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How You and Your Doctor Could Be Destroying Your Immune System

This explosive article blows the lid off the mystery of the human immune system and how doctors destroy yours without knowing it. Find author Bill Allin at http://billallin.com

This explosive article blows the lid off the mystery of the human immune system and how doctors destroy yours without knowing it. Find author Bill Allin at http://billallin.com


How You and Your Doctor Could Be Destroying Your Immune System

Immune system (Wikipedia) The immune system is a system of biological structures and processes within an organism that protects against disease. To function properly, an immune system must detect a wide variety of agents, from viruses to parasitic worms, and distinguish them from the organism's own healthy tissue.

Note that the quote from Wikipedia (above) is so vague about what the immune system actually is that from reading it you have no idea what the immune system is. The rest of the page, indeed the rest of the sources on the internet, are equally vague. Okay, let's be honest, they're not just vague, they tell you nothing about what the immune system is.

Your doctor will tell you about vaccines that will help your immune system. Doctors never mention the small amounts of toxic additives (such as mercury) that are in the vaccines because "such tiny amounts can't do you any harm." They never mention that repeated doses of tiny amounts of toxins add up to something significant. If you read Agatha Christie or Arthur Conan Doyle mysteries you will better understand that. Killer toxins accumulate.

Your doctor may also give you antibiotics to help you get over an illness. He or she, only if asked, will tell you that the antibiotics will help your immune system overcome bad bacteria that are causing your illness. Antibiotics kill bacteria, that's their main function. Please remember that because it is very important to the purpose of this article.

We have such procedures as pasteurization of milk and irradiation of other food products that also kill bacteria and make the food "safe" to consume. Back in the late 18th century Louis Pasteur won numerous awards for his process for killing bacteria.

Over succeeding years bacteria and other microscopic organisms (now known as microbes) came to be known as "germs." Germs, everybody knew, were bad. If it was living and microscopic, so the generally accepted belief went, it was a germ, it was dangerous and it could do you harm. Medical science and pharmaceutical chemical companies were ready to come to the rescue. Doctors welcomed their chemical treatments with open arms.

Many health magazines and apparently reputable sources on the internet will tell you how to boost your immune system. They act as if taking the supplements or eating the right foods will have the same kind of effects on your immune system as exercising has on your physical strength and endurance. But they never tell you what the supplements or foods are actually boosting or affecting.

Here is the information they won't tell you, either because they don't know (most likely) or because they are afraid to tell you. Prepare yourself, I am not afraid.

You are not alone in your body. You will likely think of your body as consisting of billions or trillions of cells, each containing DNA that program every cell to do its respective job and proteins to tell the cells when to do each job and for how long. You may even know that some proteins code for cell death, for killing old cells so they don't hang around to cause you grief, so they may be flushed out by the back end of your digestive system.

You are more than that. Much more. The DNA in your cells contain remnants of DNA from bacteria, some of which used to cause people to die, but no longer do because our DNA adopted (co-opted them) to prevent them from doing harm to our human and pre-human ancestors. Your DNA even contains bits of genetic code from viruses, which also were adopted eons ago so our ancestors would not die from attacks by their ancestors.

Wait, there's more. Your stomach contains billions of bacteria. Good bacteria. How good? You could not digest food without them. Literally. Your intestines also contain billions of bacteria. Not the same bacteria because the stomach is very acidic (about 2 on the pH scale where 7 is neutral), while the pH of the intestines is about 9, making them the opposite of acidic, alkaline. The two environments are extremely different as you might imagine.

In fact, every organ of your body has bacteria all over it. Your skin is covered with good bacteria. Your mouth is coated with them. They protect you from invasion by diseases caused by bad bacteria and viruses. So when you use antibacterial soap and mouthwash that promise to make your skin and mouth perfectly clean, you are killing off the very same good bacteria that protect you. But don't worry, your doctor has drugs to help you when you get sick because you destroyed your body's natural protection. (That is sarcasm, in case you missed it.)

