Text Message Terrorism: Why You Need To Stop?

What you are essentially doing is driving your ex insane and running away from you. Why?


When you love someone and they leave, you’ll do whatever you can to win them back. However, finding that right anything can be a little tricky. You may find that your tactics are a bit more extreme than they need to be. One tactic you may try is to repeatedly call or get in touch with your ex. However, this is a big mistake. It’s called Text Message Terrorism and should be stop.

How is text message terrorism defined? Think of it this way… you call your ex many times in one day, thinking that if you stay on their mind, they’ll change their mind and come back to you. What you are essentially doing is driving your ex insane and running away from you.

Text message terrorism is limited to calling by phone or text messages. It can be done in many ways including: emails, voicemail or answering machines, messages via popular social websites, instant messages, being in places your ex is likely to be and contacting friends of your ex when you can’t get in contact with them.

Text message terrorism is a form of stalking. You may have every good intention of winning them back. However, trying to resolve those issues and put your relationship back on track won’t be done through this way.

Try looking at the situation through your ex’s perception. What kind of impression does this leave on you? Would you want to give your ex another chance who can’t stop calling you or who won’t leave you alone long enough to take a deep breathe and relax. Chances are you won’t and neither will your ex.

There are more positive ways to win back your ex, starting with giving your ex the break he or she needs to think about things. That means no contact, no text message terrorism for a bit of time… usually a month will do. After this month is over, contact your ex sparingly until you can gauge how things are going between the both of you.

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