How to retain your hospitality staff?


The hotel industry is growing at a good rate throughout the world. But the sad part is employees are switching their jobs from one hotel to another. According to one of the reports, hotel spends nearly 33 percent of their income as labor costs.

Hotel staff leaving jobs can cost owners, more than what they think, and in many other ways.  Owners have to appoint someone as a replacement. It cost them for recruiting, training and also a loss of productivity.

Co-workers attitude over a period of time plays a large roll whether an appointee will leave or stay for a longer time. Most of the staff at the hotel in bhedaghat jabalpur has been working for more than 5 years in the same hotel.

The spreading of the harmful idea in an organization cannot be ignored. If an organization has a bad or negative culture it will not able to retain the most loyal employee.

So if working culture is good, it bonds staff together and encourages the staff not to leave their present jobs. The positive culture among staff can be seen in hotel marble city.

To keep the bottom line strong, owners should see that they improve their hotel culture. And keep workers happy, so as to retain them for a longer duration. Here are certain ways hotel owners/managers can retain their talented staff.

  1. Using technology for hiring

Since calling for applications and segregating resumes. Taking interviews, recruiting, and training costs money, time and energy. Managers have to find better people who fit in present culture easily. So that they do not waste their every now and then for recruiting new individuals.

One can use new methods of recruiting. Like through social recruiting, employee referrals, or online video interviewing.  These types allow the recruiters to understand the personality. And work ethics of the future employee.

Using computers hotel owner/manager can store data, retrieve the data at will or whenever needed.  Also, candidates can be compared with each other. Many hotel in jabalpur has computer system. Where they store the data of all the applicants which they have received, on regular basis.

  1. Educate/train your employees

Enough training should be provided to new recruit before assigning any duties. While training hotel goals, values,  vision, and mission should be continuously be focused. The basic values of the hotel should be deeply embedded in their thinking and behavior. Even the old staff should be given refreshers training every now and then. So that they update themselves with the latest trends in the industry.

  1. Owners/managers should be mentors

Most of the hotel staff wants an experienced and trusted adviser. They want management to take interest in their welfare. The mentor should meet the employees as often as possible. Discuss their problems and performance. Hotel in bhedaghat holds a regular meeting every last Saturday of the month. So that management and staff interact with each other.

Staff members should be encouraged to give feedback. This feedback should be analyzed. If the occurrence is frequent than it should be solved on priority basis. This will stop the migration of employees. As they will feel that there is someone to look into their problems. Attrition rate will be lower.