Back to those bacteria in your gut, your intestines. There are lots of them. Many many times more of them than you have cells in your whole body. You live in symbiosis with them. You can't survive without them. And they can't survive without you. They are your immune system, at least the biggest part of your immune system.

People of some tribes who live in areas where their diet lacks necessary nutrients or gut bacteria eat a particular kind of clay to get what they need. Chemical companies want us to kill bacteria that our bodies need. They want us to fear anything that is "dirty." That "dirt" could be what helps us to develop an healthy immune system.

Kill the good bacteria in your mouth and you kill what protects disease bacteria and viruses from entering your body through your mouth. Same with the bacteria in your nose, on your skin, and so on. The flu we hear about each year enters the body through the mouth or the nose. Antibiotics and other bacteria killers in mouthwash and nasal spray remove your ability to kill the invaders before they reach your blood stream.

Kill the good bacteria in your gut and you destroy your immune system. At the very least you disrupt it horribly. That's what antibiotics do. They kill billions of good bacteria that constitute your immune system as they kill the bad ones (if they can, which they often can't). Antibiotics kill bacteria, they don't distinguish between "good" and 'bad."

Should you get cancer (now considered a voluntary disease because, according to many researchers who are trying to be heard, but are being silenced, you can prevent it by eating a good diet), your oncologist will likely urge you strongly to take chemotherapy. Chemo kills bacteria, it kills your immune system. Ask anyone who has taken a full course of it and you will find that they have to take pills every day to account for the fact that they no longer have an immune system.

In healthy people, the immune system kills cancer cells. In unhealthy people whose bodies have allowed cancer cells to overwhelm the natural defences of the immune system, chemo destroys the rest of the immune system. Is it any wonder that a majority of medical doctors in the west would refuse chemo if they got cancer? Is it any wonder that an even bigger majority of oncologists (tumour specialists) would refuse chemo if they got cancer? Chemo patients have a shockingly low five year survival rate.

This is not to say that the medical system is out to kill you. The medical system, after all, is designed to treat sick bodies, bodies that have already been severely compromised for many years (in many cases) by an unhealthy lifestyle. Doctors treat broken people. By the time you go to your doctor with a problem that is serious, your natural protective defences have largely been destroyed. By you, not by your doctor.

Doctors have the unenviable task of trying to help severely damaged bodies, even though the patients themselves do not think of themselves in those terms. (I felt well and healthy until I went to my doctor.")

It is not the purpose of this article to give advice, either of a medical or of a health nature. If what you have just read means something, use it as motivation to learn more about your health and how to look after it. However, don't expect to find answers in a pill. There is no instant solution, no quick fix.

The solution to good health is in the food you eat. Healthy food. Deliciously tasty food if you prepare it properly. But that food may be harder to find than you think. Almost all fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables were treated, in the field or in a factory, with pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, antibiotics and preservatives that, you will learn, do exactly the opposite of what you want to happen in a healthy digestive system. You need to learn what food is healthy and where to find it.

As you launch your research, be prepared to find descriptions of the immune system that say nothing about those billions of good bacteria that protect you. It's part of how the medical system operates. For reasons unknown, it doesn't think you are smart enough to handle the truth. I believe you are, or you would not be reading this article.

You will find information about foods and even supplements that are known as probiotics. They are good guys. Anything known as prebiotic is food (usually vegetables and fruit) that the probiotic bacteria (the good guys that constitute your immune system) need to eat. No matter what foods you may find tasty, those immune system bacteria don't have taste buds, just nutritional needs.

Now I turn your health, especially in the last decades of your life, back over to you. If you eat properly, you may even be able to extend those years and be healthier than the doomsayers claim you will be in your old age. You can live longer, healthier and happier. Or, by making no change, you will not.

Bill Allin is the author of Turning it Around: Causes and Cures for Today's epidemic Social Problems, a book of solutions in an age of problems, and hundreds of articles that are available on the internet. Search: "Bill Allin".

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