 - ?

000170DE: Halamshiral Investigation: Clues
000170DF: Clara — kitchen staff — entered servants' wing by main stair 1:30
Vernon — undergardener — entered servants' wing from hall 2:45
Sophie — chamber maid — entered servants' wing from hall 3:22
Marius — footman — entered servants' wing by main stair 3:45

Briala, we need immediate support down there. Something's gone wrong.

000170F7: New Clients
000170F8: To Master Kells:

The new client wants double the red lyrium shipped last time. The contact said it was for someone called Samson. I met him during the last trip. Got a templar feel off him, although the armor he wears doesn't look Chantry. Still, his coin's good, and he doesn't preach.

000170F9: Letter to Smugglers' Wagon Masters
000170FA: {i}Among the papers taken from the red lyrium smugglers in the Dales is a note from the ringleader to his lieutenants:{/i}

Beware that red lyrium. Our mage claims it's much more potent than the blue. "Like serving brandy in an ale tankard," he said. Two nights later, he went crazy, frothing and screaming. We had to lock him in the warehouse. Looks like lyrium madness, but comes on faster.

It's not all bad. Our new client, Samson, has his agents {i}buying{/i} anyone who gets sick—for gold. When they bought the mage, I asked why; Samson's people said, "To make something better of him." For what they're paying, he must have something bloody spectacular lined up.

Have the men be extra careful around the crates. Tell me if any come down sick. Keep the why to yourselves.

000170FD: To confirm: yes, I've heard the reports. The Inquisition is on the rise, but they'll be a toothless hound once our Master deals with them.

We stand between the enemy and Corypheus. He gave us what the Chantry never would: a second chance. I don't want to see a single man let him down.

Sow the lyrium. Let it follow where we walk, take root where we settle. Never forget that your footsteps—yours—mark Corypheus's path to victory.

General Samson
000170FE: Letter of Confirmation
000170FF: To Besen,

Maddox needs twice the usual red lyrium to modify my armor properly; taking over as the Vessel means it has to be perfect. Have the amount ready in three days, and you and your squad will get a chance to serve as Corypheus's honor guard.

My own proving goes on. When I first donned the armor, I thought I was drowning in fire. Without Corypheus to stop me, I'd have torn my own skin off. Now the armor's settled, I can march for days without rest, break a man like kindling. I'm finally fit to be the Vessel.

Maddox may come to you to work on my armor's modifications. If he gives you instructions about the lyrium, follow them to the letter. Treat Maddox like you'd treat me.

00017100: New Orders
00017103: Monthly Report
00017104: Master Kells:

Numbers are fantastic, ser. Trade's booming with all this lyrium showing up. Maybe it's red instead of blue, but people are still buying. That mage we picked up can look into what the color means; he needs to start earning his keep.

We have more coin on hand, too. No need to pay off some greasy dwarf since the red stuff isn't from the Deep Roads. Must be killing them; someone struck lyrium up here and they're not getting a piece.

00017105: To Paxley,

I've seen the transformations. It's a horror to watch your soldiers' faces change, to realize they might not remember you day-to-day; it's a sword in the guts. But the ones who make it through are near invincible.

Feed elfroot to the soldiers hurting, as much as they want. Beyond that, it's just waiting until they stop feeling pain. Remind them they spread the lyrium. It grows at our touch; with the "materials" I've sent, they'll grow enough for a dozen armies. It's proof we're on the right path, that any suffering is worthwhile. Remind them.

00017106: Letter About Lyrium
0001712D: Divine Justinia V
0001712E: Formerly the Revered Mother Dorothea of Orlais, Divine Justinia V rose to power after the death of Divine Beatrix III in the year 9:34 of the Dragon Age. Little is known of Dorothea's background before she joined the Chantry as an initiate, but she proved to be a liberal and daring thinker, willing to take a former bard and lay-sister, Leliana, as a close advisor. A headstrong devotion to her own agenda and rumored support of the mage rebellion earned her no small dislike from the powerful priests long used to controlling access to the Divine.

In the year 9:40 of the Dragon Age, Divine Justinia called a summit, intending to negotiate a truce between the mage rebellion and the templars splintered from the Chantry. The Divine Conclave was held at the Temple of Sacred Ashes, the most holy place in Thedas. Before a resolution could be reached, a cataclysmic explosion destroyed the Conclave, consumed the temple, rent the sky, and shattered the world's hopes for peace.

Divine Justinia V perished in the Temple of Sacred Ashes. The Chantry flounders, leaderless, in the wake of her death, and its fate grows increasingly uncertain. If order is not restored to Thedas, Justinia V might be remembered as the Chantry's {i}final{/i} Divine.
0001712F: Here was a poor refugee from Ferelden who came to the Free Marches fleeing the Blight.
00017132: The Champion of Kirkwall
00017135: I cannot tell you with any certainty if the Champion of Kirkwall will be present at the Divine Conclave.
00017138: I've heard the name "Hawke" on several lips this week. Many of us blame the Champion for the events in Kirkwall, which sparked a war and hurled all Thedas into chaos. But can we truly fault Hawke for what he did?
0001713B: Born the younger son of a minor noble family in the Fields of Ghislain, Jean-Marc Stroud had just finished training at the Academie des Chevaliers when he received word that his family had been killed, ostensibly by bandits. In reality, they were victims of the Orlesian Great Game. Ser Stroud's plan to find his family's murderers was cut short when the Grey Warden, Clarel, recruited Stroud on the advice of the Academie trainers, who did not wish to see a promising young chevalier throw his life away in fruitless pursuit of vengeance. Unable to refuse such a request honorably, Ser Stroud joined the Wardens and left his old life behind.

Warden Stroud has served the Grey Wardens with honor for decades. He is regarded as one of the finest swordsmen in the Order, combining his study at the Academie with years of fighting darkspawn alongside dwarves in the Deep Roads. Warden-Commander Clarel has tasked him with recruiting and training new Wardens; most young Warden warriors owe their skill to Stroud's mentorship.

Stroud prefers to travel in the Free Marches rather than Orlais, knowing his family history could cause him to become caught up in the Game, leading to accusations of political interference among the Wardens. He also has no strong opinions regarding mages or templars, although he believes both groups wrong to turn their back on the Chantry, which Stroud holds in some esteem.

—An intelligence report delivered to Leliana
0001713C: Ser Stroud
00017153: The Blight had ravaged the land for months; the armies of the great kings amassed for one last stand. As the sun burst through the clouds that boiled and churned in the dark sky, it illuminated a vast seething horde of darkspawn with the Archdemon at its head.

It was then—when courage seemed to fail and all lost to death and despair—that the Grey Wardens came.

They arrived with the beating of wings like mighty war drums and stood before the armies of men. The Grey Wardens, grim and fearless, marched forth, ever between men and the encroaching darkspawn. They formed a shield of their own bodies and held that line until the Archdemon was dead and the last darkspawn lay trampled in the dirt. Then, demanding neither reward nor recognition for their sacrifice, the Grey Wardens departed. When the clouds rolled back and the sun shone full upon the blighted ground, the great kings knew that they had lost no men, that none of their blood had been spilled.

This is a tale about no battle the Grey Wardens have fought and yet about them all. They have always defended us from the darkspawn, taking losses so we do not have to.

—Adaptation of a Grey Warden legend

The tale outlined above is widely told, although subject to regional variations. Free Marchers might substitute "great kings" for titles bestowed in their given city states. In Ferelden, the implied army of Wardens is sometimes replaced with two—representative of the national heroes who fought and defeated the Archdemon at Denerim during the Fifth Blight.

The "beating of wings" is a reference to the griffons the Wardens are said to have ridden into battle. Although griffons went extinct long before the recent Blight, they still appear in numerous stories; sometimes serving as a metaphor for the Wardens' unrestrained courage, but also employed to please an eager audience.

—From {i}Tales of the Wardens{/i} by Sister Manon
00017154: The Grey Wardens
00017157: Once these wastes were a land of plenty. Can you believe it? The rain came north over the Gamordan Peaks, turning the plains green and verdant for three months of the year. Eight hundred years ago, that changed. During the Second Blight, darkspawn spilled out of an enormous crack in the earth, corrupting it with their foul blood... and it never recovered, even after they were driven back underground. The Grey Wardens built Adamant Fortress to stand watch over that chasm, but eventually even they abandoned it to the wind and the biting sand.

What few of us eke out a living in this Maker-forsaken place do so knowing that any number of deaths await us: darkspawn raids, dragons, bandits—not to mention starvation from the lack of water and game. If we stay, it is because we know there are treasures buried in the bones of this place, ruins from the time when Tevinter ruled, and even earlier. We pass tales around our campfires of the things we have seen shrouded in the dust storms. My favorites are the ones about relics that could restore the Western Approach once more... but I don't believe them. Truth be told, on nights when the wind is calm, I can stand on a hilltop and see for miles in the moonlight over a stark beauty of which no other Orlesian can claim to know the equal. On those nights, I hope it will never change.

—From {i}Lands of the Abyss{/i} by Magistrate Gilles de Sancriste
00017158: The Western Approach
00017188: An Apology
00017189: {i}A hastily written note left on a guest room table:{/i}

Ma chère Colette,

I am very sorry, but we must depart sooner than anticipated. Night terrors seized my husband; he will not remain a moment longer. Honestly, I don't know what he's thinking, rushing us out of here so rudely.

I hope you will forgive me for not conveying my regrets in person, but due to the late hour we decided not to be a bother. I'm sure you understand.

Je t'embrasse,
00017194: Lord D'Onterre's Journal
00017195: {i}The journal entry is dated 9:27 Dragon:{/i}

That Circle templar is demanding another payment. Greedy bastard. Taking advantage of us all these years, because we wanted to preserve our good family name. He promised to silence the mage once returned to his Circle... but that doesn't protect us from the templar.

I wonder, though. Was it enough? No. The mage was strong. Even I could sense it. It was terrifying. There is no way the child could break through. She doesn't even have training. So long as she stays inside, everything will be all right.

No one will ever know.
00017196: {i}A book of superstitions. Several of the pages have been bookmarked:{/i}

How to Prevent Magic Formation in the Earliest Stages

Should mage blood run through your line, no matter how distant the relation, avoid conceiving in winter. While with child, sleep with dried embrium beneath your pillow to ensure good health.

Infants and most small children will show no signs of magic. However, you can purge the body of unwanted elements before they take hold. Place leeches on each of the child's limbs. When done, burn the leeches. Be sure not to inhale the smoke. Afterwards, wrap the child's limbs in cloth blessed by a Chantry sister.

A child showing signs of magic may be submerged in water until the breath is nearly lost. If magic is still weak within them, it will die before the child. Should the trouble persist beyond reason, certain talismans may suppress the child's skill.
00017197: Superstitions
00017198: {i}A torn diary page:{/i}

It's not fair. I want to go outside. I can hear the guests downstairs. Another party. There's always another party. Mother and Father bought me a present to make me feel better. To make me better. They're just trying to shut me up.

Cook's scared of me. She still calls me my sweets, but she's scared. Still, she hasn't told Father or Mother. She's afraid of me more than she likes them. I don't think Cook likes herself much either, these days.

I have a new friend now.

She understands me.

She'll help make things fair again.
00017199: A Torn Diary
000171BB: Despite widespread illiteracy, Tevinter's slaves have developed a series of small pictograms that they scrawl on walls or under furniture, hidden from their uncaring owners. Regional variations make deciphering them a unique challenge. In one city, the sign of a clenched fist means a murderous master. In another, the same symbol indicates a harsh slave owner but not one with a fatal temper.

The ruling class's general indifference to the moods and fears of their slaves make this pictorial argot an important method of communication. It is therefore all the more strange so many Tevinter comedies center around farcical misunderstanding of a sloppily written sigil, where witty slaves scramble to subvert blame in time to avoid beheading. Perhaps it comforts Tevinter's well-to-do to believe that their property is only this clever—and human—in fiction.

—From a lesson book by Besha of Rivain
000171BC: The Secret Tongue of Slaves
000171BD: {i}This crumbling parchment predates the Second Blight:{/i}

Aemil Valyn: Thievery
Iunia Talvas: Inciting dissidence (to be kept in isolation)
Gallus, Property of House Lartys: Conspiring to commit treason (given over for further interrogation)
Ciskera Atrius: Concealing a fugitive with full knowledge of his crimes
Quintin Naevar: Public indecency

Sentencing of all criminals to commence three days hence, upon the return of the Praetor.
000171BE: Ancient List of Prisoners
000171BF: Venatori Plans
000171C0: You'd do well to muzzle your doubt. Our information was passed down to Lucanus from Corypheus's most trusted servants. Be grateful you were chosen to come at all.

Think of the power locked in these wastes. We need only to find it. Once liberated, we shall never rely on tinctures of lyrium or crude bloodwork again. Is that not worth any risk, to become a little godlike ourselves? Tell me the thought holds no appeal. We must exhaust every lead, however faint it may be. To do less is to dishonor Him.

I must check our progress at Echoback Fort. I expect a full progress report upon my return.

000171E1: Those decrying our ambitions to reclaim our lands decry history. What was not once under the watchful eye of the Archons, the wisdom of the true Divine, or the justice of the Magisterium? Idle Orlais, graceless Ferelden, even vain Antiva were ours in ages past. Tevinter's imprint is present in every corner of their degenerate cultures, whether it be music, poetry, architecture, mathematics, or any art that stirs the human spirit. Were our empire to stretch its arms again, this tide of southern decadence would, at last, be stoppered and corrected by the superior minds of the Imperium.

—From Magister Leviculix Porenni's lecture to a gathering of his peers, 7:86 Blessed
000171E2: Ancient Tevinter
000171F5: Venatori:

The elves we fight are not Dalish. They are far more dangerous. The last of the red templars will form a bulwark against them. Head to the temple of Mythal; do not engage the Inquisition's soldiers. More important work lies ahead.

When our Master stood in the Golden City, He saw an absence requiring the hand of a true god. I will be the Vessel of His ascension, for the sake of our homeland. Remember that when the Elder One rises, so too will rise Tevinter, returned to the glory it squandered so long ago. This is why we are called together under His will; this is what we must seize or lose forever.

Hold yourselves high, Venatori. Today we are the hope of the Imperium; we will kindle a blazing fire in this dark and savage age.

Lady Calpernia
000171F6: Official-looking Letter
000171F7: {i}A letter, found on the body of a bandit who stole from refugees in the Hinterlands. The ink is smudged, and only a few sentences can be made out:{/i}

You can die pretending you'll earn back your soldier's honor, or you can do something with the skills that son of a bitch taught you. Spend some time with my boys. No one will know who you are in Ferelden. And it's not so bad. A little bit of smuggling, a little bit of extortion. You'll get used to it.
000171F8: Charred Paper
000171FD: Plant Crystal in Venatori Headquarters
000171FE: <i>Scrawled note from Arcanist Dagna to Sister Leliana:</i>


It's all ready. I tested out the crystal halves, and everything one half records, the other receives. Now your spies just have to find the camp, sneak into it, figure out where Calpernia works, hide the crystal there without getting caught, then sneak out. Piece of cake!

000171FF: Inquisitor!

I'm picking up conversations from the memory crystal we hid in Calpernia's camp! Leliana's reviewing what we've captured. She could tell you Calpernia's closest lieutenants, the last three books she's read, and her favorite tea. (It's mint.) Go listen when you have a moment!

00017200: Investigate the Shrine of Dumat
00017201: Inquisitor:

As I hoped, our forces have managed to handle many of the traps surrounding the shrine of Dumat; as I feared, we lost several good men and women in the process.

Given their losses, I am withdrawing our forces and placing them in covert positions in the surrounding countryside to watch for Venatori or any additional efforts by Calpernia to breach the shrine. I suggest you approach now, and discreetly. There will be no better time.

00017202: Charter:

Between research of our Tevinter texts, reports recovered from the Venatori, and casual questioning of the local villages, I believe we have tracked down the shrine of Dumat. Unfortunately, Corypheus is diligent about keeping his secrets: the opening to the shrine is surrounded by traps of a design we've never seen before.

There is no alternative: to breach the shrine, we will have to trigger the traps to learn their function. We may suffer losses, but the information inside will be invaluable.

I leave it to you to choose who to send on this mission.

00017206: Inquisitor:

While searching the quarry, my people found a letter from Samson about his red lyrium armor. It troubles me. Please see me when you have a moment to spare.

Commander Cullen
00017207: Sahrnia Quarry has been liberated from the red templars. Send people to investigate any leads on what Samson plans next.
00017208: Investigate Sahrnia Quarry
0001720C: Using Maddox as a lead, Cullen has begun to hunt down anyone providing equipment and supplies that Maddox might need for Samson's armor: lyrium, reagents, dwarven tools, and so on. Cullen is arranging patrols along roads and bridges for any sign of Samson's forces trading and moving equipment.
0001720D: Track Down Samson
0001720E: Inquisitor:

We tracked Samson's remaining red templars escorting a supply caravan to a hidden location in the wilderness. It could be his headquarters. I expect verification before the hour is over; I've already begun preparing a squadron of soldiers to accompany us.

Allow me to debrief you in person when your duties permit.

Commander Cullen
0001723D: Restore Judicael's Crossing
0001723E: Commander,

Repairs to the damaged bridge at Judicael's Crossing are complete, although we ran into some complications. The workers were spooked by sightings of dragons flying around the site, so we brought in Tamar for extra security. She did a good enough job, but next time I think we'll call in anybody else. That woman doesn't just frighten dragons, if you know what I mean.

Captain Mathis
0001723F: Ambassador Montilyet,

We, the members of the Orlesian Society for the Protection of Historic Architecture, would like to draw your attention to the deplorable state of Judicael's Crossing. The bridge was constructed in 8:56 Blessed as part of the festivities surrounding the first anniversary of the coronation of Emperor Judicael I, and for nearly an age, it has been considered the greatest triumph of Orlesian engineering. Now it lies in ruins, shattered by monstrous rebels of the Templar Order. You cannot allow this grave injustice to stand, Ambassador. The crown is too involved in its civil war to properly care for our historic landmarks, but the Inquisition will surely come to the aid of the people.

With hope,
Duchess Nicole de Val Montaigne

<i>In another hand, at the bottom of the letter:</i>


Can we handle this, please? I am receiving nineteen of these letters a day.

00017246: Province 4
00017247: Province 4 Complete
00017248: Province 4
00017249: <Need Content>
0001724A: Province 5
0001724B: Province 5 Complete
0001724C: Province 3
0001724D: Province 3 Complete
0001724E: Province 3 mission description.
0001724F: Province 6 Complete
00017250: Province 6
00017251: Province 6 Description
00017252: Title of Mission
00017253: Secrets After Action Report - this shows up when returning to the wartable after the mission has been completed if Secrets was chosen.
00017254: Mission Description - this is what shows up in the info panel for the mission before spending resources.

00017255: Forces After Action Report - this shows up when returning to the wartable after the mission has been completed if Forces was chosen.
00017256: Connections After Action Report - this shows up when returning to the wartable after the mission has been completed if Connections was chosen.

00017257: <Need Content>
00017258: Province 2 Complete
00017259: Province 2
000173A9: A Message from Blackwall
000173AA: There is little I can say that will ease this pain. Just know that while it hurt to leave, it would've hurt more if I stayed.

I am deeply sorry.
000173AB: Inquisitor,

You've been a friend and an inspiration. You've given me the wisdom to know right from wrong and, more importantly, the courage to uphold the former.

It's been my honor to serve you.
000173DA: If I heard correctly, you'd like to stop the rebel mages? We share a common goal.
000173DB: Did I hear correctly? If you're interested in bringing the templars to heel, you may have found an ally.
000173DD: I agree about stopping mages.
000173DE: I favor leashing templars too.
000173E0: The duchess has asked us to serve more of the ice wine.
000173E2: He was sent by Andraste. Of course he'd play the Game.
000173E3: Do we?
000173E5: We need more servers in the ballroom! Where is everybody?
000173E7: She speaks for the Maker, and He knows all. Of course she knows the Game.
000173E8: I expected someone taller.
000173E9: Both the empress and the grand duke look angry. This can't be good.
000173EA: I didn't expect the Inquisitor to be so well versed in the Game.
000173EB: Where is that lazy elf? I sent him down to the cellar for more wine hours ago!
000173EC: The band is still waiting for their refreshments.
000173EE: That doesn't bode well for the Chantry, does it?
000173EF: Duke Gaspard wants another bottle of brandy. We'd better have two or three at the ready.
000173F0: If the Inquisitor is here with Gaspard... does that mean Andraste wants him to be emperor?
000173F1: The empress will get us through this. Don't you worry.
000173F2: Quickly! We can't leave the De Launcets this long without drinks!
000173F3: Andraste's Herald doesn't seem very competent.
000173F4: I don't think the court knows what to make of this Inquisitor.
000173F6: How do things look out there? Are the negotiations over yet?
000173F7: She's going to empty the cellar!
000173F8: Has anyone seen Lucien? He was supposed to help the servers in the ballroom almost an hour ago...
000173FA: Is it my imagination, or are there more Inquisition honor guards now than there were before?
000173FB: Maker, that wine stain is never coming out...
000173FD: Be careful with that tray!
000173FE: I don't think the talks are going well.
000173FF: You're seeing things.
00017400: Her Grace's chamberlain has disappeared, as usual.
00017402: The Dowager is upset about the soup...
00017403: If it's the will of the Maker that Gaspard take the throne, Celene should abdicate.
00017404: Lord Varric, when shall we expect the next volume of Hard in Hightown?
00017405: My apologies. I didn't mean to bother you.
00017406: Gentlemen.
00017407: I didn't mean to intrude.
00017408: Lord Varric, I brought a few things for you to sign! Now where has that servant gone?
00017409: Master Tethras, I found some factual inconsistencies in your last book, and I've prepared some notes on the subject...
0001740A: How will you address the continuity errors in Hard in Hightown? Will you retract the entire print run?
0001740B: Master Tethras, your last volume of <i>Swords & Shields</i> raised more questions than it answered!
0001740C: I so look forward to your next serial! How many volumes do you think it will be?
0001740D: Do you have another volume about Hawke in the works?
0001740E: You must tell me, Lord Varric, will Mira and Carter wind up together?
0001740F: You should write a book that takes place in Orlais, Lord Varric! It would be marvelous!
00017410: You must write a new serial when this is over! Featuring Donnen running his tavern on the coast!
00017411: Lord Varric, you must give me your opinion on the books of Lady Chastain.
00017412: Why does your book about the Champion say so little about Prince Sebastian Vael?
00017414: I will get in touch with your Lady Nightingale. I have... assets... that might benefit your cause.
00017416: A sensible solution.
00017417: I thought you had forged an alliance with the rebel leader Fiona.
00017418: The rebels have been reined in. They will be kept under watch.
0001741B: Didn't you recruit them for the rank and file of your Inquisition?
0001741C: Someone had to remind them—sternly—of their duty.
0001741D: We have had enough of the pyres and the raids and the constant threat of violence.
00017421: My steward will contact your ambassador. I have skilled people who could be put to great use.
00017424: We will be in touch, Inquisitor.
00017425: Enjoy the ball, Inquisitor. I will contact you presently.
00017426: Inquisitor.
00017428: An invoice. For a shipment of slaves.
00017429: A sneaky rat-bastard slaver? That explains a bit.
0001742B: Vicinius was selling more than rose oil, then.
0001742C: A Tevinter slaver. How novel.
0001742D: Suddenly I'm less sorry he's dead.
0001742E: Shipment:

- Fourteen healthy males (elf): three literate, former scribes and bookkeepers; set aside for C
- Five healthy males (human): deduct twenty from one for missing hand.
- Ten healthy females (elf)
- Seven healthy females (human): two literate; set aside for C

Payment: 350 sovereigns, paid in full, +150 sovereigns (down payment for next month's shipment)

{i}A note is scribbled below:{/i}

Reserve more for next time. Lots of demand.
0001742F: Invoice for Slaves
00017434: Vicinius supplied them to the Venatori.
0001743B: Zhager,

Cancel that order for more field workers. Get me scribes, library slaves: the smartest you can find. They {i}have{/i} to be able to read and write. Former runaways are fine, so long as they were clever about it. This Venatori leader, Calpernia, is paying a fortune for our best and brightest stock, delivered to her personally. Don't ask me why.

One thing: don't send any with brands or whip marks. We had a couple branded slaves in the last shipment; her people sent the couriers back with burns on their faces. They said Calpernia doesn't take kindly to damaged stock. Strange tick for a magister, but her gold's good enough.

0001743C: Letter to a Slaver
00017440: Really? Most in Tevinter wouldn't bother to care.
00017441: It seems Vicinius angered Calpernia by sending her mistreated slaves.
00017443: Was that mercy, or anger at "damaged" stock?
0001744B: She was paying a fortune for literate slaves.
0001744D: Curious, when she already has an army of Venatori.
0001744E: Something's up. That sounds like recruiting to me.
0001744F: But she has the Venatori. Unless...
00017450: Why? What can slaves do that Venatori can't?
00017451: Unless these slaves were intended for a separate purpose.
00017452: What, a horde of these Venatori's not enough?
00017455: Perhaps dear Calpernia has something she wishes to hide.
00017456: Charred Notebook
00017457: {i}This charred notebook contains accounts, details of shipping routes, cargo manifests, and lists of contacts, all shuffled together. The last entry reads:{/i}

Remember: C's people arriving tomorrow to discuss new shipment. Must bring up incident with last courier being branded. Losing profits to keep them quiet. Good customer, but she's bleeding me dry. Ask for compensation.

Remember: find bottle of good Ghislain red for meeting with Inquisitor. Should be memorable.
00017640: Trophy Room Puzzle
00017641: Spindleweed is the ram's preferred food.
00017642: With the bait in place, the food chain can be completed.
00017643: Elfroot is the August Ram's preferred food.
00017645: Deep mushrooms are the nug's preferred food.
00017647: Spindleweed is the bronto's preferred food.
0001765C: Very well.
000176E4: A Letter
000176E6: Servants' Quarters
0001781C: Reports To Calpernia
0001781D: {i}These papers are dull at first glance: herbal recipes, trade manifests, droning descriptions of local wildlife. Leliana's code breakers deciphered their true purpose: these are messages from Calpernia's spies, hidden behind a cipher:{/i}

Managed to slip out another tome, copy the page, and return it before Lord Geresque was any the wiser. Corypheus's vestments definitely match the drawings of ancient Tevinter magisters, my lady. That much of his history seems true. —Veska.

We followed Corypheus and his trusted escort as far as we could, but again the traps defeated us. The shrine cannot be breached, my lady, not without alerting Corypheus. We will try other means. —Serapin.

From she whom you freed: greetings. Corypheus may have seen our faces on the last mission. It might be wise to send a new agent. We have a recruit from Vicinius's stock who could prove useful. —Rhiannon

You were correct, Lady Calpernia; without Samson to lead the templars, Corypheus relies even more on his Venatori. You are well placed. Again: we are not mages, but we stand with you if the moment comes. You are proof of what a slave can become. —Serapin
0001781E: This way is closed. Please use the main entrance to the ballroom.
0001781F: This door is sealed for the evening. Please move along.
0001786B: DECOR
0001786C: Personalize decor throughout Skyhold.
0001786D: BASIC
0001786F: ORLAIS
00017870: FERELDEN
00017872: What happened here?
00017873: None of these poor sods had knives or shit. Who'd do this?
00017876: Nobody should be out here but Grey Wardens. Something's very wrong.
000178E6: Warden Report
000178E7: Warden-Lieutenant,

I relayed your report of strangers setting up in the ruins. Warden-Commander Clarel says to leave them be. It won't matter what's happening up here when we march into the Deep Roads, anyway. Move all the scouts to Adamant and prepare for the assault.

Warden-Captain Alia
00017961: Awake, in a world twisted into perversion and ruin. Awake, only to discover the light of wisdom has gone black.
00017964: These are more memory crystals. Corypheus was recording his thoughts?
00017967: Another memory crystal. We've found Corypheus's diary.
00017968: The stones trap the words, like a mind. He wanted someone to listen.
00017969: I recited the old verses. How easily they come, even after so long a slumber.
00017971: Calpernia prepares to set foot in the place where regret dwells, to bring it into the light.
00017972: Yet still I do not feel the presence of Dumat—hear no whispers, no commands. Silence has fallen.
00017973: A slave girl who burned with potential, ignored by all save myself.
00017974: She cannot know what must be done, cannot understand. In time, she will forgive.
00017977: How does this age stand such desolation? They sing to a "Maker" who answers no prayers.
00017978: Her master did not see it. No one saw it. This world has gone craven and blind.
00017979: Once I have ascended, I will be their answer. I will be their light.
00017981: Samson has failed, but Calpernia stands ready.
00017A14: Jeannette,

Be careful bringing back the equipment from the university. Marcus saw some dangerous-looking folk skulking about in the caves near the road. Bandits, or brigands, or anti-intellectuals of some ilk. I do not know what they might want with us or our research materials, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

00017A15: Almost Illegible Note
00017A86: Follow Calpernia through the hole or perform the rituals.
00017A87: Reach the final blockade.
00017A88: Fight through the temple's inner sanctum to the Well of Sorrows.
00017A89: Enter the Temple of Mythal.
00017A8A: Journey deeper into the temple.
00017A8E: The temple's main defenses have been breached. Only Corypheus's lieutenant stands between the Well of Sorrows.
00017A90: Speak with the advisors in the war room.
00017A92: The power of the Well of Sorrows is in the hands of the Inquisition.
00017A93: Follow the Sentinel guide to the Well of Sorrows.
00017A94: Corypheus's lieutenant has entered the Temple of Mythal. Beat them to the Well of Sorrows at the temple's heart.
00017A95: Reach the first blockade.
00017A96: Reach the second blockade.
00017A97: Find a way deeper into the temple.
00017A98: The Inquisition's efforts have weakened Corypheus's attempts to stir unrest in Thedas. Now is the ideal time to strike. Consult the advisors to plan the next move.
00017A99: Complete the ritual to open the door.
00017A9A: Corypheus is massing troops in the Arbor Wilds, where a hidden temple holds an elven artifact known as an eluvian. Fight through the army to the temple.
00017A9E: Make it through the crypts.
00017A9F: Journey still deeper into the temple.
00017AA0: Stop Calpernia from using the Well of Sorrows.
00017AA2: Confront Abelas and use the Well of Sorrows.
00017AA4: Stop Samson from using the Well of Sorrows.
00017C54: Lyrium takes us all eventually—I'm just losing it all more slowly.
00017CD7: Camera Weight Modifier
00017D25: Yes?
00017D26: My second-in-command. He was a good man.
00017D27: When I heard he'd been caught, I was resolved to stop his execution.
00017D28: We met in a tavern when I was on the run. I was nothing, a waste of life, but he wanted to recruit me.
00017D2A: I need to know about Blackwall. The real Blackwall.
00017D2B: That's all for now.
00017D2C: The man on the gallows: Mornay. Who was he?
00017D2E: I have to go.
00017D2F: Who's Mornay?
00017D30: Who was the real Blackwall?
00017D31: I didn't think we had anything more to talk about.
00017D32: Couldn't let another die for my mistake.
00017D76: Heavy Plate
00017E28: You coward!
00017E2A: To arms!
00017E2B: I'll make you pay!
00017E2D: You'll burn for that!
00017E30: Damn you!
00017E31: How dare you?
00017E35: Drive them out of there!
00017E39: Kill them!
00017E44: There! Attack!
00017E46: Flush them out!
00017E4B: Serve your god well!
00017E4C: For the glory of our god!
00017E4D: <i>(Evil laugh.)</i>
00017E4E: <i>(Evil laugh.)</i>
00017E4F: <i>(Evil laugh.)</i>
00017E50: Templar! Prove your worth to our god!
00017E51: Go forth, soldier!
00017E52: Take charge!
00017E53: Templars! Honor your oaths!
00017E54: <i>(Evil laugh.)</i>
00017E55: <i>(Evil laugh.)</i>
00017E56: We shall destroy the heretics!
00017E57: You! Deal with them!
00017E58: To arms! Defend the honor of our god!
00017E59: Today we prove the power of the templars!
00017E6D: You bastards!
00017E74: Curse you!
00017E7E: You'll pay for that!
00017E80: Shit!
00017E82: Damn it!
00017EA2: Warden's Plate
00017EF9: Where are they?
00017EFA: I haven't seen anyone from Tevinter in the village.
00017EFB: They're all at the castle. Plotting, no doubt.
00017F65: What is it?
00017F68: Yes, my dear?
00017F69: Oh, darling, you look terrible.
00017F6B: I always have time for you, my dear.
00017F6C: Yes?
00017F70: Off to another crisis, my dear? It has taken its toll on you.
00017F72: What are your thoughts about the others in the Inquisition?
00017F73: How can you possibly oppose freedom for your own people?
00017F74: Can I assist you?
00017F75: How may I help you?
00017F76: Did you need something, darling?
00017F78: My dear, did you need me for something?
00017F79: Whatever is the matter this time, dear?
00017F7A: Inquisitor! What can I do for you, darling?
00017F7B: Do you need something, my dear?
00017F7C: Is there anything I can do to help your efforts at restoring the Circle?
00017F89: I wanted to ask you about the Circle of Magi.
00017F97: I want to help the Circle.
00017F9B: Tell me about the Circle.
00017F9C: Why oppose mage freedom?
00017F9D: Let's talk about our friends.
00017FEF: It's that rip in the Veil. You have to stay strong. Anything could come through.
00017FF0: I... I don't like this. Something strange is happening.
00017FF1: Demons in the countryside. Are these the end times?
00017FF2: What's happening?
0001800B: BED
0001800C: Change the centerpiece in the Inquisitor's quarters.
00018049: Guard Damage Bonus
0001804A: Barrier Damage Bonus
00018145: Class
00018146: Level
00018147: Bonus
00018152: Rogue
00018153: Level {CUSTOM0} {CUSTOM1}
00018154: Warrior
00018155: Mage
00018156: Choose drapes for the Great Hall.
00018157: THRONE
00018158: DRAPERY
00018159: Change the Inquisition's banners.
0001815A: Personalize the seat of power in the Great Hall.
0001815B: BANNER
00018168: Magic Defense
00018169: Ranged Defense
0001816A: Melee Defense
0001817D: Ah! Lord Rudalt de Lancre... I've seen you in his company before, no?
0001817E: A Grey Warden? Odd, your face is so familiar.
0001817F: I... don't think we've met, my lord. I'm just a Grey Warden.
00018180: Don't I know you from somewhere?
00018182: Ser Brion, chevalier, honor guard of the grand duke.
00018183: Around the eyes, especially. Perhaps without that beard...
00018184: More wine! It will come to me.
00018203: Gold Drop Bonus
00018204: Combat XP Bonus
00018205: Bonus Healing
00018206: Heal on Kill
00018207: Stagger on Being Hit
00018208: Bleed on Hit
00018209: Bleed on Being Hit
0001820A: Avoid Killing Blow
0001820B: Stagger on Hit
0001820C: Damage Bonus Against Humanoids
0001820D: Damage Bonus Against Dragons
0001820E: Damage Bonus Against Demons
0001820F: Staff Damage Bonus
00018228: Maximum Focus Bonus
0001823A: CHASIND
000182AD: We've located a templar vault containing the phylacteries of Circle mages.
000182AE: After the Circles fell, their libraries were plundered by scavengers.
000182AF: My sources have found another stockpile of phylacteries.
000182B0: I've heard rumors of more lost Circle tomes being found. Care to investigate?
000182CE: It's somewhere in the Nahashin Marshes.
000182CF: It's suspected to be hidden in the Western Approach.
000182D0: We believe it's in the Dales near Halamshiral.
000182D1: It's in the Fereldan Hinterlands, in the arling of Redcliffe.
000182E6: My lady, your actions of late have been troubling.
000182E7: I find myself wondering if you're truly the woman I thought you were.
000182EC: I don't think so.
000182ED: I'll send the location to the war room.
000182EE: If you're willing to assist us again, my dear, the Circle would be most grateful.
000182EF: Leave it to me.
000182F0: What are phylacteries?
000182F1: What do you intend to do with the phylacteries?
000182F2: Not this time.
000182F3: What's a phylactery?
000182F4: I'll do it.
000182F5: If the Inquisition is willing to help us retrieve these phylacteries, the Circle of Magi would be most grateful.
000182F6: What will you do with them?
0001830F: Did no one tell you? Some of your blood was taken when you first came to the Circle.
00018310: They are amulets containing the blood of Circle mages. Everyone who has belonged to a Circle has one.
00018311: When you passed your Harrowing, the templars took it from your tower to a secret location of their own.
00018327: QUNARI
00018328: DALISH
0001832C: TEMPLAR
0001832D: Or maybe you were wrong about who I am. Maybe you never knew me at all.
0001832E: It's not your place to ask me that.
0001832F: If those who love you best cannot question you, then who can?
00018330: Don't question me.
00018332: There were missteps.
00018333: I've made some mistakes. Everyone does.
00018334: Maybe you thought wrong.
00018337: You of all people should understand that.
00018338: What I know is that you're headed down a troubling path.
0001833A: Are they mistakes or the first few steps down a treacherous path?
0001834B: You know I've walked it. You've seen where it leads, but you don't seem to care.
0001834D: I'm not sure we're right for each other.
00018356: Things can change.
00018358: You're right. Whatever this was, whatever we were, was a fantasy. Best to end it here.
00018359: All right. I'm here. I'll stand by you as long as I can.
0001835A: If you can't or won't stand by me, then this is over.
0001835B: So be it.
0001835C: Things will be better, but I need your support.
00018382: It's done.
000183BC: A thousand years of recorded knowledge in the hands of bandits... It makes me sick to think of it.
000183BD: I've received news that some tomes have been located, if you are interested in righting this wrong.
000183D4: I'll find them.
000183D7: I can't help with that.
000183D8: I'll look into it for you.
000183D9: I don't have time to deal with that now.
0001849F: Your little problem has been taken care of.
000184A0: Your lost books have been found.
000184A1: If you had ever fled the Circle, they would have used it to track you.
000184A2: Your phylacteries have been recovered.
000184BC: The templars use them to track mages who flee or go missing.
000184BD: Now, with so many of the templars working for Corypheus or hunting mages for sport, the phylacteries are a risk to us all.
000184C1: If nothing else, they must be kept out of the red templars' hands... or many innocent mages will die.
000184C2: They are the best chance we have of finding Circle mages alive.
000184C3: I thought I might put them all in a big pile and jump into it.
000184C6: Really?
000184C7: No.
000184C8: And I prefer to find them quickly to make sure they remain that way.
000184CC: EPIC BED
000184CD: BED
000184CE: Thank you, my dear. I'll leave this matter in your capable hands.
000184CF: As you wish.
000184F7: We suspect they've been taken to the Western Approach.
000184F8: Our information suggests the tomes are in the Fereldan Hinterlands.
000184F9: If you can take care of this matter, the Circle would be in your debt.
000184FA: Rumor has it they're in the Nahashin Marshes. The conditions will be dreadful for delicate old books.
000184FB: I'll send my information to the war room.
000184FD: We believe they've been taken to the Dales.
00018505: A pity.
00018507: My dear, you are a treasure.
00018508: Thank you, my dear. This was uncharacteristically generous of you.
00018509: I never doubted you, darling. You always get results.
0001850B: Your assistance in this matter will not be forgotten, I assure you.
0001850C: I am pleasantly surprised at your help, my dear. It is much appreciated.
0001850E: Of course. What do you wish to know?
00018511: If the Circle disbanded, how can you still belong to it?
00018512: I've never been to the Montsimmard Circle. What was it like?
00018513: Wasn't the Circle disbanded?
00018514: What was it like to live in a Circle?
00018521: What was Circle life like?
00018522: What was your Circle like?
00018523: Nothing right now.
00018525: Tell me about yourself.
00018526: I'd like to know more about you, Madame Vivienne.
00018528: Never mind.
0001852A: How did the rebellion start?
0001852B: You must have an opinion of the templars after living so long in the Circle.
0001852C: How did we come to this state with the Circles in revolt?
0001852D: Tell me about the templars.
0001857E: Not just Wardens, it seems. Your own past isn't spotless.
00018581: The Circle is an idea, my dear, and an idea cannot be dissolved.
00018582: Many of the first enchanters voted for rebellion, caring little that anything short of a unanimous decision would pit mage against mage.
000185B3: Heal Bonus
000185B4: Your wish, my lady?
000185B5: I am here.
000185B9: Onyx
000185BA: I made very little up. I also feared you knew enough to contradict me.
000185BB: But it is a secretive Order. Not even the most senior Wardens know all there is to know.
000185BC: Warden Blackwall told me a bit before my initiation.
000185BD: Is there anything you actually know about the Wardens? Or did you make it all up?
000185BE: Let's talk about Wardens.
000185C1: Look! Still in fair condition!
000185C2: There they are! Circle phylacteries!
000185C4: Thank the Maker the templars didn't find them first.
000185C5: We're the first to reach them. Excellent.
000185C6: This must be what Vivienne wanted.
000185C9: What a crime if these had been lost.
000185CA: There are few things in the world as lovely as a book.
000185CB: Summer Stone
000185D2: Obsidian
000185D3: Bloodstone
000185D4: Paragon's Luster
000185D5: Inquisitor
000185D6: Soldier
000185D7: Soldier
000185D8: Commoner
000185D9: Commoner
000185DB: Merchant
000185DC: Merchant
000185ED: Bryson
000185F2: Alamarri Statue
000185F5: Blackwall
000185F6: Dorian
000185F7: Sera
000185F8: Revive (Hold)
000185F9: You cannot leave during combat.
000185FA: Transition
000185FB: Magistrate
00018600: Received Smooth Linen
00018602: Received Fine Linen
00018604: Received Blightcap
00018605: Embrium
00018606: Received Embrium
00018607: Spindleweed
00018608: Received Spindleweed
0001860B: Druffalo
0001860D: Rage Demon
0001860E: Shade
0001860F: Fade Rift
00018610: Lurker
00018611: Lion Wolf
00018612: Deathroot
00018613: Received Deathroot
00018615: Iron
00018616: Received Iron
00018618: Black Wolf
0001861A: Gibbering Horror
0001861B: Enter Flooded Caves
0001861C: Black Steel Ripper
0001861D: Logbook
0001861F: Laborer
00018623: Claim
0001862B: Elfroot
0001862C: Received Elfroot
0001862E: Set Up Camp
00018632: Nightmare
00018633: Bandit
00018634: Black Steel Scout
00018635: Smuggler
00018639: White Hand
0001863B: Received Bornite
0001863D: Warden
0001863E: Warden Archer
0001863F: Warden Spellbinder
00018640: Senior Warden
00018644: Received Kelp
00018646: Proxy Woman
00018647: Proxy Man
00018649: Diplomat
0001864A: Iron Bull
0001864D: Varric
0001864E: Varric
0001864F: Alistair
00018650: Loghain
00018651: Stroud
00018652: Hawke
00018654: Tevinter Mage
0001865B: Bash
0001865C: Requires a higher level of skill.
0001865D: Rogues do not possess the required skill.
0001865E: Mages do not possess the required skill.
00018665: Pull
00018666: Tough Lurker
0001866A: Guardsman
0001866D: Pride Demon
0001866E: New Area Unlocked
0001866F: Crestwood Hills
00018670: Cassandra
00018671: Cassandra
00018672: Cullen
00018673: Cullen
00018674: Dorian
00018675: Dorian
00018676: Leliana
00018677: Leliana
00018678: Morrigan
00018679: Morrigan
0001867C: Josephine
0001867D: Josephine
0001867E: Cole
0001867F: Cole
00018680: Vivienne
00018681: Vivienne
00018682: Cole
00018683: Cassandra
0001868C: Enter War Room
0001868D: Sera
0001868E: Sera
0001868F: Iron Bull
00018690: Iron Bull
00018691: Alistair
00018692: Alistair
00018693: Hawke
00018694: Hawke
00018695: Loghain
00018696: Stroud
00018697: Commander
00018698: Solas
00018699: Solas
0001869A: Blackwall
0001869B: Blackwall
0001869D: Varric
0001869E: Solas
0001869F: Vivienne
000186A0: Erimond
000186A5: Tough Phoenix
000186A6: Phoenix
000186A7: Hyena
000186AC: Spy
000186AD: Despair Demon
000186AE: Phantasm
000186AF: Fear Demon
000186B3: August Ram
000186B4: Gurn
000186B5: Varghest
000186B7: Received Desert's Boon
000186BA: Felandaris
000186BB: Received Felandaris
000186BC: Halla
000186C4: Bandit Lieutenant
000186C5: Prowler
000186CA: Received Fereldan Velvet
000186CB: Blood Lotus
000186CC: Received Blood Lotus
000186CD: Volcanic Aurum
000186CE: Received Volcanic Aurum
000186D0: Received Scandium
000186D1: Obsidian
000186D2: Received Obsidian
000186E8: Shimmer Stone Mine
000186F5: Red Templar
000186FC: Explosive Barrel
00018700: Venatori Zealot
00018701: Left Wing
00018702: Right Wing
00018703: Tail
00018704: Glands
00018705: High Dragon
00018706: Front Left Foot
00018707: Back Left Foot
00018708: Back Right Foot
00018709: Front Right Foot
0001870C: Red Templar Knight
00018726: Carta Bowman
00018727: Bronto
00018729: Received Rivaini Crimson Silk
0001872A: Royal Elfroot
0001872B: Received Royal Elfroot
0001872D: Received Black Copper
0001872F: Received Fine Steel
00018731: Raider Footpad
00018732: Raider
00018735: Mage
00018736: Archeologist
00018737: Archeologist
0001873A: Wyvern
00018744: Hunter
00018745: Hunter
00018746: Keeper
00018747: Keeper
00018748: Dalish
00018749: Mercenary Lieutenant
0001874C: Received Pure Whitesilk
0001874D: Freeman Spotter
0001874E: Donovan
00018750: Received Red Steel
00018766: Giant Spider
00018767: Hermit
00018768: Hermit
00018769: Alban
0001876F: Priamus
00018770: Warden-Commander Clarel
00018771: High Dragon
00018772: Joberre
00018773: Warden Joughin
00018774: Apostate
00018775: Apostate
00018776: Merc
00018777: Merc
00018778: Supply Cache
00018779: Supplies replenished.
0001877A: Grey Warden
0001877D: Red Templar Marksman
00018780: Red Lyrium Resonator
00018781: Red Templar Behemoth
00018782: Red Templar Horror
00018783: Warden-Commander Clarel
00018784: The Divine
00018785: The Divine
00018786: Corypheus
00018787: Corypheus
00018788: Bloat
00018789: Corpse
0001878A: Revenant
0001878B: Exit Cave
0001878C: Crestwood Hills
0001878E: Chest
0001878F: Corpse
00018791: Received Ambrosia
0001879F: House Key
000187A0: Chantry
000187A1: Chantry
000187AB: The Approach
000187B1: Approach the ladder to climb it.
000187B3: Corypheus
000187B4: Red Hart
000187B5: Ram
000187BF: Codex
000187C5: Casper
000187C6: Casper
000187C7: Ghostly Mother
000187CA: Felix
000187CB: Felix
000187CC: Alexius
000187CD: Alexius
000187CE: Fiona
000187CF: Fiona
000187D0: Linnea
000187D1: Linnea
000187D2: Revered Mother Eglantine
000187D3: Revered Mother Eglantine
000187D4: Hanley
000187D5: Hanley
000187D6: Talwyn
000187D7: Talwyn
000187D8: Lysas
000187D9: Lysas
000187DA: Connor
000187DB: Connor
000187DC: Anora
000187DD: Anora
000187DE: Teagan
000187DF: Teagan
000187E0: Herald
000187E1: Herald
000187E2: Venatori Magister
000187E3: Venatori Magister
000187E6: Mage
000187EC: Gather your party before venturing forth.
000187ED: Objective
000187EE: Locate the door to advance.
000187EF: Locate the key.
000187F1: Place the Inquisition banner.
000187F2: Locate the Inquisition forces.
000187F3: Defend the target area from enemy attacks.
0001880D: Operation Complete!
0001880F: 1 Enemy Remaining
00018829: Bear
0001882B: Infiltrator
00018831: Foot Soldier
00018835: Energize
0001883C: Mabari
00018841: Escort Subject
00018844: Received Tevinter Cotton
00018846: Received Orlesian Silk
00018848: Received Shadowroot
0001884A: Received Dragon Lily
0001884B: Dragonthorn
0001884C: Received Dragonthorn
0001884D: Ghoul's Beard
0001884E: Received Ghoul's Beard
0001884F: Dawn Lotus
00018850: Received Dawn Lotus
00018851: Bloodstone
00018852: Received Bloodstone
00018854: Received Labradorite
00018855: Veridium
00018856: Received Veridium
00018858: Energize
0001885A: Empress Celene
0001885B: Empress Celene
0001885C: Grand Duchess Florianne
0001885D: Grand Duchess Florianne
0001885E: Grand Duke Gaspard
0001885F: Grand Duke Gaspard
00018860: Ambassador Briala
00018861: Ambassador Briala
00018862: Read Plaque
00018863: Chain Latch
00018864: Scrolls
00018865: Ring
00018872: Honorary Plaque
00018874: Note
00018875: Pick Up Halla Statuette
00018876: Noble
00018877: Noble
00018879: Received Orlesian Spider Silk
0001887A: Hollow Graven Stele
0001887B: Servant's Corpse
0001887C: Harlequin's Corpse
0001887D: Elf Corpse
0001887F: Painting
00018880: Puzzle
00018881: Solve Puzzle
00018885: Servant
00018886: Servant
00018889: Daggers
0001888A: Briala Clue
0001888B: Duchess Clue
0001889E: Ghoul
000188A0: Morrigan
000188A1: Abelas
000188A2: Calpernia
000188A3: Samson
000188A4: Templar Archer
000188A5: Red Templar Guard
000188A6: Dalish Archer
000188A7: Dalish Spellweaver
000188A8: Ranger
000188A9: Lord Seeker Chadwick
000188AA: Lord Seeker Chadwick
000188AB: Revered Mother Hevara
000188AC: Revered Mother Hevara
000188AD: Hurlock
000188B0: Silverite
000188B1: Volcanic Aurum
000188B2: Everite
000188B3: Use
000188B4: Found Searchable Object!
000188B5: Inquisit!
000188B8: Received Tevinter Crimson Silk
000188BA: Received Enchanted Cloth
000188BC: Received Nevarran Sheepskin
000188BE: Received Formari Whitesilk
000188C0: Received Frostback Wool
000188C2: Received Anderfels Nightsilk
000188C4: Received Rough Sheepskin
000188C6: Received Fereldan Wool
000188C8: Received Dalish Cotton
000188CA: Received Bright Enchanted Cloth
000188CC: Received Hammered Velvet
000188CE: Received Noble Velvet
000188D0: Received Thick Cotton
000188D2: Received Rialto Nightsilk
000188D4: Received Cactus Moonflower
000188D6: Received Glacite
000188D8: Received Silverite
000188DA: Received Steel
000188DB: Received Volcanic Aurum
000188DD: Received Grey Iron
000188DF: Received Aurum
000188E1: Received White Steel
000188E3: Received Deep Iron
000188E5: Received Lyrite
000188E7: Received Nightstone
000188E8: Onyx
000188E9: Received Onyx
000188EB: Received Dragonbone
000188ED: Received Brass
000188EF: Received Copper
000188F0: Received Veridium
000188F2: Received Rividium
000188F3: Use Pedestal
000188F9: Warden
000188FB: Tevinter Mage
000188FC: Oil Lamp
000188FD: Anchor
000188FE: Construct
000188FF: Red Templar Shadow
00018900: Crimson Horror
00018901: Inquisition Scout
00018902: Enchanter
00018903: Bruiser
00018904: Avvar Warrior
00018905: Mercenary Spellbinder
00018906: Sentinel Spellweaver
00018907: Village Sentry
00018908: Rebel Spellbinder
00018909: Reach Spellbinder
0001890A: Fereldan Woodsman
0001890B: Wisp
0001890C: Desire Demon
0001890D: Deepstalker
0001890E: Legionnaire
0001890F: Legion Shieldbearer
00018910: Scourge
00018911: Apophis Mage
00018912: Slave
00018913: Talon
00018914: Chimera
00018915: Tarsus
00018916: Chainmaster
00018917: Genlock Alpha
00018918: Hurlock Alpha
00018919: Genlock
0001891A: Ogre
0001891B: Shriek
0001891C: Corrupter
0001891D: Satyr
0001891E: Sylvan
0001891F: Troll
00018920: Bloodbloom
00018921: Dryad
00018922: Arcane Horror
00018923: Ash Wraith
00018924: Stone Golem
00018925: Alexius
00018926: Grand Duchess
00018927: Nightmare
00018928: Envy Demon
00018929: Armored Mabari
0001892A: Tusket
0001892B: Gurgut
0001892C: Scorpion
0001892D: Fearling
0001892E: Warthog
0001892F: Poison Spider
00018930: Great Bear
00018931: Tough Gibbering Horror
00018932: Nug
00018933: Dragonling
00018934: Snoufleur
00018935: Quillback
00018936: Bogfisher
00018937: Jackal
00018938: Bird
00018939: Keep Guard
0001893A: Keep Guard
0001893B: Keep Guard
0001893C: Keep Guard
0001893D: Lead Archeologist
0001893E: Tevinter Archeologist
0001893F: Visage of the Divine
00018940: Dagna
00018941: Dagna
00018942: Dalish Hunter
00018943: Reanimated Templar
00018944: Reanimated Mage
00018945: Guard
00018946: Guard
00018947: Guard
00018948: Surfacer
00018949: Surfacer
0001894A: Miner
0001894B: Miner
0001894C: Elf
0001894D: Elf
0001894E: Mage
00018950: Adventurer
00018951: Adventurer
00018952: Chasind Barbarian
00018953: Chasind Barbarian
00018954: Child
00018955: Child
00018957: The Magistrate
00018958: Clemence
00018959: Clemence
0001895A: Vierre
0001895B: Vierre
0001895C: Gather
0001895D: Received item
00018965: Defeat all hostile forces.
00018966: Rotate Stone
00018967: 1
00018968: Interact
00018969: Interact
00018974: Still, I would've fought through the darkest pits of the Deep Roads, like any true Warden.
00018975: Why did Blackwall want to recruit you?
00018976: You never heard the Calling.
00018977: Why were you recruited?
0001897A: Now we know why you were never worried about Corypheus's Calling.
0001897B: Yes. I have none of the Wardens' abilities, and none of the... drawbacks.
0001897C: You helped Adamant's Wardens.
0001897D: A foolish fantasy.
0001897E: You have a lot of respect for the Wardens.
0001897F: They take all men, from the most noble to the most despicable, and make them equals.
00018981: You imagine the Wardens as more than they are.
00018983: Would he have agreed?
00018985: You don't know what Warden Blackwall would've believed.
00018986: You idolize them.
00018987: There's more to it than being able to sense darkspawn. Warden Blackwall would've agreed.
00018988: The Wardens at Adamant listened to you. They saw you as one of their own.
00018989: Rather than dissolving it, Grand Enchanter Fiona's vote split the Circle in two. The rebels follow her. The loyalists follow me.
000189A0: Perhaps it takes an outsider to show how much of yourself you've lost.
000189A1: I never understood the reality of being a Warden. I only saw the ideal.
000189A6: My dear, your question is the root of all problems with mages.
000189A7: I suppose I reminded them of something they'd forgotten.
000189A8: I cannot tell you. Every Circle was different, their templars were different, their politics unique...
000189A9: A place of great history and tradition with the greatest library of magical history outside of the Imperium.
000189AB: It was deeply involved in the Great Game, as you might expect of anyone living in Orlais.
000189AD: Some people suffered, and some were content. Some were cruel, some compassionate, and some indifferent.
000189AF: And every person within each tower had an experience of Circle life unique to themselves.
000189B0: The same is true of people everywhere, in all circumstances, whether they are mages or not.
000189B1: Store
000189B4: He never told me. I don't know what he saw that day, besides some wreck starting a bar fight.
000189B5: That night, I taught some village militia a painful lesson about harassing the tavern girl.
000189B6: I can see why the Warden was impressed.
000189B7: You're assuming my intentions were noble. <i>(Laughs.)</i>
000189B8: A noble act.
000189BA: The occasional whore.
000189BC: Told the girl to keep the wine coming. She couldn't. Not with those louts bothering her.
000189BD: Phoenix Scales
000189BE: Lurker Scales
000189BF: Gurgut Webbing
000189C0: Rough Hide
000189C1: Deepstalker Hide
000189C2: Varghest Scales
000189C3: Craggy Skin
000189C4: Wyvern Scales
000189C5: The mages there were quite competitive, but it was stimulating to be always pushed to exceed the abilities of my peers.
000189C9: Royale Sea Silk
000189CA: Silk Brocade
000189CB: Plush Fustian Velvet
000189CC: Silk
000189CD: Velveteen
000189CE: Cotton
000189CF: Imperial Vestment Cotton
000189D0: Ring Velvet
000189D1: Lustrous Cotton
000189D3: Something had to be done.
000189E3: Says more about you than the Wardens.
000189E4: Select Character
000189E5: Have I misunderstood what the Wardens do?
000189E6: I needed to believe something like that was possible.
000189E7: Is it my imagination, dear, or have certain... lingering looks passed between you and our Solas?
000189E8: I don't know what to make of Solas. So much knowledge and so little personal history...
000189E9: I admire Cassandra's determination. If she had a little charm, she could be a remarkable leader.
000189EA: What exactly <i>is</i> Varric's role in the Inquisition? Aside from irritating Cassandra?
000189EB: I understand that you and Sera are no longer a couple. Don't worry, my dear. You can do much better.
000189EE: I would never criticize your choice in paramours, my dear. I'm sure Sera's affection for you is genuine.
000189EF: My dear, if you want to talk about Cassandra, just say so. I see how you dote upon her.
000189F1: Whether Cole is a spirit or a demon is irrelevant. Neither can be trusted, my dear. Remember that.
000189F2: Blackwall surprised me. I never would have thought him capable of carrying off such deception.
000189F3: You of course mean to speak of your Tevinter paramour.
000189F4: So Varric was spying on us all this time? I'm impressed. I never would have taken him for a player of the Game.
000189F5: Our dear Lord Dorian is very sure of himself, isn't he? Let's hope he doesn't get his confidence crushed.
000189F6: Neither do you. But I know he was a good man.
000189FC: I doubt I can be impartial about him. I have been a Circle mage far too long...
000189FD: I admit he's quite charming. I can see how he's stolen your heart.
000189FE: He saw how you fight.
000189FF: Were you drunk?
00018A00: It's obvious he recruited you for your skill in battle.
00018A01: Did you start a fight while drunk?
00018A04: Blackwall is a useful sort of fellow, but he's perhaps too eager to please. He reminds me of a pup begging for attention.
00018A06: Generous, you giving him a chance at redemption. Let's see if he manages it.
00018A07: Be careful, my dear. Men are simple creatures. Resentment in his present circumstance could become an issue.
00018A08: He was tolerably useful, but I'm sure we can find someone else to poke things to death.
00018A09: You seem quite fond of our Warden, Blackwall. I think it's charming.
00018A0C: But he does have a great sense of fashion. I'll give him that.
00018A0D: You were quite forgiving. I hope he fares better as a Rainier than a Blackwall.
00018A0E: I know you were attached to him, my dear. Perhaps his absence will set your mind at ease.
00018A0F: A bit dangerous, though, continuing this Warden charade. Let us hope nothing further comes of it.
00018A10: You want to talk about dear Lord Dorian. You can admit it, darling.
00018A11: I'd heard that you were no longer keeping his company. I do hope everything is all right.
00018A12: Sera is certainly a colorful character. Like a poisonous toad, only without the manners.
00018A16: Was probably just curious how some filthy vagrant could cut down so many militiamen.
00018A17: I didn't ask, and I suppose we'll never know.
00018A1A: He's a lucky man. Few women would have forgiven such a lie. Let's hope he lives up to your faith in him.
00018A1B: He is an extremely fortunate man to remain in your good graces after such a lie. I hope he will do well.
00018A1C: His betrayal must have stung. It's very generous of you, giving him a chance to redeem himself.
00018A1D: You were very kind to him, however horribly he betrayed your trust.
00018A1E: Didn't know I had an audience.
00018A20: She's nowhere near clever enough to be after you for your wealth or position, so it must be true love.
00018A21: Maker, no. I wasn't drunk, but I was trying to get there.
00018A3E: Let's talk about you. The truth, this time.
00018A3F: I want the truth about you.
00018A40: I suppose I owe you that.
00018A41: So you're actually Orlesian?
00018A42: You're Orlesian?
00018A43: I served in the Imperial army. I distinguished myself there. Earned respect, the loyalty of my men.
00018A45: Tell me about your time as a soldier.
00018A46: You were a soldier?
00018A47: Didn't I say that I was from Markham in the Free Marches?
00018A48: I didn't lie about that. I spent my childhood there. And then Orlais called to me.
00018A49: And then I threw it all away, betrayed my own side for gold. Only gold.
00018A4A: Markham seemed lifeless, colorless in comparison.
00018A6E: Did you have a family? A wife? Children?
00018A71: What about family?
00018A75: Collected
00018A9F: I find that... peculiar. Don't you?
00018AA0: Thoughts on my inner circle?
00018AA1: You must have some feelings about our friends.
00018AA3: It's strange not having Solas hanging about looking smug. I wonder where he's gone.
00018AA5: What do you think of the Inquisition?
00018AA6: Thoughts on the Inquisition?
00018AAA: You've built up this Inquisition from nothing. I'm eager to see where we go next.
00018AAB: You are growing in power, and I fear what you may do with it.
00018AAE: For His Reverence, Provincial Governor of the lands formerly known as Ferelden and the Free Marches:

Our agent in the Imperial Court has struck. Empress Celene is dead, and Grand Duke Gaspard was executed for the crime. Orlais is in chaos. Nevarra has sworn to the New God.

Our armies are moving into place. Within the month, the Imperium will again control the lands from the Boeric Ocean to the Sundered Sea.

In His Name, we rise again.

Archon Calpernia
00018AAF: Letter from Calpernia to Alexius
00018AB5: A Prayer to the New God
00018AB6: Praise His name, who has risen from the darkness.
Praise His name, who has striven for the light.
Praise His name, who has walked the Golden City.
Praise His name.

The Old Gods are no more.
The Maker never was.

The New God is among us.

Praise His name.
00018AB7: This Inquisition is everyone's best friend. How Josephine managed to pull that off is beyond me.
00018AB9: I think the entire world is looking over its shoulder, wondering if the Inquisition's watching.
00018ABA: If we mobilized all the Inquisition's forces, Thedas itself would shake beneath our feet.
00018ABD: I just know that you could shake this world to its foundations if you willed it.
00018ABE: He's seen the best and the worst of humanity, and I think he still struggles with where that leaves him.
00018ABF: What do you think of my advisors?
00018AC0: Maybe one day he'll learn to trust me again, but I'm not holding out much hope.
00018AC3: Still, I'd trust him to watch my back.
00018AC4: Cullen? He's got the look of a man who's been through too much.
00018AC5: I have nothing but respect for Cullen, but I'm certain he no longer wants anything to do with me.
00018AC6: Thoughts on my advisors?
00018AD2: Yes, but why offend the lady? Let's just go with "nice."
00018AD3: No one's watching.
00018AD4: Leliana seems... nice. Also a little frightening. But mostly nice.
00018AD5: Are you so certain we <i>aren't</i>?
00018AD7: Does Leliana frighten you? Has she said anything to you?
00018AD8: You're afraid of her!
00018AD9: "Nice" doesn't make you spymaster.
00018ADA: Spymasters aren't "nice."
00018ADB: You're not saying that for my benefit, are you? Are you so certain you're being watched?
00018ADC: No, she hasn't said anything. I'd just rather not offend her.
00018ADD: I don't want to wake up with a blade in my kidneys if I can help it.
00018AE3: Josephine's lovely... and craftier than you'd expect. The Inquisition could not have picked a better ambassador.
00018AE4: I respect them enough to not speak behind their backs.
00018AE6: Leliana is lonely. That's really all I see. All she has is her work.
00018AE7: You're a fetching couple, you know. Or you would be if Cassandra ever smiled.
00018AE8: I'll have to watch him more closely from now on.
00018AE9: I pity her sometimes, as odd as that may seem.
00018AEB: This is a simple opt-in conversation.
00018AF0: I'm sure I do. I'm also sure it's none of your business.
00018AFB: Press the left bumper when prompted and you will be able to give a response.
00018B09: Dorian? He's arrogant. He preens himself. But you already know that. He doesn't even hide it.
00018B0A: The less I think about Dorian, the better.
00018B1D: Of all of them, I'm most glad for Sera. She's been a friend.
00018B1F: Sera doesn't know who she is or what she wants—and doesn't even care.
00018B20: You take care of her.
00018B21: I'm not sure where any of it goes.
00018B23: Last time we dined, Sera put away twelve potatoes, an entire roast duck, and four different tarts.
00018B25: The most poisonous snakes are often the most beautiful.
00018B26: Madame Vivienne only allied with the Inquisition because she knows it will bring her power.
00018B28: Children? None that I know about. If they exist, it's best they stay away.
00018B2B: Lobby
00018B47: No. I've never been suited to that kind of life. Maybe I don't deserve it.
00018B49: And I'd never found someone I wanted to stay with.
00018B55: You will now be able to respond to this line if you choose.
00018B56: This is my response.
00018B57: Response 1
00018B58: Response 3
00018B59: This is my other other response.
00018B5A: Good work on your response.
00018B5B: Response 2
00018B5C: This is my other response.
00018B5E: This means that you may hit the left bumper at any time to exit the conversation.
00018B60: If you do and walk away from me, I will say a branch out line.
00018B61: You have just entered a Simple Opt-Out conversation.
00018B6E: Cole's dangerous. Unpredictable. We aren't even sure what he is. Don't know what he might do.
00018B6F: I've been too hard on Cole. He's odd, and often confounding, but there may be some good in him after all.
00018B70: I wouldn't turn my back on him.
00018B71: The least I can do is support him while he sorts himself out.
00018B72: This is my branching out line.
00018B73: See? Wasn't that easy?
00018B74: This is my branching in line.
00018B75: So tell me about your personal experience with the Circle.
00018B76: You must have been under constant supervision, being forced by templars to live in the tower. Was that hard to endure?
00018B77: What about your experience?
00018B78: Was confinement hard?
00018B79: I think the worst of the anger has passed. It's just disappointment now, and that's worse.
00018B7A: Cassandra hasn't forgiven me for the lie.
00018B7B: I fear for Cassandra sometimes, the way she throws herself into battle. I've never known a warrior like her.
00018B7C: Have you seen the stories Varric's been writing? His descriptions of me are... colorful, to say the least.
00018B7D: A little stern, though.
00018B7E: You're eyeing the lady Seeker, aren't you? I can see why, she's definitely... striking.
00018B7F: I have to say, you and Cassandra make an adorable couple.
00018B80: Huh. Never thought I'd use the words "adorable" and "Cassandra" in the same sentence.
00018B81: Any advice?
00018B82: You're experienced, I assume. Got any tips?
00018B9F: Don't play Diamondback with Solas. You've been warned.
00018BA0: Talked with Solas the other day. That man knows all there is to know about everything.
00018BA1: Taught him the game last night. He turned around and beat me at it.
00018BA3: Demon
00018C38: Query DA:O Warden Alive
00018C39: Query DA:O Warden Sex
00018C3A: Query DA:O Played State
00018C40: UPLOAD
00018C89: Of course.
00018C8A: Is something the matter?
00018C8C: Let's talk about us.
00018C8D: As you wish.
00018C8E: We need to discuss our relationship.
00018C90: <i>(Grunts.)</i>
00018C91: What is it?
00018C92: What do you want?
00018C93: I don't like you. It's as simple as that.
00018C95: What's wrong with you?
00018C96: You seem to have a problem with me.
00018CBB: You have entered the Ambient Fixed Location conversation.
00018CBC: But what if I say the wrong thing!
00018CBD: No!
00018CBE: Dare I?
00018CBF: I will not respond! Oh wait... Darn it!
00018CC0: Camera will not change, but player may opt in to give a response.
00018CC1: Responding? My favourite!
00018CC2: Yeah!
00018CC3: It supports animations.
00018CC4: Whatever would you like to know?
00018CC6: How sweet of you, my dear, but I'm sure there's nothing I can say that you don't already know.
00018CD4: The camera should not change, and the player may opt-in if a response is available using the left bumper.
00018CD5: This is an Ambient Anywhere conversation.
00018CD6: It does not support animations.
00018CD7: React!
00018CD8: You don't say.
00018CDA: Critical Ambient conversations are identical to Ambient Fixed Location conversations.
00018CDB: That is interesting!
00018CDC: Oh really?
00018CDD: Except that the audio of a Critical Ambient has higher priority, making it harder for the player to miss.
00018D01: Shouldn't you replace Fiona?
00018D03: I could name myself grand enchanter, but the title holds no meaning now. When the Circles are restored, that will change.
00018D04: If you lead all the loyalists, why are you only first enchanter and not grand enchanter?
00018D05: Grand enchanters are elected, and since there are no first enchanters besides myself, no vote can be held.
00018D06: Waiting on you...
00018D07: Waiting on you and {CUSTOM0} other player(s)...
00018D08: Waiting on {CUSTOM0} other player(s)...
00018D0B: I enjoyed life in the Montsimmard Circle, my dear. It was an edifice devoted to knowledge and refinement.
00018D27: Some Circles were harsher in their restrictions. Kirkwall was the worst, but it was the exception. Most were quite permissive.
00018D28: And there is comfort to be had, you know, in the company of fellow mages. Those born without magic will never truly understand us.
00018D2A: My dear, I have a suite in the palace and a wing at my dear Duke Bastien's estate. I have never been "forced" to live anywhere.
00018D2C: All that was required was permission from the first enchanter.
00018D2D: And mages need the company of other mages. No one else can truly understand the challenges we face nor see the world as we do.
00018D2E: Most Circles allowed mages to live away from the tower, either on their own or in service to the nobility.
00018D2F: Perhaps too permissive, in retrospect.
00018D34: You'd think the Wardens would share information with each other, but they're really big on keeping secrets.
00018D38: For most Wardens, he'd be nothing more than an old legend, dead long ago. If they knew of him at all.
00018D39: Maybe they think some knowledge is too dangerous? I don't know.
00018D3A: Clarel would never serve something that looks like a darkspawn willingly.
00018D3C: Is Corypheus controlling her?
00018D3E: Do you think she's helping Corypheus willingly or was she duped?
00018D40: I heard about an "advisor" of some kind, though. Maybe we'll learn more at the Western Approach.
00018D43: I only found out about Corypheus after I started digging for information. Even then, it wasn't much.
00018D45: What do the Wardens know?
00018D46: Corypheus was held in a Warden prison, right? So the Wardens should know all about him?
00018D57: Having opinions about templars, my dear, is exactly like having opinions about mages, or Nevarrans, or men.
00018D65: Corypheus was imprisoned by the Wardens, right? So they must know who or what he is.
00018D66: Hopefully we will learn more in the Western Approach.
00018D68: How did this happen?
00018D6A: Is Corypheus controlling her?
00018D6C: How could the Wardens do this? What did the Warden-Commander tell them?
00018D6D: Secrets are a habit with the Wardens. One that's cost many lives. Some knowledge is too dangerous to share.
00018D6E: I knew little of Corypheus, and that was more than most. No one thought that knowledge could be vital.
00018D6F: What do the Wardens know?
00018D70: Do you think Clarel is acting of her own volition?
00018D72: The Calling does not control minds, and I doubt Clarel could fall to Corypheus without others noticing.
00018DB7: React 2!
00018DB8: What!? That is absolutely incredible!
00018DB9: I have suffered insults at the hands of those in the armor, but no more than I endured from nobles or tradesmen in Val Royeaux.
00018DBA: I have known some who were impossible to endure and some who were utterly charming.
00018DBB: Personally, I have found the templars a useful tool, skilled at keeping more unpleasant elements at bay.
00018E09: What?
00018E0A: Could you explain that again?
00018E0B: Great
00018E0C: Being hard to miss sounds like a good thing!
00018E0D: Lifeward Heal
00018E16: When a mage attempted to assassinate Divine Justinia—again—the mages protested the investigation.
00018E17: The leadership chose to vote on independence based on the "intolerable conditions imposed by the templars."
00018E18: Across Thedas, a new, tangible fear of magic grew. Commoners and nobles alike called out to the Chantry for protection.
00018E19: Mages lived solely in a world of templars and mages. They could not even imagine what was beyond the tower walls.
00018E1A: So long as they had their freedom, they could care little for riots, angry mobs, or about pitting mages against each other.
00018E1B: A failure of perspective that infected Circle leadership.
00018E1C: Safe from the world inside their towers, they thought only of the templars and their own resentment.
00018E1E: You, my dear, are far too wise not to have realized that many of our colleagues live with their eyes closed.
00018E1F: Kirkwall gave the world a reason to remember its fear of magic. A mage killed hundreds with a snap of their fingers.
00018E20: But the malcontents in the towers thought nothing of this. They cared only for themselves and for their anger at the new templar restrictions.
00018E22: Sparing no thought to the fact that magic was more feared in the aftermath of these attacks than it had been since Tevinter's day.
00018E49: Press {controller}{GuiInteractionMPReadyUp}{/controller}{notcontroller}{ConceptMPReadyUp}{/notcontroller} to ready...
00018E4A: Whatever mistakes she makes, she makes of her own accord.
00018E4B: Corypheus was in a Warden prison, right? So you must know something about him.
00018E4C: Is Corypheus controlling her?
00018E4D: Do you think Corypheus is using the Calling to control her?
00018E51: It is hard to say. I have heard the whispers of the Calling myself, but it is only noise: no words, certainly no commands.
00018E52: Did you know about Corypheus?
00018E5B: Samson is using the bodies of people to grow red lyrium—and possesses powerful armor crafted from the crystals. Though Samson's armor seems impenetrable, there must be some way to weaken him.
00018E5D: Speak with Dagna about Samson's armor.
00018E5F: Before the Dawn
00018E60: Much like the Inquisition, Corypheus has invested great time and effort building a trusted inner circle. Samson is a former templar, a lyrium addict, and now the leader of the red templars. Cullen knows Samson well, and believes intercepting caravans smuggling red lyrium in the Emerald Graves could get the Inquisition closer to taking him down.
00018E63: Speak to Cullen about what Dagna discovered.
00018E64: Arrange for Cullen's men to further investigate the quarry.
00018E67: Meet Cullen at Skyhold to discuss Maddox's tools with Dagna.
00018E69: Speak to Cullen about raiding Samson's camp.
00018E6B: Raid Sahrnia Quarry.
00018E6E: Return to Cullen with the information found at the quarry.
00018E70: Find Maddox.
00018E71: Find out what Cullen's men found in the quarry.
00018E72: Take the smuggler letters to Cullen.
00018E75: When I suggested Corypheus might have something to do with the Calling, the Warden mages turned on me.
00018E7B: I trained some of those Wardens myself. If I knew any more of Corypheus, I would share it, Your Worship.
00018E7D: I know little, and that much only because of my relative seniority. Most Wardens have never heard of him.
00018E7E: Either way, the guilt is hers. She is Warden-Commander. She should bow to no one's word but Weisshaupt's.
00018F40: Query DA:O Warden Class
00018F41: Query DA:O Warden Race
00018F42: Query DA:O Warden Romances
00018F43: Query DA:O Warden and Morrigan Baby
00018F44: Query DA:O Alistair & Morrigan Have Baby
00018F45: Query DA:O Loghain and Morrigan Have Baby
00018F46: Query DA:O Loghain Kills Archdemon
00018F47: Query DA:O Alistair Surviving
00018F48: Query DA:O Loghain Survives
00018F49: Query DA:O Alistair is King
00018F4A: Query DA:O Alistair Killing Archdemon
00018F4B: Query DA:O Alistair Ruling Status
00018FE6: Query DA2 for Hawke's Allegiance
00018FE7: Query DA2 for Hawke's Romance
00018FE8: Query DA2 played state
00018FE9: Query DA2 for Carver's Warden Status
00018FEA: Query DA2 for Bethany Warden Status
00018FEB: Query DA2 for Isabela being turned over
00018FEC: Query DA2 for Bethany's Fate
00018FED: Query DA2 for Hawke & Varric Friendship
00018FEE: Query DA2 for Carver's Fate
00018FEF: Query DA2 for Hawke's Class
00018FF0: Query DA2 for Hawke's Personality
00018FF1: Query DA2 for the Arishok's Fate
00018FF2: Query DA2 for Anders Fate
00018FF3: Query DA2 for Hawke's Approval of Anders
00018FF4: Query DA2 for Hawke's Sex
0001903A: Toggle DA3 Warden Redemption
0001903B: Query DA3 Camp Follower Fate
0001903C: Query DA3 Warden Redemption
0001903D: Query DA3 Hawke/Warden Assist
0001903E: Query DA3 Played State
0001903F: Toggle DA3 Played State
00019040: Toggle DA3 Currency Path
00019041: Query DA3 Currency Path
00019042: Toggle DA3 Camp Follower Fate
00019043: Toggle DA3 Hawke/Warden Assist
00019061: Elder Dalish Bow
00019062: Fereldan Skirmisher Longbow
00019063: Notched Longbow Grip
00019064: Dense Longbow Grip
00019065: Ornate Longbow
00019066: Silent Jenny
00019067: Sniper Bow
00019068: Superior Dalish Bow
00019069: Ornate Longbow
0001906B: Elite Sniper Bow
0001906C: Balanced Longbow Grip
0001906D: Fereldan Army Longbow
000190A8: It still feels good to be helping the Grey Wardens. Even after... everything.
000190AB: Good find.
000190AC: The history of the Grey Wardens is fascinating.
000190AD: Excellent.
000190B2: I think the Inquisition could benefit from this.
000190B6: Pity about this outpost.
000190BB: I appreciate this, Inquisitor.
000190E0: Who wants to wake up to a dragon begging for treats on the parapet?
000190E2: I'm hoping you can control that new pet of yours.
000190EE: The war in Orlais has claimed too many lives. I pray that it's over for good.
00019100: Rugged Bow Grip
00019102: Masterwork Ornate Longbow Grip
00019103: Dense Longbow Grip
00019106: Reinforced Bow
00019108: Hunting Bow
00019109: Bladed Longbow
0001910B: Firm Bow Grip
0001910C: Rugged Longbow
0001910D: Ornate Longbow Grip
0001910E: Guarded Longbow Grip
0001910F: Masterwork Ornate Longbow
00019111: Spiked Longbow
00019115: Thick Longbow Grip
00019116: Masterwork Spiked Longbow
00019118: Dense Longbow
0001911A: Templar Longbow
0001911B: Solid Longbow Grip
0001911C: Engraved Longbow Grip
0001911E: Swan Longbow
0001911F: Masterwork Bound Longbow Grip
00019120: Wrapped Longbow Grip
00019132: XP
00019133: Gold
00019161: Recurved Longbow
00019243: Etched Longbow Grip
00019244: Knight-Commander Longbow
00019245: Winged Longbow
00019247: Thick Longbow Grip
00019248: Bound Longbow Grip
00019249: Enchanted Sunbow
0001924A: Perseverance
0001924B: Templar Longbow
0001924C: Dalish Firm Longbow Grip
0001929F: I hope you can forgive me for pushing you away.
000192AA: There is something there I'd like to show you.
000192AD: Who I am. What I am. Please, just meet me there.
000192AE: I believe you've already visited the old tower in the Dales.
000192B0: What is it?
000192B4: What do you want to show me?
000192B7: We need to go to the Dales. There's something in ruins there that I'd like to show you.
000192B8: Can't you just tell me here?
000192B9: Explain now.
000192BB: This is all sounding very suspicious.
000192BC: If it's important to you, then it's important to me.
000192BD: Don't make up your mind until we get there.
000192BE: We'll go as soon as possible.
000192BF: This sounds ominous.
000192C1: Thank you.
000192C2: No, it has to be there. You have to see.
000192C5: Wait, there's something here. Do you see that?
000192C6: It's so quiet now. I remember when it wasn't. I came here with another Warden. We were ambushed.
000192D2: Here!
000192D9: Enough for now.
000192DA: We'll continue this another time.
000192DB: So Rainier died, and Blackwall lived.
000192DC: No. It belonged to him.
000192DD: I couldn't go to the Wardens, but I couldn't just walk away.
000192DF: He sacrificed himself for you. You're to blame.
000192E0: We headed to Val Chevin for the Joining, but Blackwall insisted on making a stop along the way.
000192E1: I wasn't worthy.
000192E3: Don't you think I know that?
000192E5: He sounds like a hero.
000192E6: You took me there.
000192E7: But without Blackwall, there was no proof that I'd been recruited, that I didn't kill him.
000192E8: An old ruin from one of the previous Blights. He said it led to the Deep Roads.
000192E9: He took a blow for me. He shouldn't have died. It should've been me.
000192EA: We went there, where you were ambushed. We retrieved your badge.
000192EB: I was to go down alone, find a darkspawn, and fill a vial with its blood.
000192ED: His death was your fault.
000192EE: Maybe, but he didn't think so.
000192EF: No one should have died for me.
000192F0: When I returned, I found the Warden ambushed by more of the creatures.
000192F1: It was never really yours, was it?
000192F2: It was a heroic act, stepping between you and a darkspawn.
000192F3: He... he would've wanted me to carry on to Val Chevin, I'm certain.
000192F4: Not saying I disagree, but Blackwall clearly thought you were worth saving.
000192F6: To even imagine that I could replace that man...
000192F7: Robert killed himself. Poison in his wine. Another victim of the Great Game.
000192F8: I didn't know Callier would be traveling with his family. I assumed only soldiers, armed guards.
000192F9: By the time Ser Robert's involvement was uncovered, I was long gone.
000192FA: What did you tell your men?
000192FB: Of course, the grand duke disavowed any knowledge of the act, and publicly condemned it.
000192FC: We've already been through this. Vincent Callier. And for gold.
000192FE: He thought that by eliminating one of Celene's loyal supporters, he might endear himself to the true emperor.
000192FF: The man was General Vincent Callier. My employer was a chevalier, Robert Chapuis.
00019300: I betrayed the empire and assassinated a general. All for gold.
00019301: Your crime.
00019302: You got your men to help you. What did you tell them?
00019303: I told them it was an important mission. They trusted me without question.
00019304: They didn't know who they were attacking.
00019305: My reports say that Callier was with his family. You had them all slaughtered?
00019306: I can't say if Robert's plan would've worked. I didn't care. There was good coin offered, and I took it.
00019307: You murdered Callier's family?
00019309: I need to know the details of what you did, who you killed, why.
0001930A: Just as your men trust you.
0001930B: Weapons don't have lives, families, dreams. An army is not just a weapon.
0001930D: Our cause is just.
0001930E: <i>{Chuckles.)</i> I cannot argue with that.
0001930F: Armies need commanders.
00019310: They believe it because that's what you tell them.
00019311: I'm not forcing my men to commit crimes.
00019313: Our men follow me because they believe our cause is righteous.
00019314: I'm not a traitor.
00019315: Armies are weapons. Weapons don't wield themselves.
00019316: Lost everything. Had to walk back to my quarters with only a bucket for my bits.
00019317: Varric's amused at what's happened. He seems to think I'd make a good storyteller myself.
00019319: If I say the wrong thing, she'll probably have my head.
0001931A: Show her that.
0001931B: Cassandra is a warrior. That's all she's ever known, but that's not all there is to life.
0001931C: Maker, you asked! That'll teach me to open my mouth.
0001931D: Don't talk about Cassandra behind her back.
0001931E: A little?
00019320: I'd say she's a lot stern.
00019321: Don't gossip.
00019322: She's a warrior. That's all she knows, and it's suited her thus far.
00019324: I'll always be grateful for everything you've done for me, but I don't think we'll ever really get on as friends.
00019325: But we aren't friends—we never will be—and I believe your time would be better spent elsewhere.
00019326: You know I serve you and the Inquisition. You command me as you wish.
0001932E: I can't believe I was once so enamored with you.
00019332: Fine. Ask if you must.
00019333: That's never a good sign. What did I do?
00019334: I knew enough to fool you, didn't I?
00019335: Where I'm from, talking about yourself with strangers is considered rude. I'll have to decline.
00019336: If we must.
00019337: A house? A dog? Do you think that mark of yours can be used for cooking eggs?
00019338: What do you think will happen to us after all this?
00019339: What does the future hold?
0001933A: As long as you're by my side, I don't care what happens.
0001933B: Whatever happens, I will always remember you.
0001933C: Once this is done, I'll be escorted to Weisshaupt. At your discretion, of course.
0001933D: We're together now. That's all that matters to me.
0001933F: <i>[Kiss him.]</i>
00019340: Or we could just continue as we are. No eggs necessary.
00019341: Think too much about what's to come, and you miss what's already here.
00019342: And then... I suppose it depends on you, and the Inquisition.
00019343: I don't know if you and me together is a good idea.
00019344: This isn't working.
00019345: It... it probably isn't. Would just be too complicated, in the end.
00019346: Let's say no more of this.
00019347: Perhaps another time.
00019348: Never mind.
00019428: Go to the war table to find Samson's weakness.
00019429: Dispatch agents to locate Maddox.
0001942A: Travel to Samson's camp at the Shrine of Dumat.
000194A6: Settings
000194A7: Potions
000194A8: Weapon Crafting
000194A9: Characters
000194AA: Abilities
000194AB: Inventory
000194AC: Mages, fan out. Be wary of demons.
000194AD: Templars, take point. Control and contain the mages. Eliminate the demons.
000194AF: Seal the exits!
000194B0: Archers overhead! Take them out!
000194B1: Fall back! Fall back!
000194B2: <i>(Screams.)</i>
000194B3: Hold the line!
000194B4: Pull in! The fortress doesn't matter. We must protect Clarel!
000194B5: Take a team below! Make sure there's no one hiding in the dungeons!
000195CE: You were on the run from the authorities, weren't you?
000195CF: It's one thing to hear the news from afar, another to actually <i>be</i> there.
000195D0: You were in hiding?
000195D1: I saw what men like me had done to this great empire.
000195D2: I never stayed in one place for long. Had to keep moving. I got to see much of Orlais that way.
000195D3: Yes. I made my living as a hired sword. Spent most of my coin on drink.
000195D4: It was a shock, seeing it up close, hearing the stories...
00019632: {i}A crumpled sheet of paper. It looks like it was removed from a recent report to Sister Leliana:{/i}

Lieutenant Cyril Mornay, one of the soldiers responsible for the Callier Massacre of 9:37, was captured in Lydes. Like the others who were arrested for their involvement, Mornay insists that he did not know who he was assassinating, and that he was just following the orders of his captain. This captain, Thom Rainier, is still at large. Mornay is to be executed within the week in Val Royeaux.
00019633: A Crumpled Report
000196BD: Demons! The Wardens are still controlling them.
000196BE: How do we get out of here?
000196BF: Where's Hawke?
000196C0: Clarel went that way. Care to wager whether she enjoyed meeting her new god?
000196C1: The Wardens have turned against the demons!
000196C2: Look!
000196C5: Over there!
000196C6: The Warden-Commander went that way!
000196C7: Where's Stroud?
000196C8: Where's Loghain?
000196C9: Follow Clarel. It's the only clear path!
000196CA: There!
000196CB: Demons! The Wardens are fighting them!
000196CD: Where's Alistair?
000196D1: Clarel went that way...
000196D3: Over there!
000196D5: Right, where's the frigging exit?
000196D8: Clarel is hurting—we need to help her!
000196D9: The Wardens are still controlling the demons!
000196DA: How do we get out of here?
000196DB: Behind you!
000196DC: Behind you!
000196DD: Look out!
000196DF: Hah! One in the leg!
000196E1: For the Wardens!
000196E2: For the Wardens!
000196E3: Behind you!
000196E4: For the Wardens!
000196E5: Hah! One in the leg!
000196E6: Look out!
000196E7: Look!
00019707: Find Vicinius in Val Royeaux.
00019708: Much like the Inquisition, Corypheus has invested great time and effort building a trusted inner circle. Calpernia leads the Venatori—and it seems she's been busy. In the search for a particular set of elven ruins, she and her army of Tevinter extremists have taken a keen interest in a merchant named Vicinius. Perhaps finding him would shed more light on Calpernia and her motivations.
00019709: Under Her Skin
00019840: Main Chamber
00019846: Keystone
00019849: The Still Ruins
0001984E: Hall of Silence
00019897: If you say so.
00019898: I am the scion of House Pavus, a product of generations of careful breeding, and the repository of its hopes and dreams.
00019899: Not everyone feels that way. I don't. Sadly, we're the minority.
0001989A: That's Tevinter in a nutshell, isn't it? Needless to say, my family was not happy with my choices.
0001989B: What did you mean by "generations of careful breeding"?
0001989C: The great families of Tevinter don't have children. They refine traits, weed out the undesirable, and promote the rest.
0001989D: Beyond my being a mage from Tevinter, you mean?
0001989E: Because I rejected their idyllic plan.
0001989F: I'm well aware of your finer qualities, believe me.
000198A0: I declined the honor, and thus it's best I'm far from home. Less of an embarrassment that way, you see.
000198A1: My mother was chosen for my father because magic runs strongly in her blood. Never mind that they loathed each other.
000198A2: It's obvious to me.
000198A3: Of course you are. You're a discerning and intelligent woman, after all.
000198A4: I can do more for Tevinter here. If the Venatori succeed, it'll set my homeland back a thousand years.
000198A5: I'm getting the impression that you don't care much for your homeland.
000198A6: I'm sure some magisters would disagree... but that's why we kill them.
000198A7: <i>Some</i> people have superior taste.
000198A8: "Careful breeding"?
000198A9: And beyond my being so charming and well-dressed? Which is obvious to anyone.
000198AA: Of course I believe you. The moment I saw you, I thought, "There's a man who knows quality."
000198AB: Some more than others.
000198AC: It's true. I could be more modest, but I'd be lying.
000198AD: They got me: a cautionary tale that you should be careful what you wish for.
000198AE: Not that it matters. I'm quite accustomed to being a pariah. It adds to my charm.
000198AF: I think I've heard enough.
000198B0: <i>(Sighs.)</i> Let's move on, shall we?
000198B1: We pretend the Qunari can be beaten. We pretend that we're superior to everyone, even our own people.
000198B2: Don't push your luck.
000198B4: On the contrary, I care for my homeland a great deal. There's so much potential.
000198B5: That's too bad. I never tire of talking about myself.
000198B6: Naturally, I despised it all: the lies, the scheming, the illusions of supremacy.
000198B7: They wanted a son who could become Archon, to make House Pavus the envy of the Imperium.
000198B8: Why remain with the Inquisition? Why not go back to Tevinter?
000198B9: We'd live in luxurious despair, despising each other as I waited to take my father's place in the Magisterium.
000198BA: You don't like Tevinter?
000198BB: If they had their way, by now I'd be married to some unlucky girl from a powerful family.
000198BC: Why would your family be upset with your choices?
000198BD: Why not go back?
000198BE: Your family is angry with you?
000198BF: You certainly think highly of yourself.
000198C0: <i>(Chuckles.)</i> I'm not exactly welcome back home.
000198C1: Beyond that, yes.
000198C2: Sadly, we squander it. We refuse to acknowledge how far we've fallen because pretending is easier.
000198C3: I hadn't noticed.
000198C4: That's enough for now.
000198C5: Now... what was I talking about? Ah, yes. Me.
00019926: The crystals revealed something about a Shrine of Dumat. Corypheus forbid Calpernia from entering it. Whatever he's hiding from her there must be important.
00019928: Speak to Dagna about the crystal pieces.
0001992A: Have Leliana locate the Shrine of Dumat.
0001992B: Calpernia was once a slave from Minrathous. When Corypheus freed her, he earned her loyalty. While Leliana attempts to locate Calpernia's camp, the crystal pieces recovered in Val Royeaux bear further study. Perhaps there is someone out there crafty enough to make something of them.
0001992F: Is this... a youth serum? I've never seen alchemy this complex. Where did she get it?
00019930: I can't make heads or tails of this. Age regression? Who is this potion for?
00019933: Speak to Leliana about the fate of Magister Erasthenes.
00019936: Consult with Leliana.
00019938: Arrange for a spy to plant the recording crystal in Calpernia's camp.
0001993A: Explore the Shrine of Dumat.
000199BB: A suitable replacement for the primaetas root must be derived, as the plant went extinct during the Second Blight. Dried redmoss cut from a wandering hill has shown similar restorative effects. An emulsion of silverite and elfroot extract can counteract the fatal toxicity of redmoss.

