How To Add Discord Bots To Your Discord Server

Aren't you aware of Discords Bots and want to add it to your Discord server? then keep reading this provides you the best guide regarding this.


The various Discord bots available for download continue to grow due to an active developer community.


If you know how to add bots to Discord, there's a broad array of functionality you can take advantage of, from bots that play music to bots that facilitate donations.


Gamepike will provide you with a complete list of the best Discord bots.


What are Discord Bots? 

A Discord bot is a bot that can only be used and run on Discord.


According to the website Probot, it can provide you with more functionality than a normal user would have, and the best part is you can code your very own bot and make it do whatever you need.


A discord bot can be:


  • A ChatBot – a bot that tries to chat and act like a human.
  • A Moderation Bot – which can automatically moderate your server. You can ban, mute, or kick users if someone is spamming or creating something that is forbidden by the channel rules.
  • A Music Bot – which can play music on a Discord server from YouTube or different places.

Why do You Need a Discord Bot?

A Discord Bot can make your life easier. They are frequently used for:


  • Managing Servers – banning, muting, and kicking out members of a channel by using bot commands.
  • Managing the Level of Spam on a Channel- if someone is posting spam on your channel, the bot can manage and delete the spam messages.
  • Playing Music – if you need to enjoy music while chatting with other players, a Discord bot can play music from YouTube or other streaming platforms.
  • Viewing Information – you can use a discord bot to view information about your Discord server and user
  • Creating Webhooks – you can use it to generate a webhook for one or several Github Repositories or a site that supports it.

How to Add Bots to Discord

Before you can join bots, you must build a Discord server. If you plan to add a bot to a server that's not yours, confirm that you've been granted permission to operate the server.


These permissions are automatically in place for any server that you create.


  • Open a web browser and navigate to DiscordBots.org.
  • Search for bots by keyword or browse the options available. Choose View to learn more about a bot and add it to a server.
  • Choose Invite to add it to a server. Discord launches automatically, and you may be prompted to enter your Discord username and password.
  • Select a server in the Connect to Discord interface.
  • Select the name of the server where you wish to add the bot in the drop-down menu.
  • Scroll down to the Allow the following recognition section and make sure all the boxes contain checkmarks.
  • Choose Authorize.
  • Choose the I'm not a robot check box.
  • A message appears confirming the bot is authorized and added to your server. Close the browser tab or window to complete the process.

Other Discord Bot Websites

DiscordBots.com org isn't the only place where you can join bots to your server. Other bot websites you can use include:


  • Bots on Discord: Useful tags and monthly staff picks make it simple to peruse some of the best choices.
  • Carbonitex: This site's interface is a bit different from its competitors. Still, it gives access to a large number of feature-rich server additions.
  • Discord Bots: This easy-to-navigate repository is worth browsing if you're in the market for some new additions to your server.

As with any unregulated software, use caution when choosing a bot provider. Scan all downloads with antivirus software before opening them.


High-trafficked sites with a meaningful amount of reviews and user feedback are typically more reputable than some of their lesser-known counterparts.


Adding Your Discord Bots to a Server

It's also possible to create your Discord bots and add them to a server instead of those developed by a third party.


This provides you the freedom to customize them using JavaScript code and server-designated permissions.


For example, you can set up an automated moderator bot that automatically bans problem users.


Our Thoughts

This is the best way for adding discord bots to the discord server.


So why are you waiting for me? to just get one of the best bots and enjoy your discord.