I Am The Dog Whisperer


I am often asked by potential students to define ?dog whisperer? for them. On occasion, I?d take 2 minutes and other times I?d take 60, trying to condense one term into a facile definition. Due to my own personal frustration in finding a complete definition of dog whispering, I finally just decided to sit down and really create a guide that would fully explain dog whispering; what it is, what it ain?t, to everyone?s satisfaction, especially mine!

I am the Dog Whisperer. All too often I see you after a traumatic experience with your dog, when you are scared and upset. You call me to rescue you from chaos and insanity, but it is already too late.

Your life is in shambles, the neighbors hate you, a child is disfigured, the victim is pressing charges, the police are at the door, and your home is at risk. I, however, can't turn back the hands of time and prevent the fatal attack, but I can help you and your family move forward and plan for tomorrow. I am the Dog Whisperer.

When your heart is broken, I'm quickly on the scene. I will repair the lost hope; rekindle the loving feeling that you once had toward your dog. In time, I will help you learn to trust your dog again, and I will help you dog learn to trust in you once more. I am the Dog Whisperer.

Sometimes you are frustrated with the inconvenience and expense of having to hire me. But when you call, I will be right there with the tools and training to resolve your dog training concern so that you, your family and your community can feel safe and secure. I am the Dog Whisperer.

I am available to help you housetrain your little Christmas puppy. I am there to place the missing obedience training on your out of control, hormonally driven adolescent dog so that he can stop jumping up on Grandma. We can help the shelter or rescue dog fit into your lifestyle easily, safely and sanely. Even though you may have picked a dog that does not fit in with your lifestyle: it's too big, too mean, too hyper, with my training and gentle touch, I can make sure that the dog learns to follow your direction. I am the Dog Whisperer.

In the best of all worlds, you will call me to help you with your new spring time puppy, you'd call me to help you pick the right dog from the shelter and you'd call me to so that I could talk you out of purchasing that puppy from the pet store. I offer products and services to help protect that which is yours. I read magazines, attend seminars and belong to trade groups so that I can increase my knowledge and my ability to help you solve your problems. I am the Dog Whisperer.

I am a Dog Whisperer. I am a psychologist, a teacher, a poet, a shaman, an artist, a preacher, a parent. I deal with people that are upset and dogs that are upset; I calm the savage beast within each one of you. I have been trained to secure and protect your children, your home, your assets and even your life. I have devoted my life to help you have the American Dream; a happy family with a happy dog.

Who Am I? I am an Animal Rights Activist. I believe that animals have the right to be educated so that they can fit into our modern life. I believe that it is inhumane and immoral to have an untrained, uneducated dog that is a danger to the family and the community. Our domestic dog has the right to have the kindest, the best, the most effective, most humane training tools and methods used for their education, so that every dog in America can have the greatest of gifts; a good and loving home.

Who Am I? I am a Pro-Choice Activist. People have the right to have all training tools and training methods at their disposal so that they can make an informed choice as to what tools, techniques and tips will work best with their dog, their lifestyle and their personality.

Who Am I? I am a Pro-Life Activist. I believe that murdering dogs for bad behavior when a particular training tool or training technique fails them. If one training tool or technique fails, then the dog and the owner have the right to seek relief and rehabilitation from other dog professionals that may use alternative techniques.

Who Am I? I am Pro-Traditional Family Values. Good families deserve to own good dogs. Good dogs are dogs that are well-mannered, tolerate children, are polite to strangers and do not poop, pee or bite where or when it is inappropriate. Good dogs create good families, good families create good neighborhoods, and good neighborhoods create good cities.

Who Am I? I support Breed Tolerance. All breeds can be trained and educated to be good family members, good community members and assets to our modern life. I despise Breed Bigots, the radical elements in American society that claim a dog?s breed matters more than his behavior. Punish the deed, don?t exterminate the breed.

Who Am I? I am against ?The Culture of Death? pushed by PETA, HSUS, ALF, ELF and other domestic animal rights al-queada groups. These groups are committed to the complete extermination of the domestic dog in good, loving, American families.
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Who Am I? I defer to Mother Nature, for she always knows best. The best way to rehabilitate a dog is to treat it like a dog, not like us. The dog is born on to this planet to experience life as a dog, not a person. Mother Nature is always right, always appropriate and never makes mistakes. So if you communicate with a dog in his language respecting the particulars of his dog culture, then a good dog is always the result.

Who Am I? I am a Fido Freedom Fighter: I believe that dogs think and feel much like people do. I do not believe that the dog is a unthinking, unfeeling, ?black box? that operates on a simple reward/punishment paradigm. I know that the dog dreams, the dog remembers, the dog thinks and that the dog has a soul, in his own doggie way. I believe that dogs deserve to have as much freedom as good manners and good grooming will allow them in our modern lives, which means well mannered dogs should be allowed everywhere. I believe that good dog training should not be a crime. I am the Dog Whisperer and I support the National Urban Eden Day?s ?Good Dog? Doctrine.

The Urban Eden ?Good Dog? Doctrine

The public has the right to be safe from dog bites. The public has the right to act stupid around dogs, and not get bitten.

The public has a right to clean, healthy, well-groomed, well-behaved, ?invisible? dogs.

The public has the right to not step in dog droppings.

The public, when in a public space, has the right to not be pestered by a dog?s bad behavior such as: barking, sniffing, being jumped up on, licking, pawing, whining, growling, biting, humping of things, peeing on things.



Short note about the author

All About Ami Moore The Dog Whisperer of Chicago

I have titled in dogs in obedience and agility. My first love is canine behavior modification and problem solving. I have pioneered the use of electric dog training equipment as positive reinforcement and combined this groundbreaking innovation with the dog's natural drive to follow a strong leader, http://www.dogdoright.com/about-ami.htm

I offer dog boot camp programs to the public that rehabilitate problem dogs and educated frustrated owners: http://www.dogdoright.com/dog-boot-camp.htm.

I offer educational seminars that vary in length between 1 day and 31 days, for both the occupations of dog training and dog whisperering for those who wish to increase their knowledge of the dog's mind and soul. http://dogdoright.com/k9-article-chicago-dog-whisperer.htm

I am the founder of National Urban Eden Day, which is a holiday that is dedicated to increasing the dog's involvement in all aspects of our lives.http://www.dogdoright.com/urban-eden-day.htm


Author: Ami Moore