The solution must be heated for exactly seventy-five minutes with magical flame. Mundane fires, regardless of fuel type, have been found to burn at too low a temperature.

The heart of the snowy wyvern must be added at the last possible moment. The compound becomes unstable when exposed to light; even if stored in perfect darkness, it is only viable for three days. It begins to degrade in potency in a matter of hours, and experimentation has shown that the age regression effect decreases steadily over time from the moment it is synthesized. By the second day, the results are almost too subtle to detect, and by the third, it is entirely useless.
000199BC: Vivienne's Alchemy Notes
00019A48: Listen to the receiving crystal with Leliana.
00019C5A: What's a world worth saving without the colorful characters who call it home? This is everything essential about key players helping or hindering the Inquisition.
00019C5C: Across much of Thedas, magic is a power that is feared or reviled. But it often proves useful. The more magic is studied, the better off the people wielding or running from it.
00019C5E: The Hinterlands
00019C61: The village of Crestwood rests on the road between Val Royeaux and Denerim. Its villagers make their livings growing crops, keeping animals, and trading with travelers. And while wyverns and bandits complicate what might otherwise be a peaceful life here, most concerning is the dragon that's made its nest nearby.
00019C63: Thedas is full of weird and wild creatures. Some are dangerous. Some are harmless. It's important to be able to tell the difference.
00019C66: The Exalted Plains are steeped in conflict. Centuries ago, the elves of the Dales made their last stand here. More recently, the plains played host to some of the most heated conflicts of the Orlesian civil war. Somehow, despite ages of unrest, the lands the elves call "Dirthavaren" retain a fragile beauty.
00019C68: The desolate badlands known as the Western Approach are as massive as they are barren. Bordered to the west by steppes and crawling with monsters, the approach is a place from which few explorers return and most avoid. The Grey Warden fortress Adamant sits on the edge of a great chasm on the approach's southern reaches, one of the few remaining signs that the greatest battles of the Second Blight were fought here.
00019C6A: Val Royeaux
00019C6B: The ancient Arbor Wilds protect many secrets deep within the overgrowth.
00019C6D: History
00019C6F: Only fools ignore the history of the ground they walk and the people they meet.
00019C70: Exalted Plains
00019C71: Default Category
00019C72: Nestled in the heart of Ferelden are the old forests and farmsteads of the Hinterlands. This rocky, rolling gateway to Redcliffe has now fallen into chaos. The conflict between mages and templars forced many off their lands, demons stalk the hills, and reports of strange magic abound near Redcliffe.
00019C75: Magic
00019C76: Nations and regions. Cities and villages. Landmarks and empty expanses. There are many places in Thedas to call home.
00019C79: Codex notes related to quests.
00019C7A: The Western Approach
00019C7B: Tutorials
00019C7E: As the Inquisition's power grows, it gains enemies in equal measure. It will take an iron will to bring Thedas back from the brink of chaos, but that is precisely what must be done.
00019C7F: The organizations and peoples of Thedas are numerous and often draw hard lines to stand behind.
00019C80: An Inquisition has to start somewhere.
00019C82: Val Royeaux is the capital of Orlais and the largest city in the empire. It is also by far its most cosmopolitan—the saying goes that sooner or later, everyone passes through its gates.
00019C87: Crestwood
00019C89: Default Category
00019C8D: Places
00019C8E: Inquisitor's Path
00019C8F: Creatures
00019C90: Characters
00019C91: These journals and codex entries are orphans. They need a home. Maybe they are ghosts of journals that should not actually exist. If this is the case, they need closure.
00019C92: Arbor Wilds
00019D6C: Open
00019D6D: Astrarium
00019D6E: Indirectly, one assumes. Nothing in any lore connects my people to the Old God dragons who became Archdemons.
00019D70: Imagine if spirits entered freely, if the Fade was not a place one went but a state of nature like the wind.
00019D71: I'll ask them, too.
00019D74: Corypheus commands a false Archdemon—a corrupted Old God. This suggests he no longer sees himself as their minion.
00019D76: Greetings.
00019D77: You don't seem to like her.
00019D78: And can you?
00019D79: A great deal, from my wanderings. There are few hard facts, but I can share what I have learned.
00019D7A: We are trying. Accept that.
00019D7C: According to the lore, the ancient magisters of Tevinter received guidance from the Old Gods.
00019D7D: You have waylaid all his other plans. Now, as a petulant child, he will destroy the game board rather than admit defeat.
00019D7E: And let slip where I might hide when this is over so your templars can hunt down the apostate elf? No.
00019D80: I'd like to know more about the Breach.
00019D81: It clearly enhances his abilities, giving him access to power he should never have known.
00019D83: I pity her, although I imagine she would detest that. Perhaps, in truth, I envy her.
00019D84: I'd like to know more about the elves from before our time.
00019D85: Dareth shiral.
00019D86: I learned how to defend myself from more aggressive spirits and how to interact safely with the rest.
00019D88: Yes, I am. The Dalish are the best hope for preserving the culture of our people.
00019D89: Perhaps I have. If you have questions and believe the answers will help, ask.
00019D8B: And what about that army of demons the Wardens were leading?
00019D8D: I'd like to know more about Dalish elves.
00019D94: At least you are asking. That is something. I will answer as I can.
00019D95: If a man sets fire to your house, do you lay the blame upon the torch he carried?
00019D98: Ir abelas... da'len. If I can offer any understanding, you have but to ask.
00019D99: But such simplistic labels misconstrue their motivations and, in so doing, do all a great disservice.
00019D9B: I'm flattered.
00019D9C: Why? What would it benefit some poor man in a Fereldan alienage to learn that his ancestors strode the land like gods?
00019D9D: You're sure that's what he'll do?
00019D9F: Privacy? Caution? Concern about the direction of this Inquisition once our work is done?
00019DA0: I'd be interested in hearing your opinions on elven culture.
00019DA2: Ask. I will give what counsel I can.
00019DA4: As certain as is possible, assuming I can plausibly predict a man who seeks to rise to godhood.
00019DA5: Why?
00019DA8: You may kill either, but one is just a few scraps of meat away from being your faithful servant.
00019DA9: If I'm to trust a self-taught apostate with my life, I need to know more about him.
00019DAA: Can we change that?
00019DAB: I respect you.
00019DAC: Proudly.
00019DAD: Tell me about the Dalish.
00019DAE: But the Breach is artificial. The Anchor on your hand let you control it and even opened a small rift at Adamant.
00019DAF: I claim no secret wisdom, but I will guess as best I can.
00019DB5: I'd like to know more about demons.
00019DB6: That sounds dangerous.
00019DB7: Where have you studied?
00019DB8: The Chantry says that demons hate the natural world and seek to bring their chaos and destruction to the living.
00019DB9: Tell me about the Fade.
00019DBA: Goodbye.
00019DBB: We'll talk later.
00019DBC: Tell me about elves.
00019DC1: I treasured my dreams. Being awake, out of the Fade, became troublesome.
00019DC2: It sounds like it would be wonderful.
00019DC3: My apologies, Inquisitor. My poor manners shame me.
00019DC4: It would only make him bitter, or inspire him to take a foolish risk and get himself killed.
00019DC5: What course would you set for them that is better than what they know now?
00019DC7: I doubt those things pouring out of the Breach wanted to join the living. Eat, maybe.
00019DC9: Be ready for anything. He still believes himself a god, and gods do not fall gracefully.
00019DCA: As you say, they were being led, commanded, controlled.
00019DCB: I respect you.
00019DCC: Of course it does. The dog that bites you because it is rabid is not the dog that bites you because it is starving.
00019DCD: He will need to demonstrate that no one in this world can stand against his magic. It will not be subtle.
00019DCE: <i>(Sighs.)</i> You are right, of course. The fault is mine, for expecting what the Dalish could never truly accomplish.
00019DD0: You're certain?
00019DD3: I'd like to know more about the Veil.
00019DD5: There is little to tell. What I learned in my studies may help you. My childhood in a village to the north will not.
00019DD6: Tell me about city elves.
00019DD7: And what about the demon I fought at the Seeker fortress?
00019DD8: You're an elven mage. Not from the Circle, not Dalish. You're an unknown element.
00019DD9: What made you start studying the Fade?
00019DDA: Why not?
00019DDC: What do you know about the Fade?
00019DDD: They are children acting out stories misheard and repeated wrongly a thousand times.
00019DDE: Have you always traveled and studied alone?
00019DE0: The one being commanded by Corypheus?
00019DE3: Tell me about the Breach.
00019DE4: Are all Dalish elves like my clan?
00019DE6: That sounds dangerous.
00019DE7: While they pass on stories, mangling details, I walk the Fade. I have seen things they have not.
00019DE9: He will return to his plans to throw Orlais into chaos and then conquer it for Tevinter.
00019DEE: We hear stories of them living in trees and imagine wooden ramps or Dalish aravels.
00019DEF: I don't care.
00019DF0: You're a mage, you studied the Breach, and you seem to have some idea how a bastard like this might think.
00019DF1: What would you like to know?
00019DF2: I don't know if I <i>can</i> imagine that.
00019DF3: I need to know more about Corypheus.
00019DF4: Our people. You use that phrase so casually. It should mean more... but the Dalish have forgotten that.
00019DF5: Is there a way to coexist? To live with them, if not in peace, at least without such active confrontation?
00019DF7: Ir abelas, hahren. If the Dalish have done you a disservice, I would make that right.
00019DF9: Actually, on some level, I do. She takes it better than she would take my pity... or my envy.
00019DFA: Corypheus faces a decision: accelerate his plan to gain power, or abandon his dream of conquering Orlais—for now.
00019DFF: Do I need a reason?
00019E00: But the question is a good one, and it matters that you thought to ask.
00019E02: I don't see myself as self-taught... but then, since I have not told you, you'd have no way of knowing that.
00019E03: You're an apostate, yet you risked your freedom to help the Inquisition.
00019E05: Oh, but you know the truth, right?
00019E08: You've studied ancient elves. What else do you know of Arlathan?
00019E09: Tell me about demons.
00019E0B: Of course demons are destructive. This world is illicit and unnatural for them.
00019E0F: Your Circle says that demons hate the natural world and seek to bring their chaos and destruction to the living.
00019E10: I wouldn't trust my life to a blade before I'd tested its balance.
00019E11: Yes, it can drown careless children, but it can also carry a merchant's goods or grind a miller's flour.
00019E12: That is what the world could be, if the Veil were not present. For better or worse.
00019E14: Do you work with anyone?
00019E15: Why study the Fade?
00019E17: Imagine instead spires of crystal twining through the branches, palaces floating among the clouds.
00019E19: The Dalish strive to remember Halamshiral, but Halamshiral was merely a fumbling attempt to recreate a forgotten land.
00019E1A: What's your problem with the Dalish? Allergic to halla?
00019E1B: It doesn't matter why they attack us.
00019E1C: What will he do next?
00019E1F: Or would they mock the <i>flat-ear</i> and his stories, and go back to their ruins?
00019E21: I'm asking you.
00019E22: You said that you believed the orb is elven?
00019E24: I grew up in a village to the north. There was little to interest a young man, especially one gifted with magic.
00019E25: I'd like to know more about you, Solas.
00019E26: But your mark allows you to exert some control over the Breach. That means it was created deliberately.
00019E27: But your Anchor, as Corypheus calls it, allows you some control over the Breach. That suggests it was deliberate.
00019E28: I am glad that I am not alone in seeing the beauty of such a world, along with the obvious peril.
00019E29: You've given me good counsel before. I could use some now.
00019E2A: His deception will undo him, as it has done countless fools before.
00019E2D: Your Dalish say that demons hate the natural world and seek to bring their chaos and destruction to the living.
00019E2E: So help them.
00019E2F: Cassandra and Varric seem more familiar with our adversary.
00019E34: As a consequence, each clan has learned, interpreted, and forgotten different parts of elven history.
00019E35: You've taken his army. He lacks the conventional forces to take Orlais.
00019E36: How can I help?
00019E38: It is a mistake to think of the Dalish as a single group. They have lived as separate clans for centuries now.
00019E3B: Did spirits try to tempt you?
00019E3C: Spirits wish to join the living, and a demon is that wish gone wrong.
00019E3D: What else?
00019E3E: You shamed him when you destroyed Haven. It spoiled his glorious victory.
00019E3F: He must see Orlais destroyed utterly by whatever means possible, not merely thrown into chaos.
00019E40: Perhaps you could ask Sera. She has... opinions.
00019E42: All right. What can I tell you?
00019E43: I'm not asking Sera.
00019E44: Elvhenan was the empire, and Arlathan its greatest city. A place of magic and beauty, lost to time.
00019E45: You said you'd traveled to many different places.
00019E46: We spoke of this on our travels to Skyhold. What more can I tell you?
00019E47: She's worthy of respect.
00019E49: Some trade freely with humans or adopt city elves who flee the alienages. Others attack humans on sight.
00019E4A: Not at all. I have built many lasting friendships.
00019E4B: Fine, you think we're terrible. What about the alienages full of elves who aren't Dalish?
00019E4E: The key is understanding this: no real god need prove himself. Anyone who tries is mad or lying.
00019E51: I never would have believed a Tevinter mage could unlock such a powerful relic.
00019E52: My people come from the elves who refused to surrender when humans broke their treaty and destroyed the Dales.
00019E54: But would they still be demons? Or would they be part of our natural environment like... a fast-flowing river?
00019E56: The fate of this world depends upon you, Inquisitor, and to that end, I offer my aid. But my life is my own.
00019E57: Small tears occur naturally when magic weakens the Veil or when spirits cluster at an area that has seen many deaths.
00019E59: I don't believe that.
00019E5A: And learning some colorful new idioms, no doubt.
00019E5B: Some of his unique power comes from the corruption of the Blight. The rest may come from the orb he carries.
00019E5C: Not in the world we know today. The Veil creates a barrier that makes true understanding most unlikely.
00019E5D: Oh, I'll take advice from just about anyone right now.
00019E5F: We must mark the occasion of the Dalish remembering something correctly. Perhaps we should plant a tree.
00019E60: The culture in alienages or among the slaves of Tevinter is like any of the impoverished and powerless.
00019E63: What do you think Corypheus will do next?
00019E64: What do you wish to know?
00019E66: That sounds marvelous.
00019E67: I am sorry. With so much fear in the air... what would you know of me?
00019E68: Instead, spirits are strange and fearful, and the Fade is a terrifying world touched only by mages and dreamers.
00019E69: Your Keeper was not wrong about that, at least.
00019E6A: That sounds strange.
00019E6E: She has a purity of purpose that I lack. I have observed too much and done too little.
00019E6F: Would your clan listen to what I had learned in my studies, my travels?
00019E70: I must know I can trust you.
00019E72: What can you tell me about elves living in human cities?
00019E73: Tell me about Corypheus.
00019E74: Not the wisest course of action when framed that way.
00019E76: No more than a brightly colored fruit is deliberately tempting you to eat it.
00019E79: So teach other elves.
00019E7D: Sera is part of our team. You don't need to be snide about her.
00019E7E: Nor would I.
00019E7F: And dangerous, but... yes. A world where imagination defines reality, where spirits are as common as trees or grass.
00019E82: Circle mages call it a barrier between this world and the Fade.
00019E83: The Dalish are trying to restore elven history. If you know something new, share it.
00019E84: But according to my studies in ancient elven lore, that is a vast oversimplification. Without it...
00019E85: Imagine beings who lived forever, for whom magic was as natural as breathing. That is what was lost.
00019E87: You don't much care for Sera, do you?
00019E88: He will never abandon his dream.
00019E89: It would be worse to acknowledge that you had done so. He must continue on his course or show weakness.
00019E8B: Although you have ended the battle in Orlais, it will take the country some time to recover.
00019E8C: Why are you so angry?
00019E90: Of course.
00019E93: Tell me more of the Dalish.
00019E95: We've got enough trouble with demons already.
00019E96: Then don't tell me. I wasn't asking as part of the Inquisition.
00019E97: What can you tell me about the source of Corypheus's power?
00019E98: He has lost his army, and he has lost Orlais. That eliminates military or political means to rebuild Tevinter.
00019E9A: Yes?
00019E9B: They fight to gain entrance, and when the rules of this world do not mirror theirs, they lash out. Tragic, but not evil.
00019E9D: The orb is elven?
00019E9F: I am a true elf.
00019EA0: Simply put, it is a tear in the Veil between this world and the Fade, allowing spirits to enter the world physically.
00019EA1: Try. Imagine if spirits were not a rarity but a part of our natural world like... a fast-flowing river.
00019EA3: If I wanted Sera's opinions, I'd be talking to her.
00019EA6: Like the power to control the Archdemon?
00019EA7: I appreciate the work you're doing, Solas. I just wanted to know more about you.
00019EA8: And let slip where I might hide when this is over so your soldiers can drag me back to the Circle in chains? No.
00019EA9: This world, or its memory, is reflected in the Fade. Dream in ancient ruins, and you may see a city lost to history.
00019EAA: What is his power base?
00019EAC: They cling to memories of a better past and practice a few rituals to distinguish themselves from humans.
00019EAD: Arlathan.
00019EAF: Tell me about the Veil.
00019EB2: Tell me about yourself.
00019EB5: Tell me about ancient elves.
00019EE3: After our time in Halamshiral, I understand why. I had forgotten how I missed court intrigue.
00019FC4: I wouldn't mind never having another Blight. Corypheus interfering is the real problem.
00019FC5: Don't forget the demons.
00019FC6: And calling the army of demons. That's my favorite part.
00019FC7: To seek out these Old Gods deliberately in some bizarre attempt to preempt the Blight...
00019FC8: Like a fair maiden chasing a butterfly off a cliff.
00019FC9: It was a good idea.
00019FCB: They obsess over darkspawn.
00019FCD: Grey Wardens have always been dangerous. They care for nothing beyond stopping the darkspawn.
00019FFD: I cannot believe the Grey Wardens could even conceive of such a plan.
00019FFF: We must stop the Wardens from carrying out this insane plan, Inquisitor.
0001A008: Those fools and duty. Responsibility is not expertise. Action is not inherently superior to inaction.
0001A009: Except that if you hadn't stopped them, we'd all have fallen.
0001A00A: A tool that would have let Corypheus ride roughshod over most of Orlais.
0001A00B: The fools who first unleashed the Blight upon this world thought they were unlocking ultimate power.
0001A00C: Forgive me. The entire idea is... unnerving.
0001A00D: A tool that gives Corypheus an army.
0001A00E: The Blight is not something one smugly outsmarts.
0001A00F: The Blight is the real problem.
0001A010: It was a good idea.
0001A011: That's not the point. Even if they could succeed, the entire idea is wrong.
0001A012: Corypheus notwithstanding, I don't blame the Wardens for acting instead of reacting.
0001A013: They acted stupidly.
0001A014: How many lives were lost during the last Blight?
0001A015: And the Wardens are trying to end the Blight forever.
0001A016: The demons are nothing. They're a tool.
0001A017: By trying to end the Blight forever?
0001A018: Except that if you don't stop them, we'll all fall.
0001A019: Even if they hadn't, the entire idea is wrong.
0001A01A: Yes! Would it have worked? Do you know? Did they?
0001A01F: It is never going to happen. We'll stop it.
0001A021: You are certain you experienced time travel? Could it have been an illusion, a trick of the Fade?
0001A022: I know what I saw. It was real.
0001A024: It doesn't matter.
0001A025: Point taken. Just remember, an enemy can attack, but only an ally can betray you. Betrayal is always worse.
0001A027: Not amazing. Terrifying.
0001A028: What an amazing gift. It is vital the Inquisition succeed, to avoid the future you witnessed.
0001A02A: Dorian is certain.
0001A02C: I am a mage. I'd know.
0001A02D: Point taken.
0001A02E: Beggars can't be choosers.
0001A031: I saw you there.
0001A033: No.
0001A034: Remember that, should you ever feel hesitant about the necessity of the Inquisition's actions.
0001A035: The templars are a powerful force. The thing affecting them was not just a simple demon.
0001A036: Any group corrupted by a demon must be watched carefully. At least they know how to fight.
0001A037: Fair enough. Bear in mind the demon, however powerful, was but a single minion of the Elder One.
0001A038: I know enough. If that future happened, then I—and Cassandra, Cullen, and the rest—failed to stop this Elder One.
0001A039: Don't underestimate them.
0001A03B: I'm surprised you're not more interested in your own future.
0001A03D: Dorian was sure, impossible as it seems.
0001A03E: I suggest we not fail.
0001A03F: So we have gained the mages. Excellent. They should be able to seal the Breach.
0001A041: So the templars will put their powers to use sealing the Breach.
0001A043: They have their uses.
0001A044: What would be the point?
0001A045: You think Alexius made an illusion of his own life going down in flames?
0001A046: I've been to the Fade before. I'd know it.
0001A049: This Elder One. You have now interfered with his plans twice. Once at the Temple of Sacred Ashes...
0001A04A: Templars have flaws, but they are very good at killing mages. I'll need that against this Elder One.
0001A04C: So many were dead. More had been corrupted. Knowing what will happen if we fail...
0001A04D: We can't afford to be picky about our allies.
0001A04E: For?
0001A050: Speaking of which... you should ready yourself.
0001A161: Please! The mayor could use your assistance!
0001A1BA: If you think it worthwhile, we can have Thom Rainier, previously known to us as 'Blackwall,' released from the Val Royeaux prison in which he awaits justice. Keep in mind, Inquisitor, that he is wanted in Orlais for the massacre which claimed the lives of Lord Vincent Callier, general and staunch ally of Celene, and all of Callier's family. I leave this in your hands.

0001A1BB: Thom Rainier's Fate
0001A220: Sturdy Defender Coat
0001A221: Sturdy Defender Mail
0001A222: Sturdy Defender Armor
0001A226: Defender Mail Legs
0001A227: Vanguard Coat
0001A229: Vanguard Armor Legs
0001A22A: Vanguard Armor Arms
0001A22D: Vanguard Mail Legs
0001A22E: Vanguard Mail
0001A22F: Defender Mail Arms
0001A231: Defender Coat
0001A232: Sturdy Vanguard Armor
0001A233: Defender Coat Legs
0001A234: Vanguard Coat Legs
0001A235: Vanguard Armor
0001A236: Defender Coat Arms
0001A239: Superior Vanguard Coat
0001A23A: Sturdy Vanguard Coat
0001A23B: Sturdy Vanguard Mail
0001A23C: Vanguard Mail Arms
0001A23D: Defender Armor Legs
0001A23E: Defender Armor Arms
0001A23F: Vanguard Coat Arms
0001A241: Defender Armor
0001A242: Superior Vanguard Armor
0001A243: Defender Mail
0001A247: Superior Vanguard Mail
0001A262: Battlemaster Mail
0001A264: Battlemaster Coat Legs
0001A266: Sturdy Battlemaster Armor
0001A267: Battlemaster Mail Arms
0001A268: Battlemaster Coat
0001A269: Battlemaster Armor Legs
0001A26A: Battlemaster Armor Arms
0001A26E: Battlemaster Coat Arms
0001A270: Battlemaster Mail Legs
0001A273: Sturdy Battlemaster Mail
0001A274: Battlemaster Armor
0001A275: Sturdy Battlemaster Coat
0001A276: Superior Battlemaster Armor
0001A27A: Superior Battlemaster Coat
0001A27E: Superior Battlemaster Mail
0001A28B: Close
0001A2A0: Superior Hunter Mail
0001A2A1: Prowler Armor Legs
0001A2A2: Superior Prowler Armor
0001A2A3: Scout Mail
0001A2A4: Scout Mail Legs
0001A2A5: Prowler Coat Arms
0001A2A6: Prowler Armor
0001A2A7: Prowler Coat Legs
0001A2A8: Prowler Armor Arms
0001A2A9: Sturdy Hunter Armor
0001A2AA: Hunter Mail Arms
0001A2AC: Sturdy Scout Coat
0001A2AD: Prowler Coat
0001A2AE: Superior Prowler Coat
0001A2AF: Hunter Coat
0001A2B0: Hunter Mail
0001A2B1: Scout Coat
0001A2B2: Sturdy Hunter Coat
0001A2B3: Superior Hunter Coat
0001A2B4: Hunter Armor
0001A2B5: Sturdy Prowler Coat
0001A2B6: Hunter Coat Arms
0001A2B7: Sturdy Scout Mail
0001A2B8: Prowler Mail Legs
0001A2BA: Scout Armor Legs
0001A2BB: Scout Coat Arms
0001A2BC: Sturdy Prowler Mail
0001A2BD: Hunter Coat Legs
0001A2BE: Hunter Armor Legs
0001A2BF: Sturdy Scout Armor
0001A2C0: Superior Prowler Mail
0001A2C1: Hunter Armor Arms
0001A2C2: Scout Armor
0001A2C3: Scout Mail Arms
0001A2C4: Hunter Mail Legs
0001A2C7: Superior Hunter Armor
0001A2C8: Prowler Mail Arms
0001A2C9: Sturdy Prowler Armor
0001A2CA: Scout Coat Legs
0001A2CB: Scout Armor Arms
0001A2CC: Prowler Mail
0001A2CD: Sturdy Hunter Mail
0001A2D8: Sturdy Battlemage Coat
0001A2D9: Apprentice Armor Arms
0001A2DB: Enchanter Coat Arms
0001A2DC: Sturdy Apprentice Coat
0001A2DD: Battlemage Armor Legs
0001A2DE: Battlemage Coat
0001A2DF: Enchanter Armor Arms
0001A2E0: Apprentice Coat Arms
0001A2E1: Battlemage Coat Arms
0001A2E2: Superior Battlemage Armor
0001A2E3: Enchanter Coat
0001A2E4: Sturdy Apprentice Armor
0001A2E5: Enchanter Mail Arms
0001A2E6: Apprentice Armor
0001A2E7: Battlemage Armor
0001A2E8: Superior Enchanter Armor
0001A2E9: Superior Battlemage Mail
0001A2EB: Sturdy Battlemage Armor
0001A2EC: Apprentice Mail
0001A2ED: Sturdy Enchanter Armor
0001A2EE: Enchanter Coat Legs
0001A2EF: Apprentice Coat Legs
0001A2F0: Enchanter Armor
0001A2F1: Enchanter Armor Legs
0001A2F2: Apprentice Coat
0001A2F3: Apprentice Mail Arms
0001A2F4: Battlemage Mail Legs
0001A2F6: Battlemage Armor Arms
0001A2F7: Sturdy Battlemage Mail
0001A2F8: Battlemage Mail
0001A2F9: Superior Enchanter Mail
0001A2FA: Superior Enchanter Coat
0001A2FC: Battlemage Coat Legs
0001A2FD: Battlemage Mail Arms
0001A2FE: Superior Battlemage Coat
0001A2FF: Apprentice Mail Legs
0001A300: Sturdy Apprentice Mail
0001A301: Enchanter Mail Legs
0001A302: Apprentice Armor Legs
0001A303: Sturdy Enchanter Coat
0001A304: Enchanter Mail
0001A305: Sturdy Enchanter Mail
0001A37B: Back home, ruling the unwashed masses <i>is</i> serving them. For the good of the Imperium.
0001A37C: It's not my field of expertise, but the Imperium believes Andraste was a mortal woman. A mage.
0001A37D: Perhaps it started with good intentions, but these days it's academic. The Circles are in command.
0001A37E: Are you religious?
0001A37F: Do you consider yourself Andrastian?
0001A380: A disagreement?
0001A381: They watch for abuse of magic, yes, but only those who are weak or who fall out of favor get dealt with.
0001A382: We have templars as well, but they don't cancel spells—or whatever your templars do. They're soldiers.
0001A383: Down south they say, "No, she's the Bride of the Maker! Ascended to His side, divine provenance, blah, blah, blah."
0001A384: In the Imperium, he's the true Divine. The woman sitting on the Sunburst Throne is some backwater pretender.
0001A385: Why would they disagree over Andraste?
0001A386: We don't have dismal little mage prisons, if that's what you mean. They're academies. Prestigious ones.
0001A387: So we elected a man as Divine, the South declared war, and we've been feuding cousins ever since.
0001A388: Not in theory. The main difference is in the whole "magic is meant to serve man, not rule over him" business.
0001A389: There are Circles of Magi in the Imperium?
0001A38A: We feel better believing Andraste was one of us. Makes executing her less damning, you see.
0001A38C: <i>We</i> don't call him that, oh, no.
0001A38D: It all stems from a disagreement over Andraste. Marvelous, isn't it?
0001A38E: Mostly they enforce the Magisterium's edicts. The Chantry smiles and nods from the sidelines.
0001A391: You have Circles?
0001AA31: The Divine
0001AE97: As I mentioned, the Grey Wardens seem to have been disappearing. The keeps at Amaranthine, Montsimmard, and Val Chevin are all empty. Ambassador Montilyet dispatched a message to the First Warden in Weisshaupt, but I do not expect a quick response, if we receive one at all.

There is, however, one curious lead. An agent recently spotted a man in full Grey Warden regalia in the Fereldan Hinterlands. Careful questioning of persons in the area revealed the man's name to be Blackwall. I have gathered all I can on him and he appears to be a Senior Warden of considerable experience. Our agent stressed that Blackwall may not remain in Ferelden for much longer.

Find Blackwall and see what you can learn about the disappearance of his fellow Wardens.

0001AE98: Instructions on the Warden Blackwall
0001AEC6: The wards are working. It should be harder for tears to form here.
0001AEC8: Excellent. The wards are functioning again.
0001AEC9: If we can find the artifacts they used, it may help strengthen this area against tears.
0001AECA: According to my research, the ancient elves may have set up wards near here.
0001AECC: Good. That should help strengthen the Veil.
0001AECD: I can sense elven magic somewhere nearby.
0001AECE: Yes, the wards are helping to strengthen the Veil. This area should be safer for travelers now.
0001AECF: I believe I sense one of the artifacts of my people.
0001AED0: I can feel another of the elven artifacts.
0001AED1: The wards are working.
0001AED2: We're near another artifact.
0001AED3: There's an elven artifact nearby.
0001AED4: That should help ward off demons.
0001AED7: What do you think of Haven?
0001AED8: You were the same.
0001AEDB: I expected more. More men, better equipment...
0001AEDC: It's easy to speak well of trust when yours has never been misplaced.
0001AEDD: Restoring order is a goal I support wholeheartedly.
0001AEDE: Wars are won in many ways.
0001AEDF: I guess we'll never know.
0001AEE0: Pity about that temple. Would've been nice to see it.
0001AEE1: Without trust, how would we build alliances? Or friendships?
0001AEE2: Avoiding war altogether would be ideal.
0001AEE4: Of all the things in the world... a demon who wears someone's face.
0001AEE5: Then I was worth something in the end. Thank you.
0001AEE6: Angry. Good. I'm glad I was angry. It means I never stopped caring.
0001AEE7: Does that mean I remained unbroken or simply stopped caring?
0001AEE8: The mages are dangerous. There's no way around it.
0001AEEB: I don't know where you stand on the matter, and I'll admit I haven't made up my mind either.
0001AEEC: What else is there to say about it?
0001AEED: That's obvious.
0001AEEE: Supporting you, however, is another matter.
0001AEEF: All right. I won't mention it again.
0001AEF0: <i>(Chuckles.)</i> True enough. Still, it never hurts to be prepared.
0001AEF1: I don't trust anyone.
0001AEF2: There was never going to be an easy answer to the mage dilemma.
0001AEF3: What about Haven?
0001AEF4: You were furious about the circumstances.
0001AEF5: What do you think of the Inquisition's cause?
0001AEF6: You asked for my opinion. That was my opinion.
0001AEF7: What you did for the mages took courage. You gave them a chance. Everyone deserves one.
0001AEF8: What's life without risk?
0001AEF9: The lady Seeker believes we are restoring the Chantry. Others say it needs reform.
0001AEFA: Build on that foundation, and you will have an army that makes nations tremble.
0001AEFB: It's best to rely on yourself. People are selfish.
0001AEFD: Trust is important.
0001AEFE: I'm not very impressed by its leadership.
0001AEFF: It's better if some things are left forgotten.
0001AF01: Don't ask.
0001AF02: You may have Andraste's favor, but wars are won by men. Soldiers.
0001AF03: I have to ask: what was I like in that dark future you saw?
0001AF04: You were angry.
0001AF05: But that's not the end of it, is it? Not by a half.
0001AF06: It's a war camp that was once a pilgrim's refuge.
0001AF07: Why war at all?
0001AF08: I imagine it makes trusting others risky.
0001AF09: It's the state of the world, though, isn't it? Holy ground turned into a battlefield.
0001AF0A: Until you lose.
0001AF0B: You can count on my aid for as long as you need it.
0001AF0E: Brute force is not always the answer. There are plenty of other paths to victory.
0001AF0F: You chose for the good of us all. I can respect that.
0001AF10: Risk is what keeps life exciting, don't you think?
0001AF11: A lonely way to exist, but practical. I cannot fault you for it.
0001AF12: You didn't seem much different.
0001AF13: You fought with honor and died a hero. You did the Wardens proud.
0001AF14: What about our cause?
0001AF15: One thing I will say about your men: they're passionate. Devoted. You inspire them.
0001AF16: I don't need you to tell me what I already know.
0001AF17: You were heroic.
0001AF18: You already know what I think of your forces. I'm not sure what else there is to say.
0001AF47: Battering Ram
0001AFF0: Vivienne
0001AFF1: Dorian
0001AFF2: Varric
0001AFF3: Blackwall
0001AFF4: Warden
0001AFF5: Cassandra
0001AFF6: Solas
0001AFF7: Cole
0001AFF8: Sera
0001B01C: Rest
0001B01D: Book
0001B01F: Documents
0001B020: Note
0001B025: Papers
0001B026: Corpse
0001B02E: The Venatori killed Alexius once he stopped being useful.
0001B02F: Is that smart of them?
0001B030: Was it hard being away from him?
0001B031: I was hoping to get to know you better.
0001B032: I think the Imperium gave up on the idea of allies a long time ago.
0001B033: About how much you adore me, I assume. I hear that so often.
0001B034: On second thought, I've changed my mind.
0001B035: That's what I thought. I'd hoped to persuade him to leave Redcliffe.
0001B036: We need to end this.
0001B037: They'll sneer at the South behind their silk handkerchiefs and say you've had it easy for far too long.
0001B039: You'd think the templars would object.
0001B03A: You both gave up.
0001B03B: Let's do something interesting.
0001B03C: I want us to be closer.
0001B03D: That's what any magister would tell you. They'd be convincingly offended by the notion, too.
0001B03E: Occasionally there'll be a magister who makes noise, and then the reform talk begins. All very patriotic.
0001B03F: They won't, of course. At least not officially. They'll disavow all knowledge of "dangerous cultists."
0001B040: At any rate, he's dead now. More's the pity.
0001B041: Never mind.
0001B042: I imagine they did, long ago.
0001B043: I think you felt guilty.
0001B045: About the future...
0001B046: I suppose he had his reasons. People will do odd things when they're strung over a barrel.
0001B048: The Herald of Andraste? Your very title smacks of the southern Chantry. You may as well be a heathen.
0001B049: Sounds like he wasn't the only one who gave up.
0001B04A: Good fellow. Always thought highly of him. Then one day he asks me to join the Venatori.
0001B04C: Not at all...
0001B04D: Too much pride, I suppose. Plus, I was busy drinking. One must have priorities.
0001B04E: One of those days, is it?
0001B04F: You think that matters? Don't be silly.
0001B050: Later, I regretted my hasty words, but we didn't speak again until he approached me for the Venatori.
0001B051: You mean you argued.
0001B052: You still went after him.
0001B053: Did you miss him?
0001B054: Why did he join them?
0001B055: I don't think that's it. You felt guilty because you couldn't help him.
0001B056: Oh? I am, as you say down south, "all ears."
0001B057: Nowadays, only the friendless are accused... and most of them probably innocent.
0001B058: Let's spend time together.
0001B059: At any rate, he's fallen so low, I doubt he'll ever get up. Sad, really.
0001B05A: We should talk.
0001B05B: He and I used to talk over brandy about the corruption, how we could one day make real change in the Imperium.
0001B05C: But you followed him.
0001B05D: Most learn to keep quiet. Me? I enjoy the allure of pariah-hood.
0001B05E: Either that, or I didn't really know Alexius at all.
0001B05F: Looking up an old mentor of mine, a magister by the name of Alexius.
0001B060: Seems odd he would get involved with the Venatori at all.
0001B061: All right, we'll see how this goes. Don't say I didn't warn you.
0001B062: He hadn't been there, you see. Alexius was convinced he could have protected them, and the guilt tore him up.
0001B063: Why?
0001B064: I don't know what he was thinking. He knew I wanted to change Tevinter, not regress it into prehistoric madness!
0001B065: We should talk.
0001B066: Behind closed doors, it's a different story. Real blood magic can give you an edge, a leg up against your opponents.
0001B067: Secretly many magisters will rejoice at the idea. And if the South falls to chaos in the meantime? All the better.
0001B068: Meanwhile, that magister will be quietly shunned. Chances are—surprise!—it's learned he was a maleficar all along.
0001B069: I meant I wanted to talk about <i>us</i>.
0001B06B: I helped him with his research for a while, and then we... drifted apart.
0001B06C: No templar intervention?
0001B06E: It was hard not having a patron, yes. I'm not exactly built to fit in.
0001B06F: How dreadful. Back to being fantastic all on my own.
0001B070: Let them.
0001B071: Clever you. I had a choice, you see: wallow in self-pity or get away while I could.
0001B072: Never mind.
0001B073: This... thing between us can't go on.
0001B074: Just talk? Such a pity.
0001B075: And then he... gave up. He stopped trying.
0001B076: It would be in the Imperium's best interest to help. Surely it could use allies.
0001B077: I was hoping to steal a moment alone with you.
0001B078: Why were you in Redcliffe?
0001B079: No, it's nothing like that...
0001B07A: I'm curious why you were in Redcliffe in the first place.
0001B07B: Once their investigations might have been sincere. Then their balls were cut off. Too inconvenient.
0001B07C: No one disagrees?
0001B07D: Let's not forget that the Inquisition seems to be an arm of the Orlesian Chantry. Anathema, so far as they're concerned.
0001B07E: I wouldn't blame you. My father's a very wealthy man.
0001B07F: I need to talk to you.
0001B080: I told him to snap out of it, move on. I thought I had all the answers.
0001B081: Of course. I do, and I'm not entirely alone.
0001B082: We're not part of the Chantry. The Chantry opposed the Inquisition's formation.
0001B083: <i>(Sighs.)</i> There is no news.
0001B084: He was my patron, sponsoring me to the higher levels of the Circle of Magi. In return, my successes were his.
0001B085: It's safe to assume that any mage of rank does it. The rest are quietly shut out of power, to put it bluntly.
0001B086: Oh, not at all.
0001B087: There must be some mages who oppose this.
0001B088: Oh-ho! I see. What's the latest news on the "us" front, then?
0001B089: Why did he give up?
0001B08A: You could at least bring me wine. Loosens the tongue, so to speak.
0001B08B: That must have been difficult.
0001B08C: It's true. What was I thinking? It's so cold down here.
0001B08D: I'm sorry.
0001B08E: So... you and I? People will talk.
0001B08F: Back then, I was furious.
0001B090: I came for a kiss.
0001B091: I had a lot of successes, naturally. Alexius was most pleased.
0001B092: We've been fighting the Qunari for, what? Two hundred years, off and on? It's a point of pride that we go it alone.
0001B093: I'd like to talk to you about something.
0001B094: On a journey to Hossberg, a darkspawn raid killed his wife and sickened his son. I remember hearing the news.
0001B095: How ominous. Has my father finally come up with a decent offer to buy me from you?
0001B097: You mean you fought with him.
0001B098: I think they're far more frightened what you'll do if you succeed.
0001B099: I'd think you'd be more concerned whether or not they'd support the Venatori.
0001B09A: I thought we could discuss what happens... after.
0001B09B: But we're not!
0001B0D3: Superior Battlemaster Coat
0001B0D4: Superior Battlemaster Mail Legs
0001B0D5: Battlemaster Armor
0001B0D6: Battlemaster Coat
0001B0D7: Superior Vanguard Mail
0001B0D8: Battlemaster Armor Arms
0001B0D9: Vanguard Mail Legs
0001B0DA: Defender Mail Legs
0001B0DB: Defender Coat Arms
0001B0DC: Vanguard Armor Legs
0001B0DD: Superior Vanguard Armor
0001B0DE: Superior Battlemaster Armor Legs
0001B0DF: Defender Armor Legs
0001B0E0: Battlemaster Mail Arms
0001B0E1: Defender Coat
0001B0E2: Superior Battlemaster Armor Arms
0001B0E3: Superior Vanguard Mail Legs
0001B0E4: Superior Vanguard Mail Arms
0001B0E5: Superior Vanguard Coat Arms
0001B0E6: Defender Coat Legs
0001B0E7: Superior Battlemaster Mail Arms
0001B0E8: Superior Vanguard Armor Legs
0001B0E9: Superior Vanguard Coat Legs
0001B0EA: Superior Battlemaster Armor
0001B0EB: Battlemaster Coat Arms
0001B0EC: Defender Mail Arms
0001B0ED: Vanguard Armor Arms
0001B0EE: Battlemaster Coat Legs
0001B0EF: Vanguard Armor
0001B0F0: Defender Mail
0001B0F1: Vanguard Coat Legs
0001B0F2: Defender Armor Arms
0001B0F3: Superior Vanguard Coat
0001B0F4: Battlemaster Armor Legs
0001B0F5: Battlemaster Mail Legs
0001B0F6: Superior Battlemaster Coat Legs
0001B0F7: Superior Vanguard Armor Arms
0001B0F8: Defender Armor
0001B0F9: Vanguard Mail
0001B0FA: Vanguard Coat Arms
0001B0FB: Vanguard Coat
0001B0FC: Vanguard Mail Arms
0001B0FD: Battlemaster Mail
0001B0FE: Superior Battlemaster Coat Arms
0001B0FF: Superior Battlemaster Mail
0001B16B: Zoom
0001B16C: Travel
0001B16D: Legend
0001B16E: Cycle Quests
0001B189: Have it your way... but let's go where a hundred onlookers won't think I'm stealing the Inquisitor's soul.
0001B18A: Truth be told, we're probably not suited to each other. Which is sad, but there it is.
0001B18B: I could make it difficult, but why? You have better things to worry about.
0001B18C: I won't lie. It could have been something... but we have to be realistic, yes?
0001B18D: I didn't doubt it for a moment. Too bad—I was hoping for a lively Winterfest gift.
0001B18E: I'm serious.
0001B18F: Just remember: I'll still be watching you... from behind, where the view is best. Such is my way.
0001B190: If you'll excuse me, a bottle calls. Orlesian brandy is <i>so</i> cheap here, it's criminal.
0001B191: So we shall. It was interesting while it lasted.
0001B192: But if you insist, a game of Wicked Grace will have to do. Time to take all your coin.
0001B193: This castle of yours isn't exactly filled with diversions... but we can figure something out.
0001B194: I could rend my garments, muss up my hair... No, I wouldn't touch my hair. Let's not get carried away.
0001B195: Of course you joke.
0001B197: Good. Let's leave it there.
0001B198: Leave it to you to make light.
0001B199: It'll have to be brandy, won't it? A little early, but that's never stopped me before.
0001B19A: You're not upset?
0001B19B: No need to belabor it.
0001B19C: You have but to ask, amatus. Lead the way.
0001B19D: You... don't sound too broken up over it.
0001B19E: More interesting than wandering the countryside, killing random strangers? Perish the thought.
0001B19F: Of course it can't. The Herald of Andraste carrying on with a Tevinter mage? Preposterous.
0001B1A0: <i>(Laughs.)</i> "I need to talk to you," he says.
0001B1A2: Come, we'll wander the grounds, and I'll bore you with ribald tales of Tevinter intrigue.
0001B1A3: Sad we aren't in Minrathous. I could show you a hundred ways to shame your ancestors, but we'll make do.
0001B1A5: That doesn't sound like you're agreeing.
0001B1A6: No games.
0001B1A7: It's still early.
0001B1A8: Is that what you want?
0001B1A9: You're very sentimental for someone who's killed as many people as you have.
0001B1AB: Ah, yes. After. Dreadful thing, after.
0001B1AC: That might save us both some trouble.
0001B1AE: All of a sudden, that's all you are?
0001B1AF: Let's see. Assuming one or both of us aren't slaughtered along the way, what do you wish to happen?
0001B1B0: You know you're more than that to me.
0001B1B1: Of course not. I want us to be together as long as we can.
0001B1B2: You're the Inquisitor. You're the one with responsibilities. I am but an adornment upon your arm.
0001B1B3: That's not <i>all</i> I am, but I'm not the great holy hope of southern Thedas.
0001B1B5: We could go our separate ways, if you prefer. I've been a port in a storm before. I would understand.
0001B1B6: But we could find Cassandra and pretend we're talking about her. It would drive her mad.
0001B1B7: You're the Inquisitor, amatus. King of the world. I am pleased with whatever time I can have, while I can.
0001B1B8: Suddenly modest?
0001B1B9: Come, we'll watch your soldiers bash each other with sticks while I critique their uniforms.
0001B1BD: You're more than that.
0001B1BE: That might be best.
0001B1C0: Stop with the games. I want an answer.
0001B1C1: Loads of trouble. Indeed.
0001B1C2: I want to stay together.
0001B1C5: What's wrong with their uniforms?
0001B1C6: Are you saying this because that's what <i>you</i> want?
0001B1C7: Getting ahead of yourself, aren't you? I have a list. Let me find it...
0001B1C9: You bring it out in me.
0001B1E4: Select material
0001B216: Superior Hunter Armor Arms
0001B217: Scout Coat
0001B218: Prowler Coat Legs
0001B219: Prowler Mail Arms
0001B21A: Hunter Mail
0001B21B: Superior Hunter Armor
0001B21C: Hunter Armor Legs
0001B21D: Superior Hunter Coat Arms
0001B21E: Superior Prowler Coat
0001B21F: Prowler Coat Arms
0001B220: Superior Prowler Mail Legs
0001B221: Hunter Mail Legs
0001B222: Superior Prowler Armor Legs
0001B223: Scout Armor Legs
0001B224: Scout Mail Arms
0001B225: Superior Prowler Armor Arms
0001B226: Superior Prowler Coat Arms
0001B227: Scout Armor
0001B228: Hunter Armor Arms
0001B229: Hunter Coat Arms
0001B22A: Superior Hunter Coat
0001B22B: Hunter Coat Legs
0001B22C: Superior Hunter Mail
0001B22D: Superior Hunter Mail Arms
0001B22E: Prowler Armor Legs
0001B22F: Superior Prowler Mail
0001B230: Superior Prowler Armor
0001B231: Prowler Armor
0001B232: Scout Mail
0001B233: Prowler Mail Legs
0001B234: Hunter Coat
0001B235: Hunter Armor
0001B236: Superior Prowler Coat Legs
0001B237: Superior Hunter Armor Legs
0001B238: Scout Armor Arms
0001B239: Superior Hunter Mail Legs
0001B23A: Superior Hunter Coat Legs
0001B23B: Hunter Mail Arms
0001B23C: Scout Coat Legs
0001B23D: Scout Mail Legs
0001B23E: Prowler Coat
0001B23F: Scout Coat Arms
0001B240: Prowler Armor Arms
0001B241: Superior Prowler Mail Arms
0001B242: Prowler Mail
0001B243: Enchanter Coat Arms
0001B244: Battlemage Mail Legs
0001B245: Battlemage Coat Arms
0001B246: Superior Battlemage Mail Legs
0001B247: Enchanter Coat Legs
0001B248: Superior Battlemage Armor
0001B249: Superior Enchanter Coat Arms
0001B24A: Superior Battlemage Mail Arms
0001B24B: Apprentice Armor Legs
0001B24C: Superior Enchanter Mail Legs
0001B24D: Superior Battlemage Coat Legs
0001B24E: Apprentice Armor Arms
0001B24F: Superior Enchanter Mail Arms
0001B250: Enchanter Mail Legs
0001B251: Superior Battlemage Coat Arms
0001B252: Superior Enchanter Armor Arms
0001B253: Apprentice Coat
0001B254: Superior Enchanter Coat Legs
0001B255: Battlemage Coat Legs
0001B256: Superior Enchanter Armor
0001B257: Battlemage Armor Arms
0001B258: Enchanter Armor
0001B259: Battlemage Armor
0001B25A: Superior Battlemage Armor Arms
0001B25B: Apprentice Coat Legs
0001B25C: Apprentice Mail Arms
0001B25D: Superior Battlemage Coat
0001B25E: Battlemage Mail Arms
0001B25F: Apprentice Mail
0001B260: Enchanter Armor Arms
0001B261: Apprentice Armor
0001B262: Enchanter Mail
0001B263: Superior Enchanter Armor Legs
0001B264: Superior Enchanter Mail
0001B265: Apprentice Coat Arms
0001B266: Superior Battlemage Armor Legs
0001B267: Battlemage Coat
0001B268: Superior Battlemage Mail
0001B269: Apprentice Mail Legs
0001B26A: Battlemage Armor Legs
0001B26B: Battlemage Mail
0001B26C: Enchanter Coat
0001B26D: Enchanter Armor Legs
0001B26E: Enchanter Mail Arms
0001B26F: Superior Enchanter Coat
0001B271: You were very skilled in arranging matters at the Winter Palace, my dear. We will hope Briala can keep what's been given to her.
0001B272: You acquitted yourself well enough in the Game, my dear, and now you have the gratitude of an empire. Well done.
0001B274: You did well enough at the Winter Palace, my dear. It's not every day an emperor owes you his life.
0001B276: It took a great deal of skill to win that title for the elves, but you surely know it will end in a bloodbath.
0001B27C: Size
0001B2B0: Do you think that you and I might someday...
0001B2B1: How did you become a courtier?
0001B2B2: I'm curious how a Circle mage winds up a courtier.
0001B2B3: Any chance we might...
0001B2B5: Your accent's not Orlesian. Where exactly are you from?
0001B2B7: Where are you from?
0001B2B9: Ser Robert believed that Grand Duke Gaspard was the rightful ruler of Orlais and would eventually take the throne.
0001B2C8: I was sent to the Ostwick Circle, but I transferred to Montsimmard while still an apprentice.
0001B2C9: But if you must know, I was born in Wycome in the Free Marches.
0001B2CA: I am from the Circle, my dear. One's country of origin rarely matters there.
0001B2CB: Nobody "winds up" at court, my dear. It takes a great deal of effort to arrive there.
0001B2CC: I caught the eye of Duke Bastien de Ghislain, an advantageous connection that opened many doors.
0001B2DC: You're married to the Duke de Ghislain?
0001B2DD: When the position of enchanter to the Imperial Court became vacant, I was able to secure it.
0001B2DE: What is a court enchanter?
0001B2DF: What duties does a court enchanter have?
0001B2E0: You married a duke?
0001B2EB: Speak to Crestwood's mayor.
0001B2EE: Sealing the Fade rift under Crestwood's lake should stop the undead from rising and attacking the village. The mayor may know how to reach the rift.
0001B2EF: No matter how leaders like Celene or Gaspard pretend the Game is played, that's how real war is waged.
0001B2F1: No one likes to think about that, but it's names that carry power in this world. Bloodlines. Heirs.
0001B2F3: My men had been told to eliminate everyone. They'd seen war. They thought they were defending their country.
0001B308: It shouldn't be that way.
0001B309: But that's what I did and why I deserve to be here.
0001B30A: You weren't at war.
0001B30B: That shouldn't be how wars are fought. There's no need.
0001B30C: Only cowards strike the defenseless.
0001B30E: Only by cowards.
0001B30F: War is unfair, and the sky is blue.
0001B310: I've been on enough battlefields to know the same crime at the right time would've earned a medal.
0001B311: But you weren't at war. Not really.
0001B316: Mages are fighting mages?
0001B317: Were they justified?
0001B318: We got along quite well. Duchess Nicoline and I used to host musical salons together. She was a great patron of the arts.
0001B319: Are you familiar with Grand Enchanter Fiona?
0001B31A: Do you know Fiona?
0001B31B: What does his wife think?
0001B31C: She passed away from a fever a few years ago, the poor dear.
0001B31D: Of course not, my dear! Don't be ridiculous.
0001B31E: Did they have cause to rebel?
0001B31F: Marriage is the business of alliance and inheritance. I'm Bastien's mistress.
0001B320: And what does the Duchess de Ghislain think of this arrangement?
0001B321: I thought the fighting was only between mages and templars. Why are mages fighting mages?
0001B322: I am tasked with providing assistance to the empress on arcane matters.
0001B323: Before her horrendously ill-timed and selfish vote for independence, I thought her adequate at her job.
0001B324: We've met.
0001B32C: By all means, protest abuses by the templars! Just don't do it in a way that says mages support wholesale murder.
0001B32D: In the aftermath of their terrorist attacks? Was that really the most opportune time to break away?
0001B32E: In her dotage, she could not handle looking after the well-being of so many people.
0001B32F: We would have done better to replace her years ago to let her spend time gardening.
0001B330: A war in which we are outnumbered a hundred to one.
0001B331: Anyone who did not wish to support terrorism and the slaughter of innocents was forced to take arms against the rebels.
0001B332: Those who opposed a rash declaration of war against the entire free world had little choice.
0001B333: The vote for independence was carried by only a small margin, but Fiona chose to let the motion stand.
0001B334: By voting when they did, my colleagues all but declared war upon the ordinary people of Thedas.
0001B335: By breaking from the Chantry when they did, the rebels declared themselves in support of mass murder.
0001B338: In such troubled times as these, however, I provide political advice to Her Majesty on the subject of the mage rebellion.
0001B339: Most of my predecessors restricted this to lighting lamps and doing parlor tricks.
0001B351: Whatever would I want to do that for?
0001B352: Oh, aren't you precious? Of course not, my dear.
0001B353: I don't see how that benefits me in the slightest, my dear.
0001B354: My dear, you are delightful, but that's quite impossible.
0001B355: You are such a wit, my dear!
0001B356: Oh, how sweet! Perhaps if you bathed more often. And had better manners. And knew how to dress yourself properly.
0001B359: You and I? Don't be absurd, my dear.
0001B35A: That's charming, but you'll have to keep working on your technique.
0001B35B: Oh, don't be ridiculous, darling. You're no use to me at all.
0001B35D: How very sweet of you to ask, but no.
0001B35F: Of course not, my dear. There's no advantage to such an arrangement.
0001B36D: Viridis Walk
0001B37B: Random
0001B390: I understand it can be hard to grasp, living sheltered within the tower and unaware of the outside world...
0001B393: Enter the Flooded Caves under Old Crestwood.
0001B394: Unlock the door to reach the controls and drain the lake.
0001B395: Find an entrance to the Flooded Caves.
0001B396: The mayor said the Flooded Caves underneath Old Crestwood conceal the Fade rift raising the undead.
0001B397: Controls inside the Rusted Horn should drain the lake, revealing the ruins of Old Crestwood.
0001B398: The ruins of Old Crestwood were revealed when the lake drained. They conceal an entrance to caves where the problem rift remains active.
0001B3D2: Eavesdrop
0001B3D5: Tutorial
0001B3D7: You just lost Court Approval, which is usually the result of being too direct or blunt in your actions.

If Court Approval falls too low, you'll be evicted from the ball!
0001B3D8: You just gained Court Approval, which is usually the result of finesse, entertaining people, or keeping up appearances.

The higher Court Approval is, the better!
0001B3D9: Ring
0001B3ED: Spirit
0001B3EE: Nature
0001B3EF: Plot
0001B3F0: Cold
0001B3F1: Fire
0001B3F2: Physical
0001B3F3: Electricity
0001B419: Inner Sanctum
0001B43D: Defense
0001B43E: Utility
0001B43F: Primary
0001B440: Offense
0001B500: ...Resenting the tower walls, the templars, the rules that keep us separate from everyone else.
0001B501: Perhaps the Dalish are too isolated to grasp the realities of this world.
0001B502: You live in the world, Inquisitor. You have eyes and ears. The obvious cannot have completely escaped you.
0001B50A: No.
0001B50E: Someone stole an entire cheese wheel.
0001B51B: They were safer there.
0001B51F: Someone is leaving peeled plums on the windowsill. It's attracting flies.
0001B526: I'd like to talk about what happened to you before we met.
0001B528: You couldn't see the birds if I left it on the ground.
0001B52D: I'd like to talk with you about templars.
0001B532: Safer than on someone's belt, where they could draw them in the heat of an argument?
0001B533: Goodbye.
0001B537: They would have been sad later.
0001B538: It's not winter until the birds leave.
0001B53A: You've done odd things.
0001B544: Let's discuss templars.
0001B54C: The healer said that every morning, the soldier watches the birds eating bread on the rooftop.
0001B555: Can I assume you're responsible for the turnips that have shown up in the fireplaces?
0001B55A: I'll talk to you later.
0001B55C: Have you been stealing bread and throwing it onto the battlements?
0001B563: I heard of a badly injured soldier who's fighting to stay alive until winter.
0001B569: Someone found a barrel full of misplaced daggers. Was that you?
0001B571: Tell me about your past.
0001B578: They don't smell the same raw.
0001B579: You needed that soldier to smell them, so he could die thinking he'd gone home.
0001B581: Spiders need to eat.
0001B582: He did go home.
0001B585: And healers need something to treat infected wounds. Like spiderwebs.
0001B592: "My own people" want a larger share of the world, uncaring that they have already been granted great power.
0001B593: Fair to whom?
0001B594: The world is not made up of mages and templars or Circles and chantries. There is no "us" and no "them."
0001B595: That's not their fault. They can't help what they are.
0001B596: It doesn't matter that the world isn't fair. We should make it fair.
0001B597: They destroy themselves then, and they deserve it.
0001B598: They deserve what happens.
0001B599: But no one said that life was fair.
0001B59A: The wolves howl and claw at the fences that hold them back. Take pity, and you let them loose among the lambs.
0001B59B: I care that my stupid brethren will kill and be killed by frightened people defending their families from monsters.
0001B59C: But that's precisely what it does, my dear.
0001B59D: All mages live lives of limited possibilities. We are denied fairness due to an accident of birth.
0001B59E: It will take time, but people can learn not to fear magic.
0001B59F: They didn't ask for power.
0001B5A0: Then how curious that you care what my opinion might be. Let them fight it out and see who is right and who is dead.
0001B5A1: No, the example doesn't do the situation justice. Every creature knows a wolf. How do you recognize a mage?
0001B5A2: Wolves cannot live peacefully among sheep, no matter how much they regret being wolves.
0001B5A3: Granting mages freedom doesn't take freedom from anyone else.
0001B5A4: It should be made fair.
0001B5A5: There are only people, people who must share a world which is not portioned equally among all.
0001B5A6: So teach them not to fear.
0001B5A7: You're taking the analogy a little far, don't you think?
0001B5A8: And what do the sheep do? Panic, and the scent of their fear drives the wolves to attack.
0001B5A9: That's kind of a stretch.
0001B5AA: That doesn't add up.
0001B5AB: I will stand in opposition to that, whatever you may do.
0001B5AC: I care for the witch hunts that will come. I care for the angry mobs who string up mages on gibbets for the vultures.
0001B5AD: One cannot unlearn a primal fear. Like fire or heights, it is not about prejudice. It is about survival.
0001B5B0: Basic Attack
0001B5B6: That was for the cats.
0001B5B7: The plums are already dead. They don't mind helping.
0001B5B8: So the cheese lures the mice, and the mice lure the cats, and then they smell the mint?
0001B5B9: Mice like cheese.
0001B5BA: Do mice also like bowls of crushed mint?
0001B5C3: {controller}Press {StringBtnRT} to attack.{/controller}{notcontroller}Press {ConceptMeleeAttack} or {StringBtnMouseLeft} to attack.{/notcontroller}
0001B5CD: Then the cook laughs at the cats instead of yelling at the scullery maids.
0001B5CE: Mint makes the cats dance and play.
0001B5CF: Kitchen fires are hot, like when Haven burned. The old cook lies under rocks. His head is in pieces.
0001B5DA: She needs to make it all work, so nothing will burn again. But if she laughs, she forgets for a while.
0001B6AD: Response 2
0001B6AE: If you talk to me again,  I will resume the conversation from my branch in line.
0001B6AF: You should try it now, or start the conversation again if you miss the opportunity.
0001B6B0: Now you should try a response!
0001B6B1: This is the first response!
0001B6B2: Response 1
0001B6B3: This is the second response!
0001B6B4: This is the third response.
0001B6B5: Response 3
0001B6E9: One more line to make sure everything's working okay.
0001B744: Speak to "Rainier" in his cell.
0001B745: The man who pretended to be a Warden named Blackwall is actually a murderer named Thom Rainier. The former captain in Celene's army orchestrated the killing of Lord Callier, an allly of Empress Celene, along with Callier's entire family. He was recruited to the Wardens by the real Blackwall. When Blackwall died, Rainier assumed Blackwall's identity and served the Inquisition—until confessing to the crime and turning himself in.
0001B746: Discuss the situation with Cullen.
0001B747: Attend Mornay's execution.
0001B748: Judge Rainier at Skyhold.
0001B749: Blackwall has left the Inquisition. It appears to have something to do with the impending execution of a man named Mornay, one of the soldiers responsible for the Callier massacre.
0001B74A: Revelations
0001B74B: Optional: Order the advisors to find a way to release Rainier from prison.
0001B812: Inquisition Camps
0001B813: Once established, Inquisition camps allow the party to rest, refill potions and regenerate health, change party members, and fulfill requisitions.

Camps also serve as fast travel points.
0001B828: Dialogue
0001B829: {controller}Use {StringBtnLStick} and {GuiInteractionEnter}{/controller}{notcontroller}Click{/notcontroller} to select a response on the dialogue wheel{notcontroller} or press {ConceptConversationResponseNE}{ConceptConversationResponseE}{ConceptConversationResponseSE}{ConceptConversationResponseNW}{ConceptConversationResponseW}{ConceptConversationResponseSW} to quickly select responses by position on the wheel{/notcontroller}.
0001B895: +{CUSTOM0} {CUSTOM1} (Revive Assist)
0001B896: Ocularum
0001B8BF: [Special.]
0001B8C0: [Investigate.]
0001B8C1: [Back.]
0001B8FD: Something you want?
0001B8FF: It's a damned mess, but believe you me, it'll be sorted out quick. Lots of people can't wait to see that man swing.
0001B900: Where did they take the prisoner?
0001B901: <i>[Leave.]</i>
0001B903: Where's this... Rainier?
0001B904: In the jail off the marketplace. If you've goodbyes to say, say them now.
0001B905: Can you believe it? Thom Rainier himself.
0001B984: Not a bad spot to camp.
0001B986: Good place to camp.
0001B987: This would work for a camp.
0001B989: Goodbye, then.
0001BA03: Inquisitor. May I have a word?
0001BA04: What does that have to do with you?
0001BA05: I notice you've paid Lady Montilyet quite a number of compliments.
0001BA09: You've found me out, spymaster.
0001BA0B: I can't keep anything from you.
0001BA0C: I do like her.
0001BA0D: And?
0001BA0F: Yes, I enjoy her company very much.
0001BA63: <i>(Giggles.)</i> Oh, my. You flatter me much too much.
0001BA68: Always better for the sight of you, Lady Montilyet.
0001BA69: How are you, my lady?
0001BA6A: Thinking how lovely you are.
0001BA6B: Let's meet away from prying eyes, for a while. Just you and me.
0001BA6C: Let's sneak away for a bit.
0001BA6D: How are you, my lord?
0001BA6E: I'm courting the most beautiful woman in the entire castle. That helps a great deal.
0001BA70: Happy to see you.
0001BA72: Let's spend some time alone.
0001BA74: Are you saying you wish to end our... our relationship?
0001BA76: We need to end things.
0001BA79: Too close?
0001BA7A: Does anyone gossip about us?
0001BA7B: Josephine... I think we've grown too close.
0001BA7E: Has our being together set any tongues wagging?
0001BA7F: You've seen to the heart of things. As always.
0001BA80: I just don't feel it.
0001BA81: I find little delight in that!
0001BA82: I won't pretend to feelings I don't have.
0001BA84: One thing led to another. I didn't set out to hurt either of us.
0001BA86: I'm afraid so.
0001BA87: I'm sorry.
0001BA88: It's become a touch too late to wish that!
0001BA8A: Do excuse me. I must gather my thoughts.
0001BA8B: Well, I wish we'd discussed this earlier!
0001BA90: Perhaps later. Your Worship.
0001BA97: Undoubtedly. Rumor already gave you a dozen suitors the moment you took your title.
0001BB2C: Any news on the House of Repose, Inquisitor?
0001BB69: Research Notes
0001BB6A: {i}Scrawled notes accompany several complex diagrams:{/i}

Theoretically, it should be possible to draw energy from the Fade itself. While I will not discount the obvious dangers, such risks can be circumvented through use of a proper channel. Once the channel is stable, we should be able to manipulate the energy to our will. The power gained would be beyond measure.

At this time, theory will take us no further. If my hypothesis proves true, it will be an achievement unrivalled by any in history that will all but ensure the immortality of the Imperium.
0001BBAB: Raider Hatchet
0001BBAC: Serpent's Rage
0001BBAD: Masterwork Hilted One-Handed Haft
0001BBAE: Inscribed Bearded Axe
0001BBAF: Reinforced One-Handed Haft
0001BBB0: Bulky One-Handed Haft
0001BBB1: Inscribed Bearded Axe
0001BBB2: Masterwork Balanced One-Handed Haft
0001BBB3: Masterwork Inscribed Axe
0001BBB4: Long-Bearded Axe
0001BBB5: Dense One-Handed Haft
0001BBB6: Wrapped One-Handed Haft
0001BBC5: Etched Axe
0001BBC6: Serpent's Rage
0001BBC7: Heavy Axe
0001BBC8: Long-Bearded Axe
0001BBC9: Tournament Axe
0001BBCA: Rugged Broadaxe
0001BBCB: Dense Dwarven One-Handed Haft
0001BBCC: Mercenary Captain Hatchet
0001BBCD: Masterwork Ornate One-Handed Haft
0001BBCE: Masterwork Hilted One-Handed Haft
0001BBCF: Ornate One-Handed Haft
0001BBD0: Raider Hatchet
0001BBD1: Balanced One-Handed Haft
0001BBD2: Dwarven Waraxe
0001BBD3: Pointed One-Handed Haft
0001BBD4: Firm Tournament Axe
0001BBD5: Moon Axe
0001BBD6: Hilted One-Handed Haft
0001BBD7: Barbarian Raider Cleaver
0001BBD8: Dwarven One-Handed Haft
0001BBD9: Barbarian Warlord Cleaver
0001BBEF: The texts describe a chamber. This must be it.
0001BBF6: That's not what I wanted to hear.
0001BBF7: I think time's flowing again.
0001BBF8: It's all free.
0001BBF9: I said don't go poking! Ugh!
0001BC04: {CUSTOM0} Damage
0001BC38: Rugged One-Handed Haft
0001BC39: Leaf Mace
0001BC3A: Masterwork Dwarven Mace
0001BC3B: Kirkwall Mace
0001BC3C: Masterwork Inscribed One-Handed Haft
0001BC3D: Hilted One-Handed Haft
0001BC69: Ornate One-Handed Haft
0001BC6A: Legion Mace
0001BC6B: Griffon Mace
0001BC6C: Balanced One-Handed Haft
0001BC6D: Templar Mace
0001BC6E: Masterwork Ornate One-Handed Haft
0001BC79: Mortalitasi Firm Club
0001BC7A: Kirkwall War Hammer
0001BC7B: Hand Hammer
0001BC7C: Firm Kirkwall War Hammer
0001BC7D: Wrapped One-Handed Haft
0001BC7E: Superior Hilted One-Handed Haft
0001BC7F: Firm Tevinter Mace
0001BC80: Firm Templar Mace
0001BC81: Firm One-Handed Haft
0001BC82: Edged One-Handed Haft
0001BC83: Firm One-Handed Haft
0001BC84: Firm Dwarven One-Handed Haft
0001BC85: Fist of the Magister
0001BC86: Masterwork Wrapped One-Handed Haft
0001BC87: Firm Spiked Mace
0001BC88: Mortalitasi Club
0001BC89: Morning Star
0001BC8A: Spiked One-Handed Haft
0001BC8B: Templar Mace
0001BC8C: Dwarven Crusher
0001BC8D: Tevinter Mace
0001BD68: You're oddly charming for a man I found wandering the forest.
0001BD6A: I always thought myself more odd than charming, but I'll take a compliment from a lady.
0001BD6B: You're strangely charming.
0001BD6C: There's more in my quarters.
0001BD6D: What's hard to come by?
0001BD6E: Compliments or ladies?
0001BD6F: I like your modesty.
0001BD70: You can have more if you like. I store them in my private quarters.
0001BD71: I also find your modesty endearing.
0001BD72: <i>(Laughs.)</i> Both.
0001BD79: Everything's in place. Corypheus now waits on you to approach the Temple of Sacred Ashes.
0001BD7A: A swift journey. And good luck.
0001BD8C: Critical Resistance
0001BDA4: Barrier Damage Resistance
0001BDA5: Guard Damage Resistance
0001BE6B: Very far. The Montilyets used to have vast holdings in Val Royeaux itself.
0001BE6D: The original crest's design was abandoned when we were exiled from the city. I've always wanted to find a copy.
0001BE6E: I wish I could've seen them, especially the ones bearing the family crest.
0001BE6F: How far do your roots go back to Orlais?
0001BE7D: Dwarven Shield
0001BE7E: Noble Shield
0001BE7F: Polished Shield
0001BE80: Heavy Shield
0001BE81: Reinforced Shield
0001BE82: Masterwork Guard Shield
0001BE83: Masterwork Seeker Shield
0001BE84: Masterwork Sentinel Shield
0001BE85: Darkspawn Shield
0001BE86: Dwarven Proving Shield
0001BE87: Darkspawn Alpha Shield
0001BE88: Kite Shield
0001BE89: Formation Shield
0001BE8A: Templar Shield
0001BE8B: Grey Warden Shield
0001BE9D: Griffon Shield
0001BE9E: Polished Round Shield
0001BE9F: Orlesian Lion Shield
0001BEA0: Shield of the Emperor
0001BEA1: Fereldan Tower Shield
0001BEA2: Qunari Buckler
0001BEA3: Grey Warden Scout Shield
0001BEA4: Fereldan Noble Shield
0001BEA5: Round Wooden Shield
0001BEA6: Masterwork Heater Shield
0001BEA7: Seeker Shield
0001BEA8: Darkspawn Alpha Shield
0001BEA9: Masterwork Darkspawn Shield
0001BEAA: Heater Shield
0001BEAB: Ornate Round Shield
0001BEAC: Spiked Tower Shield
0001BEAD: Mercenary Tower Shield
0001BF0C: And the praise keeps coming.
0001BF0D: They're hard to come by these days.
0001BF0E: Wow, I... uh. Well. <i>(Coughs.)</i> I was not expecting that.
0001BF0F: Thanks for the tempting offer, my lady. I'll have to consider it. Carefully.
0001BF11: So is there something large and heavy you need moved?
0001BF13: Possibly.
0001BF14: I was just looking to chat. No ulterior motive.
0001BF15: I just wanted to talk.
0001BF16: Manual labor in exchange for compliments? Useful.
0001BF17: Round Shield
0001BF40: Well, I do enjoy our chats.
0001BF5B: Dwarven Longsword
0001BF5C: Split Longsword
0001BF5D: Tevinter Longsword Grip
0001BF5E: Masterwork Wave Blade
0001BF5F: Army Longsword Grip
0001BF60: Dwarven Longsword Grip
0001BF61: Masterwork Sten Sword Grip
0001BF62: Masterwork Tevinter Longsword
0001BF63: Arming Sword
0001BF64: Wide-Blade Sword
0001BF65: Masterwork Nevarran Sword Grip
0001BF66: Dense Longsword Grip
0001BF67: Thrusting Longsword
0001BF68: I have to say, my lady, you're unlike any woman I've ever met.
0001BF69: I'm flattered you'd spend any time with me. I... enjoy your company.
0001BF6A: Well, I aim to please.
0001BF6B: That would be a waste of your particular talents.
0001BF6C: I'm sure you've better uses.
0001BF6D: You're much better suited to standing in front of dragons while they try to eat you.
0001BF6E: Oh, really?
0001BF92: Mercenary Blade
0001BF93: Templar's First
0001BF94: Keen Machete
0001BF95: Fereldan Longsword
0001BF96: Noble Dueling Sword
0001BF97: The Bone
0001BF98: Serrated Qunari Blade
0001BFDF: You're the one beating yourself up over... something.
0001BFE0: But I can't just ask you to trust my reasons blindly.
0001BFE1: I'm not giving up.
0001BFE2: I'm sure you had your reasons.
0001BFE3: Still, I owe you an explanation.
0001BFE4: I understand.
0001BFE5: You're the one suffering.
0001BFE7: If you think I'm just going to let it go, you're wrong.
0001BFEB: Venatori Gladiator
0001BFEC: Venatori Mage
0001BFED: Venatori Stalker
0001BFEE: Venatori Brute
0001BFEF: I... owe you an explanation for what I did. But not here.
0001BFF0: I can't hide anything from you.
0001BFF1: Venatori Spellbinder
0001BFF2: Venatori Marksman
0001BFF3: Venatori Beastmaster
0001C01A: Look, I understand that a Warden's life is full of death and danger. But so's mine.
0001C01B: That must've been hard on you.
0001C01D: I'm sorry.
0001C01E: Let's go over there.
0001C01F: This is what I came to see?
0001C021: It's not that. It's not about just dying or danger.
0001C022: Life is dangerous.
0001C023: This is what you wanted to show me? The spot where some Warden died?
0001C024: His death was different. It changed me.
0001C025: I tried to save him, but he died.
0001C040: Avenger
0001C041: Fereldan Captain Longsword
0001C042: Dwarven Longsword Grip
0001C043: Sturdy Longsword Grip (NOT USED)
0001C044: Emperor Guard Blade
0001C045: Raider Captain Blade
0001C046: Dwarven Longsword
0001C047: Evanura
0001C048: Neck-Grabber
0001C049: Mercenary Lord Blade
0001C04A: Qunari Hunter Sword Grip
0001C04B: Tevinter Longsword Grip
0001C04C: Qunari Slasher
0001C04D: Orlesian Officer Longsword Grip
0001C04E: Firm Longsword Grip
0001C04F: Ornate Longsword Grip (NOT USED)
0001C050: Orlesian Officer Longsword Grip
0001C051: Pirate Cutlass
0001C052: Kirkwall Noble Sword
0001C053: Pirate Captain Cutlass
0001C054: Masterwork Curved Sword Grip
0001C055: Reinforced Longsword Grip (NOT USED)
0001C056: Qunari Sten Blade
0001C057: One-Sided Blade
0001C058: Grey Warden Longsword Grip
0001C059: Raider Sword Grip
0001C05A: Masterwork Fereldan Longsword Grip
0001C05B: Chiseled Blade
0001C05C: Avvar Raider Sword
0001C05D: Dwarven Longsword Grip
0001C05E: Blade of the Champion
0001C05F: Nevarran Noble Sword
0001C060: Ancestral Blade of Lydes
0001C061: Split Tongue Sword
0001C062: Sten Sword Grip
0001C063: We'll have to take that apart to get it out of here.
0001C064: But you found Blackwall's badge, and I... I lost my nerve.
0001C065: You wanted me to be him. I wanted to be him.
0001C066: I was going to tell you the truth... when we went there. I wanted to explain why I couldn't be with you.
0001C067: Just get moving. We don't want to be at this all day.
0001C068: Don't touch that.
0001C069: It's good to see such hardworking people around Skyhold. Who was it that hired you again?
0001C06A: Gentlemen, is there something I can do for you?
0001C06B: Maker's breath...
0001C07F: Leave that alone.
0001C080: Who sent you gentlemen here?
0001C081: Can I help you?
0001C082: Oh, Maker...
0001C086: You just be on your way now.
0001C087: Things used to be peaceful around here.
0001C088: Having a good day?
0001C08A: I'm not looking for any trouble.
0001C08C: Got any news?
0001C08F: Any excitement around here?
0001C090: I'm looking for a Grey Warden.
0001C092: The wife thought it was just a storm cloud.
0001C095: Maker watch over you, then.
0001C096: What is this place?
0001C098: Nothing apart from that thing in the sky.
0001C099: That's kind of you, my lady, but we can manage the furniture on our own.
0001C09A: Thank you, Lord Inquisitor.
0001C09B: Thank you, Milady Inquisitor.
0001C09C: She didn't mean this furniture.
0001C09D: We're so sorry, Milady Inquisitor.
0001C09E: The first enchanter hired us to move all this. We meant no disrespect, your Inquisitorness.
0001C09F: Oh, shit...
0001C0A0: I didn't authorize this. Don't touch anything else.
0001C0A1: Yes, Inquisitor. Thank you, Inquisitor.
0001C0A2: Apologies, Lord Inquisitor.
0001C0A3: Lord Inquisitor!
0001C0A4: Go take a break.
0001C0A5: That's... very kind of you, my lord, but we can manage the furniture on our own, ser.
0001C0A6: There's been a mistake. Madame Vivienne meant for you to take the furnishings from her room, not this one.
0001C0A7: Milady Inquisitor!
0001C0A8: Thank you for all your hard work. Why don't you two go take a break?
0001C0A9: Leave everything alone.
0001C0AA: Apologies, Inquisitor. Won't happen again.
0001C0BD: Tell me about this place.
0001C0BE: Ah, you must mean Blackwall. Good man. Kept us safe when the demons attacked.
0001C0CA: That's right. Helped us fight off demons, then conscripted the others to go after the bandits who robbed us.
0001C0CB: You said there was a Grey Warden, Blackwall, who came by here recently?
0001C0CC: I'm tracking someone. A Grey Warden who might be in the area.
0001C0D8: Your friends were conscripted? Did Blackwall force them to go after the bandits?
0001C0D9: Bandits?
0001C0DA: He conscripted people?
0001C0DC: Know anything about the bandits?
0001C0EC: Do you think the number of demons was a result of the domain you were in, or were they drawn by your physical presence?
0001C0ED: I've heard stories about the dangers of the Fade, but I've never actually seen them before.
0001C0EE: I had... visions. Echoes of what happened to me the first time. The Divine was there, or something like her...
0001C0EF: We were chased through the dark by a swarm of demons.
0001C0F0: Darling, you didn't remember anything. Questioning you would have hardly been productive.
0001C0F1: I was physically in the Fade at the Temple of Sacred Ashes, too. You didn't ask about that.
0001C0F2: In all the times I've been to the Fade, I've never seen it react so strongly to my presence.
0001C0F3: What classification of demons? What sort of domain? I don't suppose you'd know that, would you? Pity.
0001C0F4: Manifestations of your own mind, perhaps? Or external memories awakened by your presence. I suppose there's no way to tell.
0001C0F5: It was horrible.
0001C0F6: I'm trying to put the whole experience behind me.
0001C0F7: It was fascinating.
0001C0F8: I saw the Divine. My past.
0001C0F9: I am positively envious right now.
0001C0FA: I'd prefer not to.
0001C0FB: It wasn't the first time.
0001C0FC: No one else has physically entered the Fade since the magisters assaulted the Golden City.
0001C0FD: You walked physically through the Fade? Please tell me what you remember.
0001C11E: Take
0001C15C: Received Black Lotus
0001C15D: Black Lotus
0001C1BA: Find the Source of Darkspawn
0001C1BC: Commander Cullen,

We have scattered reports of darkspawn in the area, but it has been difficult to track down their point of origin. They're less hampered by the sulphur pits than we are, and our guess is that they are coming from somewhere on the far side.

Our troops can bridge the pits, which should allow us to cross safely and find the location of the darkspawn, but we will need significant resources to ensure the safety of the men while construction is underway.

I await your orders, ser.

Lieutenant Tamsen
0001C1BD: Commander Cullen,

Thanks to the reinforcements you sent, we constructed the bridge safely with minimal losses and fortified it in the event that darkspawn tried to use it themselves.

The darkspawn are coming from ruins that appear to be Tevinter. Per your orders, I am restricting the troops to scouting and guard patrols until the ruins can be investigated.

Lieutenant Tamsen
0001C1CB: Nightingale,

The last Venatori have left the ancient laboratory in the wake of the Inquisitor's attack. We can be sure that secrets have been left behind—those of the Venatori, the ancient Tevinters, or both. We should not allow the desert to bury them.

0001C1CD: The less said about that place, the better. It is done. The tools are enclosed. Let the sands have that place now.

0001C1CE: Ambassador,

Please convey my thanks to the Inquisition for their assistance. The Chantry expedition into the laboratory was a complete success. However, to say we were appalled by most of our findings would be an understatement. We shall send you the full documentation of our discoveries when it is complete. In the meantime, we uncovered a few artifacts of note that may still be serviceable.

Maker's blessings upon you,
Sister Rosalie
0001C1CF: Investigate Ancient Laboratory
0001C1D1: Crossing the Sulphur Pits
0001C1D2: Inquisitor,

The comte of Val Firmin was only too happy to loan his workmen and materials to our project... eventually. The bridge is ready for inspection at your earliest convenience.

0001C1D3: Commander,

We have completed initial estimates on the construction of an elevated bridge over the toxic sulphur pits in the Western Approach. The work will require ten of our engineers and six wagonloads of lumber, but the finished construction will allow troops to move through the region at a safe distance from the poisonous gas.

Knight-Captain Rylen
0001C1D4: Inquisitor,

Reports from Griffon Wing Outpost say that construction of a safe path through the Western Approach's larger sulphur pit is complete. Our soldiers completed the bridge without incident, and it has opened routes to previously inaccessible areas of the Approach. You can inspect the results the next time you travel to the region.

0001C205: Inquisitor,

Scouts in the Western Approach have located a potential fresh water source, but were driven off by a wyvern. I've heard from Sister Rosalie in the Approach: she believes that the beast nests in the area and was acting on territorial instinct. Regardless, the wyvern will need to be dealt with before we can enter the area safely.

0001C206: Inquisitor,

Our soldiers in the Western Approach located a suitable freshwater source. They faced some resistance from a particularly aggressive wyvern, but were able to subdue the threat and secure the area. I'm told that Lieutenant Corr, in particular, should be commended for his quick response. As you can imagine, their success has raised morale among our followers in the Western Approach.

0001C207: Inquisitor,

A fresh water source has been located in the Western Approach. However a territorial wyvern also claims the area and the pair of scouts who discovered it were no match for the beast on their own. I'm afraid one of the men was injured in the attack. The wyvern will need to be removed from the area if the outpost wishes to have safe access to water.

