How to Tell If a Guy Likes You – Telltale Signs

So long as you believe that he is the one you should say 'I do' to, do not give up. There are some steps that can help you..


However much you may be interested in a certain guy, you will only end up frustrated if you try to get his attention while he does not like you. It will be a waste of precious time and energy to go for such a man. This means that you should know how you can tell the guy you should vest your interest in.

First of all, here are some signs that will tell if a guy likes you or not, so you should be on your guard.

* Downright harsh teasing
* Saying negative things concerning you
* Abusive
* Clear signs of misuse, for instance, only being close when he wants something from you

These are warning signals, telling you to be prepared for heartache if you decide to proceed with the relationship.

It is not only important for you to know these signs, but also how to know if he likes you. Although every guy is unique, and there is no single pattern into which all fall, there are some common signs that will tell you the general direction things are taking.

Ask the guy

You can decide to be forthright about it and ask him to tell you the truth. There is just one main problem with this approach. No one enjoys being rejected, yet there are chances of going through this experience. However, whether he says if he likes you or not, you won't go through nearly endless suspense as you wonder about his stance. You won't try to punch a hole through a brick wall anyway.

Still, you can reach quite a sound conclusion even before the guy tells you about his feelings. Here are the 5 telltale signs.

1. Blushing
People tend to think that only women blush. The truth is that a guy who is interested in you will tend to blush when you meet.

2. Looking at you
A guy who likes you will tend to stare at you a lot. However, be aware that a stalker will also look at you.

3. Trying to get your attention
A man who likes you will do some things just to attract your attention.

4. Stammering
You may notice that the guy gets unusual stammer when he speaks with you.

5. Dilated pupils
When you are close enough, you may notice that his pupils dilate. However, do not be fooled with the natural dilation due to dim light.

A guy who likes you will also tease you jokingly and will laugh at your jokes. Here's more information: