I Don't Want to Write This (or how to survive a bad food supply)

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I Don't Want to Write This (or how to survive a bad food supply)

With obesity and diabetes reaching epidemic proportions, we all know the dangers of relying on processed foods. In his book Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food giants Hooked Us, journalist Michael Moss explains how industry scientists combine these three elements, which essentially act like drugs, to hook consumers the same way the cigarette industry hooks smokers on nicotine.
- Libby Znaimer, "What's Cooking", Zoomer, May 2013

I don't want to write this because I dislike giving advice to people who have no interest in hearing advice and who will suspect that I have ulterior motives for writing it. I have no motive, other than to relieve my conscience about not passing along information that will save lives and make extended lives healthier.

However, I feel compelled to write this because the jury has returned, opinions from well educated and experienced professionals are in print, scientific journals have confirmed it by printing peer reviewed studies. The food we eat, the food we are offered by a large majority of food stores, the food we are brainwashed into believing is healthy and we will enjoy, will eventually ruin our health.

Further, when your health is damaged sufficiently, you will turn to doctors who will give you drugs to "cure" you, but will not. In fact, they will make you into a dependant patient who will feel the need to return to their offices regularly. Or you will become very ill and require aggressive surgery and drugs, then you will die. Before you die you will think to yourself "Why did I have this bad luck?"

It's not bad luck, but bad management. You believed what you were told was correct about health, by people who cared so little for you that they would suck the very last coin from you before you expire.

Let's get a few things straight now. You will not die from eating processed foods. You will not die from eating fruits and vegetables laced with pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals. You will not die from eating genetically modified foods (generally known as GMOs or GEs). At least not in the immediate future. That's what the health authorities care about. That is all they care about.

You may live an increasingly unhealthy life with increased disease risks and health problems you and your doctors can't account for. You may die a decade or more sooner than you would have if you had consumed a healthy balance of foods. The last decade of your extended life (people are living longer now) may be with severely compromised health, requiring you to be in an environment with health care professionals around constantly.

You also won't die soon from eating red meat or stuff you carefully grilled on that stainless steel masterpiece on your back deck. You may eventually develop cancer from eating them, but you will likely consider it your bad luck.

Health care professionals at the top levels now consider that the generations of people who are young enough to be working today will be the first in centuries to live shorter lifespans than their predecessors. That reduced lifespan could be ten years, maybe more. They admit to that.

They point to such obvious factors as diabetes and obesity, which everyone can see. They may add to the confusion by pointing out that these occur in almost every culture in every part of the world. They will not point out that these problems are avoidable through careful diet selections. They will also not point out that these problems have increased markedly as each of the cultures adopted a Western diet.

Why would they not point out these factors, as doing so could save lives and allow many people to live free of disease? Because their jobs depend on their keeping their mouths shut. A good way to lose your job and cause your reputation to be destroyed is to tell audiences that the food they eat will kill them sooner than necessary and cause them to live in poor health for many years before they die. Especially when that food is approved by government health authorities.

Who would do such a thing? What people or corporations wield such power?

Walk down the aisles of your local supermarket. In the aisles with prepackaged foods, the same manufacturers' name will appear repeatedly. If the brand names are not similar, the corporations that own those brands and whose names are not so obvious on the labels are few. Those foods all contain preservatives which do the exact opposite in your body as you want them to do, but exactly as the manufacturers want them to do while the food is sitting on shelves (you want food to break down inside of you, not remain "fresh.". Those corporations hold great power.

So, it's obvious that we should all pick foods from the fresh produce aisles, right? That used to be true. Not so much today.

Big power mongers like Monsanto, Dupont and Dow Chemicals control a shockingly large piece of the fresh food marketplace. Monsanto, for example, ("If there was one word to explain what Monsanto is about, it would have to be farmers") sells a "herbicide" called Roundup that kills every living thing, even microscopic life, in the ground it touches. Those who spray it must wear HAZMAT (hazardous materials) suits and masks. Anyone who breathes it will suffer severe health problems. Studies have proven this. It's public information. Monsanto admits this.

When farm fields are sanitized with Roundup, the farmer must then buy seeds from Monsanto, as only seeds originating with Monsanto will grow in the fields. No seeds grown one year may be saved to plant another year, because they will not grow and because it would be illegal (yes, laws support one-year-only seeds--in fact, Monsanto receives large grants each year from governments). While these genetically modified seeds are growing, they are sprayed with even more chemicals to prevent pests (read: other living things) from harming the plants.

Monsanto claims that the foods grown from its seeds, from poisoned ground, will be good for you. For hundreds of years it has been known that when poisons are ingested in tiny amounts, they accumulate until they eventually kill the person. Sherlock Holmes mysteries and Agatha Christie detective stories depended heavily on such plots. Eat a tiny amount of poison enough times and you will die.

Somehow, Monsanto has made health authorities believe that not just Roundup, but foods grown in fields laced with Roundup and other chemical poisons (pesticides) applied later are safe to consume. One shot of it kills bugs, but many shots of it will poison you. How's that for power?

The corporation even convinced the US Congress to include a non-conforming amendment to a bill it passed on a completely different subject (operating expenses for government agencies) to protect Monsanto from attacks against it by individual states or individuals. Power. Unbelievably immense power.

Who would put forward such an amendment? No one knows. It was added, quite legally, anonymously. Devastating power.

Most of the fresh foods offered for sale in the produce section of your food market have been touched by poisons of some sort, many of them several times.

But they won't kill you. At least not quickly. Over a few decades? No one has proven anything yet in court. Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie have no place in courtroom evidence and no living people have the money behind them to challenge these corporations in court. The corporations have deeper pockets than most of us could imagine.

However, Monsanto's GMOs have been banned in 55 countries (so far). The governing bodies of these countries actually looked at the facts relating to these products, and (more importantly) to the consequences of using them in their respective countries. Countries that have allowed GMOs have not examined the subject with such scrutiny. In the USA, one FDA official (decision maker) is a former lawyer for Monsanto.

[As an aside, as I was researching this topic I searched my Facebook homepage for references to Monsanto, references I know provided links to studies posted elsewhere, references I remembering reading on that page. Not a single post with Monsanto in the title or text was still there. The only remaining references to Monsanto were where the name was incorporated into a photo. In other words, Monsanto has the power to control Facebook.]

I'm not asking you to believe what I wrote above. It would take too long to give references to everything (longer than you would want to read). I am asking you to do some research yourself on these topics. Your health, your life, your ability to have a decent life in your final years all depend on your knowing what you put into your mouth. Choose to learn now, or later, the hard way.

Ask yourself why so many "new" diseases have cropped up among humans but not among other animals. Ask yourself why things like autism, asthma and diabetes are rampant now, but were extremely rare when you were a child.

If you want a place to start, read "Top 10 Most Unhealthy, Cancer-Causing Foods" at realfarmacy.com

If you want to stay up to date with small daily doses of information, sign up for short five-a-week videos by Dr. Michael Greger, M.D. at nurtitionfacts.org (http://tinyurl.com/lh7rbgt) Dr. Greger provides evidence from scientific studies for every claim he makes. Lots of them. Be prepared to look at the food you eat now differently when you hear his messages.

It's up to you. The welfare of your future health will depend on what you eat today. Your health can change without giving you due notice. You won't know about your bad health until an emergency, when you are already broken.

Bill Allin is the author of Turning it Around, Causes and Cures for Today's Epidemic Social Problems, a book of solutions. Yes, bad food choices that impact health and longevity are social problems. They affect everyone.
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