0001C208: The Griffon Wing Outpost has some access to water but not enough to sustain the number of people there for a significant amount of time. The situation is not desperate, but if we are to maintain a presence in the Western Approach, the outpost will require access to fresh water. We should locate a reliable source as soon as possible.
0001C209: Secure a Source of Water for Outpost
0001C226: He saved us. Stood shield out, cutting them down as they came. Like nothing we'd ever seen.
0001C228: I need to be on my way.
0001C229: Goodbye.
0001C23B: Said it was his duty, fighting things like that. Didn't ask for pay or nothing, even though Wardens can take what they want.
0001C249: They <i>were</i> just a nuisance, threatening people along the paths for tolls and such. This time they robbed us blind.
0001C24F: Guess the hole in the sky or Blackwall fighting demons spooked them. Made them want to stock up and run.
0001C253: Blackwall fought off demons for you?
0001C256: So this Warden helped you?
0001C25D: He could have. Wardens have that right, don't they? Seems like fair trade for saving everyone during Blights.
0001C25F: Anyway, he didn't force, he rallied. Said Blights and demons are his job, but we'd have to learn to fight thieves like that ourselves.
0001C269: The "Breach," huh? All I know is things got bad when it opened.
0001C26B: When the Breach opened?
0001C279: Haven't seen them since.
0001C2ED: I'll trust that you know what you're talking about.
0001C2F2: We'll manage, if it comes to that.
0001C2F4: I suppose you'd know.
0001C2F7: That's just the way it is.
0001C35E: You've an eye, I can tell. I've priced accordingly. Is there something I can interest you in?
0001C362: Good day to you.
0001C363: It's good to have commerce restored. I've many goods here, if you wish to trade.
0001C372: Adventurer Hat
0001C373: Orlesian Mage Hat
0001C374: Superior Skirmisher Hat
0001C375: Venatori Helmet
0001C376: Skirmisher Hat
0001C377: Overseer Cowl
0001C378: Superior Inquisitor Hat
0001C379: Overlord Helm
0001C37A: Superior Venatori Helmet
0001C37B: Orlesian Helmet
0001C37C: Battlemage Cowl
0001C37D: Seer Cowl
0001C37E: Superior Adventurer Hat
0001C37F: Carta Hat
0001C380: Helm of the Inquisitor
0001C381: Fereldan Scout Hat
0001C382: Elven Cowl
0001C383: Inquisition Scout Hat
0001C384: Inquisitor Hat
0001C385: Dwarven Helmet
0001C386: Warden Helmet
0001C387: Superior Warden Helmet
0001C388: Superior Orlesian Helmet
0001C389: Superior Seer Cowl
0001C38A: Superior Battlemage Cowl
0001C38B: Orlesian Mage Hat
0001C38C: Free Marches Helmet
0001C38D: Seer Cowl
0001C38E: Hat of the Inquisitor
0001C38F: Fereldan Soldier Helmet
0001C390: Elven Cowl
0001C391: Cowl of the Overseer
0001C392: Warden Helmet
0001C393: Superior Seer Cowl
0001C394: Battlemage Cowl
0001C395: Ardent Blossom
0001C396: Scout Hat
0001C397: Adventurer Hat
0001C398: Dwarven Helmet
0001C399: Sturdy Adventurer Hat
0001C39A: Fereldan Scout Hat
0001C39B: Inquisition Scout Hat
0001C39C: Superior Inquisition Scout Hat
0001C39D: Helm of the Inquisitor
0001C39E: Carta Hat
0001C39F: Sturdy Carta Hat
0001C3A0: Skirmisher Hat
0001C3A1: Orlesian Helmet
0001C3A6: Knight Helmet
0001C3A7: Venatori Helmet
0001C3A8: Dread
0001C3AA: Gladiator Helmet
0001C3AB: Scout Hood
0001C3AC: Cole's Hat
0001C3AD: Griffon Helmet
0001C3AE: Assassin Hat
0001C3AF: Hat of Majesty
0001C3B0: Duke's Mane
0001C3B2: Mage Cowl
0001C3D1: Amulet of Vigor III
0001C3D2: Amulet of Vigor II
0001C3D3: Amulet of Mana III
0001C3D4: Amulet of Adrenaline II
0001C3D5: Amulet of Mana I
0001C3D6: Amulet of Adrenaline III
0001C3D7: Amulet of Mana II
0001C3D8: Amulet of Vigor I
0001C3D9: Stamina Amulet
0001C3E0: Griffon Wing Keep
0001C3E4: No good. We'll have to find another way.
0001C3E5: Find Frederic.
0001C3E6: A shipment of goods, destined for a University of Orlais researcher named Frederic, appears to have been waylaid by bandits. The shipping label suggests his camp is somewhere in Nazaire's Pass.
0001C3E7: Draconology
0001C3EC: Hunter's Sack
0001C3ED: Shard Collector
0001C415: Old Chantry Trail Sign
0001C429: Belt of Focus
0001C42A: Enhanced Belt of Focus
0001C42B: Superior Belt of Focus
0001C42E: Keep looking.
0001C447: Letter
0001C45A: Your Worship, I need but a moment of your time.
0001C45B: Inquisitor? If you've a moment?
0001C45D: There is something I wish to discuss, Inquisitor.
0001C465: Received Crystal Grace
0001C489: We need to head to Adamant Fortress as soon as possible.
0001C48B: If there's a chance we can stop Corypheus from destroying the Wardens, we can't let it slip away.
0001C48C: One mistake. One mistake, and everything I worked for fell apart.
0001C48D: Who's Thom Rainier?
0001C48E: Who were you before this mess?
0001C48F: I was a captain in the Orlesian army. Well-regarded, respected, but it wasn't enough.
0001C493: "Warden Blackwall" at your service.
0001C495: Inquisitor.
0001C496: There are more things at stake here than my personal opinions of you.
0001C497: Now that that's out in the open, let's just get on with our work.
0001C498: Doesn't matter to me.
0001C499: I've gotten used to "Blackwall." Perhaps we could treat it as less of a name and more of a title.
0001C49A: Almost like "Inquisitor." Reminds me of what I ought to be.
0001C49B: I'd hate to deprive you of that particular pleasure.
0001C49C: Everyone needs something to aspire to.
0001C49D: Exactly. I'm glad you understand.
0001C49E: It means something to <i>me</i>.
0001C49F: They aren't the same thing.
0001C4A0: Thank you.
0001C4A1: A noble sentiment.
0001C4A2: What do I call you now?
0001C4A3: "Inquisitor" means something. "Blackwall" doesn't.
0001C4A4: How shall I refer to you? Rainier or Blackwall?
0001C4A5: Your choice.
0001C4A6: Why so bitter? You made your bed.
0001C4A7: Oh, I am aware of that, but do feel free to rub it in my face whenever possible.
0001C4A8: You brought this on yourself.
0001C5A6: Phylactery Cache
0001C5D4: And I'm also here for you.
0001C5DE: I'll make sure they're protected.
0001C5E3: People can hate me if they wish.
0001C5E9: It was necessary to keep Thedas safe.
0001C5EB: Just as the Circles kept them safe?
0001C5ED: Our agents will monitor the situation.
0001C5EE: It had to be done.
0001C5F3: I was planning to unleash Josephine on them. She kills with kindness.
0001C5F4: I'm not afraid.
0001C5F7: The templars will be an asset to this Inquisition. It's a shame we couldn't also get the mages on our side.
0001C5F8: Your open support for the mages likely earned you enemies.
0001C5F9: That's what the Chantry used to say: "It is a mercy. They are protected." Oh, how well they were protected.
0001C5FA: You're always looking for some way to benefit, aren't you?
0001C5FB: If the most opposed can be identified, we may still turn this to our advantage.
0001C5FC: You don't support my decision.
0001C5FF: You're not planning assassinations, are you?
0001C600: The Chantry sees controlling the mages as the only solution. I hoped the Inquisition would be less... narrow-minded.
0001C601: The Circles don't work. We've seen it. I wanted the Inquisition to find a better way.
0001C60A: Regardless, I applaud you for the courage to stand up for the mages.
0001C60B: It's what I'm here for.
0001C60C: No killing.
0001C60D: Always looking to gain.
0001C60F: The mages will not be harmed.
0001C610: You don't approve.
0001C611: That gets us nowhere. The Inquisition is young. We need to build our support.
0001C637: Is that a note of distaste I detect, Mother Giselle?
0001C63D: <i>(Sighs.)</i> Has Dorian done something wrong?
0001C63E: My lady Inquisitor, it's good of you to speak with me.
0001C63F: Nothing good, I expect.
0001C648: Bad news?
0001C652: What has he done?
0001C654: I have news regarding one of your... companions. The Tevinter.
0001C656: My lord Inquisitor, it's good of you to speak with me.
0001C65B: Don't like him, do you?
0001C6AE: Were you more than friends?
0001C6AF: Was there something more than friendship between you?
0001C6CB: Dorian, there's a letter you need to see.
0001C6D5: Your father sent a letter.
0001C6E1: Tell Dorian about his family's intended meeting.
0001C6E5: The Chantry used these symbols long ago to mark trails to hidden locations. They are often mistaken by passersby as simple carvings in the rock and trees.
0001C6E6: Old Chantry Trail Signs
0001C6EB: Your Reverence,

I understand that you feel inadequate to the task of bringing Dorian to a secret meeting. Even in the asking, I find it difficult to believe myself. Considering my son has rebuffed all contact, this is the only way. I know him; he would be too proud to come if he knew—even just to talk. That is all we wish to do. The thought of Dorian in the south, placing himself in the path of such danger, alarms us more than I can express.

If this somehow succeeds, we have a family retainer at the Vandral Hills watching for Dorian's arrival. He will bring the boy to us, somewhere private. If Dorian utterly refuses to go with him, it ends there... and there is nothing we can do. We are at our wit's end.

Graciously yours,
Magister Halward of House Pavus
0001C6EC: Official-Looking Letter
0001C6ED: She was a sister, a mother, a teacher.
0001C6EE: Love is common. Love is simple. My bond with Justinia was something greater.
0001C6EF: So to answer your question: yes, it was more than friendship.
0001C6F0: You're asking if we were lovers. Typical. I was devoted to her, therefore it must be romantic.
0001C915: Talk to Vivienne back at Skyhold.
0001C916: Find phylactery caches for Vivienne in the Western Approach.
0001C917: Hidden Phylactery Caches
0001C918: Collect phylactery caches.
0001C94C: A Chantry symbol out here? Odd.
0001C94D: The trail leads on...
0001C950: Collect Phylactery Caches
0001C951: A phylactery is a vessel, often a glass vial, containing the essence of a magical being. The Circle of Magi and the Chantry use small phylacteries filled with blood—taken from apprentice magi—to track down mages that turn apostate to flee the wrath of the templars.

Before an apprentice passes his Harrowing, his phylactery is kept at his home Circle Tower. Phylacteries of first enchanters are stored in the White Spire, an Orlesian Circle and the Templar Order stronghold. Vials belonging to legal, yet powerful and controversial mages are kept in carefully hidden caches in remote locations. For anyone but a member of the Chantry, tracking one down is all but impossible—quite literally like trying to find a needle in a hay farm.
0001C952: Phylacteries
0001C95E: You already stopped the mining here, Inquisitor. I can send people to search for clues to Samson's whereabouts.
0001C960: I can have the patrols leave right away. This could lead to Samson's headquarters.
0001C963: We can deploy our corps of engineers to begin repairs at once.
0001C968: I can request a special dispensation from the Orlesian throne, allowing Thom Rainier to be transferred to Inquisition custody. This may anger some, but after Halamshiral, they owe us a favor.
0001C969: Two problems, one solution. There was a traitor to our cause, a man similar in build and appearance to Rainier. We bind and gag him, and have him take Rainier's place. He is condemned instead, and the world believes Rainier has paid the price.
0001C96A: We can storm the prison with a small force and take Rainier into our custody. Val Royeaux's prison guards will oppose us; we should be prepared for casualties.
0001C97A: This is how Josephine would handle this mission.
0001C97B: This is how Leliana would handle this mission.
0001C97C: This is how Cullen would handle this mission.
0001C97D: This is how Josephine would handle this mission.
0001C97E: This is how Leliana would handle this mission.
0001C97F: This is how Cullen would handle this mission.
0001C980: This is how Josephine would handle this mission.
0001C981: This is how Josephine would handle this mission.
0001C982: This is how Leliana would handle this mission.
0001C983: This is how Cullen would handle this mission.
0001C984: This is how Josephine would handle this mission.
0001C985: This is how Leliana would handle this mission.
0001C986: This is how Cullen would handle this mission.
0001C987: This is how Josephine would handle this mission.
0001C988: There are Chantry scholars eager to see these ruins. We could salvage artifacts and earn their gratitude all at once.
0001C98A: We have agents capable of disarming whatever traps and tricks remain and bringing back valuables.
0001C98C: On your order, we can build a path. Our soldiers will personally see to its construction.
0001C98D: A few words to the comte of Val Firmin, and we can have a bridge built.
0001C997: The outpost will not last without water. A few scouts could search for a water source.
0001C998: The outpost must have access to fresh water. A few scouts should search the Western Approach for a reliable water source.
0001C999: This should be a high priority. A group of soldiers can be sent to locate and secure a water source for the outpost.
0001C9AA: Building a bridge in that blasted area will be ugly work, but I can deploy enough troops to ensure that it is done safely.
0001C9E8: Rune
0001C9F4: Typical drama. Come to Skyhold? No, don't be silly...
0001C9F5: We here for a drink? Not that I mind, really... just seems an odd stop.
0001C9F6: This is where the retainer is supposed to be?
0001CA1D: Rune of Dancing Fire
0001CAC0: Josephine...
0001CAC1: I can only speak to what was whispered in several courts...
0001CAC2: Honestly, I don't think he even exists.
0001CAC3: What kind of suitors?
0001CAC4: Who were these rumors pairing me with?
0001CAC5: Cassandra, Leliana, Cullen, Dorian, Mother Giselle, Enchanter Fiona, Chancellor Roderick, three arls, two counts, and some man named "Philip."
0001CAC6: Cassandra, Leliana, Cullen, Dorian, Mother Giselle, the Lord Seeker, Chancellor Roderick, two barons, three maids, and some man named "Philip."
0001CAC7: <i>(Sighs.)</i> To begin with?
0001CADB: Give Josephine a kiss.
0001CB1B: Rune
0001CB45: A pleasure.
0001CB48: It's good to see you.
0001CB49: Yes?
0001CB90: I'm glad you approve. I would've been heartbroken otherwise.
0001CB93: That was a lovely gown you wore at Halamshiral.
0001CBD3: Rune of Winter's Ire
0001CBDE: The Inquisition's primary goal is still closing the rift in the Fade.
0001CBDF: I fear these conflicts will not leave us untouched.
0001CBE3: I can only imagine the bloodshed if it escalates further.
0001CBE4: How heavily are our actions scrutinized?
0001CBE7: Is "order" why you signed on?
0001CBE9: Surely we can find a solution that doesn't leave all of Thedas in ruins.
0001CBEC: As well as prevent controversy as news of us spreads.
0001CBEE: What brought you here?
0001CBEF: Make no mistake: every noble house, every throne, is waiting to see what the Inquisition does next.
0001CBF0: Are we that controversial?
0001CBF3: I meet with ambassadors from various factions and countries and cement alliances with them.
0001CBF6: I intend to see that they are.
0001CBF7: What are your duties?
0001CBF8: Perhaps it's necessary.
0001CBF9: It isn't our fight.
0001CBFA: We are a young cause. Diplomacy is essential to our credibility.
0001CBFE: I absolutely agree.
0001CBFF: Then you speak for the Inquisition with these nobles?
0001CC01: Which likely means finding the Divine's murderer. That will make the Inquisition a rallying point, regardless of what tack we take.
0001CC02: What exactly does your job entail?
0001CC03: Vital decisions are yours, Inquisitor, but someone must foster goodwill on your behalf.
0001CC05: So was it the prospect of stability that drew you here?
0001CC06: Many are willing to pledge support, if offers are made in just the right fashion.
0001CC07: I'm afraid history holds many examples of what will happen if it does.
0001CC08: The violence must be curbed before we see it turn to full-scale war.
0001CC0A: Bringing the mage-templar conflict to a head could be the only way to resolve it.
0001CC0E: So you're a representative?
0001CC0F: The full impact of the mage rebellion has yet to be felt. And that was <i>before</i> the death of the Divine.
0001CC10: I'd been considering leaving my post in Antiva for a new challenge when Leliana recruited me.
0001CC1A: Tell me how you came to work for the Inquisition again.
0001CC1B: Why did you join the Inquisition?
0001CC1D: It's to everyone's benefit if we prevent the mage-templar conflict from spreading further.
0001CC4A: Our shipment of resources from the Western Approach has arrived.
0001CC4C: Send our forces out to look for whatever they can safely recover.
0001CC4D: Let us concentrate on finding deep mushrooms.
0001CC4E: We should focus on finding metals in the Gamordan Peaks.
0001CC4F: The Gamordan Peaks to the south of the wastelands are a source of valuable metals such as Paragon's Luster and everite. Transporting these metals safely is harder than finding them. Also, while little of use grows in the Western Approach, deep mushrooms are found along the Abyssal Rift and in remote tunnels that lead into the Deep Roads. With a camp established in the area, Inquisition forces could search for these resources.
0001CC50: Western Approach Resources
0001CC85: Dead Warden
0001CC8F: Missing Persons!
0001CD05: {i}The seal on this letter, broken by Leliana, bears the mark of Divine Justinia V:{/i}

My dear Leliana,

If this letter reaches you, it means I am dead and that this death came without warning. I know that you feel lost, that you are looking for guidance, and perhaps answers. To help, I have hidden something for you in the chantry in Valence.

Always remember that faith sprung from a barren branch, that light has no fear of darkness, and, above all, that strength lives in an open heart.

0001CD06: Dorothea's Contingency
0001CD14: Have you ever stepped into a new city and felt the buildings couldn't possibly be real?
0001CD17: That was Val Royeaux to me. So beautifully foreign. I gaped at its spires for months.
0001CD18: You and Leliana appear to know each other.
0001CD19: Tell me about the Montilyets.
0001CD1B: Oh, but I <i>bawled</i> into her skirts the day I had to leave.
0001CD1E: You haven't really gone into detail about how you know Leliana.
0001CD1F: How did the younger you like Val Royeaux when you arrived?
0001CD20: What did you think of Orlais?
0001CD21: I was born in Antiva City, but when I turned fifteen, Mother declared I'd attend finishing school in Val Royeaux.
0001CD22: Where were you raised, Josephine?
0001CD24: Are there none in Antiva?
0001CD25: Does Antiva City have nothing that compares to Val Royeaux?
0001CD26: Antiva City is a jewel among the capitals!
0001CD27: <i>(Sighs.)</i> But I did not appreciate that before I traveled.
0001CD2B: What did you learn at this finishing school in Val Royeaux?
0001CD2C: What was the school like?
0001CDAA: That sounds like her.
0001CDB0: Why didn't she send a message instead of playing all these games?
0001CDB1: You assume correctly.
0001CDB5: I assume there was more to it than a strange way to say hello.
0001CDB6: I assume the entire problem was some form of trial.
0001CDB8: A clever way to test you.
0001CDB9: Leliana claimed she needed someone of "painful integrity" for the Inquisition.
0001CDBA: I still remember Madame Beventir's switch on my knuckles when I forgot the basics tenants of Nevarran dining customs.
0001CDBB: Among other things, mathematics, rhetoric, poetry, history, logic, and a <i>great</i> deal of etiquette.
0001CDBD: She overcomplicates things.
0001CDCB: You must have missed her terribly.
0001CDCC: How sad you must've been.
0001CDCD: Admittedly, I may have been a trifle sheltered.
0001CDCE: I can see that somehow.
0001CDCF: I'm not surprised.
0001CDD0: That's too funny.
0001CDD1: Did they have to pry your fingers off the door frame as well?
0001CDD2: <i>(Sighs.)</i> I did. And she was most unsympathetic to my wailing.
0001CDD4: But my mother only wanted the best for me. Living in Orlais was an education in itself.
0001CDD5: There are multitudes of places I'd like to see. Seheron, the Anderfels, whatever lies past the Amaranthine Ocean...
0001CDD7: Superb Lifeward Amulet
0001CDD8: Lifeward Amulet
0001CDD9: Enhanced Lifeward Amulet
0001CE26: Confirm Operation.
0001CE27: {string}118310{/string}
0001CE28: {string}118310{/string}
0001CE5F: Crystal Grace
0001CE99: For a dowager approaching her eightieth year, she had quite the arm.
0001CE9E: What's the land like in Antiva?
0001CE9F: Who rules Antiva?
0001CEA3: Who's in charge of Antiva?
0001CEA6: What's living in Antiva like?
0001CEA7: Well. My parents are alive, and in good health. They live in our estate in Antiva City.
0001CEA9: Father's more of an artist. It's rather gauche, but we never can dissuade him from running his own salons.
0001CEAA: Oh, that reminds me, I must ask someone to make sure Yvette attends the spring reception at the palace!
0001CEAB: Of my four siblings, most attend to the running of the family vineyards—
0001CEAC: What do these Antivan "heads of the household" do if they don't run it?
0001CEAD: Why are you arranging it?
0001CEAE: My youngest sister has no head for social engagements.
0001CEB0: If you're unfit for the task, the heads of the house—usually one's parents—may decree a new heir.
0001CEB1: Then what do the heads do?
0001CEB2: They work and provide guidance. I've taken advice from my parents. Well, mostly Mother.
0001CEB3: It's Antivan custom. After a certain age, the heir apparent runs the family's estate to prove they're worthy of succession.
0001CEB4: Why are you overseeing your siblings' social lives?
0001CEB5: Can you run your family's business <i>and</i> be the Inquisition's ambassador?
0001CEB6: I imagine there must be give and take between a family heir and their parents.
0001CEB8: Between that and the Inquisition, when do you ever rest?
0001CEB9: Where do you find time?
0001CEBA: That sounds exhausting.
0001CEBB: That must require compromise.
0001CEED: Talk to Cassandra first. There's no way I'm crossing paths with <i>that</i> woman.
0001CEEE: I'd prefer you.
0001CEF0: <i>[Lie.]</i> You're misinformed.
0001CEF1: If you wish to talk about "us," then talk to them first. Ensure there are no... misunderstandings.
0001CEF3: Perhaps, but I'd rather be involved with you.
0001CEF4: I thought you'd be...
0001CEF5: Us? Don't be silly. I'm told you're... involved with someone else.
0001CEF7: Begin a romance with Dorian.
0001CEF8: As I said before, talk to Cullen first. It's quite simple.
0001CEF9: Does that matter?
0001CEFA: I'm not interested in complications. Is that so difficult to understand?
0001CEFC: That's not true.
0001CEFD: Talk to Josephine first. She's a sweet girl. I shouldn't like her eyeballing me every time I cross the courtyard.
0001CF00: <i>(Laughs.)</i> Less cautious? Not this far south.
0001CF02: Why should that matter? What do you think I'm asking?
0001CF05: I see. Do <i>they</i> know that?
0001CF16: Party Selection
0001CF26: I won't let it interfere with the quality of my work for the Inquisition. I assure you.
0001CF27: Delegation helps a great deal.
0001CF28: There's a fair amount of arbitration. "Bickering," if one is less polite.
0001CF29: But managing the estate is my duty. As much work as it is, I will not shirk it.
0001CF3A: Brad Parrs
0001CF3F: Your specialists are waiting, Inquisitor. I've given them my full report.
0001CF42: We should get to Crestwood as soon as possible. My contact in the Wardens will be waiting.
0001CF43: Whenever you're ready, the Warden and I will meet you at the Western Approach.
0001CF44: I suggest we hurry. I've seen enough blood magic for one lifetime.
0001CF49: Inquisitor.
0001CF4B: Your specialists are waiting, Inquisitor. I've given them my full report.
0001CF4C: Whenever you're ready, the Warden and I will meet you at the Western Approach.
0001CF4D: I suggest we hurry. I've seen enough blood magic for one lifetime.
0001CF4E: We should get to Crestwood as soon as possible. My contact in the Wardens will be waiting.
0001CF53: Sand Rock Mine
0001CF83: Forgotten Mine
0001CFB0: Gates of Toth
0001CFB1: Gates of Andoral
0001CFD9: Varric has a friend named Hawke, who fought Corypheus once before and now fears Grey Wardens are under the influence of the ancient darkspawn. Hawke has a Warden contact who may be able to say more.
0001CFEF: In reality, Antiva's merchant princes rule the country in everything but name.
0001CFF0: Is that firsthand experience?
0001CFF1: As ambassador, I attended privy council meetings in a mediatory capacity.
0001CFF2: Quite loudly, I might add.
0001CFF3: What sort of dealings did you have with these merchant families?
0001CFF4: May I just say, one has never heard an argument until they've sat in on fifteen princes howling down each other's tariff suggestions.
0001CFF5: Officially, the principality of Antiva is governed by His Majesty King Fulgeno the Second.
0001CFFD: I'd storm out of any meeting that came to that.
0001CFFE: That sounds more like a mob than a meeting.
0001CFFF: If you must deal with legislation, at least it's lively.
0001D004: Let's go.
0001D005: I saw other Wardens.
0001D006: He nearly got caught.
0001D007: Of course they did. They may even have believed it.
0001D008: My contact with the Wardens should be at the back of the cave.
0001D009: How much blood is shed by good men following bad orders?
0001D00A: He's not the only Warden around here. It's a good thing his friends didn't find him in Crestwood.
0001D00B: I heard what he said. Hopefully we'll find some answers in the Western Approach.
0001D00C: Glad you made it. I just got here myself.
0001D00D: Yes, I saw them earlier. They've been told he's a traitor and ordered to capture or kill him.
0001D00F: There was a group of Wardens out there hunting a "senior Warden." They said he was a traitor.
0001D011: Though I fear what those answers will be. I've seen too much blood magic to ever trust where it leads.
0001D012: How much blood is shed by good men following bad orders?
0001D015: A group of Wardens were protecting a villager from corpses out near Crestwood.
0001D016: My contact with the Wardens should be at the back of the cave.
0001D017: Glad you made it. I just got here myself.
0001D019: Yes, I saw them earlier. They've been told he's a traitor and ordered to capture or kill him.
0001D01A: Though I fear what those answers will be. I've seen too much blood magic to ever trust where it leads.
0001D01B: I heard what he said. Hopefully we'll find some answers in the Western Approach.
0001D01C: Can we trust your friend?
0001D01D: Of course they did. They may even have believed it.
0001D022: Meet Hawke's Warden ally in Crestwood.
0001D023: The Grey Wardens are all hearing the Calling and believe they have little time before succumbing to their corruption. A number of panicked Wardens are gathering in the Western Approach for reasons unknown.
0001D024: Meet Hawke and Alistair in the Western Approach.
0001D025: Meet Hawke and Stroud in the Western Approach.
0001D026: Meet Hawke and Loghain in the Western Approach.
0001D027: Confront the Wardens at the watchtower.
0001D028: Speak with the advisors at the war table in Skyhold.
0001D029: The Grey Wardens are using blood magic and sacrifices to summon an army of demons. The ritual puts both the demon and blood mage leashed to it under Corypheus's control. Unless the Wardens are stopped, Corypheus will have an army of demons in his power.
0001D02C: Find Warden-Commander Clarel.
0001D02F: Pursue Clarel.
0001D036: Well, it doesn't sound dull.
0001D038: Antiva City, however, perches right up against the Rialto Bay.
0001D039: How does anything get done?
0001D03A: That sounds infuriating.
0001D03B: That's what I miss most. The sea crashing against the maze of the docks.
0001D03C: It would be fitting. Dramatic exits are always a favorite.
0001D03D: The settled areas are quite lush. The vineyards run as far as the eye can see in some places.
0001D048: I can be <i>most</i> exuberant, when it's called for!
0001D049: You're not very... exuberant.
0001D04A: It's all part of life in Antiva. Our traditions value passion, and romance. A certain exuberance of style.
0001D04B: Are you <i>positive</i> you're Antivan?
0001D04D: Just... at the right moments. And in a proper fashion.
0001D04E: Might we speak of something else?
0001D054: {CUSTOM0} has reached level {CUSTOM1}.
0001D067: <i>Everyone</i> in Antiva City spends times by the ships, my lady.
0001D068: <i>Everyone</i> in Antiva City spends times by the ships, my lord.
0001D069: You spent time there?
0001D06A: The waterfront's never still. Lanterns are lit along the promenade no matter what the weather.
0001D06B: I have difficulty seeing you wandering around a trading port.
0001D06C: The finest restaurants and poets all make their habitation by the sea.
0001D06D: Oh, and the theater! If we're ever in Antiva City, I <i>must</i> take you there one day.
0001D07B: Are there private booths?
0001D07C: It'd be my honor to attend with such a lovely guide.
0001D07D: I'm not one for theater.
0001D07E: I shall hold you to it.
0001D07F: At least until the curtain falls.
0001D080: Perhaps? We could see an opera!
0001D081: I suppose you could get us a pair of secluded seats, far from prying eyes...
0001D082: You'll keep your mind on the show, I should hope!
0001D083: I'd love to go.
0001D084: Will there be a lot of singing?
0001D085: <i>(Groans.)</i>
0001D086: Oh, dear. Should I send ahead for tickets? They always sell out before mid-season...
0001D09C: Level {CUSTOM0}
0001D09D: ({CUSTOM0} slot empty)
0001D09E: {CUSTOM0} (Equipped by {CUSTOM1})
0001D117: The mages will be gauging the Inquisition's fortitude. They should feel safe here.
0001D119: The templars will be scrutinizing your leadership. They should feel secure here.
0001D148: What's your past with Leliana?
0001D149: What's your family like?
0001D14A: What of your family fortune?
0001D14B: Anything to report?
0001D14C: Goodbye.
0001D14D: Where did you grow up?
0001D14E: Let's talk about us.
0001D14F: Tell me about Antiva.
0001D150: I had more personal questions.
0001D151: Were your ancestors Orlesian?
0001D190: {CUSTOM0}<br />{CUSTOM1}<br />{CUSTOM2}<br />{CUSTOM3}<br /><br />{CUSTOM4}<br />{CUSTOM6}
0001D19C: {CUSTOM0} {CUSTOM1} (Primary)
0001D261: As good a place as any to camp.
0001D269: We could camp here.
0001D272: You wanna set up camp?
0001D290: We could make camp here.
0001D2AC: Armor Crafting
0001D305: The staff <i>must</i> make it presentable if we're to receive any visitors of distinction.
0001D307: Do you know who first leapt to arms? Our workers. They were so <i>proud</i> of our cause.
0001D3F8: They were still happy days, for all that. I made some dear friends in Val Royeaux.
0001D3F9: Adorno Ciel Otranto? His family runs several shipping companies in Antiva that do very well.
0001D3FA: Tell me again about this Antivan lord your parents engaged you to.
0001D3FB: Tell me about your fiancé.
0001D406: Can't you end the engagement?
0001D408: Does Antiva law force you to marry? Can't you break off the betrothal?
0001D409: Well, Mother claims he enjoys sailing and dueling, but what Antivan lord doesn't?
0001D40A: Of the man's temper and disposition and habits? I know nothing.
0001D40B: Disentangling myself from the engagement will take months. Or years.
0001D40D: In theory, I very easily could.
0001D40E: In reality, if I reject Lord Otranto without proper niceties, it will scar my family's name. Perhaps ignite a feud.
0001D40F: Are you ever homesick?
0001D410: Do you miss Antiva?
0001D412: Occasionally. When a breeze stirs the trees in the garden, I sometimes pretend it's the sound of the surf.
0001D413: My younger sister used to throw whole loaves of bread to the gulls. Silly thing.
0001D414: <i>(Sighs.)</i> Do you know, I even miss those terrible squawking birds infesting the harbor.
0001D415: You don't favor this marriage, Josephine, do you?
0001D417: It is not simply my own reputation. It is my family's. I do not have the right to risk it.
0001D418: While you're worried about your family, what happens to us?
0001D419: Certainly <i>not</i>!
0001D41A: As... as much as I might wish to.
0001D41B: Oh, why did this become so dreadfully <i>complicated</i>?
0001D41C: I <i>cannot</i> be with you until the question of this engagement is settled.
0001D41D: Do you want to marry him?
0001D41E: What about our relationship?
0001D41F: If I hadn't met you, perhaps I'd have been amenable, but honestly. You've no worry.
0001D42C: Your master had better bring a first-rate healer with him.
0001D42D: His lordship accepts your request for a duel for the affection of Lady Montilyet. He awaits your pleasure in Val Royeaux.
0001D42E: Tell Lord Otranto I look forward to settling this honorably.
0001D42F: Your Worship. May I deliver a message from Lord Adorno Ciel Otranto of Antiva?
0001D432: No protests? No outrage that I'm trying to steal Josephine from him?
0001D434: That was easy enough.
0001D435: Convey my thanks.
0001D436: He's going to be awaiting my fist.
0001D437: At once, Inquisitor. He wishes you a speedy journey to the capital.
0001D438: Good day to you.
0001D43A: The Otrantos do not fear a fair fight, but I will convey your... advice.
0001D4D7: That's the grandmother of all locks. We're not getting in here.
0001D543: There were a dozen affairs, five secret alliances, and a duel between two chevaliers over the vintage of an Antivan port.
0001D544: No one can say the evening wasn't memorable.
0001D546: But until the duchess was unmasked, I've never seen the Winter Palace in shock.
0001D547: How bracing, to be in the thick of the Game again! The last time I was at Halamshiral was Countess Letienne's wedding.
0001D548: The nobility needed a shock. Corypheus played them all for fools.
0001D549: They <i>should</i> be shaken.
0001D54A: I don't blame them.
0001D54B: The Game's become increasingly insular in the past few years. Corypheus skillfully took advantage.
0001D54C: I agree completely.
0001D54D: It's disturbing so few people in the Orlesian court were aware of the duchess's machinations.
0001D54E: At least they weren't bored.
0001D54F: How could the Empress of Orlais be taken in by the duchess's plot?
0001D550: They've already begun composing songs about it in Val Royeaux, no doubt.
0001D551: I must confess: when Celene was killed, my first reaction wasn't sorrow—it was disappointment.
0001D552: Powerful or not, even an empress can't know everything.
0001D553: You don't see the Empress of Orlais almost killed in cold blood every day.
0001D554: You'd think the Game's greatest players would spot a murderer in their midst.
0001D555: The nobles of Orlais were worried about their own health, not the empress's.
0001D556: They don't see an empress murdered in front of their eyes every day.
0001D557: Not so brazenly, no.
0001D558: No. I should think not.
0001D559: The empress realized she was in danger.
0001D55A: They are a selfish lot.
0001D55B: That surprised me.
0001D55C: Celene knew.
0001D55D: As I said, insularity. Familiar rivals become the only ones worth sparring with.
0001D55E: No. Evidently not.
0001D560: Celene sacrificed her safety to her politics.
0001D561: She was only human.
0001D565: She was reckless.
0001D568: The blade at her back certainly proved sharper than the knives at her throat.
0001D5AB: Indeed. Tales of this affair have begun circulating in Val Royeaux.
0001D5AC: Playing the Game was thrilling. We <i>did</i> just make history.
0001D5AD: Really?
0001D5AE: But let's not lose sight of victory. Your actions at the ball have secured us allies and favors alike.
0001D5B1: Inquisitor, <i>never</i> underestimate the enmity of those for whom outrage is a sport.
0001D5B3: Some must have purposefully turned a blind eye. There's often room for advancement when thrones change.
0001D5B4: I kept dreading I'd drop the wrong spoon, or step on a general's foot.
0001D5B5: Well done. Feuds that spanned ages have sparked over less.
0001D5B6: I felt out of place.
0001D5B7: I fear we won't fully see the outcome of this action for years.
0001D5B8: You navigated it well. The Inquisition's reputation is now far more formidable in Orlais.
0001D5BA: She's always in danger. Those loyal to her should have practiced more vigilance.
0001D5BB: Although I do wish Varric would show a bit more <i>restraint</i> in his accounts of the evening.
0001D5BC: It was very exciting.
0001D5BD: The ball was petty and dull.
0001D5BF: At least all this tedious maneuvering got us something.
0001D5C1: Tedious maneuvering caused the death of an empress, Inquisitor.
0001D5CC: Insular cliques, snide half-truths, everyone sizing up everyone else...
0001D5CE: It reminded me of home.
0001D5CF: The ball was a viper's nest.
0001D5D1: My favorite moment of the evening is still our waltz in the garden.
0001D5D3: I completely understand the feeling, Inquisitor.
0001D5D4: Our dance was the highlight.
0001D5D9: <i>(Happy sigh.)</i> I could have danced with you for hours. We must do it again sometime.
0001D5DE: With Celene gone, I don't know if it will be for the better or the worse.
0001D5E0: Let's hope the next ball either of our families holds is quieter than this one, shall we?
0001D60A: It's not your business.
0001D60B: I enjoy being with Josephine. I'm not trying to break her heart.
0001D60C: I'm not toying with her.
0001D60D: Was that a threat?
0001D60E: Is my own spymaster telling me to watch myself?
0001D612: An entanglement with our ambassador seems <i>most</i> unwise.
0001D613: Whatever's between me and Josephine is none of your concern.
0001D614: I asked Josephine to join the Inquisition because we needed a diplomat. Not so she could be toyed with.
0001D615: While it would be petty of me to tamper with your supper over this, she is a very good friend.
0001D616: I disagree, Inquisitor. I brought her here.
0001D617: Josephine's no stranger to courtly intrigue. But love? There she is an innocent.
0001D618: Then I would be more cautious.
0001D61A: She has <i>no</i> idea you are truly attracted to her. If, indeed, you are.
0001D61B: I am.
0001D61C: Yes, I'm very attracted to Josephine.
0001D61D: That's private.
0001D61E: I've said all I have to say on the matter.
0001D61F: I just gave her a few words of praise—nothing to get so upset about.
0001D620: It's nothing serious.
0001D621: Is that so?
0001D622: I'm not attracted to her.
0001D624: Nothing's happening between me and Josephine.
0001D625: How good to hear. I do hope it stays that way.
0001D629: For the sake of the Inquisition, of course. You need no distractions from your work.
0001D62A: You mean to tell me I have misread the situation? Interesting.
0001D62B: Whatever is between you, I ask that you treat her with kindness. For her sake, as well as yours.
0001D63C: Our new Divine remembers the Inquisition is a force to be reckoned with.
0001D63D: May I pass on an observation?
0001D63E: Should the Inquisition offer Leliana its protection?
0001D640: Leliana knows the Game. She'll move the Chantry forward while quelling the fears of the faithful.
0001D642: We shouldn't overly worry ourselves, Inquisitor.
0001D644: Does she need our help?
0001D646: Is anyone stupid enough to send assassins after her?
0001D647: That <i>is</i> why you're here.
0001D648: I don't.
0001D649: It'd be more imposition than useful. Or misinterpreted as a struggle for power. It's best Leliana arrange things herself.
0001D64B: After so much warring, even the most seasoned players of the Game yearn for change.
0001D64C: Please do.
0001D64D: And I feel only pity for those who might try to depose our former spymaster by force.
0001D64F: Elevating the first enchanter to the throne of the Divine was a bold decision.
0001D650: I can handle Vivienne.
0001D651: Always.
0001D652: Dealing with one dead Divine was difficult enough.
0001D653: Who'd make the attempt?
0001D654: Any initial opposition will be subtle, but I doubt it will last.
0001D655: It'd be foolish not to listen to my ambassador.
0001D656: Cassandra will guide the Chantry back to what she considers its roots, curbing its worst excesses.
0001D658: I wish her well. She has no easy task ahead.
0001D659: She'll do what's right.
0001D65A: We need action.
0001D65B: The Chantry needs a leader who can crack the whip like she can.
0001D65C: She will be an unusually forthright Divine, however.
0001D65D: I've no doubt she will lead, Inquisitor.
0001D65E: Cassandra wants what's best for the people and the Chantry.
0001D65F: So Lady Pentaghast will take the Sunburst Throne.
0001D660: There have been Divines far less suited to the position, and few can deny the conviction of her faith.
0001D661: I can't wait to see how Cassandra takes to leadership.
0001D662: This'll be fun to watch.
0001D727: I do. The Comte Boisvert's invited us to his mansion, not far from here.
0001D729: Do you know where this noble wanted to meet us?
0001D72A: Are you ready to visit Comte Boisvert, Inquisitor?
0001D72B: Lead the way.
0001D72C: As you wish. Please do hurry.
0001D72D: I pray he clears up the deaths of my messengers as promised.
0001D72E: I'm not ready.
0001D730: I must attend to some things first.
0001D731: Let's go see Comte Boisvert.
0001D970: Still... do be careful. Please.
0001D997: What happened in Kirkwall?
0001D998: Varric said you were the Champion of Kirkwall. I've only heard a little about what happened there.
0001D99A: There's not much more beyond what I mentioned before.
0001D99B: Tell me of the Du Paraquettes.
0001D99C: A common merchant may lack the resources or manners to fulfill a debt, but among the guilds? It would be <i>shameful</i>.
0001D99E: It's fortunate the Du Paraquettes' descendants hold no grudges.
0001D9A0: What if the Du Paraquettes refuse to aid you?
0001D9A1: It's perfectly legal. In Val Royeaux's noble circles, a written word is a bond.
0001D9A2: These assassins are afraid of being seen as impolite?
0001D9A7: Besides, I've promised them a heavy bag of coin once this is over.
0001D9A8: Besides, the guild would never risk being so unspeakably crass.
0001D9A9: Why did the Du Paraquettes hate the Montilyets so much, they set up a permanent assassination watch?
0001D9AA: I've already contacted the Du Paraquettes, Inquisitor. They're ready to help us.
0001D9AB: A Montilyet and a Du Paraquette fell in love.
0001D9AD: Are you serious?
0001D9AE: It will be a long road, but a lordship is a chance to restore a proud lineage to their heirs.
0001D9B0: Can the contract be annulled?
0001D9B3: Breaking one's public oath or bond implies a certain... poverty in Orlais.
0001D9B4: How do you know that?
0001D9B5: Are you sure the House of Repose will forget this assassin contract on a farmer's signature?
0001D9B6: A young couple, pledged elsewhere, attempted to elope. The whole thing ended so violently, it's a wonder any survived.
0001D9EE: What happened in Kirkwall?
0001D9EF: You knew Anders.
0001D9F0: I heard that Anders was your friend. What was he like?
0001D9F1: What happened at Kirkwall was the same thing that happened everywhere.
0001D9F2: Fearful of blood magic and abominations, the templars brutally suppressed the Circle...
0001D9F3: Finally, a rebel mage named Anders destroyed Kirkwall's chantry, and everything came tumbling down.
0001D9F4: Varric said you were the Champion of Kirkwall. I've only heard a little about what happened there.
0001D9F5: And in their desperation to survive, the mages of the Circle turned to blood magic or became abominations.
0001DA35: You knew Anders.
0001DA36: Fearful of blood magic and abominations, the templars brutally suppressed the Circle...
0001DA37: And in their desperation to survive, the mages of the Circle turned to blood magic or became abominations.
0001DA38: I heard that Anders was your friend. What was he like?
0001DA39: What happened at Kirkwall was the same thing that happened everywhere.
0001DA3A: Finally, a rebel mage named Anders destroyed Kirkwall's chantry, and everything came tumbling down.
0001DAB2: Your glib tongue does you no credit.
0001DAB3: I don't know what you think you're doing.
0001DAB4: You'd be surprised at the credit my tongue gets me, Your Reverence.
0001DAB5: If I wanted to play the fool, I could be rather more convincing, I assure you.
0001DAB6: Don't play the fool with me, young man!
0001DAB8: I'm being clucked at by a hen, evidently.
0001DABA: Change Party
0001DABE: New Party Member Added
0001DADA: Roderick
0001DAE4: Prisoner
0001DAFD: I left Kirkwall to try to find out more. I never imagined it would lead me to Corypheus.
0001DAFE: It made the templars in Kirkwall paranoid. Eventually they came after me.
0001DAFF: The templars started using a dangerous new form of lyrium. It's red and very powerful.
0001DB00: The templars serving Corypheus were using red lyrium. I stopped most of them.
0001DB01: The templars serving Corypheus at Haven had been corrupted by red lyrium
0001DB02: The templars serving Corypheus at Haven had been corrupted by red lyrium
0001DB03: The templars serving Corypheus were using red lyrium. I stopped most of them.
0001DB04: It made the templars in Kirkwall paranoid. Eventually they came after me.
0001DB05: I left Kirkwall to try to find out more. I never imagined it would lead me to Corypheus.
0001DB06: The templars started using a dangerous new form of lyrium. It's red and very powerful.
0001DB0A: Toggle DA2 Played State
0001DB0B: Toggle DA:O Played State
0001DB61: {CUSTOM0}: {CUSTOM1}
0001DC96: This would be a good place to set up camp.
0001DCD3: This might be a decent place for a camp.
0001DCD8: This would make a good place to camp.
0001DCDC: Decent place to camp.
0001DCE0: We could make camp here.
0001DCE1: A decent enough place to camp, I suppose.
0001DD61: This Water Tastes Funny
0001DD62: Griffon Wing's well has been tampered with and cannot support the keep. An alternative source of fresh water must be secured. A nearby oasis called Lost Wash Creek would do, if it wasn't crawling with varghests.
0001DD63: Clear out the varghests at Lost Wash Creek.
0001DE6E: Armor Rating
0001E011: That's the last of them.
0001E03D: He's still breathing. Just unconscious.
0001E03E: The real Comte Boisvert, judging from his clothing.
0001E0A3: Warden Chernoff
0001E28C: A Preserved Note
0001E28D: {i}A preserved letter found on the body of a messenger:{/i}


You were right to doubt. Helladius will not be swayed. If this letter was sent, then it is sealed. Send aid.

0001E2FF: Don't join the Wardens.
0001E300: You want to join the Grey Wardens <i>now</i>?
0001E302: Yes, Your Worship. I'm sure there's something else I can do to help.
0001E303: I'm going to see if they're looking for recruits.
0001E305: Oh, Maker, you're the Inquisitor!
0001E306: Thank you, Your Worship! I'll make you proud!
0001E307: Um, but yes, the Wardens are heroes. They saved me from those demons, Your Worship.
0001E308: Go ahead and join.
0001E309: Joining the Grey Wardens is not a good idea.
0001E30A: The Wardens only take those who prove themselves in combat.
0001E30B: The Wardens are helping people. I'd rather do that than wait for more demons to attack our village.
0001E30C: Then I wish you luck in their service.
0001E30D: Don't do it.
0001E30E: I can see the appeal.
0001E30F: Some of the Wardens were really handsome, too. And they accept elves and dwarves, not just humans.
0001E311: Find another way to help people. The Wardens have problems of their own right now.
0001E313: Did you see how the Grey Wardens saved me from those corpses? They're amazing.
0001E314: I've won the archery competition at the last three harvest festivals. Do you think that's good enough for them?
0001E315: With all that's happening, I'd like to help people the same way.
0001E316: I can understand how someone might want to join the Wardens.
0001E317: Why join now?
0001E318: I swear that I'll avoid the Wardens, Inquisitor. Thank you for the warning.
0001E319: Hopefully the next time our paths cross, I'll be wearing the armor of a Warden!
0001E31B: I'll make you proud, Your Worship.
0001E31D: Maker be with you, Inquisitor! Thank you for all your help.
0001E322: Idiots. So devoted to their cause that they abandoned all common sense.
0001E323: Did Hawke tell you? We tracked Erimond to Adamant Fortress.
0001E347: You wouldn't understand. Or, well, with that mark on your hand, maybe you would.
0001E348: And we are the only ones who <i>can</i>, the only ones willing to make the decisions—the sacrifices—to do that.
0001E349: I know it sounds nutty. Being a Warden makes us special, but it comes with a heavy price.
0001E34A: We should get to that ritual tower in the Western Approach, ideally before it lives up to its name.
0001E34B: How could the Wardens willingly sacrifice their own to summon demons?
0001E34D: You have to walk away from your old life and be prepared to do anything to stop the next Blight.
0001E34E: How could they pay this price?
0001E350: Erimond and the Wardens are definitely holed up at Adamant Fortress, by the way. Don't know if Hawke told you.
0001E361: How could the Wardens willingly sacrifice their own members to summon demons?
0001E362: How could they do this?
0001E363: We tracked Erimond to Adamant Fortress. Hopefully we can stop this madness before it goes any further.
0001E365: Grey Wardens leave their lives behind and dedicate themselves to fighting the Blight, no matter the cost.
0001E366: Had I not known Corypheus was involved, I might have bowed my head and accepted my orders.
0001E367: The rituals, the sacrifices... it is too far, even for me, but I can understand them making the decision.
0001E368: Our actions may be brutal, even reprehensible, but we know that the alternative is worse.
0001E36D: How are you always so polite?
0001E36E: How do you stay so civil with everyone, Josephine?
0001E385: And I do <i>deplore</i> rudeness in those who know better.
0001E386: Does it even become a strain sometimes?
0001E388: But doesn't it get tiresome?
0001E389: Bonds of circumstance among the nobility are fickle. Civility is the only constant everyone admires.
0001E38A: Well... it can be trying. There is no shortage of self-regard among the nobility.
0001E38B: The Game can be wearying, discouraging, and extremely baneful.
0001E3A8: But, honestly, I'd miss meeting people. I've made the most fascinating friends.
0001E3AB: Better than making piles of interesting enemies.
0001E3AC: I'd never put up with treachery just for the chance to shake someone's hand.
0001E3AD: One good thing about becoming Inquisitor has been meeting so many different people.
0001E3AE: I've liked meeting all of you.
0001E3AF: The Game isn't worth it.
0001E3B0: I'm glad you have.
0001E3B1: A betrayed confidence is a painful thing.
0001E3B2: But worth it all in all, I think.
0001E3B3: I've had both, sometimes depending on which way the wind has been blowing at the time.
0001E3B5: I try not to think about it often. A trick one learns, to keep their wits about them in Orlais.
0001E3B6: I'm pleased. I imagine we appear a strange bunch to those outside our circle.
0001E3B7: Mages, templars, Seekers, and an apostate elf are not often found working in harmony. Or at all.
0001E3E9: Strike Gong
0001E3EA: Light
0001E3EB: Enter
0001E3F1: Activate Dawn Seal
0001E3F3: Rotate
0001E402: Summon War Council
0001E40A: Loot
0001E40E: Exit
0001E432: Cellar
0001E433: Arrows
0001E434: Catacombs
0001E435: Offerings
0001E436: Crumbling Letter
0001E437: Servant's Corpse
0001E438: A General's Life
0001E439: Tower
0001E43A: Armed Statue
0001E43B: Daggers
0001E43C: Green Lens
0001E43D: Black Ripper Log
0001E43E: Altar Key
0001E43F: Chain Latch
0001E440: Dalish Cheese Cache
0001E441: Dawnwood
0001E442: Cemetery
0001E443: A Letter
0001E444: Sketch of the Hermit
0001E445: Tower Key Collected
0001E446: Oars
0001E447: Painting
0001E448: Sword & Shield
0001E449: West Chapel Key
0001E44A: House Key
0001E44B: A Key and a Note
0001E44C: Cellar Key
0001E44D: Crestwood Village Cache
0001E44E: Eastern Chapel
0001E44F: Dawn Ruin
0001E450: Broken Resonator
0001E451: Bronto Head
0001E452: Hollow Graven Stele
0001E453: Cave Sketch
0001E454: Magistrate's Lockbox
0001E455: Knight's Journal
0001E456: Orlesian War Memorial
0001E457: Bandit Leader's Diary
0001E458: Urn with Ashes
0001E459: Personal Journal
0001E45A: Island Sketch
0001E45B: Cook's Body
0001E45C: East Chapel Key
0001E45D: Sketch of an Inquisition Banner
0001E45E: Spirit Cage
0001E45F: Deep Smelter
0001E460: Black Ripper Log Book
0001E461: Trophy Mount
0001E462: Books About Magic
0001E463: Cemetery Key
0001E464: Crude Map
0001E465: Astrolabe
0001E466: Battered Journal
0001E467: Secret Tunnel Key
0001E468: Half-Eaten Body
0001E469: Dead Worker's Diary
0001E46A: Sticky Tree Sap
0001E46B: Vicinius's Remains
0001E46C: Frieze
0001E46D: Dead Servants
0001E46E: Urn with Ashes
0001E46F: Locked Strongbox
0001E470: Red Lens
0001E471: Diary Page
0001E472: Letter
0001E473: Turophile
0001E474: Torn Book
0001E475: Blue Lens
0001E476: Scrolls
0001E477: Ritual Candle
0001E478: Ancient Elven Artifact
0001E479: Elven Grave Charm
0001E47A: Statue of Offerings
0001E47B: Captain's Statue
0001E47C: Discarded Lyrium Bottles
0001E47D: Footprints
0001E47E: Elven Tomb
0001E47F: Altar
0001E480: Guard Corpse
0001E481: Circle of Stones
0001E482: An Owl's Silent Flight
0001E483: Plaque
0001E484: Western Chapel
0001E485: A Fall from Grace by Roland Anvers
0001E486: Lyrium Sample
0001E487: Lost Lorgnette
0001E488: Tevinter Reward
0001E489: Mallet
0001E48A: Hunting Notes
0001E48B: Entrance Hall
0001E48C: Lorgnette
0001E48D: Hunter's Cache
0001E48E: Harlequin's Corpse
0001E48F: Tevinter Puzzle Box
0001E490: Ring
0001E491: Fire Staff
0001E492: Metal Refiner
0001E493: Nug Head
0001E494: Elvhen Temple Ruins
0001E495: Treasure Hunter Orders
0001E496: Elven Relic
0001E497: Elf Corpse
0001E498: Journal
0001E499: Secret Tunnels
0001E49A: Two-Handed Sword
0001E49B: Tevinter Cache
0001E49C: Log Book
0001E49D: Sign Post
0001E49E: Framed Scroll
0001E49F: Orders
0001E4A0: Treasure
0001E4A1: Dragon Head
0001E4A2: Bow
0001E4A3: Destroyed Resonator
0001E4A4: Honorary Plaque
0001E4A5: Catacombs Key
0001E4A6: Exquisite Paintings
0001E4A7: Maddox's Crafting Items
0001E4A8: Sealed Door
0001E4A9: Sword-Bearing Statue
0001E4AA: Ice Staff
0001E4AB: Scrawled Notes
0001E4AC: Lurker Sketch
0001E4AD: Werewolf Head
0001E4AE: Bomb Making Equipment
0001E4AF: Crypt Key
0001E4B0: Manuscript
0001E4CB: Nazaire's Pass
0001E4CE: Iska's Stand
0001E4D0: Echoback Fort
0001E4D2: Hall of Heroes
0001E4D5: Valemont Pass
0001E4D6: Old Market Road
0001E4D7: Trophy Room
0001E4D9: Dustytop Fort
0001E4DA: North Gate
0001E4DB: Ferelden
0001E4DC: Prison Ruins
0001E4DE: Dead Man's Pass
0001E4DF: Lost Laboratory
0001E4E0: Dining Room
0001E4E1: The Wastes
0001E4E5: The Winter Palace
0001E4E6: Shimmer Stone Mine
0001E4E7: Old Crestwood
0001E4E8: Frost Cave
0001E4E9: Forward Camp
0001E4EB: Lost Spring Canyon
0001E4EF: Caer Bronach
0001E4F0: Le Requiem
0001E4F3: Tower of Exile
0001E4F5: Lost Wash Creek
0001E4F6: Tower of Shadow
0001E4F7: Blight Overlook
0001E4FA: River Road
0001E4FB: The Canyons
0001E4FC: Old Prison Road
0001E4FD: Village of Crestwood
0001E4FF: Temple of Sacred Ashes
0001E500: Tower of Dawn
0001E501: Tower of Praeteri
0001E505: South Road
0001E506: Crestwood
0001E508: The Western Approach
0001E509: Echoback Canyon
0001E50B: Guest Garden
0001E50C: The Flats
0001E50E: Vestibule
0001E511: Tevinter Camp
0001E513: Hilltop Farm
0001E514: Giant's Staircase
0001E515: Val Royeaux
0001E516: Sand Flats
0001E517: Three Trout Pond
0001E518: New Crestwood Docks
0001E519: Dalish Camp
0001E51C: Haven
0001E51F: Grand Ballroom
0001E520: Frostback Mountains
0001E521: Dust Plains
0001E522: Old Whitter's Farm
0001E523: Death Drink Springs
0001E524: Linden Farm
0001E525: Forester Homestead
0001E52B: Grand Library
0001E52D: Royal Quarters
0001E52E: Abyssal Ledge
0001E538: Inquisition Keep Established
0001E551: This requires the Rogue's Lockpick ability.
0001E55F: Power acquired: {CUSTOM0}
0001E565: Collected
0001E56E: Glenmorgan Mine
0001E573: Can we do what Leliana said: send spies into the House of Repose to destroy the original contract on your life?
0001E574: Could we destroy the contract?
0001E575: How do peasants become nobles?
0001E576: How exactly does one turn farmers into members of the upper classes?
0001E577: There are procedures for granting honored citizens of the empire the title of "lord" or "lady."
0001E578: Very long procedures. And so much paperwork! I've called in a substantial number of favors to cut through half of it.
0001E586: It's your choice, but I'd rather not risk the lives of our agents in an assassins' den.
0001E587: That would erase their duty to end my life, but I fear the contract is under heavy guard.
0001E5CA: Flow Control
0001E7A8: Hello, again.
0001E7CB: I have not known you long, Inquisitor. Neither has Josephine.
0001E7CC: And if I am?
0001E7CD: Her heart is easily carried away. I want to be sure it is taken by someone who truly cares.
0001E7CE: What do you have against the idea of me being attracted to Josephine?
0001E7D3: So, if you feel anything towards Josephine, I want to know.
0001E7D4: Between him and my siblings, Mother's looking forward to my taking over the estate.
0001E83E: Is running your family's estate that important to you?
0001E83F: You sound determined.
0001E84E: I'm responsible for their welfare. A Montilyet never shuns their familial duty.
0001E8AB: We will look back on this day and know that it marked the birth of a new Chantry.
0001E8AD: I have a plan, and I will not rest until it is made a reality.
0001E8B0: I may need your counsel in the coming days.
0001E8B1: Maybe your siblings could help lighten your burden.
0001E8B2: I think you're too finicky to give those responsibilities to the rest of your family.
0001E8B3: You'd never let go of them.
0001E8B4: Taxing as those duties can sometimes be.
0001E8B5: Then drop them.
0001E8B6: Maybe your family can help.
0001E8B8: You have enough siblings. Let one of them take over.
0001E8C4: Secure the gate.
0001E8C9: It would be my honor, Your Perfection.
0001E8CA: I'm still in charge.
0001E8CB: Good, you recognize that I'm still the one giving the orders.
0001E8CC: But I give terrible advice.
0001E8CD: Do you really want to rely on my counsel? I've been known to give pretty horrible advice.
0001E8CE: I would be honored.
0001E8CF: No, truly—it must be me.
0001E8D0: You don't know them! Put Laurien in charge? Or Antoine? Or <i>Yvette</i>?
0001E8D2: Well, if I can't rely on your advice, I would be glad for just your company.
0001E8D4: I owe you the Sunburst Throne. I won't forget that.
0001E8E3: Good, then it is settled.
0001E8FF: There's such unrest in Thedas, and the Inquisition seems a promising method to stop it.
0001E90C: A fine day, isn't it?
0001E910: It's so good to see you.
0001E911: Tell me about your work.
0001E912: "Montilyet" sounds familiar.
0001E913: This is... quite ridiculous. If that's your wish, we shall part ways.
0001E914: <i>(Sighs.)</i>
0001E915: I honestly thought you—
0001E93C: Yes. But when he went mad... I couldn't stop what he did. I could only put him down.
0001E950: Yes. But when he went mad... I couldn't stop what he did. I could only put him down.
0001E9BD: So Leliana disapproves of us?
0001E9BE: Think nothing of it. She'd disapprove of anyone I chose to keep serious company with.
0001E9BF: Why was Leliana so set against us being together, Josephine?
0001E9CB: A romantic... you <i>did</i> hear me say Leliana was like a sister to me?
0001E9CC: So you two never had a romantic history together?
0001E9CD: Back in Val Royeaux, Leliana was practically my older sister.
0001E9CE: So you two weren't... close?
0001E9CF: She's a most dear friend. And nothing more.
0001EA3C: How do you and Leliana know each other?
0001EA3D: How did you meet Leliana?
0001EA49: I believe we actually met in Val Royeaux. Leliana was quite an accomplished player of the Game by then.
0001EA4A: We moved through similar circles in Orlais.
0001EA62: What exactly do you mean when you say "the Game"?
0001EA63: What's "the Game"?
0001EA64: It's a rather lighthearted name for the matter, but Orlesians are fond of playful touches.
0001EA65: Ah. Forgive me. "The Game" refers to the slow duels of influence among the noble and powerful of Orlais.
0001EA88: They're unusually organized. I recommend we send people to Jader, to deal with the matter.
0001EA89: A situation requires your attention, Inquisitor.
0001EA8A: Noble Chantry loyalists in the city of Jader are spreading accusations that you're responsible for the Divine's death.
0001EAC6: Arl Teagan has returned to Redcliffe Castle and resumed his duties as lord.
0001EAC7: I've nothing to report at the moment.
0001EAC8: It seems that the Orlesian army is awaiting our next move.
0001EACA: It's been a long road, but we're nearing the end.
0001EACE: A scapegoat, to begin with. But I wonder if the grand clerics are at work.
0001EAD0: Why are the nobles interested?
0001EAD1: Those immediately eligible to be Divine died at the Conclave. The ones remaining were... not as favored.
0001EAD3: Let's send some ambassadors to convince Jader I'm not a monster in disguise.
0001EAD6: What does the nobility gain by saying I murdered Justinia?
0001EAD7: Let's send some diplomats.
0001EAD8: Can they be reasoned with?
0001EAD9: Will anyone even believe me if I claim I didn't kill the Divine?
0001EADB: They may look upon you as a rival for influence.
0001EB83: They called you the Left Hand of the Divine.
0001EB84: You're Justinia's Left Hand.
0001EBCF: I met her a long time ago, before she became Divine, before she was Justinia.
0001EC04: Even in Jader, it may win you a few admirers.
0001EC05: Perhaps if they learn about your heroics. We should emphasize how you stopped the Breach devouring the sky.
0001EC09: We need some propaganda.
0001EC0A: Why don't we counter these falsehoods by starting rumors of our own?
0001EC0B: Excellent. I believe there's much to be gained by winning them over.
0001EC0C: Sending soldiers to "patrol" the area might make people think twice about slandering me.
0001EC0D: We need a show of force.
0001EC0E: A daring move. But one that will show the world we have military might behind us.
0001EC0F: A whisper campaign? It would show those in the know we have some subtlety at our command.
0001EC32: For both monarchs to come to us is nearly unheard of.
0001EC33: Then the Inquisition's deeds have won their respect.
0001EC34: Then we've impressed them.
0001EC35: I'm not sure I'm honored.
0001EC37: I was hoping you'd be by. We've received letters from Archon Radonis of Tevinter <i>and</i> King Markus of Nevarra.
0001EC3C: I assume that means they both want something very badly from us.
0001EC41: You're quite correct.
0001EC42: They'd never have contacted us otherwise.
0001EC43: Archon Radonis requests that the Inquisition, as a "neutral party," destroy a Venatori cult on the Nevarran-Tevinter border.
0001EC44: Why is the ruler of Tevinter turning on the Venatori?
0001EC46: King Markus asks the same, but demands we pledge allegiance to Nevarra instead of Tevinter.
0001EC47: Tell me about Radonis.
0001EC48: What's the Archon like?
0001EC49: Tell the Archon the Inquisition will do Tevinter the favor of wiping out the Venatori on its borders.
0001EC4A: We'll aid Tevinter.
0001EC4C: Why does Radonis need us?
0001EC50: Few monarchs relish a self-styled god showing up to claim their throne.
0001EC51: Rumor also claims he has an incredibly soft spot for cats.
0001EC52: He has little reason to love them. Archon Radonis has rightly identified Corypheus as competition.
0001EC53: Like most Tevinter rulers, he's heir to an ancient bloodline, politically shrewd, and a highly skilled mage.
0001EC99: Inform King Markus the Inquisition will wipe the Venatori from his borders.
0001EC9A: Very well. It will be done.
0001EC9B: We'll help Nevarra.
0001EC9C: Very good, Inquisitor. We'll inform him at once.
0001EC9D: Let's talk about Valence.
0001EC9E: I want to talk about what happened in Valence.
0001ECF1: Tell me about Natalie.
0001ECF4: She may even have been the famed Lady of the Crimson Mantle.
0001ECF6: Some believe she was a bard in the service of Dowager Marquise Mantillon.
0001ECF9: Of course.
0001ECFB: Who was Natalie?
0001ECFC: Like many, Justinia had a past. Even I know very little about it. She enjoyed keeping the mystery alive, I think.
0001ED2B: No supplies needed.
0001ED2C: She was a sister from the Grand Cathedral, one of Justinia's most trusted.
0001ED2D: I don't know if she was really Justinia. I suppose I'll never know.
0001ED2F: I suppose an honest face will get you far in the Game, no?
0001EDB2: I spoke to Sera earlier, and the subject of you came up.
0001EDB4: I thought I'd never see Cassandra blush.
0001EDB5: Blackwall, hmm? He does seem... quite the man.
0001EDB6: Interesting story. I was speaking with your ambassador not long ago.
0001EE09: I always liked her. She reminded me of... myself.
0001EE3F: What course of action would you take, if you were in my place?
0001EE40: What would <i>you</i> do?
0001EE42: Strained as their relationship with Orlais is... I would assist the Imperium.
0001EE67: Of course. We're famous.
0001EE68: Fame is one thing. Asking for help is another.
0001EE69: More proof the Inquisition's fame has spread.
0001EE6A: At this point, elderly. Many fear his health will soon fail him.
0001EE6B: Does Cassandra support him?
0001EE6C: With all respect to Seeker Pentaghast, her interest in politics is best described as "thin."
0001EE6D: What's King Markus like?
0001EE6E: What sort of man is the King of Nevarra?
0001EE6F: As a Pentaghast, will Cassandra be upset if we don't help her relatives?
0001EE72: Still, he <i>is</i> a Pentaghast. Their dynasty is exceptionally strong in Nevarra.
0001EE73: Their friendship is difficult to win, and Markus is a fading power. Tevinter is the longer, richer gain.
0001EE75: Saving
0001EE76: If you reason with the Archon, the Trevelyans can persuade King Markus we should help both countries.
0001EE77: I actually have relatives in Nevarra.
0001EE78: My family lets us help both.
0001EE7A: Letting the Inquisition curry favor with both Tevinter <i>and</i> Nevarra? Most ideal.
0001EE7C: Dueling is a <i>very</i> precise sport. Men and women spend years perfecting their skills with a rapier.
0001EE7D: If I dueled this Lord Otranto, I could force him to give up his betrothal with you.
0001EE7E: But you could be hurt!
0001EE7F: I could duel Otranto for you.
0001EE80: I couldn't bear to think of my family putting you in any further danger. Again.
0001EF4A: Default
0001EF4F: Presets
0001EF51: Appearance Customization
0001EF52: Eyebrows
0001EF53: Color
0001EF54: Hairstyle
0001EF55: Beard
0001EF6E: Style
0001EF6F: Placement
0001EFA3: Tell me. Do you believe I was saved by Andraste at the Temple of Sacred Ashes?
0001EFD5: So long as they're like you.
0001EFD6: The Inquisition is seen as an authority. You've given southern mages license to... well, be like mages back home.
0001EFD9: Not my place to disagree, is it? It just seems like you're repeating history.
0001EFDB: Should we do that more often?
0001EFDC: There could have been more corpses about, although I suppose we might have tripped over them.
0001EFDE: All this dancing, politics, and murder makes me a bit homesick.
0001EFDF: If you don't enjoy this sort of thing, perhaps you should rethink this whole Inquisition business.
0001EFE0: So they'll rule us next?
0001EFE1: I hope you tried the ham they were serving, by the way. Tasted of despair. Fascinating.
0001EFE2: Nothing... at first.
0001EFE5: I do wonder if you've considered what this support of yours will do. For mages in general, I mean.
0001EFE6: I take it you don't agree?
0001EFE7: It's true, the conditions here are different. Southern mages aren't used to ruling.
0001EFE8: So we're doomed to a future of blood magic, then?
0001EFEA: Happy I could help.
0001EFEB: Life as a rebel is hard.
0001EFED: Marvelous business, the Winter Palace.
0001EFEE: That's something you'd like to do more often, then?
0001EFF0: Of course, that leaves only Tevinter, and it wouldn't work as well there.
0001EFF3: You miss that?
0001EFF4: You're a grim young man, Dorian.
0001EFF5: Oh, I'm not arguing. Just pointing out the ridiculously obvious.
0001EFF7: Don't be ridiculous.
0001EFF8: You disagree?
0001EFFA: It had to be done.
0001EFFC: Not <i>just</i> for me. Fun for the whole family.
0001EFFD: Put a leash on the rebel mages, I see.
0001EFFF: Who wouldn't? All the drama, the scandal, the petty maneuverings.
0001F000: I'd believe that.
0001F002: I mean, unless you're a dull sort. I suspect that's not the case.
0001F003: I doubt that.
0001F006: Ha! There aren't many mages back home like me.
0001F007: An empress dead, her replacement in your pocket... a charming fellow, though still a bit of a thug.
0001F008: Not that this is reason to oppress us. Still, my homeland should be a cautionary tale, not a source of inspiration.
0001F009: I suspect that's untrue... unless you strip yourself naked and allow the Chantry to flog you into repentance.
0001F00B: I never fit in. Bloodstains are so difficult to clean, you see.
0001F00C: Perhaps I should have invited some.
0001F00E: It all depends on what you do with these mages later. No guarantee you'll throw them back into Circles again, I suppose.
0001F00F: The Inquisition supports free mages. What's next? Elves running Halamshiral? Cows milking farmers?
0001F010: Is that so terrible?
0001F011: What would be wrong with that, exactly?
0001F014: You saved an empress, and now she's eating out of your hand. Perfect mental image.
0001F016: Oh, there were definitely other choices. You picked the one that'll shock the children.
0001F017: Interesting how they seem to like the idea. As if it's a relief to be penned in again.
0001F01A: Thing is, the Imperium was once just like the South. Templars, proper Circles, all that rot. Then it changed. By inches.
0001F01D: An empress dead, an emperor under your spell, and that elven harpy eating out of your hand—if she doesn't bite it off.
0001F01E: There was no other choice.
0001F01F: If that means they're anything like you, I approve.
0001F020: We were there. That's what counts.
0001F021: Less fun when you're the target, but to watch? My, yes.
0001F024: Now that would surprise me.
0001F025: Back home, we engage in social affairs with the grim intensity of war. When blood is spilled, the battle is won.
0001F026: Our dances are so much more intense. If an evening lacks a murder, we sniff and call it a bore.
0001F02A: It's not something anyone should enjoy.
0001F02B: So what? They all turn into blood mages, worship dragons, and then take over?
0001F02C: I enjoyed our dance.
0001F02F: Better to be in the fold than out in the wilds? For a sheep, that is.
0001F030: Nonsense. I simply enjoy the drama.
0001F032: It can't have been easy: Life on the run. Hunted all the time.
0001F033: Personally, I'll remember our dance.
0001F034: Saving the day, reconciling lovers, mediating a civil war... so sugary, it's nauseating.
0001F037: Give me time. I'm sure I'll surprise you.
0001F039: Watch as you twist an entire empire around your little finger? Yes, please!
0001F03A: I don't believe that.
0001F03D: Happy to oblige. A taste of home, just for you.
0001F03E: That's... something you actually miss?
0001F03F: Not at first, but you'd be a fool not to see where this could lead.
0001F040: On the contrary. I approve. Heartily.
0001F041: I mean, unless you're as thick as you seem. Which would be sad, really.
0001F043: I'll think of something.
0001F058: I suppose it's more fun this way. For me, I mean. You're rather strapping.
0001F059: I could watch you roam Skyhold all day.
0001F05C: No, <i>that</i> would be too much. But contacting some southern cleric on the sly? Much wiser.
0001F05E: If this is some Venatori connivance, I will be utterly disappointed.
0001F065: Here and there you run, checking in on your followers. Why don't they come to you, feed you grapes, rub your shoulders?
0001F066: I can't believe my father's gall. Of course he couldn't come here to Skyhold!
0001F07D: I <i>am</i> rather strapping. How kind of you to notice.
0001F07E: Of course you have. That only takes eyes.
0001F07F: What's this about?
0001F082: If the Inquisitor were some grim-faced old man, it would be <i>such</i> a cliché. This is better.
0001F083: I'd prefer if you didn't... make comments like that.
0001F084: Thanking someone for a deserved compliment is always the correct choice.
0001F085: Luckily, I have those.
0001F086: Have a thing for strapping young templars, I see.
0001F087: It's so true.
0001F088: At any rate, you didn't pass by to hear me fawn. Something on your mind?
0001F089: Touchy, I see. As you wish.
0001F08A: I've noticed you're rather strapping, yourself.
0001F08D: Err... thank you, I suppose?
0001F08E: Yet the last time I saw her part ways with you... <i>(Laughs.)</i>
0001F08F: Don't flirt with me.
0001F090: Good on you, messere. Perhaps you can relax some of the stiffness out of that armor of hers.
0001F091: Oh, nothing. Just something I find rather adorable about you.
0001F093: Thank you?
0001F094: You do! A rather fetching pair.
0001F095: I could say the same of you.
0001F096: I should much like to believe so, Your Worship.
0001F097: The miracles Andraste performed were so long ago, they're difficult to picture. If it were truly her in the Fade who saved you...
0001F098: Do you believe I'm holy?
0001F099: Well. In any case, many already believe you walk in the Maker's light.
0001F0A4: Inquisitor, is it true? Is the mark on your hand magic cast by Corypheus?
0001F0A5: Corypheus claimed it's a spell gone wrong.
0001F0A6: I wanted to think it was a blessing. A sign the Maker was returning to His creation.
0001F0A8: How credulous of me.
0001F0A9: Perhaps the Maker set these events in motion so long ago, we can no longer see His hand in them.
0001F0AA: The Maker hasn't shown Himself for some time. There's no reason He'd start now.
0001F0AB: I thought the same thing about the Anchor, Josephine.
0001F0AC: It might be the Maker's will.
0001F0AD: The Maker isn't of this world.
0001F0AE: I believed it was holy, too.
0001F0AF: I suppose neither of us could have know what your mark was, until now.
0001F0B3: Does it... hurt? The "Anchor," that is?
0001F0B4: The Anchor's magic, not holy.
0001F0B5: Perhaps you're right.
0001F0B6: At least you had the good fortune to take it from Corypheus.
0001F0B7: It would be fitting if that were true.
0001F0B8: The Anchor's nothing more special than a misfired spell.
0001F0B9: It looks strange, but it hasn't done me harm.
0001F0BA: It's not pain. It's more like my nerves go on fire.
0001F0BB: Only when I laugh.
0001F0BC: If you'd let me, yes. I have every reason to put my life on the line here.
0001F0BE: You haven't got a plan, have you?
0001F0BF: I do think you blunder about, Inquisitor, thrashing like a caged dragon at everything that displeases you.
0001F0C0: What do you mean by that?
0001F0C1: Why is that so vital to you? There must be a reason.
0001F0C2: You think you can help?
0001F0C3: Oh, nothing. There's just... a whole lot of him. Burly. Must be warm by the fire. Good on you.
0001F0C4: I still believe Corypheus needs to be stopped, and that I need to be here to help stop him.
0001F0C5: Why are you really here?
0001F0C6: Have you gone to see Alexius yet? He's in the cells.
0001F0C7: Don't make an issue of it. I don't want someone solving my personal problems for me.
0001F0C8: I don't need your help.
0001F0C9: And I will. I'll get it back.
0001F0CA: What am I, some brigand thumping merchants when they displease me?
0001F0CB: I've been told something about an amulet...
0001F0CC: There's always a way.
0001F0CD: Corypheus is—was—a magister. He represents everything dark and terrible in my country. I <i>have</i> to help.
0001F0CE: Tsk. I hope she amuses you plenty.
0001F0CF: If this man has something of yours, take it from him.
0001F0D0: There are plenty of ways to skin a nug, Dorian. We'll think of something.
0001F0D1: About this amulet of yours...
0001F0D2: Why? I have to be fond of you to agree with what you're doing?
0001F0D3: It's not the only thing that's important.
0001F0D4: For something that seems so important, I'd have expected more than "I'll get it somehow."
0001F0D5: Even if it means I stand on the sidelines, watching, I'll do it. I need to know he's defeated.
0001F0D6: If that's meaningless to you, then tell me to go and I will.
0001F0D7: So take it.
0001F0D8: At the moment. That could change.
0001F0D9: There must be some reason you haven't left. You can't want to stay.
0001F0DA: You have too many people asking you for everything under the sun. I won't be one of them.
0001F0DB: "Dearest Josephine," I said, "how remarkably distracted and flush you seem. Whatever could be the reason?"
0001F0DC: I'll get the amulet back... somehow. On my own.
0001F0DE: Have you seen Alexius?
0001F0E0: I lost the amulet. I may not have your resources, but I can't ask you to...
0001F0E1: Not yet, no.
0001F0E2: Oh? You think you'd be such an immense help against Corypheus?
0001F0E4: Why is it so important?
0001F0E5: I'm just whimsical that way! Of course there's a reason.
0001F0E6: I saw him before they locked him up. He looked... despondent. Broken. Not the man I remember, nor the one I want to.
0001F0E8: And she dropped. Her. Pen. Bravo, Inquisitor.
0001F0E9: I'm uncertain what I said, but she <i>spat</i>. On the ground. Like a peasant.
0001F0EA: How did you hear that? Oh... Leliana. Of course she would find out.
0001F0EB: I don't want your help. I don't need it.
0001F0EC: I'll be fine.
0001F0ED: I'll cope.
0001F0EE: It feels strange.
0001F11E: I have your amulet.
0001F11F: I'm not above a bit of attachment, apparently. Bloody thing.
0001F121: I have to admit, it does feel good to have my amulet back.
0001F124: I have something for you.
0001F18C: It sounds most unpleasant.
0001F18D: If it did come from Corypheus, that's a small mercy.
0001F18E: <i>(Sighs.)</i>Very good, Inquisitor.
0001F1BB: ,
0001F1BC: <br />
0001F1BD: ...
0001F1C9: Opacity
0001F1F4: Nose
0001F1F5: Position
0001F1F6: Nostrils
0001F1F7: Size
0001F1FC: Ah. The big question.
0001F1FD: Name your character
0001F21A: You don't seem like the religious sort, to be honest.
0001F21B: Doubt is good. I like doubt. It will keep you sane.
0001F21C: I don't know.
0001F21D: Don't agree on my account. A little doubt wouldn't harm the Herald of Andraste.
0001F21E: That's true. I feel the same.
0001F21F: I was just agreeing with you.
0001F220: I'm not surprised. It's not an opinion you should share.
0001F221: Oh? I'm glad you're so certain.
0001F222: I'm not sure about that, myself.
0001F223: Others might object, yes.
0001F224: I'll say this: I may not believe in the Chantry, but I believe in you.
0001F225: I disagree. I don't think the Chantry is irrelevant.
0001F226: You did ask, if you'll recall.
0001F227: In me?
0001F228: You saw that in the future: without you, Corypheus prevails. You are our bulwark against evil.
0001F229: If you define it as believing in the possibility that something larger than yourself exists, then yes. By all means.
0001F22A: I agree with you.
0001F22B: Me, I've seen too much to believe I know everything.
0001F22C: I agree.
0001F22D: My. Someone's full of themselves, aren't they?
0001F22E: I'm surprised you think that.
0001F22F: It's not an opinion that makes me popular.
0001F230: The Maker doesn't need me to believe, but I do. The thought of no one at all watching out for us is too frightening.
0001F231: You are a fool.
0001F232: The world is bigger than I, even bigger than you. It laughs at all the things we think we know.
0001F233: If you define "religious" as sitting in a chantry and listening to a blithering hen tell you how to live, then no.
0001F234: That's not surprising, considering what the Inquisition represents.
0001F235: I share your opinion, actually.
0001F236: That the Maker sent you, whether through Andraste or fate. Cassandra is not wrong.
0001F237: You are what we needed most at the moment we needed it. That's what they will say in ages to come.
0001F238: It might surprise you that I do consider myself Andrastian. I simply do not believe in the Chantry.
0001F239: That's what you think? That's ridiculous.
0001F23A: It is a relic, whether back home or here in the South. Something from a bygone age desperately clinging to relevance.
0001F23B: The Chantry has its place.
0001F23C: Not to most, no. Perhaps just to me.
0001F2B7: Entirely forbidden, of course, and foolish, but I was desperate. I'll figure something out.
0001F2B8: I didn't leave Tevinter with much in the way of coin, so I sold it.
0001F2B9: The Pavus birthright. The flashy thing you show peons to make them tremble at your impressive lineage.
0001F2BA: What is it, exactly?
0001F2BB: I'm not entirely certain what it is.
0001F2BC: Note from Leliana
0001F2BD: Something for your attention, Inquisitor.

One of our soldiers spotted Dorian engaged in a, how shall I say, "heated debate" with a man outside Skyhold. I investigated, worried it might have some connection to the Venatori, but this doesn't seem to be the case. The man is a merchant from Val Royeaux, Ponchard de Lieux; he possesses an amulet which Dorian was attempting to purchase. I'm uncertain why they argued, but if you wish to investigate further, I'll leave the matter in your hands.

0001F385: Why don't you tell me more about your duke?
0001F386: Tell me about Duke Bastien.
0001F38A: Would you care to go for a stroll?
0001F38B: I'm loath to part from such pleasant company. Would you care to walk the castle with me?
0001F3E5: Oh. Well, a tour, then? Let me fetch the steward.
0001F3E6: That... isn't precisely what I was hoping for.
0001F3E7: Well, do let me know if you change your mind. Now, I <i>must</i> find someone to prepare the guest quarters.
0001F45E: I sold him the birthright. It was his to do with as he pleased, and my responsibility.
0001F460: Now there's no chance of me getting it back, not unless... I don't know what. Vishante kaffas! What a mess.
0001F461: I can't believe you killed that fool merchant.
0001F483: When old memories no longer make the veteran soldier's hand tremble, it is because the Nightmare has taken them.
0001F484: Perhaps you were meant to stop them. Perhaps that is why I am here.
0001F485: I'd like to know more about the Nightmare.
0001F487: So can you tell me who... what you are?
0001F488: I don't know what that means.
0001F489: Corypheus and the Nightmare do an injustice to the world. You must stop them.
0001F48D: I am what the Maker made me. The question is: are you what the Maker made you, Inquisitor?
0001F48E: Yes, but are you her, or some kind of Fade-remnant of her, or a spirit imitating her?
0001F48F: Tell me of the Nightmare.
0001F490: I told you. I am helping you.
0001F491: Corypheus has helped it grow monstrous.
0001F492: After Haven, I hid here. I watched quietly, learned what I could, and searched for some way to help.
0001F493: Please tell me what you are.
0001F494: It is not simply fear. It is the terror you cannot remember, the horror your mind erases to protect you.
0001F495: Our world is never that simple. What if the answer is none of those things? Or all of them?
0001F4CD: Plot
0001F4CF: Custom
0001F4E4: Rainbow Tear
0001F521: The guards arrived in time, but I should've guessed the assassins would infiltrate the servants.
0001F522: Inquisitor!
0001F523: What happened here?
0001F525: The House of Repose decided to pay a visit.
0001F527: I want more guards on duty.
0001F528: Are you all right, Josephine?
0001F529: It won't happen again, Your Worship.
0001F52B: They only frightened me. It was all so sudden.
0001F52D: Only my duty, Ambassador.
0001F52E: I owe you everything, Sergeant.
0001F52F: Are you sure they didn't hurt you?
0001F530: They're clearly professionals.
0001F531: Let's not underestimate the league of professional murderers.
0001F532: Leliana assigned people to shadow me. They appear to have saved my life.
0001F534: I want a tighter watch. The House of Repose isn't our only enemy.
0001F535: I'll talk with the spymaster about these murderous louts. She'll find how they got in.
0001F555: Find a Sponsor for the Du Paraquettes
0001F556: Making the Du Paraquettes nobility is the key to stopping the assassination plot on Josephine's life. The first step is gaining them a noble sponsor. Countess Dionne is willing to help in exchange of news about her lover, Ellerly, a mage who went missing after the mage-templar war erupted.
0001F557: Leliana wants to send her spies to find the contract on Josephine's life. With the destruction of the physical contract, the House of Repose will have no reason to keep sending assassins after her. Infiltrating the House of Repose, however, will take time and possibly several lives.
0001F558: Destroying House of Repose's Contract
0001F559: Getting a Judge's Favor
0001F55A: Inquisitor:

We must have an Orlesian judge sign papers formally requesting we elevate the Du Paraquettes into nobility. I have approached Judge Auld, who's requested a party of Inquisition soldiers meet him in the Frostbacks for a hunting expedition. Some sort of rare spider—as big as a horse, the judge was telling me—lives inside the caves a few days west of Skyhold. He would like an honor guard who knows the mountains to show him the way.

Send some scouts and officers to accompany him, and Judge Auld will happily sign the paperwork we require.

0001F55B: Ambassador Montilyet,

Forgive the late reply. Wonderful as it is to hear from you, I have just ridden from trouble in the Dales. The civil war has made managing my holdings even more difficult. It would be much easier if I had the ear of the Council of Heralds, but alas, fortune has left me poor in that regard.

The Inquisitor is always welcome at one of my humble fetes. I only regret that it may not be as grand as I would like. Please, dear lady, promise me you will warn {HerHis} Worship that my preoccupation will preclude a richer evening with my guests.

With deep regard,
Marquis Wiscotte
0001F55C: Speak with Minister Bellise at Party
0001F55D: Not recently.
0001F55F: Do, when you have the time. There's... something there that might interest you.
0001F560: Have you been to your quarters lately, by chance?
0001F565: I'll miss all this at home. I'd say we should get our own Inquisition, but the uniforms would be tacky.
0001F568: I'll be returning to Tevinter once things have settled down. <i>If</i> they settle down.
0001F56B: It will be difficult to return to Tevinter after all this.
0001F570: Staying in the South could prove interesting. One's always warmest next to the fire.
0001F575: It will be difficult to leave. You've been a good friend, and that's rare.
0001F577: I imagine you're eager to be rid of me, and fair enough. Just a little longer then.
0001F578: I have a good friend here. You don't find those just lying about.
0001F579: You'll be deprived of my company, and I know what a hardship that must be.
0001F57B: Such is my lot. Just a little longer then.
0001F57C: And leaving you? Most difficult of all. I'd almost rather let the Imperium rot.
0001F580: There's no rush to leave right now. You've a few adventures in you yet.
0001F585: Not the <i>only</i> reason.
0001F587: That's the only reason you stayed?
0001F58A: What's to come, I wonder? My guess: a plague of bees.
0001F58B: What if your mother were actually here? Where would we be then?
0001F58C: It's true. You'd think I smelled of cabbages, the way they wrinkle their noses. It's of no concern, but thank you.
0001F58D: Not everyone's likely to be friendly, that's all I meant.
0001F58E: Thank you for coming.
0001F58F: But the night <i>is</i> still young.
0001F590: Picture me a young boy of five years, then. She certainly always has.
0001F591: Dancing with the evil magister, in full view of every noble in Orlais? How shocking.
0001F592: You say that now. If you can find me ten silk scarves, I've got a dance that will <i>really</i> shock them.
0001F593: I appreciate that you were willing to come here.
0001F594: Your mother could be here?
0001F595: Short one mage, after he's dragged out by his earlobe.
0001F596: I'm having difficulty picturing that.
0001F597: They'll live.
0001F598: And expose myself to all this exquisite finery and exotic wines? Such hardship.
0001F59C: Inquisitor. What an unexpected pleasure.
0001F5A0: I'm afraid I don't have any news.
0001F5A2: Now please forgive my hastiness, but I must read Ellerly's words. Maker keep you.
0001F5A3: Nothing yet.
0001F5A4: I see.
0001F5A5: Oh, my Ellerly! Oh, bless you.
0001F5A6: The Dionnes will sponsor the Du Paraquettes as a family deserving of a noble title, Inquisitor. You have my word.
0001F5A7: Here's a letter from Ellerly. He's safe with his family in the Dales.
0001F5A8: You must have had a long journey to the city. Might there be any news from the south?
0001F5A9: Your lover is safe.
0001F5AB: I am often in the marketplace, should anything noteworthy come to your attention.
0001F5AC: Greetings once more, Inquisitor. Have you happened to bring any news for me?
0001F63B: Don't see anyone waiting for us.
0001F63C: Maybe he left? You don't have what they want.
0001F63D: Could've just stayed in Skyhold if we were meeting no one.
0001F63F: Probably saw you coming and left. You've a bit of a reputation, Inquisitor.
0001F640: Not going to show himself unless I bring Dorian? Or never here at all?
0001F656: Inquisitor,

It has been done. The House of Repose hid themselves well, but a small group of our agents destroyed the contract on Josephine's life… and also found some interesting information on future targets.

Josephine will not be happy we took this route, but I would rather suffer her displeasure than her passing.

0001F658: <i>Letter to Countess Dionne:</i>

My dearest Lynette,

I was injured on the way back from the Conclave, when this insane war erupted between the apostates and the templars. I made it to a decrepit inn just before the gash on my leg turned into a fever. Fortunately, when the Inquisition's people found me, they sent for a proper healer. I owe them my life, I'm certain.

I'm told the Inquisition will deliver this letter to you, which is the first peace of mind I've had since the Conclave. Stay in the capital, my love, until I can come to you.

Yours always,
0001F659: Ellerly stood for the old Circle order. I will see if any of the loyalists gave him shelter.
0001F65B: Inquisitor:

Judge Auld has signed the papers we need to present the Du Paraquettes as nobility again. There is now only one step left: a royal minister must ratify them. Please come see me when you have a chance.

The judge passes on his compliments, by the way. Apparently the hunt was "a marvelous bit of sport" and our soldiers acquitted themselves bravely against something called a "screaming man-eater." The infirmary reassures me the injured will make a full recovery.

0001F65C: The commander has kindly found some soldiers he can spare to accompany Judge Auld's hunting party.
0001F65D: Inquisitor:

I have the time and place of the marquis' party. You must find a way to speak with Minister Bellise privately, about ratifying the Du Paraquettes' return to nobility. It is the last step we need; she holds the success of this entire endeavor in her hands.

