Business Center - General Mistakes Handy Business Owners Make When Renting Office Space


Here are some crucial areas that you have to think long and hard about before you may the enormous move.

There are lots of things to carefully consider when determining in your place of business, such as whether the success of selling your products or services relies on foot traffic, the location suitability for your employees, whether you plan to enlarge in the future and also the risks of being contracted by mortgage or lease arrangements if your venture goes under.

Office rental is certainly one of the biggest expenses a company incurs, that is doing things the wrong way may be devastating, especially for start up or a small company. Thus, it is essential to be aware of the common pitfalls where businesses become immobilized.

Office Size

In case you're unsure about the size you need then don't let somewhere based on looks and abilities alone. If locate an office which is not too large you will need to go again in the forseeable future in case your business starts to grow. In case you office space is tool large you will find yourself paying that you're not using which may prove a costly mistake and is ineffective serviced office Doha.

It's wise to hire the professional services of a reputable renter broker, particularly if you are renting a space measuring 2000 square feet or more, if you're leasing office space for the very first time. A good broker will help you select in the 1000s of accessible spaces, examine the many lease clauses as well as some other variables associated with virtual office Qatar.

Cost of Assumptions

Remember to never rent offices which you don't think you can manage. Business can fluctuate fast through the year so don't use your present trading as an indicator of the future. Changes like the escalation in VAT, out of your management, can have a substantial effect in your company so be cautious and just rent what you can manage.

2. Combining Private and company Bank Accounts

It is always wise to help keep your own personal bank account separate from your own company bank account. Small business checking accounts provide a number of benefits for your company and are pretty affordable. Some popular banks offer free business checking account if you maintain a specific balance or produce a certain amount of transactions each month.


As a business proprietor, you will have to get insurance to cover your stock, files, gear and other items stored within the premises. Note your insurance policy should work with all the lease. For example, most leases require you to maintain casualty and liability insurance. It would be advisable to work with a commercial insurance agent to talk about your special insurance needs and discover whether insurance is required by your lease before renting office space المكتب الافتراضي

Moving to new commercial property may also have an effect in the staff demanded, even though the financial implications of any company are integral to the majority of decisions. To ensure continued productivity, the needs and prioritised requirements of your workforce should be considered and allowed to help determine the range of property that's chosen.

Dearth of Security

Your staff must be like your belongings valued like your essentials in the home and your loved ones.

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