0001F65E: The marquis is clearly fishing for an introduction to the council before you attend his party. I'll arrange one.
0001F687: Sit
0001F6A6: Plot
0001F6FF: Masterwork Reinforced Two-Handed Haft
0001F700: Masterwork Dense Pommel
0001F701: Ornate Battleaxe
0001F702: Jagged Battleaxe
0001F703: Firm Pommel
0001F704: Wrapped Two-Handed Haft
0001F705: Masterwork Reinforced Pommel
0001F706: Hossberg Twainer
0001F707: Blunt Pommel
0001F708: Inscribed Two-Handed Haft
0001F709: Decorative Two-Handed Haft
0001F70A: Decorative Pommel
0001F70B: Masterwork Fereldan Broadaxe
0001F70C: Anderfels Cleaver
0001F70D: Masterwork Engraved Two-Handed Haft
0001F70E: Dense Two-Handed Haft
0001F70F: Double-Bearded Axe
0001F710: Jagged Pommel
0001F719: Barbarian Battleaxe
0001F71A: Fereldan Broadaxe
0001F71B: Dense Pommel
0001F71C: Engraved Pommel
0001F71D: Slayer
0001F71E: Masterwork Engraved Two-Handed Haft
0001F71F: Arishok Battleaxe
0001F720: Solid Two-Handed Haft
0001F721: Ornate Two-Handed Haft
0001F722: Etched Battleaxe
0001F723: Bound Two-Handed Haft
0001F724: Refined Hossberg Twainer
0001F725: Masterwork Bladed Pommel
0001F726: Barbarian Lord Battleaxe
0001F727: Darkspawn Alpha Greataxe
0001F728: Wrapped Two-Handed Haft
0001F729: Wrapped Pommel
0001F72A: Balanced Battleaxe
0001F72B: Balanced Two-Handed Grip
0001F72C: Crown Pommel
0001F72D: Sten Battleaxe
0001F72E: Solid Two-Handed Haft
0001F72F: The Ardent Watcher
0001F730: Engraved Battleaxe
0001F731: Axe of the Dragon Hunter
0001F73F: Engraved Pommel
0001F740: Bound Pommel
0001F741: Hayder's Razor
0001F742: Bladed Pommel
0001F743: Narrow Greatsword Grip
0001F744: Avvar Raider Greatsword
0001F745: Balanced Greatsword Grip
0001F746: Longbar Blade
0001F747: Wide Greatsword Grip
0001F748: Honor Guard Sword
0001F749: Valo-Kas Iss
0001F74A: Avvar Warlord Greatsword
0001F74B: Giant Pommel
0001F74C: Starfang
0001F74D: Masterwork Spiked Greatsword Grip
0001F74E: Raider Greatsword
0001F74F: First Inquisitor's Flame
0001F750: Butterfly Greatsword Grip
0001F751: Knight-Enchanter Greatsword
0001F752: Bassrath-Kata
0001F753: Curved Greatsword Grip
0001F754: Valo-Kas Eva
0001F755: Reinforced Pommel
0001F756: Thick Greatsword Grip
0001F758: Balanced Pommel
0001F759: Bell Pommel
0001F75A: Templar Greatsword
0001F75B: Sulevin Blade
0001F75C: Ornate Greatsword Grip
0001F75D: Bladed Greatsword Grip
0001F75E: Warlord Greatsword
0001F75F: Claymore
0001F760: Refined Greatsword
0001F76D: So it's over. The battle's finally won. The Breach sealed and Corypheus dead.
0001F771: Masterwork Ornate Greatsword Grip
0001F772: Masterwork Jeweled Greatsword Grip
0001F773: Jeweled Pommel
0001F774: Masterwork Serrated Greatsword
0001F775: Wide Greatsword
0001F776: Fereldan Greatsword
0001F777: Balanced Greatsword
0001F778: Thick Greatsword Grip
0001F779: Sharp Pommel
0001F77B: Firm Greatsword
0001F77C: Engraved Pommel
0001F77D: Dual-Crescent Greatsword Grip
0001F77E: Masterwork Balanced Pommel
0001F77F: Firm Greatsword Grip
0001F780: Templar Greatsword
0001F781: Engraved Pommel
0001F782: Masterwork Engraved Greatsword
0001F783: Ornate Greatsword Grip
0001F787: And you think all's forgiven?
0001F788: You did good work.
0001F789: You played a big part. I won't forget it.
0001F78B: "Helped stop an ancient magister darkspawn." Not every Warden-Recruit gets to say that.
0001F78C: He's dead, and we're not. All things considered, good day.
0001F78E: I haven't forgotten your lie, Rainier. You think your part in this somehow absolves you?
0001F790: And we're alive.
0001F7AA: You gave me the chance to fight for something. Something good.
0001F7AD: Clearly it doesn't.
0001F7AE: You may never forgive me for what I did, but thank you anyway.
0001F7AF: So now that you've saved the world, what's next? Hoping to put it all back together?
0001F7B5: Someone has to fix things. Might as well be me.
0001F7B7: It's a tremendous task.
0001F7B8: It's going to take action, not hope.
0001F7B9: Might as well.
0001F7BA: Hope is useless.
0001F7BB: It'll be a huge undertaking.
0001F7BD: If anyone can do it, you can.
0001F89B: Keep Gate
0001F8C6: Let me know if you have any other questions. Otherwise, I'll meet you at Crestwood.
0001F8C7: Let me know if you have any other questions. Otherwise, I'll meet you at Crestwood.
0001F8D4: Hawke's Grey Warden ally should be inside that cave.
0001F8D5: Hawke's Warden pal should be inside that cave.
0001F8D7: That the cave where Hawke's Warden friend is squatting?
0001F8D8: Hawke and the Grey Warden should be inside that cave.
0001F8D9: Hawke's Warden friend should be inside that cave.
0001F8DA: Hawke and the Warden should be inside.
0001F8DB: Hawke's contact with the Wardens should be in that cave.
0001F8DC: Shall we see if Hawke and this Warden ally are waiting inside the cave?
0001F8DD: The Warden and Hawke should be inside that cave.
0001F8ED: Part of that expedition, maybe?
0001F902: I just hope she'll curb her habit of punching everything she doesn't like.
0001F903: But if I know Vivienne, she'll be crushing all naysayers under that well-shod heel.
0001FA26: Darkblade
0001FA27: Knife
0001FA28: Stiletto
0001FA29: Dagger
0001FA45: Witch Staff
0001FA46: Archmage Staff
0001FA47: Sentinel Staff
0001FA48: Seer Staff
0001FA49: Magister Staff
0001FA4A: First Enchanter Staff
0001FA4B: Masterwork Archon Staff
0001FA4C: Apprentice Staff
0001FA4D: Disciple Staff
0001FA4E: Apostate Staff
0001FA4F: Masterwork Witch Staff
0001FA50: Masterwork Mortalitasi Staff
0001FA51: Keeper Staff
0001FA52: Enchanter Staff
0001FA53: Battlemage Staff
0001FA54: Archon Fire Staff
0001FA55: Witch Fire Staff
0001FA56: Seer Fire Staff
0001FA57: Magister Ice Staff
0001FA58: Enchanter Fire Staff
0001FA59: Magister Fire Staff
0001FA5A: Disciple Lightning Staff
0001FA5B: Staff of Corruption
0001FA5C: Tempest
0001FA5D: Acolyte Lightning Staff
0001FA5E: Archmage Ice Staff
0001FA5F: Enchanter Lightning Staff
0001FA60: Blizzard's Path
0001FA61: Acolyte Fire Staff
0001FA62: Magister Lightning Staff
0001FA63: Acolyte Ice Staff
0001FA64: Disciple Ice Staff
0001FA65: Archmage Lightning Staff
0001FA8E: Quillback Leather
0001FA8F: Druffalo Hide
0001FA90: King's Willow Weave
0001FA91: Nevarrite
0001FA92: Plaideweave
0001FA93: Pyrophite
0001FA94: Veridium
0001FA95: Darkened Samite
0001FA96: Stormheart
0001FA97: Bronto Hide
0001FA98: Halla Leather
0001FA99: Lambswool
0001FA9A: Bear Hide
0001FA9B: Canine Leather
0001FA9C: Everknit Wool
0001FA9D: Infused Vyrantium Samite
0001FA9F: Dawnstone
0001FAA0: Serpentstone
0001FAA1: Blue Vitriol
0001FAA2: Red Hart Leather
0001FAA3: August Ram Leather
0001FAA4: Highever Weave
0001FAA5: Great Bear Hide
0001FAA6: Drakestone
0001FAA7: Samite
0001FAA8: Dales Loden Wool
0001FAA9: Fennec Fur
0001FAAA: Lazurite
0001FAB3: You must be connected to Xbox Live to access online features of the title.
0001FAB4: Online Connection
0001FAB5: Failed to connect to the Dragon Age server. Please try again later.
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0001FAC8: You have been disconnected from Xbox Live.
0001FAC9: You are disconnected from Origin. To connect to the Dragon Age servers, please log in to Origin and try again.
0001FAFA: {string}163742{/string}
0001FAFB: Connection to the Dragon Age server has been lost.
0001FAFD: The password entered is too long.
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0001FAFF: The password entered is too short.
0001FB00: The player is too young to create an Origin account.
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0001FB0A: The password field is empty.
0001FB19: The player is too young to play this game.
0001FB1A: {string}165616{/string}
0001FB1B: The country is invalid.
0001FB1C: If you wish me to speak of Orlesian fashion, I may be at a loss. Magical surprises I can handle.
0001FB1D: I can't predict you.
0001FB1E: Most people have trouble wrapping their heads around the idea.
0001FB1F: Thanks for the conversation.
0001FB20: You're a surprising person, Solas.
0001FB21: I appreciate you talking with me about it. And... not being most people.
0001FB22: They have flaws, but I try to understand them. You cannot change anything without understanding.
0001FB23: I'm not most people.
0001FB24: This campaign promises to be full of surprises.
0001FB25: I expected an apostate mage would hate templars.
0001FB26: The parental e-mail is invalid.
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0001FB84: Password (repeat)
0001FB85: Create or Associate an Origin Account
0001FB86: E-mail Address
0001FB87: Enfolded Two-Handed Haft
0001FB88: Decorative Two-Handed Haft
0001FB89: Split Pommel
0001FB8A: War Hammer
0001FB8B: Sundering
0001FB8C: Legion of the Dead Maul
0001FB8D: Firm Round Pommel
0001FB8E: Mhemet's War Hammer
0001FB90: Etched Pommel
0001FB91: The Whale
0001FB92: Masterwork Etched Pommel
0001FB93: Round Pommel
0001FB94: Dense Two-Handed Haft
0001FB95: Merkel's First
0001FB96: Notched Two-Handed Haft
0001FB97: Sata-Kas Iss
0001FB98: Masterwork Spiked Pommel
0001FB99: Masterwork Inscribed Pommel
0001FB9A: Masterwork Firm Two-Handed Haft
0001FB9B: Smash
0001FB9C: Brute Hammer
0001FB9D: Firm Two-Handed Haft
0001FB9E: Barbarian Maul
0001FB9F: Punisher
0001FBA0: Sledgehammer
0001FBA1: Masterwork Inscribed Two-Handed Haft
0001FBA2: Miniature Pommel
0001FBA3: Superb Dwarven Rock-Crusher
0001FBAC: Equip Potions
0001FBAD: Potion Belt
0001FBB5: Select which potions to take on the next journey.
0001FBDA: Enter the password for your Origin account (or a new password if you are creating a new account).
0001FBDB: Confirm the password entered previously.
0001FBDC: Enter the e-mail address of your Origin account or an address for creating a new account.
0001FBE2: {CUSTOM0}<br />{CUSTOM2}<br />{CUSTOM3}<br />{CUSTOM5}<br />{CUSTOM6}
0001FBE3: Use {CUSTOM0}
0001FBE4: Attack My Target
0001FBE5: Come to Me
0001FBE6: Move to Point
0001FBE7: Hold Position
0001FBE8: Quick Heal
0001FBEA: Capturing Caer Bronach
0001FBEB: Take back Caer Bronach.
0001FBED: Bandits known as the Highwaymen have occupied Caer Bronach. Without the fortifications of this legendary keep for protection, the villagers of Crestwood and surrounding area are left exposed to undead plaguing the region.
0001FBF1: I'm interested in what you told me of yourself and your studies. If you have time, I'd like to hear more.
0001FBF2: I'd like to hear more about what you saw in your exploration of the Fade.
0001FBF3: Tell me more of yourself.
0001FBF4: Tell me about your journeys.
0001FBF8: Cost: {CUSTOM0}
0001FBFC: Masterwork Firm Pommel
0001FBFD: Wrapped Pommel
0001FBFE: War Hammer
0001FBFF: Bladed Pommel
0001FC00: Condensed Two-Handed Haft
0001FC01: Pointed Maul
0001FC02: Bound Two-Handed Haft
0001FC03: Etched Pommel
0001FC04: Dwarven Maul
0001FC05: Lionhead Maul
0001FC06: Masterwork Engraved Two-Handed Haft
0001FC07: Masterwork Dwarven Maul
0001FC08: Ornate Pommel
0001FC09: Sata-Kas Iss
0001FC0A: Masterwork Ornate Two-Handed Haft
0001FC0B: Rugged Two-Handed Haft
0001FC0C: Masterwork Stretched Pommel
0001FC0D: Notched Two-Handed Haft
0001FCBC: Battlemage Staff
0001FCBD: Dragon Staff Blade
0001FCBE: Thin Staff Grip
0001FCBF: Disciple Staff Blade
0001FCC0: Blunt Staff Edge
0001FCC1: Spiked Staff Grip
0001FCC2: Thorny Staff Grip
0001FCC3: Hilted Staff Grip
0001FCC4: Masterwork Qunari Staff Blade
0001FCC5: Enchanter Staff Blade
0001FCC6: Dense Staff Grip
0001FCC7: Split Staff Grip
0001FCC8: Rugged Staff Grip
0001FCC9: Wrapped Staff Grip
0001FCCA: Acolyte Staff Blade
0001FCCB: Masterwork Notched Staff Grip
0001FCCC: Inscribed Staff Grip
0001FCCD: Adorned Staff Grip
0001FCCE: Curved Staff Grip
0001FCCF: Ornate Staff Blade
0001FCD0: Notched Staff Grip
0001FCD1: Witch Staff Blade
0001FCD2: Masterwork Archon Staff Blade
0001FCD3: Acolyte Staff Blade
0001FCD4: Apostate Staff Blade
0001FCD5: Battlemage Staff Blade
0001FCD6: Masterwork Battlemage Staff Grip
0001FCD7: Masterwork Magister Staff Blade
0001FCD8: Your profile does not have the correct permissions to access Xbox Live functionality.
0001FCD9: Memorial
0001FCDA: Warden Constable Valdan Dace
Warden Anika Torsig
Warden Bhartol Arn
Warden Kerrika
Warden Durnan Aeducan
Warden Tamas Gavorn

Paragons among Wardens, brothers and sisters: we honor your sacrifice.
0001FCDB: Masterwork Battlemage Staff Blade
0001FCDC: Thorny Staff Grip
0001FCDD: Notched Staff Grip
0001FCDE: Ironbark Staff Grip
0001FCDF: Bare Staff Grip
0001FCE0: Superior Enchanter Staff Blade
0001FCE1: Masterwork Imbued Staff Grip
0001FCE2: Apostate Staff Blade
0001FCE3: Disciple Staff Blade
0001FCE4: Acolyte Staff Blade
0001FCE5: Sentinel Staff Blade
0001FCE6: Thin Staff Grip
0001FCE7: Keeper Staff Blade
0001FCE8: Magister Staff Blade
0001FCE9: Enchanted Staff Grip
0001FCEA: Wrapped Staff Grip
0001FCEF: {CUSTOM2}<br /><br />{CUSTOM6}
0001FD15: Log In
0001FD16: Dragon Age Keep
0001FD17: Griffon Wing Keep
0001FD2E: Keep
0001FD2F: Active Quest
0001FD30: Town
0001FD31: Undiscovered
0001FD32: Player
0001FD33: Dungeon
0001FD35: Fade Rift
0001FD36: Crafting
0001FD37: Task
0001FD38: Minigame
0001FD39: Quest
0001FD3A: Astrarium
0001FD3B: Merchant
0001FD3C: Camp
0001FD3D: Point of Interest
0001FD3E: Location
0001FD3F: Hazard
0001FD40: Operation
0001FD41: Area Exit
0001FD42: Landmark
0001FD57: Experience Reward
0001FD58: Damage Multiplier
0001FD59: Experience Reward Multiplier
0001FD8A: Need something? I am, as ever, your humble servant.
0001FD99: Not connected to the Dragon Age server. Connect to access multiplayer mode and the Dragon Age Keep website, to make decisions from Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II, and upload Dragon Age: Inquisition campaign progress.
0001FDB6: She's quite a driven woman. I'm eager to see what she does.
0001FDB7: Connecting to the Dragon Age servers...
0001FDB8: The password for this Origin account is incorrect.
0001FF00: Extras
0001FF01: Load AutoSave
0001FF02: Options
0001FF03: Load
0001FF04: Returned to Menu
0001FF05: Quit
0001FF06: New Game
0001FF07: Downloadable Content
0001FF08: Multiplayer
0001FF0E: I'll meet you at Crestwood.
0001FF0F: I'll meet you at Crestwood.
0001FF10: Place Inquisition Flag
0001FF34: There is more than one Warden-Commander. Each oversees a region, most often a single nation.
0001FF36: What of the Hero of Ferelden?
0001FF37: You said that Clarel was Warden-Commander. I thought that the Hero of Ferelden led the Wardens.
0001FF5D: What of the Hero of Ferelden?
0001FF61: There is more than one Warden-Commander. Each oversees a region, most often a single nation.
0001FF66: You said that Clarel is Warden-Commander. I thought that the Hero of Ferelden led the Wardens.
00020002: Ancestral Shield of Lydes
00020020: All the better to distinguish him from "that other one," yes.
00020021: Don't think there aren't a number of female magisters who bristle at that. Why can't they be Divine, after all?
00020022: Same reason you never see a man on the Sunburst Throne. Because that's how it's always been done. Excellent reasoning.
00020023: Your Divine is male?
00020024: So... the Imperial Divine is <i>always</i> a man?
000200B0: Polish
000200B1: Russian
000200B2: Japanese
000200B3: Spanish
000200B4: French
000200B5: Brazilian Portuguese
000200B6: English
000200B7: German
000200B8: Italian
000200D1: The problem is that what's permitted only gets you so much power. And what if you need more? You always need more.
000200D2: It just seems... so much of what you say about the Imperium is entirely negative.
000200D3: We are laden with history and culture—Tevinter is where Thedas truly began, remember.
000200D4: What's considered actual blood magic in Tevinter?
000200D5: If I truly believed my homeland was beyond all hope, I wouldn't miss it so much.
000200D6: But why do you care?
000200D7: We treasure our past and preserve it. You can walk down a side street and find nothing built during the modern ages.
000200D8: What do you call it?
000200D9: Of course, what people call blood magic here and what <i>we</i> consider blood magic are two different things.
000200DA: It might sound that way. For all our faults, my people have many virtues.
000200DB: Blood magic isn't inherently dangerous. Using your own blood or that of a willing participant? What's the harm?
000200DC: That's where we get into sacrifices and demon-summoning. None of that is done—not officially.
000200DD: And, despite appearances, we care. Deeply. About everything. We have no reserve, not in war and not in love.
000200FC: No? Why not?
00020121: Once Corypheus is defeated, when this is over... I'd like to talk about it more. If you would.
00020122: Sweet Maker, next you'll be making calf eyes at puppies.
00020123: It's not a hat.
00020124: I... don't know what the future holds. For us or anything. That's my honest answer.
00020126: You joke. One day they'll write books about you. Boring ones that will get it all wrong. Just watch.
00020127: The Inquisitor is wearing the serious hat today, I see.
000201B6: Weird, but good for you.
000201B7: I gather you didn't spend your entire life dreaming.
000201B8: Well, it's not the worst reason I've heard to go out and enjoy life.
000201B9: No, eventually I was unable to find new areas in the Fade.
000201BA: I wish you luck.
000201BB: Second, the Fade reflects and is limited by our imaginations. To find interesting areas, one must be interesting.
000201BC: I learned how to control my dreams with full consciousness. There was so much I wanted to explore.
000201BD: Why?
000201BE: But as I slept, spirits of the Fade showed me glimpses of wonders I had never imagined.
000201BF: Two reasons. First, the Fade reflects the world around it. Unless I traveled, I would never find anything new.
000201C0: That's unnatural.
000201C1: The only reason you live your life is to be able to see more of the Fade?
000201C2: I hope that works.
000201C3: Clearly, you woke up.
000201C5: Yes.
000201C6: You train to flick a dagger or an arrow to its target. The grace with which you move is a pleasing side benefit.
000201C7: You have chosen a path whose steps you do not dislike because it leads to a destination you enjoy. As have I.
000201C8: That's no way to live.
000201C9: You strengthen your body to deliver and withstand punishment. The muscles are an enjoyable side benefit.
000201CA: You train your will to control magic and withstand possession. Your indomitable focus is an enjoyable side benefit.
000201D6: Inquisitor... that is why I joined, not why I stayed.
000201D8: I joined the Inquisition because we were all in terrible danger.
000201D9: If our enemies destroyed the world, I would have nowhere to lay my head while dreaming of the Fade.
000201DA: If Corypheus destroyed the world, I would have nowhere to lay my head while dreaming of the Fade.
000201DB: Is this why you joined the Inquisition?
000201DD: Is that why you're here?
000201DE: Ah.
000201DF: How so?
000201E0: I am glad to hear it. In truth, I have enjoyed experiencing more of life to find more of the Fade.
000201FF: Thank you. In truth, I have enjoyed experiencing more of life to find more of the Fade.
0002021C: Presumably. I have yet to see it dominated. I imagine that the sight would be... fascinating.
0002021D: You find the muscles enjoyable?
0002021E: Ah.
0002021F: I meant that you enjoyed having them, presumably.
00020220: You like my side benefits?
00020222: But... yes, since you asked.
00020223: Some of my fondest memories were found in crumbling cities long picked dry by treasure seekers.
00020225: So you're suggesting I'm graceful?
00020226: Indomitable focus?
00020227: No, I am declaring it. It was not a subject for debate.
00020228: Hmm.
00020246: This roadway was created by Royal Order of King Kelgak to link the Great Thaig of Aeducan with the Soaring Thaig of Gundaar. It pleases these cities to join these roads with a Hall in the middle, and to dedicate that Hall to Paragon Hekkat, who discovered Principles of Nature that let us build structures of unheard-of height and astounding breadth.

Let his renown be as eternal as the Stone he shaped.

—Inscription on a plaque found on an abandoned dwarven road beneath Crestwood
00020247: The Lost Outpost Plaque
000202CB: Split-Blade Dagger
000202CC: Sacrificial Dagger
000202CD: Chalice Dagger Grip
000202CE: Balanced Dual-Blade Grip
000202CF: Pointed Dagger Grip
000202D0: Wave Blade
000202D1: Ornate Dagger Grip
000202D2: Masterwork Dual-Blade Slicer
000202D3: Balanced Dagger Grip
000202D4: Balanced Dagger
000202D5: Masterwork Ornate Dagger Grip
000202D6: Masterwork Mabari Grip
000202D7: Masterwork Dual Curved Blade
000202D8: Three-Edged Dagger Grip
000202D9: Andraste's Grasp
000202DA: Dense Dual-Blade Grip
000202DB: Masterwork Crow Blade
000202DC: Curved Dagger
000202DD: Firm Dual-Blade Grip
000202DE: Pointed Dual-Blade
000202DF: Dual-Curved Blade
000202E0: Ribsplitter
000202E1: Rugged Dagger
000202E2: Dual Spike-Blade
000202E3: Edged Dual-Blade Grip
000202E4: Masterwork Dagger Grip
000202E5: Crow Dual-Blade
000202E6: Some slaves are treated poorly, it's true, but do you honestly think inescapable poverty is better?
000202E7: I suppose not, no.
000202E8: Well, we don't have slaves in the South.
000202E9: Not personally, but my family does and treats them well. Honestly, I never thought much about it until I came south.
000202EA: "Treated poorly"?
000202EB: It's not like that here.
000202EC: Is that what you call it? "Treated poorly"?
000202ED: But I suspect you don't know, either, nor should you believe that every tale of Tevinter excess is the norm.
000202EE: You think people choose to be poor and oppressed? I doubt it.
000202EF: You think slaves like it that way? Don't be ridiculous.
000202F0: You're saying they like it?
000202F1: That's it? You don't question it?
000202F2: I don't know what it's like to be a slave, true. I never thought about it until I saw how different it was here.
000202F3: I suppose not.
000202F4: In the South you have alienages, slums both human and elven. The desperate have no way out.
000202F5: Abuse heaped upon those without power isn't limited to Tevinter, my friend.
000202F6: Anyone who talks about the Imperium mentions slavery. It's the center of the slave trade.
000202F7: That's a terrible attitude.
000202F8: I didn't say they <i>like</i> it. It's all most of them know.
000202F9: What about slavery?
000202FA: And? Did you have slaves?
000202FB: Ah. That is true.
000202FC: At least they're free. They don't have slavery forced on them.
000202FE: Back home, it's... how it is? Slaves are everywhere. You don't question it. I'm not even certain many slaves do.
000202FF: At least they have a choice.
00020300: Back home, a poor man can sell himself. As a slave, he could have a position of respect, comfort, and could even support a family.
00020301: Elven Cleaver
00020302: Assassin Blade
00020303: Darkspawn Sickle
00020304: Sacrificial Dagger
00020305: Agony
00020306: Stiletto
00020307: Antivan Chopper
00020308: Blade of Red Birth
00020309: Carta Fang
0002030A: Edged Dual-Blade Grip
0002030B: Gift of the Talons
0002030C: Antivan Dual-Blade
0002030D: Hook Blade
0002030E: Snake Blade
0002030F: Reinforced Dagger
00020310: Three-Edged Dagger Grip
00020311: Grey Warden Dual-Blade
00020312: Firm Dual-Dagger Grip
00020313: Army Dirk
00020314: Crescent Slicer
00020315: Dalish Slasher
00020316: Masterwork Stiletto
00020317: Carta Talons
0002031B: They don't use lyrium?
0002031C: Ha! As if there'd be any left for them.
000203A0: <font>{CUSTOM0} {CUSTOM1}</font>
000203B8: Spirits are not your friends.
000203B9: I'm not arguing this.
000203BA: Wisdom and Purpose?
000203BB: Yes. Spirits are people.
000203BC: And if your mind is free of corrupting influences? If you understand the nature of the spirit? They can be fast friends.
000203BD: I... thank you. Few are willing to entertain such a notion.
000203BE: You trust these spirits not to possess you the first time you accidentally make a wish?
000203BF: I'm certain you have some rhetorical trick ready to counter anything I say.
000203C0: That's just it. In the Fade, I see reflections created by spirits who react to the emotions of the warriors.
000203C1: Perhaps Loghain could tell you more, yet even that is just another perspective.
000203C3: They rarely seek this world. When they do, their natures do not often survive exposure to the people they encounter.
000203C4: I hadn't thought about it that way, but I see your point.
000203C5: It is the Fade. They are all real.
000203C6: It's likely. I've had a lot of time to discuss the question with people. Or "spirits," if you prefer.
000203C7: One moment, I see heroic Wardens lighting the fire and a power-mad villain sneering as he lets King Cailan fall.
000203C8: Anyone who can dream has the potential. Few ever try. My friends comforted me in grief and shared my joy.
000203C9: A living body.
000203CA: I'm impressed that you could become friends with spirits.
000203CB: You've thought about this.
000203CD: Technically your mother created your body, with some help from your father, one assumes.
000203CE: Can they be your friends?
000203CF: Which battlefields?
000203D0: The best are the battlefields. Spirits press so tightly on the Veil that you can slip across with but a thought.
000203D1: Tell me what happened!
000203D2: You need a body to be real.
000203D3: Just as Leliana was shaped by contact with Divine Justinia, as those who serve the Inquisition are shaped by you.
000203D4: I don't know of any spirits by those names.
000203D5: Meaning?
000203D6: The next, I see an army overwhelmed and a veteran commander refusing to let more soldiers die in a lost cause.
000203D7: If I change your mind in this conversation, does that mean you're no more real than a spirit?
000203D8: When I asked if you were with anyone, I meant other people.
000203D9: A pity you did not ask Alistair earlier, yet even that would have been but another perspective.
000203DA: Those are demon names.
000203DC: The Fade reflects the minds of the living. If you expect a spirit of wisdom to be a pride demon, it will adapt.
000203DD: Well, yes, but they're people.
000203DE: They were not demons for me.
000203DF: Ah, of course.
000203E1: Is Cassandra defined by her cheekbones and not her faith? Varric by his chest hair and not his wit?
000203E3: They're not defined by their bodies, but they do <i>have</i> bodies. You need one to be a person.
000203E4: A demon possessing a corpse has a body.
000203E5: Do you trust your friends not to turn on you?
000203E6: A pity you did not ask Loghain earlier, yet even that would have been but another perspective.
000203E7: You're saying that you became friends with pride and desire demons?
000203E8: And you can't tell which is real?
000203EA: A demon possesses a living mage to become an abomination.
000203EB: Wisdom and purpose are too easily twisted to pride and desire.
000203EC: Ah. "People," as opposed to spirits. We are flesh and blood, so we are real.
000203EF: Spirits of wisdom, possessed of ancient knowledge, happy to share what they had seen.
000203F0: Anyplace in particular?
000203F1: That's amazing.
000203F2: I saw Alistair and the Hero of Ferelden light the signal fire... and Loghain's infamous betrayal of Cailan's forces.
000203F3: I've heard the stories. It would be interesting to hear what it was really like.
000203F4: Are people only people because they are flesh and blood?
000203F5: Spirits of purpose helped me search. Even wisps, curious and playful, would point out treasures I might have missed.
000203F6: Spirits lack free will.
000203F7: On occasion, yes.
000203F9: You know what I mean.
000203FA: I dreamt at Ostagar. I witnessed the brutality of the darkspawn and the valor of the Fereldan warriors.
000203FB: Perhaps Alistair could tell you more, yet even that is just another perspective.
000203FD: They didn't make that body. They just took it over.
000203FE: Yet because they exist without form as we understand it, the Chantry declares that spirits are not truly people.
000203FF: Spirits are bound by their nature. You said it yourself. They're shaped by contact with real people.
0002040C: That should be... well.
0002040D: That isn't quite an answer, either.
0002040E: I try... and that isn't quite an answer.
0002040F: I enjoy getting to know you.
00020410: I look forward to helping you make new friends.
00020411: You have an interesting way of looking at the world, Solas.
000204F3: Offline
000204F4: Connecting
000204F5: Online
0002055A: This account has been banned from this game's online features.
0002055B: This account has been disabled or deactivated.
0002059E: You continue to surprise me. All right, let us talk... preferably somewhere more interesting than this.
0002066A: No. Consider that one more rule you have effortlessly broken in your rise to power.
0002066B: On a number of levels.
0002066C: I apologize. The kiss was impulsive and ill considered, and I should not have encouraged it.
0002066E: I had some odd dreams. Very odd dreams.
00020670: Liked how it ended, though.
00020671: Or, for that matter, <i>doing it</i> in the Fade.
00020672: I had no idea that the Anchor would allow you to dream with such focus. It is truly remarkable.
00020673: Sleep well?
00020674: But I am reasonably certain we are awake now, and if you wish to discuss anything, I would enjoy talking.
00020675: With very odd people in them, for that matter.
00020676: Do you regularly talk to people in dreams?
00020677: That was strange.
00020679: I've never done anything like that before.
0002067A: <i>(Laughs.)</i>
0002067D: Since you went to the trouble of finding me in your sleep, it was worth the effort of doing something interesting.
0002067E: Still better than the dream where I'm standing naked in front of the war table.
0002067F: That was incredible.
00020681: I will take that as a compliment, given that you include yourself. Remember, you came looking for me.
00020682: When I asked to talk to you, I didn't think we'd be doing it in the Fade.
00020684: That was... I don't know.
00020685: And yet you did.
00020686: Are you not interested?
00020687: You say that, but you're the one who started with tongue.
00020688: I'm sorry.
00020689: Solas, I thought you were interested. If I misread you, I apologize.
0002068A: You did kiss me back. If I'm pressuring you...
0002068E: Oh, does it not count if it's only Fade-tongue?
0002068F: No, you're not. I am perhaps pressuring myself.
00020690: I did no such thing.
000207E8: Exit to the Western Approach
000207FE: Stop the Venatori.
000207FF: A Tevinter Relic Hunt
00020802: A group of Venatori are raiding the Still Ruins under the Western Approach. Whatever lies inside was important enough to protect with a barrier.
00020805: Leliana is ready to report in. Return to the war table for a reward.
00020806: Josephine is ready to report in. Return to the war table for a reward.
00020807: Cullen is ready to report in. Return to the war table for a reward.
00020808: Power
00020840: No, you have no need to apologize. I...
00020841: We'll stop them. I promise.
00020842: Thank you. I am not often thrown by things that happen in dreams.
00020843: I'll risk it.
00020844: I know. I'm glad we could end this madness before it started.
00020845: It's okay. We stopped them.
00020846: Thank you. I appreciate that... and I will always remember a surprising moment stolen in a dream.
00020847: Take all the time you need.
00020848: Thank you. I've been on my own for so long. It's difficult to get used to having the support of others.
00020849: I... may be, yes. If I could take a little time to think. There are... considerations.
0002084A: I'm willing to take that chance, if you are.
0002084B: It has been a long time, and things have always been easier for me in the Fade.
0002084C: Then let's end it.
0002084D: Agreed. Best simply to be friends.
0002084E: They won't succeed. We're going to stop them together.
0002084F: I am not certain this is the best idea. It could lead to trouble.
0002089F: Can I ask about the talks?
000208A0: I want to know more about the peace talks.
000208A1: I want to know more about you.
000208A2: I have learned some things.
000208A3: I had a question about you, Briala.
000208A5: You might be interested in what I've found.
000208A7: A sign-in change has occurred.
000208B0: The game client has disconnected.
000208B1: You do not have all the required content needed to play.
000208B2: If Celene were killed, what would happen to your plans?
000208B3: What if the empress is killed?
000208EB: Our chosen replacement was sentenced in Thom Rainier's stead. So far the world knows, Rainier met his death at dawn. My agents will maintain the deception, silencing all rumors. The real Rainier is in our custody.

000208EC: Our soldiers demanded that Val Royeaux's guards lay down their arms. Few did. Blood was shed. I hope this man was worth the price. He awaits your judgment.

000208ED: The dispensation came, few questions asked. What passed in Halamshiral is fresh in their minds. Rainier awaits your judgment.

00020915: The connection to the Dragon Age servers was lost.
00020975: I would be happy to share it with you.
00020976: Tell me about spirits.
00020977: Tell me about the old memories you found in the Fade.
00020978: A momentary lapse in judgment. As you are now seeing someone else, we may comfortably leave it in the land of dreams.
00020979: Tell me about old memories.
0002097A: Tell me about the old ruins you explored.
0002097B: The primal music shook the ground. These savage unwashed warriors carried harmonies no Chantry choir has mastered.
0002097C: Tell me about a spirit you encountered.
0002097D: Though their cause was all but hopeless, they sang songs that made the spirits weep.
0002097E: I saw a savage human horde go marching toward the battlefront. They sang a soldier's hymn to keep formation.
0002097F: Tell me about old ruins.
00020980: I think I have shared everything of note. I should spend some time encountering more stories.
00020985: I found the ruin of Barindur, a lost Tevinter city buried deep beneath a dead and barren wasteland.
00020986: The Matchmaker, so I called her. That small village never knew its luck.
00020987: I met a friendly spirit who observed the dreams of village girls as love first blossomed in their adolescence.
00020988: Volcanic ash had sealed it tight. In one dark moment, every living creature in the city seared and smothered.
00020989: With subtlety, she steered them all to village boys with gentle hearts who would return their love with gentle kindness.
0002098A: They were statues in the ashes, like a mold made to recall the lost.
000209C3: Dwarven Coffin
000209F6: I was in Ferelden, on my own like always.
000209F7: Your role in the Blight?
000209F8: Where were you during the Blight?
000209F9: Quietly killed my fair share of darkspawn, too.
00020A12: There are spirits hovering by the Veil to observe the thrones of powerful nations. The machinations, betrayals...
00020A13: In any event, Gaspard should be a steadfast ally, and Briala will keep him in check... and look after the elves.
00020A14: We needed the elves.
00020A15: I liked it. The Inquisition gets a valuable ally, and perhaps your people will get better treatment in Orlais.
00020A16: How will mages be treated better?
00020A18: Is Briala's fate a problem?
00020A19: No?
00020A1A: Sadly, as the Inquisitor, it is unlikely you will live without further courtly machinations.
00020A1C: Glad you liked it.
00020A1D: Oh. Well, never... directly, of course. An elven apostate is rarely invited to speak with empresses and kings.
00020A1E: My people?
00020A1F: If I go the rest of my life without ever dealing with the Great Game again, I will die happy.
00020A20: What?
00020A21: And always fascinating.
00020A24: It worked out for everyone.
00020A26: I'm pleased you had a good time.
00020A27: The Inquisition needs help wherever it can find it. Your people had better come through for us.
00020A29: I hope Briala is able to use her position to help your people.
00020A2A: Briala brought it on herself, Solas. I did what had to be done.
00020A2B: You miss court intrigue? When were you at court?
00020A2E: And motivation is where great things happen.
00020A2F: You've seen this before?
00020A30: I'm sorry about Briala.
00020A31: Political gambits, broken promises, half-truths? It is a palace full of motivation.
00020A34: I hope you know that I didn't turn over Briala lightly. If I'd had another option...
00020A35: Why would I disapprove of... oh, because we're both elves?
00020A36: But, from the Fade, I have watched dynasties form and empires crumble. It is sometimes savage, sometimes noble.
00020A38: How would helping Briala help...
00020A39: I didn't like it.
00020A3A: In any event, Celene should now be a steadfast ally, and Briala as well, thanks to your efforts on her behalf.
00020A3B: Oh, you mean elves!
00020A3C: Am I sensing concern over how we dealt with Briala?
00020A3D: I hope it helps the elves.
00020A3F: In any event, Celene should now be a steadfast ally, especially after helping her neutralize Briala.
00020A40: In any event, Gaspard should be a steadfast ally, especially after delivering him both Celene and Briala.
00020A42: All right?
00020A43: I'm sorry, I was confused. I do not consider myself to have much in common with the elves.
00020A44: Unless the rest of your life is very short, in which case I doubt you will die happy.
00020A45: I'm not sorry about Briala.
00020A46: Grey Warden Leader
00020A7C: These are parents concerned about the welfare of their son. How could I not do whatever possible?
00020A7D: No, thankfully. It's nothing like that.
00020A7E: I would speak to the young man myself, but... he does not care for me.
00020A7F: Why are you in contact?
00020A80: But... does it not lead to a greater kindness if there is potential for reconciliation?
00020A81: They don't want Dorian to know? That seems odd.
00020A83: I'm suggesting nothing. I'm only curious whether you know of his... situation.
00020A84: Somewhere private. Away from Skyhold, but not in Tevinter.
00020A85: Familiar? We've never met, if that's what you're suggesting.
00020A86: I pray that isn't the case, but if it is, you are far better equipped than I to respond to such treachery.
00020A87: That did occur to me. What if it is a plot of those mages... the Venatori?
00020A88: Another reason to put this in your hands, Inquisitor.
00020A89: And you want him gone.
00020A8A: Why would his family contact you?
00020A8B: If there is any chance of success in this, it behooves us to act.
00020A8C: Yet they are remorseful for whatever came before. This is a chance for dialogue.
00020A8D: I'll see what I can do.
00020A8F: The family will send a retainer to meet the young man at the Redcliffe tavern to take him onward.
00020A90: We've never met.
00020A91: Why would they contact you?
00020A92: Just what kind of "meeting" do they have in mind?
00020A93: Since you seem to be on good terms with the young man, I'd hoped...
00020A94: This is legitimate?
00020A95: I'll think about it.
00020A96: Yes, I believe you're correct.
00020A97: They've asked to arrange a meeting. Quietly, without telling him. They fear it's the only way he'll come.
00020A98: He's mentioned his family. They don't appear to be on good terms.
00020A99: I shall pray for your success... and the young man's happiness. That's all we can hope for, is it not?
00020A9A: So would I, although I suspect there's more to it than either of us understands.
00020A9B: What happens if Dorian doesn't agree?
00020A9C: You make them nervous, I think. They don't understand why he's with the Inquisition. They want him to come home.
00020A9D: There is deceit in bringing the young man to this meeting without his foreknowledge, I know.
00020A9E: Hopefully that would be the end of it. If not... well, that's why you should be there.
00020AA0: Bless you, Inquisitor.
00020AA1: I've never spoken to Dorian about his past.
00020AA2: They believe the young man would refuse, and the letter implies he'd have cause.
00020AA3: If you think I'm going to trick Dorian into meeting his family...
00020AA4: <i>(Sighs.)</i> I feared you might say that.
00020AA5: The family sent a letter describing the estrangement from their son and pleading for my aid.
00020AA6: I believe they just want to talk, to understand why Dorian felt he had to come here.
00020AA7: They're not on good terms.
00020AA8: I... admit his presence here makes me uncomfortable, Inquisitor, but my feelings are of no importance.
00020AA9: Because they don't know you, Inquisitor. I'm not of the Imperial Chantry, but they know what I represent.
00020AAA: Why exactly would you be contacting Dorian's family?
00020AAB: They don't want to tell him?
00020AAD: Thus I come to you. If any good can come of this, we must try.
00020AAE: I'm not going to trick Dorian.
00020AAF: If you have reservations about his presence here, I share them, but this is another matter.
00020AB0: I have been in contact with his family: House Pavus, out of Qarinus. Are you familiar with them?
00020AB1: Worried parents?
00020AB2: I'd be worried, too, if my son ran off to join some gauche foreigners on a crusade.
00020AB3: I pray you change your mind, Inquisitor. Perhaps their letter will persuade you.
00020AB4: I didn't contact them, Inquisitor. They contacted me.
00020AB5: If this is what it seems, and it works out, it might be better for all concerned.
00020AB6: If he truly does not wish this reunion, he can always end the matter there.
00020AB7: I imagine you'd be relieved to see him gone.
00020AB8: Are you sure this isn't some kind of trap? I mean, the secrecy...
00020AB9: I've no time for this.
00020ABA: And if he doesn't agree?
00020ABB: What kind of "meeting"?
00020ABD: I have better things to do than arrange family reunions.
00020ABE: No, not at all.
00020AE4: She didn't impress me.
00020AE5: We who knew her, even briefly, have the luxury of looking deeper. To judge her strengths and flaws...
00020AE6: As for the elves of Orlais, Briala did what she could. She was an admirable woman, even if her gambit failed.
00020AE7: You are an elf, and a powerful mage as well. Have you ever considered trying to help your people?
00020AE8: The world at large will judge her on success or failure alone.
00020AE9: ...instead of just seeing a pair of pointed ears.
00020AEA: As for the elves of Orlais, I believe Briala is doing quite well on their behalf. She is an admirable woman.
00020AEB: If she were more admirable, she wouldn't have failed.
00020AEC: <i>You're</i> an admirable man. Not many people know who they are the way you do.
00020AED: No, they are not.
00020AEE: I still want to help them.
00020AEF: You <i>should</i> consider it.
00020AF0: A good question.
00020AF1: Briala had a perfect plan, if you wanted everyone to kill each other. I'm trying to avoid that.
00020AF3: Your people have lost so much of their history and culture. To not even think of yourself that way...
00020AF4: Who, then?
00020AF5: Who <i>do</i> you have much in common with? Who are your people?
00020AF6: I joined the Inquisition to save the world. Regardless of who "my people" are, this was the best way to help them.
00020AF8: That's tragic.
00020AF9: I admire <i>you</i>.
00020AFA: I agree.
00020AFB: Even if we couldn't help Briala, I hope we can make life better for Orlesian elves.
00020AFC: I think of myself as "me." That's all I've ever needed.
00020AFD: She was short-sighted.
00020AFE: Nor should you. You're not defined by the shape of your ears. They're not your people.
00020AFF: How? By attacking Orlesian nobles? Should I skulk around the Dales mourning my lost heritage?
00020B34: Expand
00020B35: Set Active
00020B36: Jump to Map
00020B37: Related Codex
00020B38: Back
00020B3E: Contract
00020B3F: Set Inactive
00020B41: She could have focused on actual threats.
00020B42: It speaks well of you to feel for the oppressed. Help them for that. Know them for what they are...
00020B43: Thank you. Both for saying that and... for seeing that. Few in this world can see me.
00020B44: Easy to say. Harder to remember when few people can see <i>you</i>.
00020B45: Stop Corypheus. That will do for a start.
00020B4B: I've been told you were romantically involved with the empress.
00020B4C: You and Celene were lovers?
00020B55: How will you accomplish that?
00020B56: Who are you?
00020B59: We need elves in positions where they can't be overlooked. We need to force humans to take us seriously.
00020B5A: What are you hoping to gain from tonight's negotiations?
00020B5B: It wasn't personal. It's the Game. That's how all Orlesians justify these things to themselves.
00020B5D: Celene knows she needs us to tip the balance of the civil war in her favor.
00020B5E: You'd turn against Celene without a thought.
00020B5F: I have contingency plans. I'm not a child, putting all my hopes on a single ball.
00020B60: All we have to do is wait. She'll exhaust her other options and come to us for help. Then we'll name our price.
00020B61: I assume the role of elevated noble will fall to you, milady Briala.
00020B62: It wouldn't do to let the court know she had an elven... friend.
00020B63: It won't remake the world overnight, if that's what you're asking.
00020B64: And you'll be the noble.
00020B65: Let's be honest, Inquisitor. The sole elven noble in the court isn't going to have a position of power and luxury.
00020B66: And if the negotiations fail?
00020B67: Few harbor more resentment against Celene than I.
00020B68: You just told me you have reason to betray the empress.
00020B69: How much can a single member of the court do?
00020B6A: What happened?
00020B6B: She betrayed me. Turned me over to the guards on a trumped-up charge to save her political reputation.
00020B6C: Your plan won't work.
00020B6E: My people have none. We've lived for centuries amid the lowest ranks of society. No one hears us. No one sees us.
00020B6F: It is already in place.
00020B70: Our problem is invisibility. The people in power are used to ignoring us. We're not actors, we're scenery.
00020B71: How will you persuade the empress to elevate an elf to nobility?
00020B72: What do you mean, "We had a falling-out"?
00020B73: That's remarkably honest.
00020B74: You have no loyalty.
00020B75: There was a time when I put my spies at her disposal. She knows my qualifications.
00020B76: I know it's incriminating.
00020B77: You know how that sounds.
00020B78: One noble makes a difference?
00020B7A: Everyone should have representation in their government.
00020B7B: I'm surprised you'd admit that, considering the circumstances.
00020B7D: An elf assassinating the empress? Alienages across Orlais—across all Thedas—would be purged. That cannot happen.
00020B7E: If the elves of Halamshiral were elevated... if we had an elven noble at court? We'd have recognition, a voice.
00020B7F: What's your story? How is an elf invited to the empress's ball as an ambassador?
00020B80: That sounds reasonable.
00020B81: Empress Celene and I have... history.
00020B82: What are your goals?
00020B83: But if she died after inviting me here, the court would certainly pin her death on me.
00020B84: But with time and sufficient blackmail... he might work with us.
00020B85: A start. That's all this is. Something humans can't ignore, and something elves can aspire to.
00020B86: You won't change anything. The empress has all the power. You'll just be a target for bigots.
00020B87: We had a falling-out. Now we're negotiating to determine whether I return to her side in the war.
00020B88: But that's the future. We need to focus on the task at hand.
00020B89: This evening gives me access to Duke Gaspard. He's challenging, not as progressive or persuadable as his cousin.
00020B8A: Even if it ends in my assassination, it will be something no one, human or elven, can ignore.
00020B8B: A voice. Simple enough, isn't it?
00020B8C: If she doesn't win you back to her side, what do you intend to do?
00020B8E: You really think so?
00020B8F: Briala only cares about elves.
00020B90: True. It is not her vision I admire.
00020B91: ...and only see a pair of pointed ears.
00020B93: I admire many people whose interests I do not share.
00020B94: She's done good work. Hopefully, with our help, she can help them even more.
00020B95: That demands respect, especially in a world where most would look at her...
00020B96: She organized resistance against a powerful enemy, using only her wits and the resources at hand.
00020B97: I agree.
00020B98: She's shortsighted.
00020B99: Yes. However much I identify—or fail to identify—with her people, Briala's efforts have been remarkable.
00020B9A: So you don't have anything in common with elves, but you admire her for fighting for them?
00020B9D: I thought you would be more interested in sharing <i>your</i> opinions of elven culture.
00020BA0: After discussing the events at Halamshiral, I suspected you might speak in defense of your fellows.
00020BA4: I didn't take you for a gossipmonger, Inquisitor.
00020BAB: Turn
00020BB4: A letter? Is it a naughty letter? A humorous proposal from some Antivan dowager?
00020BB5: From my father. I see. And what does Magister Halward want, pray tell?
00020BB6: Not quite. It's from your father.
00020BBA: But we've gone our separate ways now.
00020BBB: I suppose your spies have already briefed you, so there's no point in pretending. Yes. Celene and I were lovers once.
00020BF5: It would be precarious. I've been working on Gaspard, but he's like a charging bull.
00020BF6: Assuming I'm not the one blamed?
00020BF7: It would be easier to rein him in if I had something that could hurt him.
00020C0A: You are Dalish, are you not?
00020C0B: Among other things.
00020C0C: I'm sure you'd rather leave it behind you. As would I.
00020C32: Inquisition Rank
00020C33: There is no other way to cure the Blight.
00020C38: {string}163737{/string}
00020C57: I wish you luck healing those wounds.
00020C58: The magister left so much hatred in his wake.
00020C59: I'm still getting used to having all the mages gone again.
00020C5C: The mages are gone. I say good riddance.
00020C5D: We should have chased down those Tevinter bastards and made them pay for what they did.
00020C5E: Hail the Inquisition! Redcliffe is ours again!
00020C5F: The Inquisition had those magisters running with their tails between their legs.
00020C61: The Inquisition saved us!
00020C62: Redcliffe is our home. No magister can take it away.
00020C63: I hope the Inquisition dragged those mages off to a hole somewhere.
00020CB6: We must speak with Fiona at once.
00020CB7: The Veil is weaker here than in Haven. And not merely weak but altered in a way I have not seen.
00020CB8: Why is this place so weird?
00020CB9: Is it just me, or is something weird going on here?
00020CBA: Something's not right. We need to talk to the grand enchanter.
00020CBB: We should talk to the grand enchanter.
00020CBC: Show me this letter.
00020CBD: A meeting.
00020CC8: Rewards
00020D58: Create New Account
00020D59: Login with Existing Account
00020D5C: The supplied e-mail address does not appear to be associated with an Origin account.
00020D68: The specified e-mail address is already associated with an Origin account, and the password is different from the one entered.
00020D7A: Is this your locket?
00020D7B: I found an elven locket hidden among Celene's things. This isn't yours, is it?
00020D7C: Let me see that.
00020D7D: She kept this? What was she thinking? If Gaspard had found this, it would have ruined her.
00020D7E: It might have meant something to her.
00020D7F: So, this did belong to you.
00020D80: It was yours, then.
00020D81: Maybe it's sentimental.
00020D82: She thought she could use it against you, perhaps.
00020D83: Blackmail, probably.
00020DB6: Perhaps you're right.
00020DB8: Maybe it did.
00020DB9: Or she held on to it in case she needed something.
00020DBA: It did. But that was a long time ago.
00020DBB: It was my mother's. Carved from vhenadahl wood. I gave it to Celene in... happier times.
00020DE6: She held on to it...
00020EF4: Grand Balcony
00020EF5: Chateau d'Onterre
00020EF6: Gallery
00020EF7: Ballroom
00020F07: Flooded Caves
00020F08: Dwarven Ruins
00020F3C: Villa Maurel
00020F3D: Front Foyer
00021010: Not as well as I thought.
00021011: So it's true. Butler has turned on us. I hoped my hunch was wrong.
00021013: Show me the reports.
00021014: You knew him well?
00021149: Is there anything I should know?
0002114B: Anything I should know?
00021260: Heavy Arms
00021261: Tevinter Grip
00021262: Armor (Heavy)
00021263: Tevinter Dagger
00021264: Fereldan Grip
00021265: Vest (Medium)
00021266: Fereldan Dagger
00021267: Fancy Grip
00021268: Medium Arms
00021269: Dual-Blade
0002126A: Light Arms
00021273: Mail
00021275: Breastplate
00021277: Garment (Light)
00021282: Dirk
00021284: Dagger
00021285: Knife
000212EF: Dragonling Scales
0002139D: Some spells took years to cast. Echoes would linger for centuries, harmonizing with new magic in an unending symphony.
0002139E: Much of it is more subtle, a legacy from when elves were immortal.
0002139F: Tell me about elven magic.
000213A1: The legends of elven immortality... did they use magic to increase their lifespan?
000213A2: It must have been beautiful.
000213A4: Was immortality due to magic?
000213A6: No, it was simply part of being elven. The subtle beauty of their magic was the effect, not the cause, of their nature.
000213EC: They insult themselves. Remember, I have walked the memories of the Fade. I have seen the history the Dalish imitate.
000213ED: You insult my people.
000213EE: You've decided his reaction for him.
00021443: Unlock Operation
0002149B: Is the magic they teach in the Circle different from the magic I learned with my people?
0002149C: To be honest, I don't see it as different from any other magic. It's a means to an end.
0002149D: Blood magic is evil.
0002149E: It doesn't matter how they arrived there. Most blood mages use their power for the wrong reasons.
0002149F: The alternative is Tevinter.
000214A0: Tevinter's foundation stones are the bones of ancient elves with slave-blood for the mortar.
000214A1: So we should allow blood magic to be used freely? It works so well for the Imperium!
000214A2: Indeed. The problem is that, under the Chantry, blood magic is forbidden, so only criminals practice it.
000214A3: Most modern cultures forbid blood magic. Publicly, even Tevinter disapproves of it.
000214A4: How many men have you killed while fighting for the Inquisition? How many more will you kill out of necessity?
000214A5: I'd be interested in learning more about blood magic.
000214A6: You understand why I have never bothered to learn it. A shame, as it is extremely powerful.
000214A7: It is an example of nothing more than gilded savagery. Pitiable, in a way.
000214A9: I suppose it depends upon the dagger.
000214AA: Yes, but not all. I once saw a blood mage healer who would shed her own blood to close a patient's wounds.
000214AB: While in Tevinter, magisters compete with each other instead of keeping their volatile friends in check.
000214AC: Some would use daggers in secret, ashamed, and some would find rebellion titillating, a step down the path of depravity.
000214AD: Every time I've seen blood magic used, it has been for some evil purpose.
000214AE: I did. It's fortunate Cassandra is not within earshot.
000214AF: Dalish magic is more practical, not needing Chantry approval, although they still frown on blood magic. Superstition.
000214B1: About blood magic...
000214B2: But as I said, magic is magic. It matters only in how it is used.
000214B3: No and yes. Magic is magic, just as water is water, but it can be used in different ways.
000214B5: I've heard tales that Dalish magic is different from the magic I learned in the Circle.
000214B6: I once saw a woman stabbed in the stomach with a dagger. She died slowly, in agony. It was repulsive.
000214B8: That metaphor doesn't work.
000214B9: Although, admittedly, you are unlikely to find her here.
000214BA: You don't need to sacrifice a slave's life to make a dagger.
000214BB: I don't mind blood magic.
000214BC: Is elven magic different from the magic used by humans?
000214BE: They always succeed through power, so they have never had the chance to learn another way.
000214BF: Provided it remains a tool, not a crutch... nor a passion.
000214C0: If the Chantry outlawed daggers, would that stop people from using them? Of course not.
000214C1: I would teach you, if I knew it. Unfortunately, using blood magic seems to make it more difficult to enter the Fade.
000214C2: Blood magic seems interesting.
000214C4: You said that the censure against blood magic was a superstition...
000214C5: And if blood magic could help you? Well, it matters little to me. I do not use it, but I do not think it evil.
000214C6: Fine. They're still evil.
00021591: Not now. We'll speak when it's clear.
00021610: Why? Do you have another expert on the Fade hiding around here?
00021611: You're going to want to watch that attitude, Solas.
00021612: Only... not. I care deeply for many things beyond the Fade. Just not you.
00021613: The Inquisitor turns her hawk-like gaze to me, penetrating deep into my most secret desires.
00021614: You did ask. I am powerless to hide anything from the keen eye of the Inquisition.
00021615: Tread lightly.
00021616: If the Inquisition is going to succeed, I need everyone's support.
00021617: Thanks so much.
00021618: Tell me something. Do you care about anything in the world beyond the Fade?
00021619: How can I change that?
0002161A: Then do something worth respecting, Inquisitor.
0002161B: Ah?
0002161C: The Inquisitor turns his hawk-like gaze to me, penetrating deep into my most secret desires.
0002161D: Ah.
0002161E: I disagree. I'd like us to reach a better place.
0002161F: Well, at least you're polite about it.
00021620: You're addicted to the Fade.
00021621: No. You need everyone's obedience.
00021622: Received Witherstalk
00021623: I volunteered to help, Inquisitor. Rattle the bars if you like, but I chose to enter this cage.
00021624: Are you absolutely certain you won't need me?
00021625: Witherstalk
00021652: You have abandoned the elves.
0002169A: Received Deep Mushroom
0002169B: Deep Mushroom
0002169C: Received Rashvine
0002169D: Rashvine
0002169E: Received Prophet's Laurel
0002169F: Prophet's Laurel
000216A3: Received Rashvine Nettle
000216A4: Rashvine Nettle
000216A5: Received Vandal Aria
000216A6: Vandal Aria
000216AB: Received Amrita Vein
000216AC: Amrita Vein
000216AD: Received Arbor Blessing
000216AE: Arbor Blessing
000216AF: Received Serpentstone
000216B0: Serpentstone
000216B1: Received Summer Stone
000216B2: Summer Stone
000216B3: Received Drakestone
000216B4: Drakestone
000216B5: Received Lazurite
000216B6: Lazurite
000216B7: Received Pyrophite
000216B8: Pyrophite
000216B9: There was an error retrieving required data from the Dragon Age server. Session terminated.
000216BA: Received Paragon's Luster
000216BB: Paragon's Luster
000216BC: Received Blue Vitriol
000216BD: Blue Vitriol
000216BE: Received Everite
000216BF: Everite
000216C0: Received Stormheart
000216C1: Stormheart
000216C2: Received Dawnstone
000216C3: Dawnstone
000216C4: Received Silverite
000216C5: Silverite
000216C6: Received Nevarrite
000216C7: Nevarrite
00021729: Or the lord who rules the city? Would his death at an elven apostate's hands lead to better treatment for elves?
0002172A: I simply see no way to help the elves, oppressed as they are now.
0002172B: You're a mage!
0002172C: The man who has lived half his life in the Fade has no ideas?
0002172D: Ma banal las halamshir var vhen.
0002172E: Why not fight?
0002172F: And you are the Inquisitor. You could order Halamshiral returned to the Dalish, if you wished.
00021730: As are you. What's more, you are the Inquisitor. You could order Halamshiral returned to the Dalish, if you wished.
00021731: With your power, you could do something. I've seen you in battle.
00021732: Who would I attack? A gate guard? What if he felt sorry for the poor knife-ears under his watch?
00021733: But ultimately, you know that would fail. That even you cannot solve this. Why attack me for knowing that as well?
00021734: Really? No way at all?
00021735: You could teach them what you've learned. You could give them the tools to help themselves.
00021736: I have done no such thing.
00021737: There is no simple solution. I think you know that. Why attack me for knowing it as well?
00021738: Not unless we collapse the Veil and bring the Fade here so I can casually reshape reality, no.
00021739: Are you ever concerned that you've turned your back on your people?
0002173A: Educate them.
000218F7: "The Maker hasn't abandoned us."
000218F9: I was in the cloister in Lothering when the Blight began. There was a lot of fear back then.
000218FA: And then, one morning, I found a single bloom on a dead rose bush, and I thought, "Even in the midst of all this, life finds a way."
000218FB: No one knew what was going to happen, whether we would live or die.
00021906: Justinia saved me, but not in the way you'd think.
0002190B: There's always light where there's hope.
0002190D: She wouldn't let me give up. She saved me by forcing me to save myself.
0002190E: Doubt is easy. It takes courage to trust.
0002190F: "An open heart." Well, that one's quite literal. And morbid.
00021910: But Justinia always said that compassion was my greatest strength.
00021913: Looks like we opened something.
00021914: What was that?
0002196B: Wait... so the girl wasn't playing the princess?
0002197A: No, no, no. First Actor Maudine was playing the <i>king</i>.
0002197C: You must observe their masks. In theater, green are for men of first rank, purple for women of first rank.
0002197D: No wonder I didn't understand half of what went on.
0002197E: I <i>did</i> like the bit where the lady playing the king set the stage on fire, though.
0002197F: Precisely! Second Actor Juliette was the princess, Third Actor Robert the baroness, and First Actor Stephan the king's general.
00021980: Who was the princess, then, the old lady?
00021981: That makes no sense.
0002198B: Ammo Cost
0002199F: Oh, yes. <i>Such</i> a classic finale.
000219AB: I thought that elven actor was very good tonight.
000219AC: <i>(Exasperated sigh.)</i> You have so much to learn.
000219AD: Because he's elven?
000219AF: Of course not! Rendell is from Markham. It took him such a while to lose that <i>ridiculous</i> Free Marcher accent.
000219B0: Rendell? He's simply divine. It's shocking to think they almost didn't admit him into the troupe.
000219B1: He sounded Orlesian to me.
000219B3: Surely you jest!
000219B4: He sounds just like you! Are you certain he's not from Val Royeaux?
000219BB: You're right. I've given that advice to others in the past. Apparently I needed to hear it myself.
000219BC: But... you are right. That is more than I reach doing nothing. I suppose I am just tired of fighting.
000219BD: Do you feel nothing?
000219BE: Ma halani! Lasa ghilan!
000219BF: How many Dalish would listen? Most care little about improving their lives.
000219C0: Which is it? Do you wish me to find a way to help elves, or do you wish me to cry, to prove my feelings?
000219C1: Because I wish I could help.
000219C2: <i>Laugh</i>
000219C3: That's when you should lean on your friends.
000219C4: What are you fighting?
000219C5: You could teach us!
000219C6: If it helps, so do I.
000219C7: Pick the fights you can win, remember your goals, and do nothing that does not further them.
000219C8: What do you mean, you're tired of fighting? Fighting what?
000219C9: Rely on friends.
000219CA: Because you've given up, and I haven't. I'll find a way to help elves, with or without your help.
000219CB: Don't give up.
000219CC: Liar. Fool. Madman. There are endless ways to say someone isn't worth listening to. Over time, it grinds away at you.
000219CD: So you attack me, not for failing to have some magical solution, but for not <i>appearing</i> to care?
000219CE: And in all sincerity, I wish you luck.
000219CF: So change.
000219D0: Apologies, Inquisitor. I have learned not to do that.
000219D1: You do not win a war by fighting to the death in every battle.
000219D2: They want only comfort, an affirmation that they are good for being poor and oppressed. I might reach a few, at most.
000219D3: For my part, I will do what I can.
000219D4: I know. You're right... but I wish you weren't.
000219D5: If you're tired of losing, you might consider winning.
000219D6: But when I offered lessons learned in the Fade, I was derided by my enemies... and sometimes by my allies.
000219D7: Perhaps there is hope for you yet, Inquisitor.
000219D8: You could still try. But ultimately, you don't care enough about them.
000219D9: Because I will help them.
000219DA: How many would listen? Most of the poor and oppressed do not want to work to improve their condition.
000219DB: If you stop fighting, they win.
000219DC: Did you think I honed my magical skills to impress spirits? I have joined my share of causes.
00021A5D: Unknown Character
00021B4E: Celene,

We can discuss this like adults, can't we? We both know the weapon at Briala's disposal could not only turn the tide of our war, but every war. The empire must control it; I do not believe you disagree. She is now a greater threat to Orlais than anything else. If you and I work together, we can wrest control away from her. Do not deceive yourself that she will be open to negotiation or diplomacy. You know her better than anyone—you know that's impossible.


00021B65: The empress secretly allowed Gaspard to move his troops into the Winter Palace in hopes of goading him into committing treason in front of the court.

00021B66: Gaspard has employed Fereldan mercenaries to bolster the number of men he smuggled inside the Winter Palace tonight.

00021B67: The body of a Council of Heralds emissary was found in the servants' quarters with Gaspard's knife in his chest.

00021B68: The empress's occult advisor is acting as Celene's bodyguard during the ball.

00021B69: Briala was in an intimate relationship with the empress when the alienage in Halamshiral burned to the ground. This would severely discredit the ambassador among her supporters.


00021C92: Moonstone
00021C93: Diamond Bracelet
00021C94: Gold Dragon Figurine
00021C95: Onyx
00021C96: Griffon's Eye
00021C97: Engraved Locket
00021C98: Diamond Necklace
00021C99: Diamond Earrings
00021C9A: Diamond
00021C9B: Silk Scarf
00021C9C: Wooden Wolf Figurine
00021C9D: Gold Earrings
00021C9E: Gemstone Pendant
00021C9F: Opal
00021CA0: Engraved Compass
00021CA1: Ceramic Andraste Figurine
00021CA2: Glass Andraste Figurine
00021CA3: Gold Necklace
00021CA4: Diamond Ring
00021CA5: Silver Goblet
00021CA6: Jade
00021CA7: Gold Bracelet
00021CA8: Ivory Griffon Figurine
00021CA9: Decorated Pendant
00021CAA: Ruby
00021CAB: Sapphire
00021CAC: Amber
00021CAD: Ivory Halla Figurine
00021CAE: Gold Ring
00021CAF: Ornamented Brooch
00021CB0: Emerald
00021CB1: Silver Ring
00021CB2: Garnet
00021CB3: Wooden Mabari Figurine
00021CB4: Wooden Crow Figurine
00021D3A: <font color="#{CUSTOM2}">{CUSTOM0} {CUSTOM1}</font>
00021D3B: <font color="#{CUSTOM2}">{CUSTOM0}</font> {CUSTOM1}
00021D94: Ah, that must be it!
00021D95: "A barren branch." Could that have something to do with your story about the rose, Leliana?
00021DBE: Thank you for this, Inquisitor.
00021DC0: I appreciate your willingness to change your mind, Inquisitor. I will keep this as brief as possible.
00021DC3: Yes, of course! I remember that painting.
00021DC4: There is a painting here that depicts that.
00021DC5: "Light has no fear of darkness." The eternal flame always stays lit.
00021DC7: "An open heart." Hessarian killed the Blessed Andraste by piercing her through the heart.
00021DC9: Very true. At night, the flame is the only light.
00021DCB: We are not far from where my friend was summoned.
00021DCD: One of the mages. Killed by arrows, it would seem.
00021DCE: Cost
00021DE7: EMPTY
00021DEA: No schematics available
00021DEB: No items available
00021DF0: {CUSTOM0} Armor
00021DF9: <i>(Gasps.)</i>
00021DFB: These aren't mages. The bodies are burned, and these claw marks...
00021DFD: No. No, no, no.
00021E33: Really? Who?
00021E34: You must be careful, Natalie.
00021E37: We will see. Just be careful.
00021E48: I stare up at the Breach sometimes. It's terrifying but beautiful in its way.
00021E49: It is beautiful.
00021E4A: Yes. Spectacular, isn't it?
00021E4B: When the sun rises through it, it splits into what looks like a thousand suns like a broken mirror.
00021E4D: Have you seen it by sunrise?
00021FBC: Thanks for coming.
00021FBD: I tracked that Venatori mage back to Adamant Fortress. They're looking at assault options now in the war room.
00021FE3: What can I do for you?
00021FE4: My friend.
00021FE5: Hello.
00021FE7: Good evening.
00021FE8: Vhenan.
00021FE9: Inquisitor.
00021FEA: Hello.
00021FEB: To what do I owe the pleasure?
00021FEC: Then he laid the rock down gently, and he left it as he walked away.
00021FED: I found an ancient dwarven thaig no longer sheltered by the stone. An earthquake had exposed it all to daylight.
00021FEE: Good afternoon.
00021FF0: My heart.
00021FF1: In the middle, one small body, clutching tightly to a small stuffed toy.
00021FF2: I saw a dwarf emerge into the light of day and shield his eyes against the sun, the first time he had seen it.
00021FF3: What do you need?
00021FF4: A thousand dwarven corpses lay, the victims of a darkspawn horde, their last stand marked by one great ring of armor.
00021FF5: The tears were streaming from his eyes. I thought them from the blazing light until I saw the rock he held so tightly.
00021FF6: Inquisitor.
00021FFB: Maker, what's happening to the Order?
0002200D: Great Ferelden formed because a lonely spirit drove her prey away.
0002200E: I met the spirit that they fled. She walks the Fade along the southern tundra, weeping, lonely, and forgotten.
0002200F: The Alamarri crossed the Frostback Mountains to escape a beast they called the shadow goddess in their stories.
00022010: I saw a young Qunari working in a simple kitchen, baking bread as she was ordered every morning.
00022012: I found in the Korcari Wilds a humble cottage far removed from any of the simple Chasind tribesmen.
00022013: Like pride or rage, it was the Fade's reflection of a feeling. When I asked which one it was, the spirit faltered.
00022014: In every loaf she broke the rules. She'd take a pinch of sugar and would fold it to the center, like a secret.
00022015: The trees and weeds had not reclaimed the home nor did the Chasind dare to come and steal the trinkets still remaining.
00022016: "They've forgotten," said the spirit. "There remains no word for what I was."
00022017: It was empty, long abandoned, but the world feared that she might return.
00022018: And this act of small rebellion brought a shining smile across her face.
00022019: I found an ancient spirit who had once been undisputed king of almost every land I had discovered.
0002203A: Knight-Captain Denam told us the knight-vigilant died at the Conclave.
00022072: Our officers hid a murder. Did they manipulate us for this "Elder One" bullshit the knight-captain screamed about?
000220A3: I need to understand how you could accept the use of corrupted lyrium.
000220A4: Why willingly use red lyrium?
000220A5: We didn't know it was corrupted. The Lord Seeker only said it was better than Chantry lyrium.
000220A6: Maybe it's to do with the war with the mages but... I don't know anymore.
000220AE: The red lyrium was just a tool. Or so we thought.
000220AF: That's it?
000220B1: You have to understand. <i>All</i> magic is corruptible, <i>all</i> magic is dangerous, and yet <i>all</i> magic can serve.
000220CB: Josephine seems happier of late.
000220D5: It was merely an observation.
00022134: Lethallan.
00022136: Lethallin.
00022141: [NEW] {CUSTOM0}
00022142: {CUSTOM0}
00022143: {CUSTOM0} (Equipped)
00022144: Goodbye.
0002214A: Our Orlesian recruits have taken to explaining the intricacies of dueling. It must be unrelated.
00022159: Ser Barris, what went on here?
00022186: A small kindness. We'll see he's properly put to rest when this is done.
00022188: I never met the knight-vigilant, but he was respected. Now I wonder how much of the war was the Lord Seeker and my captain.
00022189: I pray the Lord Seeker can explain this madness.
0002218C: Make good use of it. The knight-captain didn't.
000221A0: Refreshing Session Data
000221AE: Grand Cleric Victoire has offered the ambassador support for the Inquisition.
000221B9: That's between Josephine and I.
000221BC: That's between us.
000221BF: She's been smiling constantly since your trip to Val Royeaux. I swear at one point she was humming.
000221C3: I want to make her happy.
000221C4: I hope so. Josephine deserves every happiness.
000221EA: Multiplayer
000222EE: Yes?
00022329: Let's get moving.
0002232B: Do you know anything about this Elder One?
0002232D: Why aren't you all changing?
00022330: We'll find out what's going on. Let's move.
00022331: Why aren't all the templars corrupted? Why are you alive?
00022334: I'd never heard of an "Elder One" before the knight-captain began ranting.
00022336: If the Lord Seeker and knight-captain are compromised, who now leads you?
00022337: No. Templars serve the Maker and the Light of Andraste.
00022339: Where are your commanders?
0002233B: Who or what is the Elder One?
0002233E: Officers across Thedas. How many have fallen to this madness, I don't know.
00022341: How long was this planned? How long has this lie poisoned us?
00022343: The knight-captain said he was <i>trying</i> to change us all? Nothing in this makes sense.
00022344: We're owed an explanation. The dead are owed more.
00022348: I'll not let this rest.
0002238B: The templars. Proud agents. Sword of the faith.
0002238F: The Chantry and Andraste. Bride of the Maker. Lady of Light.
000223B1: You're stopping fights.
000223B2: And the soldier sees them.
000223B3: The servants are having trouble remembering some odd events.
000223B4: And spiderwebs help healers.
000223B5: So, Cole...
000223B6: You stole bread?
000223B7: You stole cheese and mint?
000223B8: I've heard about some oddities here in the keep. Was that you?
000223B9: You're making the cats play.
000223BB: You burned turnips?
000223BC: I hear you've been busy.
000223BF: They smell like turnip stew.
000223C0: You're hoarding daggers?
000223C1: You left plums by the window?
000223C2: Which amuses the cook.
000223FA: He's welcome to it.
00022423: What do you want to know?
00022447: They're heavy with forgotten songs, like Varric. Some of them are too loud.
000224E8: We're waiting.
000224E9: Raise the flag most important to you to the highest position.
000224EA: What do I do, again?
000224EB: All are worthy causes. The ritual shows others what's dear to you.
0002251D: All right, templar.
0002251E: Then I'll get to it.
0002251F: Why do I suddenly matter?
00022520: The Lord Seeker brushed me aside in Val Royeaux. What changed?
00022543: Assassin
00022544: Barbarian
00022545: Archer
00022546: Archer
00022547: Guardian
00022548: Elementalist
00022549: Legionnaire
0002254A: Keeper
0002254B: Assassin
0002254C: Keeper
0002254D: Katari
0002254E: Elementalist
0002254F: Nothing, except the company you keep.
00022550: Finish the Standards, and you can ask the Lord Seeker why his opinion of the Herald improved.
00022558: Place the Standards where you will.
00022559: Argent
0002255A: Neria
0002255B: Thornton
0002255C: Korbin
0002255D: Ms. Archer
0002255E: Ms. Barbarian
0002255F: Ms. Elementalist
00022560: Neria
00022561: Ms. Guardian
00022562: Katari
00022563: Argent
00022564: Rion
0002257F: Super Armor Regeneration
00022581: Do the other templars have faith in what the Inquisition stands for?
00022583: Do other templars trust us?
00022585: They'd have been less wary if you'd arrived any other way, but with shits like him in tow...
00022592: I don't recognize what the Order is becoming.
00022593: They should have no appeal to the Lord Seeker. Our doors shouldn't open to power flaunted.
00022594: Have care, knight!
000225D9: Abernache, stay down!
000225DA: Aaah! What's happening?
000225EB: Abernache. Useless but alive!
000225EC: Abernache. That fool!
000225EF: Hang your own draperies, knight! We've business to conduct!
000225F0: Horseshit, my servants might say—making you, and by extension, <i>me</i>, do this busywork.
000225F5: I'd leave the lot of it, if not for promises made.
000225FE: Put the templar's standards up, "Herald," or I'll lay them out and walk on them.
00022654: Target Health 0 Regeneration
00022655: Target Health 0 Max
00022670: What do you think of them?
00022671: Like when I listen to Varric.
00022672: Some like hurting mages. It makes them happy, or less afraid, or...
00022678: The good ones remember that mages are people.
00022679: What's your general opinion of templars?
00022680: The lyrium helps, but their bodies always want to connect to... something older. Bigger than they are.
00022684: They feel older than they look. They've been changed, and their bodies are incomplete now.
00022686: Can you tell me more about how the templars feel to you?
00022689: Explain how templars feel.
0002268A: That's why they block magic. They reach for that other thing, and magic has no room to come in.
0002268B: But not all templars listen when whispers crawl around inside them. They try to protect people. Like Cullen.
00022695: Super Armor Modifier
00022696: TargetHealth0 Modifier
0002269F: Likely with luck and a steady supply of things to hit.
000226E1: I tracked the Wardens to Adamant Fortress, Inquisitor. Your specialists have my full report.
000226E2: Your specialists are waiting inside. I believe they're discussing how to take Adamant.
000226E3: I tracked that Venatori mage back to Adamant Fortress. They're now looking at assault options now in the war room.
00022716: Leaderboards
00022717: Quick Match
00022718: Create Match
00022719: I've been many things—bard, sister, Left Hand—and always because someone needed something from me.
0002271A: But I realize now that I am all these things, and yet, not defined by any one.
00022720: I am now Divine Victoria, but to my friends—to you—I will always be just Leliana.
00022729: Skyhold will feel empty without you.
0002272A: We'll miss you.
0002272B: Don't forget who helped you.
0002272C: Don't forget that it was the Inquisition that helped you onto that throne.
0002272D: My army's here if you need it.
0002272E: Well, here's me wishing you good luck and reminding you that I have a pretty big army... if you need it.
00022734: Val Royeaux is not so far away, and I can always use advice from the Herald of Andraste.
00022735: Not to worry. I'll be here for some time yet. There are still things to put in order before I leave.
00022736: No. That was the old Chantry.
00022737: I will not forget. The alliance between Divine and Inquisitor will be what secures the Chantry's future.
0002273C: Super Armor Max
0002273F: Health Modifier
00022740: Armor Modifier
00022741: Barrier Modifier
0002274E: Masterwork
00022755: I hear the mages will now answer to the Inquisition?
00022756: And when you no longer need them? Will they be locked up and forgotten again?
00022757: Most would treat their dogs with more kindness.
0002276C: I guess it didn't matter in the end.
0002276D: Was this when the chantry was destroyed?
0002276F: No, that happened later, but even then the news coming out of Kirkwall was... disheartening.
00022772: There were some in Val Royeaux who wanted the Divine to declare an Exalted March on Kirkwall.
00022775: I did encounter the Champion again later in Kirkwall. Those were terrible times.
00022777: A posthumous mission? Hidden messages? Justinia was more than just a cleric, wasn't she.
00022779: Who was Justinia, really?
0002277A: Justinia sent me there to see if that could be avoided, to gather evidence to calm those agitating for war.
0002277B: Why were they terrible?
0002286A: Perhaps you could tell me something, then.
0002286D: Can I ask about the talks?
0002286E: My investigations turned up something interesting.
0002286F: I found something.
00022870: I'd like to know more about the negotiations.
00022871: I have questions.
0002287F: Oh dear.
00022880: That is very interesting...
00022881: I found Celene's elven locket.
00022882: I made a fascinating discovery: an elven locket, in the empress's vault.
00022883: I'll get Her Majesty.
0002291F: So many voices hurting, needs no one meets, tiny chances to make them better. You understand.
00022927: Varric feels like that. So do you, except your mark pulls you up.
0002292C: I found something interesting.
00022930: I want to know about you.
00022931: Let's talk politics.
00022934: I'd like to know more about you.
00022935: I have a question about the peace talks.
00022936: I discovered something you might be interested in.
00022958: She had an elven locket sealed in the vault.
00022959: I have the orders issued to your general to sneak troops into the palace.
0002295A: You snuck men in tonight.
0002295B: There's a Council of Heralds emissary in the servants' quarters. Stabbed to death with your knife.
0002295D: Some servants spy for Briala.
0002295E: It's about Celene.
0002295F: She's got people hidden among the servants all over the palace.
00022961: I've got something on Briala.
00022962: Briala's sabotaging the talks.
00022963: You threatened the council.
00022965: I found something on you.
00022966: I've got something on Celene.
00022967: Celene kept an elven locket.
00022968: Want to tell me why you were threatening the members of the Council of Heralds?
00022969: You killed a council emissary.
0002296A: It's about Briala.
0002296C: She's killed ambassadors and changed their documents.
0002296F: It's about you, in fact.
0002297D: Of course I did. The Winter Palace is hardly neutral ground for a peace talk.
0002297E: The language of politics, Inquisitor. If you cannot bribe politicians, you threaten them into backing down.
0002297F: No, that's impossible.
0002298A: I would be disappointed in Celene if she were not using this opportunity to set a trap.
0002298C: Who would try to pin such a crime on me? The elf? It seems unlike Celene.
0002298D: And while we rarely agree on anything, I have never yet been disappointed in our empress.
000229A1: Briala's, no doubt. Was that sentiment, Celene? How unlike you. Blackmail, perhaps.
000229A2: You can prove this? Now that is interesting.
000229A3: She's a difficult adversary to predict. There's no telling what move she intends to make.
000229A4: I suspected as much, but couldn't confirm it.
000229A5: Not quite damning enough for a scandal, but such a trinket could be useful leverage against one or both of them.
000229A6: Most of the council are Celene's lapdogs. There was little chance I could win their support any other way.
000229A7: If Celene dies, what happens?
000229A8: If something were to happen to the empress, how would that change your plans?
000229AE: The grand duchess says you're plotting to kill Celene.
000229AF: Your sister names you traitor.
000229B0: How have the negotiations been so far?
000229B1: If they succeeded... the crown could pass to my sister or one of our more distant cousins.
000229B2: The port won't last the evening, I'm afraid.
000229B3: How are the talks going?
000229B4: Celene has not declared an heir. If the Maker called her home, the crown would fall to me.
000229B5: But the Council of Heralds would try to implicate me in any misfortune.
000229B7: I don't know why she had such high hopes for this ball. Florianne always was hopelessly optimistic.
000229B8: My sister would never say that. There are no words to convince me that Florianne would turn on me.
000229B9: We will end the night with nothing settled. Which should surprise nobody, but it will disappoint my sister.
000229BA: Resorting to rumormongering, Inquisitor? Come, we are beyond such childish stratagems.
000229DF: What is she trying to accomplish? She bears closer watching than I thought.
000229E0: He's been threatening the nobles on the Council of Heralds.
000229E1: You think Gaspard was behind the murder of that council emissary and the Tevinter agents in the servants' wing?
000229E2: I found orders issued to his general to sneak troops into the palace.
000229E3: It's incriminating.
000229E6: It's about you, actually.
000229E7: It's something on Gaspard.
000229E8: It's about Gaspard.
000229EA: He's sneaking in troops.
000229EC: About the servants' wing...
000229ED: He threatened the Council.
000229EE: You murdered negotiators and stole their documents.
000229EF: I found the drop point, Briala. I know your people are hidden all over the palace.
00022A98: What did you think of the masks?
00022A99: Those weren't their faces?
00022A9C: Did you like the masks?
00022A9E: What masks?
00022AA2: <i>The</i> masks. Everyone had them on their faces.
00022AA5: Celene will never end the talks until she has no other choice.
00022AA6: My people reported chevaliers skulking around where they shouldn't be.
00022AA7: Typical. Gaspard's always been a bully, regardless of the chevalier code.
00022AA8: If you intend to stop him, you'll need irrefutable proof. His supporters will accept nothing less.
00022AA9: Gaspard is ruthless. He wants the throne, but to conspire with Tevinter? That's low even for him.
00022AAA: It's a foolish move if he doesn't succeed. Sneaking men in is easy. Getting them out unnoticed is not.
00022AAC: You've infiltrated the palace.
00022AAD: I found the ambassadors.
00022AAF: In Orlesian politics, Inquisitor, murder and intrigue barely count as trying.
00022AB1: If that shocked you, wait until Celene shows her hand.
00022AB2: Of course they are. I'd be a poor spymaster if I didn't have spies, Inquisitor.
00022AB7: I'd like to know more about Empress Celene.
00022AB9: Tell me about Celene.
00022ABC: It's about Gaspard.
00022ABF: It concerns the grand duke.
00022AC0: It concerns Ambassador Briala.
00022AC1: It's about Briala.
00022ADF: Statue of Fen'Harel
00022AE0: She's killed negotiators.
00022AE2: The servants spy for her.
00022AE3: She killed ambassadors from both Celene and Gaspard, and forged documents to both sides.
00022AE4: Her people have infiltrated every part of the Winter Palace.
00022AE6: I found Gaspard's knife in the servants' quarters. It was used to murder a council emissary.
00022AE7: He's made a lot of threats to the Council of Heralds.
00022AE8: I intercepted orders to his general to sneak soldiers into the palace tonight.
00022AE9: He threatened the council.
00022AEA: He's sneaking soldiers in.
00022AEB: I think he's the traitor.
00022AF0: His own sister told me that he intends to assassinate the empress tonight.
00022AF1: Her Majesty has held the throne since she was just sixteen years old.
00022AF2: The grand duke is all talk, Inquisitor.
00022AF3: How could he behave so dishonorably?
00022AFC: Are you quite certain of this?
00022AFD: That would be treason!
00022AFE: Do you have proof of this? Something Her Majesty can take to the nobles?
00022AFF: There must be some mistake.
00022B00: How scandalous!
00022B01: You must find proof so she can arrest Gaspard! She would never call off negotiations, even to save her own life!
00022B03: He has never had any skill at the Game.
00022B04: Very loud talk. Accompanied by swords.
00022B05: He would attack the empress and break all the binding rules of hospitality?
00022B06: I thought there were more handsome chevaliers on the dance floor than there should be.
00022B08: Why hold a ball?
00022B09: Tell me about the leaders.
00022B0A: It seems strange to hold peace talks during a ball.
00022B0B: What can you tell me about the other parties involved in the talks?
00022B3C: Even if her plans could never work and would only provoke hate crimes against alienages.
00022B3D: Lady Briala has great intentions to change the lives of the elves for the better.
00022B3E: She is an idealist, but her lack of patience could prove disastrous.
00022B3F: Gaspard is a decorated general, much beloved by the Imperial army and a legend among chevaliers.
00022B40: He's also fiendishly charming.
00022B41: He is better suited to the battlefield than the throne, and he would gladly make his palace a war camp.
00022B47: We must never forget that life is both bitter and sweet.
00022B48: The nobility must do things very differently in Ostwick.
00022B49: By Orlesian tradition, moments of great solemnity are celebrated with revels and feasts.
00022B4A: Oh! Do your people have no customs surrounding great occasions? How sad!
00022B4B: While joyous occasions are given time for reflection and contemplation.
00022B4C: The ball is an opportunity to celebrate life and hope for the future while we mourn those killed in the war.
00022B4F: Some are no more than bandits, others trade freely with humans, and some have disappeared entirely into the forests.
00022B50: As your clans have been separate for so long, they have all changed, adapting to the lands in which they live.
00022B51: No. Your clan was unique in having enough interest in human affairs to send you to spy upon the Divine's meeting.
00022B52: They already consider themselves perfect, the sole keepers of elven lore. I might reach a few, at most.
00022B56: How despicable!
00022B5D: I found the amulet that Solas told us about. Would you like to try it on?
00022B5F: <i>[Give Cole amulet.]</i>
00022B68: Yes! But not here. I like it here. We need someplace that can go away if it becomes sharp.
00022B6A: After the empress extended her hospitality!
00022B6B: She's better at the Game than we thought.
00022B6C: This is extremely alarming, Inquisitor.
00022B73: She could be spying on our every word!
00022B74: How exciting!
00022C11: Find out what those two nobles are really talking about.
00022C12: Even Gilded Walls Have Ears
00022C13: Approach the talking nobles.
00022C14: Find a safe spot to eavesdrop on the nobles' conversation.
00022C26: Access to the eastern storage room.
00022C29: The eastern storage room is locked. Perhaps there is something in there worth protecting.
00022C2B: Unlock the Eastern Storage
00022C60: Montbelliard's Ring
00022C61: Return the ring to the noblewoman, or keep it to sell later.
00022C62: A noblewoman has lost a ring of great value to her. She would be grateful for any help in finding it.
00022C63: Speak with the noblewoman.
00022C64: Search for her lost ring.
00022C8E: I'm interested in her.
00022D7C: There was an error sending data to the Dragon Age server. Please try again later.
00022D7D: Please enter a name
00022DBF: Create
00022DE5: Question elven servants.
00022DE6: Listen Closely
00022DE7: Suspicious behavior has been reported in the guest wing.
00022DE8: Search the rooms in the upper guest wing.
00022DEA: Eavesdrop on a conversation between servants.
00022DEB: Briala seems to have quite a lot of influence over the elven servants in the Winter Palace. In quieter corners of the palace, they might let something slip.
00022DEC: Briala's People
00022DED: Find a spot to eavesdrop on the servants' conversation.
00022DEE: Search the guest wing for a hidden cylinder seal.
00022DEF: Look for conspicuous elven servants.
00022DF0: Read the cylinder seal.
00022DF1: Explore the Trophy Room.
00022DF2: Search the Trophy Room for evidence of Gaspard's meeting.
00022DF3: Gaspard had a secret meeting in the guest wing Trophy Room. What was discussed there may prove important.
00022DF4: Gaspard's Clandestine Meeting
00022DF5: Lure the guards away from the Trophy Room door.
00022DF7: Speak with the Council of Heralds representative.
00022DF8: Gaspard's Counsel
00022DF9: Question nobles in the guest wing about Gaspard's relationship with the Council.
00022DFA: Find the Council of Heralds representative in the guest wing.
00022DFB: Gaspard appears to have some sort of relationship with the Orlesian Council of Heralds.
00022DFD: Search the library for clues.
00022DFE: Search the secret study.
00022DFF: Celene's Occult Advisor
00022E00: Find a way into the library.
00022E01: Find a way into the library's hidden chamber.
00022E02: The library on the upper level of the guest wing may shine some light on the activities of Celene's occult advisor.
00022E28: I tracked the Wardens to Adamant Fortress, Inquisitor. Your specialists have my full report.
00022E29: Your specialists are waiting inside. I believe they're discussing how to take Adamant.
00022EED: The Herald's choice, Abernache. Not yours.
00022EF5: She killed the Divine. I know it.
00022EFA: He survived the Fade. Only someone touched by Andraste could survive.
00022EFB: This is the one Andraste saved?
00022F00: That's the one we heard about? Andraste's Herald?
00022F05: Andraste's Herald, an elf? It can't be.
00022F08: Could Andraste choose an elf?
00022F09: One of those horned things is Herald?
00022F0A: What good is she if she couldn't save the Divine?
00022F0E: Impossible. Our Lady would never choose a mage.
00022F15: Andraste chose a Qunari?
00022F16: Andraste's Herald a Qunari? No.
00022F18: Didn't expect a dwarf.
00022F1B: Really? An elf?
00022F1C: Andraste's Herald can't be a dwarf.
00022F1D: A dwarf as Andraste's favored one?
00022F22: The "Chosen One" looks like you or me.
00022F23: She survived the Fade. Only Andraste could have saved her.
00022F24: Heard he killed the Divine.
00022F25: Why didn't he save her?
00022F28: We must test the Herald! The Lord Seeker will <i>see</i> you now!
00022F33: Now we're all gifts for the Elder One!
00022F35: I tried to make us stronger! But time has run out.
00022F37: Knight-Captain! What have you done?
00022F57: Personal Locket
00022F58: Aquamarine
00022F59: Silver Necklace
00022F5A: Simple Pendant
00022F5B: Topaz
00022F5C: Silk Handkerchief
00022F5D: Silver Earrings
00022F5E: Amethyst
00022F5F: Silver Bracelet
00022F60: Fire Agate
00022F61: Quartz
00022F62: Malachite
00022F78: Meet the Lord Seeker.
00022F7C: Confront the Lord Seeker.
00022F7D: Talk to Knight-Templar Barris.
00022F80: Talk to Knight-Templar Barris.
00022F82: Confront the envy demon.
00022F83: Collect lyrium.
00022FED: Strange, yesterday I thought I saw someone taking a loaf, but I... I can't quite recall.
00022FEE: When I find out who's been throwing fresh bread up on the battlements, there'll be consequences, mark my words.
00022FEF: That soldier I told you about? He's still hanging on. It's a miracle, after what he went through.
00022FF0: Every morning, he looks at the battlements from his bed and says, "I'm not going to die until winter comes."
00023003: I was going to use them for dinner, and then... I can't recall who took them.
00023004: Someone emptied a whole bag of turnips into the fire! Maker, the smell is everywhere!
00023005: He was out of his mind at the end. He smiled, said he smelled his mother's turnip stew, and slipped away.
00023006: Stephan finally died. It was a blessing, really. He's been in so much pain since Haven.
00023007: There are spiders everywhere. The plums were right in front of me, but... I can't quite recall who took them.
00023008: Someone left sliced plums on the windowsill again. The juice is attracting flies.
0002309D: Damn you!
000230A0: <i>(Angry shout.)</i>
000230A3: Flush them out!
000230A4: Watch out!
000230A8: Get ready!
000230AA: What?
000230AD: Shit!
000230AE: To arms!
000230AF: You'll bleed for this!
000230B0: Kaffar!
000230B3: Kevesh!
000230B7: Shit!
000230B9: The spiderwebs help stop the bleeding, and they prevent wounds from getting infected. Gather as many as you can.
000230BA: Strangest thing, though. I can't recall where I heard that. I think I remember... a young man?
000230BE: I've got the strangest feeling. I know someone took it right off my belt, but... I can't recall who.
000230BF: Strangest thing. When I reached down, my dagger was gone. Just gone.
000230C0: Know where I found it? In a barrel. The thing was filled to the brim with daggers.
000230CC: It was lucky he'd lost his dagger, or there'd've been more than a bloody nose.
000230CD: The soldiers make me nervous. Sitting around here, tempers get short. There's even fighting.
000230CE: I saw one soldier reach for his belt, like he was going to draw a dagger on the man he was arguing with.
000230D4: It's a trap!
000230D7: Shit!
000230D8: <i>(Frustrated snarl.)</i>
000230D9: Hold still!
000230DA: Watch your footing!
000230DB: Damn you!
000230DE: Weapons ready!
000230DF: Stay back, it's trapped!
000230E0: Watch for traps!
000230E1: For the Elder One!
000230E5: Now!
000230E6: Charge!
000230E8: First a full wheel of Antivan smoked cheese, and now three royals' worth of crushed mint?
000230E9: They were right here. I remember seeing someone take them! I just... I can't recall their face.
000230EA: Made my day bright, it did. Maker knows what got into the little rat-catcher.
000230EB: The funniest thing I've seen in years. <i>(Laughs.)</i> That cat dancing around, hopping and pouncing like a fool.
000230EE: Silence that mage!
000230EF: Get the damned rogue!
000230F0: The warrior!
000230F1: It wasn't so bad today. The cook was in a jolly mood. She didn't shout at all, even when I dropped the ladle.
000230F3: Bastard!
000230F4: It's trapped!
000230F7: The warrior!
000230F9: Venatori, on your feet!
000230FD: Hold still!
000230FF: Stay away! It's trapped!
00023100: Shit!
00023103: It's a trap!
00023105: Kevesh!
00023107: To arms!
00023109: Mongrel scum!
0002310A: Damn you!
0002310B: Kaffar!
0002310D: To me! I'll protect you!
00023112: Fall back! I'll cover you!
00023116: Damn it!
00023117: Damned rogue!
0002311B: Draw them out!
0002311C: Watch yourself!
0002311F: Shit!
00023121: Look out!
00023124: Kill that caster!
0002312E: Damn!
0002312F: <i>(Snarls.)</i>
00023133: What?
00023135: Behind me!
00023138: Behind me! Hurry!
00023148: Name
0002315A: With the Inquisition's hard-won allies, it is time to march on the Breach and close it.
0002315B: Head to the gates.
0002315C: Defend the north trebuchet.
0002315F: In Your Heart Shall Burn
00023160: Haven is under attack and must be defended.
000231CF: Character Creation
000232C8: By directing attention elsewhere, the mages in Redcliffe cannot be recruited to join the Inquisition.
000232C9: The mages of Redcliffe were abandoned.
000232CF: How did you and Justinia meet?
000232D0: That they did. What of it?
000232D2: How did you meet?
000232D4: When I met her, she was Mother Dorothea. I was at my lowest: broken, lost. And she saved me.
000232E0: Let's continue this later.
000232E1: We'll talk more later.
000232E4: A Divine always has enemies, and Justinia had more than most. I protected her.
000232EB: You'll never get to talk to him. He wouldn't even dance with the Comtesse d'Argent.
00023310: Smile, Commander! You're so handsome when you smile!
00023334: Can I get you a drink, Commander Cullen?
00023335: Are you married, Commander?
00023336: Did you just... grab my bottom?
00023337: He's just as handsome when he doesn't.
00023338: You must dance with me, Commander! You cannot stand about all evening.
00023343: I'm afraid not, thank you.
00023347: Perhaps, but wouldn't you do anything to protect what you love?
0002334C: So you were her spymaster, too.
00023351: You still haven't told me what you did, exactly.
00023352: You're evading the question.
00023354: Sounds like a spymaster.
00023356: I handled difficult situations that couldn't be resolved through more delicate means.
0002336D: I'm a weak man.
0002336E: I couldn't help myself!
0002338E: Your journey ends.
0002338F: No, thank you.
00023391: He hasn't made the pickup. It's been hours.
00023392: You don't want to be here, stranger.
00023393: With Samson gone, the red templars are scrambling.
00023394: Calpernia's loss has left the Venatori demoralized. They'll be easy to eliminate.
00023395: Not yet, but I am... already taken.
00023396: I'm... married to my work.
00023397: They seem grateful to the Inquisition for the return of their village.
00023398: Some of the generals are sympathetic to our cause. Others are still suspicious.
00023399: At least two scouts have gone missing. We must make our move, and quickly.
0002339B: Our actions are under a great deal of scrutiny.
0002339C: Unfortunately, our show of support for the mages has angered many.
0002339D: The people are returning, slowly but surely.
0002339E: The people trust the templars, and now they trust us.
0002339F: I've agents stationed by the ruins of Haven, should Corypheus or his lackeys return.
000233A0: So far, nothing, and the Breach has been quiet for some time. That is something, at least.
000233A2: Having the templars join the Inquisition has done wonders for our reputation.
000233A4: I would love to hear about your time in Kirkwall, Commander.
000233A5: Still single, then...
000233A6: Do you enjoy music, Commander?
000233A7: Commander, has anyone ever told you that you have the most remarkable eyes?
000233A8: You have such beautiful hair, Commander.
000233C2: Celene has cemented power in Orlais. Good. We need an ally like her.
000233C3: I would expect nothing less from him. We've gained a ruthless ally.
000233C4: At the moment, she is said to be rooting out the last of Gaspard's supporters.
000233C5: There is upheaval in Orlais. Our support of Ambassador Briala has scandalized the nobility.
000233C6: Once that is done, we will have a united Orlais behind the Inquisition.
000233C8: I'm quite pleased, personally. If Orlais is in turmoil, they will look to us for stability.
000233C9: Celene's loyalists are causing trouble in Orlais. Emperor Gaspard is employing harsh tactics.
00023461: Everyone enjoys music, madam.
00023470: Several times this evening, actually.
00023493: One or more pieces of equipment equipped are not valid for the selected character. The changes were discarded.
00023495: Another time, perhaps.
00023496: Thank you.
00023499: What's with the masks?
0002349A: Orlesians codify this truth, make it visible.
0002349B: I've always wondered, what's the Orlesian fascination with masks?
0002349C: Who you are as a son, a lover, a friend is not the same man who speaks for Andraste and leads the Inquisition.
0002349D: By giving each of these selves its own separate face, they believe they can be their truest selves, unmasked.
0002349E: Who you are as a daughter, a lover, a friend are very different people from the Inquisitor and Herald of Andraste.
0002349F: We all wear masks, my dear. Not just the people in Orlais.
00023566: Who does Orzammar favor in the negotiations tonight?
00023567: King Aeducan has put considerable coin behind the empress in hopes that trade in foodstuffs will resume quickly.
00023568: His Majesty King Harrowmont has made considerable coin supplying the grand duke's army with dwarven steel.
00023569: My contacts said there's a new supplier, but we can't track down who it might be.
0002356B: We have reserves of food supplies to last a few months. But the king wants trade resumed before panic starts.
0002356C: How has the lyrium trade dropped off so sharply?
0002356D: Not long. The last dispatch said they were rioting in the Diamond Quarter over food shortages.
0002356E: How long can Orzammar hold out with trade disrupted?
0002356F: With so much fighting, demand should be higher than ever.
00023570: World Map
00023571: Change Floor
00023572: Is it true the Assembly is considering naming another Paragon? Three in a single generation...
00023574: Has there been any news of Paragon Brosca?
00023575: I've heard the statue of Paragon Brosca has finally been unveiled to the public.
00023576: Not a whisper. We could use the guidance of a Paragon about now.
00023577: It stands in front of the palace. King Bhelen wants all of Orzammar to venerate his wife's noble house.
00023578: Yes. King Harrowmont is quite proud of it. Not every king gets to add to the Hall of Heroes.
00023579: Any news of Paragon Branka?
0002357A: Is the statue of Paragon Aeducan as grand as they say?
0002357B: No. King Harrowmont has been forced to declare the Paragon dead.
0002357C: Not in months. The Assembly insists on declaring the Paragon dead, but King Bhelen refuses to give up the search.
0002357E: It's a little... small. Several deshyrs have accused King Harrowmont of cutting costs.
0002357F: More grand, probably. King Bhelen spared no expense. It is a second Paragon in his own house, after all.
00023580: Has there been news of Paragon Aeducan?
00023581: Not since the king cut off her supply of casteless. Ghastly business.
00023582: Her name has been submitted, but it will take years before they come to a decision. A surface smith? Unlikely.
00023583: Venatori forces have been eliminated.
00023584: Demonic forces have been eliminated.
00023587: How are the talks proceeding?
00023588: You must admit, the work done in Cumberland is revolutionary.
00023589: Emissaries to Kal-Sharok have yet to return. I doubt we'll find them alive.
0002358A: They can't be that bad!
0002358B: Your investments seem to be paying off.
0002358C: The reports from the Minrathous Ambassadoria are particularly disturbing.
0002358D: They remind me of the Assembly of Orzammar.
0002358E: Where are they getting it from?
0002358F: More importantly, who is selling it? The Carta?
00023590: I have yet to see the device, but the ambassador to Nevarra will talk of nothing else.
00023591: {i}A message is attached, written in a large flowing hand and bordered with doodles:{/i}

People say you're special. I want to help, and I can bring everyone.

There's a baddie in Val Royeaux. I hear he wants to hurt you. Have a search for the red things in the market, the docks, and 'round the cafe, and maybe you'll meet him first. Bring swords.

Friends of Red Jenny

{i}A poor drawing of the locations in the market is attached.{/i}

00023592: Favors for Favors for Friends
00023593: The king knows nothing of this. The Merchant Guild sent the emissaries.
00023594: Not directly. The emissaries came from the Merchant Guild, but the expedition was financed by the king.
00023595: I thought Orzammar refused any official recognition of Kal-Sharok.
00023596: So Bhelen decided to reach out to them, after all?
00023597: {i}A scrap of parchment is hastily torn from an ornate document, stuffed into its hiding space with a large red sock:{/i}

...and we are to obey well. We meet at three bells to discuss how best to serve the new way.

{i}Scrawled below in a misspelled script:{/i}

Herald go at time. Praise Adrast.

00023598: War encourages armies to borrow coin. No one wants to lose their country because they were afraid of interest rates.
00023599: Why are there so many elves here?
0002359A: I can hardly believe Gaspard and Celene are in the same room.
0002359B: Can Gaspard take the throne without the backing of the Council of Heralds?
0002359C: I wish there was more news coming from the Grand Cathedral.
000235EA: Good news is becoming an increasingly rare commodity.
000235F6: He plans to take it by force. If the council won't recognize him, he'll march against them.
00023607: The empress invited them. Be polite.
00023608: Grand Duchess Florianne must have worked a miracle to get them here.
00023609: Is that the Inquisitor?
0002360A: A Qunari? Surely not.
0002362F: A dwarf? I had no idea.
00023630: A Dalish? No, that cannot be.
00023631: A Marcher? The Maker has an odd sense of humor.
00023646: If nothing else, the Inquisition backing Gaspard will make Celene nervous. You know how pious she is.
00023647: I heard the grand duke invited the Inquisition here.
00023649: Gaspard never struck me as pious. He must think he gains a military advantage with the Inquisition.
0002364A: What is Gaspard up to? It wouldn't surprise me if he brought the Inquisitor here as a prank.
00023662: I told you we should have worn the silver brocades. Maker's breath! We look like every other fool here!
00023663: I was merely being polite. Unlike some people.
00023664: Did I see you talking to Duke Cyril de Montfort?
00023665: I cannot believe you did not dance at all! You spent the entire evening drinking port and glowering like a Fereldan turnip!
00023666: Don't give me that! I've seen the way he looks at you!
00023667: I cannot believe you danced four times with Cyril de Montfort!
00023668: Would you calm down? You look magnificent.
00023669: I am not talking to you until we get home.
0002366A: We should have stayed at home. This was such a mistake.
0002366B: Fine by me.
0002366C: {i}A different, simple script on the back of a stable report, marked with red paint:{/i}

Thank you Friends for helping good lady Keris. Saw those who asked about Herald enter third passage. Could not stay to see them exit.

00023677: {i}Taken together, the messages reveal a time, path, and key to a location on the world map.{/i}
00023678: {i}A red handkerchief folded around a key, with a small, hasty scrawl:{/i}

Key lifted from drunk swearing about Herald. Don't know what door. I'm out, my debt is paid.

000236CE: Do you want Celene dead?
000236CF: Do you want her dead?
000236D2: What was Gaspard thinking, inviting that fool?
000236D9: Poor Gaspard, saddled with that knife-eared idiot woman.
000236DE: Since when is Gaspard any friend of the Dalish?
000236DF: Poor Gaspard, allied with that oafish Marcher woman.
000236E0: So, Gaspard brings a bull to the party? Fitting.
000236E1: Gaspard must be out of his mind, inviting that ox-woman.
000236E2: Why in the world did Gaspard invite that thuggish Carta woman?
000236E3: A little crass of Gaspard to bring his Carta smuggler to a ball.
0002375A: Accept Report
00023773: Confirm Advisor
00023777: Inquisitor.
00023778: What a pleasant surprise.
00023779: Are you lost?
0002377A: Is there something you need?
0002377B: Inquisitor.
0002377C: Inquisitor.
0002377D: Inquisitor.
00023781: His serials are terribly popular across the empire.
00023782: Of course, my lady.
00023783: Who is not a fan of Lord Varric's work?
00023784: Titles outside the royal family are not recognized at court, but they remain part of ancient estates.
00023785: Another time, perhaps.
00023786: We are so pleased you brought him with you this evening, Inquisitor.
00023787: You're fans of Varric's?
00023788: The Council of Heralds exists to oversee the inheritance and creation of new titles of nobility.
00023789: Good evening.
0002378A: I overheard you talking. I take it you're fans of Varric's books?
0002378B: Perhaps you could tell me about the Council of Heralds? What is its purpose?
0002378C: Of course, my lord.
0002378D: Have you noticed anything?
0002378E: Tell me about the council.
0002378F: In the event that there is no clear inheritor to an estate, it falls to us to decide the case.
00023790: You haven't seen anything... unusual tonight, have you?
00023791: N/A
00023792: Now that you mention it, the royal wing is sealed, and no one knows why.
00023793: A great pity. The garden in that part of the palace is exquisite.
00023794: Nothing could be more peculiar than Gaspard and Celene dancing together.
00023795: The templars were abandoned.
00023796: By directing attention elsewhere, the templars cannot be recruited to join the Inquisition.
000237B7: Lord Inquisitor.
000237B8: Lady Inquisitor.
000237B9: You are an interesting one.
000237BA: Oh, you don't want to speak with me, darling.
000237BB: Perhaps we can speak later, Inquisitor.
000237BD: Run along, Inquisitor.
000237BE: Another time, perhaps.
000237BF: I'd like your opinion of this gathering, my lady.
000237C0: Care to dance?
000237C1: What do you think of the ball?
000237C2: Goodbye.
000237C3: Good evening, milady.
000237C4: Would you care to dance, Lady Mantillon?
000237C5: An eloquent Qunari! Nobody saw that coming, I assure you.
000237C6: You have quite the silver tongue, Inquisitor. I do hope you put it to good use.
000237C7: Have you noticed anything odd this evening?
000237C8: A Dalish in the Winter Palace, more genteel than the grand duke. That's put this lot in their place, hasn't it?
000237C9: It's doomed to fail, of course. Celene knows that.
000237CA: Seen anything interesting?
000237CB: A dwarf from the Carta, of all places, with the manners of a noble. The Merchant Guild will be outraged.
000237CD: But you have other dances to perform first. Perhaps you will save me a dance for later.
000237CE: At least it should be amusing. We haven't had such a menagerie at court in living memory.
000237CF: You, Inquisitor, are a delight. One does not often find foreigners so well-versed in the Game.
000237D0: Too few imperial guards stand in attendance, my dear. A shame. They're so pleasantly decorative.
000237D2: Is there any progress on the Helmi expedition to Amgarrak?
000237D3: House Dace remains steadfast in blocking all attempts to get into the thaig.
000237DD: He can't be here! Not possible!
000237DE: It's the Inquisitor!
000237DF: Where are the hounds? Who lost the hounds?
000237E0: Pardon us, Lord Varric.
000237E1: Please excuse me.
000237E2: Look at Lady Cambienne's slippers. Trimmed with pearls <i>and</i> emeralds?
000237E3: I'll keep watch.
000237E4: Pardon me a moment.
000237EB: And those buckles! Toss her into the lake, and she'll sink right to the bottom. What a disaster.
000237EC: There is a Tevinter assassin on the loose, and you're concerned about buckles? On shoes?
000237EF: What the.... My gauntlets are greased!
000237F0: She can't be here! Not possible!
000237F1: Josephine! Oh, Josephine, is this her?
000237F2: A pleasure.
000237F3: Delighted to meet you, Lady Montilyet.
000237F4: <i>(Sighs.)</i> Inquisitor, please allow me to present to you my younger sister. Yvette Gabriella Montilyet.
000237F5: Josephine! Oh, Josephine, is this him?
000237F6: Another Lady Montilyet?
000237F7: There can never be too many Lady Montilyets in Thedas, can there?
000237F8: <i>(Giggles.)</i>
000237F9: Hello.
000237FA: Inquisitor, I've heard so much about you! But not as much as I want.
000237FB: Greetings, my lady.
000237FC: Josephine writes, but she never <i>tells</i> me anything.
000237FD: I'm afraid you're mistaken.
000237FE: Is it true you and Josephine are going to elope and move to the Anderfels and join the Grey Wardens and fight darkspawn?
000237FF: Yvette!
00023800: Excuse me?
00023801: I knew it!
00023802: I already packed our bags, didn't I, darling?
00023803: I want to know!
00023804: Rumors exaggerate many things, Lady Yvette.
00023805: Absolutely.
00023806: Inquisitor, please give her no more ammunition. I beg you.
00023807: It sounded so romantic.
00023808: What are you <i>talking</i> about? Of course not!
0002380B: Sure, why not.
0002380C: Everyone in Antiva says so! Is it true?
0002380D: I <i>knew</i> it!
0002380E: Of course not. How do people come up with these ideas?
0002380F: I'm afraid not.
00023810: Not at all.
00023811: Where did you hear such nonsense?
00023812: Of course. Every word. Especially the parts where everyone was nude.
00023813: Oh. How dull Redcliffe must have been, then.
00023814: Those stories are little more than wistful thinking, my lady.
00023815: Is it true rebel mages in Redcliffe were performing blood rites and orgies before you stopped them?
00023816: She is unconcerned with the possibility of losing the shoe or soiling it. A vulgar display of wealth.
00023818: Shoes? That's your concern?
00023819: Gold and jewels on a dancing slipper. A slipper is easily lost, and finds itself in the dust and dirt.
0002381B: Everyone needs a hobby. Besides, you can learn a great deal about a person from their clothing.
0002381C: Here as a guest of my nephew, no less. How curious.
0002381D: Well, well. The Inquisitor.
0002381F: Yes?
00023820: Gaspard is your nephew?
00023821: Have you noticed anything strange this evening?
00023822: What can you tell me about the civil war?
00023823: Good evening.
00023824: Have you seen anything?
00023825: Another time, my lord.
00023826: Tell me about the war.
00023827: I didn't know the grand duke was your nephew.
00023839: Everyone in Antiva City is saying so! Is it true?
0002383A: <i>(Groans.)</i>
0002383B: Eeek! How awful!
0002383C: That's not what happened at Therinfal Redoubt.
0002383D: There was dark magic there, yes, but none of it so... visceral.
0002383E: Oh, it was awful. Mage bones everywhere. Practically a carpet of skulls over a river of blood.
0002383F: Is it true you found the red templars sacrificing heretics and drinking blood from mages' veins?
00023840: It's all exaggerated.
00023841: <i>(Sighs wearily.)</i>
00023842: Every bit of it.
00023843: That's quite enough, Yvette. Really.
00023844: Yvette!
00023845: That's preposterous.
00023846: Oh. Did you check everywhere?
00023847: Hello!
00023849: Inquisitor.
0002384A: This may be my only chance to hear about when Josephine was a girl.
00023850: But Lady Cambienne's family has recently lost most of its holdings. They have their title, but little else.
00023851: So! How did Cambienne acquire such a grand shoe, hmm? What has she done? Who has she bedded?
00023852: These are all useful questions, no?
00023855: He is my brother's eldest boy. Always a difficult child, Gaspard. Never listened, never did what he was told.
00023874: For some of us, it has become so familiar that the steps may be performed in our sleep.
00023875: All this? The smiles, the small talk? It is a dance. And like any dance, it can be learned.
00023876: Anything to report?
00023877: Have you seen anything interesting?
00023878: Oh, yes. Halamshiral is lousy with scandals and scheming.
00023879: Ugh, so many crimes of fashion.
0002387A: But no sign of our Tevinter infiltrator, I'm afraid.
0002387B: I always am.
0002387D: We'll speak later.
0002387F: I should go. Be on your guard.
00023882: Yvette!
00023883: Oh, yes! Has she told you about when she was ten and—
00023884: Enjoying the ball?
00023885: Yvette...
00023886: How's the evening?
00023887: She once told the Duke of—
00023888: I see many—
00023889: She still plays with her doll collection when no one's looking!
0002388A: I'll see you later.
0002388B: Yvette. Stop.
0002388C: Any tales about Josephine?
0002388D: Absolutely not.
0002388E: Another time!
0002388F: Go on, Josephine.
00023890: Goodbye.
00023891: Sorry, Josie.
00023892: Hrmph.
00023893: <i>No.</i>
00023894: Half Val Royeaux must be empty, so many of the empire's finest are in attendance.
00023895: That's... absurd. Absolutely preposterous!
00023896: The dancing is so dull, Your Worship, but the empress's gallery is <i>magnificent!</i>
00023897: Fine. What about when we were climbing the cliffs by the—
00023898: <i>(Snickers.)</i>
000238A3: You spoke of Lady Cambienne's shoes, earlier. Shouldn't you be focused on other things?
000238A4: You mentioned someone's shoes?
000238A5: Please continue, Josephine.
000238A6: They've noticed the empress paying you special attention, but they don't quite know how to take advantage of it yet.
000238A7: This uncertainty won't last long, I'm afraid.
000238D5: Cheeky, yeah?
000238D6: <i>(Laughs.)</i>
000238D9: Why didn't you take their weapons?
000238DB: Butt, butt, butt!
000238DC: Because no breeches! <i>(Laughs.)</i>
00023915: Perhaps I shall call on you soon.
00023916: Eleven! And already up to my elbow. Oh, how they grow.
00023917: Right in the plums!
00023918: Bunch of nutters!
0002391A: My niece Florianne hasn't spoken to me all evening. That's not like her.
0002391B: He was raised a prince. All his life, we told him he would be emperor. It was his destiny. His duty.
0002391C: What else should he do with his life, if not fight for his destiny?
0002391F: If you are hoping for insight, you've come to the wrong man.
00023920: It's war. It is brutal and terrible and sometimes necessary. There's nothing more to say.
00023951: This storeroom is locked for the party. The palace entrance is over there... through the very large, gilded doors.
00023954: My lord. The door is locked for a reason. Please go into the palace through the front doors.
00023955: My lady. You have had too much wine. This is a locked storeroom. Not an entrance.
0002395C: The offer still stands, you know.
0002395D: I wish I didn't.
0002395F: Remember when I used to threaten to take you shopping?
00023960: You stay away from my child. You're a terrible influence.
00023961: I'm going now.
00023962: Did Kieran pick it out?
00023963: <i>(Sighs.)</i> Yes, he did.
00023964: That boy has wonderful taste.
00023985: <i>(Laughs.)</i>
00023986: We don't have a reliable report on Haven yet.
00023987: We have confirmation. Give the signal.
00023988: Any word from our contacts in the Royal Wing?
00023997: Why? It was just a foolish game.
00023999: If you wish.
0002399A: Please humor me.
0002399B: The knife that fit in the box... Why does it mean so much to both you and Justinia?
0002399C: What was that knife?
000239A0: Give our agents more time.
000239A1: The last two people we sent to the servants' quarters have failed to report.
000239A2: No one's reported in.
000239A3: At once.
000239A4: There's been a lot of activity from the duke's people over there. I'll send another agent.
000239A5: Keep an eye on the duke. He's preparing for something major.
000239A6: How many are inside the palace now?
000239A7: What's the situation?
000239A8: I've got a report for Briala.
000239A9: Not enough to worry about yet. We're keeping an eye on them.
000239AA: There was an incident. We're cleaning it up.
000239AB: Good, she's been waiting.
000239AC: Understood.
000239C1: Oh.
000239C2: Any advice?
000239C4: No! I didn't mean to—Maker's breath! I've answered that question so many times I'm rejecting it automatically.
000239C5: Do you have any advice?
000239C6: The sooner we track down this infiltrator, the better.
000239C7: Carry on.
000239C8: Inquisitor! Did you need something?
000239C9: Nothing that stands out. I doubt there's a single person here <i>without</i> ulterior motives.
000239CA: Inquisitor! Was there something you needed?
000239CB: I don't suppose you'd save a dance for me?
000239CC: No, thank you.
000239CD: I'm not one for dancing. The templars never attended balls.
000239CE: Not yet. It would be easier if people would stop talking to me.
000239CF: Have you noticed anything out of the ordinary?
000239D1: We'll talk later.
000239D2: Anything to report?
000239D3: You've attracted a following. Who are all these people?
000239D4: I await your signal.
000239D5: You have admirers.
000239D6: Save me a dance?
000239D7: Did he say what they were after?
000239D8: Something about a well? He was almost incoherent after the attack.
000239D9: Our contact with the Dalish barely made it out in time.
000239DA: I'll inform Briala.
000239DB: We just got word. Another Dalish clan's been attacked on the border of the Arbor Wilds.
000239DC: I'll let you know at once if I do.
000239DE: I don't know, but they won't leave me alone.
00023A2F: Not enjoying the attention, then?
00023A30: I take it you're not enjoying yourself.
00023A31: At this point, the headache I'm developing is preferable to the company.
00023A32: You don't enjoy the attention?
00023A33: Hardly. Anyway, yours—<i>(clears throat)</i>—yours is the only attention worth having.
00023A34: Not enjoying the party?
00023AF4: Orlesian social events don't fall within my area of expertise.
00023AF5: I like it when we help people.
00023AF6: It was good to do that.
00023AF8: I'm glad we helped them.
00023AF9: They're happier now.
00023AFA: I'm glad we did that.
00023AFB: They were hurting, and we helped. Their lives are better because of us.
00023AFF: Other people. Not you.
00023B05: I'm not much of a dancer these days.
00023B06: My brother used to throw galas like this in Kirkwall. I always tried to avoid them.
00023B07: To be honest, I haven't seen much. But you wouldn't expect anything to happen out in the open.
00023B08: I didn't know my books sold so well in Orlais. I'm going to have a chat with my publisher.
00023B09: Everyone is on edge, and it's not just that they're worried about the war.
00023B22: You seem to know Josephine quite well.
00023B23: How do you know Josephine?
00023B24: I met her a long time ago, but we didn't become good friends until years later. After the Blight, in fact.
00023B51: Perhaps, when this is all over, I'll teach you.
00023B52: The best way to learn is to immerse yourself in it.
00023B73: Later, then.
00023B81: There are few here we can trust. Be careful.
00023B88: Tell me about yourself, Lady Yvette. This is the first time I've encountered any of Josephine's family.
00023B89: Tell me about yourself.
00023C5B: Did you hear what Gaspard said to Duke Germain? His own uncle!
00023C5C: Germain bore his nephew's spite better than the rest of the council. Did you see that panicked attaché roaming about?
00023C60: Ravager
00023C61: Slicer
00023C62: Twinblade
00023C63: Gaspard is wasting his time. Nothing he does could win over the Council of Heralds now.
00023C65: He should have considered that before threatening to burn them all in their homes.
00023C66: Awfully selfish of this Philippe, running off to play and leaving you with all the work.
00023C67: I've half a mind to inform the dowager. That would teach him to shirk his duties to roll some elven maid.
00023C68: Philippe is a jerk!
00023C69: Philippe should have returned hours ago! Dallying with some serving girl while I deal with Gaspard's vitriol?
00023C6A: I can't imagine Gaspard being vitriolic. What's the matter?
00023C6B: How did you cross Gaspard?
00023C6C: The grand duke bears a grudge against the council for refusing him the crown.
00023C6E: What backwater did you come from? Everyone knows that.
00023C6F: Thank you for listening to me rant. You are too kind, Inquisitor.
00023C70: Please wait...
00023CAD: Downloading Data. Please Wait...
00023DA7: The fate of Empress Celene, and in turn, all of Orlais, has been threatened. The Inquisition must intervene.
00023DA8: Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts
00023DAC: There may be someone or something in the Winter Palace gardens that will shed some light on the civil war in Orlais.
00023DAE: Court approval
00023DCA: Undefined
00023DCE: Return to the gates.
00023DD0: Key
00023E04: Head to the war room to find a way into the Winter Palace.
00023E05: Explore the Palace Gardens.
00023E06: Enter the Winter Palace.
00023E07: It would be unwise to ignore the host of a party of this scope, especially when that host is the Empress of Orlais. Best to make the Inquisition's presence known.
00023E08: Court approval
00023E09: Enter the ballroom.
00023E0B: Approach Celene.
00023E0D: Regroup at the chantry.
00023E7D: I'll be right here if you need me.
00023E7F: Later then.
00023E81: And... there he goes.
00023E82: And... there she goes.
00023E83: Your party has died.
00023F32: More information about Corypheus's agent may be found in the guest wing of the Winter Palace.
00023F62: Horse
00023F75: Investigate Briala's agents.
00023F76: The servants are concerned about suspicious activity in their quarters.
00023F77: Enter the servants' quarters.
00023F78: Return to the ballroom.
00023F79: Explore the Grand Apartments.
00023F7B: Explore the Grand Library for information on the empress's occult advisor.
00023F7C: Court approval
00023F7D: Find the harlequin.
00023F7E: Explore the servants' quarters.
00023F7F: Return to the ballroom to confront Gaspard.
00023F99: {CUSTOM0}% chance of Masterwork
00023F9A: +{CUSTOM0}% to stats on success
00023F9E: Bow Upgrades
000240A0: Match Summary
000240A1: You Have Died
00024115: I'd gotten used to mages disliking me on principle.
0002414C: You could always help.
0002414D: I'm impressed by what Cullen has accomplished with the troops.
0002414E: Yes, he is.
0002414F: How'd you know he's a templar?
00024150: Qunari learn the same thing when we train to fight Tevinter mages. Your templar's doing good work.
00024151: He didn't have to. Might not be a templar shield, but it's a templar holding it.
00024152: You sound like you want to head down there and give the troops some pointers.
00024153: I'd rather discuss your men.
00024155: Are your mercenaries adjusting to life here?
00024156: He angles the shield just a bit down. Helps direct fire or acid away, so it doesn't spray right into your face.
00024157: They've got good form. Cullen's putting his templar training to good use.
00024158: Did Cullen tell you he was a templar? He's not wearing the armor.
00024165: Inquisition's already too large for that. The Chargers are big enough for me.
00024168: Nah. I'm no good at command unless I know who my guys are sleeping with and what they like to drink.
0002416A: Required: {CUSTOM0} {CUSTOM1}
00024188: Damn right. It takes time to build a group into a team. But he's got their loyalty.
00024189: Getting there. No major fights with Inquisition troops, beyond the usual chest-thumping.
0002418A: Now he just needs 'em to make a decent shield wall, and they'll be good to go.
0002418E: Don't worry. The Chargers have worked with other groups before. I'll keep them in line.
000241A5: Total Damage Output Display
000241C0: Light Veilfire
000241C1: Light Brazier
000242FD: Optional: {CUSTOM0} {CUSTOM1}
000242FE: Masterwork
0002437F: Grip
00024380: Enhanced Grip
00024381: Superb Grip
0002438A: Greatbow
0002438B: Longbow
0002438C: Bow
000243C1: Scepter
000243C2: Staff
000243C3: Rod
000243CA: Longsword
000243CB: Broadsword
000243CC: Falchion
000243CD: Morning Star
000243CE: Mace
000243CF: Club
000243D0: Battleaxe
000243D1: Axe
000243D2: Hatchet
000243D5: Amulet of Summon Wisp
000243D6: Amulet of Pain Aura
000243D7: Mark of Death
000243D8: Stealth Belt
000243D9: Meditation Belt
000243DA: Superior Stealth Belt
000243DB: Round Shield
000243DC: Kite Shield
000243DD: Tower Shield
000243E3: Greatsword
000243E4: Greatblade
000243E5: Claymore
000243E8: Greataxe
000243E9: Halberd
000243EA: Cleaver
000243EB: Maul
000243EC: Crusher
000243ED: War Hammer
000243EE: Improved Pommel
000243EF: Pommel
000243F0: Superb Pommel
000243F1: Element
000243F2: Head
000243F3: Crest
000243FE: Battlemaster Coat
000243FF: Vanguard Coat
00024400: Defender Arms
00024401: Battlemaster Arms
00024402: Defender Legs
00024403: Defender Coat
00024404: Vanguard Legs
00024405: Vanguard Arms
00024406: Battlemaster Legs
00024407: Scout Arms
00024408: Hunter Arms
00024409: Prowler Legs
0002440A: Hunter Coat
0002440B: Scout Legs
0002440C: Hunter Legs
0002440D: Prowler Coat
0002440E: Scout Coat
0002440F: Prowler Arms
00024410: Enchanter Arms
00024411: Battlemage Arms
00024412: Battlemage Coat
00024413: Apprentice Legs
00024414: Battlemage Legs
00024415: Apprentice Coat
00024416: Enchanter Legs
00024417: Apprentice Arms
00024418: Enchanter Coat
00024423: Seeker Shield
00024424: Warden Shield
00024425: Templar Shield
00024426: Greatshield
0002452B: Cullen almost has Inquisition troops in place. However, to ensure a clear victor for the throne of Orlais, material must be gathered to blackmail any opponents.
0002452C: Return to Cullen with the information gathered.
0002452E: Court approval
0002452F: Find material in the royal wing to blackmail Briala.
00024530: Evade the trap.
00024531: Follow the Divine.
000245A6: Would you like to purchase {CUSTOM0} for {CUSTOM1} {CUSTOM2}?
000245A7: Potions
000245A8: Chests
000245A9: FREE
000245C5: Masterwork Failure
000245C6: Masterwork Success!
00024656: <i>(Screams.)</i> Stay back!
00024681: Hello? Is anyone there? Somebody? Anybody?
0002469D: You painted Orlesian assholes! When I get out of this, I'll butcher you like the pigs you are!
000246F8: Trebuchet
00024759: Purchase failed. {CUSTOM0}
00024771: Bianca
00024774: Bianca
00024775: Bianca
00024834: Lower Ladder
0002489B: Dragon Age: Inquisition
0002489C: Salvaging Item. Please Wait...
000248EC: Well, they know who <i>I</i> am, at least!
000248EF: And my miners appreciate your business. You'll have your lyrium by the end of the week.
000248F0: The Inquisition appreciates your assistance in this matter, Lady Korpin.
00024903: Confront Grand Duchess Florianne.
00024904: It is time to choose a leader for Orlais.
00024905: The Grand Duchess Florianne is working for Corypheus. She must be stopped.
00024906: Return to the ballroom.
0002494B: Refresh
0002494C: Add Platinum
00024969: I should tell you, Ambassador, the Chantry raised some fuss when they learned about our arrangement.
0002496F: The Inquisition must certainly seem an audacious idea to the grand clerics.
00024970: We hope to convince them it is a necessary one as well.
00024A4D: Change Difficulty
00024AC8: Grant's Crossing
00024AC9: Intrinsic Pool
00024ACA: Envers Mining Camp
00024ACB: Ritual Rock
00024ACC: Stratos
00024ACD: Aires Peak
00024ACE: Upper Walkway
00024ACF: Solasan
00024AD0: Forbidden Oasis
00024AD1: Dustdrop
00024AD3: Masterwork Everite
00024AD4: Masterwork Blue Vitriol
00024AD5: Masterwork Obsidian
00024AD6: Masterwork Drakestone
00024AD7: Masterwork Lazurite
00024AD8: Masterwork Bloodstone
00024AD9: Masterwork Royale Sea Silk
00024ADA: Masterwork Ram Leather
00024ADB: Masterwork Lambswool
00024ADC: Masterwork King's Willow Weave
00024ADD: Masterwork Paragon's Luster
00024ADE: Masterwork Cotton
00024ADF: Masterwork Silk
00024AE0: Masterwork Iron
00024AE1: Masterwork Halla Leather
00024AE2: Masterwork Silverite
00024AE3: Masterwork Rainbow Tear
00024AE4: Masterwork Dawnstone
00024AE5: Masterwork Bear Hide
00024AE6: Masterwork Stormheart
00024AE7: Masterwork Red Hart Leather
00024AE8: Masterwork Silk Brocade
00024AEA: Masterwork Lustrous Cotton
00024AEB: Masterwork Gurn Hide
00024AEC: Masterwork Druffalo Hide
00024AED: Masterwork Volcanic Aurum
00024AEE: Masterwork Velveteen
00024AEF: Masterwork Pyrophite
00024AF0: Masterwork Nevarrite
00024AF1: Masterwork Wyvern Scales
00024AF2: Masterwork Canine Leather
00024AF3: Masterwork Bronto Hide
00024AF4: Masterwork Ring Velvet
00024AF5: Masterwork Veridium
00024AF6: Masterwork Everknit Wool
00024AF7: Masterwork Dragonling Scales
00024AF8: Masterwork Gurgut Webbing
00024AF9: Masterwork Dales Loden Wool
00024AFA: Masterwork Serpentstone
00024AFB: Masterwork Nugskin
00024AFC: Masterwork Summer Stone
00024AFD: Masterwork Onyx
00024AFE: Masterwork Darkened Samite
00024AFF: Masterwork Quillback Leather
00024B00: Masterwork Varghest Scales
00024B01: Masterwork Infused Vyrantium Samite
00024B02: Masterwork Highever Weave
00024B03: Masterwork Imperial Vestment Cotton
00024B04: Masterwork Plaideweave
00024B06: Masterwork Plush Fustian Velvet
00024B07: Masterwork Deepstalker Hide
00024B08: Masterwork Wyvern Scales
00024B09: Masterwork Fennec Fur
00024B0A: Masterwork Samite
00024B0B: Masterwork Great Bear Hide
00024B8E: Ah, so if we banish you, we banish the demons? Thank you, every fear come to life.
00024B90: Dirth ma, harellan. Ma banal enasalin. Mar solas ena mar din.
00024B9C: Perhaps <i>I</i> should be afraid, facing the most powerful members of the Inquisition. <i>(Laughs.)</i>
00024BB0: You couldn't even save your city. How could you expect to strike down a god?
00024BB8: You're a failure, and your family died knowing it.
00024BBF: Did you think you mattered, Hawke? Did you think anything you ever did mattered?
00024BC2: I am the Veiled hand of Corypheus himself! The demon army you fear? I command it. They are bound all through me!
00024BCC: Do you think you can fight me? I am your every fear come to life!
00024C0F: Find out what happened.
00024C22: The ground in the Fade feels much the same. It's just more likely to disappear.
00024C29: Nothing in the Fade bothered me.
00024C2A: The Fade didn't scare me.
00024C35: Well, you can breathe easy. I've not yet known the ground here to disappear.
00024C3B: I'm thankful to be back. No one should enter the Fade physically.
00024C48: It doesn't feel different.
00024C51: I didn't get the chance to say so earlier, but welcome back to Skyhold.
00024C5D: But I suppose nothing is certain these days.
00024C61: After that terrible journey through the Fade, it must feel good to stand on solid ground again, no?
00024C65: And you've done it twice now. Shall I count you fortunate or unfortunate?
00024C77: Yes, I'm glad.
00024C7A: Oh? Well, I am glad for you, then.
00024C83: There was no way to save Alistair, was there?
00024C84: He might not be dead.
00024C85: I tried.
00024C86: Alistair gave his life willingly.
00024C89: But lost in the Fade? As good as dead then.
00024C8A: Yes, of course he did it willingly. That wonderful boy.
00024C8B: We will toast to his memory.
00024C8D: We don't know that he's dead.
00024C8E: I didn't want to leave him. I tried my best.
00024C91: I know you did.
00024C92: It was his choice.
00024CB2: May you enjoy safe passage to Val Royeaux, Your Worship.
00024CB3: Quite the contrary, Inquisitor. Lord Otranto is greatly looking forward to his first duel of the month.
00024CDE: Gold
00024CDF: Platinum
00024CEA: Quit
00024CEB: Unknown error.
00024CEC: Insufficient funds.
00024CED: A transaction is already in progress. Please wait for it to be completed and try again.
00024CEE: This offer doesn't exist on the server.
00024D67: We must weaken the rift's barrier!
00024D69: We must seal it! Quickly!
00024D6B: Another rift!
00024D6F: Left-Hand Rune Damage
00024D74: So next time maybe don't listen to the noble who makes us wait in the foyer.
00024D75: Next time, Josephine, maybe don't have us wait outside when you're meeting about a murder.
00024D76: Let's discuss this problem in safety, Inquisitor. At Skyhold.
00024D77: I <i>thought</i> the comte was rather insistent you have that discussion without us.
00024D78: Well, that's the last time I agree to wait on the other side of a door when you're around.
00024D79: We were lucky. I shouldn't have let the comte make us wait downstairs while you and Lady Montilyet were here.
00024D7A: Villains. I should have insisted we remain with you instead of waiting downstairs like servants.
00024D7B: I <i>knew</i> the bastard was up to something when he wouldn't let us upstairs with you two.
00024D85: Sera, you will have all my thanks once we get back Skyhold in safety.
00024D87: Yes, thank you, Lord Pavus. I think it's time we returned to Skyhold.
00024D88: I shall keep it in mind.
00024D89: Welcome, by the way.
00024D8A: The fault is mine. You all put yourselves in danger here because of me.
00024D8B: Are you two all right?
00024D8C: I've much to discuss with the Inquisitor there.
00024DA7: Sister Leliana will bring about interesting times.
00024DBD: Oculara can locate shards in the world. When an ocularum can no longer see any shards, it stops glowing.

{controller}Use {StringBtnRStick}{/controller}{notcontroller}Move the mouse{/notcontroller} to look around. Focusing on a shard will mark it on your map.
00024DC3: Shards
00024DC4: Collect shards and use them to unlock shard chambers.
00024DDB: Yes, yes—you're the stern older sister who'll rip me to shreds if I so much as make poor Josephine sniffle.
00024DDC: Whatever happens, I'm glad to see Josephine has a concerned friend here.
00024DDD: Josephine and I aren't children.
00024DEF: I'm glad you care for Josephine.
00024DF0: Stop fussing.
00024DF1: Fine, I get it.
00024E04: I'm aware how little my opinion counts in matters of the heart.
00024E05: Good day, Your Worship.
00024E06: As long as we're both clear on that.
00024E07: <i>(Sighs.)</i> I have so few true friends these days. Those that are left I... deeply cherish.
00024E08: I will not trouble you any further... but I do watch over my friends.
00024E13: Related Journal
00024F04: Back to work.
00024F07: Good day.
00024F11: I'll be here.
00024FC1: Masterwork Gurgut Skin
00024FC2: Masterwork Lurker Scales
00024FC3: Masterwork Phoenix Scales
00024FD1: Hardening Agent
00024FD2: Great Bear Claws
00024FD3: Halla's Horns
00024FD4: Heartwood
00024FD5: Venatori Color Pack
00024FD6: Redcliffe Color Pack
00024FD7: Whitewood
00024FD8: Red Hart's Horns
00024FD9: Fusing Agent
00024FDA: Spider Eyes
00024FDB: Ironbark
00024FDC: Dragon's Tooth
00024FDD: Crimson Color Pack
0002505A: We cannot fall back on borders. Antiva is as threatened as any country by Corypheus.
0002505B: What about?
0002505D: <i>(Sighs with exasperation.)</i> Oh, she is <i>impossible</i>.
0002505F: About us.
00025060: Well, Leliana just gave me quite the speech.
00025061: Might we discuss this somewhere more private?
00025062: Power required
00025063: Regroup with the templars.
0002509C: Force them out!
0002509D: Flank them!
000250A5: <i>(Battle shout.)</i>
000250A6: Drive them out of there!
000250A7: Flank!
000250AF: Do they still sing verses from the Benedictions every Friday? That canticle was Justinia's favorite.
000250B0: Yes, but I've grown to love the quiet. After Justinia died, Val Royeaux was just no place for me.
000250B1: That is lovely to hear.
000250B2: How do you like it here in Valence? It is so much more quiet than the bustle of the capital.
000250B3: Yes, of course. We'd never give up the traditions of our most beloved Divine.
000250B4: "Always remember that faith sprung from a barren branch."
000250B5: "Above all, that strength lives in an open heart."
000250B7: "That light has no fear of darkness."
000250B8: Justinia's letter came with instructions for me. They were a little cryptic.
000250B9: She must be hinting at something in here. Let's look around.
000250CD: Justinia's enemies are making their move, vying for position and the Sunburst Throne.
0002510E: Bastien is... <i>was</i> the leader of the Council of Heralds—the only person who could bring that rabble into line.
00025127: What about our allies?
00025128: Any thoughts on the people here?
00025129: Who did you mean?
0002512B: I remember once... he broke up a fight between Prosper de Montfort and the dowager with a joke and a glass of wine.
0002512C: He could charm a bird out of its feathers and frequently did.
0002512D: I came to see if I could steal you away for a few minutes for myself.
0002512E: Why, that sounds lovely.
0002512F: I thought we might go somewhere a little more private, for a while.
00025130: I wanted to spend some time with just you and me, Josephine.
00025131: Oh, Bastien... I'm sorry, my dear. I don't think I can discuss this.
00025133: I have so much to do but... oh, let's do. After you.
00025134: Goodness. Quickly, then, before anyone needs something from us.
0002513B: Blackwall.
0002513C: How about our roguish friends?
0002513D: You must have an opinion of Dorian.
0002513E: The Iron Bull has had to have made an impression.
0002513F: Solas.
00025140: I was thinking of Varric.
00025141: Cole, actually.
00025142: What's your impression of Solas?
00025143: What do you think of Ser Blackwall?
00025145: The Iron Bull.
00025146: Commander Cullen came to mind.
00025148: Sera.
00025149: Varric.
0002514A: I'd love to know how you and Sera get along.
0002514B: Let's talk about our warriors.
0002514C: Cullen.
0002514D: Vivienne.
0002514E: Cole.
0002514F: What about our mages?
00025150: What do you think of Vivienne?
00025151: I was thinking of Cassandra.
00025152: Dorian.
00025153: Cassandra.
00025157: Let's do something fun.
00025158: I need some air. Care to accompany me?
00025159: That sounds delightful.
0002515A: You could use a break to clear your head. I thought we could talk awhile.
0002515B: Stroll around the grounds with me. Tell me how you're doing, not just your work.
0002515C: Well, thank you. Now let me think...
0002515D: Most certainly. Lead the way.
0002515F: Well, then. Do lead the way.
00025160: A meeting? I could find a place for us to...
00025161: Oh! Together. My word.
00025163: I suppose I should be wary of an apostate, but our elven mage has conducted himself with the utmost propriety.
00025164: And he has the most <i>fascinating</i> stories.
00025165: We've met a few times before, at court. She remains a truly accomplished player of the Game.
00025166: So long as her interests align with yours, Madame Vivienne will be a most valuable ally.
00025167: Just <i>do</i> keep her on your good side, Inquisitor.
00025168: Who hasn't? The man could cause a scene standing quietly in the center of an empty room.
00025169: Still, I do believe he has your best interests at heart. For all that he delights in mocking them from time to time.
0002516F: I do wish he'd stop daring poor dignitaries to outdrink him.
00025170: She was not interested, when I asked if we might make use of her royal relations.
00025171: He is a loud, unapologetic accident merely waiting to happen.
00025172: Seeker Pentaghast is a princess of the Kingdom of Nevarra, although that barely seems important to her.
00025173: Still, the Inquisition would not have formed without Cassandra. She's an extraordinarily driven woman.
00025174: Still, he does sometimes resemble the man with a hammer to whom everything appears as a nail.
00025175: The commander is an intelligent, cautious man. I'm grateful he's in charge of our standing army.
0002517E: I know she extracts gossip from the servants. And she keeps <i>prying</i> into things.
0002517F: It's excellent, but a bit different from his past works. Only three beheadings so far.
00025180: Who? Oh, wait. You mean the quiet young man?
00025181: How could he have kept up this deception for so long? To what purpose?
00025182: He actually let me read a chapter of his next book he's writing. My friends would be sick with envy if they knew!
00025183: Really, Inquisitor, I'd rather not think of it.
00025184: Sera's ability to vanish whenever her mischief's discovered must come in handy, however, I'm sure.
00025185: How strange. I'm sure we must have talked, yet I can't recall what we discussed.
00025187: I never truly met "Ser Blackwall," but "Thom Rainier" hardly sits better on the tongue.
00025188: Oh, I could listen to his tales for hours.
00025189: Ser Blackwall seems as loyal to the purpose of the Inquisition as he is to the Wardens.
0002518A: His travels must have taken him strange places. I wish he'd speak more about them.
000251AC: In Redcliffe, you sacrificed yourself so that I could return here.
000251AD: That life was a lot worse.
000251AE: You were condemned to a lightless dungeon. Not much of a life to sacrifice.
000251AF: It was still a sacrifice and still noble.
000251B0: I watched you die for me.
000251B1: Of course I did. One small life in exchange for a second chance at history? I always loved a bargain.
000251B2: It was still noble.
000251B3: Well, it worked. That's all that matters to me.
000251B4: I just care that it worked.
000251B5: Arbor Wilds
000251B6: There are things worth dying for. I learned that a long time ago.
000251B7: We need to talk.
000251BB: I'd like to know more about your work with the Ben-Hassrath.
000251BC: Tell me about fog warriors.
000251BD: Can you tell me more about Seheron?
000251BE: See you later, Bull.
000251C1: All right.
000251C6: Good to see you, boss.
000251C8: I'd like to talk about you and me.
000251C9: If you're worried about magic, I can protect you.
000251CB: Nice talking with you, boss.
000251CC: Weird, right?
000251CD: Hey, boss.
000251CE: I'd like to know more about the Qunari.
000251D0: Kadan.
000251D2: Tell me of the Ben-Hassrath.
000251D3: So... that Tevinter guy sent you into the future?
000251D4: Goodbye.
000251D5: The things magic can do are fascinating.
000251D6: Tell me about Qunari.
000251D7: Tell me about Seheron.
000251D8: Let's talk about us.
000251DA: Why the name "Iron Bull"?
000251DB: It was incredible.
000251DD: Tevinter magic goes too far.
000251DE: I'll protect you.
000251E0: So, how did you get the name "Iron Bull"?
000251E1: Every time I think I understand magic, the rules change.
000251E3: <i>(Grunts.)</i>
000251E4: I've got no problem with normal magic, but Tevinter goes beyond all reason.
000251E5: My blade pretty much protects me.
000251E6: I'd like to talk in private.
000251E9: I know, right? If I were a mage, I'd just throw fire at people. That's honest.
000251EA: Perhaps I can do things your blade can't.
000251EC: I don't know. It has blood grooves.
000251EE: And you're a mage, so that's saying something.
000251F1: Inquisitor. I'm afraid untangling my engagement to Lord Otranto will take some time.
000251F2: Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts
000251F3: In Your Heart Shall Burn
000251F4: What Pride Had Wrought
000251F5: Doom Upon All the World
000251F6: In Hushed Whispers
000251F7: Champions of the Just
000251F8: Here Lies the Abyss
000251F9: Ensure it's not to the death.
000251FA: He is Antivan. The only acceptable thing to do would be to challenge him to a duel for my favor.
000251FB: You are joking, right?
000251FC: That was a joke, wasn't it? Sometimes it's hard to tell with you.
000251FD: Done.
000251FE: <i>Sigh.</i> The traditional form of dueling among Antivan nobles isn't usually fatal, but there's always a chance of harm.
000251FF: Is there anything I can do?
00025200: I don't want to kill the man, but if fighting him to a standstill works, so be it.
00025201: I hardly wish to see you skewered on a swordpoint for the sake of my honor.
00025202: What? Of course it was a joke!
00025203: What? No, Inquisitor, please! That was said in jest.
00025204: Arrange the duel with Lord Otranto, then.
00025212: TEMP: Audible BOOM as the barrier is destroyed. This note pop up will go away when DT 29606 is fixed.
00025213: 0% Chance
00025214: 100% Chance
00025218: Collect Lyrium Cache
00025219: Demons. It had to be demons.
0002521A: <i>(Grunts.)</i>
0002521B: Heard there was a big demon at the Seeker fortress. Gotta say, I don't mind missing that.
0002521C: Maybe it never stopped!
00025220: With all these damn demons popping up, I guess we need the help.
00025221: It was worth the risk.
00025222: If you're nervous about demons, I can protect you.
00025224: What matters is that we defeated it and brought the templars to our side.
00025225: We killed it.
00025226: For all you know, the demon never stopped, and this is all in your mind.
00025227: I'll protect you.
00025228: Oh, for... now I'm gonna spend the rest of the day thinking about it! Thanks.
00025229: Getting into your head, messing around... <i>(Grunts.)</i>
0002522A: It's dead now.
0002522C: I know, right? The Vints are always pushing.
0002522D: That's why I like you, boss. Always staying positive.
00025234: Dwarven Frame
00025236: I must wait for my inspiration!
00025237: She would forget to mention the artists. I've been studying painting under Antiva's royal tutors.
00025238: You should be proud, Josie. I'm going to be exhibiting my work next season in the city's biggest salon.
00025239: And I must wait for your tutor's bills.
0002523A: Have you actually sat down and finished a painting yet?
0002523B: Treasure Map
0002523C: Directions drawn on a tattered piece of paper.
0002523E: Tell me, Yvette, how are Mama and Papa? Are they in good health? Do they want for anything?
00025240: Also, do stop slouching.
00025241: Papa's perfectly happy in the studio. <i>Mother</i> is the same as always.
00025242: At least Halamshiral has such pretty gardens. They're so darling, I took out my parchment!
00025243: It may not have been wise to attend this particular engagement, Yvette.
00025244: I don't "take her side." I happen to think, as she does, you might attend to more of the estate's duties.
00025245: Not another book of poetry?
00025246: Are you happy to see me at all, Josie?
00025247: I didn't want to come. Mother made me.
00025248: You always take her side!
00025249: Meaning she's after you to do more work.
0002524A: <i>(Giggles.)</i>
0002524D: You'd be bored the second you stepped past the gates! Skyhold is a fortified castle, not a holiday resort.
0002524E: I've an idea, Josephine. You should invite all the family to Skyhold for the summer!
00025252: Magnify
00025255: Dwarven Dressing
00025256: Dwarven Headpiece
0002525B: Of course I do, Yvette. There's just so much work undone.
0002525C: Oh, wonderful!
0002525D: Well... I'll see if I can come home for your gallery showing. How does that sound?
0002525E: You always put these tasks ahead of us.
0002525F: Yes, I promise.
00025260: Don't you miss us?
00025261: Oh, that would be so nice! Do you promise?
00025265: Orlais is full of people who care about nothing else.
0002526B: Oh, don't get like that. This isn't goodbye.
0002526D: I agree.
0002526E: So you did, Bull. So you did.
0002526F: Maybe we can find some other uses for that mouth of yours.
00025271: It's been an honor, Bull.
00025272: You've got a way with words, Bull.
00025273: The politicking we saw at Halamshiral might seem pointless, but it's the beating heart of the empire.
00025274: Inquisitor, huh? Well, you've got the fortress for it.
00025279: That's easy! We're <i>good</i> at killing shit.
0002527B: That's just it. Orlais is so vulnerable. If you killed everyone in the triumvirate, the Qun would survive unchanged.
0002527D: Yeah. This is going to be fun.
00025280: I did say it'd be a big one, boss.
00025281: Speaking of which, when you've got a second, there's something I wanna show you.
0002528F: You know, I've got no problem with Orlesians, but Halamshiral was a mess.
00025294: We're kicking this guy's ass.
00025298: There were mitigating factors.
0002529A: I'm ready and eager.
0002529F: We need politics.
000252A1: Yeah, when <i>is</i> the next meal, anyway? Orlesian food always leaves me hungry.
000252A2: At least under the Qun, you don't get everyone tripping on each other's dicks while the country goes to crap.
000252A3: I think it will probably be a little harder than "just one more fight."
000252A4: This will be hard.
000252A9: I do what I can.
000252AD: You've got a crappy job, then, boss.
000252AE: Corypheus had agents sowing dissent and muddying the waters.
000252B3: Just one more big fight to put this magister asshole down for good. I knew you'd get us here, boss.
000252B6: I've been waiting for the chance to pay that bastard back.
000252B9: I don't know. The Qun isn't perfect, but it doesn't care what any single person wants.
000252BE: You've got a silver tongue.
000252C1: The winner of the Game is the one who best builds alliances... and controls what's discussed and what's decided.
000252C3: So to kill Corypheus, all we have to do is kill his dragon first?
000252CD: Thanks for your help.
000252CE: So it rewards manipulation instead of rewarding the ability to get stuff done.
000252CF: I hate politics.
000252DA: Next time you're free, why don't you come grab a drink? I'll introduce you to the Chargers.
000252DC: You're doing good work, boss. I like how this Inquisition is coming.
000253A2: I <i>am</i>.
000253A3: How many personal freedoms do you figure that baker in Val Royeaux has? Life isn't about freedom.
000253A5: They don't care about the empire or the Qun. Mostly, they worry about breaking eggs and hope the dough rises right.
000253A6: How do the Qunari rule themselves?
000253A7: A baker in Val Royeaux gets up, gets dressed, and starts work. A baker in Par Vollen does the same thing.
000253A8: Same crap in Val Royeaux. People are just people.
000253A9: How is everyday life different for Qunari?
000253AD: Will the kitchen workers get her bread while it's fresh, or will they come late and blame her 'cause it's stale?
000253AE: Depends on your job, I guess. Some are just about the same.
000253B0: Except that baker isn't free.
000253B2: Smart move.
000253B3: The baker in Par Vollen wonders if she'll be given enough eggs to do her work. Will they come on time?
000253B7: I want to know more about you.
000253B8: We don't have names under the Qun, just... I don't know, job descriptions, I guess.
000253B9: They're a potential threat.
000253BC: What I've heard about them sounds fascinating.
000253BD: It makes it sound like I'm not even a person, just a mindless weapon, an implement of destruction...
000253BE: How do they govern?
000253C0: When I came to Orlais, I chose "the Iron Bull" for myself.
000253C1: You could just ask.
000253C2: All right. What do you want to know?
000253C3: All right. Hit me.
000253C4: Also, it's "<i>the</i> Iron Bull," technically. I like having an article at the front.
000253C5: I picked it.
000253C6: Day-to-day life.
000253C7: Why that name, though?
000253C8: The tamassrans raise us in these units of kids all our own age. They're like teachers or Chantry sisters.
000253CA: They sound interesting.
000253CB: But why specifically "Iron Bull"?
000253CC: The Qunari pose a threat to all of Thedas. I want to know what I might have to deal with someday.
000253CD: Do you not marry?
000253CE: When they learned I could hit stuff <i>and</i> lie, they started training me for the Ben-Hassrath.
000253CF:  They also help figure out what jobs we should do. They had me pegged for military work early on.
000253D0: How is it growing up?
000253D1: That really works for me.
000253D2: It's your culture, and I'd like to know you better.
000253D4: You know how it is. Even growing up Tal-Vashoth, your parents had to tell you about some of it, right? No names.
000253D5: What's it like growing up under the Qun?
000253D7: You writing a book?
000253D8: This may surprise you, but I really like hitting things.
000253D9: It can't be exactly the same. The Qunari have no personal freedoms.
000253DD: I heard there's no marriage among the Qunari.
000253DF: What you've heard was mostly horseshit.
000253E0: I figure your parents chose yours the same way. Nice going on Adaar, by the way. "Weapon." I like that.
000253E5: Examine Red Lyrium
000253E7: Nope. I know, for you folks, that's a big deal.
000253E8: So the Qun decided what work you would do? You didn't get a choice?
000253EA: You must have been proud.
000253EB: So no families?
000253EC: I was good at my work. I liked doing it. Far as I can tell, the tamassrans made the right call.
000253ED: That's a good day.
000253EE: I could've acted like I didn't like hitting things, I guess. But why would I do that?
000253EF: One day, the last of the crap gets knocked off, and you can see your real shape, what you're supposed to be.
000253F0: You never knew your parents?
000253F1: Yeah, that's true. Qunari love our friends like anyone does, but we don't have sex with them.
000253F2: The tamassrans were like our parents, though. Taught us to read, helped us go to sleep, all the parent stuff.
000253F3: Oh, we <i>definitely</i> have sex. There are tamassrans who pop your cork whenever you need it.
000253F4: I remember the one who helped me build things with blocks. She laughed when I knocked everything down.
000253F5: You didn't choose your job?
000253F6: Yeah. It's like being a block of stone with a sculptor working on you.
000253F7: That must have been a good day for you.
00025409: That wasn't really my soul, though.
0002540A: Also, there were more than two people.
0002540B: Sometimes I think I understand how different the Qunari are... and then I talk to you.
0002540C: Sometimes it's this long involved thing. It takes all day, leaves you walking funny...
0002540D: Sounds great.
0002540E: What, really?
0002540F: Other times, you're in and out in five minutes. <i>(Clicks tongue.)</i> "Thank you, see you next week!"
00025410: I don't know. One time they used this thing called the saartoh nehrappan. It's a leather-wrapped rod on a harness...
00025411: Seriously?
00025412: I could work with that.
00025413: That sounds... different.
00025414: Qunari don't have sex?
00025415: I don't know what to say.
00025416: Yeah. It's not a big deal like it is here. It's like... I don't know, going to see a healer?
00025417: So you've never really made love? Connected with someone in both body <i>and</i> soul?
00025418: You don't know true passion?
00025419: That's bizarre.
0002542E: Desert Ruins
0002542F: The Cove
00025430: The Sand Crags
00025431: The Canyon
00025432: The Shallow Basin
00025433: Ancient Road
00025436: Sunstop Mountains
00025437: Tomb of Fairel
00025438: Golden Oasis
00025439: The Colossus
0002543B: Burial Grounds
0002543C: The Rippling Dunes
0002543D: Rock Top Ridge
00025447: The Tomb of Fairel
00025448: Follow the treasure map to the tomb.
00025449: Rumors tell of a grand treasure buried in a tomb in the Hissing Wastes. Explore the Wastes, using any available clues and maps to find it.
0002544D: Enter the Tomb of Fairel and retrieve the dwarven relics.
00025456: <Need Content>
00025457: Sketch of Four Pillar Tomb
0002545A: Plus, you folk have redheads. <i>(Sighs.)</i> Redheads.
0002545B: Still, it's more fun here. Fewer rituals, more making it up as you go along.
0002545C: Yep.
0002545D: I know, right? No drama.
00025474: And the military keeps the Qunari safe from outside threats.
00025475: If you do that among the Qunari, the Ben-Hassrath set you straight. Or kill you.
00025476: Is there much dissent?
00025477: Here in Orlais, politicking comes from people putting their own gain ahead of the gains of society.
00025478: Not like you're thinking of. People disagree, yeah, but the priests are there to solve disagreements.
00025479: It's pretty simple. We've got the matriarchy, the priesthood, and the military.
0002547A: I'd like to hear more about the Chargers.
0002547B: The priesthood figures out how Qunari should live in theory. The matriarchy makes it work in practice...
0002547C: Does it actually work like that? Is there much infighting?
0002547D: Tell me about your troops.
00025496: Write a few notes in the margins of the page, erase a word here and there, and your whole outlook changes.
00025497: Yeah, they probably do.
00025498: Re-educators?
00025499: Ben-Hassrath is actually a general term. You've got the secret police who investigate problems inside our territory.
0002549A: Close. I am now, I suppose, but that's not how I started.
0002549B: I only know the basics. Wasn't my area. That said...
0002549C: They just lop your head off. At least the Qunari try to fix you.
0002549D: You've got the re-educators who take people with problems and fix their minds... or make them disappear.
0002549E: You don't need blood magic or demons to change someone's mind. We're a lot more fragile than we'd like to believe.
0002549F: And then you've got the spies.
000254A0: Your job is spying.
000254A1: That's revolting.
000254A2: The reeducators sound horrible.
000254A4: They sent me to Seheron because they needed someone who could fight and hunt down problems.
000254A5: Always felt a little weird reading after that conversation.
000254A6: Here's the thing, though. What happens in Orlais when you commit a crime or betray a lord?
000254A7: When you examine a memory, you're turning to that page... and when you're there, the page is laid bare.
000254A8: Keep a man awake long enough, ask the right questions, give the right potions, and you can get him to say anything.
000254A9: One of my friends was a reeducator. He said that every memory is like the page of a book.
000254AA: How do the re-educators work?
000254AB: And you're a spy.
000254AC: You can alter someone's beliefs that easily?
000254AD: Is it really that easy?
000254C5: I hunted down a lot of rebels. Lost a lot of friends to the Vints, or the fog warriors, or the Tal-Vashoth.
000254C6: Sounds impossible.
000254C7: Yes.... You were lucky your parents got away.
000254C8: I've heard rumors.
000254C9: Yeah, I was a special case.
000254CA: How'd that work out for you?
000254CB: You seem like the type who enjoys a good fight.
000254CC: Sounds difficult.
000254CD: There's a good fight, and there's finding out who put rat poison in the bread and killed a bunch of children.
000254CE: None sound like you.
000254CF: I can't imagine that was easy.
000254D0: Sounds fun for you.
000254D1: My parents told me stories about what the reeducators did.
000254D2: About as well as you'd expect.
000254D3: Nope.
000254D4: None of those sound exactly like you.
000254D5: One day I woke up and couldn't think of a damned reason to keep doing my job. Turned myself in to the reeducators.
000254D6: And you'd have had a handler to help you eat and make sure you didn't crap your pants.
000254D7: The weak minds get bent into the right shape. Strong minds like yours...
000254D8: And in the middle, me, trying to wrangle the rebels and restore order.
000254D9: They'd have given you a poison called qamek. You'd have been a polite, happy laborer for the rest of your life.
000254DA: That whole island was a sack of cats. Incursions from Tevinter, Tal-Vashoth, and native rebels fighting both sides...
000254E1: Not many people would have the courage to do that.
000254E2: Obviously, you made it out alive.
000254E3: You'd heard what the reeducators did to their prisoners.
000254E4: <Need Content>
000254E5: Sketch of Sunstop Mountain Tomb
000254E8: Sketch of Colossus Tomb
000254E9: <Need Content>
000254EA: <Need Content>
000254EB: Sketch of Canyon Tomb
000254EC: Sketch of Burial Grounds Tomb
000254ED: <Need Content>
000254F0: <Need Content>
000254F1: Map of Tomb of Fairel
00025502: Torn Paper
00025507: That was brave.
00025508: The Ben-Hassrath ordered me to go to Orlais, ostensibly as a Tal-Vashoth, and work undercover.
00025509: Anyway, nice talking with you.
0002550A: Thanks for the information, Bull.
0002550B: It worked out well enough.
0002550C: If you ever need to talk more about all this, let me know.
0002550D: I came out here for the challenge, boss. Figured I'd rough it with you savages.
0002550E: You did ask.
0002550F: That's, uh... damn.
00025510: That's how I ended up here.
00025511: Yes, I had. I wanted them to fix me like they fixed them.
00025512: Thanks, though.
00025513: Me, too.
00025514: I thought about letting some rebel kill me, but I couldn't give any of those bastards the satisfaction.
00025515: Wow.
00025516: I'm glad you're here, Bull.
00025517: What, three meals a day and free sex whenever I need it?
00025518: No problem, boss.
00025519: Interesting story.
0002551A: It means I got to meet you.
0002551B: Even knowing what they did?
0002551C: I wasn't sure I would, but I honestly didn't care at that point. I just couldn't keep fighting that fight.
0002551D: You've had a hard time.
0002551E: Nah. It was a long time ago.
0002551F: It sounds like you had a rough life under the Qun.
00025521: Sure, boss. What's up?
00025523: Katoh.
00025524: <i>[End relationship.]</i>
00025525: All right. You've got it.
00025526: For you? Always.
00025527: Do you have some free time?
00025528: <i>[Kiss him.]</i>
0002552B: I'll talk to you later.
0002560F: You don't even like your family. Why would you want it back?
00025610: Why would you want it?
00025611: That's the only reason?
00025612: Because it's mine, and it shouldn't be... passed around like candy.
00025613: It's reason enough. Leave it be.
000256A3: My friend who made the fish wraps died with a knife in his throat. Close-quarters fight. He was caught in the middle.
000256A4: We killed the rebels. I lost two men to the poison, another to knife wounds.
000256A5: Tell me about the Tal-Vashoth.
000256A6: It was a damn ugly place. Only getting uglier when I left.
000256A7: So one time, I'm asking about his bad back, and I see he's nervous, trying to tell me something with his eyes.
000256A8: What do you want to know?
000256A9: Next thing I know, his assistants draw knives and come at my team. The rebels had forced him to poison my food.
000256AA: And then?
000256AB: Tell me of the fog warriors.
000256AC: That is what things are like for the natives of Seheron.
000256AD: Tell me about Seheron natives.
000256AE: I remember one guy. He made these things, fish wrapped in thin bread? Nice guy, talked to him every morning.
000256AF: What were the fog warriors like?
000256B0: Always happy to talk about my guys.
000256B2: Tell me of the Tal-Vashoth.
000256B3: Tell me about Tevinter.
000256B4: Between the fog warriors, the Tal-Vashoth, my people, and the Vints, you were lucky to go a day without blood.
000256B5: Tell me about the Tevinter people you fought.
000256B6: What happened?
000256B8: What are things like for the natives of Seheron?
000256B9: I'd seen how nervous he was, so I hadn't eaten anything. Couple of my guys weren't so lucky.
00025797: Then aren't you Tal-Vashoth?
00025798: Why do you hate Tevinter forces so much? What makes them so bad?
00025799: I am <i>nothing</i> like them.
0002579A: It almost sounds like you admire them.
0002579B: It's not their armies. It's their spies. They bloodied Seheron year-round, killing loyalists, supporting rebels.
0002579C: The Vints sent forces to Seheron every autumn. Guess they didn't like the summer heat.
0002579D: Alam had no city administrator. Nobody would accept the position. The last four who held it died inside a year.
0002579E: The cities were worse. Free bit of advice? Don't let the Inquisition forces get suckered into urban combat.
0002579F: They flee into the wilderness and turn into bandits, attacking everyone.
000257A0: Trying to conquer a country is one thing. Making it so that nobody can live there? That just screws everyone.
000257A1: When Qunari can't handle the fighting in Seheron or lose faith in the Qun, they go rogue.
000257A2: Hearing some terrified magister scream, "My slaves! Where are my slaves?" in the fog always put a smile on my face.
000257A3: Hey, When I burned out, I didn't go rogue. I reported in and went where the Ben-Hassrath sent me.
000257A4: Isn't that what you did, though?
000257A5: You sound impressed.
000257A6: We had some good fights on the beaches. Standing in knee-high water foaming red with blood, ships on fire around us...
000257A7: They're vicious, savage. You look at them, and you can see why my people <i>needed</i> the Qun to stay civilized.
000257A8: I'm doing my job, serving the Qun out here. I'm not some bandit.
000257AA: Plus, they hit the Vints as hard as they hit us.
000257AB: They didn't use poison, they didn't hurt civilians, and they were damn good fighters. You have to respect that.
000257AC: They made this fog—I never saw any mages, so I figure it was alchemy, not magic. They were almost invisible in it.
000257AD: They were the worst of the rebels. They trained for stealth attacks.
000257AE: I'd be on patrol in the market square, the fog would roll in, and before I knew it, half my squad dead without a sound.
000257AF: Enter Redcliffe Village
000257BB: Close Fade Rift
000257BD: Oh, um... thank you.
000257BF: I like you.
000257C0: I've never disliked you on principle.
000257E2: Your group is diverse.
000257E3: I'd like to know more about Krem.
000257E4: How did you start?
000257E5: How did you start the group?
000257E6: You have people from plenty of different backgrounds in your group.
000257E7: Tell me about Krem.
000257E8: What are the craziest jobs you've ever taken?
000257E9: They're good. Riding high after we hit those Venatori. Glad they made it out alive, too.
000257EA: You must have crazy stories.
000257EB: What do you want to know?
00025804: Nah.
00025805: The troops need someone to complain to when I'm being a hard-ass. He's good for that.
00025806: Yeah. Well, when you're in Orlais and you look like me, you can't be picky about who you take in.
00025807: But you hate "the Vints."
00025808: I can get worked up about a group or a nation just fine, but people... It's too much work to hate them one by one.
00025809: You don't have a problem with him being from Tevinter?
0002580A: Besides this one? There's a lot of violence between the nobles here, but that's standard work.
0002580B: Their loss. You get my back in a fight and carry your own weight, you're good with me.
0002580C: He's a good soldier, and a better second-in-command.
0002580D: But you hate Tevinter.
0002580E: A lot of 'em got turned away from other companies that didn't want a knife-ear or a crazy dwarf.
0002580F: Sure. But he's not a Vint. He's just Krem.
00025844: That was actually your plan? To let a giant chase you?
00025845: Good news is that giants are slow. Long as my guys ahead could clear out the spiders, we were fine.
00025846: Bad news is that giant spiderwebs slow you down a bit more than you'd think.
00025847: <i>(Grunts.)</i> He came at me. I snapped his sword in half, and we talked things out over drinks.
00025848: Yeah. We had to stay out of reach but close enough that it wouldn't give up. It was tricky.
00025849: It's easy to make a name for yourself as a merc when you're a head taller than most folks.
0002584A: The fun stuff is when they party. They always want to impress each other, and that means getting something shiny.
0002584B: Giant-baiting?
0002584C: We've hunted wyverns, fought through caves to find some old magical crap, even went giant-baiting once.
0002584D: What about Fisher?
0002584E: You let it chase you?
0002584F: It attacks us, because <i>of course</i> it does, and we let the big bastard chase us outside, where Vanchess is waiting.
00025850: I spent a year or two working for Fisher's Bleeders, but their captain was crap.
00025851: Figured I could do better. The best folks in the Bleeders agreed with me, so we split off.
00025852: What's giant-baiting?
00025853: So this old guy, Comte Vanchess, has some kind of pageant planned, but he needs a giant, which is off in some damn cave.
00025854: He's got some kind of rare charm to control the giant, but no way he's going into that cave himself.
00025855: I imagine Fisher disagreed.
00025856: So we go in, kill some spiders, find the giant, and wake it up.
00025869: Grand Cleric Victoire is scrambling after the loss of her agent.
0002587E: Good. Her support base is in Morelle. Tear it down.
0002587F: Ah, Natalie is as persuasive as ever.
00025892: Hey, you need me?
00025893: How you doing, kadan?
00025894: How can I help?
00025895: Man, those serving girls are frisky.
00025898: Hey, boss. How are you?
00025899: What can I do for you?
0002589A: Need anything, kadan?
0002589B: I can't understand how those women in the kitchen can be awake so early after the night we had.
0002589D: Can I help you?
0002589E: How's it going?
0002589F: What can I do for you?
000258A0: Damn, these are good. Are these nuts, or seeds, or... whatever. They're good.
000258A1: What's going on?
000258A2: Pleasure as always, boss.
000258A3: Hey, that elven redhead who makes the buns in the kitchen? Is she available? Because I'm getting signals.
000258A4: Hey.
0002593D: Tutorial: Inventory
00025941: I still grew up looking like this in a world of mostly humans.
00025945: I'm still different.
00025948: I'm proud of it.
0002594B: There are few here who know what it means to be Qunari.
0002594C: Let's talk about being Qunari.
00025956: My parents raised me to be free. I'm grateful to them.
00025957: I wish I'd known the Qun.
00025958: Fine. Their call.
00025959: You're not Qunari. You're Tal-Vashoth. World of difference.
0002595A: If they hadn't, they wouldn't have been your parents. You'd have grown up with the tamassrans.
0002595D: My parents were wrong to make that decision for me.
00025960: Anyway, it doesn't matter now. You've got too much personality to make a good Qunari.
00025B1F: Close the Fade rift.
00025B21: I could get used to this.
00025B22: No blood magic today, Vints.
00025B23: Red templar assholes.
00025B24: Venatori bastards.
00025B25: Steel beats magic every time.
00025B26: Thanks for bringing me, boss.
00025B27: Taking down red templars... always fun.
00025B28: Crazy cultists.
00025B2B: Ah, this was fun.
00025B2C: More dead Vints.
00025B30: <i>(Laughs.)</i> Any time you want me to bash some Tevinter skulls, you just let me know.
00025B31: How's that red lyrium working out for you, asshole?
00025B32: That's what you get for backing the Vints.
00025B34: Enter Redcliffe.
00025B35: Ah, good times.
00025B36: Nice.
00025BCB: Something on?
00025BCC: There's you, yes?
00025BCD: Ready for waiting.
00025BDE: The praying's nice, I suppose. Coryphy-spit, though? Shite.
00025BDF: Right. "Warden." Good liar, that one. Should give lessons. Suppose he kind of did. Soldiers do nasty shit.
00025BE1: Least I'm used to that.
00025BE2: Thoughts? Sure. Not like yours, though. Thought your way right up in there.
00025BE3: That's good for now.
00025BE5: She's a bitch. But she knows. She better.
00025BE8: He's... too good, right? Like to see him out of that uniform. Not like that.
00025BEA: We'll talk later.
00025BEF: Again with your people? Right, which ones?
00025BF1: You're having it off with him, you don't need me talking. But I do anyway.
00025BF3: Not saying nothing about that. That thing is just wrong.
00025BF4: Cassandra laid it out, right? You're the "big hat" now. Going to make everything the way it should be.
00025BF7: Heh. He makes me wonder about... things.
00025BF9: Well, you're dragging people together. Suppose that's something.
00025BFB: Heh, fair question for me as well, I suppose. Everybody following a rumor.
00025BFF: Nope. Not messing with Leliana. Pretty, but wow. Just... bards, right?
00025C00: You're going to need more trebuchets if you're going after the sky. Or, you know, ladders.
00025C01: About time we turned around on this Coryphe-whatever. Make him feel like he's on the wrong end of the dogs for once, yeah?
00025C02: Calling it an Inquisition is a bit much, innit? Do this lot even know what they're chasing?
00025C03: Which, the ones who do things or the ones who give orders?
00025C06: I've seen how you look at him. You're in it. Bet he calls out "elven glory" when he does it.
00025C08: Varric? Too clever. Always saying something, but never saying it straight.
00025C0B: Good, right? I'll be here.
00025C49: Something you want?
00025C4A: Well, you're here.
00025C4B: Uh-huh?
00025CB3: You're too ducky to refuse? And I can help people.
00025CB5: What, then?
00025CB6: Love seeing you, yeah?
00025CB7: I like 'em tall, apparently. And to help people.
00025CB8: Back, yeah? Always good.
00025CB9: I'm here for you. And to help people.
00025CBA: Can't wait, what's on?
00025CBC: Frigging what?
00025CBD: Piss up a rope.
00025CBE: Maybe you'll be fun, yeah? And to help people.
00025CFE: List of Prisoners
00025CFF: <i>A page from a log of prisoners jailed in Therinfal Redoubt over two ages ago. The paper crumbles to the touch.</i>

—Knights-Templar Wellen, Poller, and Legain, kept for questioning after leveling charges of apostasy against one Marion Durge, found innocent after Seeker Tehan's investigation. Imprisoned 5th of Verimensis, 7:02 Storm.

—Ellin Devar, First Enchanter, arrested for possession of heretical material. After protesting innocence, tomes containing instructions on blood magic discovered hidden in his office, as well eight mage phylacteries. Executed 29th of Verimensis, 7:02 Storm.

—Peytr Lothir, accused of apostasy. Brought in for examination by Seeker Landsdale. Possessed no magic. Thought to be in the grip of a disease of the brain. Kept imprisoned for his own safety. Visitors allowed. Jailed 9th of Pluitanis, 7:02 Storm.
00025D64: That smug face... she becomes more and more like her mother each day.
00025D74: Don't tell her I said that.
00025D77: Morrigan seems pleased with herself for some reason.
00025DC6: So if we kill Corypheus, he has the power to move from one tainted creature into another?
00025DCA: What will we learn next? That he can command the sun to rise or the seas to burn?
00025DCB: If only everything were that simple.
00025DCC: And I would do it again.
00025DE5: You should... you should give her something you think she might like. Doesn't help, I know. Good luck?
00025DE6: You and Sera, huh? <i>(Chuckles.)</i>
00025DE7: I want to show Sera how I feel but can't think of the right gift. Ideas?
00025DE8: I need a gift for Sera.
00025DE9: Same problems everywhere, I guess.
00025DEA: That's... a tricky one, actually. It's hard to know what she wants without knowing who she is.
00025DEB: No matter how powerful he is, there's a way to defeat him, and we'll find it.
00025E07: I wouldn't be surprised.
00025E08: At this point, nothing he does will surprise me.
00025E09: Best prepare for it.
00025E0A: Can we prepare for flaming seas, maybe collect all the snow from the Frostbacks just in case?
00025E0B: We'll find a way to beat him.
00025E0C: <i>(Sighs.)</i> I'll see what I can do.
00025E0D: I hope that their search turns up something we can use. Ancient magic, perhaps. Something even Corypheus missed.
00025E0E: I hope you're right.
00025E0F: Anything to give us an edge.
00025E10: I have researchers scouring the Temple of Mythal as we speak.
00025EA3: WARNING!
00025EA4: If you fall into this hole, you will not be able to get out.
00025EA6: Balanced Longsword Grip
00025EA7: Masterwork Skull Grip
00025EA8: Raider Longsword
00025EA9: Curved Longsword Grip
00025EAB: Raider Sword Grip
00025EAC: Fang Longsword Grip
00025EAD: Sign
00025EBA: Captain's Key
00025F19: My visits to the Fade are normally more pleasant. I don't usually wake up feeling the need to bathe.
00025F1D: This place is dangerous. I will gladly fight demons, but I have no desire to see where they come from.
00025F20: So this is the true face of the Fade, behind the dreams and visions.
00025F26: Shite, piss, stupid... I hate this!
00025F29: Is this really what it's like when you dream? How do you people ever sleep?
00025F2A: Imagine it! To walk in the Fade and survive...
00025F2B: It is not the area I would have chosen, of course. But to physically walk within the Fade... <i>(Sighs.)</i>
00025F35: This is fascinating.
00025F36: Oh, yeah, this must be a dream come true for your crazy ass.
00025F37: I don't suppose you have any words of wisdom for this part of the Fade?
00025F39: Just don't be distracted by your studies. This is a dangerous place.
00025F3A: Solas, you're the expert on this place. Anything helpful?
00025F3C: Concentrate on the task at hand, mage. There is nothing more dangerous than this place.
00025F3D: It's not a frigging stroll! Shut it, or things will find us!
00025F3E: Yes. Literally.
00025F3F: Right. You like it here. Isn't that wonderful.
00025F40: If you sense anything strange, tell us immediately.
00025F41: I hardly believed this possible. Do you think the Inquisitor's mark is keeping us alive here?
00025F42: This shouldn't be possible. Do you think the Inquisitor's mark is keeping us alive?
00025F8A: Why would I ever have voluntarily come to <i>this</i> part of the Fade?
00025F8B: The Fade is shaped by intent and emotion. Remain focused, and it will lead you where you wish to go.
00025F8C: Stands to reason.
00025F8D: Calm yourself, child. Hostile emotions only draw the demons more quickly.
00025F8E: Stay on guard.
00025F8F: Thank you for the warning.
00025F90: We walk the Fade, Inquisitor. Strange is to be expected.
00025F91: The demon that controls this area is extremely powerful. Some variety of fear, I would guess.
00025F92: Any advice?
00025F93: Have you been here before?
00025F94: I suggest you remain wary of its manipulations and prepare for what is certain to be a fascinating experience.
00025F9D: Wrong, wrong, wrong. Wringing me out. Wrought right and rigid. Can't relax. Can't release...
00026121: Hang in there, Cole.
00026123: "Ah, don't worry about the demons, chief! I'm sure we won't see many!" <i>(Grumbles.)</i> Asshole.
00026124: "Hey, chief. Let's join the Inquisition! Good fights for a good cause!" I don't know, Krem. I hear there are demons.
00026125: Pull yourself together, Cole!
00026129: It's all right, Cole. We'll get you out of here soon.
0002612A: Cole, if we're going to get out of here, I need you focused!
00026145: Everyone, if I get possessed, feint on my blind side, then go low. Cullen says I leave myself open.
0002614C: Mace Head
00026151: Greatsword Grip
00026183: It occurs to me that you're a mage.
00026184: Glad someone knows that.
00026185: If you weren't, you would have split my skull open at our first meeting before I said a word.
00026186: Centuries of warfare with the Qunari do lead to this state of affairs.
00026187: More than it's already been, what with ancient magisters running about? Not at all.
00026188: Excellent. Mutual appreciation is a grand way to begin.
00026189: Or maybe it's not calm? Maybe the Antivan Crows are swimming in gold from all the contracts on your life.
0002618A: And I appreciate your help, Dorian.
0002618B: Oh?
0002618C: What about in person?
0002618D: So I've never met one of your people before, although I've heard about them. A little.
0002618E: If you've no problem with me, I've no problem with you.
0002618F: Is that an issue for you?
00026190: I've met some Tal-Vashoth in my time, however. Mercenaries, and a few merchants.
00026191: Death, starvation, being hunted by rabid mobs? Yes, I can imagine.
00026192: It's correct everywhere.
00026193: Don't give me cause.
00026194: Why would you assume that?
00026195: We all have our little quirks.
00026196: Tevinters aren't popular.
00026197: So... I assume you're Tal-Vashoth or something like.
00026198: There are worse things.
00026199: I hope this won't be an issue between us. I am here to help you deal with the Venatori, after all.
0002619A: You're more accustomed to "slave," I take it?
0002619B: Qunari raids are rather old hat for anyone from the eastern Imperium.
0002619C: Good.
0002619D: "Dalish" is the correct word everywhere.
0002619E: Yes, that's right.
0002619F: Forgive their ignorance, O mighty one. They shall learn proper fear in time.
000261A0: True. Generating goodwill hasn't exactly been a Tevinter strength through the ages.
000261A1: Maybe you'll change that? In the future, one will hear "dwarf" and think "messiah." Down with stereotypes!
000261A2: Rather odd how, in the South, everyone thinks of dwarves as merchants. Limited view, in my opinion.
000261A3: We're not that different.
000261A4: That just occurred to you?
000261A5: I believe this is a moment where we stand in mutual recognition of mankind's folly.
000261A6: Don't give me cause to make it an issue.
000261A7: I meant... you must have been part of the Circle of Magi. In the South.
000261A8: I'll thank my lucky stars, then.
000261A9: Now we're like two angry dowagers who only remember to spit at each other when they pass on the street.
000261AA: I considered killing you.
000261AB: A similarity of my people to yours, in fact.
000261AC: You heard correctly.
000261AD: There are worse things than being kept in the Circles.
000261AE: I also have an appreciation for an entire people who are so... muscular.
000261AF: Although the attacks aren't quite the rampaging wars of ages past.
000261B0: Lots of people want to kill Tevinters. Not just Qunari.
000261B1: Good luck with that, by the way. Grand fun, being the one in charge.
000261B2: No need to dredge up the past.
000261B3: We all have idiosyncrasies.
000261B4: Did you know we're actually related, Inquisitor?
000261B5: A philosophy I've learned to live by.
000261B6: As opposed to "slave"?
000261B7: You got along?
000261B8: I considered killing you.
000261B9: Is that a problem?
000261BA: A little bird?
000261BB: A lack of civilized entertainment, clearly. I've been to your southern taverns.
000261BC: What you heard was true. I was once part of the Carta.
000261BD: A personal failing, some would say.
000261BE: If only other people knew that.
000261BF: Some would say Tevinter is hardly better, depending on which mage you ask. Still, it's so utterly foreign.
000261C0: I considered killing you.
000261C1: I considered killing you.
000261C2: I've no issue if you don't.
000261C3: Why do you think we rebelled?
000261C4: A little bird told me you were part of the Carta, Inquisitor.
000261C5: I suppose you are both so very... large.
000261C6: It is, yes.
000261C7: None who weren't rushing towards me with a sword. I was too busy running in the other direction to say hello.
000261C8: I didn't say that. Prejudices are deeply rooted back home, but I have more sympathy than most.
000261C9: No need whatsoever.
000261CA: I appreciate your help.
000261CB: There's no need for us to dredge up the past, is there?
000261CC: I thought about it.
000261CD: So I take it you're... Dalish? Is that the correct word here?
000261CE: No issue with my being Inquisitor, then?
000261CF: Meaning you were locked away like a criminal, at least until you rebelled. It's such a bizarre notion, to me.
000261D0: I quite agree.
000261D1: I thought about splitting your skull open.
000261D2: Haven't decided yet.
000261D3: None that specifically involve you being so very, very large, no.
000261D5: Did you meet any Qunari personally?
000261D6: It's a southerner thing. Most of them don't even know what a Qunari looks like.
000261D7: You've met Qunari?
000261D8: Qunari and Tal-Vashoth aren't so very different.
000261D9: Quirks? What a delightful word. That's one way to put it.
000261DA: An issue? Whyever would it be an issue for me?
000261DB: You'd think it would bring us closer together.
000261DC: Instead we're like two cats in a sack. Sad, really.
000261DD: It's bizarre to me as well.
000261DE: It's more surprising that everyone would take the idea of a mage Inquisitor so... calmly.
000261DF: They're not the same as Qunari. Might easily be a different people altogether.
000261E0: Well, a big bird. A big, indiscreet bird. Who was drunk at the time.
000261E1: As you wish.
000261E2: You've encountered Qunari before?
000261E3: Not any longer? Too bad. They're an excellent source of cheap contraband.
000261E4: Hence the rebellion.
000261E5: Back home, you see dwarves everywhere... and not just from the Ambassadoria.
000261E6: No one in Tevinter has issues with Tal-Vashoth?
000261E7: We... don't have Dalish clans coming northward... for obvious reasons.
00026205: Superb Fire Rune (Bow)
00026206: Master Frost Rune (Bow)
00026207: Superb Lightning Rune (Bow)
00026208: Fire Rune (Bow)
00026209: Lightning Rune (Bow)
0002620A: Superb Frost Rune
0002620B: Master Fire Rune
0002620C: Superb Frost Rune (Bow)
0002620D: Master Fire Rune (Bow)
0002620E: Superb Fire Rune
0002620F: Frost Rune (Bow)
00026210: Master Frost Rune
00026211: Fire Rune
00026212: Frost Rune
00026214: Master Lightning Rune
00026215: Lightning Rune
00026216: Superb Lightning Rune
00026217: Master Lightning Rune (Bow)
00026219: Superb Fire Rune (One-Handed)
0002621A: Lightning Rune (One-Handed)
0002621B: Master Lightning Rune (One-Handed)
0002621C: Superb Frost Rune (One-Handed)
0002621D: Master Frost Rune (One-Handed)
0002621E: Superb Lightning Rune (One-Handed)
0002621F: Fire Rune (One-Handed)
00026220: Frost Rune (One-Handed)
00026221: Master Fire Rune (One-Handed)
00026222: Master Frost Rune (Two-Handed)
00026223: Lightning Rune (Two-Handed)
00026224: Fire Rune (Two-Handed)
00026225: Master Lightning Rune (Two-Handed)
00026226: Superb Lightning Rune (Two-Handed)
00026227: Master Fire Rune (Two-Handed)
00026228: Superb Fire Rune (Two-Handed)
00026229: Superb Frost Rune (Two-Handed)
0002622A: Frost Rune (Two-Handed)
00026244: Don't give her a gift in the Fade. That would go very bad. She would make it very bad.
00026245: A gift that means feelings? So it's something it isn't? I don't think that works outside the Fade. Or in it.
00026246: I need a gift for Sera.
00026247: I want to show Sera how I feel. You have a... different perspective. Any ideas on what to get her?
00026248: I'm not much help. Sorry.
0002624C: Those were Grey Wardens. They must be the last of those enslaved at Adamant.
0002624D: If they are forced to obey him, death will be a blessing.
0002624E: We'll remember the men they were. And we'll avenge them.
0002624F: Poor bastards. Corypheus has them dying by the dozen.
00026251: That, or you got another set of Wardens pissed at you somehow.
00026252: Nice catch, though, boss. Good on ya.
00026253: But you're right, it's hard to say what she'd want that she hasn't just taken and gotten bored with already.
00026254: I need a gift for Sera.
00026255: So you and her, huh? Nice.
00026256: I'm drawing a blank. I'd offer positions or something, but I play a power game, and she's all about the limber.
00026258: I want to get Sera something to show I'm serious. Thoughts on the right gift?
0002625E: You and... I see.
0002625F: I can't. She's turned her back on what we should be.
00026260: I need a gift for Sera.
00026261: I have no insight into what she could want. Something human and fleeting, no doubt.
00026262: I want to show Sera how I feel. Is there anything you can suggest for a gift?
00026264: I want to show Sera how I feel. Any suggestions for a good gift?
00026265: I need a gift for Sera.
00026266: You won't help?
00026267: I can't. The way she's been raised, she's no more an elf than I am a horse.
00026271: Right-Hand Rune Damage
00026272: I could.
00026273: Of course, my dear. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm doing anything else.
00026274: Oh, for... seriously? This is why you've bothered me? Just shave something rude into your privates, dear. She won't get the redundancy.
00026275: Are you sure? Anything is worth considering.
00026276: I'm not doing...! You're no help.
00026277: I want to show Sera I'm serious about her. Any ideas about a gift that would say it?
00026279: No!
0002627A: In this matter, I am glad. Inquisitor.
0002627B: I need a gift for Sera.
0002627F: A gift, though. Tricky business. Is it too obscure? Is it too on the nose? Will it be taken as intended? It's a pain in the ass.
00026280: I need a gift for Sera.
00026282: You and Sera, huh? Good one. That'll make some eyes twitch.
00026283: I wouldn't worry about it. If there's something she wants, she'll say.
00026284: I want to give Sera a gift to show her how I feel. Any suggestions?
0002631C: You know that off the top of your head?
0002631D: Bloodlines are serious business in Tevinter. You're taught lessons and tested... by strict nannies.
0002631E: Would it, now?
0002631F: Regardless, I think we're still good to go—by at least three ages.
00026320: I'd rather we weren't related. That might make flirting awkward.
00026321: Err... yay?
00026322: You're a Trevelyan, however, and somewhere in the dank nethers of my family tree, there was also a Trevelyan.
00026323: Is that a good thing?
00026324: Depends on which branch of the family you come from.
00026325: Even saying that back home would give mother the vapors.
00026326: I don't care about that.
00026327: Indeed! Yay!
00026328: Learn something new every day.
00026329: I've never cared about any of that bloodline business.
0002632A: I just...
0002632B: I heard your family mentioned, and I had to go through all the old mnemonics. But yes—there it is.
0002632C: Not the top. Maybe the lower middle or thereabouts.
0002632D: Nice to know.
0002632E: Oh, not first cousins or anything like that. Can you imagine?
0002632F: Oh, pish. You go back far enough, ninety percent of Thedas has Tevinter blood. No need to panic, Inquisitor.
00026330: Which makes an excellent reason to say it. Black sheep have all the fun.
00026331: How do you even know that?
00026332: I knew there was a reason we looked so much alike.
00026333: Perhaps he was even the one who ventured to Ostwick to establish the branch? We are talking long ago, of course.
00026334: Related?
00026335: Can we still flirt?
00026336: Nice, isn't it? Like being at a quality library, provided you're not the one stocking the shelves.
0002634F: Recover your memories to learn how the mark came to be upon your hand. As for what it is...
00026350: You already know how the mark came to be upon your hand. As for what it is...
00026395: Requires Prison Key
00026396: Received Prison Key
0002639A: Perhaps becoming Divine was my purpose all along, to lead the world into a new era. Something kinder.
0002639B: I've spent a long time wondering why the Maker returned my life.
000263C6: Open Fade Rift
00026400: I learned this very young. I was still a girl when I attended my first ball.
00026401: This is Halamshiral, Inquisitor. This is the Imperial Court. This is the beating heart of the Great Game.
00026402: You seem different here.
00026403: Of course everyone is wearing a mask.
00026404: You're different here, than in Skyhold. More... approachable, perhaps?
00026421: Justinia—she was Dorothea, then—gave me the knife and told me to free myself.
00026422: That knife saved my skin countless times, and it's such a pretty thing.
00026424: And now that debt is repaid and forgotten.
00026425: I've kept it with me ever since. I suppose I'm carrying the debt I owed her.
00026426: When Justinia and I first met, I was locked in a dungeon cell.
00026427: Perhaps one day we could be friends again. What do you think?
00026428: Don't hold your breath.
00026429: I think this is something you should be asking Natalie.
0002642A: I think you will be friends again. Friends forgive.
0002642B: It's not up to me.
0002642C: I think it's likely.
0002642D: I wouldn't hold out much hope.
0002642E: Let's hope so.
0002642F: Yes, you're probably right.
00026430: Perhaps I will.
00026431: Unlike many, she wasn't given to the Chantry as a child. She chose it, and somehow that made her unworthy.
00026433: Why did Justinia have so many enemies?
00026434: And because they thought she was unworthy, they wished her harm.
00026435: There were many who felt she was unfit to be Divine. She had a past, a worldly life.
00026436: I watched, had an ear to every door. I identified threats, and I dealt with them.
00026437: Why so many enemies?
00026438: There are plenty of tales in the library. Perhaps you should look for them there.
00026442: You must miss Justinia.
00026443: The Divine's death hit you hard. How have you been feeling?
0002647C: You even doomed the Wardens by bringing the Inquisitor down on them. You destroy everything you touch.
0002647E: Your whole life, you've left everything to more capable hands. The Archdemon, the throne of Ferelden...
0002647F: Well, that's going to grow tiresome quickly.
00026480: Warden Stroud. How must it feel to devote your whole life to the Wardens, only to watch them fall?
00026481: Well, that's going to grow tiresome quickly.
00026482: Isabela is going to die, just like your family, and everyone you ever cared about.
00026485: Of course, a fear demon would know where to hurt us most. We must ignore it.
00026487: Of course, a fear demon would know where to hurt us most. We must ignore it.
00026488: Who will you hide behind now?
00026489: <i>(Grunts.)</i> Is that all you've got? It's nothing I've not said to myself.
0002648B: You had to be beaten, humiliated, lest you destroy your own country.
00026490: Did the king's bastard think he could prove himself? It's far too late for that.
00026492: Or, worse, to know that you were responsible for their destruction?
00026493: I'm going to enjoy killing this thing.
00026494: Merrill is going to die, just like your family, and everyone you ever cared about.
00026495: Teyrn Loghain Mac Tir, the brilliant commander. Pity the one time you tried to rule, you failed so miserably.
00026496: Anders is going to die, just like your family, and everyone you ever cared about.
00026497: I'm going to enjoy killing this thing.
00026499: Is that all it's got? I've heard worse than that from Morrigan.
0002649B: Fenris is going to die, just like your family, and everyone you ever cared about.
0002649D: With the Maker's blessing, we will end this wretched beast.
0002649E: When the next Blight comes, will they curse your name?
000264BC: Why don't you join my party?
000264BE: I could use the Left Hand of the Divine at my side out there.
000264BF: Every agent out in the world is my eyes, my ears, my blade. Wherever my people are, I am also.
000264C0: Coming with you, leaving my post, would blind and bound me. Do you see?
000264D6: What is the point of an Inquisition?
000264D7: Why start an Inquisition?
000264DE: Once again, Hawke is in danger because of you, Varric. You found the red lyrium. You brought Hawke here...
000264DF: I'd like to see you try.
000264E0: No.
000264E1: Not one word.
000264E2: Are you afraid, Cole? I can help you forget. Just like you help other people. We're so very much alike, you and I.
000264E3: Rather uncalled for.
000264E4: Sera. Sera. Sera... If you shoot an arrow at me, I'll know where you are.
000264E5: Just keep talking, Smiley.
000264E6: <i>(Roars.)</i>
000264E7: <i>(Laughs.)</i>
000264E9: I'll show you a Warden's strength, beast.
000264EA: The Qunari will make a lovely host for one of my minions. Or maybe I will ride his body myself.
000264EB: Like Blackwall. Ah, there's nothing like a Grey Warden. And you are <i>nothing</i> like a Grey Warden.
000264EC: Banal nadas.
000264ED: Your Inquisitor is a fraud, Cassandra. Yet more evidence there is no Maker, that all your "faith" has been for naught.
000264EE: What's it like living as an apostate, Vivienne? Do you really think you'll reclaim your power in the Circle... at <i>your</i> age?
000264EF: Greetings, Dorian... it is Dorian, isn't it? For a moment, I mistook you for your father.
000264F0: Out of my head, bitch-balls!
000264F1: Die in the Void, demon.
000264F3: Are you saying I won't do Justinia proud?
000264F4: You think I can't do the job?
000264F5: The Chantry has committed many injustices. If we're going to change it, why not change the whole thing?
000264F6: I'll try my best.
000264F7: I'll try not to break anything.
000264F8: That's good to hear.
000264F9: So am I.
000264FA: She wanted the Chantry to treat the mages fairly, but sometimes I wonder: why stop at mages?
000264FB: She hoped that, with enough support, we could challenge the very tenets of the Chantry.
000264FC: Ah, it's just a thought. None of this will be possible if we fail.
000264FD: I'm sorry she didn't live to see the Inquisition.
000264FE: Justinia would've started the Inquisition if the Divine Conclave failed to restore peace.
000264FF: I'm saying I thought it would be her leading us.
00026500: I'm sorry she died.
00026558: The ball was... all right. Too many politicians. At midnight, Josie and I left to find a real party.
00026559: A real party?
0002655A: She was the Antivan ambassador at the time, you see.
0002655B: What do you consider a real party?
0002655C: We've been friends ever since.
0002655D: It's not a real party until someone's smallclothes are pinned to a chantry board.
0002655E: I'd just returned to Val Royeaux, and she welcomed me back by throwing a diplomatic ball.
0002655F: And that's all I'm saying about it.
00026574: I've known mages. Some of them were better people than me.
00026575: No man should be caged for what he could become. It's not right.
00026576: And yet I'm free, and they're not. It's not right.
00026577: Why do you want me to seek out the rebel mages? Why do you care?
00026579: Why do you care about mages?
0002657A: Treat a man like an animal, and he will become one.
000265AA: Fall Damage Accumulated
000265B6: Shard Chamber
000265B7: Unlock with the power of 6 shards. Find shards by using an ocularum.
000265C7: Haven is destroyed.
000265C8: Find a way forward.
00026726: {PlayerIcon0}
00026727: {PlayerIcon1}
00026728: {PlayerIcon3}
00026729: {PlayerIcon2}
0002672B: That rift altered the flow of time around itself. That is... unexpected.
0002672C: I think we could have skipped these things getting weirder, don't you?
0002672D: What... was that?
0002672E: Demons and rubbish are bad enough. This, I don't even want to know!
00026730: The Fade rift messed up time. See, this is why my people get pissy about magic!
00026731: None of my reports indicated temporal distortions near these rifts. Interesting.
00026732: I don't know. Was that a new kind of rift? How many of them are there?
00026733: That was not like the other rifts.
00026734: We don't know what these rifts can do. That one appeared to alter the time around it.
0002673E: We need to find out what caused... whatever this is.
0002673F: Maybe Fiona will know.
00026743: We'll have to look into this.
00026744: There are many mages in Redcliffe. Maybe Fiona will know what's going on.
00026746: Something's not right—stay on your guard.
00026747: Something's wrong here.
00026748: Your friend, Natalie, is urging the grand cleric to ally with the Inquisition.
00026749: It hasn't worked, has it? A waste of time. I want them out of my way. Now.
0002677F: AbilityPointsTotal
00026780: AbilityPointsBonus
000267D7: Sellanus:

There are eyes on me when the rest of the camp is asleep, or during the day when the animals rest. The ancient dwarves who inhabited this place could not have known, as they are deaf to the song of the Fade, but the Veil in the Wastes must have been thin even before the Elder One sundered open the sky.

To that end, watch Corix. Your cousin has grown suspiciously quiet since we arrived. He's also been seen leaving the overseer's camp at night. Say nothing, but follow him the next time he wanders, and report to me.

Magister Gallus
000267D8: Note From the Silent Quarter
000267D9: A Dusty Note
000267DA: Sellanus:

Four slaves injured and ten crushed under the rock. We couldn't excavate this entrance with fifty if we keep losing so many. I propose we dig down from the top. There's no other way to reach the tomb without risking another rockslide.

Leave this note for the others. I must inform the overseer about our reduction in labor.

000267DF: A Worn Diary
000267E0: {i}This book appears to be a diary, with strange charts and illustrations drawn beside thin, cramped columns of text:{/i}

At first I thought the rocks that glow fell from the sky, but the spirits whisper that these shards have been here for ages "as you reckon them." Did the tear in the Veil reveal these stones? Is that why the strangely-dressed mages want them? Yesterday they were erecting skulls, of all things, on top of pillars! The spirits warned me to hide, and it was a good thing I listened. I saw one of the mages cut a man open with a dagger, and milk the power of his blood, and I am afraid of a man who could do that to another as if it's nothing.

000267E7: Dwarven Inscriptions: Hissing Wastes
00026801: Are most visitors asked to perform this ritual?
00026802: We don't usually let outsiders see it at all.
00026803: The Standards is a rite undertaken by recruits. It's normally followed by a long study of how the Order was used in the past.
00026804: Why make me do the ritual?
0002680B: See? It's pointless. Just bark your preferences to the bloody room.
0002681A: {CUSTOM0} incapacitated
0002685B: {CUSTOM0} was revived
0002689E: Mages and templars were already at war. Now they're blaming each other for the Divine's death.
00026961: Only one way to find out.
00026962: There's no telling who or what will be waiting for us in that chantry.
00026963: It could be a trap.
00026964: Elaborate bait for a trap. Why would he not just openly invite us there?
00026965: We have found more questions than answers so far, my dear.
00026966: We'll be on guard.
00026967: I suppose we won't find out unless we go.
00026968: Come on, let's do <i>something</i>.
00026986: Open Fade Rift
00026987: Close Fade Rift
0002698C: Giant
000269E7: Inquisition soldiers are missing in the uncharted marshes of southern Ferelden.
000269E9: Lost Souls
000269EB: Locate the Avvar outpost.
000269ED: Push Boat
00026A2F: Your Court Approval is very low. If it reaches 0, you'll be kicked out of the ball!
00026A36: Orlesian nobility looks down on elves. The Court watches you with a critical eye.
00026A3B: Travel to the Fallow Mire.
00026A3E: Orlesians consider Qunari little better than ogres. You will have to work extremely hard to win them over.
00026A41: Region
00026A42: Friends
00026A43: Global
00026AF6: You can get us out of this bargain, can't you? Before we're all shipped off to the Imperium like cattle?
00026AF7: Which is why we require a <i>proper</i> authority to guide them back to order.
00026B03: We might, if your Inquisition would recognize the Chantry's authority.
00026B04: How many families are on the verge of splitting into open warfare with themselves?
00026B06: So you suggest I blame the Chantry and exalt a murderer? What of justice?
00026B26: But this doesn't feel like safety.
00026B27: Tome of Runecrafting
00026B28: Tome of Masterwork Crafting
00026B35: There is no authority until another Divine is chosen.
00026B36: In due time. Andraste will be our guide, not some dazed wanderer on a mountainside.
00026B37: Yes, because that would never happen to the Chantry.
00026B39: Centuries of tradition will guide us. We are not the upstart, eager to turn over every apple cart.
00026B3A: Page Up
00026B3B: Page Down
00026B58: Remind me why you're allowing the chancellor to stay?
00026B59: I'll return with good news.
00026B5A: Good luck keeping order.
00026B5B: Don't let anyone riot while we're gone.
00026B5D: The mages and templars are fighting even though we don't know what really happened at the Temple of Sacred Ashes?
00026B5E: I hope the trip is worth it.
00026B5F: Is the mage-templar war large?
00026B60: But who killed the Divine?
00026B63: How widespread is the violence between mages and templars?
00026B64: I'll make sure they see reason in Val Royeaux.
00026B65: Well, let's hope we find solutions, and not a cathedral full of chancellors.
00026B67: Cullen, why is he here?
00026B69: Court approval
00026B6B: Conversation: Speak to a senior soldier about the current situation. The temple entrance has a large demon force; they were outnumbered, but with your arrival they can attempt to secure the entrance. Charge!
00026B8E: He's toothless. There's no point turning him into a martyr simply because he runs at the mouth.
00026B8F: The chancellor's a good indicator of what to expect in Val Royeaux, however.
00026B91: Exactly why all this should be left to a new Divine. If you are innocent, the Chantry will establish it as so.
00026B92: Clearly your <i>templar</i> knows where to draw the line.
00026B93: Or will be happy to use someone as a scapegoat.
00026B94: Impossible to say.
00026B95: Your organization flouting the Chantry's authority will not help matters.
00026B96: With the Conclave destroyed, I imagine the war between mages and templars has renewed. With interest.
00026B97: The walls will be standing when you return. I hope.
00026B98: I pray you're right.
00026B99: The stuff of nightmares.
00026B9A: I will keep the peace while you and the others appeal to the Chantry in Val Royeaux.
00026B9B: Better ready yourself for the blame you will be rightly assigned.
00026BF4: They'd kill Cole, 'cause, you know, demon. And Sera would end up with her mind broken, sweeping floors in some shop.
00026BF7: So, to answer your question: no, I don't think about it much at all.
00026BF8: Can you imagine Solas trying his Fade-dreaming under the Qun? Or Vivienne doing her political bullshit?
00026BFA: Look at Solas. All that wandering in the Fade? They'd <i>at least</i> kill him.
00026BFB: And if Thedas fell to the Qun?
00026BFE: They'd kill Cole, 'cause, you know, demon. And Varric would mouth off one too many times, get reeducated by force.
00026BFF: Vivienne's too political, Dorian's too arrogant, and Solas is just weird. They'd all end up dead... or worse.
00026C01: Do you ever think about what would happen if the Qunari conquered Orlais or Ferelden?
00026C04: Both Sera and Varric would mouth off until they ended up reeducated—drugged until their minds broke.
00026C05: Can you imagine Solas trying his Fade-dreaming under the Qun? Or Dorian thinking of someone besides himself?
00026C08: Some folks, like Cassandra or Cullen, would do fine... if they didn't die fighting. Those two love rules. But the mages...
00026C0A: Varric's tall tales would land him a reeducation prison, drugged until his mind broke.
00026C0C: Leaderboard information is not currently available. Please try again later.
00026C0E: Weapon Upgrades
00026C0F: Armor Upgrades
00026C10: Find material in the royal wing to blackmail Gaspard.
00026C11: Gaspard's General
00026C12: To Orlesian nobility, a dwarf Herald of Andraste is ridiculous. The Court's view of you is dim for the moment.
00026C14: Closing the Fade rift in the Flooded Caves under Old Crestwood should stop spirits from possessing corpses and attacking the village.
00026C15: Close the Fade rift.
00026C23: Note Found on a Corpse
00026C24: {i}The note is charred, but a portion remains legible:{/i}

The torch will scatter them. Or draw them. I'm fairly certain they'll scatter.
00026C25: {i}Excerpts from the journal of an unknown miner, dated 9:38 Dragon:{/i}

3 Drakonis

Didot wants to know what it means. Didn't we all? But he frets at it. Keep your head low, work like the rest, and shut it out. That's all he needs.


13 Drakonis

He feels it. I know he does. We all see it. Still he pushes. I do not want to talk about it; I do not want to know what it means. Some evil magic best left alone—is that not answer enough? He thinks it's more. It's in his head and he won't let it go.

Nug again for dinner. This day never ends.


4 Cloudreach

Didot was on the ledge behind the pool. What was he doing? What does he know? If he disturbs it...

Nicco won't talk to Didot at all. He trades shifts so that they will not work together. I should do the same.


24 Cloudreach

The boss says {i}his{/i} boss in Val Firmin will be sending someone to check on operations. Suppose it's just routine. Didot speaks strangely now. Too much time at the door.

Nug again for dinner. Wonderful.


1 Bloomingtide

Maker forgive me, but Didot's absence is a weight lifted. Shame about the wife though.
00026C26: A Miner's Journal
00026C27: Andraste's sweet ass, I'm a fool for betting what I couldn't pay. Now I have to take Nicco's shift in the tunnel closest to the door. The lot of them fell silent at that. Nicco tried to take it back—he's a good enough lad—but I gave my word.

Nicco's first night here, he thought to sleep below the ridge at the back of the pool. We didn't notice. He woke the whole camp with his screaming. He sleeps under the statue outside camp now and shakes when he goes near the pool.

I'll let him keep his win. He can owe me a drink when it's done.
00026C28: The Journal of Paulette Deschant
00026C29: {i}An inscription taken at the temple doors in the Forbidden Oasis, followed by a translation. The writing is shaky and uneven, as though the writer labored to complete the task:{/i}

Emma solas him var din'an. Tel garas solasan. Melana en athim las enaste.

Arrogance became our end. Come not to a prideful place. Now let humility grant favor.
00026C2A: Tracing from Temple Doors
00026C5D: Mayor
00026C5E: The Orlesian court is pleased to see a noble—even a Marcher—leading the Inquisition. You're off to a good start.
00026C5F: With few exceptions, nobles and mages don't mix. The court eyes you with suspicion.
00026CBC: Tutorial: Fast Travel

Open the map and fast travel back to the war table. (Optional: can run back on your own.)
00026CE8: Meet in the war room when ready.
00026CFC: Bladed Greatsword Grip
00026CFD: Wide Greatsword Grip
00026CFE: Masterwork Crescent Greatsword Grip
00026CFF: Butterfly Greatsword Grip
00026D00: Curved Greatsword Grip
00026D01: Masterwork Etched Greatsword Grip
00026DCE: That building on the dam must be where we can open the floodgates.
00026E0B: Fancy Ring
00026E0C: Council of Heralds Representative
00026E0E: Good evening, Inquisitor.
00026E4E: Confront Alexius in his throne room.
00026E4F: Locate the prison key to exit the dungeon.
00026E50: Defeat Alexius.
00026E51: Item modification was not successful.
00026E52: Inquisition Scout
00026EB1: You create a blade of solid magic to make melee attacks against nearby enemies, bypassing their guard and barriers.

00026EB2: Basic Attack
00026EB6: Basic melee strikes.
00026EB7: Spirit Blade
00026EB8: Basic Attack
00026EC1: Increase Duration II
00026EC2: Rogue Class Bonus
00026EC4: Healing Potion
00026EC5: Mage Class Bonus
00026EC8: Basic ranged attack.
00026EC9: Increase Potency II
00026ECA: Proximity Resistance
00026ECB: Basic ranged attack.
00026ECD: Basic ranged attack.
00026ED0: Dispel
00026EDA: Chain Lightning
00026EDB: Basic Attack
00026EE2: Search
00026EE5: Proximity Resistance
00026EE6: Haste
00026EE8: Basic ranged attack.
00026EED: Proximity Upgrade
00026EEE: Mighty Offense Tonic
00026EEF: Stun Enemies
00026EF0: Increase Duration I
00026EFC: Confusion Grenade
00026EFD: Basic melee attack.
00026F01: Increase Potency I
00026F05: You create a shimmering protective barrier that acts as temporary additional health. The barrier decays naturally over time.

00026F0A: Increase Duration I
00026F0D: Basic Attack
00026F13: Basic melee strikes.
00026F1B: Attack Chain Upgrade
00026F1D: Increase Potency I
00026F1F: Increase Duration II
00026F26: Lifeward
00026F27: Increased Duration I
00026F29: Immobilize
00026F2B: Basic melee strikes.
00026F30: Lightning Bolt
00026F31: Increase Healing I
00026F36: Damage Bonus vs. Barrier
00026F39: And Some Wasps
00026F3D: Improved Potency I
00026F3F: Increase Duration I
00026F40: Bonuses inherent to the warrior class.
00026F47: Jar of Bees
00026F4A: Basic Attack
00026F4C: Attack Chain Upgrade
00026F4D: You summon a bolt of lightning that blasts and paralyzes a single target. If other enemies are nearby, the bolt will paralyze the target for longer.

00026F50: Increase Duration II
00026F53: Basic melee attack.
00026F55: Wall of Ice
00026F56: Increase Damage II
00026F57: Basic ranged attack.
00026F58: Increase Duration I
00026F5E: Fade Step
00026F5F: Rock Armor Tonic
00026F61: Bonuses inherent to the warrior class.
00026F6B: You fill an area with magical energy that slows and weakens your enemies. Enemies larger than the field are immune.

00026F6C: Basic melee strikes.
00026F6E: Increase Potency I
00026F70: Increase Duration I
00026F71: Increase Damage I
00026F74: Shroud of Shadows
00026F78: Electrical Resistance Tonic
00026F7B: Pitch Grenade
00026F7E: Pull of the Abyss
00026F81: Cold Resistance Tonic
00026F83: Increase Duration II
00026F85: Basic Attack
00026F89: Basic Attack
00026F90: Improved Duration I
00026F92: Basic Attack
00026F94: Improved Duration II
00026F97: Improved Potency II
00026F9E: Basic melee strikes.
00026F9F: Increase Panic Chance II
00026FA0: Increase Healing II
00026FA2: Increase Duration II
00026FA6: Disruption Field
00026FA7: Spirit Resistance Tonic
00026FA9: Basic Attack
00026FAA: Fire Resistance Tonic
00026FAC: Damage Bonus vs. Guard
00026FB0: Increase Duration II
00026FB3: Charged Burst
00026FB4: Increase Duration I
00026FB9: Improved Potency I
00026FBB: You let invisible waves of magic carry you forward, blurring ahead a short distance.

00026FBE: Increase Potency II
00026FBF: Guardian Spirit
00026FC5: Basic ranged attack.
00026FC6: Basic melee attack.
00026FC9: Debilitate II
00026FCC: Energy Barrage
00026FCD: Warrior Class Bonus
00026FCE: Attack Chain Upgrade
00026FCF: Basic Attack
00026FD2: Increased Duration II
00026FD3: Basic melee strikes.
00026FD5: Basic Attack
00026FD9: Debilitate I
00026FDC: Critical Damage Bonus
00026FDE: Increase Potency II
00026FE1: Basic melee strikes.
00026FE4: You create a tiny rift that pulls enemies toward a central point.

00026FEA: Improved Potency II
00026FEF: Basic Attack
00026FF6: Rage I
00026FF7: You launch a salvo of elemental blasts from your staff that homes in on targets ahead of you.

00026FFE: Increase Panic Chance I
00027002: Basic Attack
00027003: Mind Wreck
00027006: Barrier
00027007: Mind Blast
0002700A: Resurgence
0002700B: Bonuses inherent to the rogue class.
0002700F: Rage II
00027011: Increase Duration II
00027017: Basic Attack
0002701F: Basic Attack
00027023: Increase Healing I
00027024: Wall of Fire
00027026: Basic Attack
00027027: Dispel
0002702B: Increase Healing II
0002702C: Regeneration Potion
0002702D: Fade Cloak
0002702F: Increase Duration I
00027031: Basic melee attack.
00027036: Warrior Class Bonus
00027051: Elf Servant
00027056: Elf Ambassador
0002705E: +{CUSTOM0} {CUSTOM1}
00027081: <font>{CUSTOM0}</font>
00027089: <font color="#{CUSTOM1}">{CUSTOM0}</font>
00027095: "Sometimes the most obvious solution is the least expected."

—Comte Victor Leroux, Orlesian philosopher
0002709E: Exploring the off-limit spaces of the palace can yield rewards, but take care not to be gone too long. When you're absent from the party, people notice, and your Court Approval will drop.
0002709F: The arrow of time flies in only one direction. Its path lights our way forward.
000270A7: Camper's Message
000270A8: Peter:

You'll find this in the morning, I'm moved on to the Dyers' camp in Granite Point. Any corpses come at us, it's our job to fill them with steel before they step past the stones.

Don't sulk like a ninny, boy. Bring a sword and defend what's left of your damn home.

Nigel Marsh
000270AA: Uncle,

I was hiding supplies above the rocks when I heard voices from the windmill to the west. It was the horned men again. There's more of them now. I have to see if anyone is still left alive in the village. I'm sorry, but I swear I will be careful.

000270AB: Note Found at Dyer Campsite
000270B8: West Letter
000270B9: {i}A letter to a loved one:{/i}

My dear, I would love to come to Denerim with you, but I have nothing left to my name. Regardless, something is awry in the village; I fear we may soon need all the help we can get. Perhaps in a few months my situation will have changed.
000270BA: Ellie,

Not safe in village. Ghin saw horned monsters in fog, near castle. Uncle and I moving supplies to Granite Point. Come back for you and your mother once we make camp.

Be safe. You're the only cousin I've got left.

000270BB: Note from Lewis Dyer
000270BC: Waterlogged Diary
000270BD: {i}A diary found in the Fallow Mire. One water-soaked entry, dated ten days ago, is still legible:{/i}

The damned roof leaks, and I've been eating boiled roots for a week. I'm squatting in a bog no one's so much as spit in for ten years. Still better than the alienage, thank Andraste. That's the last time I visit the city for a while.

I'm worried about the Gardners. They weren't sick when I left, and now they're all down with a fever, and their little boy is at death's door. Nigel Marsh said we should lock them in their home, the sour codger. Maybe I can bring something to help. Is it deathroot that cures a fever, or elfroot? It can't be deathroot. Can it?

Ask Ira which is right.
000270D4: Another time, Varric.
000270D5: What books do you write?
000270D6: You're an author? What kind of books have you written?
000270E1: I've tried my hand at a few genres.
000270EB: I started a romance serial once. <i>Swords & Shields</i>. But to be honest, I don't have the knack for romances.
000270EC: Most of my stories end in tragedy. Probably that says something unfortunate about me personally.
000270ED: <i>The Tale of the Champion</i> is the most famous thing I've written. Or infamous, maybe.
000270EE: My crime serials are my most popular. <i>Hard in Hightown</i>. Guards breaking the rules to get things done.
000270F1: Skip
000270F3: Defeat Calpernia's minions.
00027103: NEW SAVE GAME
0002710D: Location
0002710F: [NOTE]: Phillipe,
Move in on the western wing of the palace when I send you three shots of brandy. Not taking any chances.

[INFORMATION]: Gaspard has been sneaking his troops into the palace.
0002711D: Details
00027129: Toggle Item Filtering by User
00027137: Inventory
00027138: Weapons
00027139: Armor
0002713A: Accessories
0002713B: Upgrades
0002713C: Crafting Materials
0002713D: Valuables
000271C6: New Item Acquired:
000271CA: Acquired:
000271CD: Personal Best
000271CE: Match Time
000271CF: Items Found
000271D0: Skyhold Upgrade
000271EE: Defeat the Avvar leader.
00027216: What does the Lord Seeker want to see, templar?
00027297: You aren't the Herald they taught us to expect, but your race could be part of Andraste's message.
00027298: More troubling is your company. We've had no end of pain from shits like him.
000272F5: Power: {CUSTOM0}
000272F8: Power Cost: {CUSTOM0}
000272F9: Required Power: {CUSTOM0}
000272FA: The Fallow Mire
000272FB: Fisher's End
000272FC: Old Thoroughfare
000272FD: The Misty Grove
000272FE: Granite Point
00027301: The Weeping Spires
00027304: Hargrave Keep
00027325: We shouldn't leave him alive.
00027326: We can deal with him later.
00027329: We need to move. Finish him.
0002732B: He's my captain.
0002732D: The knight-captain's keys. I would question the Lord Seeker about this "Elder One."
0002732E: Is the knight-captain alive?
0002732F: We'll heal him. Let's judge the knight-captain after we find his master.
00027330: He's mad!
00027331: Barely. If you use a healing elixir, he may survive. If he even deserves it.
00027333: I'm not moving an inch. This is madness!
00027336: Was the knight-captain hiding the body for the Lord Seeker? Did he kill the man himself?
00027382: Cabin Key
00027383: {i}"Property of Ira Gardner" is written in spidery handwriting on this collection of homemade recipes and remedies. The last entry reads:{/i}

First sign of the plague is coughing and going pale, like blood's run out of your skin. Elfroot soothes the cough, but doesn't cool the next day's fever. That's where the spindleweed helps. The ones I planted by the old shed came in quick. They seem to like where the soil's dry. I'll try making an ointment with it tomorrow.
00027384: Gardner Diary
000273BC: Landmarks
000273C0: You "broke the Chant"?
000273C1: Down that road is darkness. We have never been alone. We cannot be alone.
000273C2: Keep faith. Andraste's with me.
000273C3: Forgive me, Maker. I have lost the light.
000273C4: The one who repents, who has faith, unshaken by the darkness of the world, she shall know true peace.
000273C5: We <i>should</i> question. If not now, when?
000273C7: My Maker, know my heart, take from me a life of sorrow. Comfort is only yours to give...
000273C8: The blessings of Andraste are not lost to us. They've been made flesh.
000273C9: Our Divine is dead. Our templars gone. The Maker's silence is deafening. What hope have we?
000273CA: So I have a faith I've lost, or one that seeks to drive it from me.
000273CC: The templars will stand for us and help Val Royeaux return to mourning.
000273CD: This Inquisition is heresy. You will not look on my doubt.
000273CE: Look away. I have broken the Chant, because it comes from my heart. What have we, when our Divine is dead, and the sky burns?
000273CF: Oh, Maker, where is the comfort?
000273D0: But even our templars forsake the Light. Even they.
000273D1: We should all be questioning.
000273D2: I can't even look to our templars. How is this not darkness?
000273D3: Are you all so ignorant of the Maker's most basic rites?
000273D5: Maker, put out my eyes. I would rather blindness to this growing dark.
000273D6: The Chant of Light is how we honor the Maker. They are the only words that the faithful should hear from my lips, but I can't...
000273D7: Blessed are the righteous, the lights in the shadow. In their blood the Maker's will is written.
000273DA: The Inquisition will bring order.
000273DB: The Inquisition can give you the answers you need.
000273DC: Hold your tongue. I will not hear the blasphemy of a fool who claims to be sent by our Holy Bride.
000273DE: What do you mean you "broke the Chant"?
000273E0: This city is closed to you: except for the Chantry and our templars—they'll certainly take you.
000273E6: We know about your Inquisition. Val Royeaux has no time for heresy. The templars will be our voice.
000273E8: They say they found the knife-ear covered with the Divine's blood.
000273E9: They say that horned <i>thing</i> murdered the Divine.
000273EA: They say they found the Free Marcher covered in the Divine's blood.
000273EB: That's the mage they say killed the Divine?
000273ED: Stand wary, guardsmen! The Inquisition is here... along with the "Herald of Andraste."
000273EE: I heard that dwarf was found covered in the Divine's blood.
000273EF: Leave me alone, and I'll do you the same, dwarf. My city doesn't need this joke played on it.
000273F1: You just... stay away from me. I don't know <i>what</i> you are.
000273F4: Go back to your own, elf. This city doesn't need your "Inquisition."
000273F5: Templars let you walk. Templars! What in blazes?
000273F6: Just don't give me a reason, heretics.
000273F7: They say a lot about you. Can't believe any of it.
000273FA: They say you're scratching for power. Not on these streets. Understand?
000273FB: I've seen your kind use the Chantry, but you never believe in it. And I don't believe in you, dwarf.
000273FC: The templars didn't even touch you?
000273FD: The Lord Seeker may not think you're a threat, but he's not here right now.
000273FE: I fought your kind years ago, Qunari. You don't belong here.
00027400: I've never seen the Dalish stand for the Chantry except to fire a bow at it. My eyes are on you.
00027401: This is bullshit.
00027402: You trouble anyone, we'll see how mortal you get.
00027403: Thank you.
00027405: We're going to give it a try, at least.
00027406: No one is doing anything. The Chantry's useless, and the templars... Andraste, I never thought they'd <i>abandon</i> us.
00027407: I don't know if I'm that, but it'll be nice to see.
00027409: Why do you want to know?
0002740A: That's the plan.
00027412: Luck on your way, then. I hope this Inquisition puts the sky back to normal.
00027419: That's what we're attempting, yes.
0002741C: All right, go to Haven.
0002741D: The Inquisition has its hands full at the moment, sorry.
00027420: Why do you ask?
00027424: You want to help the Inquisition?
00027426: Never been part of something this big before, but... if your Inquisition's going to seal the sky, I want to help.
00027428: Listen. Your camp will need food. I have contacts. We'll have deliveries there in days.
0002742C: Excuse me, but... is what they're saying real? The Inquisition's going to fix the hole in the sky?
0002742E: It's true.
0002742F: Head to Haven, then. We need good people.
00027430: No, thank you.
00027431: Can't be seen dealing with you. Not with templars around.
00027436: The Inquisition? We don't require that sort of thing in Val Royeaux.
00027439: What is the Grand Cathedral thinking? We must have a new Divine. She will show us the way.
00027444: The templars will help us, as they always have. We've no need for an Inquisition.
00027445: They left us. The templars left us to the mages! Chantry liars!
00027446: May as well keep walking. I don't deal with heretics.
00027447: Ever since our Divine was murdered... toothless old fools are lost without her.
00027448: Our templars left? The Chantry promised they'd defend us!
00027449: Well, that was a change of affairs. You might find friends among the stunned and reeling.
0002744A: The Chantry has just shown themselves helpless. Who will fetch their templars back, I wonder?
0002744B: It seems change is on the wind. I wish your leaders well.
0002744C: It seems that powers align against this "Inquisition."
0002744D: There's a war on, and the templars... just left?
0002744E: This cannot stand. How can it stand?
00027467: {i}A collection of quickly jotted notes, written in a blocky hand:{/i}

- Moon rose a few minutes later today than it did a week ago. I don't think it moves like stars do. Is it because it's closer?

- Wilton pointed out another star in the south quarter of the sky, by one of the Tevinter constellations. Real faint. Boy has good eyes. Have him help me spot next week.

- Notes in book I found not a chart of the air as I thought. Looks like different sky. Stars different in the north than they are here?
00027468: Notes on the Stars
00027473: Tell Briala we need a cleanup.
00027474: Did we get confirmation of the missing agents?
0002747C: XP: {CUSTOM0}
00027484: Whoever did this oughta be down here somewhere.
00027485: Must be the elves Briala's people are looking for.
00027494: Save
00027495: Exit to Menu
00027523: Tutorial: Combat
00027524: Rift Gameplay Tutorial

Work together with the other party members to close the Rift. Rifts are vulnerable for a time while demons emerge from them.
0002753E: Sorry, I really need to write some letters. Another time, all right?
0002755A: Our man was supposed to make a pickup in the garden hours ago. Bastard's likely dead by now.
0002755B: Inquisitor Lavellan.
0002755D: Sister Leliana,

With thanks to our lady ambassador, I was able to study the scroll. The reference is vague, but it implies a connection to a temple, possibly elven. I followed the lead and believe one such temple stands in an oasis in the Western Approach. As to what may lie within, I cannot say. Reports of the place are cut off or have pages missing. I have yet to find a reliable, firsthand account. Perhaps our soldiers can provide a better one.

Enchanter Renaud
0002755E: Sister Leliana,

The shards acquired by the Herald of Andraste are unlike anything I've encountered. Though ancient in origin, few have been recovered before now. The Breach must have disrupted whatever ancient magic was concealing them from view.

I have heard of one scroll that mentions the shards. It belonged to the Circle Tower in Markham. However, after the Circles fell, the Sorrell family seized many of the valuables as compensation for donations made after their mage son was taken there. They intend to sell the scroll, along with everything else, at private auction.

Enchanter Renaud
0002755F: Investigate the Shards
00027564: It required some "gifts" to several Dalish clans traveling along the Waking Sea coast, but Cillian was able to get the texts he needed to translate the glyphs. He claims they are a kind of map, showing the location to an ancient temple dedicated to Dirthamen, the elven God of Secrets. He has provided us the location, but it should be noted we're not the first to investigate these glyphs. A group of treasure hunters evidently mentioned them several years ago... though they have not been heard from since.
00027566: The elven glyphs discovered in the Dales might prove valuable. Cursory inspection suggests they predate the ruins in which they were found—possibly transferred onto the stone from a much older edifice that dates back to the original elven nation or even earlier.
00027567: Investigate the Elven Glyphs
0002757B: Nobles
000275CB: Greet the empress's ladies-in-waiting.
000275CC: Speak with Ambassador Briala.
000275CD: Behind Every Empress
000275CE: Rub elbows with other key players at the ball.
000275CF: Accept
000275D1: The Western Approach encompasses the badlands in western Orlais. The Grey Warden fortress Adamant sits on the Abyssal Rift on the southern edge of the Approach.
000275D2: The Frostback Mountains are a mountain range directly west of Ferelden, forming the primary divide between Ferelden and the Orlesian Empire.
000275D3: The Arbor Wilds is an area of dense forest south of the Dales in Orlais. A verdant forest appears to stretch forever under clear blue skies. Enormous pines shoot straight up into the sky, rows upon rows of towering sentinels making the odd cabin look tiny in comparison.
000275D4: Known for its culture of extravagant nobility, yet also as the birthplace of the Chantry, Orlais is the most powerful human nation in Thedas.
000275D5: The Dales is a region in southern Thedas governed by Orlais. It was, for a time, home to the elves. The Exalted March to the Dales saw Orlesians take control, forcing most of the elves into subjugation while others fled to live as nomads, now known as the Dalish. Halamshiral, one of the largest settlements in the region, is home to the Winter Palace, the empress's retreat.
000275D6: Conquered by Orlais, torn by civil war, ravaged by the Fifth Blight: Ferelden is no stranger to hardship. With the Veil weakened, the land is more turbulent than ever.
000275D7: The Nahashin Marshes is a stretch of volatile, volcanic marshland separating Orlais from the Tirashan to the west. The area is practically impassable, as the marshes are filled with mud kept hot by volcanic gasses bubbling up to the surface and bursting through, showering anything unfortunate enough to be nearby.
000275D8: As part of Ferelden, Crestwood shares visual themes with that countryside. The wilderness itself is found around the lake of Crestwood. The village of Crestwood sits close to the shore; a large, bandit-controlled outpost overlooks the lake.
000275D9: Join forces with your new allies to assault the heart of the Breach and close it once and for all.

{string}281195{/string}: {string}281194{/string}
000275DA: {string}280957{/string}

Leliana and Josephine have been working tirelessly to convince, coerce, and win over some of Orlais' most influential houses. Ten noble families will help the Inquisition pressure the templars into sealing the Breach, traveling to Therinfal Redoubt and demanding the Lord Seeker deal with them or face the wrath of Orlais. The Inquisition has promised the Herald of Andraste as its voice in these negotiations.

{string}281195{/string}: {string}281191{/string}
000275DB: The Inquisition is now a force to be reckoned with. Call its allies to rally their soldiers and march with Inquisitor {spHeroLastName}'s army to the Arbor Wilds, where they will face Corypheus's zealots one final time. The Inquisition must stop Corypheus before the darkspawn magister finds a long-lost elven artifact in the Wilds that allows him to enter the Fade physically and claim its power.

{string}281195{/string}: {string}281193{/string}
000275DC: Adamant Fortress has withstood countless darkspawn attacks without falling; the Grey Wardens defending its walls are legendary warriors. To prevent Warden-Commander Clarel from raising an army of demons, Inquisition forces will need siege engines powerful enough to breach Adamant's defenses.

{string}281195{/string}: {string}281192{/string}
000275DD: An assassin is stalking the empress. Celene's death would plunge Orlais into chaos, leaving it an easy target for Corypheus. At the Winter Palace of Halamshiral, Celene is holding peace talks with her rebellious cousin Grand Duke Gaspard under the guise of a Grand Ball. Every noble in the empire will attend, making it the perfect place and time for Corypheus's assassin to strike. We can arrange an invitation to attend, to keep him from destroying Orlais—if we hurry.

{string}281195{/string}: {string}281192{/string}
000275DE: With his forces routed, now is the time to find Corypheus before he can recover and force him out into the open.

WARNING: This starts events that lead to the end of the story. You can continue to play the game afterwards, but some content may not be available. Complete any important tasks before beginning this operation.

{string}281195{/string}: {string}281193{/string}
000275DF: {string}280958{/string}

Redcliffe Castle and the mages who could close the Breach are under the control of Magister Gereon Alexius, a Venatori cultist with an unhealthy interest in {spHeroLastName} and the power to reorder time itself. He has "kindly" invited {spHeroLastName} to the castle—alone—to negotiate. It's an obvious trap, but Leliana and her agents can infiltrate the castle and remove the Venatori threat while Alexius's attention is diverted. A dangerous game, but it's our best chance.

{string}281195{/string}: {string}281191{/string}
00027602: Third bell. Crap, now I'm just plain late.
00027604: That would be the second bell. Fashionably late now.
00027606: Personal Best Time
0002760C: Word of the Inquisition's work in the Hinterlands has spread. The Chantry clerics in Val Royeaux are ready to meet.
0002760D: Address the clerics.
00027638: You only say that because you fancy the empress's pet apostate.
00027639: They are the ones who should be brought to heel, if you ask me.
0002763A: It sickens me to think of the chaos those maleficarum are causing across the empire.
0002763B: You must be mistaken.
0002763C: If they're playing the Game, they're not doing it very well. You don't leave evidence if you play to win.
0002763D: If that's true, I would welcome an alliance with the Inquisition.
0002763E: Indeed? If the Inquisition intends to hold those deserters accountable, I should be glad to pledge my support.
00027712: Look here! Circle tomes.
00027772: Will you look at that. Nobody'll believe we had a Qunari come through here.
0002780C: Keep them off me.
0002780D: Inquisitor. Always a pleasure.
0002780F: Blood mages! It's always blood mages!
00027812: You can press on ahead, Your Worship! We'll clear a path for the rest of our forces!
00027813: Already, too many of them are slaves to Corypheus. This is going to be bloody.
00027815: Die, bastards! And take your demons with you!
00027816: I'll see if I can get their attention.
00027818: Die, bastards! And take your demons with you!
0002781D: Good work. Stay with my forces and see that they survive this.
0002781E: I'll keep the demons off them as best I can.
0002781F: Already, too many of them are slaves to Corypheus. This is going to be bloody.
00027823: Protect my troops.
00027824: I thought your men could use some help up here.
00027826: Blood mages! It's always blood mages!
00027828: I'll see if I can get their attention.
00027829: I thought your men could use some help up here.
0002782D: I'll keep the demons off them as best I can.
00027830: Inquisitor. Always a pleasure.
00027831: Resistance is heavier than we'd hoped. I need a path to the center of the fortress.
00027832: For the Inquisition!
00027834: Do what you can.
00027836: For the Inquisition!
00027838: Damned fools never listen.
0002783A: Why should I trust you, Alistair?
0002783C: Wardens, attack!
0002783E: And she'll call for yours, considering what you've done here.
00027841: Brothers, can't you see this is madness?
00027844: I'm trying to save the Wardens!
00027845: Damn you, Chernoff!
00027846: You expect me to turn on my fellow Wardens, like you did?
00027848: You're a traitor to the Wardens. Clarel called for your death!
0002784B: I'm with you!
0002784C: Warden Chernoff, we are not enemies.
00027850: Stay back! We will not be sacrificed for some insane ritual!
00027853: Chernoff, I just helped save you.
00027854: Don't be a fool, Chernoff. I just saved your life.
00027857: Maker take you, Chernoff!
00027858: They're bound to the demons!
0002785B: Why should I trust you, Stroud?
0002785C: I have your back!
0002785D: I'm on your side!
00027861: Do not be a fool, Chernoff!
00027863: What a waste.
00027864: Clarel has lost her way.
00027865: Why should I trust you, Loghain?
00027866: It's no use! They're enslaved!
00027867: Keep your distance!
00027868: It's no use! Their minds are not their own!
00027869: You're a fool, Chernoff!
0002786A: No. You're lying. You're all lying!
0002786C: Everyone just stay back!
0002786D: Clarel has gone mad.
0002786E: Damn it. What a waste.
0002786F: I expect you to stop and think!
00027871: The Inquisition is here to stop Clarel, not to kill Wardens. If you fall back, you won't be harmed.
00027872: Just fall back to safety.
00027874: Lay down your weapons and surrender.
00027875: Surrender.
00027877: All right. My men will stay back. We want no part of this.
00027878: Deal with Clarel as you must.
0002787A: Never!
0002787B: Nicely done. I'm glad some of them could be reasoned with.
0002787E: Well said. I had hoped some of the Wardens would listen to reason.
0002787F: Well spoken. I did not look forward to killing more Wardens.
0002788A: Our forces are taking heavy losses against the demons, but we will hold, Inquisitor.
0002788E: How many of them are there?
00027890: How many of them are there?
00027891: The Warden-Commander should be just ahead. Our scouts say she has a host of Wardens and demons with her.
00027892: I stopped as many of them as I could.
0002789B: I stopped as many of them as I could.
0002789D: Too damned many.
000278A6: Fewer thanks to you.
000278B1: Hawke saved a lot of lives on the battlements, Inquisitor.
0002795F: You must know something about Rainier?
00027960: What do you know of Rainier?
0002799D: Guess not.
0002799F: I know what everyone knows: he'll hang for the massacre of a noble and his family.
000279E4: Demons.
000279E5: Bandits, by the look of it.
000279E6: A demon's work, unless I am mistaken.
000279E7: Bandits, most likely.
000279E8: That's a demon's work.
000279E9: "Killed by arrows." Helpful, yeah? Probably bandits or something.
000279EA: Everything here is blurry. It wants to forget, but now the rocks are solid.
000279EC: Look at how the arrow's positioned. He was shot while running. I'd guess bandits.
00027A29: A most inglorious end.
00027A2A: Still, if these puppet-Wardens show no mercy, neither can we.
00027A2B: Perhaps these creatures are the reason few return from the Arbor Wilds.
00027A9A: Create Lobby
00027AB7: Lyrium Manifest with Attached Note
00027AB8: —Three crates, high grade. West Sink Mines, Orzammar. House Keltarr.
—Two crates, regular grade. Sternann Peak, Anderfels. Town of Geltberg.
—Five crates of "red" lyrium. Source unverified. Rations given out only on Lord Seeker's orders.

<i>A note is pinned to the bottom of the page.</i>


Is it me, or does red lyrium sound different than the rest? I caught the new boy listening to it after stacking the crates. Dragged him out by his ears, but the knight-captain says put him on the red lyrium from now on. Too lenient if you ask me.
00027AB9: Lobby Visibility
00027ABA: Destination
00027ABB: Difficulty
00027AFF: Experience Acquired: {CUSTOM0}
00027B1E: Power: +{CUSTOM0}
00027B1F: Rummage their corpses, by all means.
00027B33: Harlequin
00027B53: He claims not to remember.
00027B54: And sometimes the guilty lie. Let us press onwards.
00027B55: Sometimes the mind buries what it cannot endure.
00027B56: And you do not believe that?
00027B57: None of this explains how that mark was acquired, however.
00027B58: It is too convenient.
00027B59: She claims not to remember.
00027BA2: A very good thing.
00027BA3: Trying to defend your lie?
00027BA4: It's a blessing. Warden or not, I'd hate to be on the other side of your blade.
00027BA5: If necessary, we could've left you in Skyhold, but now we don't need to.
00027BA6: We would've left you behind.
00027BA7: Perhaps it's a good thing I'm not a real Warden.
00027BA8: There's really no good in your lie. Please stop trying to find some.
00027BA9: Corypheus is able to possess Grey Wardens, or so I hear.
00027BAD: Going up against a darkspawn... and the last thing you want is a Grey Warden.
00027BAE: Funny how these things happen.
00027BAF: I hope that's not an order.
00027BB0: Right. Never mind, then.
00027BB1: You can get close enough to Corypheus to kiss him now.
00027BB7: Private
00027BB8: Public
00027BB9: {MPCasualDifficulty} Routine
00027BBA: {MPHardDifficulty} Perilous
00027BBB: {MPNightmareDifficulty} Nightmare
00027BBC: {MPNormalDifficulty} Threatening
00027C08: Match Settings
00027C6F: Search
00027C9F: For what purpose?
00027CA0: I'll bet they didn't even introduce themselves properly, or mention who all these soldiers are.
00027CA1: And yet, you want her help. Unless you just decided to take her out and show her the sights?
00027CA2: It is more than that.
00027CA3: Let's move on.
00027CA5: So who are they?
00027CA6: Because that's what Cassandra is: a Seeker of Truth. A... sort of templar. Didn't she tell you?
00027CA7: So she claims. Clearly the Divine had something in mind for them.
00027CAD: Cassandra and Leliana were the Right Hand and Left Hand of the Divine, respectively.
00027CB0: They were the Divine's... unofficial agents. Doing things like gathering these soldiers.
00027CB1: Why do you call her "Seeker"?
00027CB2: But you still need his help. Unless you're taking him into the valley for a brisk walk and some air?
00027CB4: So who are they, then?
00027CB5: The Templar Order was once the Chantry's army, but it abandoned them to hunt mages. A replacement was needed.
00027CB9: The prisoner is accused of a terrible crime.
00027D1C: Random
00027D64: I see the Venatori have already encountered the temple's guardians.
00027D65: The mages trespassed on their sacred ground.
00027D66: Preparing another display of hospitality, no doubt.
00027D7B: So are we. I'm just saying.
00027DBD: We should get going.
00027DBE: We've spent enough time here. Come on.
00027DBF: As you say. Let us see what awaits.
00027DC3: She's got you there.
00027DC4: Stop tormenting her.
00027DC5: Why would you ask her that?
00027DC7: So the Divine's closest agents survived because of a convenient delay?
00027DC8: You don't think she's torturing herself about it?
00027DC9: I am curious: why were you not at the Temple of Sacred Ashes, Cassandra?
00027DCB: You'd be dead, too.
00027DCC: Well, survival seems to be evidence—for some people.
00027DCD: It was a simple question.
00027DCE: A fortunate delay, considering it saved your lives.
00027DCF: I think she's got you figured out pretty well, Seeker.
00027DD0: And yet you survived.
00027DD2: No. I want justice.
00027DD3: There was nothing "fortunate" about it! If we'd been there, we could have... this might all have...
00027DD5: I think he's got you figured out pretty well, Seeker.
00027DD6: You really want to torture yourself with "what if," Seeker?
00027DD7: I apologize. I did not mean to cause you pain.
00027DD9: He's got you there.
00027DDA: You'd probably have died along with everyone else.
00027DDB: What are you implying?
00027DDC: It is a question Leliana and I will ask ourselves for the rest of our lives, I assure you.
00027DDD: You do not know me.
00027DDE: <i>I</i> don't have the mark... but point taken.
00027DDF: Or stopped you.
00027DE0: We were delayed in Kirkwall.
00027DE3: We moving or what?
00027DF2: Penshra! Ghilas vellathan!
00027DF7: I think she wants us to go back?
00027DF8: Just a quick look around.
00027DF9: She wants us to stay close.
00027DFA: I believe she would prefer that we remain close.
00027DFB: If we'd completed the rituals, perhaps the Sentinels would have been open to discussion.
00027DFC: <i>(Sighs.)</i> No. I would not.
00027DFD: Would you risk our lives on it?
00027DFE: Were we supposed to lie down and die for those elves?
00027DFF: I should have trusted his so-called deal?
00027E0D: Blank Runestone
00027E0E: Fire Essence
00027E48: Female
00027E49: Male
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00027F52: Are you sure you want to load this save data? Any unsaved progress will be lost.
00027F53: A profile change has occurred. You must return to the original profile to continue. Dismissing this message will return you to the title screen.
00027F54: Are you sure you want to overwrite this save data?
00027F55: {string}269180{/string} automatically saves data. When this icon is displayed, please do not {pc}close the game{/pc}{notpc}turn off the {/notpc}{anyxbox}console{/anyxbox}{ps3}PlayStation®3 {/ps3}{ps4}PlayStation®4 {/ps4}{anyplaystation}system{/anyplaystation}.
00027F56: This save data appears to be damaged and cannot be loaded.
00027F57: You must sign in with a profile to proceed.
00027F95: Save failed due to insufficient space. {anyplaystation}{CUSTOM0} {ps4}MB {/ps4}{ps3}KB {/ps3}is required to save data. {/anyplaystation}Please overwrite {notps3}or delete {/notps3}an existing save.
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00027F9C: The Dragon Age server is unavailable at this time. Please try again later.
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00027FE1: We must prepare the soldiers!
00027FE2: Qunari
00027FE3: Human
00027FE4: Elf
00027FE5: Dwarf
00027FE6: Enough! I will not have it!
00027FE7: You have already caused enough trouble without resorting to this exercise in futility.
00027FE8: We will do no such thing.
00027FE9: You are not in command here!
00027FEA: You, Cassandra, the Most Holy—haven't you all done enough already?
00027FEB: The prisoner must get to the Temple of Sacred Ashes. It is our only chance!
00027FEC: <i>I</i> have caused trouble?
000281D9: There is not enough free space available to start a new game. {anyplaystation}{CUSTOM0} MB is required to save data. {/anyplaystation}Please free up additional space and try again.
000281DA: There is not enough space available in the HDD. To start the game, at least {CUSTOM0} MB free space is required. Please exit the game and free up the necessary space.
000281DD: Are you sure you want to exit the game to PlayStation®Store?
000281DE: You do not have the latest version of the game and are unable to join this session. Please ensure you have the latest {xbox360}Title Update {/xbox360}{xboxone}content update {/xboxone}{anyplaystation}patch {/anyplaystation}{pc}patch {/pc}and try again.
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0002823E: So you're not a mage, and presumably not a templar.
00028251: Why bother asking? You can trust nothing he says.
00028252: Certainly not.
00028253: First we deal with the Breach. Then we learn the truth.
00028254: The Dalish have mages.
00028255: So what was a Dalish elf like yourself doing at the Conclave?
00028256: Oh, I knew one once. Pretty girl, had a thing for mirrors.
00028257: So, why not ask?
00028258: I'd assumed if Cassandra's prisoner was a mage, she'd have announced it far and wide by now.
00028259: We don't know why she was at the Conclave or who she worked for.
0002825A: Why bother asking? You can trust nothing she says.
0002825B: So what was a sensible dwarf like yourself even doing at the Conclave?
0002825C: Qunari can be mages.
0002825D: So you're a mage.
0002825E: We don't know why he was at the Conclave or who he worked for.
0002825F: Just not about his guilt.
00028260: So what were you even doing at the Conclave?
00028261: You didn't know?
00028262: Just not, "Is she guilty?"
00028263: Questions yet remain.
00028264: True, though every Qunari saarebas I ever saw was kept on a leash.
00028265: So what was a Qunari even doing at the Conclave?
00028266: You'd prefer to guess?
00028267: I'm not a templar.
0002826F: I am interested in heraldry.
00028270: It's good to see the council present. I've always had a love of heraldry.
00028283: He's threatened death if they refuse him again. Collectively and individually. Along with their vassals.
00028285: Is Corypheus truly immortal?
00028287: Are you certain Corypheus is using the power of the blight to make himself immortal?
000282A3: Tonight of all nights, leaving me to convey Gaspard's death threats to the council! Wonderful timing, Philippe!
000282A4: Indeed, the council had to be present, since the talks concern inheritance of the throne.
000282AD: Of course, they would hardly have refused any invitation from Empress Celene.
000282CF: What about from Gaspard?
000282D0: Her Majesty is a far more brilliant jewel than anything in the Imperial treasury!
000282D1: No one would turn down the empress! Better to paint yourself blue and live in the trees!
000282D2: But they would refuse an invitation from the grand duke?
000282D3: Absolutely! He had his allies on the council once, but burned those bridges years ago.
000282D4: That would be madness.
000282D5: She is delightful.
000282D6: The empress is very elegant.
000282D8: The Chalons heraldry will never fly over the palace. The council will not bow to him.
000282D9: You have it exactly right, Inquisitor! Better to give up civilization entirely than live without the empress.
000282DA: But I must get back to work! It is just a rare pleasure to speak with someone knowledgeable.
000282DB: Gaspard is a villain. Little better than a bully. Shouting his vile death threats at the council to give him the crown.
000282DC: We might work together.
000282DD: I think we understand each other.
000282DE: I want the grand duke's men there out of the way, and unless I'm mistaken, you want the same thing...
00028300: Don't head into the servants' wing if you value your neck. Not one elf's gone in there tonight and come out again.
00028301: He went into the servants' wing. Nobody's come out of there all night.
00028302: I'll tell Briala we have a situation.
00028303: Still no word from the Royal Wing?
00028304: Not a whisper.
00028306: Experts in this style are still on their feet after punishment that would kill their allies. They use their shield to protect themselves and stagger their enemies.
00028307: Two-Handed Weapon
0002830A: Weapon and Shield
0002830C: Experts in this style crush their enemies with massive blows that can break any guard, shatter any armor, and destroy any opponent.
0002830D: How can they call this a vestibule? It's a foyer!
0002830E: No one asked you.
0002830F: Please, it's barely half the size of the foyer in the Imperial Palace! It's obviously just a vestibule.
00028310: I'd call it more of an antechamber, myself.
00028311: No, I'm quite certain it was blood on the tiles.
00028312: Even you cannot deny that the templars abandoned the faithful in their darkest hour. How can you condone that?
00028313: With Gaspard and that elf woman here? The only one playing to win is Celene.
00028339: Hunting Longbow
0002833A: Firm Bow Grip
0002833F: Push them back!
00028341: Fight your way to the temple!
00028342: We were dead for certain.
00028343: For the Maker!
00028344: We can't hold on.
00028345: How long can we keep this up?
00028346: Maker preserve us all.
00028347: We can't stop!
00028348: Where do we go now?
00028349: <i>(Battle cry.)</i>
0002834A: Don't let them touch you!
0002834B: It's too much!
0002834C: Seeker! Thank the Maker you came!
0002834D: Keep fighting!
0002834E: Thank you.
0002834F: They're everywhere!
00028351: Hold on!
00028352: Keep fighting, soldier.
00028353: Is it over?
00028354: Not yet!
00028355: Help is on the way!
00028357: And Commander Cullen?
00028358: You're doing a fine job.
00028359: It's gotten worse in the last hour. Demons keep coming through those rifts... we can't stop them!
0002835C: Up ahead, I think. If he's still alive.
0002835D: This is horrible.
0002835E: Yes. She is helping us.
0002835F: We must get through.
00028360: We must get to the temple. Quickly.
00028361: Is... is that...?
00028362: Report, soldier.
00028363: Wait here, soldier. We'll move on to the temple.
00028364: Yes. He is helping us.
00028365: Well done.
00028366: I didn't think things would be this bad.
00028367: Where is the captain?
00028368: Dead. Swallowed by one of those...
0002836A: Double Daggers
0002836B: Archery
0002836C: Experts in this style are masters of ranged combat. They can avoid enemies that attempt to close, put arrows or bolts through multiple foes, and even unleash explosive shots to devastating effect.
0002836D: Experts in this style are fast and deadly, their blades slicing through enemies' defenses—and throats—before they have time to react.
0002836F: Balanced Dagger Grip
00028370: Pointy Dagger Grip
00028371: Masterwork Firm Dagger Grip
00028381: Edged Dual-Blade Grip
000283F8: Inscribed Staff Grip
000283F9: Sturdy Staff Blade
000284E1: Rugged Two-Handed Haft
000284E3: Reinforced Two-Handed Haft
000284FC: Rugged Greatsword Grip
000284FD: Winged Greatsword Grip
000284FE: Bulky Greatsword Grip
000284FF: Masterwork Ornate Greatsword Grip
00028500: Firm Greatsword Grip
0002854B: Rugged Bow Grip
0002854C: Masterwork Jagged Longbow Grip
0002854D: Ornate Longbow Grip
0002854E: Guarded Longbow Grip
0002854F: Masterwork Notched Longbow Grip
00028550: Masterwork Wrapped Longbow Grip
00028551: Solid Longbow Grip
00028552: Masterwork Carved Longbow Grip
00028562: Hail the Inquisitor!
00028563: Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Celene, stands with you!
00028565: The beasts are flanking to the east. We'll hold! We will hold!
00028566: Glory to Andraste and the Inquisition! Glory to Orlais!
00028567: Hah! Well met!
00028569: Come, you scoundrels! Put your backs into it!
0002856A: To the Maker with them!
00028570: For Val Royeaux! Hyah!
00028598: Fight on, Inquisitor! Orlais will turn the tide!
00028599: Steady aim! Watch for the rear guards!
0002859B: For the Dales!
000285A2: You haven't exactly impressed anyone this evening. Maybe you need another miracle?
000285A3: You haven't dazzled the court this evening, but at least you've avoided embarrassing yourself. Well done.
000285A4: You've charmed some of the nobles. We'll see how long you can keep their favor.
000285B0: Now is the hour of our victory.
000285B2: Hold fast!
000285C1: Something on your mind?
000285C2: Did you want some advice? You seem to need it.
000285C3: We meet again. Given any thought to what I said?
000285C4: Inquisitor.
000285C5: Becoming the darling of the court, I see. How can I help you?
000285C6: What exactly would the Inquisition get by... moving things in your favor?
000285C8: Let's discuss an alliance.
000285CB: Inquisitor! The Circle of Magi stands with you!
000285CC: My spy network doesn't span just the Dales, Inquisitor. It spans the empire. And even expands beyond its borders.
000285D1: Ears like these don't miss much. Help us, and the secrets of half of Thedas could be within your grasp.
000285D2: Bring forth the sacrifice.
000285EC: Pointy Dagger Grip
000285ED: Edgy Dagger Grip
000285EE: Masterwork Bound Dagger Grip
000285F9: You know this stuff is red lyrium, Seeker.
000285FC: Firm Dual-Dagger Grip
000285FD: Dense Dual-Blade Grip
000285FE: Firm Dagger Grip
000285FF: Superior Dual-Blade Grip
00028613: Banded Staff Grip
00028614: Split Staff Grip
00028615: Masterwork Battlemage Staff Grip
00028618: Ornate Staff Grip
00028619: Masterwork Inscribed Staff Grip
0002861A: Let's discuss an alliance.
0002861B: She doesn't care much for liver, and she drinks her tea black.
0002861C: Please be brief.
0002861D: And she throws the best parties.
0002861E: We are here to assist.
0002861F: We are always delighted to speak with you, of course.
00028620: Her Imperial Majesty brings the might of the Orlesian Empire with her friendship.
00028621: She is also a respected diplomat and world leader. She can forge alliances for you with Rivain, Antiva, the Anderfels...
00028622: She is respected and beloved not just in Orlais, but across Thedas.
00028623: We cannot... be seen speaking with you for very long.
00028624: We will be happy to assist you, if we can.
00028625: We do so enjoy speaking with you.
00028626: If the evening ends favorably for the empress, how does the Inquisition benefit?
00028633: Ornate Staff Blade
00028634: Archmage Staff Blade
00028635: We will speak to the empress on your behalf.
00028636: High Keeper Staff Blade
00028637: Battlemage Staff Blade
0002863F: Masterwork Sentinel Staff Blade
00028653: Dwarven Rock-Crusher
00028654: Barbarian Lord Maul
00028655: Jagged Battleaxe
00028656: No items of this type
00028657: Qunari Battleaxe
0002869D: If a templar with a giant red sword comes flying out of that, I'm leaving.
0002869E: Be careful.
000286A1: Let us be done with this.
000286A5: Use your mark to open the rift, but be wary.
000286AC: Balanced Hunting Longbow
000286AD: Fereldan Officer Longbow
000286AF: Firm Hunting Longbow
000286B0: Dalish Hunter Bow
000286B1: Balanced Raider Longbow
000286B2: Balanced Sniper Bow
000286B3: Raider Longbow
000286B4: Reinforced Longbow
000286B5: Balanced Winged Longbow
000286B6: Balanced Sunbow
000286B7: Longbow of the Griffon
000286BF: Sunbow
000286C0: Firm Winged Longbow
000286CF: Empty {CUSTOM0}
000286D0: Balanced Dagger
000286D1: Army Dirk
000286D2: Crow Blade
000286D3: Tevinter Dagger
000286D4: Ripper Blade
000286D8: Barbarian Rock-Crasher
000286D9: Carta Claw
000286DA: Carta Punisher
000286DB: Spiked Mace
000286DC: Firm Morning Star
000286DD: Mercenary Hatchet
000286DE: Firm Broadaxe
000286E9: You seem better at making friends among the nobility than I. Well done.
000286EA: The nobles may hate you, Inquisitor, but when I am emperor, I'll have most of them beheaded.
000286EB: Navigating the intrigues all right? Nobody's poisoned you yet, have they?
000286EC: If you're as "delighted" by the court as I am, there's a decanter of port around here.
000286ED: Not winning over the court? You're in good company, at least.
000286EE: You've been busily charming the court, I see.
000286F0: Online service is disabled for {ps3}your {/ps3}{ps4}one or more signed in {/ps4}Sony Entertainment Network account{ps4}s{/ps4} due to parental control restrictions.
000286F4: What, a Marcher? Don't be absurd.
000286F5: An ox? Impossible!
000286F6: Is that the Inquisitor?
000286F7: This is Gaspard's idea of a joke.
000286F8: Don't be an idiot. How could the Herald of Andraste be a dwarf?
000286F9: From the Circle of Ostwick, so they say.
000286FA: That's not the Inquisitor. It's just somebody's pet.
000286FB: One of the Trevelyans, I've heard.
000286FC: Maybe it's just a servant.
000286FD: An elf savage? Maker forbid.
000286FE: A mage? No, there must be some mistake.
000286FF: Knight-Captain Denam
00028700: So there was no contract on him. The House of Repose is very particular about who receives their services.
00028704: Keeper Ice Staff
00028705: Witch Ice Staff
00028706: Keeper Lightning Staff
00028707: Disciple Fire Staff
00028708: Enchanter Ice Staff
00028709: Witch Lightning Staff
0002870A: Keeper Fire Staff
0002870B: Battlemage Ice Staff
0002870C: Archon Lightning Staff
0002870D: Battlemage Fire Staff
0002870E: Archmage Ice Staff
00028710: Battlemage Lightning Staff
00028742: Reinforced Shield
00028743: Templar Shield
00028744: Darkspawn Shield
00028745: Mercenary Captain Shield
00028747: Bandit Tower Shield
00028749: Balanced Round Shield
0002874A: Grey Warden Sentry Shield
0002874B: Formation Shield
0002874C: Orlesian Balanced Shield
0002874D: Dwarven Proving Shield
0002874E: Masterwork Orlesian Shield
00028753: QUEST FAILED
00028755: The dwarf failed, Seeker.
00028759: She should be taken to Val Royeaux immediately, to be tried by whomever becomes Divine!
0002875C: The Breach is still in the sky. For all you know, he intended it this way.
0002875D: I do not believe she is guilty.
0002875F: I do not believe he is guilty.
00028760: The Qunari failed, Seeker.
00028761: The elf failed, Seeker.
00028763: Have you gone completely mad?
00028764: The prisoner failed, Seeker.
00028765: He should be taken to Val Royeaux immediately, to be tried by whomever becomes Divine!
000287C8: Examine
000287DE: If we have time, I'd like to take a look. See if there's anything we can salvage.
000287E0: I've heard rumors of abandoned Warden camps all over these parts.
00028903: Modest, too! Your list of qualities continues to grow.
00028904: Don't mention it. We happened to be in the area.
00028905: But I've seen enough of this Inquisition to believe that we do good work.
00028906: Then I look forward to it.
00028908: I'm surprised you took the time to investigate the ruins I mentioned.
00028909: I don't care what you think.
0002890A: Now I'm curious. What sort of assumptions were you making about me?
0002890B: I've been meaning to thank you.
0002890C: That's good to hear. I do not wish to disappoint.
0002890D: All you're doing, Inquisitor, is proving my point.
0002890E: You talk, but what have you done?
0002890F: But I've seen the things you've accomplished, and my admiration is not diminished.
00028911: The world's in chaos. Making friends is the least of my worries.
00028912: I'm not here to make friends.
00028914: And perhaps we would continue as we are, us against them.
00028915: Well, then. I won't pry. I prefer to go on believing only good things about you.
00028917: I've never been more certain of my decision to join you.
00028918: I assumed you and I had nothing in common. I might've been wrong.
00028919: I don't want to be worshipped.
0002891C: I'm just hiding the bad.
0002891D: You've proven yourself to be an honorable woman. Principled.
0002891E: And here I thought we were having a special bonding moment.
0002891F: I thought you cared only about yourself.
00028920: Good. Stay there.
00028921: It was a good cause.
00028922: You lead this Inquisition. You have the power to change the world, improve lives.
00028923: I don't deserve that sort of reverence.
00028924: Give me a chance.
00028925: If the history you pursue benefits the Wardens, then it was worth it.
00028926: You're wrong.
00028927: You have it, regardless.
00028929: You could never disappoint me.
0002892A: The Inquisition must do many things to gain support.
0002892B: Admiration?
0002892C: <i>(Chuckles.)</i> Best not to judge by appearances, I suppose.
0002892D: You are a formidable woman, my lady. I hope never to cross you. Perhaps it's safer to show admiration from afar.
0002892E: And yet, you don't seem to care about the people you hurt along the way.
0002892F: We will do better.
00028930: I do not seek your approval.
00028932: I've tried to do good by others.
00028934: It helps our cause.
00028935: Assumptions, you say?
00028936: I welcome it.
00028937: The sky is torn. There are bigger things to worry about.
00028938: You are the Herald of Andraste. Any man would be honored to kneel before you.
00028939: Of course I do. You have the world at your feet, myself included.
0002893A: There will be opportunities for us to do even more in the future.
0002893B: I'm glad.
0002893C: You didn't have to take the time to help me, and yet you did.
0002893E: So you take your cue from everyone else? What if they despised me?
0002893F: There are a hundred things that need your attention.
00028940: Of course you would have considered every angle, every advantage.
00028941: And if the world hated me?
00028942: Now, we should return to our duties before I get too carried away.
00028943: If that were to happen, I would reject the world for lacking in good taste.
00028945: Making friends? You misunderstand.
00028946: You barely know me. Don't assume we can't be friends yet.
00028947: It was on the way.
00028948: I guess I'll have to prove you wrong.
00028949: Leliana makes sure my sordid secrets never come to light.
0002894A: We have bigger problems.
0002894B: At my feet? I could get used to having you there.
0002894D: And you're better?
0002894E: I would never have guessed that you admire me.
00028950: I've great admiration for you, and I've never been more certain in my decision to join you.
00028958: Silence that thing!
0002895C: Shit!
00028960: Force them out!
00028961: Kill that blasted rogue!
00028962: Shit!
00028964: Flank!
0002896B: <i>(Yells.)</i>
0002896D: It's trapped!
0002896E: Watch your footing!
0002896F: <i>(Snarls.)</i>
00028972: Sordas!
00028975: Bastard!
00028977: Damn you!
0002897A: They come!
0002897E: Watch out!
00028988: The warrior!
0002898A: Damn it all!
0002898C: Lure them out!
0002898D: It's a trap!
0002898F: Die already!
00028990: I'll bleed you, mongrel!
00028992: Damn it!
00028995: Enemies!
00028996: Watch your step!
000289A0: Blast!
000289A1: Arms
000289A2: Medium Arms
000289A3: Light Legs
000289A4: Medium Legs
000289A6: You whore-spawn!
000289A8: Archers!
000289AB: Weapons ready!
000289B1: Hold still!
000289B2: Blacken the sky!
000289B3: Ave ad novum dei!
000289B7: Shit!
000289B9: On your feet!
000289BB: On my mark!
000289BD: Fili canis!
000289C0: The warrior!
000289C3: Skulking cowards!
000289C4: That rogue dies now!
000289C8: Drive them out!
000289CB: I'll gut you!
000289CE: <i>(Yells.)</i>
000289D1: <i>(Snarls.)</i>
000289D2: Shit!
000289D3: Now!
000289D4: Lost my mark!
000289D9: Nothus!
000289DD: Curse you!
000289DF: Die, mage!
000289E1: Watch out!
000289E3: Flush the bastards!
000289E9: Shit!
000289F4: Damn you!
000289F5: Damn!
000289F7: <i>(Snarls.)</i>
000289F8: The warrior!
000289FA: No!
000289FB: Behind me!
000289FD: Incoming!
000289FE: Shit!
00028A02: I'll protect you!
00028A07: They're here!
00028A08: Blast!
00028A0A: Bastard!
00028A0B: It's trapped!
00028A0C: It's a trap!
00028A11: Watch yourself!
00028A12: I'll cover you!
00028A13: You'll die, too!
00028A16: Kill that mage!
00028A18: To arms!
00028A1A: Stay put!
00028A1B: Cursed rogue!
00028A1C: Shit!
00028A1F: Stay away! It's trapped!
00028A20: What?
00028A25: Reposition!
00028A2F: Flush them out!
00028A30: Get the archer!
00028A34: To me!
00028A36: What the—?
00028A37: Flank them!
00028A39: It's trapped!
00028A40: You little shit!
00028A42: Look out!
00028A47: Balls!
00028A48: Now!
00028A49: <i>(Snarls.)</i>
00028A4C: On your feet!
00028A4D: The warrior!
00028A50: Enemies!
00028A53: Fire!
00028A55: Watch for traps!
00028A58: Stand still!
00028A59: Traps!
00028A5B: Damn it!
00028A5E: Blades ready!
00028A5F: Someone put down the rogue!
00028A62: The mage! Kill it!
00028A63: Kill their bloody archer!
00028A6B: On my mark!
00028A71: Archers! Stand ready!
00028A73: Watch your step!
00028A74: Flank them!
00028A77: Shit!
00028A78: Arrow storm!
00028A7B: Watch out!
00028A7C: Shit!
00028A7D: Force them out!
00028A7F: Lost my mark!
00028A80: Come out here!
00028A84: You think the mages and templars will come together after this? Mighty optimistic.
00028A85: I can tell a proper Orzammar dwarf from twenty paces. Also, you have that shifty-smuggler look to you.
00028A86: I'm no criminal.
00028A87: You could say that. She stabbed my books.
00028A88: Of course <i>you</i> wouldn't.
00028A8A: Well, you haven't recited a single quote from the prophet Koslun yet.
00028A8B: And an enormous mouth.
00028A8C: Are you calling me a criminal?
00028A8E: With all these demons, why haven't you called for help?
00028A8F: You just... listening to me talk feels odd.
00028A90: It is silence, then. As you wish.
00028A91: So you and Cassandra know each other.
00028A92: I'll take that as a yes. I'm so pleased.
00028A95: What do you mean by "crossed paths"?
00028A96: Then you know to be wary.
00028A97: I did no such thing.
00028A98: You have keen eyes.
00028A99: That's an excellent guess.
00028A9B: Worried I'll convert you?
00028A9C: Well enough to be suspicious.
00028A9E: Oh, I'm sure Cassandra has done plenty of that.
00028A9F: Perhaps they do not see the bigger picture, despite it looming in the sky.
00028AA0: Am I being interrogated?
00028AA1: And clever hands. It's all part of my charm.
00028AA2: Which means you are now free to go.
00028AA3: The Dalish I met felt... differently on the subject.
00028AA4: They don't know that. And neither do we... yet.
00028AA5: So I take it you're from the Free Marches.
00028AA6: So, let me guess: surface dwarf, maybe part of the Carta?
00028AA7: That's quite the ear you have.
00028AA8: Accent. I'm from Kirkwall, but you're from... further east, maybe?
00028AAB: <i>(Derisive snort.)</i>
00028AAE: I was thinking "Apostate," but that might make our Seeker twitch.
00028AAF: It is also meaningless. With the Circle of Magi gone, all mages are now apostates.
00028AB0: That's perceptive.
00028AB1: So unless you're just trying to stay on the Seeker's good side, I'd say that's pretty telling.
00028AB2: Now, now—nothing wrong with being a criminal. Keeps the guards in business.
00028AB4: This is a bit strange.
00028AB5: Seems you're as talkative as the rest of your kind, though.
00028AB7: Good point. Still, if they knew there was a chance to close the Breach...
00028AB8: I'm all kinds of impressive.
00028AB9: We had Qunari in Kirkwall. A whole boatload of them.
00028ABA: You ever get the feeling you're not wanted?
00028ABB: So... Solas, is it?
00028ABC: We are both of the same people, Solas.
00028ABD: Very perceptive.
00028ABE: So do you.
00028ABF: What do you know of the Dalish?
00028AC0: You are Dalish, but clearly away from the rest of your clan. Did they send you here?
00028AC1: Very perceptive.
00028AC2: There is no point in asking, Varric.
00028AC3: Afraid I'll try to convert you to the Qun?
00028AC5: Varric did not destroy the Conclave.
00028AC7: Can't you elves just play nice for once?
00028AC8: Oh?
00028AC9: Yet none of <i>them</i> showed up to help.
00028ACA: Is this another kind of interrogation?
00028ACC: I'm not the only one with a shifty-smuggler look.
00028ACD: They're your people, too.
00028ACF: What makes you say that?
00028AD2: They were your typical cheerless sort. Then they tried to take over the city and kill everyone.
00028AD3: I mean that I offered to share knowledge, only to be attacked for no greater reason than their superstition.
00028AD4: We have.
00028AD5: How did you know?
00028AD6: That you know of. We shifty-smuggler types can be tricky.
00028AD9: Then you know us well enough to be careful.
00028ADA: But I'm guessing you don't actually follow the Qun, do you? You're Tal-Vashoth.
00028ADB: I have wandered many roads in my time, and crossed paths with your people on more than one occasion.
00028ADD: See, this is why I stuck around. All the love and respect.
00028ADE: So let's say you fix this hole in the sky, Seeker. What, then?
00028ADF: Ansburg? Ostwick? This is going to bother me.
00028AE2: She questioned me, and then dragged me here to give evidence at the Conclave.
00028AE3: Surprising you can tell something like that.
00028AE4: Would <i>you</i> wish to come to the site of so much death?
00028AE6: A new Divine. Hopefully a new attempt at peace.
00028AE7: And that's assuming a new Divine would even try. I wouldn't.
00028AE8: "Crossed paths"?
00028AE9: You <i>are</i> a criminal.
00028AEA: You've yet to come up with a nickname for me, I see.
00028AEC: Maker, what am I going to do if I cannot find my ring?
00028AF0: Keep the ring.
00028AF1: Keep looking.
00028AF2: Is this the ring you were looking for?
00028AF3: Return the ring to its owner.
00028AF4: Just keep searching. I'm sure you'll find it.
00028AF5: I found it.
00028B31: She will never forgive me! Not even if I live to be a thousand years old!
00028B35: It was a gift from a member of the Council of Heralds! If she finds out I lost it...
00028B36: Pardon me, my lady. Have you seen a ring anywhere?
00028B37: It was a gift from the Comtesse Montbelliard! Enchanted by the Formari! I cannot go into the ball without it!
00028B38: You there! Rabbit! Have you seen a ring anywhere?
00028B39: Oh! Wait there... whatever your name is! Have you seen a ring?
00028B3B: Is this ring particularly valuable?
00028B3C: Pardon me, my lord. You haven't seen a ring lying around, have you?
00028B3D: Pardon me, dwarf. Have you seen a ring lying about anywhere?
00028B3F: It is very important, and I need it back.
00028B40: Its worth in coin is not as important as its social value.
00028B42: Is it valuable?
00028B43: How rude! Can you not spare a moment of pity for a soul in need?
00028B45: You have saved me a lifetime of mortification! How can I thank you enough!
00028B46: Maker, this is dreadful. Perhaps I should flee to Nevarra?
00028B47: You are a treasure! I cannot believe you found it!
00028B48: World State Summary
00028B4A: This is a private conversation. Please leave.
00028B4B: Do you mind? We don't wish to be disturbed.
00028B4C: Foreigners...
00028B4E: Any word from the front lines?
00028B4F: Pray, my friend. If the Maker does not hear us now... just pray.
00028B50: Surely the empress will put an end to the war tonight.
00028B51: My spies said the bodies were beyond counting.
00028B52: Experience Max
00028B53: What was that? Merde...
00028B55: The steward will have our hides for this.
00028B58: I need a diversion.
00028B59: <i>(Yawns.)</i> Whatever.
00028B5A: We're going inside. Just be patient.
00028B5B: Do me a favor, Sera. Distract the guards over there so I can see what they're protecting.
00028B5C: We'll go in soon.
00028B5D: You bet your arse I will!
00028B5E: Ugh! So bored!
00028B5F: This is dull, yeah? We going in, or what?
00028B60: Is that the Inquisitor? What is she doing?
00028B61: Is that... the Inquisitor? Where is he going?
00028B64: She wouldn't actually climb that trellis, would she?
00028B66: He wouldn't dare climb that trellis, would he?
00028B69: Blasted elves ruin anything they get their hands on.
00028B6A: Clumsy brute ox.
00028B6B: Dwarven oaf! Look at that mess!
00028B6C: What else would you expect from foreign trash?
00028B75: Enhanced Meditation Belt
00028B76: Superior Meditation Belt
00028B77: Guard Belt
00028B78: Enhanced Guard Belt
00028B79: Superior Guard Belt
00028B7A: We're in your debt, Inquisitor.
00028B7B: Head back to the ballroom. We'll handle this.
00028B7C: We'll hold the area.
00028B7D: Thank you, Inquisitor.
00028B7E: Enhanced Stealth Belt
00028B81: I told you, it's closed.
00028B82: The guest wing is not open to the public at this time, Inquisitor.
00028B83: And it walks on three legs at teatime...
00028B84: So... there's three stacks of silver rings, and you have to move all the rings from the first to the third...
00028B85: And I have three ducks and a fox...
00028B88: You're never going to get it.
00028B8B: Would you just make a guess already?
00028B8C: I'll get this! Just be patient.
00028B8D: Maker's breath, you're never going to guess.
00028B8E: And you can only place a ring atop another that's one size larger...
00028B90: And... a bag of walnuts? And I can only carry two at a time...
00028B93: I had hoped to tour the Royal Wing gardens again.
00028B95: Why would she do such a thing now?
00028B96: How could the empress afford to renovate the palace with a war going on?
00028B98: I heard Celene was having the entire wing redecorated, but the timing is atrocious.
00028B99: I have heard they are the finest in the empire. Such a pity the wing is sealed.
00028B9A: I heard that it wasn't renovations at all. The palace was damaged by Gaspard's catapults.
00028B9B: He fired on the Winter Palace? That's monstrous!
00028BC3: Inquisitor Adaar. How delightful.
00028BC4: Inquisitor Lavellan, is there something I can do for you?
00028BC7: Inquisitor, are you enjoying the ball? This is your first presentation at court, is it not?
00028BC8: What exactly does a court historian do?
00028BC9: Court history is fascinating.
00028BCA: Are you recording the ball?
00028BCB: Enjoy the party.
00028BCC: Are you here to chronicle the events of the evening for posterity?
00028BCD: What are your duties?
00028BCE: Good evening, Lady Marcellette.
00028BCF: I've always been intrigued by the history of the Imperial Court.
00028BD0: I am Lady Marcellette, court historian to Her Imperial Majesty.
00028BEA: Vigil Armor
00028BEB: Battle Robes
00028C06: Another time, perhaps.
00028C07: The struggles of the court a hundred years ago still plague us to this day.
00028C08: They caused the civil war.
00028C09: Some people never learn.
00028C0A: History is a living subject. So few understand that.
00028C0B: We are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past if we don't pay attention to our forebears.
00028C0C: Even longer than that.
00028C0D: Not only the last age. Thousands of years of history still make their mark on our future.
00028C0E: Certainly, they brought us to the current war.
00028C0F: Really? I would never have expected...
00028C10: Truly! How much of what happens tonight was set in motion by the Queen Mother Asha Subira in the Exalted Age?
00028C11: How much bloodshed could have been avoided by a word from Emperor Etienne I in the Blessed Age?
00028C12: You may see the Countess Lutetia in the halls. A lovely woman, but her conversations tend towards the unusual.
00028C13: She goes into great detail about preserving them. It seems to involve large amounts of chemicals and pins.
00028C14: She's the patron of Orlais' greatest naturalists. The countess's particular passion is collecting butterflies.
00028C15: That doesn't sound unusual.
00028C16: Perhaps we shall fare better.
00028C17: If only we could find out.
00028C18: It's fun to speculate.
00028C19: It's wiser not to play at "what if?"
00028C1A: Better not to wonder.
00028C1B: It's a pity we'll never know.
00028C1C: I'll bet you concoct stories in your spare time about how different things would be.
00028C1D: Very true.
00028C1E: True. But understanding where our troubles began is the first step toward solving them.
00028C1F: Well, I've written a few... but they're not worth sharing.
00028C20: You should visit the library while you're here! It isn't open, but I can give you the key.
00028C21: It is an absolute treasure for history lovers. You must not miss it.
00028C22: I am responsible for the historical records of the court. I maintain our library and record all official proceedings.
00028C23: Even if—Maker forbid—the talks should fail, it is an important moment in the history of the empire.
00028C24: Oh yes! This is a momentous occasion! The first meeting between the grand duke and Her Majesty since the war began!
00028C25: Inquisitor. Enjoying the ball, I hope?
00028C4B: Perhaps. I would suggest first dealing with the Well. If Corypheus obtains it, any chance of success could be lost.
00028C4C: Will answering that question let us destroy Corypheus for good?
00028C4D: Will answering it help us?
00028C4E: Perhaps you forget: I was in Ferelden during the Fifth Blight. I have seen a true Archdemon rage.
00028C52: How Corypheus gained the power to send his soul into blighted bodies... that is the real question.
00028CA5: I could break more stuff. Just for fun? This place is so dull.
00028CB4: Reinforced Apprentice Armor
00028CB5: Reinforced Enchanter Coat
00028CB6: Reinforced Enchanter Mail
00028CB7: Reinforced Enchanter Armor
00028CB8: Masterwork Enchanter Coat
00028CB9: Masterwork Enchanter Mail
00028CBA: Masterwork Enchanter Armor
00028CBB: Reinforced Battlemage Mail
00028CBC: Reinforced Battlemage Armor
00028CBD: Masterwork Battlemage Coat
00028CBE: Masterwork Battlemage Mail
00028CBF: Masterwork Battlemage Armor
00028CC0: Reinforced Scout Armor
00028CC1: Reinforced Scout Coat
00028CC2: Reinforced Scout Mail
00028CC3: Just give up.
00028CC4: ...and one of them always lies...
00028CC5: Reinforced Scout Armor
00028CC6: Masterwork Scout Coat
00028CC7: Masterwork Scout Mail
00028CC8: Masterwork Scout Armor
00028CC9: Reinforced Prowler Mail
00028CCA: Reinforced Prowler Armor
00028CCB: Masterwork Prowler Coat
00028CCC: Masterwork Prowler Mail
00028CCD: Masterwork Prowler Armor
00028CCE: Reinforced Defender Armor
00028CCF: Reinforced Vanguard Coat
00028CD0: Reinforced Vanguard Mail
00028CD2: Reinforced Vanguard Armor
00028CD3: Masterwork Vanguard Coat
00028CD4: Masterwork Vanguard Mail
00028CD5: Masterwork Vanguard Armor
00028CD6: Reinforced Battlemaster Mail
00028CD7: Reinforced Battlemaster Armor
00028CD9: Masterwork Battlemaster Coat
00028CDD: Masterwork Battlemaster Mail
00028CDE: Masterwork Battlemaster Armor
00028CFD: I can feel the Fade, bright like it was before. Pieces of peace. I remember.
00028D06: Our Keeper taught them the prayers.
00028D07: Some of my clan did that.
00028D08: How different from the ones sung here, I wonder.
00028D09: My clan's hunters asked for his blessing when we fought bandits.
00028D36: Speak with Leliana.
00028D3A: Burning
00028D3B: Asleep
00028D3C: Weakened
00028D3D: Poisoned
00028D3E: Shocked
00028D3F: Chilled
00028D4E: Inner gate. Obvious trap, phase two.
00028D50: Trip it.
00028D70: We serve, Inquisitor. In life, and in death!
00028D72: Venatori! Meet them! Prepare them!
00028D75: Here, Inquisitor. I am ready to serve!
00028D79: Now, Venatori! Throw yourselves upon the fire!
00028D7A: You will tire, Inquisitor! Even you know how this must end!
00028D82: Life is nothing! He will reign!
00028D85: Master, I join your glory.
00028D9C: Clear Commands
00028DA4: Attack Separate Targets
00028DD7: Empty Slot
00028DF7: Ram Leather
00028E1C: Race
00028EA2: Find a way to open the door.
00028EA3: The Knights' Tomb
00028EA4: Find the tomb.
00028EA5: There is a sealed door at the heart of the tomb.
00028EA6: Emerald Seal pieces
00028EA8: A group of elves are investigating a tomb somewhere in the Emerald Graves that may hold secrets of great historical significance to the Dalish.
00028EA9: A piece of an ancient elven seal has been recovered at the tomb site. If reconstructed, the seal might prove useful.
00028EAA: The Dalish investigating the tomb of the Emerald Knights report progress, but they ask for Inquisition aid in lieu of support from their Keeper.
00028EAB: A piece of an ancient elven seal has been recovered at the tomb site. If all the pieces are found and the seal reconstructed, it may be the key to opening the door at the heart of the tomb.
00028EAD: Emerald Seal pieces
00028EAE: Return to the tomb.
00028EB0: Return the histories to the Dalish.
00028EB1: The histories of Red Crossing shed considerable light on a contentious era of human-elven history. Return the histories to the Dalish or sell them to the Chantry.
00028EC7: Keep your distance, strangers. Or, better yet, leave.
00029007: Rogue
00029008: Mage
00029009: Warrior
0002900A: Rogues are fighters who rely on speed and agility rather than heavy armor, using skill and an advantageous position on the battlefield to deal incredible damage. They may get up close and personal with daggers or strike from a distance with arrows.
0002900B: Mages channel magical power into spells capable of a wide range of effects, from debilitating opponents, protecting allies, or unleashing devastating elemental energy. Those who wield magic are widely feared for their abilities and their rebellion against Chantry control has left the land in chaos.
0002900C: Warriors are frontline combatants, able to withstand incredible punishment in heavy armor. They are proficient in the use of two-handed weapons like mauls and greatswords, but may combine a smaller weapon with a shield for added defense.
00029024: Switch Characters
00029025: Map Potion
00029033: And no one ever saw her face. She always wore a veil, they say.
00029034: The lady's appearance at court often preceded someone's political ruin. She was like a bad omen.
00029035: We've talked about this. I'd rather not do it again. It brings up memories.
00029037: Find a way to the battlements.
00029039: I'm sorry, I'd rather not talk about this.
00029139: Superb Blank Runestone
0002913A: Master Blank Runestone
0002913B: Red Lyrium
0002913C: Giant Spider Glands
0002913D: Wyvern Poison Glands
0002913E: Pure Frost Essence
0002913F: Pure Red Lyrium
00029140: Intense Spirit Essence
00029141: Dragon Blood
00029142: Lightning Essence
00029143: Pure Lightning Essence
00029144: Intense Red Lyrium
00029145: Intense Frost Essence
00029146: Intense Fire Essence
00029147: Spirit Essence
00029148: Pure Fire Essence
00029149: Poison Spider Glands
0002914A: Pure Dragon Blood
0002914B: Frost Essence
0002914C: Intense Lightning Essence
0002914D: Intense Dragon Blood
0002914E: Pure Spirit Essence
00029198: We're running a gauntlet. All willing to die for their master.
0002919A: One must know one's place.
0002919B: Seems we have an invitation.
0002919F: Well, let's endeavor to give them the opportunity.
000291A0: Fools. They think they will continue to serve even after death.
000291A1: Open gates. They want us to fight them.
000291A2: How long can they keep this up?
000291A3: Not long enough.
000291BC: Spirit Rune
000291BD: Master Spirit Rune
000291BE: Superb Spirit Rune
00029653: Dragon-Slaying Rune
00029654: Din'an Hanin
00029655: Ruined Courtyard
00029656: Knight's Hall
00029657: Hallowed Tombs
00029658: Tomb of the Emerald Knight
000296FC: Master Dragon-Slaying Rune
00029703: Options
00029704: Load Autosave
00029705: Load
00029707: Emerald Seal
00029708: This is one part of some kind of ceramic Dalish seal.
00029709: Corrupting Rune
0002976C: Enter Elandrin's chamber.
0002976D: Dalish Artifact
0002976E: An artifact of great significance to the Dalish people.
000297B5: Demon-Slaying Rune
000297B6: Superb Demon-Slaying Rune
000297B7: Master Demon-Slaying Rune
000297B8: Superb Dragon-Slaying Rune
000297B9: Master Corrupting Rune
000297BA: Superb Corrupting Rune
000297FC: Autosave
00029912: Hold still!
00029915: Yes!
00029923: Come back here!
00029934: No!
00029935: Sordas!
00029936: Damn you!
00029939: The mage is mine!
0002993A: I'll crush that rogue!
0002993B: To battle!
0002993F: <i>(Snarls.)</i>
00029947: Attack!
0002994C: What?
00029950: I want the warrior!
00029957: Avvar Toy Soldier
00029958: Fake Griffon Feather Charm
00029959: Antivan Toy Soldier
0002995A: The Paragon Stonehammer Carving
0002995B: Darkspawn Totem
0002995C: The Paragon Aeducan Carving
0002995D: Drake Totem
0002995E: Everite Key Charm
0002995F: Jade Cameo
00029960: Figurine of Armored Andraste
00029961: Silver Dragonfly Charm
00029962: Gurn Gallstone Charm
00029963: Eagle Feather Charm
00029964: Raven Totem
00029965: Obsidian Cameo
00029966: Tinted Crystal Nugalla
00029967: Bronze Acorn Charm
00029968: Porcelain Cameo
00029969: Antivan Medallion of Service
0002996A: Her Red Braid Woven Bracelet
0002996B: Silver Clover Charm
0002996C: Polished Bezoar Charm
0002996D: Miniature Spinning Wheel
0002996E: The Paragon Varen Carving
0002996F: Figurine of Maferath the Betrayer
00029970: Vulture Feather Charm
00029971: Cut Crystal Lion
00029972: Fereldan Toy Soldier
00029973: Figurine of Young Andraste
00029974: Polished Scarab Charm
00029975: Shell Cameo
00029976: Carved Cricket Charm
00029977: Miniature Mask
00029978: True Griffon Feather Charm
00029979: Crystal Glass Bear
0002997A: Lovers' Knot, Left Half
0002997B: Qunari Toy Soldier
0002997C: Nevarran Toy Soldier
0002997D: Glass Fox
0002997E: The Paragon Hrildan Carving
0002997F: Figurine of Maternal Andraste
00029980: Map of Par Vollen, Fragment
00029981: Glass Halla
00029982: Rivaini Toy Soldier
00029983: General's Medallion of Service
00029984: Maker's Bride Cameo
00029985: Figurine of Andraste Ascendant
00029986: The Paragon Branka Carving
00029987: Phoenix Feather Charm
00029988: Silver Nug Foot Charm
00029989: Miniature Palanquin
0002998A: The Paragon Astyth the Grey Carving
0002998B: Golden Ladybug Charm
0002998C: Fereldan Medallion of Service
0002998D: Miniature Crown
0002998E: Figurine of Andraste on the Pyre
0002998F: Orlesian Medallion of Service
00029990: Braid of Rank
00029991: Wolf Totem
00029992: Grouse Feather Charm
00029993: Bride's Blood Vial
00029994: Agate Cameo
00029995: Glass Cameo
00029996: Rivaini Medallion of Service
00029997: Ander Toy Soldier
00029998: Miniature Key Charm
00029999: The Paragon Caridin Carving
0002999A: Griffon Totem
0002999B: Lovers' Knot, Right Half
0002999C: Nevarran Medallion of Service
0002999D: Orlesian Toy Soldier
0002999E: Dalish Toy Soldier
0002999F: Nug Totem
000299A0: Tevinter Toy Soldier
000299A1: Mabari Totem
000299A2: Specialist Crest
000299A3: Crystal Griffon
000299A4: Chantry Candle Stub
000299A5: Battle of Valarian Knucklebone Relic
000299A6: Paragon-Elect Sturhald-Sharok Carving
000299A7: Spider Totem
000299A8: Ander Medallion of Service
000299A9: Miniature Throne
000299AA: Prayer Stones
000299B2: Pearl
000299BC: Fennec
000299C5: I warned you of consequences, should the slaves you bring me suffer in your care.
000299C7: You dare cheat me, Vicinius?
000299D2: Venatori. Show him my displeasure.
000299E9: That must've been Vicinius.
000299FA: No, wait. Wait!
000299FB: Lady Calpernia, I had no intention—
00029A16: Secondary roles, of course, are blue for men and red for women. Obvious, no?
00029A4A: Think carefully. There is no return once we follow the Venatori.
00029A4B: Will you abandon these rituals, Inquisitor?
00029A4E: Think carefully. There is no return once we leap after the templars.
00029B19: Seriously, did you get a look at the steps? I think they're gilded.
00029B1A: This dress uniform is preposterous. Formal armor would have been better.
00029B1B: Shit. I just saw two dwarves from the Merchants Guild go inside. If anyone asks, I'm not here.
00029B1C: The sooner we go in, the sooner we can get this over with.
00029B1D: So this is just the Winter Palace? What's the summer one look like, I wonder?
00029B37: It will take some time to get our men into the palace. I'll alert you when we're ready.
00029B38: I need to have this jacket let out a little.
00029B39: Solas has already gone inside. I'm not sure about the others.
00029B3B: The Hinterlands
00029B3C: Dwarfson's Pass
00029B3D: The Outskirts
00029B3E: The Crossroads
00029B3F: East Road
00029B40: Calenhad's Foothold
00029B41: Lake Luthias
00029B42: West Road
00029B43: Redcliffe Road
00029B44: Redcliffe Farms
00029B45: Witchwood
00029B46: Redcliffe Village
00029B47: Hafter's Woods
00029B48: Lady Shayna's Valley
00029B49: Blood Cliffs
00029B4A: Rebel Queen's Ravine
00029B63: Toggle Combat
00029B7E: You have been kicked from the game.
00029C16: {CUSTOM0} Gold
00029C17: Leliana wants the keep.
00029C18: Josephine wants the keep.
00029C19: Cullen wants the keep.
00029C1A: Challenges
00029C32: Return to Game
00029C33: Quit Game
00029C34: {anyxbox}Gamercard{/anyxbox}{anyplaystation}Display Profile{/anyplaystation}{pc}Display Profile{/pc}
00029C82: Yes?
00029C8C: Gateway Fort
00029C8D: Mount Lessard
00029C8E: Citadelle de la Reine
00029C8F: Old Quarry
00029C91: Ville Montevelan
00029C92: Alder Grove
00029C93: Lake Town
00029C94: Citadelle Chalons
00029C95: The Battle Plain
00029C97: Grove de Montfort
00029C99: Voie du Souverain
00029CA2: New Operations Available
00029CA3: Will that happen?
00029CA4: Are you saying we'll fail without the Divine?
00029CA8: TAKE ALL
00029CB8: It's the Inquisition's Herald!
00029CB9: Can't be! Not here!
00029CBA: Well, they know who <i>I</i> work for, at least!
00029CBB: Nothing more.
00029CBC: I am passing no judgment on you, Inquisitor.
00029CCB: Protection, counsel, justice... the Inquisition offered these once, to those in need.
00029CCC: If we prove ourselves by healing the Breach, people may turn to us for other things.
00029CCD: I do. Someone must foster goodwill on our behalf.
00029CDE: How you doing?
00029CDF: See you.
00029CE3: Well. Before I return to my duties, allow me to congratulate you on your appointment as Inquisitor, my lord.
00029CE4: Red Lyrium Dragon
00029CEB: Fortunately, after your courage at Haven, it's no difficult task to do so.
00029CEC: Our allies and guests should see you treated with every courtesy, Inquisitor, especially considering the newness of your office.
00029CFA: My duty is to serve the principles on which the Chantry was founded, Chancellor. As is yours.
00029CFB: That is not for you to decide. Your duty is to serve the Chantry.
00029CFC: The Breach is still in the sky. For all you know, she intended it this way.
00029CFD: I do not believe that.
00029D02: Anyway, I hope our new friends have what it takes to close the Breach.
00029D03: Damn thing gives me a headache just looking at it.
00029D04: Anyway, with the templars on board, hopefully we can close that Breach.
00029D33: Examine
00029D63: The Hinterlands
00029D64: Winter Palace Exterior
00029D65: The Storm Coast
00029D66: Crestwood
00029D67: The Western Approach
00029D68: The Still Ruins
00029D69: Arbor Wilds
00029D6C: The Fade
00029D6D: Temple of Mythal
00029D6F: Skyhold
00029D70: Val Royeaux: Summer Bazaar
00029D72: Din'an Hanin - Main Level
00029D73: Hissing Wastes
00029D75: World Map
00029D76: Forbidden Oasis
00029D77: Adamant Fortress
00029D79: Coracavus
00029D7B: Redcliffe Castle
00029D7D: The Fallow Mire
00029D7E: Frostback Mountains
00029D7F: The Winter Palace - Lower Level
00029D80: Finale
00029DD0: Scout Reports
00029DD7: Ocularum
00029DD9: Grand Duke Gaspard
00029DE1: Solasan
00029DE3: Redcliffe
00029DE6: Cave Exit
00029DE7: Echoback Fort
00029DE9: Red Lyrium Sample
00029DEA: Ocularum
00029DED: Unclaimed Camp
00029DEF: Beacon
00029DF2: Cave
00029DFB: {string}273337{/string}
00029E0F: Storm Coast
00029E13: Red Lyrium Mine
00029E1F: The Hissing Wastes
00029E22: {string}272935{/string}
00029E29: Inquisition Camp
00029E2F: Haven
00029E30: Underground Cavern
00029E35: Metal Refiner
00029E3B: Guest Wing
00029E3C: Ballroom Entrance
00029E3E: Library
00029E3F: The Flats
00029E40: Entrance
00029E41: Oasis Cave
00029E43: Solas
00029E44: Cave
00029E46: Ballroom
00029E4B: North Gate
00029E4D: Entrance
00029E4F: Palace Entrance
00029E50: Locate the lyrium
00029E53: Pedestal
00029E55: Beacon
00029E57: Fade Rift
00029E5A: Ambassador Briala
00029E5C: Cave
00029E64: World Map
00029E67: Village of Crestwood
00029E6C: Dungeon Entrance
00029E70: Lost Temple of Dirthamen
00029E74: World Map Location
00029E7E: The Lost Wellspring
00029E82: Vestibule
00029E83: Leliana
00029E87: Beacon
00029E97: Temple of Sacred Ashes
00029E98: Sand Rock Mine
00029E9C: Gates of Toth
00029E9F: Flooded Village
00029EA1: Unclaimed Camp
00029EA4: Rusted Gate
00029EA5: Hilltop Farm
00029EAA: Par'as Cave
00029EB0: Val Royeaux
00029EB8: Confront the Grand Duke
00029EBB: Three Trout Pond
00029EBC: South Road
00029EBD: Landmark
00029EC1: Forgotten Mine
00029ECB: Cave Entrance
00029ECF: Gates of Andoral
00029ED4: Griffon Wing Outpost
00029ED9: The Fallow Mire
00029EDB: Inquisition Camp
00029EDD: Royal Wing Entrance
00029EE3: Merchant
00029EE5: Gain access into Therinfal Redoubt
00029EE6: Skyhold
00029EE8: Tomb of Fairel
00029EE9: Unclaimed Camp
00029EEC: The Breach
00029EED: Forbidden Oasis
00029EFA: Cave
00029EFB: Find Blackwall
00029EFD: Empress's Ladies-in-Waiting
00029F03: The Western Approach
00029F05: Beacon
00029F08: Outpost Well
00029F0F: Shimmer Stone Mine
00029F14: Judgment
00029F1C: Sand Rock Mine
00029F1D: The Bluff
00029F1E: Cave
00029F1F: Crestwood
00029F22: Washburn Village Camp
00029F28: World Map
00029F2C: Witness
00029F2F: {string}272936{/string}
00029F32: Haven Main Gate
00029F37: Address the Templars
00029F3F: Gain access into Therinfal Redoubt
00029F54: ...and now again at Redcliffe.
00029F55: A being who aspires to godhood is unlikely to ignore such an affront.
00029F56: ...and now again with the templars.
00029F7C: {CUSTOM0} / {CUSTOM1}
00029FA9: In Progress
00029FF3: Challenges
00029FF4: Reward
0002A05F: Antivan Fire
0002A0A6: Valammar Key
0002A0A7: This key was found alongside a letter on a desk in the Hinterlands.
0002A0B2: Title
0002A0B3: Banner
0002A0B4: Portrait
0002A0B5: Card
0002A0F5: I'm not the Herald.
0002A0F6: That laudable humility won't stop the Inquisition from using the misconception when it suits them.
0002A0F9: I don't believe I'm Andraste's Herald any more than you do, Chancellor.
0002A0FF: The Inquisition claims only that we must close the Breach or perish.
0002A100: You say that now, Commander. We shall see if the sentiment remains true.
0002A109: Vote to Kick
0002A10A: Cancel Vote
0002A10C: Keep talking, I'm starting to believe I was there.
0002A10D: I need to get one of those.
0002A10E: Don't we all?
0002A10F: But you won't grieve if the Herald of Andraste is conveniently swept under a carpet.
0002A111: Keeping watch, Warden Blackwall.
0002A114: You can relax, friend. The thieves won't be back.
0002A115: We've heard stories of your accomplishments.
0002A16A: Let her pass. The Inquisition is the templars' problem. And they'll fix it.
0002A16B: Let him pass. The Inquisition is the templars' problem. And they'll fix it.
0002A18F: What are the grand clerics doing while the mage Circles lie empty?
0002A190: A pity, as you are the only ones who appear to care about the hole in sky. But the Chantry is insistent.
0002A199: Not everyone fights an Archdemon and lives to tell. It's an inspiration.
0002A19E: Pray to the Maker for strength, not forgiveness.
0002A19F: Ask the Maker for strength.
0002A1A0: I cannot find it on my own.
0002A1A1: Have I not tried? Andraste, Maker, show me your light! Take me back in faith!
0002A1A2: Leave me. My emptiness will not be borne by you. Maker, show me the light!
0002A1A3: Have you come to scavenge, now that the Divine lies cold? Whisper your "Qun" against the Chant?
0002A1A4: Investigate
0002A1C7: Farren
0002A1C8: Berat
0002A1C9: Harlow
0002A1CA: Eileen
0002A1CB: Can Be Destroyed
0002A1CC: Roan
0002A1CD: Dillon
0002A1CE: Lilian
0002A1CF: Thomas
0002A1D5: Portraits
0002A1D6: Titles
0002A1D7: Banners
0002A1D8: Challenge Progress
0002A1D9: Not sure why. Can't exactly run from the sky.
0002A1E2: Some of the new recruits have been willing to stand down. It would be nice to avoid more bloodshed.
0002A1E3: They won't listen to reason. This is going to be bloody.
0002A1E4: Commander Cullen will hold a path open for us as long as possible, Inquisitor. Our forces are ready when you are.
0002A1E6: Not all the Wardens have stood against us. Maker willing, we may be able to reason with Clarel.
0002A1E7: Not a drop of sense among them. This will only end in blood.
0002A1E9: Some of the recruits listened to reason. Perhaps Erimond doesn't have them all.
0002A1EB: Maker willing, they will listen to reason... though they have not done so thus far.
0002A1EC: I need to go find Blackwall.
0002A1ED: That makes some people nervous, but I say they deserve it. Especially after I saw him work.
0002A1EF: Can't say. They left down the road there, following the bandits.
0002A1F0: I have to track him down. Any idea where Blackwall is now?
0002A1F1: The boys didn't argue. He really fired them up.
0002A1F2: But not you?
0002A1F4: You find him, say thanks again for me. If I were younger, I'd have followed, no question.
0002A218: Figured, thanks to you helping us stand.
0002A225: Today's Hot Challenge
0002A26A: Din'an Hanin - Upper Crypts
0002A26B: Stairs
0002A290: Taunted
0002A291: Guard
0002A292: Barrier
0002A293: Battle Standard
0002A294: Frozen
0002A297: Hold the wall, men! Make them come to me!
0002A29C: Bleeding
0002A2DB: Enjoy the ball.
0002A2DC: Din'an Hanin - Courtyard
0002A2E1: Fire Blade
0002A2E6: But if I take the fox across with the second ring... no, that won't work...
0002A2E7: How did you answer that so easily?
0002A2E8: Good luck
0002A2E9: Stick with it. You'll figure it out.
0002A2EA: The answer is "What does it have in its pockets?"
0002A2EB: I can answer.
0002A2ED: I'll get this! Just be patient.
0002A2EE: Inquisitor.
0002A2F0: Surely the Lord Seeker sees the true threat. What is he playing at?
0002A366: I'm curious... what did you hear about the fight with the Archdemon?
0002A367: They say the army of the Inquisition fought a desperate stand at Haven against the forces of an Old God.
0002A369: Tell me what story you heard.
0002A37B: And you cast down a mountain upon the Archdemon and escaped.
0002A37C: If even a tenth of that is true, it's a remarkable feat.
0002A393: Key Handle
0002A394: Key Shaft
0002A3D9: Ability Branching Disabled
0002A3DA: You'd only be gone a moment.
0002A3DB: In the thick of battle, you crossed swords with Evil itself. The enemy had you outnumbered and cornered.
0002A3DC: As the battle raged, you faced down Evil incarnate, spell against spell. Its forces had you trapped.
0002A3DE: Do you believe Andraste saved me at the Conclave?
0002A401: If it's the Maker's will, so be it.
0002A483: Do you think I'm the Herald?
0002A485: Some of my brethren look at the rent in the sky and pray Andraste has sent a savior.
0002A486: But my thoughts aren't important. Only the outcome of your visit matters.
0002A4BC: Tavern
0002A4C0: Templar Camp
0002A4D2: It's your fault, Qunari! He wants you, not us!
0002A4D3: It's your fault, dwarf! He wants you, not us!
0002A4D4: It's your fault, Trevelyan! He wants you, not us!
0002A4D5: It's your fault, elf! He wants you, not us!
0002A500: Inquisitor.
0002A505: Inquisitor.
0002A506: Fifi de Launcet
0002A507: Babette de Launcet
0002A508: The Dowager (Council)
0002A509: Lady Yvette
0002A50A: Elf Ambassador
0002A50B: Duke Germain (Council)
0002A50F: Council of Heralds Vassal
0002A510: Comtesse Montbelliard (Council)
0002A511: Comte Lothaire Doucy (Council)
0002A512: Duke Cyril de Montfort (Council)
0002A513: Palace Royal Guard
0002A515: I told you, this is closed. Use the main doors.
0002A519: Enjoy the party.
0002A51A: Where could it be?
0002A51C: Optional: Clear siege points
0002A520: Trick the guards into leaving.
0002A522: He's brutalizing the wisteria! How dreadful!
0002A523: She's trampling the wisteria! Has she gone mad?
0002A52B: There's absolutely nothing here that suggests a Warden. He's very good.
0002A534: Whoever this Warden is, he's a beast of a hunter.
0002A535: If this was the work of our Warden, our prey is a predator.
0002A536: Hmph. Killing blow had some skill behind it. The Warden you're after?
0002A537: Quality cut. If your Warden did this, he's well skilled.
0002A538: But you're right. There was no need for what I did.
0002A5CF: (Back)
0002A5DF: (Back)
0002A5E2: (Back)
0002A5E8: Stop Tracking
0002A5E9: Track Challenge
0002A5ED: (Back)
0002A604: Free card offer!
0002A605: Custom banner art for your profile!
0002A606: A custom character portrait for your profile!
0002A607: A new title for your user profile!
0002A60A: The Emerald Knights
0002A60B: Cry for the past—only there does glory dwell.
For here, the bow was strung, the sword bequeathed, the vows sworn.
So glory was born within the hearts of elves.
0002A60C: The Dales: A Promise Lost
0002A60D: There, see the Winter Palace at Halamshiral. Gaze upon its white walls and golden spires, built on the broken dreams of a people. Our people.

The human prophet Andraste was a slave in the Tevinter Imperium, as our ancestors were. When she rose up against them, we rose up with her. Together we fought for freedom. In gratitude and kinship, Andraste promised the elves a new land: the Dales. And although she died, her sons kept her promise.

Our people came from farthest Tevinter to claim this new land. Here, our journey ended. This was our Halamshiral. As we laid the first stone for the city, our people vowed that no human would ever set foot on our lands. The greatest of our warriors swore to uphold this vow. One by one they came, invoking the names of Elgar'nan and Mythal, Andruil and Ghilan'nain. Before all our gods, they dedicated themselves to Halamshiral, becoming our protectors, our Emerald Knights. They would ensure that the Dales remained free.

It was free. For over three centuries. But the humans and their new Andrastian Chantry would not let us be. They pushed against our borders. They sent missionaries to spread the word of their prophet. They sought ways to subjugate the People once more. When we refused, we angered them.

They destroyed us. Even the Emerald Knights could not stand against the might of their army, armored in faith. In the name of their Andraste, they burned Halamshiral, scattering us to the winds. They forgot that once, long ago, Andraste's followers and the elves marched together. They forgot that Andraste called Shartan "brother."

—{i}A Promise Lost{/i}, as told by Keeper Gisharel to the young hunters of the Ralaferin clan on the outskirts of Halamshiral

0002A60F: Read Inscription
0002A6B2: Lady Couteau
0002A6B3: Lady Fleur
0002A6B4: Lady Colombe
0002A6C6: Veilfire Glyph
0002A6EA: Celene had an elven locket hidden in the palace. Inside is a miniature portrait of Empress Celene and Ambassador Briala together.
0002A6EB: An elven locket is a strange thing to have hidden away in a safe in the empress's palace.
0002A6EE: Pick Up Elven Locket
0002A764: Open Gate
0002A76C: Cry for the past—it shall claim us all.
For here rest our saviors newly slain. Others lie beyond our reach.
So we remember.

Let the true name burn away and enter Din'an Hanin, the place where glory ends.

Andrale, Whose Song Inspired
Soran, With Bow in Hand
Siona, Who Kept the Bridge

Talim, Who Saved the Child
Rin, Who Led Them Out
Ilan, Who Kept Watch

Elandrin, Whom We Betrayed

{i}A blank space follows the names, as if more were to be carved.{/i}

0002A76D: Mourn for the past—and all that was left there.
For we trusted in dreams and perceived immortality. We trusted in promises and in hope.
So we dreamed in vain, for we lost these gifts long ago.
0002A76E: Sing for the past—where rests those who came before.
For each knight, a seed was sown, roots twisting with their brothers and sisters.
So the forest grew, a reflection of our might.
0002A778: A metal handle to a key; the shaft section is missing.
0002A779: A metal shaft to a key; the head section is missing.
0002A77A: Kitchens
0002A77F: The Histories of Red Crossing
0002A786: Sort by New and Nearest
0002A787: Default sort
0002A789: Is that elven? Odd to find it here.
0002A78D: <i>(Snerks.)</i> The empress can't give up her pretty things.
0002A790: Well, well, Her Imperial Majesty has a fondness for elven keepsakes, I see.
0002A793: An elven locket, stored away in a palace safe. Unwise, Celene.
0002A7A0: Stored sorrow, hidden hurt. She couldn't throw it away.
0002A7A1: A token of affection from... happier times. Celene must still care for Briala.
0002A7A2: I'll admit: I didn't think the empress was this sentimental.
0002A7A3: More politics and double-dealing. Is there anyone here who is not corrupt?
0002A7A4: Does it seem strange that every single person at this party has tried to bribe us?
0002A7A5: Every single major player has tried to bribe you tonight. In Orlais, that means you've officially arrived.
0002A7A6: This is great. Even the elves are trying to bribe you!
0002A7A8: Servants' Quarters and Grand Apartments - Main Level
0002A7A9: Cillian
0002A7AA: Servants' Quarters
0002A7AB: Gardens
0002A7AC: Grand Apartments
0002A7AD: To Palace Main
0002A7AE: There is so much conniving and backstabbing here, it makes me homesick.
0002A7AF: It's the Game, my dear. Everyone plays it here.
0002A7B0: Call it politics or the Game or whatever, that's personal hate. Heh.
0002A7B1: Breath painful, stabbing, and then real stabbing, lungs full, frothing, scent of apples as it all goes black.
0002A7B2: Why kill the servants? They were unarmed.
0002A7B3: Someone will be held accountable for this.
0002A7B4: Caught in the middle of this crap. What fully qualified arsehole stops to kill a cook?
0002A7B7: The Winter Palace
0002A7D4: These poor sods aren't doing much of anything, kid.
0002A7D6: They'll be waiting a long time then.
0002A7D7: "Death by Apple Pie," a lovely poem by our dear friend Cole.
0002A7D8: They don't understand. Repeating noises: sobbing, pleading, prayers. Waiting for answers.
0002A7D9: Nobody asked for creepy, all right? Shut it!
0002A7DA: They're already dead. You can't help them. Don't let their memory overwhelm you.
0002A7DB: Assassins are a shy lot. Can't have dangerous bakers raising alarms.
0002A7DC: Oh, sure, reasonable, innit? Frigging garbage.
0002A7DD: Not them. The others. They came when they heard crying.
0002A7DE: Food was good, too. Bastards.
0002A7E5: The defenseless are always the first casualties of war.
0002A7E6: Because they were in the way, of course. These were minor obstacles in the path to someone's power.
0002A7E7: Like war is a loan that's late a few payments. I hope we find the bastard who did this.
0002A7E8: Sorry to break it to you, Hero, but this is what they call "collateral damage."
0002A7E9: They always kill the servants first, my dear. Otherwise, they could run and warn someone.
0002A7EA: So... even Leliana thought this place was dangerous, and you wanted to just walk in here?
0002A7EB: Room after room, and for what? Ruffle storage? Real useful.
0002A7EC: Are we going to sneak around to look through the empress's unmentionables now?
0002A7EF: I didn't think you were drunk enough for this plan, Handy.
0002A7F0: Just how drunk are you, boss?
0002A7F1: This party is looking up.
0002A7F2: Usually we don't reach this stage of a plan without a lot more drink, Lucky.
0002A806: Well, that was... Orlesian.
0002A807: Everyone in the empire has gone completely mad.
0002A808: Poor little man. One really shouldn't laugh. But it's impossible.
0002A809: Orlesians...
0002A80A: Do they even like being so... like they are? Ugh!
0002A832: I wasn't here to fight! Stop and think!
0002A833: You're dead, bastard! Dead!
0002A834: Too late for that! You know how this ends!
0002A844: Ice Mine
0002A847: What happened here?
0002A848: I'm thinking trap. Yes, definitely.
0002A849: What's this then? Swapping all the gold leaf with diamonds, I bet.
0002A84A: What was that sound? Something's not right.
0002A88C: Dragon Helmet
0002A88D: Whispering Elf
0002A8D6: Gender
0002A8FA: Class
0002A902: Can't trust any of you!
0002A903: We should cage the lot of you!
0002A905: I won't go back under a heel!
0002A906: You're the reason the Divine is dead!
0002A907: Slaver! Jackboot!
0002A908: I don't have to listen to you!
0002A91B: I say we take our chances against the demons.
0002A926: Did you hear about these "Freemen"? What are they up to?
0002A92C: They won't last long, I reckon. These things never do.
0002A92F: We must be better than Gaspard's thugs.
0002A930: Peace. We can still hold out. Ours is the empress's cause, remember.
0002A931: Her Radiance never used more than clever words to win and hold the throne.
0002A933: Will we ever see reinforcements?
0002A935: If Gaspard is playing rough, we have to do the same.
0002A936: For that, we have to be <i>alive</i>.
0002A939: Undead across the valley. And no way to end them.
0002A93D: There were elves on the road.
0002A941: People change.
0002A942: You heard? Evelyn took off last night. Said she was joining the Freemen.
0002A943: I've no clue. They say he's tough as a dragon.
0002A944: She was always so steady.
0002A947: Who?
0002A948: They're fighting someone called... Corypheus?
0002A949: Remember those rumors about elves close to the throne?
0002A989: The rebel Inquisition and its so-called "Herald of Andraste"? I think not.
0002A98A: You think nobody cares about the truth? We all grieve Justinia's loss.
0002A98B: Who, you? Random clerics who weren't important enough to be at the Conclave?
0002A98C: Mock if you will. I'm certain the Maker is less amused.
0002A996: If Andraste's Herald leads the Inquisition, why has the Chantry not aligned with them?
0002A997: Montevelan will need to be rebuilt.
0002A99A: There's nothing we can do about it.
0002A99D: I've half-forgotten what the sky looks like without that... scar.
0002A99F: The Inquisitor got rid of the undead?
0002A9F5: Royal Wing
0002A9F6: Pot
0002A9FE: Lockbox
0002AA3B: Footlocker
0002AA44: Safe
0002AA4A: Snake Box
0002AA54: Pyramid Box
0002AA55: Elvhen Barrel
0002AA56: Elvhen Chest
0002AA57: Dwarven Pot
0002AA59: Sack
0002AA5A: Strongbox
0002AA6D: Well, she <i>is</i>...
0002AA6E: I think the woman is asking you and not me.
0002AA6F: Haven is a mess, but we won't turn away anyone willing to help. Invite her, if it pleases you.
0002AA70: What do you think, Cassandra?
0002AA71: The Herald of Andraste. Yes, I understand.
0002AA72: Well, he <i>is</i>...
0002AA73: Cassandra?
0002AA74: Defeat Samson's minions.
0002AA75: Follow Samson through the hole or perform the rituals.
0002AAED: Why do you fight for the empress? She'd not do the same for you. Her kind stuff you and all your family into a shack in an alienage. They give you the lowest place in their household, beneath all their other servants, and tell you to be thankful.

Don't throw away your life. Meet me at Argon's Lodge. We'll have a drink and tell the world to piss off.

0002AAEE: A Note
0002AAF7: The Silver Knight
0002AAF8: The question has always fascinated me. What happened to Ser Brandis, the Silver Helm? Lord Demetrius—the only champion killed—died before the victory, but both Sister Amity and Brandis survived. Amity established the chantry; history is filled with her name. Yet Brandis disappears from the story after his confrontation with the last Emerald Knight.

I took it upon myself to unravel this mystery. I learned that there are tales even the Dalish do not know. In lost verses of a song, painstakingly unearthed, I found the answer to my question.

Who could bear the weight of a people destroyed by his hand?

—Lord Avery of Montsimmard, 9:39 Dragon

{i}The song follows:{/i}

Bright silver were his helm and chain,
Bright silver on his horse's rein;
He rode upon the golden plain,
The brave and comely knight.

The elves stood fast, their banners high.
They would not flee, they would not fly,
Though knowing they would surely die,
The last of Dalish might.

He met them on the golden field,
The fate of elvenkind now sealed,
In mercy, urged them all to yield,
He sorrowed for their plight.

But prideful were the Dalish kin,
Their vengeful hearts could not give in,
With raging cry and dreadful grin,
They struck against the Light.

Beneath the red and fading sun,
The elven stand was swift undone,
'Til they were vanquished, all but one:
Defiant in her fight.

Her brothers on the field lay slain,
He would not see her die in vain,
In grief, cried "Yield!" to her again,
That good and gentle knight.

He could not strike; his shield dropped low,
She lifted sword against her foe,
They did not see the far-off bow,
Its arrow loosed in flight.

A sharpened thorn, a searing brand,
A shot the elf could not withstand;
The sword fell lifeless from her hand,
With drops of crimson bright.

He said no word, he made no sound,
But caught her, falling to the ground.
Her dark hair flowing, all unbound:
A veil as black as night.

And up around him came the call,
That celebrated Dalish fall,
The cry of vict'ry came from all,
Except the silver knight.

The glimmer of his helm and chain,
Now dull with dark and bloody stain.
He looked and saw upon the plain,
The dying elven light.

Elf sword in hand, heart filled with woe,
No one would ever see him go,
But with a solemn prayer, spoke low,
He vanished into night.

They say he rode on easterly,
The sword he placed beneath a tree.
And there remained, on bended knee,
That grave and mournful knight.
0002AAF9: Infatuation
0002AAFA: Sweetheart,

They say war is coming, but do not fear. I will protect you. Once Orlais is at peace, I shall marry you. I love you so deeply and truly, I want to scream it from the rooftops.

Your ever-loving,
0002AAFB: Lazar,

I don't want you standing outside my window reciting your poetry. It's terrible. I don't love you. I don't want to be your scarlet rose. I don't want my velvet petals to unfurl for you.

(Ugh, I can't believe I just wrote that. It's repulsive.)

Please leave me alone. If you do this again, I'll tell my brother. He has an axe. It's big and sharp.

0002AB3C: Old Journal
0002AB3D: {i}An old journal, clearly much beloved:{/i}

I weep at what the armies have done. Ditches scar the landscape. There's fire everywhere; all around is the smell of bitter smoke and spilled blood. I remember coming here as a boy. It was late summer and the plains were bright and golden. The earth was warm and felt like home.

All that's gone.

My mother said my father was from these parts. She never told anyone but me that he was an elf. Maybe part of me, the elf-blooded part, feels what the Dalish felt for centuries. This is my home; I would give anything to preserve it.

I'll go now with the others, but when the war is over, I will return. It will be beautiful again.
0002AB3E: Kelley:

Here are the instructions for maintaining the house while we're gone:

- Don't let any soldiers in. Tell them to go away, that the lord of the house bids it.
- Keep the fire burning in the hearth every night, in case we return. You know we don't like it when it's cold.
- Make sure the linens are warmed as well. Just in case.
- Papillon would be trouble on the road, so we are leaving her with you. Make sure she gets her butter puffs and don't upset her.
- Say your prayers.
- Feed the fish.

We will return once the war is over.

Madame Paulette
0002AB3F: Instructions for the Maid
0002ABC4: We came here seeking only to speak with the mothers. This is not our doing, but yours.
0002ABC5: A victim of circumstance, nothing more.
0002ABC6: Just an elf.
0002ABC7: What becomes of us, and your Inquisition, is in the Maker's hands now.
0002ABC8: I don't know what's possible any longer. I suppose I might be.
0002ABC9: Now it falls on us to select a new Divine, if we can, and leave the next step to her.
0002ABCA: I do believe it. Do you have a better explanation?
0002ABCB: I do, yes.
0002ABCC: Maker help us. What if we have erred?
0002ABCD: I suppose we can expect renewed effort against the mages from him, and yet more chaos.
0002ABCE: That is... more comforting than you might imagine.
0002ABCF: To tell you the truth, I don't know.
0002ABD0: This victory must please you greatly, Seeker Cassandra.
0002ABD1: I could be.
0002ABD2: I don't know.
0002ABD3: Now we have been shown up by our own templars, in front of everyone.
0002ABD4: I'm just a Qunari, in the wrong place at the wrong time.
0002ABD5: I truly don't know. Any revered mother who could have followed Justinia died at the Conclave.
0002ABD6: Provided such a selection is even possible.
0002ABD7: I suppose it is out of our hands now. We shall all see what the Maker plans in the days to come.
0002ABD8: If only that were true.
0002ABD9: No, I'm not.
0002ABDA: Just a Qunari.
0002ABDB: And you had no part in forcing our hand? Do not delude yourself.
0002ABDC: Several, but... are they the truth? I am left to question all I have been taught.
0002ABDD: Someone who can help close the Breach and end this madness.
0002ABDE: Why do you care?
0002ABDF: I'm an elf of the Dalish clans, nothing more.
0002ABE0: No, I don't believe that.
0002ABE1: Someone who can help.
0002ABE2: Just a dwarf.
0002ABE3: Because, despite all my fears... what if it's true? What if I have erred?
0002ABE4: Just tell me one thing: do you <i>truly</i> believe you are the Maker's chosen?
0002ABE5: We are not looking for a winning horse. We are simply trying to do the right thing.
0002ABE6: What's to stop you from trying?
0002ABE7: Just tell me one thing: <i>are</i> you the Maker's chosen, as so many claim?
0002ABE8: And my fellow clerics have scattered to the wind, along with their convictions.
0002ABEA: <i>(Chuckles.)</i> We have already done so, and what good has it done us?
0002ABEB: Just tell me one thing: if you do not believe you are the Maker's chosen, then what are you?
0002ABEC: A victim of fate.
0002ABED: Perhaps there is something we can do.
0002ABEE: Haven't you already made up your mind? Why ask me now?
0002ABEF: I'm just a dwarf, in the wrong place at the wrong time.
0002ABF0: I'd like to believe that, Seeker. I truly would.
0002ABF1: When is it ever enough? That is the nature of faith.
0002AC57: Curse the past—the place where lies were born.
For beneath their sun, our people fall. The lands their lady once bestowed now stolen in her name.
So when these words are read, we shall be gone.
0002AC94: That's what <i>you</i> would have done.
0002AC95: So... <i>are</i> you innocent?
0002AC97: That'll get you every time. Should have spun a story.
0002AC98: It's more believable, and less prone to result in premature execution.
0002AC99: I don't remember what happened.
0002AD1E: The Old Grove
0002AD20: Dalish Fields
0002AD35: Use the Nobility/Politics persuade.
0002AD36: Use the Nobility/Politics persuade.
0002AD37: Use the Arcane persuade.
0002AD38: Use the Underworld/Criminals persuade.
0002AD39: Ambassador Anton
0002AD3A: Ser Philippe
0002AD60: This keeps up, I'm going to wear somebody's skull as <i>my</i> fancy little mask.
0002AD61: Oh, but that couple over there with the silver masks?
0002AD62: They said this stuff was a garnish, but nobody stops you if you fill your plate with it.
0002AD64: Aside from the Vints in the basement. That alone made coming here worth it.
0002AD65: Any interest in a dance?
0002AD66: It's a mess. Everyone's trying so hard to hide that they're walking around in plumage.
0002AD67: They're no good as disguises, and they don't cover the mouth or hide body language, so they're not much help for lying.
0002AD68: Look at this with the eyes of a Ben-Hassrath, and tell me what you see.
0002AD6A: Do you like the masks?
0002AD6B: They've got these candied nuts with some kind of spice on them. It's sweet until you swallow, and then, bam, hot!
0002AD6C: You got anything that needs killing?
0002AD6D: Uh, nothing on the assassins, though.
0002AD6E: Got to kill a few Vints, try some new food... this party's working out just fine.
0002AD70: Goodbye.
0002AD71: What do you think of the masks the nobles are wearing?
0002AD72: Any time we want to move on to the assassination, just let me know.
0002AD73: See anything interesting?
0002AD74: Because if so, then yeah, absolutely. I mean, once we stop the assassins and all that.
0002AD75: Makes it tough to spot the dangerous lies, as opposed to the normal stuff.
0002AD76: Give me a Ben-Hassrath read.
0002AD77: As fashion goes... I don't know. I've seen dumber?
0002AD78: Anything catching your eye?
0002AD79: Wait, were you serious?
0002AD7B: Talk to you later, Bull.
0002AD7C: Also, Orlais has some fine-looking redheads. I go more for the servants, personally. Less makeup.
0002AD7D: Care to dance?
0002AD7E: Because the nobles keep messing with me, and they think I don't know they're doing it.
0002AD7F: Oh, shit, the nobles would love that! Can you imagine Josephine's face, trying to explain that we were...
0002AD81: The woman's doing one of the nobles, and the guy's doing two different servants.
0002AD82: I'll just stay here and eat.
0002AD83: I do adore the heady blend of power, intrigue, danger, and sex that permeates these events.
0002AD84: Such lovely pageantry.
0002AD86: I hope you're enjoying yourself.
0002AD90: Have you encountered any trouble with the nobles?
0002AD91: I'll be back.
0002AD92: Have you seen anything useful?
0002AD93: The Orlesians do not quite know what to make of me.
0002AD94: A great deal... although dancing with an elven apostate would win you few favors with the court.
0002AD95: Goodbye.
0002AD96: Do you have any interest in dancing?
0002AD97: I have seen countless such displays in my journeys in the Fade.
0002AD98: You seem more comfortable with a grand Orlesian ball than I'd have expected.
0002AD99: If you want to find something useful, I would pay attention to what the servants do.
0002AD9A: Perhaps once our business here is done?
0002AD9B: This is comfortable for you?
0002AD9C: Do you see anything?
0002AD9D: Are you being treated well?
0002AD9E: Hunt well.
0002AD9F: I have kept to myself, for fear of giving them some purchase to cling to.
0002ADA0: The powerful have always been the same. Only the costumes change.
0002ADA1: I wonder how masked men live their lives without ever seeing that servants have an entire society of their own?
0002ADA2: Care to dance?
0002ADA3: The food and drink are excellent, however, and the servants have been happy to refill my glass.
0002ADA4: No, sadly. I do not have the look of one of the elven servants, or I might well be invisible.
0002AE12: The best of the mages are ready, Herald.
0002AE14: The elite of the templars are ready, Herald.
0002AE15: Be certain you are prepared for the assault on the Breach. We cannot know how you will be affected.
0002AEBF: You would pay the price for this, and you don't even know yet what it does?
0002AEC0: Is the Well that valuable?
0002AEC2: I am. Have I proven myself so unworthy of trust?
0002AEC3: What would you propose? Leave it be? Allow another to find and take it, someone worse perhaps than Corypheus?
0002AEC4: The discussion may be moot. We cannot know. I only ask you to consider.
0002AEC5: We know Corypheus seeks the Well, and believes it valuable.
0002AEC6: So yes, I would take my chances—if you permit it.
0002AEC7: What if I don't permit it? What then?
0002AEC8: We also know it to be guarded jealously, the last remnant of a culture thought dead and gone.
0002AEC9: And if I say no?
0002AECA: You're better than Corypheus?
0002AFE5: I hoped you'd stop by.
0002AFE8: It's good to see you.
0002AFE9: Did you need something?
0002AFEC: Inquisitor.
0002AFEF: At your service.
0002AFF2: Another time then.
0002AFF5: Yes?
0002B026: I'd rather we speak another time.
0002B07E: I thought we could talk. Alone?
0002B07F: I want to talk about us.
0002B080: Do you have some time?
0002B081: Do you have time to talk?
0002B08C: Is there something on your mind?
0002B08D: We need to end this.
0002B08F: Is something wrong?
0002B091: Cullen, I can't do this anymore.
0002B093: I was looking for a kiss.
0002B096: Tell me about templar life.
0002B097: I'd like to know more about the templars.
0002B098: What would you like to know?
0002B09A: How are templars trained?
0002B09B: What does templar training involve?
0002B09C: You've lived in the Circle.
0002B0A2: What do you think of the people you work with?
0002B0A3: Tell me about your colleagues.
0002B0A8: May I ask you something?
0002B0A9: That's all.
0002B0AB: Tell me about yourself.
0002B0AC: That's all for now.
0002B0AE: I want to know more about you.
0002B0B1: Oh?
0002B0B2: There you are!
0002B0DC: The Inquisition won't last forever. What will you do when this is over?
0002B0DF: You still regret the man you became after leaving Ferelden?
0002B0E1: What will you do next?
0002B0E2: What is it you regret?
0002B0E5: What do you think of mages?
0002B0F3: What do templars do?
0002B11E: This is the first I've returned in almost ten years.
0002B120: Tell me about the Blight.
0002B121: You were in Ferelden during the Blight. Did you fight darkspawn?
0002B122: I grew up in Ferelden, near Honnleath. I was transferred to Kirkwall shortly after the Blight.
0002B124: They were also tasked with tracking apostates or fighting demons inevitably summoned by the weak or malicious.
0002B125: Templars protect against the dangers of magic. Before the Order left the Chantry, that meant serving in a Circle.
0002B128: Do templars take vows? "I swear to the Maker to watch all the mages"—that sort of thing?
0002B129: Tell me about their vows.
0002B155: I'd like to discuss what happened before, Solas.
0002B156: Inquisitor.
0002B158: You and I aren't done.
0002B159: What about us?
0002B15A: Inquisitor. How may I help you prepare for our final battle?
0002B15B: You don't get out of this that easily.
0002B15C: I understand your anger. I am furious with myself as well. But, for now, we must focus on what matters.
0002B15D: So mysterious.
0002B15E: You really don't let anybody see under that polite mask you wear, do you?
0002B15F: I'm afraid that wouldn't be appropriate at this time. We must focus on what truly matters.
0002B160: This was a waste of time.
0002B161: Because you are hurt. Because I made a selfish mistake. Because you deserve better. Pick any reason.
0002B162: It would help me if you could explain why.
0002B163: You saw more than most.
0002B164: If we are both still alive afterward, then I promise you, everything will be made clear.
0002B165: Later, then?
0002B166: Harden your heart to a cutting edge, and put that pain to good use against Corypheus.
0002B167: The blame is mine, not yours. It was irresponsible and selfish of me. Let that be enough.
0002B168: I don't know why I even tried to talk with you.
0002B169: Let me know if I can be of any more help in planning our final fight.
0002B16A: I still don't understand.
0002B16B: The answers would only lead to more questions, an emotional entanglement that would benefit neither of us.
0002B16C: Will you talk to me when we are finished with Corypheus?
0002B18E: You wanted to get drinks?
0002B18F: You said we should go get some drinks and meet your company.
0002B193: Yeah, come on, it'll be fun.
0002B1B3: One of our mages, a Dalish elf named Cillian, believes he may be able to translate the glyphs—provided we grant him the needed contacts.
0002B239: For his heart, for his heart
Our Highest One is bound.
The secret that he keeps, he keeps with us
The vigil that he keeps, he keeps with us
His fear will not weaken us
No-one shall come, dear mentor.
In our eternity, only darkness reigns.
0002B23A: The Lost Temple of Dirthamen
0002B23B: Dirthamen is gone, he said.
Our Highest One brings to us this gravest news.
What shall we do? Where shall we go?
What of the old secrets that burn within our hearts?
0002B23C: We will not have it, will not have it!
The secrets are madness in our ears, but they are ours
The Highest One cannot take them from us.
Only Dirthamen, our Keeper, only he
And if he does not take the secrets
they are ours forever.
0002B23D: Our Highest One, he deceives us.
The honeyed words that drip from his tongue
We know the despair they mask.
We disciples of Dirthamen know truth, now as ever.
0002B23E: His mind which cannot think
His tongue which cannot speak
His hands which cannot touch
His ears which cannot hear
His eyes which cannot see
And thus shall our Highest One be bound.
He shall join us in our Silence.
0002B23F: We few whisper here where shadow dwells.
Some words remain unuttered.
Truths are pushed down, down
Where they shall never arise again.
0002B240: The Highest One promises safety.
I shall protect our ancient secrets, he claims
All that Dirthamen once granted us will be safe.
But it is our blood he seeks
A sacrifice dark and unholy
A prison of evil to keep us in and all else out.
0002B241: They will come for us in the night
Those who would steal the words from our lips
And our god no longer rises to our defense.
We claw at the walls, at the walls.
Now we pray for a dawn that will never arrive.
0002B242: {i}This human man was a warrior, dead for perhaps a few months—his skin is dried and stretched over his bones. From what you can tell of the corpse, he was stabbed in the back. An expression of terror remains locked in the rictus of the dead man's face.{/i}

0002B243: I don't care what Lord Gretien claims. There were voices last night, whispering to us in our sleep. It is not "silly fears"—it is this place. Is it worth finding this artifact he hunts if it attracts spirits to us as we search? And how did the spirits know our names? They knew personal things, events I would rather forget. I would leave if it did not mean forgoing my entire pay after months of work.

0002B244: {i}A series of papers and notes are stuffed into a small booklet. It is stained with dried blood and covered in dust. The most legible entry is the last:{/i}

We're still not certain why Lord Gretien ran off during the night. The others think it's the nightmares, though they say it's voices that speak to them. We took a vote and decided to continue the search for Dirthamen's Wisdom; if we don't, we forfeit everything we've worked towards. Trying to piece together all of Gretien's notes won't be easy. All I can think is that we need to put the relics revealed by the braziers into these flames.

It's all part of some elven ritual, I suppose. The only gruesome part is all these desiccated organs. Lord Gretien believed they were part of the high priest of this temple, and that we're somehow 'reassembling' him. I find it unsettling that the elves would have disassembled their high priest in the first place.
0002B245: {i}This small book appears to be a collection of notes, judging by their dates, written over a period of three years. They chronicle the search for something called "Dirthamen's Wisdom" by an Orlesian archivist, Lord Gretien Faulx:{/i}

The elven God of Secrets disappeared along with all his kin, or so their legends claim. Yet his priesthood remained behind, and the priests were said to possess the ability to see and know all. I believe this to be the result of magic and not a divine gift—magic locked in treasures that remain to this day. With the aid of my companions, I hope to prove it.

I believe I have found a temple of Dirthamen, the resting place for the Wisdom—or, at least, the location of the last high priest who was said to possess it. From all I have gathered, it might be possible to summon this high priest's spirit from the ether here in this place. Impossible? Yet Dirthamen's rituals will evidently allow it. Perhaps one of the oldest secrets we know of will be revealed to us here.

0002B246: {i}A number of notes are scribbled on this scroll, many crossed out or written in terse, angry letters:{/i}

Reveal the heart, unite it with the flame, together they will form the key to... liberation? Advancement? The translation is not clear. I also do not think this brazier is the flame it speaks of.

0002B247: Explorers in the Temple
0002B248: They came for me in the night, but I won't let them take it! I'll find Dirthamen's Wisdom on my own! Those traitors want riches for themselves? They won't have a clue how to decipher the remainder of the ritual! Let it be known that I, Lord Gretien Faulx, am not to blame for what befalls them! I am not to blame for any of this!

0002B26A: God of Secrets
0002B285: Dirthamen's Wisdom
0002B2E5: Possessed Explorer
0002B2E9: The Highest
0002B304: Lost Temple of Dirthamen
0002B327: The arcanist has been secured, despite great cost and the concern of more than a few traditional-minded mages. She awaits a meeting with the Inquisitor in the Undercroft.
0002B328: Acquire the Arcanist
0002B329: A full retinue will secure her safety along the Imperial Highway.
0002B32A: To bar passage, they must know she's there. They will not.
0002B32B: Alliance can overwhelm any concern. The owners of where she will travel need only be convinced of the worth of pleasing us.
0002B32C: Skyhold has incredible potential for runecrafting and mastercraft smithing, if only we had a gifted mind to gain full benefit. The war and the Venatori have claimed many experts, but we have located an "arcanist" with great skill and a reputation for humbling first enchanters in both Andrastian <i>and</i> Imperial Circles. Two assassination attempts—and at least one explosion—have made landholders reluctant to allow her passage through their territory. It will take significant effort to bring her from Tantervale, but this arcanist would be invaluable to the Inquisition.
0002B32D: Increase Damage I
0002B32E: Increase Damage II
0002B32F: Increase Duration I
0002B330: Increase Duration II
0002B33A: Shockwave
0002B361: It's strange that I can understand that.
0002B362: And here's where the magic happens. Literally.
0002B363: The old magic is strong here. I believe this is the heart of the ruined temple.
0002B365: This place is bigger than you'd think.
0002B366: Not for some time. The camp is abandoned.
0002B368: I doubt they left all their stuff here out of charity.
0002B36B: The heart of this place. Here is where the ancient rituals and prayers took place.
0002B36C: The heart of the temple. The old magic is incredibly strong here, I can feel it.
0002B36D: No way through this gate? Wonder what it's made of.
0002B36E: A spell of comprehension, perhaps? Amazing that it still functions.
0002B36F: Ancient magic at work, allowing any who come to understand the secrets of this place.
0002B370: The whispers are louder in there. I can see them.
0002B371: Yes.
0002B372: You can see the whispers?
0002B373: Deep one, this. I wonder what it's hiding?
0002B374: And never left.
0002B375: This must be the heart of the ruined temple.
0002B37B: The secrets of this temple have remained unspoken for too long. They wish to be known.
0002B37C: Someone's been here.
0002B37D: Proximity Heal
0002B3AA: Now <i>that's</i> interesting.
0002B3AB: Imprisoned in silence and despair by his own followers. A sad legacy.
0002B3AC: I bet the poor fools never had a chance to use it.
0002B3AD: One of the explorers. Or his remains, anyway.
0002B3AE: Treasure room, if we're lucky.
0002B3AF: Where could this key lead?
0002B3B0: Somewhere back in the ritual area, perhaps?
0002B3B1: Aaand the torch goes out.
0002B3B2: Filled with despair and imprisoned forever by his own followers.
0002B3B3: Stabbed in the back. Poor bastard.
0002B3B4: Died with his loot. That's stupid.
0002B3B5: An explorer. What killed him, I wonder?
0002B3B6: He hid here. He died afraid.
0002B3B7: One of the explorers from the camp. Where are the rest of them?
0002B3B8: Rather sad, if you think about it.
0002B3B9: So that was the high priest of the temple.
0002B3BA: Another one of the explorers?
0002B3BB: One of the passages back in the ritual area, perhaps?
0002B3BC: Took his chest and crawled into a corner to die.
0002B3CC: Take the Head of Misery
0002B3CD: Take the Tongue of Whispers
0002B3CE: Take the Hands of Torment
0002B3CF: Take the Ears of Unheeding
0002B3D0: Take the Eyes of Sorrow
0002B3D1: Take the Heart of Despondency
0002B3D2: Place the Head of Misery
0002B3D3: Place the Tongue of Whispers
0002B3D4: Place the Hands of Torment
0002B3D5: Place the Ears of Unheeding
0002B3D6: Place the Eyes of Sorrow
0002B3D7: Place the Heart of Despondency
0002B3D8: Dead Warrior
0002B3D9: Papers
0002B3DA: Scroll
0002B3DB: Chest
0002B3DC: Book
0002B3DD: Grave
0002B3DE: Urn
0002B3E1: Healing Mist
0002B3E3: Pick Up Ornate Elven Key
0002B3E5: So this is where the key leads.
0002B3E6: Red templars!
0002B3E7: Venatori!
0002B3E8: Excellent! It seems you have done our work for us this time, Inquisitor.
0002B3E9: Don't they ever give up?
0002B3EB: They have the artifact! The Elder One requires it!
0002B403: Perhaps I'm mistaken, but I've heard that you're... involved with someone.
0002B405: Rumors spread quickly here. I wouldn't want anyone getting the wrong idea.
0002B41C: Increase Healing I
0002B41D: Increase Healing II
0002B41E: Healing Mist
0002B42B: I thought... it doesn't matter what I thought.
0002B432: Discovery of ancient elven glyphs in the Emerald Graves led to an Operation to translate them.
It required some "gifts" to several Dalish clans traveling along the Waking Sea coast, but Cillian was able to get the texts he needed to translate the glyphs.
He claims they are a kind of map, showing the location to an ancient temple dedicated to Dirthamen, the elven God of Secrets.
He provided us the location, but it should be noted we're not the first to investigate these glyphs. A group of treasure hunters evidently mentioned them several years ago... although they have not been heard from since.
0002B436: I thought you could use a break.
0002B437: I need to borrow you.
0002B43C: That's all I had to say.
0002B43D: Cullen, I'm sorry. That sounds inadequate, but I don't know what else to say.
0002B43E: That's it? You have nothing more to say?
0002B440: If you'll excuse me—there is much to do. I should return to my work.
0002B441: That's it?
0002B442: I'm sorry.
0002B443: Then there's nothing more to say.
0002B444: So it would seem.
0002B445: Would you have me beg when you've already decided?
0002B446: It's enough. You were... it was always too much to ask.
0002B453: Exalted Plains
0002B454: Crestwood
0002B455: Din'an Hanin
0002B48B: Lyrium Potion
0002B48C: Increase Maximum Mana
0002B48D: Increase Maximum Mana Bonus
0002B48E: Increase Maximum Mana Duration
0002B48F: Mana Restoration Bonus
0002B49E: Forget not the past—it is all that remains.
For each knight, a seed was sown, roots twisting with their brothers and sisters.
So the forest remains, a reflection of our sorrow.
0002B4DA: Loot
0002B4E1: Investigate the Servants' Quarters
0002B544: Are we really doing this? Best prepare yourself, then.
0002B545: One more to do, and then he comes.
0002B547: See? Bad idea. Why do you have so many?
0002B548: And some type of artifact has appeared.
0002B549: Check out the mysteriously appearing thing in the middle.
0002B54A: And the last piece of the puzzle appears.
0002B54B: That did the trick.
0002B561: Claim an area's landmarks to make the Inquisition more knowledgeable of the local area.
0002B580: Creators. If human soldiers come across the golden halla, they will certainly kill her.
0002B581: <i>(Gasps.)</i> Look, already she makes herself known to the others. She knows she's meant to be here.
0002B589: Discover all landmarks in the Hinterlands.
0002B58A: Landmarks discovered
0002B58B: Landmarks in the Hinterlands
0002B58E: A golden halla known as Hanal'ghilan is said to visit the Dalish in times of great need. A hunter named Ithiren believes the legendary halla now roams the Exalted Plains.
0002B58F: The Golden Halla
0002B590: Return to Ithiren.
0002B59E: Play movie via timeline
0002B59F: Play movie via schematic
0002B5FB: Doomsday Cultist
0002B675: Basic Attack/Abilities

-Tap X for basic attack.
-Hold X for charged attack.
0002B687: Assault Catapult
0002B6C5: {i}Excerpt from the first volume of a popular romance serial known for frivolity and excess:{/i}

"Would they truly notice so brief an absence?" he murmured softly. He kept his back to her, his eyes on the painting as though she did not excite the slightest interest.

"Would it be so very brief?" she returned. The corner of his mouth twitched in smile. A small triumph that served to quicken her pulse, making her mindful of her own countenance.

"The garden," he murmured softly and walked away, without a glance in her direction.

Her journey to the hedge maze was uneventful, although her heart yet quickened. At last he pulled her into a dark alcove.

"So serene, that smirk of yours," he murmured in her ear. "Let me see you smile."

Slowly, he pulled the ribbon that bound her mask.
0002B6C6: The Antivan Kiss, Volume 1
0002B6C7: The Girl in Red Crossing
0002B6C8: Too long I have traveled, soon I'll see her smiling,
The girl in Red Crossing I'm longing to see.
O, I know she is there, daisies in her hair,
Waiting by the chantry to marry me.

I've dreamed of the kiss I stole 'neath the arbor.
I've dreamed of the promise 'neath the old ash tree.
O, I know she is there, daisies in her hair,
Waiting by the chantry to marry me.

One last stream to cross, one last hill to wander.
Until I reach the love I'm longing to see.
O, I know she is there, daisies in her hair,
Waiting by the chantry to marry me.

Running through the streets, only silence follows.
Elven arrows sunk into the old ash tree.
O, I know she is there, daisies in her hair,
Waiting by the chantry to marry me.

Ruby on the green, petals lost and drifting.
Take her to His side, Andraste hear my plea.
I found her lying there, daisies in her hair,
Waiting by the chantry to marry me.

Not surprisingly, this folk song originates from the Red Crossing region, although it is known in various parts of Orlais. While clearly inspired by the events of the Exalted March of the Dales, it is unknown whether the narrator and the eponymous "girl" are based on actual figures or are representative of the overall losses suffered at Red Crossing.

—From {i}Orlesian Musical Tradition{/i} by Sister Rosette, published by the University of Orlais
0002B6C9: {i}An illuminated copy of the Chant of Light. A few of the passages have been bookmarked:{/i}

In secret they worked
Magic upon magic
All their power and all their vanity
They turned against the Veil
Until at last, it gave way.

Above them, a river of Light,
Before them the throne of Heaven, waiting,
Beneath their feet
The footprints of the Maker,
And all around them echoed a vast

—Canticle of Threnodies 8:2-3
0002B6CA: From the Canticle of Threnodies
0002B6CB: Secret Reading
0002B6CC: {i}Pages of a letter have been hidden inside a copy of The Antivan Kiss, Volume 2:{/i}

The box seems unassuming, but I'm told it works as intended. There's an enchantment to it; it attracted power before. If you want more details, we talk more coin. There are risks in asking too many questions.

I doubt you care, so long as it helps with your little problem. I'll expect my fee in due course.
0002B6E7: Keep looking. I want the rest of that seal.
0002B6F5: I told you that the templars in Kirkwall were using red lyrium. It made them paranoid, and eventually they turned on me.
0002B6F9: Find Cassandra in the chantry.
0002B707: Scattered Glyphs
0002B709: There are ancient elven glyphs scattered across the plains that appear to be pieces of a greater message.
0002B710: Search
0002B714: The ocularum is a strange object: a skull set atop a staff, with no clue to its function save the name etched at the base of the cranium. It seems to look out upon the area nearby.

0002B715: Oculara
0002B71A: Dwarven Gear
0002B730: Search for the Servants' Quarters
0002B737: Entrance to Servants' Quarters
0002B73B: Investigate the servants' quarters.
0002B748: The Trading Post
0002B74A: Lower Terrace
0002B74B: Upper Terrace
0002B74D: The Vat Room
0002B75A: Valammar
0002B75C: The Vaults
0002B75F: Glyphs found
0002B76A: Gather materials for armor and return to Haven.
0002B76B: Gathering materials to craft a stronger set of armor could be the difference between victory and death against more powerful enemies. Armor schematics specify which materials are needed to craft particular armor.
0002B76C: Crafting Armor
0002B796: Introduction
0002B79A: They think she spoke to me?
0002B79B: Tell these petitioners Andraste said she cares for us, always, as she walks by the Maker's side.
0002B79C: Tell them I do speak for her.
0002B79D: Few people outside Skyhold know it was Divine Justinia who delivered you from the Fade.
0002B79E: Say Andraste loves us all.
0002B79F: But I never saw Andraste.
0002B7A0: You could attempt to tell Val Royeaux's citizens the truth, though it may not be as inspiring as they hope.
0002B7A1: Even Leliana can't trace the rumor's origin. It may be expedient to respond to those asking for Andraste's words.
0002B7A2: They... wish to know what Andraste said to you in the Fade.
0002B7A3: Tell the petitioners Andraste said her Herald's word is as her own.
0002B7A4: We've an interesting development, Inquisitor. A petition from citizens of Val Royeaux.
0002B7A5: It's not Andraste who saved me.
0002B7A7: A fine sentiment. We will have it proclaimed in Val Royeaux.
0002B7A8: Tell them the Inquisition's position is that the Divine saved me from the Fade. Not Andraste.
0002B7A9: They will be disappointed, but rumor will eventually fill in words for us.
0002B7AB: Very well. Some of the devout will be discouraged, but it will placate the Chantry.
0002B7AC: Tell them it wasn't Andraste.
0002B7B0: Tell them nothing.
0002B7B3: That will certainly make the Chantry take notice, but we shall spread the word.
0002B7B5: The Inquisition won't answer their petition. That's all.
0002B7B7: Let us hope they stay... within reason.
0002B7B8: Allergies to what?
0002B7B9: Try to avoid invitations to any of their luncheons.
0002B7BA: Marquise Hedinelle is here, but Her Grace sends her apologies for missing dinner. Allergies, I'm afraid.
0002B7BB: Wheat, eggs, honey, mead, most fish, some poultry, Antivan peppers, Tevinter fruits, and every nut under the sun.
0002B7BC: Spite, according to her siblings, as the marquise had the fortune to be firstborn of her family.
0002B7BD: What does the marquise subsist on?
0002B7BF: Lord Nadovino of Antiva. A friend of my family not normally given to politics.
0002B7C0: I also promised him forty bottles from our wine cellar. He's had his eye on the Tevinter ports for years.
0002B7C1: How did you get him to support the Inquisition?
0002B7C2: Antivan are touched by worthy deeds, Inquisitor. I impressed him with the rightness of our cause.
0002B7C3: Lady Drummond promised a visit. She has useful resources, if we can get her to set aside her games.
0002B7C4: Oh, no, I meant actual games. Chess, cards, dice, little boards with carved idols from Tevinter...
0002B7C5: What are her politics?
0002B7C6: She made me play that with her for eight hours once. Steer her towards cards if she insists on a match.
0002B7E1: For a time, I also served a small cloister in Lothering.
0002B7E3: She'd never choose one of them. Especially a mage.
0002B7E5: Custom
0002B7F0: Part of an old metal key; the shaft and head are missing.
0002B7F1: Old Key Part
0002B81F: From the Beyond
0002B821: There's an old Dalish burial site in the plains known as Var Bellanaris. Spells protecting the dead there have been broken, attracting demons. Cleansing the grounds of the demons would gain favor from the Dalish.
0002B83E: Formal Gardens
0002B840: Supply caches belonging to the Imperial Army have gone missing in Lake Town. Mark the crates so they can be collected.
0002B841: Pressed for Cache
0002B847: Mark Supply Cache
0002B855: Halls of the Elders
0002B876: Vestibule
0002B8AC: Spirit
0002B8AE: Storm
0002B8AF: Knight-Enchanter
0002B8B0: Rift Mage
0002B8B1: Necromancer
0002B8B8: <Need Content>
0002B8B9: Sketch of Chateau Courtyard
0002B8BA: Sketch I of Chateau d'Onterre Interior
0002B8BB: <Need Content>
0002B8BE: Sketch II of Chateau d'Onterre Interior
0002B8BF: <Need Content>
0002B8DC: Static Cage
0002B8DD: <Need Content>
0002B8DE: Sketch III of Chateau d'Onterre Interior
0002B8E4: Fire Mine
0002B8E7: Enter Tavern
0002B8ED: Enter Crestwood
0002B8EF: Walking Bomb
0002B8F1: Spirit Mark
0002B8FE: Interesting stratagem.
0002B8FF: What's your game? Are you trying to convince the comtesse that you treasure her gift?
0002B901: That's a terrible predicament.
0002B902: That sounds serious.
0002B905: Go look for it.
0002B906: You're not going to find it standing here.
0002B917: One-Handed
0002B919: Or just gain importance by getting the Inquisitor to run a menial errand for you?
0002B91A: If the comtesse finds out... Maker have mercy!
0002B91B: I... assure you, the ring truly is lost, and I must find it or risk terrible repercussions.
0002B91C: Should you happen upon it, I beg you, let me know.
0002B91D: Two-Handed
0002B91E: Staves
0002B91F: Daggers
0002B920: Bows
0002B921: Shields
0002B922: Lyrium Falls
0002B92E: Silence has reigned here for time beyond memory.
0002B930: They believed Mythal a goddess of justice. Elves came here to request judgment. After they proved their worth.
0002B932: Before the Imperium destroyed it.
0002B934: The Temple of Mythal. Constructed in an age when elves, not men, dominated this land.
0002B936: Elves built all this?
0002B942: Replenish
0002B943: Alchemical Requirements
0002B944: Replace Gear
0002B945: This appears to be machined dwarven gear.
0002B956: Fancy house. Too quiet.
0002B957: They're here, watching, waiting, wanting. Be careful.
0002B95A: From the look of their clothes, I'd say these men were looters.
0002B95B: Not very good at it, were they?
0002B967: What fine reading material.
0002B969: We're not alone!
0002B96A: The Stone Tree
0002B97D: Fast Travel
0002B97E: An abandoned chateau—it must have been appealing.
0002B97F: So, trespassing ends well here.
0002B980: Piss-poor job of it.
0002B981: Interesting choice of reading material.
0002B9A8: Key
0002B9A9: Key Collected
0002B9B5: Find the golden halla.
0002B9B8: A life of service and sacrifice. Are templars also expected to give up... physical temptations?
0002B9B9: Are there vows of celibacy?
0002B9BA: Physical? Why... <i>(Clears throat.)</i> Why would you...
0002B9C2: No. I was stationed at Ferelden's Circle Tower.
0002B9C3: I am bound to the Inquisition. I will serve until I am no longer needed.
0002B9C4: To be honest, I hadn't given it much thought until recently. I'm not used to having so many... possibilities.
0002B9F5: Alone? I mean, of course.
0002BA2B: One-Handed Weapons
0002BA2C: Two-Handed Weapons
0002BA30: Lost Temple of Dirthamen
0002BA31: Path of Shadows
0002BA32: The Sanctuary
0002BA33: Path of Secrets
0002BA34: Crypts of the Forgotten
0002BA35: The Portent
0002BA36: Altar of the Oracle
0002BA37: Edifice of Offering
0002BA38: Search
0002BA3D: Elemental barriers can be destroyed with enough of the opposite type of elemental damage. Spirit barriers can only be damaged by a mage's lightning attacks.
0002BA52: {i}A torn diary page:{/i}

I showed them. We had such fun, we did! Dancing and partying until everyone fell down; it was glorious! The best party ever! Father and Mother went to their room when we were done. Mother was crying, she was so happy. I held out the present. It made me better, just like they said.

I have not left the house. I'm still scared of what's on the other side of the door. But... maybe I'll go out tomorrow.
0002BA53: {i}A torn diary page:{/i}

I had to make myself breakfast this morning. It wasn't very good. When I saw Mother and Father, I couldn't stop crying. I don't know what to do.

My friend says there's a way to be less lonely. She says not to be afraid. There are other games we can try and I will feel better.
0002BA55: I think we've done enough work for the day. Don't you?
0002BA58: Let's do something together.
0002BA59: You need a break. Come on.
0002BA75: Cloth
0002BA76: Leather
0002BA77: Metal
0002BA78: Runes
0002BA85: Light Armor
0002BA86: Medium Armor
0002BA87: Heavy Armor
0002BA9D: I'm ready to strike Adamant whenever you are.
0002BA9E: I'll meet you at the Western Approach.
0002BA9F: I'm ready to strike Adamant whenever you are.
0002BAA0: I'll meet you at the Western Approach.
0002BB27: Helmets
0002BB28: Belts
0002BB29: Rings
0002BB2A: Amulets
0002BB34: They were likely hunting my friend. I'm glad they didn't come looking for people to help in here.
0002BB35: They might well be good men, but they've been given bad orders.
0002BB36: They were likely hunting my friend. I'm glad they didn't come looking for people to help in here.
0002BB37: They might well be good men, but they've been given bad orders.
0002BB5D: Le Vieux Fort
0002BB5E: Dalish Burial Ground
0002BB5F: Val Bleu
0002BB60: You're a Trevelyan, however, and somewhere in the dank nethers of my family tree, there was also a Trevelyan.
0002BB61: Trésor Fromage
0002BB62: Lac Brumeaux
0002BB64: Gateway Fort Trenches
0002BB65: Highlands Village
0002BB78: The Hooded Bridge
0002BB79: Imperial Bridge
0002BB7A: Tour de Minuit
0002BB7B: La Vue Magnifique
0002BB7C: Fin de la Route
0002BB7E: Jumeaux d'Incindiere
0002BB7F: Main de l'Eau
0002BB80: The Dalish Bridge
0002BB81: The Watchtower
0002BB82: Le Chasseur
0002BB83: Pont d'Elizabeth
0002BB84: Pont Flottant
0002BB85: Le Petit Tour
0002BB86: Bord du Monde
0002BB87: The Training Ground
0002BB88: Le Trahi
0002BB89: Le Portier
0002BB8A: La Gouttiere
0002BB8B: The Watcher
0002BBC2: Landmarks at the Temple
0002BBC3: Discover all landmarks in the Lost Temple of Dirthamen.
0002BBC4: Landmarks found
0002BBC5: Lost Temple of Dirthamen
0002BBC8: Hidden off the southern coast of the Waking Sea, the Lost Temple of Dirthamen protects an ancient elven artifact of impossible value. Crumbling and flooded after ages of neglect, it is a dark, dangerous place full of despair.
0002BBD3: Tears of the Dead
0002BBD5: I did encounter the Champion again later in Kirkwall. Those were terrible times.
0002BBD9: The Hero of Ferelden was not what I expected.
0002BBDA: The "Hero of Ferelden." <i>(Laughs.)</i>
0002BBDB: So Varric knew where the Champion was all along. <i>(Chuckles.)</i> That's the last time we send Cassandra to interrogate.
0002BBDC: You have a history with the Warden who ended the Blight, don't you?
0002BBDD: Did you know Hawke?
0002BBDE: You met the Hero of Ferelden?
0002BBE1: They say you spent some time in Lothering. Did you know the Champion?
0002BBE3: The Hero of Ferelden was not what I expected.
0002BBE4: There are no heroes in real life, just people. And people can do terrible things.
0002BBE5: I first met her when we were traveling with the Hero of Ferelden. We never really got along.
0002BBE6: I saw Alistair and the Hero of Ferelden light the signal fire... and Loghain's infamous betrayal of Cailan's forces.
0002BC05: Lornan's Exile
0002BC06: Grand Forest Villa
0002BC07: Astrarium Vault
0002BC08: Maferath Repentant
0002BC09: The Tempter Burns
0002BC0D: By "delayed," she means "we were interrogating a dwarf."
0002BC0E: All
0002BC14: The Departure of Her Lover
0002BC15: Dragon Nest
0002BC1B: Replenish All
0002BC1C: The Burial of the Beast
0002BC1D: Hendir, Dwarf-Prince, Friend to Tyrdda
0002BC1F: Tyrdda Flying to Her Lover
0002BC20: Fort Connor
0002BC21: Tyrdda's Lover
0002BC22: Broken Bridge
0002BC74: <font color="#{CUSTOM3}">{CUSTOM0} {CUSTOM1} (Have {CUSTOM2})</font>
0002BCEB: They can come up safely now!
0002BCEC: Clear the area around the ladder!
0002BCED: Clear!
0002BCEE: All right, this one's clear!
0002BCEF: We need to clear a path for our guys!
0002BCF0: Push the Wardens back from the ladder!
0002BCF1: All clear!
0002BCF2: On to the next one!
0002BCF3: We're clear!
0002BCF4: I suggest we keep moving. Soldiers get tired. Demons, not so much.
0002BCF5: They're all going down. Probably need our help over there, right?
0002BCF6: Soldiers are dying by the other ladders, though!
0002BCF7: Let's get to the next one!
0002BCF8: I suggest we hurry. Demons will make short work of our forces.
0002BCF9: We must hurry! Our forces cannot stand against the demons for long!
0002BCFA: Clear the ladder! Our forces need a way up!
0002BCFB: Another one clear!
0002BCFC: We need to help our soldiers up the ladder!
0002BD00: Keep focused. They'll know what it means.
0002BD01: Line there. And there. No gaps.
0002BD02: They will make this a fight, not us.
0002BD16: I told you that the templars in Kirkwall were using red lyrium. It made them paranoid, and eventually they turned on me.
0002BD17: The Inquisition wants the Order reined in. Is that her wish?
0002BD18: The Inquisition says they want us as equals. Believe it?
0002BD19: The Inquisition wants a partnership. Like we're equals.
0002BD1A: I won't be collared. Not by the Inquisition.
0002BD1B: I don't understand the Order. I pray this has a higher purpose.
0002BD1C: Why does the Lord Seeker insist the Inquisition's messenger perform the Standards?
0002BD1D: Lord Seeker's been talking about this one. So I heard.
0002BD1E: I thought the Inquisition were heretics and blasphemers.
0002BD1F: Inquisition wants us leashed. I heard it.
0002BD20: The Standards are for templars. Not some upstart order!
0002BD21: The Inquisition comes to us as allies. Does she bid us welcome them?
0002BD22: We should be out hunting the mages who opened the sky. Not watching this.
0002BD23: Heard something. This will make you happy.
0002BD25: You really did want a fight, didn't you?
0002BD26: We're going to fight? Tell me we're going to fight! I don't care who, just... a good fight!
0002BD28: Apparently, we're going to help the Inquisition. Yes, in a fight.
0002BD2B: We missed most of the war, trapped up here.
0002BD2C: Of course I did, it's what I trained for. I was ready!
0002BD2E: This is a most satisfactory turn of events.
0002BD31: She did know how to make an entrance, though.
0002BD35: Rabel! Watch your tongue!
0002BD36: Interesting? It's ridiculous! An elven marquise! How are we supposed to tolerate—
0002BD37: I had no doubts. Times like these, we need a stronger leader than Celene.
0002BD3A: Oh! Of course I didn't mean... I never would have... oh dear.
0002BD3C: We should be secure enough from outsiders. I'm more concerned about attracting darkspawn from the lower levels. We don't have the manpower to push them farther in. Keep the product on the upper levels and barricade the bridge.
0002BD3E: Carta Note on Security
0002BD3F: Read
0002BD40: A Different Darkspawn?
0002BD41: {i}The journal, penned by an unknown writer, appears to be quite old, with many of its pages damaged by water and dust. The entries that can be read all appear to be about twenty years old:{/i}

We finally found Amuk alive in that passage. Still can't believe it. The only reason I didn't stop digging is because he had the key to the cache—but, after two weeks, I was expecting to find it on his corpse. What story does he come up with? That he was found by a darkspawn, of all things. A talking darkspawn, polite as you please, who fed him and gave him water and evidently chatted with him about surfacers. I don't know what Amuk is thinking, coming up with a story like that, but he swore by the Stone it was all the truth. Crazy as it sounds, I know Amuk, and he's got the imagination of a dull hammer. Why would he make something like that up?

Reminds me of a story my grandsire used to tell, about something {i}his{/i} grandsire did. Said he once came upon a group of three darkspawn in the Deeper Roads, each twice the size of any dwarf—bigger than humans, even—and dressed up like kings. He watched from the shadows and said they talked, like people, about things he couldn't understand. A city gone black, and they blamed each other for things but could barely remember for what. My mam was like that: never remembered the slight, just that she was angry. Story goes they attacked each other, and one ran off while the second choked the third to death and then ate him.

Don't know about darkspawn having talking kings, never mind polite ones that give you food and tea, but maybe Amuk met one of them. There's strange things in the Deeper Roads, after all, things the Shapers can't even recall. As if smuggling wasn't dangerous enough.
0002BD4E: Ruined Temple
0002BD4F: Dalish Standing Stones
0002BD50: Dalish Ruins
0002BDC0: These gears should fit the lock on a large door clearly made to keep out thieves.
0002BDC1: The Vault of Valammar
0002BDC2: An old dwarven gear found in Valammar seems to be part of a larger mechanism. Perhaps there are others.
0002BDC3: Gears found
0002BDC4: Use the gears to open the vault.
0002BDCF: The Chasm
0002BDD2: Thelm Gold-Handed, the Dreamer
0002BDD3: Crow Poison Count
0002BDD5: There! It's him!
0002BDD6: Thank the Maker!
0002BDE8: Increase Duration I
0002BDEA: Increase Damage I
0002BDEC: Increase Damage II
0002BDED: Enhanced Potency
0002BDFC: Emissary
0002BE09: It's adventurous.
0002BE0A: Shut up.
0002BE0C: Hmph!
0002BE0D: Of course not. I'm simply admiring these plants.
0002BE0E: Just looking at the garden.
0002BE0F: Mind your own business.
0002BE10: In every Orlesian romance, someone climbs a trellis. Admit it, you were thinking of doing the same.
0002BE11: Read
0002BE1B: Don't be a fool! Do you think Stroud and I would join the Inquisition if it hated all Wardens?
0002BE1C: We're not demanding your surrender. Just fall back and let us deal with Clarel.
0002BE1D: Don't be a fool! Do you think Loghain and I would join the Inquisition if it hated all Wardens?
0002BE1E: Don't be a fool! Do you think Alistair and I would join the Inquisition if it hated all Wardens?
0002BE22: Take
0002BE24: Move
0002BE25: Locked Balcony Door
0002BE35: Painting of Val Royeaux
0002BE36: General Mathieu d'Onterre, Feared by the Dog Lords
0002BE37: Those Who Oppose Thee Shall Know the Wrath of Heaven
0002BE38: The Imperial Highway
0002BE39: Nanette d'Onterre, Ma Belle Rose
0002BE3B: Jeannette d'Onterre, Matriarch of the House d'Onterre
0002BE3C: Anita Chayeau, Beloved Grandmère
0002BE3D: The Dalish Woods in Summer
0002BE3E: Portrait of Abel d'Onterre
0002BE47: Crow Poison Duration
0002BE4C: I've seen the suffering magic can inflict. I've treated mages with distrust because of it—at times without cause.
0002BE4E: <i>(Sighs.)</i> You wouldn't believe how quickly gossip spreads through the barracks.
0002BE4F: There is weapon and combat training. Even without their abilities, templars are among the best warriors in Thedas.
0002BE77: Exit to Dales
0002BE90: Kill the Arcane horror.
0002BE91: An ancient horror has awakened in the chateau courtyard.
0002BEA8: Winterwatch Tower
0002BEB6: You will now be able to respond to this line if you choose.
0002BEB7: Response 3
0002BEB8: One more line to make sure everything's working okay.
0002BEB9: This is my response.
0002BEBA: This is my other response.
0002BEBB: Good work on your response.
0002BEBC: Response 2
0002BEBD: This is an intimate opt-in conversation.
0002BEBE: It is exactly like a regular opt-in conversation, but uses a tighter, more intimate camera.
0002BEBF: This is my other other response.
0002BEC0: Response 1
0002BEC1: Press the left bumper when prompted and you will be able to give a response.
0002BEC2: This is the third response.
0002BEC3: You should try it now, or start the conversation again if you miss the opportunity.
0002BEC4: See? Wasn't that easy?
0002BEC5: If you talk to me again,  I will resume the conversation from my branch in line.
0002BEC6: Now you should try a response!
0002BEC7: Response 1
0002BEC8: This means that you may hit the left bumper at any time to exit the conversation.
0002BEC9: This is the first response!
0002BECA: It is identical to a simple Opt-Out conversation, but it uses a tighter, more intimate camera.
0002BECB: This is the second response!
0002BECC: Response 2
0002BECD: Response 3
0002BECE: You have just entered an Intimate Opt-Out conversation.
0002BECF: This is my branching out line.
0002BED0: This is my branching in line.
0002BED1: If you do and walk away from me, I will say a branch out line.
0002BED5: Smuggler's Cave
0002BED6: Valammar Gate
0002BED7: Old Simeon's Cave
0002BEF1: Stream Out Entire Conversation
0002BEF2: Stream Out NPC Only
0002BEF3: Unspawn NPC via Timeline
0002BF26: Message Fragment
0002BF27: Ancient Writings
0002BF28: Tevinter Tome
0002BF29: Quarry
0002BF2A: Fereldan Tome
0002BF2B: Orlesian Tome
0002BF2C: Fereldan Lock
0002BF2D: Decorative Gems
0002BF2E: Explosive Powder Keg
0002BF2F: Recent Cipher
0002BF30: Antivan Grease
0002BF31: Venatori Cipher
0002BF32: Dalish Tome
0002BF33: Logging Stand
0002BF34: Avvar Defender
0002BF37: Stream in Timeline SubLevels for re-test
0002BF38: Servants' Quarters
0002BF39: Inquisition Weapons
0002BF3A: Improved Inquisition Weapons
0002BF3B: A Study of Tevinter Culture
0002BF3C: Skyhold Garden
0002BF3D: A Study of Fereldan Culture
0002BF3E: Salvage Ships
0002BF3F: Confidential Venatori Intelligence
0002BF40: Courtyard Upgrade
0002BF41: Inquisition Tapestries
0002BF42: Masterwork Inquisition Weapons
0002BF43: Field Tents
0002BF44: Fereldan Trebuchet
0002BF45: Prisoner Cages
0002BF46: Dalish Artifacts
0002BF48: Orlesian Culture
0002BF49: Main Watchtower
0002BF4A: Venatori Intelligence
0002BF4C: Library
0002BF4D: Bedchambers
0002BF4F: Antechamber
0002BF50: One of the most prized secrets of the Qunari—the creation of their explosive black powder they call "gaatlok"—is in our hands. While it is still difficult to replicate, it might be possible to create one of these devastating weapons to better protect Skyhold. {string}277941{/string}
0002BF51: We have the potential to unlock some extremely sensitive information regarding Venatori deployment in the area. {string}277940{/string}
0002BF52: The Fereldans have strong links to various barbarian tribes. We need to find out how we can use this. {string}277940{/string}
0002BF53: Inquisition soldiers and agents out in the field sorely need shelter from the elements. {string}277939{/string}
0002BF54: Leliana has asked that examples of Venatori messages be collected, to increase the speed at which their communications can be deciphered. {string}277940{/string}
0002BF55: Restore and improve the large tower for an imposing cosmetic change. Invest in this upgrade to choose between a mage or templar tower. {string}277941{/string}
0002BF56: Not all of the Inquisition's agents and diplomats are from Orlais. Gathering lore on Orlesian culture would aid them in interacting with locals. {string}277940{/string}
0002BF57: A number of Dalish elders have asked for the Inquisition's help in recovering elven artifacts that have been stolen by Orlesian deserters. {string}277940{/string}
0002BF58: Invest in the garden space to increase utility while reflecting the Inquisition's needs. Increase the ability to grow herbs, or create a chantry space to gather resources from the faithful. {string}277939{/string}
0002BF59: Our forces are acquiring a growing number of captives. We need cages to properly house them and maintain order. {string}277939{/string}
0002BF5A: Orlesian nobles are clamoring for tapestries with an Inquisition theme and will pay handsomely for any coming directly from our artisans. {string}277939{/string}
0002BF5B: The Tevinters used to rule these lands before. We need to find out how exactly. {string}277940{/string}
0002BF5C: A number of ships washed up on the shores of the Storm Coast could be salvaged for use by the Inquisition. {string}277939{/string}
0002BF5D: Test: Testing
0002BF5E: The Inquisition can make a good use of at least one catapult to defend the walls or scare the nobles.
0002BF5F: Our troops need to be more effective against the supernatural enemies we face. {string}277940{/string}
0002BF60: The stakes are high, and we need the best of the best for our men. {string}277941{/string}
0002BF61: Upgrade the courtyard to cosmetically reflect the Inquisition's focus. Invest here to select between infirmary space or sparring grounds.
0002BF62: Our soldiers require additional weapons if they are to be effective. {string}277939{/string}
0002BF63: Balconies
0002C03F: The Last Step
0002C040: Lamarr Tower
0002C041: {string}230202{/string}
0002C043: The Surveyor
0002C044: Ritual Tower
0002C045: Zhores Tower
0002C046: Tersoro Tower
0002C047: Hidden Stairway
0002C048: The Old Well
0002C049: The Thing in the Dark
0002C04A: The Shortcut
0002C04B: The Lost Idol
0002C098: Head
0002C099: Forehead
0002C09A: Eyes
0002C09B: Skin
0002C09C: Skin Tone
0002C09E: Mouth and Jaw
0002C0A7: Mount
0002C0D0: And then you came.
0002C0D1: That sounds almost kind.
0002C0D2: Perhaps it was once. But now, it helps none but Corypheus. By his hand, it creates more fear and grows even stronger.
0002C0D3: Without fear, and pain, and failure, we cannot learn. We cannot grow.
0002C0D4: As you cannot grow until you recover all that was taken from you.
0002C0D5: Most people avoid their fears. It is simple for the demon to steal the darkest fragments. They forget, and it feeds.
0002C0D6: It makes people forget the worst parts of their fears? It almost sounds like the Nightmare is helping people.
0002C0D7: In any case, robbing people of their fears is never a kindness. At best, it is a mistake borne of compassion.
0002C0E9: Sad. All those trees gone. Too nice here for a war...
0002C0EB: Maker, I feel the ground shudder.
0002C0EC: Everywhere.
0002C0ED: Where does it hurt?
0002C0EE: Catapults make short work of the bastards.
0002C0EF: Are we driving them back? Do the red templars fall?
0002C0F2: I said rest.
0002C0F3: Maker, don't move. You'll open the wound.
0002C0F4: They fall. You've done your part. Rest.
0002C0F5: Allain is fine. Lachlin... Lachlin fell behind.
0002C0F6: His mother was like an aunt to me. She kissed us farewell.
0002C0F7: That he fought for the Inquisition. That he triumphed.
0002C0F8: What?
0002C0F9: Where are Lachlin, and Allain? Aren't they here yet?
0002C0FA: What will I say when I return without her son?
0002C0FC: We can't send people east!
0002C0FD: Where's General Cullen?
0002C0FE: Fine, I'll rouse the scouts. But don't send anyone else until I give word.
0002C100: We thought that three days ago. Would you risk them breaking through again?
0002C101: We can't let the red templars break the supply lines.
0002C102: Andraste, give me strength. Or make me that young again.
0002C103: Those shit-eating bastards don't have the strength!
0002C104: He led the charge at dawn. Hasn't stopped fighting since.
0002C105: The man hasn't slept more than an hour two days running.
0002C107: As the sun renews itself, so must the faithful renew their love of the Maker.
0002C108: [Finish the verse.]
0002C109: I... the fight is justly entered, Your Worship.
0002C10A: My thanks, Your Worship. Andraste must hear you.
0002C10C: Your penance shall be a joy, serving Him with a heart of love unbound.
0002C10D: Maker let me be a worthy servant, that you might take me unto your side.
0002C10E: You're not the Maker's yet.
0002C10F: The Inquisition brought you this struggle. Without men like you, it would fall.
0002C110: My sword is yours, Your Worship.
0002C111: Andraste help me.
0002C112: Your work isn't unnoticed.
0002C113: Your struggle shall be a gift, for it redeems you in His sight.
0002C114: The Maker can't have you yet. Not while the Inquisition needs you.
0002C158: Aaaagh!
0002C159: Press on, Inquisitor!
0002C15B: I don't understand.
0002C15D: Good hunting, Inquisitor!
0002C15E: We are keeping them at bay! Follow the river to the temple!
0002C172: His Majesty is overjoyed to fight alongside the Inquisition. "A worthy hunt," he said.
0002C173: We are humbled by Orlais' support, Lord LaMarche. Emperor Gaspard has saved Thedas.
0002C181: Do the woods discomfort you, Pavus?
0002C182: Corypheus's soldiers appear to be on the defensive.
0002C183: Come on. Let's go plug some arseholes!
0002C184: Do you sense the magic crackling?
0002C185: It's mostly the people trying to cut our heads off that manage that.
0002C186: Now that's a view. Gets your blood going.
0002C187: If the soldiers aren't careful with their fires, they'll do Corypheus's work for him.
0002C188: I hope you're right about this temple, Morrigan. I could use a building or two.
0002C189: Listen to how close the fighting's gotten! It will be worse ahead.
0002C18A: One last push, and we can lick our wounds. I wonder if Corypheus will show.
0002C18B: Something more powerful than the red templars stirs.
0002C194: That's... something.
0002C195: Finally!
0002C196: Maker's balls!
0002C197: The Well of Sorrows!
0002C198: So Mythal endures.
0002C199: How has such magic lasted?
0002C19A: It's loud. And so cold.
0002C19B: Andraste guide us.
0002C1AC: Some foolish little boy comes to steal the fear I kindly lifted from his shoulders.
0002C1AD: But you are a guest here in my home, so by all means, let me return what you have forgotten.
0002C1AE: The only one who grows stronger from your fears is <i>me</i>.
0002C1AF: Some silly little girl comes to steal the fear I kindly lifted from her shoulders.
0002C1B1: You should have thanked me and left your fear where it lay, forgotten.
0002C1B2: You think that pain will make you stronger? What fool filled your mind with such drivel?
0002C1B3: Ah, we have a visitor.
0002C1CB: Crestwood's mayor will want to known that the rift under the lake has been closed.
0002C1CC: Inform the mayor that the rift is closed.
0002C1DC: Orlais
0002C1E0: If you're looking for the commander, he's gone to speak with Seeker Pentaghast.
0002C222: It wasn't the gossip and backstabbing—I know what the Game entails. But the indifference to it all...
0002C226: I'm grateful for your poor taste in dance partners.
0002C228: I'd be perfectly happy never again setting foot in the Winter Palace.
0002C229: I thought you did well.
0002C22A: At least there was dancing.
0002C22B: I enjoyed the dance.
0002C231: <i>(Laughs.)</i> Or an attempt at it, anyway.
0002C272: The Memorial
0002C273: The Water Totem
0002C274: Fisherman's Hut
0002C275: Mayor's Old Home
0002C276: Lawspeaker's Assembly
0002C277: The Pit in the Pond
0002C278: The Guide of Falon'Din
0002C279: The Gallows of Caer Bronach
0002C27A: Fereldan Wyvern Statues
0002C290: I do not like having that mirror—eluvian—in Skyhold.
0002C292: Wyvern's Watch
0002C296: Not enough materials for this schematic
0002C2A0: Dining Hall
0002C2A1: Private Chambers
0002C2A2: Study
0002C2A4: East Hall
0002C2A5: Courtyard
0002C2B2: Quest Completed: {CUSTOM0}
0002C2DA: No upgrades available for this item
0002C2DB: No {CUSTOM0} upgrades available
0002C2E1: What do you mean?
0002C2E2: This. Us. We need to end it.
0002C2F5: Discover all landmarks in Crestwood.
0002C2F6: Landmarks in Crestwood
0002C2F7: Landmarks discovered
0002C2F8: Landmarks in the Approach
0002C2F9: Landmarks found
0002C2FA: Discover all landmarks in the Western Approach.
0002C2FB: I have devoted myself to the Inquisition. I can't... I do not have time for anything else.
0002C2FC: Is that the only reason?
0002C2FD: No. I was hoping to talk about us.
0002C2FE: I understand. Pretend I never asked.
0002C2FF: I still feel like the man I was in Kirkwall. Until I've put that behind me, I cannot be with anyone. I'm sorry.
0002C300: If that is all, I should return to my duties.
0002C304: Us. I see.
0002C305: I'll back off.
0002C307: Is that it?
0002C30A: Does it bother you?
0002C30B: Of course.
0002C30C: For you, always.
0002C30E: I would rather my—our—private affairs remain that way.
0002C335: The Researcher
0002C39A: I'm glad you still like me.
0002C3AB: <i>(Chuckles.)</i>
0002C3AE: Our people had better help.
0002C3AF: I hope it helps the elves.
0002C3B1: <i>Our</i> people? Who are—
0002C3B2: The Inquisition needs help wherever it can find it. Our people had better come through.
0002C3B3: It worked out for everyone.
0002C3B4: I hope Briala is able to use her position to help our people.
0002C3B5: I liked it. The Inquisition gets a valuable ally, and perhaps our people will get better treatment in Orlais.
0002C3B9: No one deserves a father like this.
0002C3C5: There! It's her!
0002C4CB: If they don't, I can't blame them.
0002C768: The Black Fens
0002C770: Emperor Gaspard will avenge his cousin's murder.
0002C771: Exploration
0002C772: General
0002C773: Weaponry
0002C774: Combat
0002C775: Elemental
0002C776: Wealth
0002C777: Collect {CUSTOM0} gold.
0002C779: Combatant
0002C77A: Defeat {CUSTOM0} enemies.
0002C786: Then let this be for the memory of Empress Celene, and the peace of Orlais.
0002C787: May the chevaliers be as fortunate as they are brave.
0002C788: Quite so, Ambassador. May the empress watch from the Maker's side.
0002C789: In times such as these, I wish I was meant to be a chevalier.
0002C78B: I have seen Corypheus's wrath, Lord LaMarche. It is even more terrible than his agents'.
0002C78D: What finer work is performed today than that of our knights?
0002C790: Travel to the Storm Coast with Blackwall.
0002C791: There's an old Warden outpost in the Storm Coast that Blackwall wants to visit. It seems important to him.
0002C792: Explanations
0002C7A9: They're afraid. Something's coming.
0002C7AC: This bodes poorly.
0002C7AD: I knew it was too easy.
0002C7AE: What threat could the ground hold? You've already conquered the sky.
0002C7B3: Perhaps assaulting the sky drew some attention.
0002C7B4: This isn't good, and it was never good!
0002C7B5: So... celebratory drinks are on hold.
0002C7B6: Never a dull moment for southerners, is there?
0002C7C3: Inquisition! The templars lead! Remove them!
0002C7D0: Inquisition! Remove the Venatori commanders!
0002C7DE: It can't be! Can it?
0002C7E0: It hurts! It's breaking, and it wants to break us!
0002C7E3: That is not possible!
0002C7E6: Oh, that's just messed up!
0002C7E7: We can't face it here! We have to... do something!
0002C7EA: No, no, no, shite damned piss no!
0002C845: Today is now well beyond making sense!
0002C846: A hasty retreat would be in order!
0002C847: Shit! Who ordered the end of the damned world?
0002C88B: I helped until they made me stop. Now they've all forgotten.
0002C8DB: Control yourself, demon. Quickly.
0002C8DD: I suggest we avoid being possessed in the first place.
0002C8DF: It should be like home. It's not. This isn't me, not this part.
0002C8E0: Hey, stay with us, little guy. Don't do anything weird—er.
0002C8E1: Oh, how could I forget? My closest friends showed such loyalty in the face of a demon's temptations.
0002C8E2: Oh, how could I forget? My closest friends showed such loyalty in the face of a demon's temptations.
0002C8E4: Good to know.
0002C8E5: So, we survive? Good to know.
0002C8E6: We haven't survived yet.
0002C8E7: Well, we got better. Sort of.
0002C8E9: So do I.
0002C8EA: My dear, if your little pet turns on us, we will have no choice but to destroy it.
0002C8EB: We haven't survived yet.
0002C8EC: I'll bear that in mind.
0002C8EE: Thank you.
0002C8EF: I remember the lot of you being tempted by demons.
0002C8F0: Yes. You all betrayed me.
0002C8F1: Possessed? I don't want to get possessed!
0002C8F3: I remember the lot of you being tempted by demons.
0002C8F4: Yes. You all betrayed me.
0002C8F6: I'll try. It's hard.
0002C8F8: You do. I will.
0002C8F9: It's all right, Cole. Even locked in the mortal form you have made yourself, you are in control here.
0002C8FB: Remember last time we ended up in the Fade, Hawke?
0002C8FC: There's no guarantee that we're going to survive this.
0002C8FD: You doing all right, kid?
0002C8FF: Don't linger, my dear. I think the spirits dislike being unmasked.
0002C93E: So she's not real? Then the Nightmare's fake, too, right? Right?
0002C93F: Be wary. The Nightmare will do anything in its power to weaken our resolve.
0002C941: I doubt it. Our survival here is miraculous on its own.
0002C943: I have no idea. If it's a spirit, it's not acting like one.
0002C944: Relax, kid. I don't imagine anybody seeing much of you in the Nightmare.
0002C948: And what of the demon she mentioned? This Nightmare sounds dangerous.
0002C94A: Whether she is a spirit or a demon, she wishes to help us... for the moment, at least.
0002C94F: Do you believe it was really her? The Divine, I mean.
0002C950: That's great and all, but the Nightmare is the thing currently scaring the shit outta me.
0002C951: And the Nightmare? From what she said, I don't look forward to meeting it.
0002C952: But after what it did to the Wardens, it's going to learn to fear for itself.
0002C954: What about the demon? She called it the Nightmare.
0002C955: Peace, Cole. None of us mistake you for the Nightmare.
0002C959: I'm less concerned with her than I am with the Nightmare she mentioned.
0002C95A: Or, if it is a spirit that identifies so strongly with Justinia that it believes it is her, how can we say it is not?
0002C95B: A demon that steals people's fear... I've got a few that I wouldn't mind losing, myself.
0002C95C: We have survived in the Fade physically. Perhaps she did as well.
0002C95E: Do you believe it was really her? The Divine, I mean.
0002C95F: I do not know. We have survived thus far. Perhaps she did as well.
0002C960: I'm less concerned with her than I am with the Nightmare she mentioned.
0002C962: The Divine. Please say that was her. It <i>was</i> her, right?
0002C963: Whether this is a kindly spirit or a demon fighting its rival for territory remains to be seen.
0002C964: A demon that feeds on fear. Despicable, even for a beast of the Fade.
0002C969: Memories make us what we are. A monster that takes them away? I don't want to think about that.
0002C96A: Justinia was unarmed and unprepared. She could not have defended herself against the creatures of the Fade.
0002C96B: It's nothing like me. I make people forget to help them. It eats their fears.
0002C96C: Fear is a very old, very strong feeling. It predates love, pride, compassion... every emotion save perhaps desire.
0002C96E: I don't know, to be honest. We survived here. Why couldn't she?
0002C96F: Could that truly have been the Most Holy?
0002C973: Sounds like it preys on fear. Stealing people's memories. That's low, even for a demon.
0002C974: What about the demon? She called it the Nightmare.
0002C975: No demon would have been so helpful without asking something in return.
0002C978: After its corruption of the Wardens, I'll see it pay.
0002C97B: A demon that steals fears from the minds of men...
0002C97E: Do you think that was truly the Divine?
0002C97F: And what of the demon she mentioned? This Nightmare sounds dangerous.
0002C980: After what it did to my fellow Wardens, I pray we find some way to strike it down.
0002C983: I've never met the Divine. You think that was really her?
0002C985: It is a fear demon, as I suspected, likely drawing on terrors related to the Blight.
0002C986: Whatever she is, she seems to want to help us.
0002C988: She seems interested in helping us. That much is clear.
0002C989: I don't know if I could do that, but I don't. I don't want to. That's not me.
0002C991: Defeat {CUSTOM0} enemies using swords.
0002C992: Sword Affinity
0002C993: Sword Mastery
0002C995: Night
0002C996: Highland
0002C997: Marsh
0002C998: Evening
0002C999: Desert
0002C99A: Day
0002C99B: Snow
0002C99C: Mountain
0002C99E: The demons look different to all of us. They take on the appearance of something we fear.
0002C99F: Those were little fears, tiny manifestations spawned from the Nightmare itself.
0002C9A1: Pity.
0002C9A2: And <i>of course</i> they look like giant spiders.
0002C9A3: These are lackeys. Worse could be coming.
0002C9A4: So... it's <i>in</i> my head? Knowing is not helping!
0002C9A7: Remember, we walk in the Fade. Demons of fear shape their appearance to unnerve each of us.
0002C9A8: I expected worse.
0002C9A9: Demons! Be ready!
0002C9AC: Guess this Nightmare wasn't such hot shit after all.
0002C9AE: I saw a horde of hurlocks, not spiders.
0002C9B3: Well, that's reassuring.
0002C9B4: You saw spiders? Man, spiders would've been a massive improvement from what I saw.
0002C9B8: Spiders? Those looked more like darkspawn to me.
0002C9BA: Demons!
0002C9BC: Small fears, too small to shape the Fade themselves. Clinging to the Nightmare. Feeding on the bits it leaves behind.
0002C9C1: Watch out! I don't know what those are, but they're coming our way!
0002C9C4: Smaller fears, I would wager, scavenging whatever the Nightmare leaves behind.
0002C9C6: Wonderful.
0002C9C7: Just let me have this moment to hope, all right?
0002C9C8: What are those things?
0002C9C9: And they take the form of spiders, something so many fear.
0002C9CB: And they take the form of spiders, something so many fear.
0002C9CE: These are but minor servants of the Nightmare.
0002C9D2: Those must have been smaller fears, servants of the Nightmare.
0002C9D6: Ah, of course. The demons look different to each of us, personalized little terrors.
0002C9D7: They want your fear, so they look how you feel.
0002C9D8: I hate this place!
0002C9D9: These are just his servants, I imagine.
0002C9DA: These are merely the demon's foot soldiers.
0002C9DB: These foes are likely but servants of the true demon.
0002C9DC: That's it, right? Not so bad. You're not so bad!
0002C9DD: Spiders? I see maggots, crawling in filth.
0002C9DE: Demons!
0002C9E0: Spiders? Those were darkspawn, not spiders.
0002C9E1: Minor demons. Little fears, scurrying to serve the Nightmare and feed on its scraps.
0002C9E3: Spiders? That is not what I saw.
0002C9E5: <i>(Grunts.)</i>
0002C9E7: What the crap are those supposed to be?
0002C9E8: And they just happen to look like spiders.
0002C9EC: And they just happen to look like spiders.
0002C9ED: And <i>of course</i> they look like giant spiders.
0002C9EE: Surely these are but the Nightmare's minions.
0002C9F0: This is the Fade, my dears. Demons have no originality. They pluck their shapes from your thoughts.
0002C9F3: The demons look different to all of us. They take on the appearance of something we fear.
0002C9F5: Be ready! I'm guessing those aren't friendly, either!
0002C9F6: Those must have been smaller fears, servants of the Nightmare.
0002C9F7: Didn't see no spiders. I'd have taken bloody spiders.
0002C9F9: Well, now I feel better.
0002C9FB: You saw spiders? I saw creatures corrupted by red lyrium.
0002CA06: No, no, no! That's too big!
0002CA07: Fasta vaas, but that's a big one!
0002CA08: Hmph. What's with the water? Trying to prey on my deep fear of having wet calves?
0002CA09: The rift! We're almost there!
0002CA0A: They still remember when they were higher, before it woke up and everything fell.
0002CA0B: Ground should be down, sky should be high. Figure it out, Fade!
0002CA0C: It's hard to trust my footing in this place.
0002CA0D: It feeds on our fear! Let it go hungry tonight!
0002CA0E: You won't hurt my friends!
0002CA11: I guess things just float whenever they feel like it here. Wonder what's up there.
0002CA13: Great, Hawke. Why not just dare the Old Gods to try and stop you?
0002CA14: Shit, that's big!
0002CA15: Or maybe it's best we never find out.
0002CA16: We're not there yet. Stay alert!
0002CA17: Hard to outrun anything in this swamp.
0002CA18: Don't say it like that! That <i>guarantees</i> another demon is gonna show up!
0002CA1A: How about we all just shut up and run?
0002CA1B: Ah, we've fought bigger!
0002CA1C: It wants our fear. Deny it, and it has nothing!
0002CA1D: For the Inquisition!
0002CA1E: The rift! We're almost there!
0002CA1F: For the Maker!
0002CA73: Would've liked to have seen it.
0002CA75: Heard you found something that had to do with Wardens?
0002CA77: I think Blackwall would've liked to have been here for this.
0002CAA9: It's sealed.
0002CAAA: Corypheus's lackeys managed to open it. Perhaps the altar holds a clue.
0002CAAC: The Venatori made sure we're not leaving this way.
0002CAAD: Let's find another way out.
0002CAAE: The Venatori collapsed the path behind them. Clever, if a little late.
0002CAAF: The Venatori collapsed their path behind them.
0002CAB0: The Venatori did this. We can't follow them.
0002CAB1: It appears the Venatori were tired of us following them.
0002CAB2: The Venatori have made sure we cannot follow.
0002CAB4: The Vints didn't want us getting through.
0002CAC7: Establish camps to hold the Hinterlands and support Inquisition activity in the region.
0002CAC8: Holding the Hinterlands
0002CAC9: Camps established
0002CADF: There's another thing I'm still wondering.
0002CAE0: I want to know something else.
0002CAE8: Artificer
0002CAEF: Subterfuge
0002CAF0: Sabotage
0002CAF1: Double Daggers
0002CAF2: Assassin
0002CAF3: Archery
0002CAF9: Battlemaster
0002CAFA: Champion
0002CAFB: Reaver
0002CAFC: Weapon and Shield
0002CB1C: Templar
0002CB1D: Two-Handed Weapon
0002CB1E: Vanguard
0002CBA0: Holding the Western Approach
0002CBA1: Camps established
0002CBA2: Establish camps to hold the Western Approach and support Inquisition activity in the region.
0002CBBB: Why not? They rebelled from the Chantry.
0002CBBC: So we shouldn't try?
0002CBBD: The people already fear them. They do not wish to be hated as well.
0002CBBF: I don't understand why these clerics, these nobodies, are being heeded at all.
0002CBC0: We <i>are</i> trying.
0002CBC1: Because the people are afraid. And they should be.
0002CBC2: We could send word about what we're trying to do.
0002CBC3: Nobody would believe us.
0002CBC4: To what purpose? Even if they speak to us, they wouldn't support heretics.
0002CBC6: The mages were given haven here in Ferelden. We should seek them out.
0002CBC9: So <i>that's</i> how the bastard survived Hawke!
0002CBCA: I want to know how Corypheus returned to life. We saw him <i>die</i>.
0002CBCB: And his life force passes on to any blighted creature, darkspawn or Grey Warden.
0002CBD3: Undead have terrorized Crestwood since a Fade rift appeared in the lake. There must be a way to close it.
0002CBD4: Help Crestwood fight back against the undead.
0002CBD7: We'll find a way to stop him once we're done here.
0002CBD8: How do we kill an immortal?
0002CBD9: Strike Corypheus down, and he will rise anew.
0002CBDA: Then Corypheus can't really die.
0002CBDB: Then Corypheus cannot die. Destroy his body, and he will assume another.
0002CBDC: We'll find a way to stop Corypheus once we're done here.
0002CBE1: Perform a ritual to appease elven gods? Long-dead or no, I don't like it.
0002CBE2: Inquisitor? Pardon me, Your Worship, but I've got a message to deliver.
0002CBE3: What's the message?
0002CBE4: Why did your commander send us this information?
0002CBE5: Identify yourself.
0002CBE6: What should I know about your commander?
0002CBE8: Cremisius Aclassi, with the Bull's Chargers mercenary company. We mostly work out of Orlais and Nevarra.
0002CBE9: If you'd like to see what the Bull's Chargers can do for the Inquisition, meet us there and watch us work.
0002CBEA: Excuse me, I've got a message for the Inquisition, but I'm having a hard time getting anyone to talk to me.
0002CBEB: We'll consider your offer.
0002CBEC: We got word of some Tevinter mercenaries gathering out on the Storm Coast.
0002CBED: Just send word to our office in Val Royeaux if you'd like to meet up on the Storm Coast.
0002CBEE: Who are you, soldier?
0002CBEF: I've got a message, when you have the time.
0002CBF0: My company commander, Iron Bull, offers the information free of charge.
0002CBF1: We got word of Venatori forces gathering out on the Storm Coast, Your Worship.
0002CBF2: Give me the message.
0002CBF3: Later, then.
0002CBF4: Not much of a lock if all you do is step on it.
0002CBF5: If need be. Unless you wish to turn back?
0002CBF6: So, good Andrastians, we offer a prayer to elven gods?
0002CBF7: Oh ho, no. This is bad. <i>Rituals</i> are <i>bad</i>. You can't want this.
0002CBF8: 'Tis a ritual, not a barred door. There is more here than earthly treasure.
0002CBF9: Upper Gallery
0002CBFA: Courtyard
0002CBFB: Gallery
0002CBFC: Storage Room
0002CBFD: Patio
0002CBFE: Smuggler Leader's Den
0002CBFF: Villa Chapel
0002CC00: Smugglers' Base
0002CC06: Thank you, Your Worship.
0002CC07: I look forward to meeting this Iron Bull.
0002CC08: I appreciate it.
0002CC09: Iron Bull? He's one of those Qunari. The big guys with the horns?
0002CC0A: Tell me about your leader.
0002CC0B: Iron Bull? He's a Qunari, like you. He's big, he's got the horns, all of it.
0002CC0C: We welcome the help.
0002CC0D: Why give us this message?
0002CC0E: We'll think about it.
0002CC0F: Iron Bull? He's a Qunari, just like Your Worship. He's big, he's got horns, all of it.
0002CC10: He also really hates Tevinter. He's been itching for a good chance to take on these Venatori cultists.
0002CC11: Iron Bull wants to work for the Inquisition. He thinks you're doing good work.
0002CC12: He also really hates Tevinter. I think he'd like an excuse to go crack some heads.
0002CC20: You're the first time he's gone out of his way to pick a side.
0002CC21: What can your Bull's Chargers offer the Inquisition?
0002CC22: We're the best you'll find. Come to the Storm Coast, and you can see us in action.
0002CC23: This war between Celene and Gaspard has left most companies weak. But not us.
0002CC24: Understood. If the Inquisition changes its mind, just send word, and we'll meet you on the Storm Coast.
0002CC25: We're not interested.
0002CC26: Understood, Your Worship. If you change your mind, just send word, and we'll meet you on the Storm Coast.
0002CC27: I don't think we'll have need of your services.
0002CC28: We're loyal, we're tough, and we don't break contracts. Ask around Val Royeaux. We've got references.
0002CC29: You lead a company yourself, right? So you know talk is cheap. Come to the Storm Coast, and you can see us in action.
0002CC2A: Tell me about your company.
0002CC2B: He leads from the front, he pays well, and he's a lot smarter than the last bastard I worked for.
0002CC32: A Dalish Perspective
0002CC33: Find the Dalish camp.
0002CC34: A clan of Dalish elves has set up a camp somewhere in the plains. Their knowledge of the area could prove beneficial.
0002CC5B: Nothing for Sale
0002CC62: Magical Barrier
0002CC6E: Your scouts say more red templars are on their way. We'll guard against them.
0002CC6F: Quickly! One of them weakens!
0002CC70: We'll hold these monsters, Inquisitor! The free mages stand with the light!
0002CC72: Andraste guide you, for I've heard Corypheus is ahead.
0002CC74: Disable Enemy
0002CC75: Spawn Wolf
0002CC76: Spawn Envy Demon
0002CC77: Disable Followers
0002CC97: Smuggler Leader's Journal
0002CCA3: Let's hope you don't make it worse.
0002CCA6: Well, I still hope you know what you're doing.
0002CCE0: We'll mop up any remaining red templars, Inquisitor.
0002CCE1: Arrgh!
0002CCE3: For the Herald of Andraste!
0002CCE6: With you here, the Maker favors us.
0002CCE7: Inquisitor! The Templar Order won't rest until these bastards fall!
0002CCE8: Templars! We fight to reclaim our honor! For the Order!
0002CCE9: Arrgh!
0002CCEA: Keep at them!
0002CCEC: Andraste mark me: we'll avenge every good knight who died in Therinfal.
0002CCEE: We'll break the red templars, Your Worship. I can feel the battle turning.
0002CCF0: Templars of the Inquisition! The Herald of Andraste fights with us!
0002CCF3: At your command, Herald! The Inquisition's templars are ready!
0002CCFB: Crafting
0002CCFC: QA GUI Map
0002CD0F: How will you get to the Well, General?
0002CD10: Fight on! An army of these bastards won't stop us!
0002CD11: Tell me you brought some damned rope!
0002CD12: I will swim if I must! The Well demands a Vessel!
0002CD13: I want them dead before the Master arrives!
0002CD14: Caltora virethen!
0002CD15: Astrolabe Conversation
0002CD16: Combat
0002CD25: Thats all
0002CD26: Convo Done
0002CD27: Convo Done
0002CD28: Thats all
0002CD29: Opt in
0002CD2A: Opt in
0002CDBD: Smuggling Manifest
0002CDBE: Smuggler's Communication
0002CDBF: Looking For Group
0002CDC0: Male
0002CDC1: Qunari
0002CDC2: Elf
0002CDC3: Human
0002CDC4: Dwarf
0002CDC5: Female
0002CDC6: Play {CUSTOM0} public games.
0002CDC7: Play a public game.
0002CDCA: Death Dealer
0002CDCD: Hero
0002CDCE: Revive {CUSTOM0} teammates.
0002CE06: Valorin's Journal
0002CE07: {i}Valorin's journal is stained with blood. Only a few entries can be made out:{/i}

...and Emalien keeps telling me I have to be patient. Fenedhis! I'm almost seventeen. I have my vallaslin; I'm ready to learn more than simple spells. Keeper Hawen will be sorry he ever doubted me.

...stories say the ruin's not far from where we're camped. I don't care what Taniel says. Getting Lindiranae's talisman will prove to the Keeper that I'm ready to be First. If it's really as protected as Taniel believes, I'll just have to break through the wards. Even if I can't do it myself, I know what...

...Veil's thin here. None of the other hunters were brave enough to go into the shem war zone, but here I am. It has to work here; I know it will...
0002CE08: So, you like to have fun. The Inquisition seems an odd fit. Why are you really here?
0002CE09: Well, maybe you're all right. But most elves are too... elfy.
0002CE0A: Why did you really join me?
0002CE0B: Mmm, don't think so.
0002CE0C: Why not?
0002CE0E: Biggest problem for the Inquisition right now isn't on the front line. It's at the top.
0002CE1B: Leliana is our leader.
0002CE1C: Perhaps I should lead.
0002CE1D: You've got no leader. No Inquisitor.
0002CE1E: Cullen has the loyalty of our soldiers.
0002CE1F: Then maybe we need one. I'd be willing.
0002CE20: Cassandra's been the driving force of this Inquisition. She's the leader in all but name.
0002CE21: Leliana's been pulling the strings of the Inquisition ever since it started.
0002CE22: Cullen commands the troops.
0002CE23: We've got Cassandra.
0002CE28: I mean, you Dalish don't really know. You have stories, but that's all they are.
0002CE2D: Don't you care?
0002CE2E: Dunno.
0002CE2F: Return Lindiranae's talisman to the Dalish camp.
0002CE30: Search for Lindiranae's talisman.
0002CE31: Valorin was searching for Lindiranae's talisman, a lost Dalish artifact of particular importance to Hawen's clan. Valorin's journal mentions ruins on the plains where the talisman may be found.
0002CE33: Something to Prove
0002CE34: Veilstrike
0002CE35: Stonefist
0002CE39: I've had... difficulty forgetting Corypheus's attack on Haven.
0002CE3A: Thoughts on Iron Bull?
0002CE3B: My advisors.
0002CE3C: Thoughts about Cassandra?
0002CE3D: What do you think about our spymaster, ambassador, and commander?
0002CE3E: Dorian.
0002CE3F: Blackwall.
0002CE40: What about Cole?
0002CE41: Any thoughts about Warden Blackwall?
0002CE42: Anything to say about Varric?
0002CE43: Iron Bull.
0002CE44: Solas.
0002CE45: Cassandra.
0002CE46: What about Solas?
0002CE47: Varric.
0002CE48: Cole.
0002CE49: What about Dorian?
0002CE4A: Vivienne.
0002CE4B: What's your opinion of Vivienne?
0002CE4C: A thousand pardons, Inquisitor.
0002CE4D: Whatever I might have thought, I wouldn't have done it...
0002CE4E: Race
0002CE4F: She's a good hunter and a great fighter, but she doesn't see the big picture. Too busy searching for answers.
0002CE50: Nobody else seems to be stepping forward, and since I can seal rifts, I'm here whether I like it or not.
0002CE51: I was chosen by the Maker.
0002CE52: You? <i>(Grunts.)</i> Why you?
0002CE53: Someone should. I'm willing.
0002CE54: The Inquisition has done all right so far without an Inquisitor.
0002CE55: I've got the mark on my hand. I've sealed Fade rifts, and hopefully I'll seal the Breach as well.
0002CE56: Once you've sealed the Breach, it's gonna be time to make decisions. Someone's gonna have to step up.
0002CE57: Well, that gets you the believers. Doesn't do much for the rest of us, though.
0002CE58: I'm the Herald of Andraste.
0002CE59: My people don't pick leaders from the strongest, or the smartest, or even the most talented.
0002CE5A: We pick the ones willing to make the hard decisions... and live with the consequences.
0002CE5B: Red's your spymaster, not your leader. I don't see her standing in the spotlight anytime soon.
0002CE5C: Do we need one?
0002CE5D: That's because all we've needed so far is damage control. Reaction. A group can handle that.
0002CE5E: I can seal rifts.
0002CE5F: That means you have a skill. That doesn't necessarily mean you should be deciding alliances.
0002CE60: Yeah, he's shaping up to be a good commander. But he's building an army, not a movement.
0002CE61: Cassandra's a Seeker. From what I gather, that's a bit like a Ben-Hassrath.
0002CE63: You think?
0002CE64: If it proved necessary to have an Inquisitor, I could make a go of it.
0002CE65: <i>(Grunts.)</i> You sounded like real Qunari for a second there, Tal-Vashoth.
0002CE66: Ah, who knows. Maybe you seal the Breach, the Chantry gets off its ass, and all those soldiers go home and get fat.
0002CE67: It could happen. It won't, but it <i>could</i>.
0002CE68: (<i>Grunts.</i>) For a second there, you sounded like a Qunari.
0002CE72: I don't think Morrigan would keep it here if that were true.
0002CE7F: I hope that doesn't—I mean, <i>does</i> it... bother you?
0002CE83: Why would it?
0002CE84: No—if you care for me, that's all that matters.
0002CE85: That's a strange question.
0002CE87: Of course not.
0002CE8A: I don't know. I thought perhaps—I'm overthinking this.
0002CED5: Gain 1000 XP
0002CED6: Add 10 Bonus Ability
0002CED7: Max Level
0002CEDB: If I seem unsure, it's because it's been a long time since I've wanted <i>anyone</i> in my life.
0002CEDE: Anything else, I will answer as best I can.
0002CEE2: That's all I wanted to know. Thank you.
0002CEE3: That was all.
0002CEE6: If you need insight into what the Order is doing now, I'm afraid I can't offer more than you already know.
0002CEE7: I wasn't trying to put you on the spot.
0002CF09: That was unworthy of me. I will try not to do so here.
0002CF0F: I'll feel safer with a castle's walls around me.
0002CF10: I have some thoughts. Let's discuss them back at Skyhold.
0002CF11: We'll deal with these assassins.
0002CF12: Well, I didn't think our meeting would end like this.
0002CF15: That's not expected. Templars can marry—although there are rules around it, and the Order must grant permission...
0002CF17: As templars, we are not to seek wealth or acknowledgement. Our lives belong to the Maker and the path we have chosen.
0002CF1C: Do the templars do anything besides hunt mages?
0002CF21: Prior to the Conclave, I'd only encountered templars in the Circle. Do they do anything besides guard mages?
0002CF24: Journal Codex Misc
0002CF25: Character Generation
0002CF32: I'm interested in you.
0002CF35: I was thinking you and I should get to know each other.
0002CF4D: Certain rituals require a full guard. A mage's Harrowing, for instance. I've attended a few.
0002CF50: Mages pretend to ignore that presence, but they are watching you just as closely.
0002CF59: Did you enjoy your training?
0002CF5C: Did you enjoy it?
0002CF5F: Initiates must also memorize portions of the Chant of Light, study history, and improve their mental focus.
0002CF61: Everyone's ready to punch Coryphellus in the dangle-bag. That's... whatchacallit? Metaphor!
0002CF66: I wanted to learn everything. If I was giving my life to this, I would be the best templar I could.
0002CF67: Have you?
0002CF68: What about you?
0002CF69: Me? I... um... no. I've taken no such vows.
0002CF91: Tell me about Kirkwall.
0002CF93: What was Kirkwall like?
0002CF97: You were away from Ferelden for ten years. Was it strange being back there again?
0002CF98: Tell me about the rebellion.
0002CF99: What happened between Kirkwall's mages and templars?
0002CF9A: Varric's from Kirkwall.
0002CF9D: That's all for now.
0002CF9E: We've spoken more since I joined the Inquisition. Largely at Varric's insistence.
0002CFA1: You were away a long time.
0002CFA3: I knew he was friends with the Champion of Kirkwall, but little else.
0002CFA4: While I was there, Qunari occupied and then attacked the city, the viscount's murder caused political unrest...
0002CFA6: Apparently I spend too much time with a serious expression on my face, and it's bad for my health.
0002CFA7: Have you met Hawke before?
0002CFA9: Did you ever cross paths with Hawke in Kirkwall?
0002CFAA: When the city fell to chaos, Hawke fought alongside the templars.
0002CFAB: I'll let you return to your work.
0002CFAC: Varric's from Kirkwall. Did you two know each other?
0002CFAD: Other than that, it was fine.
0002CFB1: <i>(Sighs.)</i> There was tension between mages and templars long before I arrived. Eventually, it reached a breaking point.
0002CFB4: Of course.
0002CFBE: Always.
0002CFC1: Only that I am never playing cards again. I still can't find my—it doesn't matter.
0002CFC2: Many of our recruits viewed the Grey Wardens as heroes.
0002CFC3: Sera brought me a piece of cake. She thought I looked hungry.
0002CFC5: Repairs to Skyhold's fortifications are progressing. Our scouts report no immediate threats in the surrounding area.
0002CFC6: Creating Inquisition footholds outside Skyhold has strengthened our reputation. People view us as a stabilizing force.
0002CFC9: Your plan is sound. We are ready to move on the Arbor Wilds when you give the word.
0002CFCB: Redcliffe wasn't always a refuge for mages. Some of our recruits have family there. They fear for the place—as do I.
0002CFCC: The Lord Seeker's actions are a mystery, but the templars <i>will</i> aid us. They cannot sit idle while the Breach remains.
0002CFCE: Not at present.
0002D011: Second shipment of artifacts for Griffon Wing Keep:

- Three staves, properties unknown
- One vessel for bloodletting
- Six damaged tomes of varying degrees of legibility
- Remains of a lyrium censer

Deliver to the keep at once. Servis will see the more functional items passed on to Calpernia.
0002D012: Manifest
0002D013: Investigate Venatori Presence
0002D014: The Hunter
0002D017: You summon a boulder from the Fade and smash it into your target, sending them flying.

0002D018: You recreate your own fist from the essence of the Fade and smash nearby foes to the ground.

0002D01A: You curse an enemy, inflicting ongoing spirit damage, and then trigger the curse in a devastating explosion.

0002D03B: Unlock Treasure Map Codex
0002D03D: Unlock Codex Entry
0002D03F: Unlock Multiple Journal Entries
0002D045: Ponchard de Lieux
0002D077: Orlesian Drapes
0002D078: These Orlesian drapes might add a touch of flair to Skyhold.
0002D07A: I'm sure you have other matters to attend.
0002D07B: The Qunari are a race of horned giants who follow a strict religious text known as the Qun. Those who have abandoned its principles are known as Tal-Vashoth and often work as mercenaries. Qunari characters get a bonus {string}282461{/string}.
0002D07C: Elves are a historically oppressed people, distinguishable by their lithe frames and pointed ears. Though most survive in the poorest fringes of human cities, others live as nomads known as the Dalish. Elves receive a bonus of 25% to Ranged Defense.
0002D07D: Humans are the most numerous and powerful race in Thedas. They are also the most divided politically and seem to thirst for conflict. Human characters receive a bonus ability point at the start of the game.
0002D07E: Dwarves are short, stocky, and most spend their entire lives underground. Those exiled to the surface are often merchants or smugglers. Because dwarves have no connection to the Fade, they cannot be mages, but receive a 25% bonus to Magic Defense.
0002D07F: Was there something you needed?
0002D083: Party Picker
0002D086: Homecoming
0002D08D: Sister Vaughn would like the remains of the dead in Old Crestwood returned to her so that she can hold a funeral service for them.
0002D08E: Return remains to Sister Vaughn.
0002D093: We never got along. I was young and had silly ideas.
0002D094: We traveled together in the early days of the Blight, but joining was a mistake.
0002D095: We spoke a few times. I seldom left the chantry, and we never became more than casual acquaintances.
0002D097: We were in love. Even in the midst of all the chaos, I was happy. Truly happy.
0002D098: Magister Pavus
0002D0A6: And besides, it's easy. Nobles <i>want</i> a bogeyman, because they need to believe normal people can't get at them.
0002D0B2: Corypheus may not be able to travel through it, but what if something else can?
0002D0B3: What if it's something good?
0002D0B4: I trust Morrigan with it.
0002D0B5: It doesn't have to be bad.
0002D0B6: Morrigan's our expert on the eluvian. If you're worried, why don't you ask her?
0002D0B7: Ask Morrigan about it.
0002D0B8: I did.
0002D0B9: Map Control
0002D0BA: Left Trigger - Toggles untextured stand in props
0002D0BB: Map Features
0002D0BC: Left Thumbstick Click - Toggles prop labels
0002D0BD: Right Trigger - Rotates applicable props up into the air
0002D0BF: Light Direction - Press X
0002D0C0: Lighting Control
0002D0C1: The following features allow you to control a variety of lighting scenarios
0002D0C2: Toggle Ecosystem - Press B
0002D0C3: Time Of Day - Press Y
0002D0C7: Yes—Morrigan said as much when I asked her.
0002D0C8: Morrigan claims that if I close my eyes and wish hard enough, a fleet of griffons will appear under my command.
0002D0CC: Well, that's mages all over. So many robes, I bet all of Ferelden lost their curtains.
0002D0CD: Marching the lot of us right up an ancient elf hole? Can't wait to see more... woods.
0002D0D1: I have his belongings.
0002D0D4: Should you require anything, I'll be here.
0002D0DC: Perhaps we can talk later?
0002D0DD: That was all.
0002D0DE: There you are.
0002D0DF: I wanted to start over. I'm not sure I have.
0002D0E0: Inquisitor.
0002D0ED: Give me a moment. Then I'm yours.
0002D0EE: I would like that.
0002D0EF: Think you could slip away?
0002D115: You may be right.
0002D116: I believe so. Wait for me?
0002D117: <i>(Laughs.)</i> By all means. Give me a moment?
0002D118: I would hope so.
0002D138: No. I'm not asking you to leave.
0002D139: Right. I can't say I'm surprised.
0002D13A: Stay with us.
0002D13B: Excellent. Then let's not belabor it further.
0002D13D: Fine. I want you to go.
0002D13E: Dorian will leave the Inquisition for good.
0002D13F: Give Corypheus my regards. I'm sure he'll be a handful for you.
0002D140: I want you to leave.
0002D141: Power {CUSTOM0}
0002D14B: Are you satisfied with the Inquisition's forces?
0002D14C: Tell me about our soldiers.
0002D14D: What do you think of our ambassador?
0002D14E: How's working with Josephine?
0002D14F: We have little in common. How she delights in meeting with nobles all day is beyond me.
0002D150: Her spirits have been higher since Valence. Leliana was always driven, but she seems more confident now.
0002D151: Who do you mean?
0002D152: I may not always agree with her methods, but she is more passionate about our cause than anyone.
0002D154: What do you think of Leliana?
0002D156: At times I wonder how far she would go to ensure success. To be fair, she questions my approach to matters as well.
0002D157: How do you like working with Leliana?
0002D19F: Our soldiers are well disciplined and committed to the cause.
0002D1A0: Our numbers are small, but they suit our needs for the time being.
0002D1A3: And?
0002D1E7: Villa
0002D1E8: Before coming here, my Keeper suggested I avoid templars. Do they do anything besides hunt mages?
0002D1E9: D-Pad Down - Cycles different global LOD values
0002D1EA: D-Pad Up - Reset LOD behavior to default
0002D1FC: Class Selection
0002D202: Crotch rot. Beats his squire. He's a she. Has a bastard. Extra toes. What a fun, close-marrying crowd.
0002D22F: LOD 1
0002D230: LOD 3
0002D231: LOD - Auto
0002D232: LOD 4
0002D233: LOD 2
0002D234: LOD 0
0002D271: {i}The diary of one of the villa's former owners. The current occupants tossed it roughly aside:{/i}

All this fuss over Gaspard and Celene. The talk was amusing enough. Now we hear of conflicts between the Imperial Army and the soldiers supporting that usurper. The thought of them coming here is frightful. Mother is right: our most fashionable acquaintances will summer in the city; we should do the same.

Ramond is stubborn, of course. All his little tricks and trinkets are here. I indulge his eccentricities—mostly to annoy Mother—but we cannot have everything sent to Val Royeaux on such short notice. He does insist we keep Artem on; he refuses to do without the man's services. I suppose he views Artem as another piece of his collection. Still, such devotion to a servant!
0002D272: Lady Maurel's Diary
0002D273: {i}A neatly penned note, addressed to the villa's former owner:{/i}

My lord,

Everything is in order for your departure. I've granted leave to all nonessential staff, and arranged transportation for the time you requested. I have taken the liberty of securing the more valuable items in your personal store room.

I trust you will find everything to your satisfaction.

0002D274: A Servant's Letter
0002D27D: A Letter to Maliphant
0002D27E: Maliphant,

I'm sending men to discuss some changes. It's nothing dire—you'll find the demands perfectly reasonable. We're willing to compensate you for any inconvenience.

I want our relationship to be mutually beneficial. It's been going so well, each of us with our crusades.

0002D2B1: Is this it? Just looking at each other and... what? I'm waiting for the <i>party</i> to start.
0002D2B2: Not going anywhere.
0002D2B3: Back soon.
0002D2B5: Any hidden treasures from "friends" of your little network?
0002D2B6: Making any new friends?
0002D2B7: Think I can get you to dance with me later?
0002D2B8: Any tips from your "friends"?
0002D2B9: Save me a dance?
0002D2BA: Thoughts on the suspects?
0002D2BC: I'll be back.
0002D2BD: Any thoughts on who we're investigating?
0002D2BE: How are you fitting in?
0002D2C2: Pfft, me on their precious tiles? That's a good one.
0002D2C3: The empress is pretty. It'd be fun to drink and kill stuff with Gaspard. Briala is frigging funny.
0002D2C5: Before that, then.
0002D2C6: <i>(Laughs.)</i> "Typical." The last time I was in a Circle was right before it fell apart. Nothing was typical.
0002D2D0: I have no more questions.
0002D2D1: I should let you get back to work.
0002D2D5: {i}Maliphant kept several journals. This one spans the time Maliphant spent as a sergeant in the Imperial Army:{/i}

I see Laurent's death in my mind all the time. The man who killed her—one of the usurper's soldiers—was familiar. I wouldn't be surprised if I once shared a drink with him. Isn't that how it is now? Brother against brother.

The priests tell me to remember Laurent's life, not her death. So I try to recall years past—the countless times she saved me. The day we first met, when I was a young recruit who almost pissed himself at her barked orders. Because of her, I learned discipline and control. She instilled in me pride in what we did. She taught me how to use a sword. More importantly, she taught me how to keep it sheathed.

She was fearless. Strong. Regal. And she was cut down like a common peasant by someone we may have once known. Will anyone remember her? Will Celene?

{i}Some pages later:{/i}

There is a new soldier in our battalion: Gordian. He's an odd fellow, with an accent I can't place. Like he'd spent time in the Marches. It doesn't matter, in the end. He's been a comfort, listening to me talk about those who died. He also lost friends in Celene's war. And he's tired, like we are. He said a very wise thing: "There is no war without soldiers." The empress can't wage her war if we refuse to fight.

Orlais should belong to Orlesians.

0002D2D6: Maliphant's Journals
0002D33F: A few times. Hawke stood with the mages when the fighting broke out.
0002D340: I was a magister's slave, and when the magister went to Seheron, he brought me along. For company.
0002D341: I had a temper. Bull's nickname for me, "Gatt," comes from gaatlok, the explosive power in Qunari cannons.
0002D342: Besides, they hate to discard a tool that might still have some use left in it. That's why I have a job.
0002D343: The Ben-Hassrath usually pick elves or humans to work outside of Qunandar. We're a little harder to spot.
0002D344: The Qunari were always ready to listen, to teach. They cared for me as much as one of their own.
0002D345: He never told me about this.
0002D346: The Ben-Hassrath trust him enough to accept how he joined the Inquisition, even if they don't like it.
0002D347: What do you think? I had just watched a giant, horned warrior kill the magister who hurt me.
0002D348: Why not?
0002D34A: But I suppose it would make for an interesting report to hear the Inquisitor's opinion of the Qun.
0002D34B: To be honest, I don't really understand enough of the Qun to judge it.
0002D34C: I'd like to discuss the Qun.
0002D34D: Tell them that the Inquisitor thinks the Qun is loathsome and disgusting.
0002D34E: Other parts, I've struggled with myself.
0002D34F: And then you joined the Qun?
0002D350: You must really want our ships, then.
0002D351: I've never heard this story.
0002D352: I think the Qun's philosophy is fascinating. We could learn a lot from the Qunari.
0002D353: He kept the streets clean in Seheron longer than anyone before him, or after. He fought until it nearly killed him.
0002D354: We'll move shortly.
0002D356: How will an alliance help me?
0002D357: Just waiting on you and Hissrad—or "Iron Bull," I guess.
0002D358: Is Bull in trouble?
0002D359: I've struggled with it myself.
0002D35A: You'd get more use out of our ships, I imagine... and the agents we've got spread across Thedas.
0002D35B: I think you have to be raised under the Qun for it to ever make sense.
0002D35C: I'll let you know when we're ready.
0002D35D: How did an elf end up working for the Qunari out here?
0002D35E: I admire the Qun.
0002D35F: I understand your viewpoint, for what it's worth. Out in this world, the Qun sounds terrible.
0002D360: You knew Iron Bull back when he fought in Seheron?
0002D361: I've worked in Orlais and Nevarra, but only for a few years now.
0002D362: I doubt you want Qunari troops stomping around your stronghold, and you're too far away for supplies to be useful.
0002D363: I like the simplicity. I like knowing my place and knowing that it's the right place.
0002D364: The people who join as adults either end up unhappy or, well... For many, it's just a kinder form of slavery.
0002D365: It's alien to me.
0002D366: It sounds like following the Qun hasn't always been easy.
0002D367: As a way of life, the simplicity, the fairness of it, is something I cherish. The lack of identity, though...
0002D368: And if I leave, the parts of the Qun that I don't like are never going to change.
0002D369: It's a very different way of life. It's... fair, at least. That's not something you can say out in this world very often.
0002D36A: No one's actually detailed how an alliance with the Qunari will help the Inquisition.
0002D36B: How did you end up here?
0002D36C: You had trouble with the Qun?
0002D36D: Iron Bull and his men attacked my master's ship and killed him, as well as his soldiers. Bull set me free.
0002D36E: I'm a spy, Inquisitor, not a teacher. I'm not interested in converting anyone or debating the philosophy.
0002D36F: Do you have a minute to talk about the Qun?
0002D370: I await your pleasure, Inquisitor.
0002D371: Is Bull going to get in trouble for passing those reports on?
0002D372: One of the few things he hasn't shared with you, I gather.
0002D373: You knew Iron Bull?
0002D374: Sure, Bull. Share the secret Ben-Hassrath reports, but keep that bit where you saved the elf boy to yourself.
0002D376: The Ben-Hassrath aren't pleased with how forthcoming Bull has been... but he was one of their best agents.
0002D377: Let me know when you're ready.
0002D378: The answer to that is above my rank... but the Qunari don't really bargain. They don't know how.
0002D379: I was so angry when I was first freed. I wanted revenge. I wanted to find my family, still enslaved in Minrathous.
0002D37A: I detest the Qun.
0002D37B: Yes. He led the group that freed me.
0002D37D: We know a lot more than what Bull sees in those reports he's been forwarding to your spymaster.
0002D37E: I'll be waiting here.
0002D37F: And you decided to start following the Qun after that?
0002D380: That's too bad. Watching you lose made me want to play cards more often.
0002D382: I liked watching you lose.
0002D383: Because it was either an act of kindness or a trap. I was hoping you knew which.
0002D384: Why are you telling me this?
0002D385: I do not need help embarrassing myself in front of you.
0002D386: You were blushing. It was adorable.
0002D387: Maker's breath.
0002D388: Blackwall's presence is helpful. Knowing there's one Warden immune to corruption has given people hope.
0002D389: To see how far they've fallen... it's disheartening.
0002D38A: <i>(Laughs.)</i>
0002D394: Because it's good to unwind and spend time with your friends?
0002D395: It's good to have fun.
0002D396: I suppose that's true.
0002D39C: If we are together, it hardly matters.
0002D3AB: Face Customization
0002D3AC: Elves-elves-elves, but it's really a pissing match with an old lover. Don't know the rest, but that explains a lot.
0002D3B1: You mean, do any of the servants ferrying tarts between these windy tits hate them enough to give up a stash or two?
0002D3BE: Kirkwall would be in ruins if not for him.
0002D3BF: Kirkwall would be in ruins if not for her.
0002D3C1: There was fighting in the streets. Abominations began killing both sides. It was a nightmare.
0002D3D7: Full character generation flow
0002D3D8: He'll be dead before he knows it.
0002D3D9: Qunari don't have mothers, remember?
0002D3DA: Get in close and take their enchanter down before he takes over the battlefield.
0002D3DB: Remember, you're gonna want a volley to start, but don't get suckered into fighting at range. They've got mages.
0002D3DC: Yes, I know. Thanks, Mother.
0002D3DD: Understood, chief.
0002D3DE: I'm not a mage!
0002D3DF: Once they're down, send up your signal. That'll let the dreadnought know it's safe to come in.
0002D3E0: Just... pay attention, all right? The Vints want this red lyrium shipment bad.
0002D3E1: We'll be fine, chief.
0002D3E2: It's all right. We've got a mage of our own.
0002D3E3: Ready whenever you are, boss.
0002D3E4: All right, Chargers! Horns up!
0002D3EA: Horns up!
0002D3F1: Chargers, double-time! Let's move!
0002D3F2: I'm ready to head out, Bull.
0002D3F3: Right.
0002D3F4: Chargers! Hit 'em hard and hit 'em fast! When this is over, drinks are on me!
0002D3F5: You got it, chief!
0002D400: I'm not saying yes, but... wait, yes I am. There's some good stuff hidden around. Keep an eye out.
0002D401: You know the answer. It's yes, and there's more. Keep it up.
0002D411: You've cleared them out. That'll be good for some smirks, yeah?
0002D419: What were red templars doing here?
0002D41E: Red lyrium.
0002D41F: They must have been smuggling it for the templars.
0002D420: They must have been smuggling it for the templars.
0002D423: This place has seen better days.
0002D42B: Besides, I don't... that's not me, yeah? Couldn't be me.
0002D42E: As well as you are. A shame, we agree on so much. I hate them, and they hate themselves.
0002D42F: So many feathers. Just think of all the bare-arsed birds flopping around.
0002D430: I mean, they have to, right? Why else would they wear so much... everything? Got to cover up how rubbish they are.
0002D431: <i>(Laughs.)</i> Not likely. I'm watching them watch you.
0002D432: Not as many as you. You can really play their game. I could do without.
0002D433: They're all glances and titters, not sure if they're allowed to like you yet. Pathetic.
0002D438: Background
0002D442: That seems to be the last of them.
0002D444: I'm guessing that was the man in charge.
0002D449: Stand In Props Present
0002D44A: These untextured placeholders can be toggled with the Left Trigger
0002D459: The user regains 28 health every 2 seconds for 60 seconds.
0002D461: There are fragments of a runed key scattered throughout Villa Maurel. If the fragments are reassembled, the key may unlock something of value.
0002D462: Safe Keeping
0002D463: Find a way to reassemble the runed key.
0002D464: Find a use for the runed key.
0002D465: Key fragments
0002D487: An Official Appraisal
0002D488: {i}A note addressed to the Villa's former owner lies next to an unusual device:{/i}

Lord Maurel,

I posed a few questions to my contacts in the White Spire. Discreetly, of course, lest they want the piece for themselves. From what I can gather, the device—rustically dubbed a lyrium éperlan—is meant to restore broken runes; they are not widely used. Some suggest that if the rune were affixed to an object, the device could restore the item itself, although I was unable to confirm the truth of this.

This is purely academic, as it requires a mage to function. It is nevertheless a rare piece, prized among the collectors of curiosities. I trust you are pleased with the purchase.

Émile Fabré
Collector & Purveyor of Unique Ephemarae
0002D492: Lyrium Éperlan
0002D493: Place Fragments
0002D539: What's on your mind?
0002D53A: Oh, good. I've kept and not kept you waiting.
0002D53B: Were you waiting for me?
0002D53C: Yes. I mean, no.
0002D53D: Which is it?
0002D53E: There's something I wanted to ask you.
0002D53F: I can come back.
0002D540: I can come back later, if you'd prefer.
0002D541: No. Please stay.
0002D542: That's not helpful.
0002D543: We have some dealings in Ferelden. I was hoping you might accompany me. When you can spare the time, of course.
0002D544: <i>(Sighs.)</i> Let me start over.
0002D545: By all means.
0002D54C: What? No. I would rather explain there. If you wish to go.
0002D54E: Is something wrong?
0002D569: Usually. Sometimes... well, never mind that.
0002D570: She said I was unreasonable, then offered to explain how the eluvian works using words with less than four syllables.
0002D571: Ah.
0002D572: Oh?
0002D576: Move Forward
0002D57E: Lyrium Chamber Key
0002D58E: Camps established
0002D58F: Establish camps to hold Crestwood and support Inquisition activity in the region.
0002D590: Holding Crestwood
0002D596: You mark a target with an attacking spirit, inflicting ongoing damage. If the target dies while marked, the spirit mimics the victim's body briefly to fight on your behalf.

0002D59B: The mages are ready to approach the Breach. I pray this will be enough to close it.
0002D59D: I know you're worried about having the mages here. Give them a chance to prove themselves.
0002D59E: Would you be more confident if I'd brought back templars instead?
0002D5A5: The templars are making final preparations. After what happened with the Lord Seeker, they're eager to prove themselves.
0002D5A6: Fiona has sent her best mages. This has to work.
0002D5A7: Give the mages a chance.
0002D5A8: Disappointed with our allies?
0002D5A9: You weren't happy with how I brought in the mages. Do you have a problem with me as well?
0002D5AA: Do you and I have a problem?
0002D5AB: <i>(Sighs.)</i> I have no intention of endangering your alliance, but I <i>must</i> ensure the safety of those here.
0002D5AC: Of course not.
0002D5AD: That concern extends to the mages. They are putting themselves at risk for the Inquisition, as are you.
0002D5AF: They will. This has to work.
0002D5B0: After what I went through to get them, they'd better be.
0002D5B1: The templars aren't responsible for what happened at Therinfal. They have every right to be here.
0002D5B2: This has to work.
0002D5B3: Of course. In the meantime, I will oversee our forces should anything go wrong.
0002D5B4: What do you mean?
0002D5B5: All we have are theories. I believe our plan can work, but no one knows for certain what will happen.
0002D5B6: It wasn't their fault.
0002D5B7: It will be.
0002D5B8: I should hope so.
0002D5B9: We need to take precautions.
0002D5BC: But if there were nothing here for people to talk about, I would regret it more.
0002D5BD: What happened at Therinfal was appalling. To have a demon manipulate your mind...
0002D5BE: I do not question those joining us, only those who betrayed them first.
0002D5BF: It takes a strong person to walk away from that. It's good to see you... well.
0002D5C1: Ouch.
0002D5C3: Suppose we'll do the heavy lifting, then. Just like old times.
0002D5C5: Be careful. My agents said to expect opposition ahead of the main camp.
0002D5C8: We've all done this a few times, Gatt.
0002D5CA: You've been living outside the Qun for years now, <i>Iron Bull</i>.
0002D5CB: Just wanted to make sure your reflexes hadn't gotten as soft as the rest of you.
0002D5CC: Lower and farther from the smugglers' ship? It's much less likely to be heavily defended.
0002D5CD: I don't see any tattoos, but you're carrying a staff. Are you from a Chantry Circle?
0002D5D1: You think?
0002D5D3: You gave your Chargers the easier target.
0002D5D6: No. And I would prefer not to discuss it.
0002D5DF: I knew parts of the Order were corrupt, but red lyrium? What were they thinking?
0002D5E1: Templar veterans found
0002D5E3: You were on opposing sides.
0002D5E7: At first. In the end, Hawke's stand against Knight-Commander Meredith saved us all.
0002D5E8: Villager
0002D645: If you had not gone to Therinfal, there would have been no one left to save.
0002D647: I'd be less worried about the thin Veil resulting in mass possession.
0002D648: I'm not questioning their ability or their intentions, but we cannot ignore the risks.
0002D64F: Any precautions taken will be to ensure the safety of our people and the mages themselves. Nothing more.
0002D650: The mages submitted to our authority. Their safety—and our followers'—is my responsibility. I take it seriously.
0002D651: Any precautions taken are meant to aid you, nothing more. I hope you will accept them as such.
0002D652: I will not endanger the alliance you've created. We need their help.
0002D65B: Do templars and mages never speak to each other?
0002D65C: We would spend all day with templars, and yet they rarely spoke to us.
0002D65E: Do you not speak to the mages?
0002D661: I could think of no better calling than to protect those in need. I used to beg the templars at our local chantry to teach me.
0002D662: Why did you become a templar?
0002D663: Why did you join the Order?
0002D666: Watching a candle burn down while reciting the Chant of Transfigurations wasn't the most exciting task.
0002D668: You were a model student.
0002D669: Maker's breath—can we speak of something else?
0002D66E: Watch your feet!
0002D67B: Kill the rogue!
0002D67C: Draw them out!
0002D67D: Enemies!
0002D681: Watch your step!
0002D682: <i>(Yells.)</i>
0002D684: The warrior!
0002D687: Ready yourselves!
0002D68B: It's a trap!
0002D68D: Watch out!
0002D68F: It's trapped!
0002D696: Blast!
0002D698: Hit the flank!
0002D69B: Silence them!
0002D69F: You bastard!
0002D6A5: No!
0002D6A9: Curse you!
0002D6AE: You'll bleed for that!
0002D6B1: Force them out!
0002D6B2: Damn it all!
0002D6B4: Sordas!
0002D6BB: They're routed!
0002D6BD: Look at them run!
0002D6BF: You cannot flee the new god!
0002D6C0: Face your death!
0002D6C1: Stand and fight!
0002D6C3: Come here, coward!
0002D6C4: Over here, worm!
0002D6C6: Afraid to face me?
0002D6C7: Get back here and fight!
0002D6C8: Run! We'll find you!
0002D712: Vivienne's views on templars are... surprisingly traditional.
0002D716: I should get to know you better. We're working together, after all.
0002D76A: No. I may have chosen to leave that life, but I respect those who remain.
0002D76C: You nearly gave up lyrium, your powers—all of it. Do you no longer think templars necessary?
0002D76E: Are you against templars now?
0002D772: Custom
0002D775: Coward! Filthy coward!
0002D776: Come back here!
0002D779: Watch the dogs run!
0002D77A: There's nowhere to hide!
0002D77B: They've broken ranks!
0002D77C: They retreat!
0002D77D: Watch the fools run!
0002D77E: Hail to the new god!
0002D7C0: How did it end?
0002D7C1: Relations between mages and templars fell apart, an apostate blew up the Chantry, and the knight-commander went mad.
0002D7C2: She threatened to kill Kirkwall's Champion, turned on her own men. I'm not sure how far she would have gone. Too far.
0002D7C3: What happened then?
0002D7C4: I stood with the Champion against her. In the end. But I should have seen through Meredith sooner.
0002D7C5: The templars should have restored order, but red lyrium had driven Knight-Commander Meredith mad.
0002D7C6: So you opposed her?
0002D7CA: What did you do before that?
0002D7CB: It took me a long time to accept the Qun, to get past justice, to <i>purpose</i>. Some days are still difficult.
0002D7CC: And before that?
0002D7CD: When I was old enough, I fought Tevinter forces in Seheron. I was too angry to do much else.
0002D7CE: I thought about leaving when the Qun didn't tell me what I wanted to hear. But I didn't.
0002D7D3: You joined the Qun.
0002D7D4: The Circles protected us.
0002D7D5: And do you intend to teach me?
0002D7D6: After they rescued me from slavery.
0002D7D7: Not for bloody long.
0002D7D8: Cole, knock it off. People who follow the Qun get nervous around demons, remember?
0002D7D9: And put you into something worse.
0002D7DA: No. You serve the Inquisition, and the Ben-Hassrath wish an alliance. For now, that is enough.
0002D7DB: Solas, not the time.
0002D7DC: Nope. Not interested in how <i>you</i> want to treat <i>me</i>.
0002D7DD: You know nothing of fear.
0002D7DF: It's the lack of fashion that really strikes fear into my heart.
0002D7E0: He's all right.
0002D7E1: Perhaps another time, then.
0002D7E2: You're not Dalish. Were you confined to an alienage as a child?
0002D7E3: Because the Inquisitor has bound you?
0002D7E4: You must wish you were back in Tevinter, mage. No soldiers to guard you here, no slaves to wait on you.
0002D7E7: You sound almost reasonable.
0002D7E8: Quite the reverse. Mages are dangerous, and their power makes them feared.
0002D7E9: Iron Bull's reports say you're a demon.
0002D7EA: A slave may always struggle for freedom. But you among the Qun have been taught not to think.
0002D7EB: Stop. Just... stop.
0002D7EC: I'm trying not to be. Sometimes it's hard. I want to kill a lot of people, but I don't.
0002D7ED: Heart hammering, brush of breath at the base of my back. He licks his thumb before turning the page.
0002D7EE: He never finished. You don't have a demon inside you. You don't have to wonder anymore.
0002D7EF: Because it's not right.
0002D7F0: Now that the Circles have fallen, it must please you to wield your power so freely, mage.
0002D7F1: Bull, how can you work with a demon?
0002D7F2: You may be interested to know that Qunandar treats our kind far better than Ferelden or Orlais.
0002D7F3: Have I done something to offend you?
0002D7F7: You haven't seen Ferelden in ten years. Are you glad to be back?
0002D7F9: That's all I wanted to know.
0002D7FA: Traveling to Haven was the first I'd returned in almost ten years.
0002D7FC: That was all.
0002D7FE: I was not sorry to leave at the time. I did not expect to return.
0002D801: The Circle had troubles of its own. I... remained there during the Blight.
0002D802: What happened at the Circle Tower?
0002D803: What happened at the Circle?
0002D804: Few who survived the Blight have fond memories of that time. I would prefer not to speak of it.
0002D80E: What's our next move?
0002D80F: Oh, I don't sell them so much as I grow them—all for the halls of the Winter Palace.
0002D812: No, thanks.
0002D814: By the Maker, it's the Inquisitor himself!
0002D815: Of course. Au revoir, Your Worship.
0002D816: Oh! No simple wildflowers for you, then.
0002D817: For... a lady friend.
0002D818: But I don't think they'd begrudge a few flowers for the Herald of Andraste. It can be our little secret.
0002D81A: Lovely day, isn't it? So bright and sunny.
0002D81B: <i>[Get flowers for Cassandra.]</i>
0002D81C: Empress Celene does so love the pink daisies. They're quite difficult to cultivate.
0002D81D: I was looking for some flowers, in fact.
0002D81E: You're always a welcome sight, Inquisitor.
0002D81F: You sell flowers, I take it?
0002D820: I have just the thing. I'll send them to Skyhold, in fact—rare beauties your lady will adore!
0002D821: I once received an honor from Empress Celene herself. Alas, the poor dear.
0002D822: You sell flowers?
0002D823: Would you care for a bouquet of flowers, Your Worship? The roses have been exceptional this season.
0002D824: Strange how the flowers still grow even with that thing in the sky.
0002D825: Sorry, I'm a bit busy at the moment.
0002D826: Indeed? For what occasion, if I may ask?
0002D827: I'd go home if I just had any of my stock. What a mess.
0002D828: Dwarves sell books?
0002D829: If there <i>is</i> a next time. Might have to take up... fishing, I don't know.
0002D82A: Everything on the surface smells so... wet.
0002D82C: It took all my coin for bribes just to find out the damned templars ambushed my wagon before it got here.
0002D82D: Blasted surfacers. No mages, no wagon, no way home.
0002D82F: Sod it. I can't see a thing with that bright thing up in the sky.
0002D830: Some other time.
0002D832: Ah. You must be the surfacer they call the Inquisitor. That right?
0002D833: Sure. Mages love that stuff. Fat lot of good it does me now.
0002D834: Figures that these mages would all run off just as I get here.
0002D835: What happened to your books?
0002D836: Thought I'd come here and try my luck selling books and scholarly crap to all the mages crowded hereabouts.
0002D838: You must be the Inquisitor. 'Bout time these surfacers wised up and put a dwarf in charge.
0002D839: Thought I was bringing supplies to the robes. So it's out there, but who knows where?
0002D83A: Wish I could sell you some books. Wish I could sell <i>anyone</i> some books, sod it all.
0002D83B: Surfacers happened!
0002D83C: Not that these robes have two coppers to rub together. Should've thought of that.
0002D83D: I'll never get over that sky. <i>(Shudders.)</i>
0002D83E: Normally, yes. No need to look at me so funny.
0002D83F: What am I supposed to do now? I can't even afford a fishing boat.
0002D840: Naturally they've all up and vanished like a fart in a cavern.
0002D841: You're... a bookseller?
0002D842: Any... books of poetry in your wagon?
0002D843: So what happened, exactly?
0002D845: Maybe next time, then.
0002D846: This will end your romance with Dorian.
0002D847: This will begin a romance with Dorian.
0002D89B: Why did the templars leave?
0002D89C: Why would templars break away from the Chantry?
0002D89D: The Order believes the Chantry no longer supports their efforts. Not to the extent they should.
0002D8A4: I need a moment. Could we speak another time?
0002D8A6: Some do. But templars are supposed to maintain a certain distance from their charges.
0002D8A7: If a mage is possessed or uses blood magic, you must act quickly, without hesitation. Your judgment cannot be clouded.
0002D8A8: Of course, ignoring one another does nothing to foster understanding.
0002D8AF: Now—between the Divine's murder and the Breach—I've arrived to find nothing but chaos.
0002D8B1: It felt like I was abandoning my home. I never thought I'd feel that way again.
0002D8B2: But leaving Haven was more difficult than I would have imagined—not just because Corypheus forced it upon us.
0002D8B3: What would you like to know?
0002D8B4: There's something I wanted to ask you.
0002D8C2: White Claw Raiders have made off with Frederic's supplies. Search areas where White Claw Raiders are active to recover the supplies.
0002D8C3: Frederic's Livelihood
0002D8CE: I have the supplies you were waiting for right here.
0002D8CF: But... oh, some of our equipment is still missing.
0002D8D0: Tell me of this place.
0002D8D1: Tell me about yourself.
0002D8D3: Visitors? Thank the Maker! It's been so long since I've spoken to anyone! Have you come to observe the wildlife, too?
0002D8D4: Oh they are fascinating and little-understood creatures, thought extinct for centuries. Now they seem to be making a comeback.
0002D8D5: I am Frederic of Serault, foremost researcher of draconology in Orlais. I came here with an expedition from the university.
0002D8D6: I think I found your supplies. A dead man out in the desert had these on him.
0002D8D7: We'll have to speak some other time.
0002D8D8: I am a professor at the University of Orlais.
0002D8D9: Now that I have my recipes back, I'll be able to concoct a bait the high dragon cannot resist!
0002D8DA: But the others are all missing, and our work has been halted! White Claw Raiders have made off with much of our supplies.
0002D8DB: You study dragons? I'd be interested in hearing more about that.
0002D8DC: Who are you? What are you doing out here?
0002D8DD: Dead? Blessed Andraste! What about Marcus or Jeannette? This is terrible news...
0002D8DE: Tell me about yourself.
0002D8E0: I must go.
0002D8E1: The Western Approach is a remarkable place, as you are no doubt aware.
0002D8E2: You're a scholar. What can you tell me about this region?
0002D8E3: Tell me more about dragons.
0002D8E4: I found your supplies.
0002D8E5: Return whenever you like. I'm always glad of the company of a fellow scholar.
0002D914: <i>(Chuckles.)</i>
0002D915: Don't let them warn the others!
0002D916: Get ready. We're close.
0002D917: Vints up ahead!
0002D918: They're my men. I've been with some of them for years.
0002D919: Worried?
0002D91A: Can you make out any of your mercenaries down there?
0002D91C: Not from here. Probably a better view once we take the Vints' camp.
0002D968: I will see you reach the temple before Corypheus.
0002D969: Corypheus's grasp is not inescapable.
0002D9BF: We've received a number of recruits eager to pledge themselves to our cause.
0002D9C0: Revival
0002DA1E: A habit often mistaken for coldness, I'm sure. But we are expected to keep a certain distance from our charges.
0002DA1F: Blizzard
0002DA80: I admit, my mind sometimes wandered.
0002DA84: I was thirteen when I left home.
0002DA85: At first they merely humored me, but I must have shown promise. Or at least a willingness to learn.
0002DA86: The knight-captain spoke to my parents on my behalf. They agreed to send me for training.
0002DA87: Thirteen—that's still so young.
0002DA88: That's not very old.
0002DA8B: What changed?
0002DA8C: But the templars have served the Chantry for ages.
0002DA8D: And in that time, they have come to take the Order's services for granted.
0002DA8E: Templars risk their lives against blood magic, demons, abominations—to feel as if those efforts are dismissed...
0002DA96: I may disagree with the Order's actions—that I'm here is proof of that—but I sympathize with their frustrations.
0002DAB6: I'm sorry. That was... <i>(Sighs.)</i>
0002DAB7: I don't know. Maybe. If you're not serious...
0002DAB8: Well, stop. There's no need.
0002DAB9: Maybe. Is this a fling?
0002DABB: I am.
0002DABC: I wasn't expecting to find that here. Or you.
0002DABD: You've mentioned siblings. With everything that's happening... do you know if they're all right?
0002DABE: Is your family all right?
0002DAC4: Some templars have joined us instead of following the Order. They've proven invaluable in training new recruits.
0002DAC5: They have more than proven themselves. I am proud to serve as their commander.
0002DAC6: But I enjoy working with her.
0002DAC7: Also, my messengers are less frightened of her. Not that they ever admitted to any fear.
0002DAC8: Do you think templars should cease to exist?
0002DAC9: Not that I want mages moving through our base completely unchecked.
0002DACB: I've received word from my eldest sister. She was always good at tracking me down.
0002DACD: Your sister "tracked you down"? She didn't know where you were?
0002DACF: South Reach has experienced the same chaos as everywhere else—my family is fine. Pray they remain so.
0002DAD0: It's not the first time. I may have neglected to tell her when I was transferred to Kirkwall.
0002DAD1: For all her reprimands, it was a relief to hear from someone who knew me before the Blight.
0002DAD3: "Tracking you down"?
0002DAEA: After the Fereldan Circle, I thought all mages were like the ones there.
0002DAEB: This door is locked.
0002DB07: I recommend caution, that's all.
0002DB10: You said I'd have to do some favors in Val Royeaux if we want to make the Du Paraquettes lords.
0002DB11: We need safeguards in place to protect people—including mages—from possession, at the least.
0002DB12: The Countess Dionne is our first step. Her lover, a mage from the White Spire, is missing.
0002DB13: What's the next favor we need to get these Du Paraquettes a lordship?
0002DB14: Bring her news of him, and she'll be very amenable to sponsoring the Du Paraquettes as lords.
0002DB15: We need a judge of the royal court to procure documents acknowledging them as nobility again.
0002DB16: We must persuade Minister Bellise to ratify the papers. She's in charge of these matters of rank.
0002DB1F: Head 1
0002DB20: Head 2
0002DB21: Head 3
0002DB22: Head 4
0002DB23: Head 5
0002DB38: Perhaps opportunities to work outside the Circle? A mixed military service, or healers' clinics with templar support.
0002DB3A: What would you suggest?
0002DB3B: Magic ungoverned could tear the world apart. It's doing so now. Templars are trained and able to confront such dangers.
0002DB3C: Do you think that could work? Would people accept it?
0002DB3D: Knight-Commander Meredith's methods were harsh, but they kept people safe.
0002DB3E: Some call the Circle a prison—that can only breed resentment.
0002DB3F: The Circles can still work.
0002DB45: I like the sound of that.
0002DB46: Would your idea work?
0002DB48: That's not—no, I don't believe that.
0002DB49: That's not a bad idea.
0002DB4A: The Circles may have faltered, but they were not without merit. That system should be restored, not abandoned.
0002DB76: Judge Auld is willing to do so, if you'll join him for a hunt. <i>Sighs.</i> He said it would be "wonderful fun."
0002DB77: I couldn't persuade him to come to us. I'm afraid you must indulge his love of sport.
0002DB78: The minister will be at a small fete thrown by the Marquis Wiscotte. I'll get you an invitation.
0002DB7A: Leliana's agents put them in contact with the House of Repose. They will annul the contract on my life.
0002DB7B: Leliana wished to speak with you, Inquisitor. It seemed rather urgent.
0002DB7C: I must return to Val Royeaux to see that everything is in order. Please join me when you can.
0002DB7D: Inquisitor! We've done it. The Du Paraquettes are lords once again.
0002DB90: You've said Meredith was unstable.
0002DB91: Meredith was wrong.
0002DB93: People died for that.
0002DB94: I hope you find the Inquisition's leadership more agreeable.
0002DB95: She was my knight-commander. I had no reason to distrust her. She wasn't wrong about the blood mages in Kirkwall.
0002DB96: Your fear of mages blinded you. Lives were lost for that.
0002DB97: It wasn't your fault.
0002DB98: You can't control everything. You stood up to her in the end.
0002DB99: I hope I'm a better leader.
0002DB9A: I believed she was serving the city. I never <i>thought</i> to question her. Not until it was too late.
0002DB9B: Meredith encouraged my anger towards the mages. But there was only so far I would go, and she knew that too.
0002DB9C: I was her second in command, but she kept decisions from me—those I would question.
0002DB9D: Hawke's Grey Warden ally should be inside that cave.
0002DB9E: The Warden and Hawke should be inside that cave.
0002DB9F: Hawke's contact with the Wardens should be in that cave.
0002DBA0: That the cave where Hawke's Warden friend is squatting?
0002DBA1: Hawke's Warden pal should be inside that cave.
0002DBA2: Hawke and the Warden should be inside.
0002DBA3: Hawke and the Grey Warden should be inside that cave.
0002DBA4: Hawke's Warden friend should be inside that cave.
0002DBA5: Shall we see if Hawke and this Warden ally are waiting inside the cave?
0002DBCF: A truth that haunts me.
0002DBD0: If I hadn't, would I be like her now? I <i>wanted</i> mages locked away as much as she did.
0002DBDD: The Inquisition is my chance to atone. I will not see it fail.
0002DBE7: Remember last time we ended up in the Fade, Hawke?
0002DBF6: Research supplies recovered
0002DBFD: It is not yet enough. The Inquisition is my chance to atone. I will see it through.
0002DC03: Mages can take care of themselves. We don't need templars.
0002DC04: We don't need templars at all.
0002DC06: Mages would be watched, but could pursue interests outside the Circle—neither freedom nor prison. I don't know.
0002DC07: When faced with the Breach, you chose to trust them. Those threatened by the Venatori appreciate our templar recruits.
0002DC08: The Circle may bring peace for a time, if only because people crave stability. But how long would it last?
0002DC09: I'm not sure it's the answer, but something needs to change.
0002DC0A: Did you think you mattered, Hawke? Did you think anything you ever did mattered?
0002DC0B: Once again, Hawke is in danger because of you, Varric. You found the red lyrium. You brought Hawke here...
0002DC0D: What's the answer, then?
0002DC0E: Altar
0002DC10: You will help me reclaim the equipment, will you not? You will champion the advancement of science!
0002DC12: Some